Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 24, 1936 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1936
Page 6
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»«raciHii«ui;ieb.tTitf*i.!. SIX , MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 24 M 1936 ;r LITERATURE DEPARTMENT WILL CONDUCT LAST MEETING 1 121-1! LI W El LI MI Q till lOt 01 ID ·lotac tagoi by ·ft y ec \ cr s 'cr s OWi essi f t Stis ae '1 jar le res sei ?° ·jstS id I mi re 330 i i 3Si j r. i t al i ib Hi :a n Books Will Be Reviewed at Hanford Mrs. Edith Naylor to Be Speaker for Woman's Club Division. Members of the literature department of the Woman's club will gather for their last meeting of the season Wednesday noon at the Hotel Hanford with Mrs. Edith Naylor of Clear Lake as speaker. The orient will be the theme of the meeting with the discussion hased on two books, "Facing Two Ways" by Baroness Shidzue Ishi- raoto and "The Exile" by Pearl Buck. Mrs. Naylor is a member of the high school and junior college faculty. The lecture will begin at 12 o'clock and continue to 1 o'clock and luncheon will 'be served to those who wish it. Reservations for luncheon may be made at the Hanford until 10 o'clock Wednesday morning. 'The meeting will complete the series of programs which have been conducted by the literature depart-, ment through the year. The program planned for April has been cancelled. Mrs. L. J. Strahan is chairman of the department and her committee includes Mrs. Lee Bailey, Mrs. Allan Beck and Mrs. G. B. Harrison. NEWBY-SCHACHTERLE ACKLEY--The marriage of Miss Pearl Schachterle, daughter of John Schachterle, living south of Faulkner, and Dale Newby of Steamboat Rock, took place Friday in the home of the officiating pastor, the Rev. Dewey Lamprecht, of the M. E. church in Eldora. They were attended by Ertna Floetzer and Richard Roelfs. Mr. and Mrs. Newby will make their home on a farm near Bradford. WOODLEY-DUNNING . CLARION--The marriage of Miss Mabel Dunning, daughter of Mr. and Mrs: M. Dunning of Clarion, to Everett Woodley, son of Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM FISCHBECK Golden weddings to most people suggest yellow roses and tier cakes, family dinners and congratulations. To Mr. and Mrs. William F. Fischbeck of Ottumwa. parents of Ralph W. Fischbeck, 1104 Adams avenue northwest, their golden wedding Sunday meant that, of course, but in the mind of Mr. Fischbeck, it meant something else, too. Mr. Fischbeck had always said that the day he celebrated his golden wedding anniversary, he wanted to plug a watermelon. It got to be a family joke--watermelon in March. Who ever heard of it? A few weeks ago when the anniversary was approaching, Ralph Fischbeck began making inquiries about the possibilities of getting some sort ofa watermelon for the celebration. He wired to San Francisco and to New York, but the theme song of his quest seemed to be, "Yes, we got no watermelon." He wrote to his son, Ralph, Jr., in Chicago, .asking him to make inquiries, and a lone melon was located at the Stop and Shop. It was the only watermelon in the United States as far as the manager knew and with the care which such im- jortance demands, it was shipped to Ottumwa. Meanwhile the relatives were as- at the Fischbeck home in Ottumwa to celebrate the anniversary. When late Saturday afternoon arrived and no melon, Ralph Fisei- 'et worried, so he wired his son to send a tracer after the famous fruit. It was discovered Harry Woodley of Clarion, was solemnized in the presence of the immediate family by the Rev. C. L. Duxbury of Jewell Brides sister Miss Elva Dunning, served as her attendant. The bridegroom was attended by his brother, Laurence Woodley. Following the ceremony the couple left on a wedding trip. Mr.. and Mrs. Woodley in a little town near Chicago and will make their home in Clarion. in order to avoid no further delays, FORESTERS ELECT NEW OFFICERS vice ranger, Virginia Brasser, financial secretary; Donna McGee, treys- Mrs. Irving Elstad was elected urer; Lueila Dougherty, recording chief ranger of the Women's Catho- secretary, A birthday calendar was lie Order of Foresters at a meeting started and refreshments were serv- Monday evening at the home of Mrs. ed. The next meeting will he Apri J. Scbrnael, 1648 North Federal avenue. Pauline Brasser 20 with Mrs. Alice McGee in charge GLENDA FARRELL featured in Warner Bros. Production "Snowed Under" wearing Fleisher $ Garment No. 2332 THERE'S still T I M E to win a F R E E T R I P to Hollywood in the National Movie MRS. WILLIAM FISCHBECK Ralpii Fischbeck, Jr., got the melon to bring it to Ottumwa himself. It was necessary to unload one-fourth of a car of merchandise to get it. You can imagine the excitement when it arrived in the Fischbeck home, and no one was more excited er amazed than the elder Mr. Fischbeck who had found his favorite saying had come true. The watermelon shared honors on the table with the tiered wedding cake. It not only shared honors, ut was divided among the 25 relatives. What's more, everyone got a generous portion. It was no puny weakling--as you might expect a March watermelon to be, but a big 42 pounder. Taste good? Ask Ralph Fischbeck. It was one of the sweetest, reddest, juiciest melons he's ever eaten. From the price of the melon with railway fare, telephone calls and telegrams added, the expense of the delicacy mounted t 0 almost $20--but it was worth it. For those who wish to know where watermelons in March come from, a man in Cuba grows about an half acre of them every season, just in case. Mr. and Mrs. Fischbeck are both *3 years old, their birthdays coming within 10 days of each other. Following the family dinner at which the watermelon was divided College 'Y' to Sponsor Production Original Musical Comedy to Be Staged Early in Apnl. t College Y will again sponsor its original musical comedy this year, planning to present it early in April. The production has been named "Picallilli" and involves stolen pickle recipes and leap year proposals. Lively songs and dances will be featured in the entertainment. The cast which was chosen from the junior college students includes Virginia Braby, Babe Kropman, Leonaine Breese, Delbert Jackson, Bob Holman, Babe Bellows, Roger Downing, Archie Gamm, Harold Phillips, Hulda Todstad and Patricia Rose. Maude Emily Cain has been named business manager; Rheon Zack, advertising manager; Betty Potter, Phyllis Knapp and Pauline Walters, property managers; Mary Jane Pauley and Avis McArthur, call girls, and Ardene Life and Mary Jane Quinn, prompters. Plans for the comedy were made at a meeting of the College Y Monday evening at the Jefferson Amber room. Dinner was served and ballots for election of officers distributed. The remainder of the evening was spent playing monopoly. and devoured, a tea was given in the afternoon when friends called :o congratulate the couple. Mason Cityans at the affair were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fisch- jeck and daughters, Helen and Dorothy, and son, Arthur. sponsored by Warner Brothers P i c t u r e - Movie Classic Magazines another minute: Enter the Cnitting Contest and win a free trip to Hollywood! There's still loads of time to pick one of the 23 smart fashions and knit or crochet it your- Other valuable prizes include a stunning fur coat, wrist watch, eta. The conditions are easy--just get a copy of the Motion Picture-Movie Classic Knitting Book and some Fleisher Yarns--our instructress will be glad to help. Everything you need is right in our yarn department. Hi-Tri Club Meets for Program at Y Hi-Tri club met at the Y. W. C. A. Monday evening with the juniors in charge of the program. On the H E L P I N G T H E H O M E M A K E R By MRS. MARY MORTON Menu Hint Meat Loaf with Mushroom Soup or Meat Roll Scalloped Potatoes Mixed Raw Vegetable Salad Stewed Rhubarb Cup Cakes Tea or Coffee According to Inez Wilson, home economist, the clever cook welcomes left-overs because she can make so many clever and unusual dishes from them, especially from left-over meat. I am giving you two of her recipes, for meat loaf made with eft-over meat, and for meat roll. Possibly you have been getting new rhubarb in your market. Don't peel t, hut wash it, cut it into small ieces, add some water and stew un- il tender, sweetening to taste. COAT DRESS FLATTERING GLOBE-GAZETTE PEERLESS 15 CENT PATTERN 160 Fifth Avenue, New York City by DIANA DAY Attractive Frock Buttoning Fown Front Has Four Patch Pockets to Add to Its Distinctiveness. There isn't anything that will make you look taller, slimmer or more' graceful than this gray and violet crepe print coat-like 'dress buttoned down the front. You might keep this in mind too, when selecting your material that this is a lovely "model for summer sports in thin woolens, tub silks, linen, novelty cottons, etc. Style No. 2725 is designed for sizes 14, 16, 18 years, 36, 38 and 40 inches bust. Size 16 requires yards of 39-inch material. Send fifteen cents (loc), (coin is preferred), for pattern. Write plainly your name, address and style number. Be sure to state size you wish. New spring fashion book costs ten cents. Send for your copy today. Book and pattern together twenty-five cents. Do not send to Mason City, but address Globe-Gazette Pattern partment,- 160 Fifth avenue, New York City. ["WIFE PRESERVERS 2725 solvent for spot removal of stains, and do it in a well-ventilated room. eommitte were Betty Lawton, dyrna Donaldson Charlene Easton Darlene Maves and Betty Hakes. The program opened with dancing by Janice Lawton, and a vocal number by Grace Marie Ryan, accompanied by Doris Ryan. Mrs. W R. Hamilton spoke on her trip to Alaska. Plans were discussed for a hike to be held next Saturday morning at 10:30 o'clock.' OFFICERS ELECTED BY TJ. G. L. CLUB Mrs. George Marty was elected president of the U. G. L. club at a meeting Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Walter Patton 623 Adams avenue northwest. Mrs. Roger Kirk was named vice president. Mrs. C. J. Kaufmann, treasurer, and Mrs. E. E. Hunter, secretary. Mrs. Lowell Forbes was chairman ut the nominating committee. Following :he luncheon and business meeting. the afternoon was spent informally. who Home From Illinois. LAKOTA--Jacob Ellman spent the past several months with a sister, at Yorkville, 111., has arrived home. SPECIAL ON SENIOR . . PHOTOGRAPHS R U S S E L L PHOTO STUDIO PHONE 2272 Your Prescriptions Are Guaranteed to Be Correct. Today's Kecipes. Meat Loaf with Mushroom Sauce. --Ground left-over meat; one egg, slightly beaten; one cup cracker crumbs; salt and pepper; milk to moisten; "one can cream of mushroom soup. Grind the left-over meat, add cracker crumbs, the slightly beaten egg, season with salt and pepper and moisten with milk. Pack firmly into a greased loaf pan. Pcur mushroom soup over the top and bake in a slow oven (300 degrees F.) for about thirty minutes. Meat Roll.--Chop the left-over meat quite fine, season it with salt and pepper and perhaps a little onion juice, and combine with a thick white sauce. Spread a thick layer of this on biscuit dough which has been rolled to a thickness of one- fourth to one-half inch. Roll like a jelly roll. Cut into slices about one inch thick and bake in a hot oven until the biscuit dough is done. Serve with left-over gravy or cheese Dressing for Broccoli. A new and different dressing for broccoli is made this way: Melt a package of cream cheese with half as much butter in the top of the double-boiler. This mixed with a little cream, if desired, and poured overlooked broccoli, is delicious. Also good with fresh asparagus or spinach. Avoiding Accidents. There's no place like home for accidents, says Katharine Fisher, of "ood Housekeeping magazine. A little extra care and knowledge will prevent them. For instance, many serious falls are caused by slipping, on scatter rugs, and most of them can be prevented by placing safe "anchors" under all scatter rugs to keep them from skidding. Do not place scatter rugs'just at the head or the foot of stairs, however. To avoid serious falls in mounting to high places, be sure to use a strong ladder or stepstool instead of a chair. Lock the adder in place before mounting it, and use a step-stool that offers a secure footing. Bathtubs are another cause of serious falls. To be safe, all bath- .ubs should have one or more strong rails or handles where the bather can grasp them easily when getting into or out of the tub. Worn connecting cords are dangerous. Check up on all your cords :oday, and replace or have repaired al! worn ones. In disconnecting a cord, grasp the plug, not the cord, and never bend it sharply.. It is safer not to use any portable :lectric equipment in the bathroom. A heater, if used there, should be built in and permanently connected to the house wiring system. There should be no convenience outlet in the bathroom for curling tongs, vibrator, or other devices. The kitchen is the scene of many accidents, especially scalds and burns. To protect young children, turn the spout of the kettle and all handles of saucepans in out of their way. Keep matches, knives, and sharp-edged tools well beyond their reach. Always use a non-inflammable Gloves for Housecleaninjr. "Wear a thin pair of white cotton gloves under your rubber gloves, first rubbing your hands with, cold cream, while doing any dirty work, such as housecleaning," writes a housekeeper. "Thus your hands" will get a beauty treatment and you can also use hotter water. Besides, the rubber gloves slip on easier and last longer." SOCIAL CALENDAR TUESDAY Nationwide Banquet-6:30 o'clock, Y. W. C A. Masonic Social club-6:30 o'clock, Hotel Hanford, dinner, cards, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Mellem, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Vorhies, committee. Contract Duplicate jub-- 7:30 o'clock, Hotel Hanford, semifinals. St. Joseph P. T. A : -7:30 o'clock, school hall. Clio club-7:45 o'clock, Hotel Haniord, Mrs. R. P. Smith, hostess. Phoenician club-8 o'clock, Miss Marianna Sheffler, 1228 Adams avenue northwest, lesson, Mrs. Harlan Girton. WEDNESDAY Union Memorial dinner-Postponed. Central Lutheran Guild-2:30 o'clock, church, Mrs. M. E. Carlson, Mrs. C. B. Dietz, Mrs. Ben Dittke, hostesses. Helpalot club-Mrs. Alta Cordle, 2S2 Fifteenth street southeast. R. N. A. Drill team-2 o'clock, Moose hall, Mrs.. C. A. Budworth. captain. So What club-1 o'clock, Mrs. Dan C. Herrick, 7225 1 ,;. North Federal avenue. Jefferson C. S. C.-7:30 o'clock, Mrs. H. K. Jones, 404 Seventh street northwest, lesson, Mrs. J. H. Mars ton. Literature department-12 o'clock, Hotel Hanford, review by Mrs. Edith Naylor. Fortnightly club-1:45 o'clock, Mrs. Herman Bruns, 215 Ninth street northwest. Our Saviour's Rebecca circle-2 o'clock, Mrs-. Feder Erickson, 124 Twenty-fourth street southwest. Social Hour club-Mrs L. A very. St. Joseph Tabernacle society-2:30 o'clock, Mrs. Joe Craychee, Mrs. L. A. Finn, hostesses. Harding C. S. C.-7:30 o'clock, school. I. O. F. lodge-8 o'clock. Moose hall. March Hop-8:30 o'clock Y. W. C. A. BITS ABOUT 'EM Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Host. 322 Carolina avenue southeast, have returned from a motor trip to south- em Texas and Mexico. They were gone two weeks and visited in Jop- ·lin, Mo., enroute. * * * Miss Eldred Wallace and Dr. Eric Pollard of Minneapolis have been visiting Miss Wallace's sister, Miss Berdene Wallace, 317 Eighth street northwest. , Mr. and Mrs. A. J. GlanviLIe of Hampton who visited in Mason City Monday have just returned from Texas where they spent the winter. They visited at San Antonio, and various points along the Mexican border and on the gulf coast. * * * Mier Wolf, 811 Adams avenue northwest, and his son, Louis, and Harry R. Wolf and Sara H. Wolf have returned from Cedar Rapids where they attended the funeral of Jieir brother and uncle, Hyman Wolf of Des Moines. * * * Mrs. Roger Choate of Davenport has- arrived for a visit at tie home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Walker, 18 Tenth, street northwest. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Tony Spechio and son, Junior, 115 Eighth street southwest, have returned from a week-end trip to Chicago. * * * Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Maddy, 913 Adams avenue northwest, have received word of the birth of their first grandchild, which took place Monday in Akron, Ohio. The baby ,s the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Clark Maddy. * * ft Miss Margaret Patton has returned to Cedar Falls to resume her studies at Iowa State Teachers college after a week-end visit with ler parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Patton, 328 Carolina avenue southeast. « * * Mrs. Chris Jensen and daughter. Darlene, have returned to their home in Blue Earth, Minn., after spending the past ten days with Mrs. Jensen's mother, Mrs. Marie British Tan Calf, Patent Leather, Luggage Tan Gabardine. $7-50 14 E. STATE ST. Where Shoes Are Really Fitted "What Good Looking Clothes" That's what they'll say about yours, if you have your Spring and Easter Cleaning done here. Our special process puts style and beauty in your garments. HAVE SPRING CLOTHES DYED We will give them a New Color and they'll look brand new. ALL DYEING done right here in our plant. Prompt, dependable service. PHONE 396. Mason City Dyers and Cleaners 1401 NOIITH KKDEKAL AVE. MASON CITY A rubber sink draining board pad makes an excellent foot mat inside an otherwise slippery bathtub. Hoveland, 1216 Monroe avenue northwest, who is recovering from a fall in which she fractured both her wrists recently. MR. AND MRS. WAITS HONORED AT D1NNEK Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Watts of Clear Lake were honored at a farewell dinner given at the Bovaird tearoom Monday evening by the T. A. E. club. The honorecs are moving to Bridgewater, S. Dak., to make their home. The evening was spent informally. 8 Women Remain Brice Bridge in Title Tournament Eight women were named to play in the finals for the trophy for the best woman contract bridge player in Mason City donated by Mrs. W. E. Bricc, at the semifinals Monday afternoon at the Hotel Hanford. High north and south players were Mrs. Allan Beck and Mrs. Fred Pcttis, first, and Mrs. J. C. Stoddard and Mrs. Carl Snyder, second. Tied for first place, east and west, were Mrs. W. E. Brice and Mrs Charles Barber and Mrs. J. W. Irons and Mrs. Howard Knescl. The finals will be played off in the near future! Mrs. Sumner White is sponsoring the tournament. AUXILIARY TO HEAR TWO BROADCASTS Two broadcasts have been announced for the American Legion auxiliary for the week, the first on Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 to 4 o'clock over WSUI on "Foreign Relationships." The second will be a news travelog, Friday afternoon from 4:30 to 5 o'clock from WO1. SMARTER STYLES, BETTER QUALITY FOR LESS--SINCE 1920 Navy and Black Jacket and P e p I u m Dresses for Easter in our finest materials. All sizes. Priced at Others at $12.95 to $29.95 "SEE YOU TOMORROW /nr T g~* f f\ T* TJ T? C Clean CLO I H L b W I L L H E L P Y O U E N J O Y I T ! Soiled and spotted clothes won't help you forget winter, won't help you enjoy spring! And after long winter months of wear your clothes can't help but be soiled and spotted! Go through your clothes closet today and send us all the things that need cleaning. We'll have them back the following day looking clean and fresh! PHONE 788 When you plan your Spring housecleaning remember that we clean carpets, drapes and curtains reasonably!

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