Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 16, 1937 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 16, 1937
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 16 ·-1937 SHORT RECEIPTS RAISE LIVESTOCK ! HOGS MOVE UP j DIME ON MART 1 Lambs Gain 25 Cents When Bulk of Steers Goes j at Steady Level. i CHICAGO, (/P)--Monday's de-l dine in livestock prices put val- 1 ues in line for a modest rally Tuesday when receipts fell below i advance estimates. j Hogs were unchanged to 10 1 cents higher, fat lambs gained j about 25 cents and tile bulk of steers sold at an unchanged level | although' the market got a little I more action and some asking i prices were higher. I The hog run was 3,000 short 1 o£ expectations and the cattle and sheep supplies were of£ 2,000 head each. A mild rally in whole- Bale fresh pork quotations was i reported but the general price ! range of 16 to 19 cents for loins . was unchanged. [ Hog receipts the first 15 days ] of tills month here totaled 223,- ·i 000 head, compared with 287,000 1 the first half of January and 360,! 000 the corresponding period in j December. Traders said this in- i dicated that the predicted slight ' decline in hog supplies was un] der way. The government inven- j tory showed the number of hogs on farms at the start of the year ' were slightly smaller than a year ago and excepting for two years j ago was the smallest for the date in half a century. v The modest price advance scored by swine sent Tuesday's i top up 5 cents to $10.35. i The bulk of cattle crop was i quoted at S8.50 to $12 but $13.75 i was paid for long yearlings early j in the session and prime light ·i steers got $14.25 bids. Buyers re| aisled the higher asking prices in .! · most cases,'the dressed trade still | being sluggish. Vealers dropped I 25 to 50 cents. 1 Best lambs were held as high as \ $10.75 but no early sales wi '· made near that figure. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS 2400 2300 800 700 BOO 500 -- MONTHLY RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT source Repoms of n* iRtasufcr MPT. MONTHLY AVERAGES AR£ SMOWM fca EACK FISCAL YEHH FROU «?» 10 1915; TMEREtFUR, *CIUftL REttiPTS AIVD EXPEHftTDHES Bf MONTHS. AMOUNTS USED fOB PUBLIC D£BT RtTRtU£.hT. AfVO WC??tW£*T5 RCSULTWG FBOM GOLD DfiVALUAnOM *R£ EXCLUDED * NET E X P E N D H U H E S AS REPORTED BY OEPT. AFTER C R E D I T I N G LOW REPAYMENTS MADE TO EHERGENCr JtCENCtES. I I M I I I I I I I I I 400 300 200 100 100 Hog Markets Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Tuesday HOGS "Lacal hogs steady. Good light l i g h t s ... 140-150 S 1,35- 7.C5 Good light lights ... 15U-I60 S 7.Bo- 0.15 Good, lights '.. 1GO-170 $ 8.45- 0.75 Good Ilgiils 170-100 S 9,00- Good light butchers 180-200 S 3,30- 9.CO Good light butchers 200-220 S 9.50- 9.60 Good me. \Vl. blllch, 220-250 $ 3,50- 9.80 Good me. -wl. butch. 250-2*70 S 9.50- 9.80 Good me. wt. butch. 270-29O S 3.50- 0.80 Good heavy butchers 230-325 S 9.50- 0.80 Good- heavy butchers 1125-350 5 9.65 Good heavy butchers 350-400 s 9.15- a. Good pa chine sows .275-350 5 S.OOr 9.30 Good heavy sow's' ~'."."35tMli5 '$ EJ.EO- 9.10 Good big heavy sows 425-500 s a.GO- 8.90 Good big heavy sows 500-550 S SAO- 8.70 (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for Rood and choice hogs. The d i f f e r e n c e In price Is lor abort and long h a u l hogs.) UATTLB 'Choice to prime- steers $10.00-11.00 Good to choice steers S 7.00-9,00 Fair to good steers S 5.50- 7.0Q Low grade steers s 4.00- 5.00 Choice to prime yearlings .. $ 8.50- fl.50 Good to choice yearlings ... S G.50- B.QO Fair to good yearlings s 5.00-6.50 Common to fair yearlings .. S -1.00- 5.QI) Good to choice heifers s 7.00- 8,50 Fair to good heifres ....... s s.oo- 5.50 Common to fair heifers .... S 3.50- A.00 Choice to prime cows S 3,00- 5.75 Good to choice cows S 4.50- 5.00 Fair to good cows ........... S 4.00- 4,.ill Fair to good cutters S 3.50- 4.00 Common to fair cutters S 3,00- 3.50 Fair to good canners S 2.75- .1.00 Common to fair cahrters .... S 2.50- 2.7? Good to choice bulls S 4.00- 5.00 J.ight bulls ^ 4 . 0 0 Calves, gd. to choice 130-190 S 0.00- 7.00 Calves, med. to gd. 130-190 $ 3.50- 0.00 Calves, Infer, to gd. 130-130 5 3.50-d'wn LAMBS Lambs, go", to choice 70-30 $ 7.75- 3.00 Lambs, ined. to good 70-30 S 6.75- 7.75 "Lambs, fair to n)Cd, .. 70-90 3 3.75- G.75 Lambs, .common 5 3.75 down yearlings, gd. to eh. 70-90 .3 5.00. 6.00 Yearlings, medium to good * 4.00- 5.00 Yearlings, fair to medium 8 :l.OO- 4.00 Yearlings, culls i a.oo- Zbo Nattvo ewes, good to choice t 2.00- 3.00 Culls, ewes , s 1.00- i.50 Bucks t 1.UO- 2.0[i AVethcrs, 3 year oldj t S.OO. 6.00 Wethers, old » a.oo- 5.00 Buck lambs $1 lows. No doc* on Iambs. Quotations KUhJect to market fluctuations. of CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Tuesday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. (IFi--U. S. department agriculture-HOGS 1B.OOO: including 4.500 - direct; steady to lOc higher than Monday's average; heavy butchers tip most; top 510.35: bulk good and choice 1RO to 325 ]b*. $10.20^10.30; comparable 140 to 180 Jbs. S5.23@10.30; bulk good sows S0.25 G 9.65. CATTLE 7.000; calves 2.000; following Monday's unevenly lower close, fed steers and yearlings generally steady today; supply small a n d a little more action here and there, but higher asking prices meeting n rebuff from buyers: dressed trade still sluggish; shipper demand narrow; killing q u a l i t y plain; early lop long yearlings $13.75; bid .iround $14.25 on prime light steers: bulk of crop promises lo sell at $8.505i:12; fr^}, r e _ ceipts moderately increased by holdover from Monday: all heifers active and f i r m ; choice kinds absent; common kinds wanted at 57 down lo S5.75; best heifers here $9.75. these grading goon; cows slow, steady; bulls also steady at sfl.50 down; vealers 23Q50c lower at $10 rTown; specialties making S10.25 and $10.50: mile more activlly In stockcr and feeder trade. SHEEP 7,000; including 400 direct: slow, indications fat lambs around 25c h i g h e r ; Bhecp steady: few loads and odd lots Konri (o near choice fat lambs slofi 10^5- host held around $10.75; bulk good and rhr,lcc light and handywelght ewes ffiG. sourn sr. I-AUJ. LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday M a r k e t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL, «-- U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 1.800: most classes opening about steady with Monday's low close' m e d i u m and good weight steers $3 25r« 10.25; bulk light weights arounrl S7S9: most heifers early S5.50577.50: plain to gond beef cows 54:75^6.25; low cuttcis and cutters largely S3.50Sjl.25; bidding largely $5.75 downward on sausage bulls' slockers and feeders litlle changed; good feeding steers quoted around S7C7.50- calves 2.000: vealers steady; good lo choice $8«i9.50; few selects $10; culls down to about S4. HOGS 4.000: slow; most Instances few sales steady to ISc lower; b i d d i n g - OSc lower on 15(1 Ibs. down: good lo choice 230 In .100 Ibs. S9.75Ci!),85; top M.H.V ISO to 221) 7us. i5.4ofi5,eO; 140 to IfiO Ibs. bid S8.851?9.5; 120 to 140 Ib. bids SIMSSJIlm: bulk sows steady at S9.45: average cost Monday $!); weight 2fl4 lb- SHEEP 2,000; no early action on sTaiitr,- «r classes: u n d e r t o n e a b o u t slr.idv: h u l k Hood lo choice Iambs Monday F3.75fl'IO Id- extreme ton SI0.35; aom j (0 cro lcc feeders Monday $8.75@3.rO. MIDWEST H O G S Hog prices at midwest markets Tuesay: WATERLOO-- Hogs 5 CDiils higher. ood to choice 140-150 Ibs." 57.40U7.70; 150-160 !bs. S7.90fc8.20; 160-170 Ibs. 58.50 fflO.BO: 170-180 Ibs. 5S.15©9.45; 1CO-200 Ibs. 59.45^9.75; ' 200-200 Ibs. S9.55«i9.B5; 190325 Ibs. 59.45®9.75; 325-350 Ibs. S9.3 9.G5; packing sows 275-350 Ibs. $9.05frl 9.33; 350-425 Ills, Sa.SOS9.20; 425-550 I 58.73(59.05. CLOAR RAPIDS-- Good hogs MO to ISO Ibs. S7.5037.80; 150 to ICO Ibs. 5811830; 16(1 to 170 Ibs. $8.508 8.EO; 170 to 180 ibs. 59.101(9.40; 180 lo 200 Ibs. S9.40C9.7U: 200 to , ' . . . Ibs. $9.60ii9.85; 325 to 330 Ibs. 200 lo 325 Ibs. S9.60(iT0.8,i; 325 . . . . , lo 350 11)5. SS.4D®!.70; good packers 175 to 350 Ibs. S9ffl9.20; 350 to 425 Ibs. 530 . . . EU5; 425 to 500 Ibs. $8.7039; 500 to Ibs. 58.55 IT 8.85. AUSTIN-- Hogs steady; good lo r/tiolce 180 to 200 Ibs. 59.20fr9.60: 200 to 250 59.50S19.80; 2DO to 325 Ibs. S9.40RS.70; ___ to 350 Ibs. S5.30'ji9.GO: packing sows good 275 to 550 Ibs. SB,SO9.40, COMRINCD HOT, RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, (A')--U. S. department ot agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 9 p a c k i n g plants lochlecl in interior Towa and southern Minncsola lor the 24 hour period ended at a n. m. Tuesday were 15,100 compared with 19.500 E week ago and 10.300 a year ago. Steady lo 5c h i g h e r ; mostly steady will! Monday's average: t r a d e u n d e r t o n e strong; loading slightly heavier. Quotations follow: Licbt l i g h t s 140 to 160 Ibs. good and choice $0?i 8.85; l i g h t weights 160 to ICO Ibs. S0.70C L i9.CO; 1EO to 200 Ibs. S9.COft9.30; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. 59.705110.10: 220 to 250 Ibs. SJl.VOS 10.10; heavy weichts 230 lo 200 Ibs 59.70 Wl 0.10; 230 to 350 Ibs. S9.55rult); packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. good 59.25W 9.55: 350 to 425 Ibs. 59®9.30; 425 to 550 Ibs. $0.90S9.15. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. (Tiienlay M a r k e t ) SIOUX CITY, I/PI--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 1,000; calves 200; slaughter steers and yearlings u n e v e n , better grades strong; others slow; fat she stock, bulls mid vealers unchanged; stocficrs and feeders · f i r m ; scattered sales desirable medium weight steers up 'to S12; some held above $12.75; several sales short fed S7«j9.25; beef cows largely ?4.50irG; cutter grades $3,25^4.25; few common to medium stockcrs $4.50fi6; good 600 Ib. weights $7.25; 475 Ib. heifers calves 5B.EO; current stockcrs anrl feeder cattle quotations: Steers 550 to 800 Ibs. good and choice $(j.25ffi8.25; common and m e d i u m S4.25O0.25; 000 lo 1,050 Ibs. good and choice 50.25^8.25; common and medium $4.50ntG.25; heifers good and choice $5.25 £r.G,50; common and medium $4 ft 5.25; cows good $3.75^r4.25; common and medium £).25«I3.7.i; calves (steer) good ,-ind choice SC.25fi8.50; medium $4.75^6.25. HOGS 2,400: moderately active; largely 10-lSc higher; no lo 190 Ibs. $9.40«i 9.00; 140 to 110 Ib- averages $8.755iU.4a; sows 53.25; stags $9.25 down: feeder pigs 25c higher; largely S6.50E-7.50; few 57.75; slaughter pigs 57^8.50. SHEEP 1.000; no early lal lambs bfd: u n d e r t o n e firm: asking higher: choice fed wooled lambs held a r o u n d $10.50; asking around $5.75 for fed ewes. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. ( T u e s d a y M a r k e t ) OMAHA, (Pi--V. S. department of agriculture-- H O G S 4.500: 300 direct; strong to 13c higher; top S9.C5: 130 to 300 Ibs. S3 65T|' 9.80; 170 lo 190 Ibs. $D.40ft9.75; 140 lo tfio Ibs. $!t.75jj0.40; 100 to 130 Ibs. $7.25(^8 65- pips Sfi.50f ( 8.25; sows S9.25. CATTLn - 4,000: calves 500; steady to strong, steers Sfl.iioar 1.1,85; heiicr.f S3 down; cows 56(0 7; cutlers $3.254 50- bulls 55.75^6: vealer lop 53,50, SIlEF.r n.000; lambs steady; asking ;trongcr; lambs $10(fLl0.25; best above $10.40. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, fcT--Official estimated receipts Wednesday: Cattle 10,000; boss 20,000: sheep 0,000. - Representative Sales ( T u e s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. tiP)~U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: nons. Heavy-- (Lights-45 328 I0.2nJ2.i IS') 42 2BS 10.25J44 Iflo 2«7 in.35(21 17.1 261 10.30187 16.1 Mediums-- I Light LlEhls- 248 . I0.3SIB5 154 '2 235 10.20J20 143 21!) 111.:.i| 14 200 10.3.11 CATTLK. ilcers-- (Hcl/crs-- fi 10S7 13.79131! fi.12 1 114S 13.00'27 O l t 7 1247 . I2..10'2f! R72 2 116ft 12.2511!) 764 2fi 1347 12.0012C 1072 21 mi II,3o;iU 1084 n 1314 H.OOjCows-- 24 111" 10.2JI11 12SR 23 1241 10.1)0|1!) 1194 ! Illifi S.75!!2 1048 " 1123 S.00|2fi 10J1 |2I 972 10.35 10.25 10.20 10.25 100(1 9.50 9.7,i 9.00 8.50 B.OO 7.65 6.75 CHICAGO WHEAT TRENDS DOWN May Wheat Leads Decline as New Crop Months Meet Buying. CHICAGO, (/P)--Late declines carried Chicago wheat prices down 2i/8 cents maximum Tuesday. May wheat led the declines here, and sold 3% tents under the sea- high established last Saturday. New crop months, July and September, encountered buying on a scale down, demand being stimulated by reports o£ adverse soil conditions in parts of domestic winter crop territory especially indicating that the extent ot damage from soli drifting cannot be known until growth starts. At the close, wheat was Vz to 2 cents under Monday's finish; May, $1.35 ' /4 to $1.35%; July, $1.18% to $1.18%; corn, unchanged to 7 /a lower; May, $1.09'/is to $1.09J4; July, $1.04 to $1.0414; oats ,L to 1 cent off, and provisions unchanged to 20 cents higher. CII1CAGO CASH G R A I N , (Tuesday M a r k e t ) ' CHICAGO, (^j--Cash wheat: No sales reported. Corn: No. 2 yellow SI.UViO 1.15V.; No 3 yellow SI.11511.12','.,; No. 4 yellow Sl.OS fil.ll'.i: No. 5 yellow Sl.OG^l 08- No 4 w h i t e Sl.llt51.I3: No. 5 while SI 07'ifiij 1.07',i. ' * Oats: No. 2 w h i l e cereal 5Z!ie.53c: No. 1 white 53=lSi55c; No. 2 w h i l e 53',ifi' 53}«c; No. 3 while Sl'.ic; No, 4 white 51'.jc. No rye. Barley feed 80cft$l nominal: m a i l i n g Sl«1.46 nominal. Timothy seed 56^6.23 cwt.; new S5.I5® cwt. Clover seed 5281135 cwt. Lard licrccs $12.30; loose $11.70; bellies Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday No. 3 yellow shelled corn $1.0GVi No. 4 yellow shelled corn Sl.Oi'/" Ear corn sf c White oats No. 3 4g c Barley · 60-SOc Soybeans, No. 2 yellow ....$1.45 TUESDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, m -Low WHEAT- May July .... Sept 1.14-!i CORN-May new .... 1.09*n May old J u l y nnw July old Sent DATs- May so July 44 Sept 4i SOYBEANS-May 1.57 July RYE-May T . l n July Sept. Mich 1.36 Si !.04'.i 1.01 .07 ii Close La:,'/, i.wu 1.03'i 1.07'i 1.0-1 l.lHTi .97V. BAHLEY-May LAHD-Mar May July Sept BELLIES-May July . 1.D4U . .02-:. .12.40 .12.70 l.SSVi 1.02'i, .Ol'.'s 12.27 12.50 12.72 12.95 12.40 12.71) 12.W1 13.20 1B.30 16.52 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN*. (Tuesday Tif MINNEAPOLIS, I,PI-- \vhcat 27 cars: 33 year ago; May $!.41!5: July Sl.31;i; September 51. 1S^; trading- basis mi- . litarised; nuotations lower; cash: Colorado Fed 133 SHEEP. I.Corn Bel! BS4 7,50 7.00 C..25 3.50 4,75 4.25 3.85 84 er, 88 tin 02 10.75|3tO 10.G3148I) 10.60J2IO lO.iiOIEwe^ 13.40130 11!) 167 I" Ted 1 Lambs-- B7 IO.SO 8D 10.40 112 137 102 171 r.23 6.00 S.75 5.15 IIOSTON" woor.. rta°t uTM-' f -"" U " s - Apartment of ag- Domc.stlc and foreign wools in Boston were very o n i c t Tuesday. Milk were bowing practically no I n t e r e s t in purchases of creasy wools. The l.-iek of demand here anrl weakness in prices abroad caused uncerlalnliei over prices · Hnldrrs of Hie b u l k of wools in I b i s m a r k e t were nol pressing «ales. The rlnm- nant tendency was | n wa | ( ,, nli| m i ] K are ready In buy to make any dc/inlle hanges in asking prices. ^o. 1 heavy darlc northern springs 60 Ibs. $I.S7'.Hjl.64!i: No. 1 dark northern ·iprlnjt 59 Ibs. Sl.SS'.iS 1.63'.i; 58 ibs. ?l.a^'.3'51.fi2! j; "No,- 2 dark northern springs 57 Ibs. Sl,54'.i«i I.Sl'.i: No. 3 dark northern 55 Ibs. ?1.53T'7TTl.60!i: 35 .Ibs. I.5'.i2i(I.59'.3; fancy No. 1 hard Humana. 14 per cent protein S1.47 I ,i'-? l.49'i p n a r r i v e $1. 45 '.i "a 1 1.47 VI: Krade of No. 1 lark hard or No. 1 hard Montana u-lnlcr SMHi'S I.43',j: lo arrive S1.30f:,T;1. h a r d amber d u r u m No. I. $l.noifi? I No. 2. S1.47UT 1.051',: No. 3. S1.43',',« I.5^^' 4 : No. I retl d u r i u n Sl.35ilfT1.3fi'',, Corn: No. 3 yellow SI.I1!1?1.131: I r a d i n s basis unchanged; quotations lc lower. Oats: No- 3 white 50$ca2e. INVESTMENT .TRUSTS. (Uy The Associated Press) Bid and asked Tuesday: Corporate Tr Sh ...... : . . .1.14 Corporate Tr Sh A A Mod 3.fl2 Corporate Tr Sh ITc Ser 2.9R Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod 3.81 Dividend Sh .... Maryland Fund Nationwide Sec Nationwide Sec Vtc . Nor Anjer Tr Sh Nor Amcr Tr Sh 1955 Quarterly Inc Sh Selected Am Sh Inc Sutler Corp Am Tr A U S El L 1 A U SE1 L P Vte . 2.08 10.61 '. .. 4.34 ...'. 2.24 2.52 .... .1.73 13.31 1G.30 .... 4.43 20 00 3.20 1.20 2.23 11.50 5.04 2.40 21.15 17.67 20.SO 3.30 1.23 GOVERNMENT BONDS. (Tuesday Q u o t a t i o n * ) NEW YORK. (y,_u. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4',^s 47-52 119.27. Treasury 4s 44-54 114.8. Treasury .1»«» 40-43 J u n e 107.3. Treasury 3'J,.s 43-47 109.6, Treasury .I'.as Vfi-M 108. Treasury 3s 5I r 35 106.16. Stock List NEW 1'OHK STOCKS. (Tuesday Final Q u o t a t i o n s ) 5li',* 74 Am Can · 107V Am Sm Ref !)2aj Atn Sugar Rcf 52% A T A: T 1801', Am Tob E y.Hi Am Wat Wks Anaconda A T S F Auburn A u l o Aviation Corp Ball Ohio 25 Barnsdall 33^ Bcndix Aviat '2T- tt Bclh Stl CTli Bordcn 27',,, Borg .Warner t,2\' Can D G A' Canad Pac Case 1C CM N W Chi Gt West C M St P P Chrvsler Col G El Com Sou Con Edison 13= W ID Cont Oil Del -H^i Corn Prod Gf! Curtiss Wright Ti'n Deere Co 12S'. a D'rc L Co pf Lily* DuPont de N 17.1 Gen Elec. b'fl Gen Foods 4.3'.i Gen Mot ta.', Gillcllc Wi, Good'r T R 40"-^ Hudson Mot zl^i Illinois Cent 28 Int Harvest lull Int Nick Can (!3,' I T T . . 15 Johns Many 147 Kresce 2f! Ub O P Gl IS'.! Maytag MeIC Rob Mid Coin Pet Monlg Ward Nash Kelv Nat Biscuit Nat Cash R Nat Dairy Pr Nat Distill Nat Pow Lt 123 N Y Central 44 Northern Pac 31 Oliver Farm 61] Packard Mot Para n i Pict Penney Pcmi R R Phillips Pet nadio Rcy Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Soc V a c u u m Sou Pay Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N ,1 Stewart Warn Sludebaker Swift Co -Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tirak Roll B Un Carbide Un Pac 1331*U n i t Air Corp 3C1 U n i t e d Corp 7 U n i t Di-ug 14*i II S Ind Alco 40V* U S R u b b e r 5^i. U S Steel lOr.H Warner Pict 15','a West Un Tel 771-j West El Jt HI 157 Woolworlli 58 Wriglcy Jr 12 24= i l l ' i 25% mi 43 Sj'i IS' 19!', 10!) Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAHISON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Oiiicc In Bagley-Bock Blflg. Telephone No. 7. D O W J O N E S A V E R A G E S Inds. Rails Ulils. Close 108.19 57.44 35.24 Total Sales 2,220,000 C H I C A G O STOCKS Butler Bros in'/ a Marshall Kiel 21"ia Cord Corp 5\' a Walgreen Co 47Vs NEW YORK CURB Am G El 43 Am Cyana B 33'A Am S Pow Co 2^» Ark N Gas A IIVi Asoc G El A 1 Can Ind Alk 6','« Eisler Elcc 3',4 El Bd 1 Sh 25U NEW VO1!K STOCKS F Mo or Can 27=lfl F Mo or Eng 7; B Lockheed l3'/ 2 Niag II Pow 16 S O Ky Co 10H Un Gas Co 121. Un L S: P Co 9]a Alaska Jun 14'.ii Allegheny 4V'« Allied Sirs IS'i Am Sc For P 13\\ Am C Sue Co 3tl»i Am C F Co 07 Am P Li lav;, Am R'K Mills 3S*.i Am R fie S Co 2a Amer Toh Co 9H 1 ,* A r m o u r i Co ll*i, Ar Co ptd m',i As D Goods' 21^^ All nef 34 Baldwin Loco OV« Briegs Ml Co 57^it BeudiK 27-a Oudcl Mf Co 13U Byers A M Co 23',^ Caterpillar Tr 93 Ccrro de Pas 70 'Xt Ctics Ohio 6o'/4 C G W pid I5'/4 CMSP P pfd 6 Coca Col Co 13.[7 B Com Solvcnls 18i B Cont Motor 3',i Cr of Wheat .1614 Cudahy Paclc 41',r Curt-W Co A 20». Dist Sri Seag 2«i Douglas Airc (17% Elec A u t o I. 43'i El Pow 1.1 22','j Erie R R Co 15" a F'ne Ti Ru a? T « Fost-Wlleel 4S», Frceport Tex 29T1, Gen Am Tr »S"i Glidden Co 49^ lold Dust 14?i Gratiam Paige 4 J .a 30 5i .10% 15-i Gt N Housto pfd Oil Hudson Mot . 47 ". 16 H u p p Mot 2^ Ind Hayon 37',2 Nash-Kelv Co 23*a Lambert Co 23 Lin Carb Cp 49 Loriltard JRVi Mack Truck 571. Mattiie Alk 3D 1 /! McLcllan Stor 18 Min. Moli Im 14!i M K ,t T (lli Mo Pae 3li Motor Prod No Amer No Am Avi Oils Stl Co 2D»B Owen III Gta 1G7U Pack Motor l l ^ i Park Ut Cop 5 Plymouth £(i!'n Proe Gain fil^i, P S of N J fOU Pullman 70',. Pure Oil Co 2Hii Purily Bak'y 20',« n K o u »i Rem Rand 2R'A Reo Molors 8V St Joseph Ld 49T* Simmons Co 54 So Cal Edison 2!)'/4 Spcrry Corp 22"'t St G E 13% Ti Wa As Oil 20'i U S Ind Alch 40V, U S Smelter B3 Util P Li A n=,« V a n a d i u m 32 Un G Imp \Varren Bros Wcsl'n Union Worth'n Puin Yellow Trk 15?1 RTit 77Vj 43li ,1fi'/4 , Y'ngs .S T 83 Miscellaneous MARKET DEMAND SHOWS ROTATION Demand for Copper Issues Tapers; Selling in Steel Lifts. NEW YORK, (fl 1 )--The stock- market milled around erratically Tuesday with demand rotating quietly in some sections of the list. Transactions totaled 2,100,000 shares. Demand for copper i s s u e s , whipped up in the forenoon by. a rise o£ copper metal prices lo new recovery heights, tapered off in late trading. The cloud of selling which hovered over the steels lifted somewhat in the final hour and more resilience was shown by U. S Steel and Bethlehem. Chrysler was in favor and turned in a gain of around 3 points. Curb Market NEW YORK. (,!)--Renewed demand lor a few industrial specialties helped bolster share prices on the curb exchange Tuesday but movements -were mixed Gains o£. a point to about 2 points were recorded for American Manufacturing American Meter, United Chemicals. Thew Shovel and Universal Products. Some power shares edged a little hl"h- cr, i n c l u d i n g Electric Bond and Share, American Superpower and Cities Service. Off fractions la a point or so were American C y a n a m l d "B." Creole Pelrol- eum. Ncwmont Mining, Lake Shore and New Jersey ziric. Produce MASON CITY--For Tuesday Cash Quutatlons by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts -.. . 16c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over .. 12c Under 5 Ibs gc Stags, 5 Ibs. and over lie Stags, under 5 Ibs 7c Cocks . . gc All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Mcrclianls Quotations Eggs, in trade 18-I9c* Eggs, cash 17-18c* Butter, Iowa State Brand 40c Butter, Corn Country 39c Butter, Kenyon's 39c Butter, Very Best 40c Butter, Broolcfield 39c Potatoes, russets, peck 75c Potatoes, cobblers, peck 52c "EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. C H I C A G O P R O D U C E . (Tuesday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. M)--Butler 9,310, f i r m ; prices unchanged. Eggs 10.271. steady; extra firsts local 31 lac. cars 22c; fresh graded firsts local Sl'/,c. cars 22c; current receipts 21c. Poultry: Live? 25 trucks, steady to f i r m ; hens over s lijs, I7c. 5 Ibs. and less Ifl'.ic: Leghorn hens 13c: colored springs 10-: P l y m o u t h nnd W h i l e Rock 21c: colored broilers 22c; Plymouth Hock 2«',ic; White Rock 23c: bareback 18c: Leghorn chickens 13c; roosters 13c: I,tglorn roosters I2c; turkeys: Hens 20c: younfi toms IHc. old lac. No. 2 turkeys lac: ducks lljs. up white and colored 20c. small white and colored 17',bc: ocesc IGc: capons 7 Ibs. up 22c. less than 7 Ibs. 21c. N*E\V YORK PRODUCE (Tuesday Markcl) NEW YORK. ()T|--Butter 14.0SC, firmer; creamery higher thnn extra 34 3 ,ira ss^c; extra [92 score) 34!jc: firsts (an-91 scores) 32'/«5134/*c: seconds 184-87 scoresl O^ifiiSl^ic: centralized (90 score! 33?ic. Cheese 485.3.1(1, steady and unchanccd. Eggs 19,086. firmer: mixed colors, special packs 21r,724!ic: standards 23HW ac; firsts 22",^iii23c: mediums 20VTM'iii c: dirties Ko. 1. 20',ifi721c: averapc checks 1I)(T7 lO'.ac: refrigerator firsts lO'/a i'21c: seconds Iflri? l8';-jc. Live poultry firm; uy Irclshi: No o u o - tations. P R O I 1 U C E F U T U R K S . (Tuesday M n r k e l ) CF1ICAGO. Wi--Butter futures closed' Storage standards, February 32'/,c; March " » e . EC f u t u r e s : Storaco packed firsts, March 23'/ic; refrigerator standards, October 24?aC. Potato f u t u r e s : Idaho Husjiets. March grade A, $3.5,5; April Riadc A 53.83. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. HI. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300. Mason City LEGAL NOTICE JCOTICK OF INCORPORATION OF JIASON CITY CREAMER* COM- J'ANV, INC. Notice is hereby sivcn lhat under and by virlue of the laws of thc Slate of Iowa and Amendments thereto, a corporation for pecuniary profit has been organized and adopted thc following Articles of Incorporation. Article I. Thc name of this corporation shall be, Mason City Creamery Company, Inc., and its principal place of business shall be In Mason. Cily, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. Article II. The general n a t u r e of the business to be transacted by tbe corporation shall be. as follows: 1. To conduct and carry on the business of .wholesale and retail of dairy products, milk, cream, butter, cheese, ice cream and any and: all by-products ol same. 2. To conduct and carry on the business of wholesale and retail of poultry and eggs. 3. To build, erect and to operate ,, cold storage plant and to buy and sell at wholesale and relail any and all pro- ducls which may be k e p t in. and used in a cold storage plant. * 4. To own, operate anil conduct a creamery for t h e sale at wholesale and relail, of butter, cheese and any antl all articles and t h i n g s which may be manu- facluretl from dairy producls. 5. To purchase and sell any and all machinery used in and a b o u t a cieam- ery, and also creamery supplies. G. To buy. sell, m a n u f a c t u r e , , repair, alter and exchange, let or hire, import or export and deal ill .all kinds ot articles and things which may be required for tile purposes of any of the said business of operating a creamery and cold storage planl, or dealinir in dairy products and poultry, or w h i c h may be capable of being profitably dealt with in connection with said business. 7. To take, acquire, buy, maintain, develop, sell, convey, lease, mortgage exchange, improve and otherwise deal in iiny and every kind of real cslale and personal property, or any rights or interest therein, which may be neccjsarv for the operation and conduct of said business. 8. To borrow and raise money for an ol the purposes of Ibis corpor.ilion and lo secure tlie same. To mortgage a l l or any Hart of the properly and rights ot this company and to do any and all things herein enumerated and set forth, as f u l l y and as to the same extent 35 a natural person might or could do. y. Tills corporation may use and applv ll.i - s u r p l u s earnings and accumulated profits, authorized by law to be reserved, to t h e purchase or acquisition ot property, and to thc purchase or acquisition o£ its own capital slock from Clinic to time and to such extent and in such manner, and u p o n such terms as its Board of Directors shall determine, and neither such property nor Hie capital stock so purchased and acquired, or any of its capital stock taken in payment or satisfaction of any debt n f n r - i rTMTM.? 1 " 11 ' 1 Slm " bc regarded as prollts for Hie purpose of declaration or payment of dividends, unless otherwise determined by a majority ot the Board of Directors, or by a majorily of DIG Stockholders. 10. Without in any particular limiting any of Hie objects or purposes or powers of t h e corporation, the business or nui-poses of lhe company shall be. from t i m e lo lime, lo do any one or more, or ? ,i j° acls a t l d t l l i n BH herein set arm. and fU such other acts, IbinRs and business or businesses lii any manner connected therewith, or necessary incidental, convenient or a u x i l i a r y thereto or calculate directly or indirectly to nro- mole Hie interest of Ibc corporation, or enhance Ibc value of. or render profitable any of its properly or rights a s sucn _a corpoL-alion, money l a w f u l l y d u e T,' d '" "" Tl " s °" '!? bminc.TM or for a n a u r a person could do and exercise, and which la°w TM , llQr . c ,? f " :r may bc authorized by m, and cither as. or by and through principals, agents, attorneys, trustees lessors, lessees or otherwise, either alone n^r't" ""i, 1 " 10 '' 011 w'U other, ami in any part of the world: and in addition, to have and to exercise n i l tbe riimt- powers and privileges now or hereiflef belonging to. or conferred upon cornor- - i i o n s organized under the p?ovis?ons of .lie law of the State of Iowa, aulhoriz- nc lie formation of sueli corporation. l£l ? ., · · T1 "-' a««"»-ized capital n n n m ^ · V s , -'°n"ratloil shall be S10.- 0011.00, divided i n t o 200 ilmrcs of $50.00 each, all of w h i c h shall be f u l l y paid Si 'P l ', c u n .? a - sha11 bc "-m-assessablc. Article IV. This corporation shall commence business on the date of tb" Issu- S, h' ',",' ^rtificate of ll,c Corpor- Iol« = n H 1 C ^ OCrC "! ry of the- State ot Joiva. and shall continue for a period of twenty years thereafler. and shall Have v, C v P °h WCr ° f «"««]. Said Corporation nay, however, bo dissolved at Z ny time at a regular meeting, or any snecTal meeting called therefor, by Ihe'aCfirm.- out'landh," two - U "« ls ° f '"* *·«'* ^c,, of this corpor- -irv , n rf ari and S m . S e c c . surer, and anv two of said rH r n e lleM by Olli P«so" Tile i " , lrcclors ""y fr) " lime to """"' Mlch ° llll!r °' fi «rs y may deem necessary. C H I C A G O POTATOES. (Tuesday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (,?j--U. S. dcparlmcnt of acriculliire-- Potatoes 70; on tractc 31G: tolal U S slllpmwils BIB: old slock best quality' u. S. No. I. Idaho JUisscls steady, f i r m undertone; f a i r quality medium size U S No 1 Russets and U. S. No. 2 Russets slightly weaker, other slock dull; sup- Piles liberal, demand slow: sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burtianks U. s No I S3.30«i3.75 depending on quality and size; U. S. No. 2. «.65®2.75: Colorado McClures U. S. N o . - l , $3.20«i3.37!4; Russet Bin-brinks U. S. No. 1. S3,30; Maine Bills Triumphs U. S. No. I. S2.00: Green Moun- J?i", U ',?' No ' '· * 2 ' 75: Wisconsin R o u n d While U. S. No. l, good quality large 52,60; new slock about steady, supplies rather liberal, demand slow; track sales less than earlols bushel crates;'few sales Florida Bliss Triumphs a. s No I mostly ?2; U: S. No. 2, SI.85 n crate. NP.W YORK SUGAR. (Tuesday M a r k e t ) NEW YORK, w,--Haw susar quiet and unchanged Tuesday at 3.3nc for spot. Futures I 1o 2 points net higher. R e f i n e d was unch.inced at Se for f i n e Rranulated. Anybody can see the rottenness t h a t needs reforming; the hard part is to overcome the nice people who are making money out of it--Fountain Inn Tribune. Hid anil Askcil T u e s d a y . Ccnl St El 6 pet pfd ($25 par) 10 Cent St El 7 pet pfU (52.1 p a r ) 11 Cent St P t I, 7 pet pfd .. 1R :liamplin Ref la 7 pet pfd .. 100 -rcamery Package com 24 ~Icarst Cons A 23 1 /:: Geo A Hormcl A pfd ....... 104 Geo A Hormel com 22Vj interstate Power 6 pet pfrl .. Ifi interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. I B lQ\va Electric Co G'.i pet pM 54 tawa Electric Co 7 pet pfd 55 la El Lt P 6 pet pfd 7.1 In El Lt is P 6!i pet pfd 73'.; :a El Lt. P 7 pet pfd 7» 'i Power Llghl 6 pet pfd 103 ia Pownr A: Lipht 7 pet pfd 104 a Public Serv R pet pfd . . . . 9!) la P u b l i c Serv r,'/j pet pfd .. 100 la P u b l i c Serv 7 pel pfd .... 101 In South U t i l 0 pet pfd 77 la South U t i l fi',2 pet pfd .. 78 la South Util 7 pet pfd .... 83 Minnesota P L fi pet pff .. 04 Minncsola P ^ L 7 pet pfd .. no Northern St Power fi pet pfrt no Northern St Power 7 pet pfd 3fi N \V Bell Tel fi',3 pet pfd .. 105 N W St Portland Cem com .. 25 Rath Packing fi pet pfd 100 Rath Packing 7 pet pfd 100 Jtolh Packing com 32 Sioux Cily G El 7 pet pfd ion 12 13 19',1 24 107 24 17 3 , 20 SS 57 75 75! BO 105 lots 101 102 103 79 101 !)2 98 102 _ - - . - . - . . . 8 7 B D United Lt A: Rys G.36 pet pfd 87';, 89 ' - - - - 01 95 38 101 16 18 United Lt : Rys 6 pet pfd United LI Rys 7 pet pfd .. Western Grocer pfrt Wcslern Grocer com ·Called 4-1S-.17. "Called 3-1-37. Hides Q a U l l o n x F o r n l s b e d by Wolf Oroj H Inc., SOS Fifth Street SoathnresL aORSElIIDCS / fforschldes ·OREEN BEEP H I D E S Up to 25 IDs 2. lo 15 Ibs ! More l h a n GO Ibs. Bull h i d e s .."I ,,. - 'L'urc.-l tildes half cent more n pound. (On above prices a cent higher to wholc^alo dealers In wnolesal* loti.t D!bc 7 c 7 e S'Ac nm officer or iand'!ng dS ° £ "" ° f lh ° stock lhcn °»t- ^Sc/"^--"."'^ rthU'^S,^ 1 ^^^TM nrs may be cTMlcd'"af n'nV'urn'e' 1 b""""" or °hv ^iVr-, 10 TM' '° r ' by tl'e m presTdcn\? or by t h e holders of al leasl forty per tTnd-°r, ""v?""* U«=n i«.,ed and ouu standing. At each stockholders inrel- ii3 ! £SS^^^'l f^sS^S^lS^e o'fYoc'foV, 0 ',? l "- C "TMbcV S o trl '!,b^ or stock owned by him for a? manv nr-r- SD '"o ;1S c| 1 unu?a' nre d . ircclors lo "e elected, ,V,m,!, :andl ? i 'I, t '; SS " 11U1y V ° te -' i "-' "10 number of dlreclors multiplied bv lhe n u m b e r of his shares o( stock shall c n u ' i l or lo d i s l r l b u t c Ihem on thc same priii- 'liall see""fYt "" " lan y candidates as he Arlicle VII. Until the first , n n m nl incctmg of lhe sairt corporation, and ui'i- lil the clccl.oi, ,md nuall/iolio,, of II Jr successors rcspeclively, ll, c follnwinc TM!TM* P"«ns s h a l l be and do c"iiJti- Illle lhe Board of Directors of t h i s rjor- poralion lo-wit: Herman Hermanson anrl M. W. Soroe. or which Merman Ilrr- nmwon shall bo President, and M. w. Sprole Secretary anrl Treasurer. Article VIII. Thc stockholder* mav al any lime, establish such by-law? antl make sucll rules and rcRutatinns a* tl'cv may deem proper and expedient ' l o manase Hie a f f a i r s of the Corporation, co n~ Corporation docs not adopt a Article IX. All deeds, conveyances and oilier Instruments, conveying any Interest in real estate, and all Instruments or contracts - requiring the ac knowlcdsment of Ibe corporation, shall be signed by the president, or in his absence or inability to act. by the vice- president, and shall be altestcd by Inc secretary, and all deeds and conveyances so e-tocutcd shall be b i n d i n g and conclusive unon lhe corporallon. Article X, The private property of all stockholders of this corporation shall be exempt from liability for any and all debls of Ihlp corporation Arlicle XI. These Arllclcs may he changed, altered or amended at anv rec- lilar meeting of the stockholders, iir any snrcial incclind called therefor, bv lhe a f f i r m a t i v e vole of two thirds of lhe cornorale slock then Issued, provided however, no a m e n d m e n t shall be made a u t h o r i z i n g the Issuance of any slocTc not fully nalrt nr subject to assessment Dalcd lhl.1 12lh day of December. A D. 1935. JOJIN.VIF: HERMANSON. 11 En M A y_ j IF ni\i ANSON NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTHATOR STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4S61 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, t h a t lhe undersigned has been duly appointed ami Qualified as Administralor of the estate of Waller Spencer, Deceased, late ol Corro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said e.stale are requested to make immediate p a y m e n t ; and those having claims against the same will pres- enl Ihem, duly aulhenlicaled. lo lhe undersigned for allowance, and file in Hie o/Iice of (he Clerk of the District Court. HIMES MOUNT, Administrator. Hincs Mount, Attorney. Dalcd January 30lh. 1837. S. H. MacPEAK. 'Clerk District Court. By--Margaret Hiley, Deputy. NOTICE OF THE A P P O I N T M E N T OF ADMINISTRATOR STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4902 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that lhe undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Adminislralor of lhe estate of Mclancton D. Stickncy, Deceased, late of Ccrro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to mal:a i m m e d i a t e payment; and Ihose h a v i n g claims against the same ivill present them, d u l y authenticated, to lhe undersigned for allowance, and f i l e in the office of thc Clerk of the District Court. , K. V. WILKINSON. Admimslrator. Mines M o u n t , Attorney. Dated January 30th. 1937 S. H. MacPEAK. ' Clerk District Court. By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. NOTICE OF CHANGE IN AJITICI.ES OF INCORPORATION OF GlBBS-t'OOK TRACTOR A EQUIPMENT CO INC. Notice is hereby given that a special meeting of stockholders of Gibbs-Cook Iractpr 5: Equipment Co., Inc.. a corporation duly organized under the laws of the Slrtle of Iowa, was held at the office of the corporation in Mason City. Iowa, on the 10th day of December. 1936. a f t e r due and regular Notice had been given to the stockholders thereof in conformance with the articles of incorporation and laws of the stale at which meeting the requisite majority of the stock of said corporation was represented. Articles I, III. and VI ot the Articles ot Incorporation of said company were amended by the repeal of said articles, and' t h e following Articles were adopted in lieu thereof by an unanimous vole of the stockholders of said company: ARTICLE I The n a m e ot this Corporation shall be Gibbs-Cook Tractor E q u i p m e n t Ci Inc.. and its p r i n c i p a l place of business shall be m lhe Cily of Des Moincs, Polk County, Stale of Iowa ARTICLE III The authorized capital slock of this Corporation shnll be 5250.000.00. -livldcd i n t o 2S50 shares of Common Slock ot par value of $100.00 each, and GOO shares of Preferred stock of par value of. S25.00 each. Front lime to time tbe Common Slock- and Preferred Slock may be increased according to law and may be issued in such a m o u n t s and proportions as may be determined by tbe Board of Directors, and as may be permitted by law. The holders ot Preferred Stock shall be e n t i t l e d to receive when and as declared, from ilie surplus or net profits of the corporation, yearly dividends at me rate of f i v e per centum per a n n u m , and no more, payable on the 15th day of December in cacli year. The divi- d e n d s on thc preferred stock shall be cumulative and shall be payable before my dividend on the common stock shall be paid Ol' set apart; so lhat if in any year dividends amounting to five per cent shall not have been paid on said preferred stock. Hie deficiency shall be payable before any d i v i d e n d s shall lie paid upon or set a p a r t for the common slock. whenever all cumulative dividends on the preferred stock for all previous years shall have been declared, and shall have become payable, and lhe accrued a n n u a l dividends for thc current year shall have been declared and the company shall have paid such cumulative dividends for previous vears, or shall have set aside from its surplus or net profits, a sum sufficient for tbe payment thereof, the Board of Directors may declare dividends on lhe common slock, payable Ihcn or thereafter, out of -my remaining surplus or net profits. In :he event of any liquidation or dissolution or winding up. whether voluntary or i n v o l u n t a r y , of the corporation, lhe liolllers of the preferred stock shall be entitled lo be paid in full both the par amount of their shares and thc unpaid dividends accrued thereon before any imount shall be p a i d - t o the holders of Lbc common stock: and alter thc payment to the holders of the preferred stock of its par value, and the unpaid accrued dividends thereon, the remaining assets and funrts^shall be divided and paid to the holders of the commoji stock iccording lo their respeclive shares. Tho "lolclcrs of preferred slock shall have no -ate in the corporation. Thc preferred stock may be retired or reduced by said company on any dividend day, on and a f t e r one year from lhe date of issuance of said preferred stock, such rclirinp or redemption to be it par pli-.i a premium or SI.01) u p o n each of (he said preferred shares of slock. All shall be fully paid when Issued and non-assessable. ARTICLE VI The a n n u a l meclinR of ihe stockholders of Ihis corporation shall be held in he cily of Des Mofnes, Polk Counlv Iowa, on lhe third Monday iti January of each year. Special meetings of t h e stockholders may be called at any lime y the Board of Directors, or by thc President, or by the holders of at leasl 40?;. of the slock then Issued antl olit- slanding. At each stockholders meeting each stockholder shall be entillcd lo cast, either by person or by pro.\-y, in wrilinp. me vote for each s h a r e of slock held by him as shown by thc books of the corporation. Tile President and Secretary of tile Company were d u l y authorised lo sicn icknowlcdgc, record and publish, and do all llungs which arc by Jaw required o execute, complete, and carry into cf- 'eel the above amendments to tile ar- :iclcs of incorporation of said company. GIBBS-COOK TRACTOR .EQUIPMENT CO., Inc By H. M. Gibbs, President. By A. B. Cook, Secretary. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF \VH.I. TATE OF IOWA. Ccrro Gordo County, ss. In District Court. No. 4960. January Term. 1937. To All W h o m H May Concern: You arc hereby nolified. t h a t an I n - ·Mrument of w r i t i n g purporting to be the ast Will and Testament of Frank J Hanlon, Deceased, dated Aug. 7, 1529 having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday, lhe first day of March 1937, Is f i x e d for hearing proof of sania at the Court House In. Mason City, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 2 o'clock P. M., of the day above men- Uoued all persons inlcresled are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any t h e y have, why said Instrument should not be probated ,iiid allowed as and for lhe last Will arid Testament of said deceased. Dated at Mason City, Iowa, January 301 h, 1537. * S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk of District Conn. By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOK STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, £5. No. 4822 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate ot J. L. skuttle, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment: and those h a v i n g claims against lhe same will present them, duly authenticated, to the underiugtlen: for allowance, and f i l e iu the ot- iice of the Clerk of the District Court I*. R. BOOMHOWER. Executor. L. R. Boomhower, Altorney/ Dated February Mil. 1937. S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk District Colin. By--Margaret lUley, Deputy. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF AD.III.YISTRATOR STATE Of IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4923 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, lhat the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the estate of Julius C. Thicdorman, Deceased late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to m a k e immediate: pavrnent; and those having claims against the same will present them, d u l y a u t h e n t i - cated, to Ihe undersigned for allowance and f i l e in the office of the Clerk of the District C o u r t . BERT THIEDERMAN, Administrator Breesc Cornweil, Atlorneys. Dalcd February alh, 1937 S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk District Couvt. By--Margaret lUley, Deputy. NOTICE OF 1'ROHATE OF WILL STATE OF IOWA; Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 49l3 In Disll-int Court. January Term 1937 To All I V h o m it M a y Caiicern- YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED That l i n s t r u m e n t of writ Ing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Frank Rice, Deceased, daled February nth, 1932 inrt Corlicil thereto dated J u l y 14th JSai. having been this day filed, opened and read. Monday Ihe Cth day of March ISJ7. is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Mason City. Iowa, before the District Court of said County or the Clerk- of said Court: and at 2 0 clock P. M.. of the day above mcn- lioned all persons interested arc hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause it any they have, why said nstrum-:tils should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament and Codicil llierclo. of said deceased. v Dated _at Mason Clly, Iowa, February S. H. MncPEAK, Clerk of District Court By--Margaret Riley, Depuly. N O T I C E Oi' S H E R I F F ' S SALE STATE OF IOWA. Ccrro Gordo County, ss. To L l o y d Walking anil MaliliU W c n k i n £ , and lo w h o m it may c o n c e r n : You arc hereby n o t i f i e d that by virlue of a special execution, to mn directed ·md issued out of lhe office of thc Clerk if the District Court .of the Slate of [owa. within and for Cerro Gordo County, upon a Judgment rendered in said Court in favor of C. J. Jansen. and acamsl Lloyd W e p k i n g and Matilda Wcpkmg. for the sum of Eleven t h o u sand three h u n d r e d twelve and 47-100 P n « ,, ' acbt - a n d Twenty-six and 20100 Dollars, costs, and One hundred f i f t y - ·Iirce and 12-100 Dollars, attorney's fees 1 have levied upon lhe following described real estate to-wit: The H o u l h H a l f . (S!i of \i-esl Q u a r t e r (,VU r '.i) and easl Q u a r t e r (XE 1 :!! of Qiiorler ( N W ' . V ) of Set...,,. .,,,, I I I ) anil t h e Easl H a l f (E',t) nf I h c Soullicasl Q u a r t e r S£!i) of lhe .Vortli- Q u a r t e r (NE'/O of Seclion Fitt c c n (I.-,) all of said lain! belnir in T o w n s h i p Ninety-seven (!I71 North ot ?!W?' T » P «nly-oiii! (21) West of I h r Fifth p. Jr. I o w a , and a p a r c e l or laml in Ilie X o r l h e a s t corner ot t h e Xurthwest ' Q u a r t e r (Mv'/i) of llic Soilthwesl Quarlcr f-SHMi) nf Seclfo.i F o u r l e e n ( I I ) I n Township Nlnely- Sfvcn ( 0 7 ) N o r t h of Itanjrc Twenty- one 2 I ) ot Hie Fifth F. jr., Iowa. lj-m e Northeast of the p u b l i c H i g h w a y rimninc across t h e Xortheasl c o r n e r of saiil f o r l y ( H i ) acres, bfinjr in all about o n e - h a l f (li) acre, in Cer. ro Oorilo C o u n t y . Iowa, md that on the 15th day of March 1937 it 2 o'clock P. M.. al the front door of he Court House in Mason Cily, Cerro _ j r d o County, Iowa. I w i l l proceed to ·ell l h e same in s a t i s f a c t i o n of said execution, togolhcr wilh all lc"al costs accruing. Dated at the Sheriffs office ill Mason 937' a "'' 5 I31h " ay ot rcbn'ary, TIM II. PHALEN S l i o r i f f of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa ,, ° y ?r-»y bJ 1r , a , m5 "V, Dc P«ly Sheriff, rt. b. bTAIvBERY, Attorney. Hie Norll,- Hie North- Northwest Fourteen --Used Tracloi O N E R O W C R O P STANDARD AND ONE 10-20 T. H. C. IN A-l ' CONDITION. 722 SOUTH FEDERAL AUCTION SALE THURSDAY, FEBRUARY IS, AT 11:30 A. M. SHARP Lund Sales Stables ON NO. 18--EAST OF MASON CITY 150--HEAD OP CATTLE--150 Consisting- of Stockcr Steers, Snringrer Heifers, Cows and Breeding 1 Bulls. Mr. Peters of Swalcrlale has eight good Shorthorn Milk Cows, fresh and springing. 23 -- Head Breedinff Ewes antl Feeding I,amns 25 100 -- CHOICE FEEDING PIGS -- 100 ~~ Boars and Brood Sows Brinsr nnylhinsr you have lo :icll. Lunch 'on the grounds Gel Your Livestock in Early--Sale Will Start at Jl:,10 Shan. WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND -- TERMS C-VSH STABLES, 3738 -- PHONES -- RESIDJ.NCE, 383K ' Ora Baylcss, : 1127 ~ AUCTION'KERS -- Jack Dorscy, Plymouth

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