The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 13, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1913
Page 4
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Xfc .GETTYSBURG TIMES w« * ·»*_ ·*_ _ Jt '^^--.iK«» *^^wj***vtt- Qt^Vn^ttT*' Published Daily Except Sunday Times and »ws Publishing Company $T. LAVERE SAFER, T *.' Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP E. BIKLE. President. PHILIP R- BIKLE.. Editor. TAMPICO Fl STILL [ bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per month, \ ^^d outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per month, j Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. i Federals Said to Ha¥3 Re- polssd tiia Fieteis. ,Y REFUGEES OH SKIPS THE H10NA USA. 1 "" - Famous Picture That Was Stolen an«i Recovered- * USA FOUND, B8ESTEB CHURCH NOTICES ttered August 15, 1804, at Gettysburg, P*., as ^ewKd-elsas^ Congress March , l».i. ,. ·;-under; i "S BELL PHOXE - Office in Northwest corner of Centre Square, UK1TED PHOKE ,j 3 Transport Being Rushed to Scene of FtQhttf.Q to Crr.-y Away 5GC Americans snc O^hsr Foreigners. } | 5 f ADVSRTlSlttG SY ~' iSfe GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CKICA3" Jirst page position aer word. p-tJon Two cents a word if guaranteed j et - \\unt C*i*-it *is-jC. LIV.I- i ^ M «.l.iifc~- *~ vr _ e, Resolutions of respect, poetry and memon *· Vera Qrcs,, MfrX:,- Eec. 13.--T^e ! - t r n rebel forces i. · -.iere rsr--i^e-I a:=d driven aw-i" ir, j tiuit cuv v.ssi: !iea. .lois, a . ! to Genend Gustavo r^aivs, the Federal j | ~~ Geueral :aas sa\s thai the Federal I TOOJJS under General Joaquia Mass ! Jr., "arrived and g-^ve relie: to Taai- " ! DICO. Rear Admiral Fletcher, ia command . of tlse American forces at Tasipieo, : renorted that Uie fis'-itins w ^s still in I G«ttv.bTi«- Getsoorg TO OCR READEP.S -- \ progress. T!iL was the only ir-essage absolutely no part in poITnc*, bein^ aeuir*! «.aC J from Adiairii I'-etc-ber given oat at tne anneals -a ourgenera: news columns, coneernir.g American ccns-alate in ^e^a C-srz. . is inrmshed us bv The American Press Association, a Consul Miller, at Tampico, sent a 'same news to Republican, Democraric, Prohibition or j resorl lo V era Cruz, but was silent oa SOCIUST: capers and which is strictly; non-partisan. | coadiaons at Taaipico. His message Our advertising colmnnj are open-to all candidates -of all-partiet. - j gaid lh opiaioa pre vaaed that an at- j tac-li on Monterey was to be expected 1 soon, buz tfisu it might be postponed ; until other cities ba! b'een attacked. f«ry perso-s 01 various nationalities l^.ve applied to tiie Asaericaa consul for protection. Rear Admiral Fletcher moved tlie 1 Tacoiiia aau Chester into the Paauco PRESBYTERIAN Morning worship, 19:30 a. m., subject, "Overcomers"* JThe subject at 7 p. m. twill be "Pleaching and laving". "·- | Sunday School at 9:30 a. jn.; Christian _ , , 1 Endeavor, 6:15 p. nx. PflCSlSSS ^3S!8rB!8C8, SlOieni COLLEGE LUTHERAN A. E. Wagner D. D. pastor. 9:45 a. ni-. Bible School, Irvin L. Taylor, su- j perintendent; 10:45 a. m., morning! worship \vith sermon by the pastor, j ....,, T .|/ris /rnn nrilCyPr Theme: "Israel's.Preparation for the j WA5 TAKfcN FOB ' fiEVEhBE Coming of Christ"; C-JM) p: m., Chsk- : " * "-- ".. S. Mehring,' Two Years ngo, Recovered. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News TeUing if Hit Happenings in and abort To«i» Peepie Visiting Here and Tbosi Sojourning Elsewhere. · rrrsn-En Mrs. "Hibbs-ac'd Miss TM-En**v«rinffun «. *. ^ennng, j Xorr : sio , vn are gaests at {he - ' · - - » · · - · - I***"- Topic:'wessons Jrom the Men, rf ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^.^ itaiian Who Stole Ir Says Ke Took|endjYomen of tne B»b!e - «:0flp. m..^^ on aSian V/hc Stole It Says He TOOK S -.^ ., ,,...,,- ~ «*- ;~ - -- /" .Carlisle street. -r-. « M , ' j i h e Bible School under the direction 01 Panting to "Avenge Thefts Napo-| ^ superiatendeat Y . m render a j E. P. 3Ii!ler i leo.n Ccm.-nitted In !ta:y." Christinas sarUee. The school will]business trip 01 . * » 11ioT«cn/Yr-T Florence-. Dec. 13.-- Leonardo 5 Da i ^ 's UKtsEerviet-e, August, :v i.eavre, iu laiJ, Uirew use art world :iito con- ster^atlcE, v.-as ioua«l Li F'oresce. The aiua v. bo s*o!e it v.^s arrested He is ·- .1 !ta::an. has returned -from a Cnrjsrsaas sar\i«:e. JLUK ;vtjwi wm« _ sir.g several choruses, the primary de- ! ia * ns P o ; 1 - r-rtxvTl render soffie interest!"-! L. J-Dorson and William Berdine. ersandMr.'H. C. Shauc-k an d{sales agents «T the ioc-ai furniture 'rank H. Smhh wi!! eac-h deliver{companies, are in Gettysburg for sev- i U -A=S fou^l ^ea the picture was j^rvice, 10:30 a. m.; easing- service, S cfierc-d L-v .\a italiau resident o£ Par:sjP- «. 5 to :ia ODU'iuary of Florence. ! GETT V BoU: the picture assi trie Italian arc now ia the- custody of tee po'.Us o! Florence. "1 stole tLe wieture-," said uie man, '"in order to avenge tiie tlitita n I. committed iu Italy." a !-;ief address. « , , - " ,, ,» , - r - , E P ISCOP A L ' Miss Cora .Metier. 01 Lutles_town, « Sanday School, 9:4;fa. m.; morning j Citing for several days ,with ,Ruth Faber of Cnanibersburg street. I Mrs. George Thorn has returned to Vt'ihningicn, Delaware, afVer spending Hi BARGAIN Et to SHOES BUYERS You will find on our Bargain Tables ?hoes of well known lines -which we have dis-conJinued. W. H- Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.48. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $L98. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitzmffler H !! J f * · H · river, which "is liaed 02 both sides'bj : the '.ast oil properties of the Esgush, 1 Germans and Americasts. Along Uie i river also he has established a neutral I .zone, and warned the Federals and the I rebeis that, in battle, this neutral zone i must be keat clear of the firiag- \ He announced that if it is invaded i and Americans and refugees of other ! countries imperiled, it will be ans^er- \ ed fay immediate action on his part-- j the landing of marines and, if neces- i sary. the use of the guns of his ships ! la the river. ' There would be many diraculties a-i niched to tae landing of a large body ! of marines, for the wates of the bay SHTEiigsuHi a.igijj*i- _i~ «£i^«M? ^».i~J O Os^lIT T B ' A t x i ed ^ Priceless. tiMf I I ilsHLd j took as his n-od, JyTj-Bay :-* -Vsfilet Today. "SLona Lisa"--more properly kaowi. j'cs "La Jaccmle"--is one of tbe worlti's most famous paiB tings, and is regard- Leo JiarJo Da ViiiCi n-oiieT for the nictsire Lisa j Be: Giocondo, a v.'ojaan of Florence. i Ke vorl--ed oa the picture for -our i years, from 1500 to 1504. It was boug::t ng 10.20 a. m., by Rev. Mr. S. H Snel:; Senior Christian Endeavor ·neetifig 0:00 p. m. J. Cnas. Gardner, aastor. METHODIST Sunday School 9:30 a. m.; preach- g at 10:30, subject of sermon, '-The Personal Cure, the Only Cure for Social Evils". Epworth League 0:15, P- nx. A welcome to all services. I_ Dow Ott, pastor. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN li con oaly ; imagined, tfc:ce all oSers to /uuy i» ! were ref-Jised, 'aaions them one repot . -" - - ! ed to have been made by tlie Cr-us _ . ,i -overnment or $5,000,000. Since Uie EeaGing.-Pa.. use. 13.--A.ter a tna., ;,j sappeara i ice f roal j^g Louvre ot the iastias nro days, the first of utec^sesi ~ - e thg se2 , re has bae:!L world 2-owins '--'.it OL the purchase 01 ap- r - - - paratus" for the sre department was Siven to the- :ary. Tae suit i3 asainst John H.^LeT.-is,- u _ ^ w , dely beiieved :ormer connacn cou^ciiruin rrssi ._ie ^ uirougaout France that the ylct-ir Sixth \Tard, who is charges witn ac ^^ ^ ra - ea \, y thieves, but rather ^ecti=s a bribe of §C-= for vcdns for' fr- asprcprlation bill to provide for tae ^ purchase ci a are c-agine. · Tne rleLeadaat wert on Uie si-ina wide. It has been reported fonnd in Geriuany, Russia, England, Spain and e.en in the TJaitea States- Paris and demeiited ar be al)Ie al lover, to utjoa ' -----·-- ' . ' ·" _- _ - _ - - · o^ UliLriU.*:;?. a.Ui. Lilt? »»ns-ttii.- v^ *^-« -- -- _ ·2^ s -~^=S=cS-IrH~ v £5 : "« ! and the panuco river is,shallow and n"~" -~ -' ' - ' * = » !'r-o 0 'isr^A' warsMns. with tteir bis «fi A : B R A N J D - : N£'W : S T O ^ K , .' ..' v. --, '·" % »- J e^w^e , .,,,, large' warships; 1 with their .bis ·i ) tom9leiaents..of i nien, jure Iield iron ' six to seven miles fjom_ shore. But : Z' \ "itr least 150 men. co-aid land -at a min- -I Kte's, notice from.the Chester and the Taccfeaa: and relaiec: his!ence vita t-ie ·^etecti'. es ieadins up to. his arr^s;. He e famous pai-iting had hang is I-ouvre in a r g Oin whl . ;n ^-as supposed to be al · ? · ? _ _ . -- , fcg plrce of T, oaor ' 1 -- ---- - ^r ~ ^ _ ^ -Jlfif-t V » ^H\^L± »» 4*^7 ^j-ii^r^j «_»?·--·-- «-·" ~ --ed taiins any money, but insistea -^ ...^j,^ ,a a: sap 3eared on pa · - *...«.«. »--t- .-i -r*fi-*\-****. _ -- - 1 - » * t » - f _ _ ·-i£-t ne icct -_^e detectives, who rer^e- Jented themselves .'.o representatives' '^f tbe ^re anDara;'!= conipssy, that m3nt2i"bf Aiig.b2, 1911,. tad its. Absence froin its aceustoiced" nlace v,-a no- noticed by its guardians uiti . . _ . soine hours later. ")i : kole prosecution vas a nre-e.ecuoii At _,. s _. a qi ^ e - SS arch v.-as ma:le in ]ao:is3J-£.c-y,,inten^leJ :o ri:Ia h^s cnaace _OL-eie£us2r to.eo^icl-a. : . r±-p * -- , "-'·: every-, noolii and i corner .oifiue, isr-a secia,: and : " cnscrest cr.estlons' wer- iorr of i.-e-ltum"reds of-copyists-an "* XwaTcs your inspectibn No novelties that the dictates of ia.-h:on hr.\e n^dgr o*/=o!cte. J" i,irmer-j:eiTS--buc.tiie--3-atc£t from the trades bejt maanfai rarers of e v it r y liousekeeper. Pieces of uiility and patterns ci a in a z i n c? bcar.ty. The knowledge that Tampico in danger- of faHing, or had fallen, did not appear to disturb Huerta: in ~his routine of aSairs. He was 4he ffliest .at ·? -haTiyspT--an--Tacnbafag a suburb, to celebrate the openinsioC the interarban -rrailway. Huerta , l.lie^iHijressio!r xhat he was not bled'by the "possible outcome of events | at TampiCD. Vjt.i i i-3i «J iwXJ \s- l-. i . Sunday School, 9::'0 a. m.; prttidi-l*^ w ^ TM in HS ,; Da f*f- Mr - ,, ..\ . ^ -.j. r TT land Mrs. C. B. Kitzmiller. of Hanover UtlUrt^ii vjr in.^- c»rjcji-ii-vJ-^ r , . . ·Friends Grove: Sundav School, 9:30; cs -" ed a - DOS1 V° n _ " _ _ , , - . A recent issue and jlrs. C. B- Kitzmiller, of Hanover street. Miss Anna MeCall is spending several days at her home in Littlestowh. Miss Mira Ruff is spending Sunday at her home in~Xew Oxford. Mrs- C. S. Trump has returned to ilartlnsburg, V»". Va., after spending .several weeks here. Robert S. Brown, of Chambers_ street, has gone to New Brigb«"- jcn, Staten Island, where he has ac- preaching, by Rev. Mr. Lehlgh. of the Saturday Evening Post contained a phonograph Mumraasburg: preaching, 10:30 ^trat- ^ ^ Qf - ^ ^ ton Street: bunaay School, 9:^0, a { ^ c s rf Bakimore full alterdance' aesired; preacmng | ^^ Tfce vowg ^^ ^ shown ^ 10:30 and ::OU | several others at vrork in the West- BIGLERVTLLE L B. highoose plant at Pittsburgh. Preaching at Biglemlle L-mtea { \ T;C?C £ Brethren Church. Sunday morning at 11:00 o'clock. E. V, r . Canoles, pastor. BENDER'S REFORMED Missionary service at 10 a. m. Meeting of the Sangree Missionary So- cietv in The evening at 7. ARENDTSVILLE REFORMED Church service on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Subject of the sermon. "God's Interest in the Prodigal."SALEM U- B. Sunday School. 3:Ds a. m.; preaching, 7:00 p. m. b' The Rev. S-c H. Snell, of Hagers'coTvri," 31d- J. Chas. Gardner, pastor. ifng some time with friends in Carlisle. Edward Menchey. Sr.. of South Washington street, is spending several days with relatives in Harrisburg. .1 ,Capjtal Hesrr^Tarcpico.Has Fallen T.-.IV C'erk Ramsey had tic' 'Preparatory services * Sa f turday at 7:30 r pr~m.; Sunday Scaool'at 9 a. m.; ^U Communion at' 10;" Junior, £.rideavbf aio^ey on I-!s j-er^on when The detect:' e- -vie. J tesilSesL' lersd zhe irinseuni closed. A tiioroush *-^ a -^- 1 ---·*"«. ·" ·* * J C - - * '?». *--Ci Viti ^il r i«--*-%.**--.»- ·-- -·J--J^-~-- -- -- ~r '__ The detect!' e- -viaJ testaetL" tnai; ^^^ 'iy Detectives- followed. ^Tnej ^wis and Rans-.y ^--h" expected ^oC f ^.^ t fe3empg;^%me Isru^-oz. z ^sr fosterlcs: Ic-g^ialio-E. ^ -^ "*** { sta^^rr.v'in'ffie'niusebS bailing. Tel ^/EHKOKT DISABLED AT SEA ;, i -^«--i^- ^T'M. E=r;*=-?*-^r; .^"5^^ ---r^ I stai^vay in the muse:im bailcmg. xei information of tlfiS^Sisappear- L Prance Umbrellas Scarf Pins Bracelets Mesa Bags WATCHES DIAMONDS Table ^Silver Lockets Chains Manicure Sets Imported Chime Clocks in Mahogany Cases Many other articles that will delight and. please you. Ma}* \ve show them to you? Compa-e our prices with others. j Z I E G L ft CHAMBERSBURG ST. y Ov*o«X»o00«XOCOOOOOX0« I The Best Christmas 1 Gifts Are Useful Gifts | The Hardare Store ' SEND TRANSPORT TO TAMPICO Will Take on Board 500 Americans and Foreigners. | Washington, Bee. IS.--For the re| lief ot 5Q» Americans and other for! eigners in danger oecause of the fight- j ing at Tampico, Secretary of stale i Bryan called on the war department j to send an army transport to the i Mexican port at once. ) In accordance with Mr. Bryan's rs- 1 pcest the transport Stunner, now at j Galveston. Tex., will leave at once for ' Tainpico, and should arrive there tomorrow. J!r. Bryan's request was "based on the report of conditions furnished the na.y -b\ Rear Admiral Fletcher. It was learned tl:at Admiral Fletch% er went so far as to say that either a l"i ship mi:st be sent for the relief o£ i tne refugees on shore or he woalQ i ra*e to land American forces if prop- I er protection was to be given the for- I eijrri non combatants. ' The British and German naval com- j manners at Tampico have already i chartered vessels oa which they have 1 n'acsd refugees from t'.:e citj of their I respective r.ationalit'.ej;. j Admiral Fleacl-er has pi:t 130 Asier: | icaas on board the ships ia his'i- · ron at Tanspico. but nas no room for ! any 01 tbe -"-'·'' additional Americans eship's S-=-J=src5 S:isfr Broker. and Corriran-nerts Ficcded. :ion. ' --c. 13- -- With he. oi ^ rr.:r-' -iz broaea i-3J "·', rrai of her cc- -urtments Sooded. the! battlasuio V-~r _^-1 :s creeping toward Hanptcn Tl"^~ oa ner return from; ,- c -- o: i"° »-».« s^aip Delaware anu | ie rrf'.-^r-. f -r. r an'l Jason. j '« ra'iiosri"* . · ~. .e navy department, --o^ R f a r _ - , , re .i Charles E. Ba'5-j -jcr, common '---T-c3.:ef cc the Atlantir · 1*z.r ilsscr. ,\~ the accidest, said · there ~ 3 "ize for alarm. The. « ; r oefiing to Hamrtor: | nations- Ships were searched as tfcej left French ports and trains as the:! crossed the frontier, waiie every package taken c-ut of France and looldng anything like a picture was close!} at Miss Anna Hoke, has returned to ;n West Middle street, after "Robber Dollar Sale." A "rubber dollar sale" -was the title of a store's recent announcement Jin- tended to emphasize. thV idea." that djar- iag the month a. dollar- eould -|)e stretched to cover more than^its rjsal value, according. to the Clothier atd Furnisher. To give forceful illustta- meeting ar i :30 p. m. - - ' WEXKSVILLE LUTHERAN' j Sunday School. 1 p. m.; Communion i_ , , , . . to* thev'glacarG^and were so"fo!8fed that the figure 9ae showed only on the bill at each end, so that at first glance the group looked like a. .much. ^ stretciiefl single dollar. service 2-p. ni., congregational meeting after preaching servicr TM----^ Endeavor. 7 p£m. ·-^BKCBERSVILLE LUTHERAN Sunday School 9 a. m., preaching sen-ice, 10 a. m., subject, "Squaring Up."' Christian Endeavor, 7 p. ra.' " YORK SPRINGS M. E. ' " Unity in India. It is poicted out as an instance of Christiar i moslsm toleration in India that in one --- " of the Ou«Jh districts ,, a Christian consregaticri worships every Sunday m a church erected at the expense of a. Sne eld llahomsdian Tataqdsr; the late Jung Bahadur of Nacpara'^ in irrenicry of his .rieB? .and sla^ar comrade Colonel iiaynard. for many fork Springs: Sunday School, 9:30: years Oistricz sup^riatendent"of poKce -ri=p ant! sro sr trr^ .'.-· ~ sa~s t' s' or tae; . - strut tiere ex ; ·^ er ana appearel un . ',- - ',\ik chaitlaa; ncr the; , i. T: e Vermont aac' ".' la c.rnv3 at Hampton 17 or IS. EXPLO£ON_KILLS MINER Piaceci Dynamite in Boot to Thaw anc Conidec! With Prop. Mount Cancel, Pa., Dec. 1-3--Miss . ing Mm after vork- 1 woricers'at t!:e Roliance mine went tc where Frank T,~: kesie was working making j an d found hiia ar^orently standing np ^-lootl''. right against the face of the breast. i T"iey hailed hini in-the cun ligiit- b^t sot no reply, ana on going closet they found MTM dead. One of his Ieg= v,a.s jccissing and a searca disclosed i* tMrry feet away. The victim had inscrtel a slick oi Cyaaniite in his booties to thaw as he ! w'ori.ed. and is supposed to ha»e col sermon, 10:30: Epwcrth League, :30. Rock Chapel: sermon and reception of members. 2:30. Hanterstown: Sunday School, 1:30; revival sen-ice. 7:30. and during the %veek- A. M. E. ZION Washington Street. Preaching at II m.; Sunday School at 2 p. m.; Chris- in tnat dfstrict- tian Endeavor at 7 p. m.: preaching at j "Xothing bat te-te-total will do.' "Teetotaler" Originated. Teetotaler, the terrc appliea to an abstainer Irom all fermented liquorB, originated jwith' "Richaro"'"GrurnCT-, an arrisan of Preston. England, who", contending for the principle at a temperance meeting in SS33, asserted that The ., iec. j.-j.---ussy - - was over, fellow {S p. m. A cordial welcome to all. W. J. Cooper, nastor. ST' JOHN BAPTIST II a- m. covenant meeting; 1 o'clock. Sunday School: 3 p. m.. preaching by Rev. G. D. -Johnson of the Asbnry II. E. Church. Preaching also at 8 p. m- 1 iided with a pro-i and caused the £3 Soup :~.2'-£s Murderer irritabla. i nainite to rnion'.c-- ^ ."-. iJe". 13. -- Prises. /~a Payne, ' onvicte.". \ it and Imta ,!e. "H" " after anotljer. ae n3 I v.ish I was go ; be-Tore ray nest mea" i soup of mur' 02 Tan. just c c-Iared fc to : Boys Wagons Nickel Tea Kettles Nickel Coffee Pots Oil Heating Stoves Pocket^Knives Gloves for Men and Boys i~yTar? Driving Boys Coasters and Skates Focd Choppers Enamel Roasters Keen Kv-tttr Safty Kazor Carving Sets Eerrsingtin Rifles Hatchets and Satvs line. Our prices ai 4 Knives and Forks Call to see us and exmaine our low. Quality the best ptSnl J. J- ReindoHar I ana other foreigners gathered on the I shore of thr; neutral zone he has es- | T":;« admiral said that while the * suns of tie Wheeling. Tacoma and 1 Cl-esw co-ver this reutral territory. ! adequate protection co'iH not be af- j forded tre refugees ii tney continue : to remain on shore, without t'ne landing of armed forces. j Leaps to Death From t rain. : Pittsburgh. Pa.. Dec. 10.--While an } eastboi:nd Panhandle railroad passeji j ger train was speeding forty xailes an j hour a short distance west of Steu' ben\il!e. O.. Vv'alter E. Frederic"-son. ( of Red Oak. la., a nasserger, j-.smpcd i j through a window and was instaatij 1 tilled. Paint DIclr.'t Asree With Baby. Eayonn -. :. " , Dec-. 13.--Mrs. Jen use Huni^rT - l^.'t aer bu^baad bo ca-cse lie \.z.-s- t"..e ijedrooru and the paint did -. roe vith t'ne BANDITS MAKE_S1700 HAUL : 5 r l vVest Virginia Mining Town Store 's Looted by Robbers. Elkins, W- Va., Dec. 13.--Robbers blew the safe in tho general siore o' j tne Bu--.ton and Lan-: Street ccinnaay at V.'eaver, a mining I.amlet nine mile^ from here, and stole $1700. ' They also procure 5 a quantity o: word was Immediately" afiopted- ' Her J hought, "D yon fenow that a woman is capable o£ torturing a man with her crcelty and mockery without the faintest twinge of conscience, because sheTi think every time she looks at Public cordially invited V.o attend all ] fai m : Tm tormenting him to death services. N. D. Shadney, pastor. ST. JAMES LUTHERAN Sunday School, 9:1-5: morning service. 10:30. subject, "On zhe Way to Bethlehem"; Chrisxian Endeavor, 6:00; evening- service, 7:00, subject, '·The Tide that Reached the Capitol."' FIrHeld Pa. Tight, were searching for a name for new apartment house. "From the Alcoholic Sentiment. _-- iuo singing souse is a nuisance, but f he* has it all over the jag % ho weeps i all over the bar when he realizes how wa " J'ou're going io pack ; much he loves bis Dear Old Mother.-- | in " remarked a prospective tenant, "I Cinclnaati Enquirer. I suggest that you call it 'The Sardinia. 52 Mens Lay 66^7 Eggs In 11 Months. Hagerstovn. Md., Dec. 13.--\ViIliani J. Strine, of near TTnion Bridge, has fifty-two rtipmoion brown T.esl.orn hens that haie been right on the jo'.j. rom ,7sn. 1 to Nov. i tlvey luid CiM egss. Supreme Test. Let no mar. call himself great until be has corrected the proofsheets of liis o\\n obituary notices. WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observatory o: United States weather :, 'is taken at S p. m. vesterdsy .c^.aw: Temp. Weather. Albany . . . . 2* Clear. At!ar.t.c r.i. .... 44 Clear. Boston 3v Cionoy. BnTalo ^ * Clear. CWcaro . . . ·'' Clear. Kewr.rl-a'! .. ~A Clear. Xew Ycr .. 12 Ctear. ,.. 4S Clear. ... ."S Hear. . 58 CIc-ar. stamps from the po=to3ce in the sam; baHujnar- The exp.osion awakened the SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS Play from Harold Bell Wright's Book Coming to Gettysburg. The critic on the Milwaukee "Sen- tir.ei" says of -*The Shepherd of the Hills," the dramatization of Harold Bell Wrigh't's famous novel, which has been made into a play by its aa- now, but 111 make up for it with my love later.""--The Idiot, by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Translated by Constance Garnett. Heiaemann. THERE is kept in stock ar the plant of the Gettysburg Light Company the following sizes of wire drawn Tungsten lamps. 25. 40, 60,100, 150, 250, 400, and 500 Watt all of which are sold on the basis of "satisfaction or money refunded". These are sold at list prices for small quantities rat liberal discounts are given on quantity sales.--advertisement residents, who chaceu.the bandits intc thor with the assistance of Elsbery W. the mountains, bat they escaped aftei a running battle, wnich lasted severe hours. j Aged Fdan and Wife AsphyxiatecJ- :i Philadelphia, Dec. ; 3.--Clasped is j each other's arms an-; with the gas · £o.ving from an open jet, James Ben t ten. seventy-tv-o -ears old, ana hie -wife, s«\ty-fi--c yc-rs old. were founc I dead ia bed at Oeir home, 3433 West , j aioreiaad street, by John Jackson, s i boarder. The police snspeet a smtiat ! ! pa't, but relatives say that the douole I asiibys4aUoa.was accidental. St. I.OU1- i Fair w«,--t w i T'rc Weather. an-i tomorrow; Seynolds. "Those who love a quiet, restful story will rejoice in The Shepherd of the Kills.' It is like a beautiful' October afternoon, with the calm and beauty of summer, tempered by the cold breath of the yet distant winter." 5 "The Shepherd of the Hills"' wul be the attraction at Walter's Theatre on Friday evening, December 19.--advertisement. MAGNIFICENT black fur set: latest model; never used; of excellent quality; good workmanship and re- timed taste; S14; cosr §40; will be sent · at mv expense to any address for full l 4 "char~»fl a -^-caliber ri3e as a novel examination. Mrs. S. Apt. 8, The means of awakening John'Farreli, s j Astoria, Washing-con, D. C --advertise- at his home, John Adams, tepj m e n t Simple Enough"How does jour htmband account for the high co rt t of living?" "Very simply. He juat blamcu me tor it." , cars old. is in jail here. The bulle.j liit rarrell and killed him. Colored Epigram. A colored philosopher is reported to Have said, "Life, my bredren, am mos'ly made up of prayin' for rain, and FOR SALE: family mare with colt then w i s hin' it would cl'ar off."--Presby her side. F. M. Bream, Biglerville, Dyterian. _ Pa. United phone.--advertisement · ««W«WI"^ Li - TWELVE DAYS TO CHRISTMAS Santa Claus Will Soon Be Here. Buy Your Presents Novr. , .

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