The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 21, 1944 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1944
Page 10
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E D I T O R I A L S -Lend-Lease Plan Has Been Good Business PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT has ' r e p o r t e d to congress that American lend-lease has n o w reached the astronomical total of 518,608,553,000, and is rapidly being accelerated. There is every indication that when this war ends, we will have staked Russia, Britain, China, India, and Australia to more than 50 billions in the weapons o£ war. Total .lend-lease exports to the United Kingdom were valued by the president'at'$5,908,379,000. U. S. lend-lease through . October S. lend-lease' aid to Russia, from December 1941 through October 1943,; was listed "at $3,550,443,000, and included! . , Nearly. 7,000.planes, more than 3,500 tanks '-and- 195,000 trucks, jeeps,'motorcycles,'and other ve- hicles;:l/Z90,ClOC)*short tons of food and;, other agricultural products, including 33,500 tons of butter; 5,500,000 pairs of army boots; 16,600,000 yards of woolen cloth for the soviet armed forces; 251,000 tons of chemicals; 144,000 tons o£ explosives; 1,198,000 tons of steel; 342,000 t9ns of nonferroiis metals; 611,000 tons of petroleum products. From a military standpoint, lend-lease has been the best investment this nation ever made "Without it, the war would have been on our shores 2 years ago How much of lend-lease will ultimately b'e a write-off is a question which neither the white house no Whitehall can answer. A fair percentage o£ our lend lease outlay has been lend-leas in reverse. There is every indica tion that the tons of wheat anc seed, machinery and motorize weapons we have sent to Russi 'will return after the war in th . form of Russian manganese, leath er, and lumber products. What haunts the hard-headec Yankee instinct in most American is .whether- the United States has been getting credit for this enormous flow of lend-lease goods going overseas. The president insists that comprehensive steps have been taken to identify American products everywhere. He pointed to U. S. tea shipped to North Africa in special cartons, with American labels. He told in his -lend-lease report to congress how American cotton cloth is identified by flag decorated insert slips every 10 yards. Most lend-lease equipment bears the American flag, the American eagle, or the statue of liberty as a plain marking, even when it is distributed by Russian officers or British colonial authorities. While Uncle Sam may not be getting 100 per cent credit for lend-lease overseas, people the world over have always identified American products, and there is no disguising U. . S. tanks, planes, jeeps, trucks, or other products. An Answer to Tokyo rpHE Tokyo radio recently an- ·*· nounced to its own people that the United States "is now THE WAR BOND SLACKER Did You Know? By Frederic J. Hoskin . EDITOR'S NOTE -- Headers avalUnr; themselves of tbi» service for Questions of fact--not counsel--should sign their full name and address mad iaeUie 'A cents for return poitafe. Address Globe-Gazelle Information B a r em, Frederic J. Hisk]n, Director, Wtskint- ton, D. C. What is the leading; copper producing: slate? Arizona. Have the Japanese always been a warlike people? The Japanese are described in their annals as a nation of soldiers. OBSERVING Is the winds? barometer affected by Look Out Below If our fighting men have reasons to believe that they've been circumscribed in their right of suffrage through partisan 'bicker- ings, they aren't going to like it. And that's putting it mildly. * * * A 5-yard penalty has been suggested for Earl Browder because of his unexplained delay in dissolving the communist party. i-f if ' * . Thanks, Herr Hitler, for doing to Count Ciano what we l a t e r should--but probably wouldn't-have done. ^ jjt if Tom Dewey has said: "I'm not seeking." But he has not said: "I won't accept." * * * Are you doing your share in backing the attack? Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges A Two-Party Country Cedar Rapids Gazette: There are always differences of opinion on how important national problems should be solved. If this ife to remain "a fre country, those differences must be aired, and decisions reached on the basis of full discussion. It is a false conception of national unity which holds that Occasionally a strong wind will cause a reduction in air pressure on the leeward side of a building and thereby may reduce the pressure in a building, and thus affect the barometer. When did the Justices of the supreme court of the- United States begin to wear robes? The first chief justice John Jay wore an ample robe o£ black silk with salmon colored facings. Who was Snapper Garrison? One of the great jockeys o£ the American turf. Please explain what is meant by "revival tents." They provide showers, Shaves and change of uniform, for soldiers in Italy upon temporary relief from frontline duty. How much area will an ounce of gold cover in the form of gold leaf? About 100 square feet. · What is the significance of the use of white crosses on au airport? At Pantelleria white crosses were used to indicate surrender. Can fish distinguish color? Yes. In what language does Sholem Asch usually write? China's New Year believe readers will be interested in a bit of information concerning China's celebration of her new year. It's the 4,641st according to the old lunar calendar and the date in our calendar will - be Tuesday, Jan. 25. The traditional observation by Chinese and their-friends everywhere includes parades, fire crackers and exchange of gifts, which make it something of combination of Christmas and the Fourth o£ July. The Chinese.equi- valent of our salutation "Happy New Year!" is "Kung Hsi!" (pronounced GOONG S H E E ) . It means "Congratulations" on having attained another year of life New Year is a particularly happy time for children, since al relatives are expected to give them gifts of money wrapped in red paper. People who have run up bills during the previous year must make frenzied efforts to clear their slate before the ney year dawns, or else lose "face" in their community. Another feature is the "good conduct" period prescribed for th 1 fortnight following the celebra tion. During this time Chinese try .o avoid rudeness or anger o anything of a negative nature ii social relationships. Parents sires to their children the necessity fo politeness and good humor. Many modern Chinese still en Your Health By Logan Clendening, M. D. VEGETARIAN THEORISTS IN THESE days of food rationing, to judge by what you hear from your neighbors and acquaintances, vegetarianism doesn't seem to have made many converts. All that comes to me is a series of squawks about not getting enough meat. Vegetarians, of course, differ among themselves, .and they are vegetarians for many different reasons. There are those who have producing at many tanks, least guns, 10 times as planes, and moral reasons. It slaughter animals. is wrong to No argument munitions as we Japanese can ... . and is using overwhelming forces against the Japanese." "The Japanese want to know," the broadcast demanded, "can the United States keep this up?" Americans in the 4th war bond campaign just now getting under way will give Tokyo an answer. This answer will be transmitted for us by the fighters up front. We here in North Iowa can'1 get on the short wave and holler back at Tokyo, "You betcha we can!" But we can deliver the can be brought against that. Those who aver that the eating of meat brings the danger of disease lurking in animal flesh belong to another school. As do those who believe in vegetarianism as a means of promoting horticulture and getting us all back to an agricul- :ural existence. The poisonous nature or dangers of meat as an argument hasn't much scientific basis. One has only to adduce the studies o£ Thomas on "The Health of a Carnivorous Race," which were the Eskimos. They live exclusively on raw meat, and contrary to belief do not eat much fat or blubber. They are very healthy. High blood pressure or kidney disease is less prevalent among them than among us. Examining nearly 2QO Eskimos between the ages of 40 and 60, Thomas found the average blood pressure to be 129. They are very free people should, in the interests of a harmonious front, acquiesce quietly in policies which they sincerely believe to be unwise. It Brought Back Memories Thornton Enterprise: An unusual sight on main street Tuesday morning was a horse hitched to a top buggy. The horse was "shod on all four" and the driver covered the animal with 2 blankets, as it was cold. Not too many years aj»o this was a popular mode of travel and it brought back memories to some of the older residents as they viewed the horse and buggy. That Little Matter Again Allison Tribune: Most of us have received some blanks from our national government. Although they may be twice as long and twice as complicated as those received in previous years, they are still income tax return blanks and are still payable before March 15 --or else. It is head scratchin' time again. Evidence of Prosperity Belmond Independent: Another evidence of general prosperity in Iowa is the announcement in a daily paper last .week to the effect that several hundred lowans had paid federal income taxes or balances due March 15 and state income f taxes due March 31 during the first few days of the year. Same Music; New Words Estherville News: History is repeating itself, almost word for word. Now comes the movement to return prohibition, just as during World war I. The one thing about World war I that we hope oy the ancient picturesque cere-' ,ony of the "Kitchen God," who s supposed to return to the kitch- n altar on New Year's Eve after trip to heaven to report on the amily's behavior. The God has reviously been sent on his celes- ial journey with a large piece of hewy candy intended to keep his mouth busy lest he be too voluble n his criticisms. New Year's day, Jan. 25, marks he beginning of a 2-week period £ celebration, feasting and visits o friends and relatives. By the old lunar calendar the year is ased on a period of 354 days, marking the 12th month -periods n which the moon encompasses :he earth. The Chinese government has adopted the solar calendar of the Occident, but neverthe- .ess, the traditional observation of'the old calendar persists. --V-Plea Against Whiskers am deeply touched by tha' appeal to contemporary statesmen voiced the other day in Hollywood by Sir Cedri Hardwicke. I urge them,".he said, "to give a thought to the actors who maj portray them on the screen 2 years from now, and not wea whiskers." ' That's obviously a matter o monumental importance. It wi! have to to' be weighed by ou statesmen against the fact that i some cases whiskers are the onl evidence of statesmanship. Humor IN Accidents dipped into the National Safety council's compilation of humorous accidents f 1943 for the following: In Omaha, Nebr., the Berigans' dog, Bozo, got his foot and tail aught in a hay mower. Farmer Jerigan jumped over a fence to lelp Bozo, cut himself on one Knee and hit himself in the eye vith the other knee. His daughter, 'at, van out of the house, slipped and sprained her wrist. Mrs. B., startled as she was canning vege- .ables, jumped and cut her finger. ;hamp, another Berigan dog, jumped over the barn door to see what was going on, and broke his :oot. The Berigans learned later hat a cousin in Keokuk was inured that day. And little Erlan Wittola, 3, of fCulm, N. Dak., crawled into a large cream can in his back yard He had no trouble getting in, bu' his parents were able to get him out only after an operation on the bottom--of the cream can. -- v -r: Information, Please! 1. The father of church history is Luke, Athanasius Eusebius o Caesarea, Augustine. 2. The military 'academy wa established at West Point in 1822 1810, 1802, 1840. 3. The father of Christiar hymnology was Thomas Acquinas Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Josep" the hymographer, Ambrose. ANSWERS--1, Eusebius of Cae sarea. 2, 1802. 3, Ambrose. The Day's iouquet To H. C. ARVIDSON--for Wj nstallation as worshipful masti £ Harding lodge No. 649, A. F. ar, i M. Mr. Arvidson in the yer" ahead will be flanked by E. C. Fa and. C. Fred Loomer, A. G. Kf - ger, D. L,. Dillon, E. J. Kosef,.It A Laurie. C. C. Halphide, A. ' Hegg, W. H. Hyde and F. L. Hue ion. Best wishes to all! Moson City Globe-Gazette^ An A. W. LEE NEWSVAPE« Issue Every Week Day by tKe ' ill Mason City Glob«-GaieUe Company.,^ Jl-123 East State Street. Telephone.SBrC Friday $ January 21, 1944 ft LEE P. LOO MIS - "- -"- Publisher^ W. EARL HALL - Manager Editor l ENOCH A. NOREM - - City EdltoirU LLOYD L. GEEB - AdTfettitlar Mgr. fc Entered as second-class matter , Aprm 17, 1930, at the pcstofflce at Mason. CTOU Iowa, under the act of March 3. 187S. }f| MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS -- Tltf Associated Press Is exclusively entitle:u to the use for republtcation of all nevjt; dispatches credited to it or not otherM^ _ credited "in this paper and also the loc^J news published herein. L'1 SUBSCRIPTION* RATES Mason City and Clear Lake by , Ala son City and Clear Lalti by \veek,- '. Outside 100 Mile /one--For year, f 6 months 55,50; 3 months' 53; I month Outside Mason City and Clear Lake aft, Within 104 Miles of Mason City Outside of the Carrier Ulsiricla Mason City and Clear Lake; :. Per year by carrier . t ^] Per week by carrier ·..,? Per year by mail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i . . » S By niall G .months. $ J By ma it 3 months 5- By mall 1 month .-^..-S ES l!j year, sty ,,-,,,1- · J! : Yiddish. How is it possible to determine the antiquity of a fossil? From the position of the layer of rock in which it is embedded. How many birds can the mocking bird imitate? Some have been known to imitate the songs of more than 30 different birds. When was the president's house at Hyde Park, N. Y., built? In 1826. same message. It will be silent but even more deeply 'impressive on Tokyo if we buy a war bond . . . and then a couple more; Hitler Humiliation A s S RECENTLY as Sept. 30, 1942, Adolf Hitler in one of his apoplectic speeches gave utterance to this: "If I had an opponent of adequate scope--of real military size --then I could actually calculate approximately where he would attack. But if one has before one military idiots, in such a case one cannot even guess where they will attack." Since that time Hitler's armies have been chased out of most of Russia, out of all of North Africa, out of the principal islands of the Mediterranean, out of southern Italy. It must be more than a little humiliating to the rug-chewing Herr Schickelgruber to be in such general and hasty retreat before such a crowd of "military icliots/ active and vigorous, so they must get vitamins from the meat. Those who think that man's structure is designed for vegetarianism made a mistake. It would not be scientific to say that man cannot subsist on a vegetarian diet for a long time and retain his faculties, as witness Bernard Shaw. Although, according to H. G. Wells, Shaw cheats: He has taken to using vitamin tablets lately and since some of them are of animal origin he doesn't call icm food. He'calls them--"Those icmicals." Of the three primary food ele- icnts (excluding the vitamins nd minerals) protein is found ost abundantly in animal food, at also. Vegetables are predomi- ant for the carbohydrates--su- ars and starches. But all vege- ables contain some protein, and many contain a great deal--wheat our, cereals, beans, peas and uts. So we can get proteins from egetables. These vegetable pro- eins, however, do not act as eadily in the bodily economy as isn't repeated is the unlasting peace which followed it. Income Tax Cut Favored Albert Lea Tribune: The state's finances are now under such favorable shape that cutting the state income tax at least one-hal should be approved by every member of the legislature. A spe ciol session could care for this in short order. Superfluous Tax Knoxville Express: Iowa needs no income tax law nov. r . The state has boasted of having millions of surplus dollars on hand and the state income tax, perhaps once necessary, is now nothing but an imposition. If We Learn to Save Food Cresco Times: Maybe the present rationing program will set a new standard for economy among American housewives, and if it does, that should be credited to a war accomplishment. Half Is Better Than No Cut Fairmont Sentinel: If we can't REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO Lambert Philips has gone to Old Mexico to remain lor the winter. He is engaged in a big real estate deal with a friend of his in the Diaz dominion. Mayor Norris was presented petitions this morning which had signatures aggregating over 250 names of property holders of Mason City. The petition was for the purpose of submitting the municipal lighting proposition to the voters at the coming spring election. Among the names were those of 3 ex-mayors of the city. TJ-to-date businessmen like up- to-date stationery--the Globe-Gazette kind. THIRTY YEARS AGO Panama--The Panama canal has cached such a condition of com- petion that a large ocean liner could now pass through, accord- ng to Colonel Goethals. Goethals plans to send a Panama railroad steamer through the canal in April. The Jackson school was opened Monday with W. A. Thomas as principal and Miss Laing, Miss Anderson and Miss Lucas as teachers. The McKinley building has an enrollment of 400 pupils. Miss Anna Richard'is teaching the re- LT. SMITH/ WAIT A SECOND/ IT. SMITH, SIK. FKOMTHECO.'BUTHESAI VOU WEREN'T TO OPEN rr UNTO. WRE IN THE AIR' WHAT ARE THEY WMT1NS FOB? KNOTrWD! YilH I VMENT MAHSEUF / WEEK? KIT HAIUT m56-ZACTI_y WAR. WORK.....BUT HITS MISHTV CUOSE TO IT. 1 ' DO YOU MEAN, EFFIE, IT'S CLOSE TO VUAPl VJORK/? AHM WOR.KIN' AT 'AUNT' BELL'5 HAMBURGER STAND ...A.N' H\T'S GIST A BLOCK FROM TH' SHIPYARDS'! AIM/INDEED f AS IF I VrtRE POOLED. FLU SHED NOVJ I'LL DO THE TALKING TO MBS. SETTS. AND TOO PETSS SAKE,CALM DOWN. 1C SHE SEES HOW EXCITED YOU ARE, SHE'LL SUSOECT ALL BIGHT. I'LL ACT AS IP I DOM'T CABE ABOUT \VHWS flEMEMSeRALLTrlOCE j EMPTY JARS IN -yOUO. , BASEMENT ?OOUU5'W6 I BLESS YOURUEACTS; TAKE TWeM ALUFVOU LIKE. ACES AND EAGER EYES. STIuu HOPING TO 1NO SOME CLUE TO MY LOST FORTUNE . POOR' DE ACS. Some Fears Allayed A17HEN the government took ovci '* the coal mines, we enlcr- laincd a grave fear that it was the start of a nationalization of m duslry. Now virtually all the mines have been returned to thci owners. Later when the government too: over the railroads, our fears wer stirred anew. We had always ha a. suspicion that the administra tion wanted to get control of ou transportation facilities.'Now, afte 3 weeks of government contro the railroads are back in th hands of their owners. All of which causes us to won Acf whether perhaps we haven been too much inclined to EC- things under the bed. all at once get rid of the entire state income tax let's welcome a cut of one-half. Bring on y o u r special session, and hurrah for the Dougherty bill. Editorial of Day MORALS HAVEN'T CHANGED D ,ICK ROBERTS in Iowa State nimal proteins. They are 'not conomical proteins. So while it is possible to live and thrive on an exclusively vege- able diet, there is no support for he argument that it is a superior ncthod oi nutrition. It isn't. · But the really tough argument or the vegetarian to get over centers in the recent wartime experiments on isocaloric meals for war workers. A set of workers were given breakfasts which were successively, for certain periods, first, almost entirely corbohydrate; second, almost entirely fat; and third, a little over half protein, a third carbohydrate and the rest fat. Then their efficiency was charted. T h e carbohydrate breakfast kept them going for about 2 hours and then they slumped and complained about hunger and weakness. The Student: People who have left Iowa State frequently ask if things are still the same here, with all the servicemen stationed on the campus. Iowa Staters always answer by describing the obvious changes--women's residence halls being used as barracks; women living in former fraternity houses, and the other changes that war brought to the campus. "Yes. but what about the morals in Ames? Have the standards gone down any since soldiers and sail- cently organized 7th grade in tha building and Miss Lillian Leuhcrs the 8th grade- at the Centra school. The Manual Arts building will not be ready for occupancy until the "built in" furniture i completed. TWENTY YEARS AGO D. H. Fitzpatrick addressed members of the Columbia club Saturday noon at the organiza tion's regular Saturday luncheo at the K. of C. hall, on "Benjami Franklin." The address was high ly praised by every man wh heard it and showed, they said thorough preparation and careful study. An average daily total of 108,950 calls are put through the Mason City exchange of the Western Electric Telephone system, according to B. C. Way, vice president of the Mason City company. This includes local, rural and toll calls. TEN YEARS AGO Dr. C. B. Tice was elected president of the St. Joseph's Mercy hospital staff Thursday evening at the annual banquet held for the doctors at the hospital. Dr. H. W. Harbour was elected vice president and Dr. Madalene Donnelly was re-elected secretary. Washington, D. C.--Mrs. C. A. Knutson of Clear Lake was a guest of honor at a' white house ' Wednesday afternoon given Mrs. Roosevelt. Mrs. Knutson in Washington attending the 9th conference on the Cause and Cure of War which will close a 4 day session Friday. Mrs. Knutson is representing the Clear Lake chapter of the League of Women Vot- stationed on the cam- ors were pus?" The questioners don't seem to realize that most of the soldiers and sailors are either former college men or men of college caliber, and that donning uniforms didn't characters to any Their arrival in protein breakfast mixed with some corbohydrates and fat resulted in no let-up or diminution iii-.vigov for 6 hours. I at Iowa State. change their great extent. Ames didn't convert' the town to a typical army camp town. Alumni returning to the campus might see a lot of changes in the clothes the boys are wearing, and the uniform-clad dance crowds at the Union might not look familiar: Clover Couplets By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center . JANUARY MOON A winterr moon' of sltrcrr hue. Brljhl plitlnnm disk i(lnit Iht title. While T»r btlow, » while world (learn* Btjewtled wllh sequins »y hl» Beams. Weird, wavlnr wands across the sky The trees stretch stark, nude tranches hlch As it the}' ^oujchl hj- w i l d embrace To «arn Iheir ringers it its r»ee. but we think that most of the old- | N« "»"ri Hi,i»rh timers would recognize the morals }!,' ^" tlic !ilcnl ^irll. rc« lo k n e l l . llencath ft January moon HEY/ THEY SAY LADY AND WHEK1 THEY START BREAKING-/ BUI LADY; GODIVA ISN'T READY TO PARADE/ SOMETHING WS. GONE ' .WRONG/ YOUR MAJESTY, IF THE PEOPLE RESPOND TO LADY GODIVA'S PROTEST AGAINST YOUR TAXES, THEY ARE BREAKING THeLAW/ THE LAW, YOU { :i i m /^pr'/vrrk BETTER GET OUT OFTOWM-SCRAM- A8DKATE/1 READY TO B4PADE/ WOV// HAVE DATES- FINISH SCHOOL, HAME NOW THATIDUTaE SACK. WITH 'ME HOME,LAMBCHOBJI : THE -MAN-FWJEE SHOET-OGE WHAT A12E ^OU GOING TO DO? NOT YET, O/KING KHUFU.' X THEN I MUST QUIT THIS TENT AT ONCE..' " KING KUUFU WAS ROUSED FROM HIS SlUMBERS BY A TERROR- MMESTY. THE CAMP IS BEING YEAH, I'M COKPOPAL OSHEfff SQUAD HAD A MISSSOfJ TO FOi-D UP THAT HIP NEST SHOVE THAT NAV Off MTO cor OHS MOPS uo FOX TU£S£ HAND GKEfJADSS--- TH' PASSWORD /S - ATA Art, " AUGElPUSSiXlHDfl. THOUGHT IT A vou-esseR THAT £AV£D OUff PORK'. THANKS, PALI .1 ·t: * r ^ ..;CT^TOnaren3Igaa

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