The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 13, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1913
Page 5
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ee G.O.f.CONVENTION BARGAINS I i 2J8RS. EtLA FLAGG YOUNG. Quits'as Superintendent of Chicago Public Schools. feeling Next Year, * ISO SEEK NEW DElEStfES 1 t ,, **" .- ** -- -^ j i i i 9 O i ZfZ I :·* 1 b i * X 1 O 5c Special Prices Three Plsns For Apportionment of J Representatives Are Indorsed, All of i Which .Reduce the South. j Washington, Dec. 12.--The national j .Republican congressional campaign J jtoniinittee went on record here as ia-[ voring a, special national convention" of the Republican party next_year and . Indorsed three plans as suggestions j for reapporuonment of delegates rep-; · resentation to future conventions. | I It ivas resolved by tlse committee, I eaKed together by its chairman, Rep-j j resestative Woods, of Iowa, that in its. i "A special national convention o£, ! tlie Bepublican party should be held] as soon as practicable lor the purpose; j of taking action relative to the appor-] 5 tionment of delegates to the national! j nominating conventions of the party; J ! to the unit ot representation; to thej recognition of the primary laws! BOMS KILLS GIRL The Inferna* Machine Was Sent to Her Emp'oyers. Xew York, Dec. 15.--Ida Aiiusewitz, eighteen ears old, employed as' confidential bookkeeper oi tae-O- K. Bottling company, at 52S tt'cst Thirty- fifth street, was killed uy lite explosion of a bomb sent to ^er employers. Thomas McCabe. managing salesman, was cut on the bean byj'jeees 6r the fconib, and Micaael Ryan, an ein- ploe, stanaiag outside the office, was injured by broken glass. The'desk on vilaet the bomb was slated as Miss AnusewUz opened it was demolished and the office was wrecked. The infernal machine was Delivered by express. Apparently it contained dviiajeiite, as ti.e forte of tUs expjor slon v. as dov.-nwaril. \Vho -p*:t''iae bomb and why -aere questions that sent half a hundred or aior* cctec- tii es at v.-ort; on every pcssi l-~ clue On tae wrapper t'aey foun: :u Ing the return address---.- StJte street. Xew Ycr!. The L-uIl.:'-,s at this adurass is a tarse ,-!- e ^'.ruo- Brms, who emp3ov a nuini^r i-: :"s.r- eigners. --ON X I ^ i Mrs. Slla Flagg Youag. one of the ~ ucstors in America, was ;aperi'itC2:d»nt of the schooJs in a stormy ^ boarii o: education. She when tiie laiter shall take oSce, and I raite-i ot e'ecuoa^ i:^ %~^^\^^. to such otae'r matters as may seem. ^ e n t and"Uren^witl' siipnressed erno- deslrable." ] Efon re:u"se«I to psmsn her name to/oe This rsoluaoji -will be submitted! considered for *. second bauot. Jirs. and Small Musical Instruments during the Holidays. Victor Talking Machines and Records. A Piano or Victor Talking Machine is a joy to any home.- of Peter Reinberg. [f j I S I ~ § I I | i |«gy r" We sell them at prices and terms - that you Can. afford one. Call . and get prices before . ,/.;. purchasing elsewhere AFTEI j to the Republican national committee,! V which n^eets in Washington next Tues- · -day, tosetbe sfor reapportion to national conventions. ci delegates, basen on population, pro-; ( vldes for iqar delegates-at-large fromj each stAte, two delegates-at-large for| eica repreesntative at-large in con-1 gress and two delegates from eaebj congressional district. The present i represectaaon. in a national conven-j tiers Is 1GG2. i The -:rst suggestion of the congres-J slonal committee, vriich v.-ould make! the total delegate representation 1044, j Is as folio'-vs: j "For each of such districts In -cralch; the vote cast for the Republican can- L £ef^cn. 5rty-four years oW, a hod car didatc for presidential electors In 190S · rie |- ,,.2- ^'.loi and killed by Mamie was not more than 40 per cent o; toe) Uu-jse:-. -wita. ·crnora he and his son total vote east for presidential elec ' tors I one trie was 4. . per cent, tvro delegates; for each of such districts ia -.valca such. Bepubll _ can rote --^as more than 60 per centi . three delegates- "In any state -where a reapportion- "DRY" PASSED BY mains epresentauon Powder efficiency; highest -leavening and of absolute Real Estate Gonunittess PresaBt Reports Orgy io Lancaster Boarding House Ends in Tragedy. La-caster, Pa. r Dec. 1C.--Joseph An- Spangler's .usic House Gettysburg, Pa. * -I i « ;£ « ·^·K«£*~:»x«EggK*v«~@Ha r^xox^g^^g^igatfe^^y-^-y FRESH FISH and OYSTERS I Daily at The Saiatary Fish and Oyster Market. 22 Carlisle Street, near the Square. F. W. Kappes and Co. go away again, learln? salt of, the many argu ·gu- ments centering OTI Anderson's son Howard, who was als father's rival for arections ot Mamie Undsey. She Is'colored. -""* ^ - · ·t em* ZJLX^-I.^ «iA^A «^ A^.fc.ff^fcv.-w-- i \Xter one oT ills many-trips tor 11 ment act lias not been passed to pro-1 c _ or -.^cterse:! v.-as se; at the dooi vide tlie fall number of congressional! ^, ^^ ^c-ise by bis sen. who per districts, such state sball be entitled \ ^.^^-1 hini to to Ge!egates-at-!ar§e for each repre- 1 sentative-at-large ia congress at the above ratio, comparing-the fell vote of-the state trull the total Republican vote in tae state, hi Arizona aad New ;MesIco tis apporuomaent shall bej based o~ "*ie vote "for delegates in congress." TJpon uiis basis, representation irons the southern states -would be diminished and ia some of the states it ·K-ould be Increased. For example, Alabama -would be reduced from '2~ to 15 delegates: Arkansas, from IS to 12; Georgia, from 28 to IS: South Care Una. from JIS to li, and other southern states accordingly. Xew York -would be Increased from 90 to Io2; Massa chuseits. irom 36 to 44: Illinois, from 58 to 67, and $a on. j i i W. H.TIPTON, Photographer, | 20-22 Cnambersburg, Street. ® .--_____ 9 FOR CHRISTMAS · IF ITS A PHOTOGRAPH J * you wane, go to A TIPTON'S STUDIO f ^y and get someiblBg Exclusive ajnd Artistic A If }-ou want a familiar Scene for an absent ^ relative or friend, you can find it among our ® NATURE SERIES of the PICTURES- 3 i s OUE about Gettvsburij. It's old Lanes and A ~ ' . 2T Pathways, Streams, Bridges and Woods. W ^^^P These appeal to the cultivated taste. A ~ Take into consideration ar^o "Gettysburg: -V the P ictures and the Story" New edition, over 5 500 View?, 50c. by mail 60c. and the new £ FOLDER of 24 Colored Views, ISc, * 9 Fine line of Water Colors, Engravings S etc. Picture Frames made to order. The very £ latest in Mouldings. © W. H. TIPTON^Photographer, · SPAPFR TO RROBE MINE WORKERS MHcheU's Charges of "Facked" Meet Spg to Be investigated. Scranton, Pa, Dec. IS.--Frank Far i-Inston, cf nilcols: -Tames F. iloran of Iowa, and E. T. Fiizgibbon. of Kansas, arriie-I r.ere to take testlmonv in the Investigation of charges brought by Join Mitchell, former president oi the TJnlied iliae Workers, acainst Thomas L.. Le^Is, tnat tie miners' convention, ia Columbus, O-, ^as "packed" by Le-wls heacbmeii In rodei to force liiru to resign as a member o? toe Ci't'ic Federation or Labor. Le^-:s Was president cf the Mine Workers at the time of the conven tioii. Mitchell charsed tliat maa5 seals of te locals In the anthracite field i?-ere «=to'ea and that credentials «-ere forged. Lawis challenged him tc prove his charges and the committee ·was appointed to get evldeace- phiJadelphia Banker Dies at Sea. Philadelphia, Dec. 13. -- Word received by wireless In this city thai Dr. -Tames MacAlister, who resigned as presides! of Dresel Institute last June, after more than twenty years of service, and who was the first super- j Intsnaeat of schools In Philadelphia, | died at sea while on the steamship; Caribbean, sailing from Xew York tc| Bermuda. With him at the time were his two daughters, Misses Janet aad julia MacAlister. s-aa trouble ments. ~^~ The istaer and sonrweiA away together, but after SGHJsr a" short dis tance the iather broke away aad de- cfae.1 io -p.-. T- to the-boose- He was met at t'-ie clcor by'^Iamle Liafisey, who »at: a receiver In her hand, and fired It at doss range as ae was about to eater tl.s lionse. Anilsrson fell dead and his heavy ^roollei shearer ^ras ignited by the flash fr2i t--o re". Giver. \Vhen 7o:«cenjen arrived at the house tr.e %.oraan was calmly slitii,s iu tns .-.-.tcr.en, awaiting arrest. Be side her or. tbc chair was the weapon TTiih -a.-1'.irh r.e crime was committed. She was Le!d for the crime, and the other occ. p-ar-tr, of the house are being iICi£. ?.j ».l--C ~J- Anaerssn was ssiployec during the day. and "cis sos, being :ine:nployed- ·was lio T "3 nearly sll tee time. This rousey t- ·- cller Anderson's ire. The -ACt-zzs. has made a statement to tas : iili:£ in --Iiith -she aumlis her part Is tnc crl-ae, :ia-a states that she was i.rail o: Vslsrson, having armed i.erself ~Ith the revolver during his aoseucs, ^o cs to ;,rciect herself upon his refcrn. Reading, PC., Doc. - ;. -- V.'it'r il: unanimous a ; y » o - ^ ^ 01 t e {·rt.Ji.b-.t.'o resolution -2..o--^s a_i anieiiu.acni LO the Pennsylvania coist.iu:io;i t^ff-r-v iag: traffic in 'ij«:i-r. tlife forty-arst Z-K- nual contention o. t!:e i'o-»n5IvauJa State Grange clcst-tl Q(-re. Seth T. \\"a:tr., of j!o=t?oir.ery county, the oiJest granger ia point of years as a member, cpo!.e bri-jKy. n~- V.'alton has bee:: connected \7r.ii tiie grange sincfe~ iD nrs«t3i:z£.viv-i mere than fort years ago. The committee on pea'-e rs-. in- mended that all nations !or tae yjar refrain from the :-ocsiructlcii ci ^t- plements of war. Ti.c gmjige Ii-l net approve the r«i=o!uUoa U'at a ja. ig- ment note should be signe i by b ^tU husband and wife. The good roa.-'ls resolution vas adopted by the con\ention. It colic £cr an annual appropriatloa of S7/J ,'0, ·"« by the legislature. Persons Ia favor of and those op posed to woman suffrage spent a busy 1 dav at the auditorium soIIeHin-S '-lie signatures of the grangers. On the side of those who favor suffrage v.-ere Miss Louise HaU, of HarrSsb^r.^. and Mrs. Jean Kane Poulke, who Io t'ne onlv woman that e^ er has serve I s.s s. member'of the state board.of 3.~rK---I tare. She is an active worker ir. tie grange and Is an expert en farm and home sanitation aad hoaselioltl e o- acraics. The report oi the Scandal com" it- tee showed the receipts for Ihr year amounted to S27,HS0.45, with uL="cr. ments of S22,3C3.SI. leaving a s-;e of" ?15^1G.4J- The surplos fiiad Is §4372.9;;. W e u t i i i K I l i k c i o add a few f»rs:v* to on r Hit o f Ut-al E=tatt- for F:IK-. If \oniuvc ny that yr.u wotilil like tosirllaiui piaee. in the ha:i-l- of :i Ri-a! K-nate Agents, we \v:!l 5«f «Ia« ! . to hanillc-^anie for jou; n» 'siurter w!ii'!h*T Lir^eor ^-iiaH or where I'-MsiteL Or a" y-i-,1 '.visit to 8*1:5 a "-i" Iieil £·"'·"£, «" Jl ou or 3 Troxell and S^visher Rea! Estate Agents ·s- -^ f t v 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. i SAVE FOR CHRISTMAS - "~ ' Ask us'to'tell you aboxit *·" ~ A- t-t r a c : t i ire^S a v'i'h § s P !'a' : h'- 5 "* · , ' : -, -making saving .easy . .. : . ·· ; t :i Ticket- I«uc-.i E M-5i D.-poJlor \\"t5iOHt Cot. A final! aepostt weekly -1 _yo:iTi Jiave a nice :unount for START-NOW ; " EVERYBODY WELCOMED *- f: :: ' ;-:^r-f^- i^r/J Biglerville Natieoal Bank TWO DEAD IN SUTO SMASH WHow and Cigar Salesman Ur=er Overturned F/'achine. \Vlliniasu2. D«"l.. Dec. iS. -- ^-r=: Harr\ Pciirc-'i. forty-five years old. o: tais rlry. and I-- J- Moore, forty-twc years cia. a cigar salesman, of Sa'.is bury. 3Ia~ were found dead under a: overturned automobile on the road s few miles from Xewark. Bel- Mrs- Pearce was the -widow, cf a cigar salesaian. who killed hliaseK i: U itnlngtciT with gas last August Moore "Is sur»Ived by-a -wife and 01*- chlld. JXo one caw the accident, aao hovr It happened Is Herrcij Goes to Cincinnati. 7cw York, Dec. 13.--Garry Herrmann, of the Cincinnati club, announced that he had traded Bob Bescher, an outfielder, to the Xew York Giants j for Charlie Herzog, the third baseman,; aid Catcher Hartley. It is believed that the trade will result in Herzog managing the Reds next season. Finds Wife Killed fay Electricity. Shenancosh, Pa., Dee. IS.--Mrs. J P. Korlovase, wife of ~s. hotel proprie tor. v.-ao killed by electricity in the cellar of her home. Her husband w aot at Iiorce at the time, and upon his return, not findns his wife upstairs, he entered the cellar, and there he found her -RU'I per left hand severely burned and still clutching a highly charged electric wife. We Have* Met Them. Some men use sentiment and sympathy in a way that suggests grinding an ax on a tombstone. Wilmington Store Burned. \Vilniinstor., Del . Dec, 13.--The ex plosion of a furnace tdilerjn the base meat of the Boston Cjothing Store, al 212 Shipley street, sjtarted a tire thai damaged the "place "tp'~the extent of several thousand dollars. More Telephone Troubles. "What! ye can't bear whaj Fm say- in'? Well, thin,' repeat what ye didn't hear an' I'll tell it ye again."--Punch. SLATED AS CHIEF OF STAFF General Thomss H. Barry May Sue cesd General Wood- Washington. Dec- I-"---SpecUat 0:1 is rife as to the probable s- T cr?E?cr y* Major General Leonard ^."ood as c'~izi of sta". General Wood's retirement frm that post has been announced by t^c retary of War Garrison. Mr. Garri son holds that General Wood rea«a3 to DS chief of stan last April "2. wten ais four year's detail eaded- A name that has been prominently mentioned In connection with the s K- jession Is that of General H. Barry, commander of the deparoneat of the east, wita headquarters at Governor's Island". Secretary Garrison has said iicth- Ing himself in regard to the s slon. but it is known that he eslecrsis Genera! Barry highly. : STTJDI Government Cotton Report- Washington, Dec. 13.--An a~r : eul- tural department crop report just is sued estimated the total production of cotton in the United States fcr isi" season of 1913-1914 at 6,51'J.t V .'· u pounds, not Including listers. Tate is equivalent to 13.67T.'iOO bales ~.ei.,h Ing 500 pounds each. GENERAL MARKETS PHILADELPHIA--FLOUR stea '·--; winter clear. S3.75g4; city mm-, i»a- -. S4.90-!?;5.10. ,, - ._ , jRYjE i^LOTJR firm, st $. ^(* 'c- -^ per barrel. WHEAT steady: »o. 2 re-1. ne quiet; Xo. 2 yellow. OATS firm; Xo. 2 white, 47c.: S steady: per busliel, 70 ®POULTRY: Live steady; her.^. 15@ 17c_; old roosters. H@12c : turKO lS@20c. Dressed Srni; choice sow ISa; eld roosters, ISc.; turkeys. *3 BUTTER firm: fancy creamery. »Sc. EGGS steady; selected, 4^c.« near bv, SSc.; western, 3Sc. Livestock Prices. CHIC AGO--HOGS unsettled; bulk o f sales S7.'?o@7.80: light, $7.40(3'7.7D mixed, S7.30@7S7U; heavy, $7.5W« T-S7M:: rough, I5.50go.bUT pigs, $tC '"CA.TTLE slow; beeves. .$6.6*^96): Texas steers. SS.65@7.70: stockers and feeders. S4.'j'?7 7.50: cows and neitero 34')'SS.30; calves, S7(frll-50. SHKSP strong, natives. S4.40-;x.'-«;; ..«-is«^, §6 60g 7, lambs, Under the dsasgamctit of Is Better Equipped than e\'er to make you your Christmas Photographs ? and why not give your best friends a picture of yourself. =. 12 Photographs for $2, $3, $4 OP $5: will solve the gift problem. Make an appointment at the ^ STUDIO Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse coi- rected daily by C. MiJton Wolf, Jr., Successor to 31 Geo. VVoifs Sons Co. Per Bn Drj Y»"heal - 515 ewr Ear Corn ®? Rye V": Dats "*- KETAU. PRUNES Per 10T Badger Dairy Feed ^"5"= Ck)3T?e Sprinz Bran J-*jj Hand Pecked Bran |-TM Ckm and Oats Chop l --*-~ Shoemaker Stock Food 1-f 0 \Vriite iliddiings *-!" Red JSdtUings *-·£; Election Notice "Annual meeting of the stock-holders of tat- BendersvIIle National Bank will be held in their banking house between 11- «. m. «nd 12 m. on TUESDAY JATT!^RY I, l^H. for the purpose of electing-' nine Directors for the tnsuing year. ' I. C- BUCHEPv. , . Casbier. jledical Ad-ertising j Serious Catarrh Yields To Hyomei .....V....--. « ' Do not lex this serious disease ex" "!.$7.-50 per ton. -'tend along: the delicate macoas mem- * $1.40 per bbll ; brane, firradually going from the nose sj] Toil". SS2.00 J to the throat, thence into the bronch^l ·· Hjindred l.Go tobes and dowr.ward Into the lungs- ^ ^"r bbl i There is no other treatment ^r ca""" H ^ itarrh that is like Hyomei-^o^.^nSt as " rtOO'srood. None can take its pbube^none. ^" QT Pe V h b^! S^ such quick, eSecave-aad^rp, T** SI.OC I Hef and at so little cost---fuitfaermore p " 05, Peoole's Drug Store will -r«fam^you| V ^I?" ...TOlmonev if you are not saijsfifed.^ t-~ /ri =-51 Begin using Hyomei now--to-day-- \ew.Oats g. | and ^ e hol? . qr j;ckly the droppings Into " °**" the'throat, the discharge from the nose, sniffling and all other symptoms of catarrh are overcome; and remember-- n o siomach drugging--^yxu ; breathe it. The complete outfit containing inhaler and bottle of liquid costs but $1.00. Extra bottles of liquid, For Sale A S i x . R o o m Quite So* TUe man who never laughs at self misses many a chanca for a giggle. FRAME HOUSE with bath, hot waver heat and other conveniences- Located on 4th street. Big' lerviile. Apply to 1 S. G. B I G H A M , Biglerville, Pa. . . If later needed, 50 cents. Must Not Shun Combat. "He is not worthy of the honeycomb who suna the hive hecauae tfc« hees have atinga." ««-^

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