The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 25, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1818
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r ifneA triffE, ts. A nines tad 10 qr cuk L. P. Madeira f 5? - 2SSiU. fcr ala low, by th. iwSlc euk, to eloss a consignment, ino boxes bloom raisins 'rx rrrVL - . will b toU low. by " ' T "iu ScTw. DAVENPORT & CO. Feb 25 rt.iie Woollen and Cotton Good. f10Il SALE, by the Commission Company, J 148 rwi - ireci, goperfine blue black and mixed broadcloth tw do. do. cassimere Also, sattinelU and casinett of various colon and mixture. , Fine and coane plaidi and check Bed ticking Stripe Bleached and brown shirtings Moat ooi. cotton yarn ; together with a gene - ml assortment of dotneitic rood. They continue to receive and ell oo eommis - jion domttlxe foods only. . i ;hral aMvuno, made on consignments, and every attention given to advance the interest of those wno consign goous to mi uouiyouj. Feb 25 D4.C Tlri.:W.nni.hL4A'S COTTON at B r.A VER. C Bales prime N. O. cotton, 4 do beaver, dJ landinz from brig inancirr, i nj - market wharf - For , ale by - Feb 25 lw 98 Murray wbarf. a9 TO LEASE, for a term of vtart, ll :;fl Th.hmiwuid lot No. 20 Cedar - ttreet, j.nntainine'fii room with fire places, besides the kitchen, pantriei, vault. Ac. and a well of good Foriale, the unexpired term, eleven year, of (he lot IN o. bV murrav - aireef, in me owjuiwhuii of William Patterson, oo lease Irom the fcpisco - pal Churcbdu si. t.spru. inquire m J. W. VV. C. MULLIGAN, frb 25 dtf No. 44 Pinc - atrect. BUILDINGS. Torn nfito in Law Buildinss No. 3, to be rented. Apply on the premises, to JAlts A. HAMILTON, fciq.or at no. an uroauway. feb 25dtf " FOR SALE. A CHARIOT and pair of Howes me enariot Xl. is fashionable and not much lite worse lor vrc i the horses are brieht h;ir, youns, hand some and well broke : they will be sold together or separate, and m:iy he seen m btuyvcsanl - street, next door to saint .nart s inurcu. Feb 25 lw y lURRKSl'UNDEACK between a Mother Vj and ht rdauehti - r at school, by Mrs. Taylor, author of" Maternal Solicitude," be. and Jane T.ivlor. author of " Display this day publish ed by W. B. G1LLEY, No. 92 Broadway, price 62 1 - 2 cent. len to Tbe best Lottery in America, aud the next to be ar&wn. MILVORD A5D OWKOO ROAD LOTTERY. TO commence drawing the fiithuf May, and to be completed in twenty drawings. only )u,ijuu iicaeu 1 prize of $7o,ooo 2 prize of 10 do of 30 do of 50oo 1 do of 1 do of 35,000 l,ooo 50o 'loo 1 do of 1 o,ooo 140 do of And an immense number of smaller prizes. TickcU f 50 1 Quarter 7 50 Halve is ugntn 3 75 Ticket and share in a variety of number fir sale by 3363roatiiray; Prize of other r.otteries taken in payment for tickets, except those of the third class u Grand State Lottery," as it is called, which was a whole year drawing, and the prize remain un - paid to Uiis nay. in friz list' in Medical Science Lottery, No. 4, ilCth day drawing. Nt. 5506,t tWO ; 7940, 50. 'Boih sold at A ilea's truly lucky onice, io. 132 Broadway. t iold to a mere mint in boutn - st. r cb ll - KACIE'S Correct List of frize a6di day VX ol drawing. - No. 5506, $500; 7940, $50. Feb 25 SEVEN 1'Y THOUSAND DOLLARS. 73 authority of tbe states ol New - Jersey and IJ New - York. M1LFORD and OWE&O ROAD LOTTERY 10,000 Ticket only. Hon. Aaron Ogden, of Elizabeth Town, N. J Manager. GRACIES' 146 BROADWAY, Hare for sale ticket! in this very respectalIend Inly rich lottery, the brilliant scheme, of which tliey now have the satisfaction of presenting for tiie inspfctioii of their friends and the public, whose approbation they confidently anticipate. The object of this lottery, (viz. facilitating the iatercourae between the western parts of tbe state of New - York and this city) indecndent of it respectability, brilliancy ol scheme, and other treat inducement to adventure, i alone suffi cient to insure a rapid sale of ticket m this state ; and adventurers are reminded of the im portanceof an early application. 3 t n ii M ti . 1 prize of $7o,ooo lb prize of flooo 1 of 45,ooo So of 6oo 1 of lo,ooo 14o of loo 2 of 5,000 S2oo of 3 3336 prizes not to two blank to a prize. 10.000 Tickets. This lotterv will commence drawinsron thi lut Tuesday in May next, and will be rombleted in 20 drawings. The prizes will be paid at the Union cbbk, iu uk uij ui vt - 1 or, ij uj nner ine aruwinj win uc iiiumen, Knjrn m B aeuuc - 1 lion of 15 per cent. Ticket $30 each. CHARLES K1NSEY, I ij. aiuAfii, . commissioners JOHN LINN. Order received for Ticket in all popular lot teries. Prises in former lotteries and foreign bank Botes will be received in payment for tickets. leozo 1HGAT r TAR. 130 husliels A. C. TV Wheat, in bags 50 bhls. Tar, afloat and for sale by , R. ti C. W. DAVENPORT at CO. feh 16 GOI.Il t.F.AF. A MBROSE CRANE ha just received fifty Miun oom Lai, oi me largest n18' a warraated first quality, for sale at 135 - .v...iwejr. . feb 19 li BAJfDAJf.YA JJAA'UKKHCWtfT. VI If 1 piece superior company handker - - T - - v - r coieis, lor sale by . JOSEPH OSBORN, ebg 28Soulh - st. Luun and TOBACCO. 500 bbls. Rich - inooq surx. t lour ,9 bhds old and new Tobacco. . g!l?2nuXaclnred du6 8 hands to the lb. l.1 "l ' ront - street. J?b '3 TROKES, DAVIDSON & CO. J r. CROIX HUM x. xnn j u TtHE cargo of the ship Virginia, Jos. Ridg - itZ 1 7" f"ulKrt 'rom ot. uroix. luoiier, irom it. uroix, will com - "ft larutinw a . i N riv d - U1 .l - ,norTOW tnorning at pier No. 1 w ,rT7 " - "w w toonung ni pier o. ttoT Rir " front of U subscribers' store ; "Utinr of J13 puncheon 8L Croix mm, new crop n hhd and a quantity bbls ditto sugar For ,lUo Pri"" quality w 1, on accommodaUog terms, by p.b SociT - ?.? fa.'so T - r - ' VnrJo.iJ'VKRANTS. 1 cask containing S - iyeen bUU ,anded fol "le at 67 at lebll RfLENQ A PJEARS05. r to r - Xl vndoougar, lorsnieby : . feb 16 G. VV. TALBOT, 65 Pine - street LU NANKINS 2500 piece Blue Ku - king,ol superior quality, entitled to deben ture, formic ty uuftu s stWALL, leo Z4 oo ooain - etreet AUCTION tJALEb Bv tTlNSLOW Si CHAWING. Sotlon. fti Wednesday the 4th March, will be sold V - r at No. 35 India wharf, the following goods, imported by Samuel G. Perkins & Co. in the ship Pekin from India, (postponed from Friday, 20th inst.) 1509 bags white Benares and double boded Kadnagore tngars 584 bale Bengal cotton, of superior quality 459 bags Patna and Rungpere gineer 50 case Bengal indigo, prime quality 70 bags fresh sago 20 bagssafflower 18 pieces ivory 3300 pieces Madras bine goiaea 8 9 rail 240O pieces cam boys, long dimension 80 pieces Veotapollam handkerchief S40 pieces Madras handkerchiefs, fin pat - urns, in ITUUKS oi oups. 1172 cotton shirt 3600 sheep tkint 6K59 tanned skin 30000 Madras goat skin in the hair ' For terms and other particulars applv to PETER REMSEN 4 CO. 26 South - street. trT The goods mar be seen on Toeadar. 3d March. Feb 24 6t IKIsH UNKiMS, DIAPERS, SHELTLGS, 'pHOMAS SUFFERN, No. 6 Depeyttei X street, bas just received per latest arrival :er als, a further assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens, lawns. 5 - 4 heetine. 3 - 4 riianers. 6 - 4 to long 10 - 4 dowlas, do. drosh'ida linens, which with the fol lowius itoods, wiil be sold on reasonable term. 4 - 4 ana i - n uoens, low and aoe assortments 7 - U do in halt' piece 7 - 8 do - haif bleached stron; and fit foraar row sheetings, to average 13d 7 - 8 lawns, 5 - 4 sheetings to average 23d 3 - 4 coarse and fine brown lioeo. feti 24 2w IEN 1IJCKY TOBACCO. 10 hhd. To IX ii:,cr. MivA h i hri finonrior. will be landed to day, at Fly - market - wharf, for tale by LE ROY, OA YARD & CO. fcb24 CJUGAK Ad RUM 65 hlids. M barrelsi kJ first quality Susftr. 44 puncheons Koin Received tier briz William Henry, from St Croii, now landed on tlir w - t side of Old - slip, Cm . l. Ul'lIU' riL' UL'U'Tri) leb 14 lw 31 Old - slip, 20, pipes very superior carero Teneriffe wine. landing from schr r ayette, Irom Oratava, at (be - toot of Depeyster - strect, and for sale, on accom uioilatiDg terms, by A. D. VII t K, Feb 24 6t 69 Washmston - st WOODSTOCK GLOVES. rI Lubscnber has received and offer to his - a - cuBiooienana .nner oq rrasgiiauie terms, a i" uiiuns uwgnwn nnu runna Fran) gloves, GEO. M. WILSO.V, 130 Water - street Cash will be riven for lizht red or shaved deer sKins. feh 24 QOKTtR, CHEhsE, BRANDY, 50 M. cask Hibherti double Brown Stout : 5 bas kets double Gloucester Cheese, received pr. ship asiiingion. 9 pipe nneiy navoureu 4in prooi tsoraeaux cranny, etiutiea to debenture 54 cask clean Flaxseed i 1000 barrel Flour (Baltimore Howard street.) juu ooxes l rein uioom Kaisins. for sale by 130 Water - street. feb 24 WAN TED a lituation in a school or pri rate family, a feraalo of reipectabili ty, who ha been accustomed to teach writing. arithmetic, geography. Ice. Any lady in want of sucn a peraoo, win nnu itie aavenuer wormy oi notice, iiaving been In the above capacity in bngland, and can produce satisfactory referen ces. r or rurther particulars enquire of tbe printer of this paper, feb 21 ENGLl - ilt CHEESE, sl'LIT PEAS, fcc Berkley aud Gloucester cheese, tic, and English split peas, imported in the ship Ann Ma ria, Waite, Irom Liverpool, lor sale by JUILN FKAiKLL, 115 South - . Feb23 3t West side of Peck - slip, 17 PLAN!) COTTON. 28 bal. - s urime Up KJ land Cotton, landing from schr Louisa and for sale by JOSEPH OSBORN. ten 21 211 South - street. s 1 1 UKAbii cm re bad in the Ore prool store ol the subscriber, corner of Bridge and White nnn - sireei. Vbl ARCH'D GRAClEi SONS, COTTON 21 bale superior Geor - ia Cotton landms irom ship Prudence, at fine - street - wharf, for sale by N. L D. TALCOTT. icn ii 64 South - street. f10Hi. ,(KMJ bushel Corn, of excellent KJ quality, deliverable at Tappahannock, Vir ginia, t or tale on accommodattngterms, apply n. citu - vtr. feh23 90 Pine - atreet IH1SH LUVKAS, iic. JUST received by the Pocahonta from Dub lin a general assortment of 4 - 4 linens, 5 - 4 sheetings, 3 - 4 browntlinem And broad diaper, in piece, assorted. Which are offered for sale on reasonable terms, by HENRY M'VICKAR ft CO. Feb 23 lw No. 57 Piae - st. fLD JAMAICA RUM 10 puncheons high KJ proof old Jamaica Rum, landing from slocii ivnicKerDocKer, irom uermuda, bast siae recK Slip. of Sale by TUCKER & LAURCES, ' 29 South - street feb 23 LIVERPOOL BALI, EARTHENWARE. HARDWARE. 300 ton White Salt, in lot to suit purchasers, i it crates rnnenware 1 4 cask Hardware Nnw laiulin? from the snip nmion, ana lor sale by JOHN ABM. WILLINK & CO. feb 2D 1 w No. 73 W ashinstoa - street, 50 RUM, Ac. and landing from the brig David Richards, from aimouui, (.Jam.; and for sale by a. u. uur r, 69 Washiogton - ttreet. Who ha for sale in store. L. P. Teneriffe Wine, (Patley brand) inquar tercasks, imported Jaly, 1816 Do do in hhds. and or. casks, do Aturnst do Do do in pines, bhds. and qr. cask, do Sep tember Ho 30 pipes 100 hhds and 280 qr. cask doenti - Ifed to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, ship'd ia 1813, . .1. - I ' r i - i .i uvm uv smm ui una nope, ana cuu tied to debenture Port and old Lisbon, wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of claret wine 132 do crave wine and one cask cardwire. feb 7 tf MONEY. ' rpWELVE hundred dollars to loan oa good a. lanaeu security in tniscitr. inquire oi JOSEPH 17. FAY. Esq. feb211w No.92Naua - strett. MONEY. THE several sums of $700, $800, & $1600, may be had oa bond and mortis re, by ap plying to PETER DE WITT, Feb 21 lw No. 13 WiM - m - st YTPtJVWD COTTONH bales prime TJp - UndUotton - Unding from brig Elixxbeth, Fly - market wharf, will be soU low if taken s ftb0 1 ISAAC F. ROE, 91 Marray'a - wbarf. for AUx'oidria, Geargelotcn tai Yukinglt vf U The schooner ADELINE, Edward ; j Rammer, muter, now half loaded - wu ail on Wednesday, 25th inst weather Permit - tin;. Those person who have engaged freight are respectfully requested to tend their goods onboard. For freight of remainder or pas - tage, apply on board east aide Old - dip, or to uiiu. uctinu;iLBV(U. Ieb23 92 Coffee House - slip for HA YAMNAH. M The fast sailinr packet brie AURORA ild - iVVm. Thompson, master, wUl meet with early dispatch For freight or pacsage, apply 00 ooaru, east atue oi uia - sup, or to POTT k M'KINNE, feb 24 66 Sooth - st. Tlie Khr ADELINE, Peleg Tupper, master, will be dispatched immediately. or ireigQi or passage apply to R. GILLESPIE, 1 12 Front - tt. Who offers for sale, 180 bbls tar, and a parcel of W. O. hhd staves, received by said vessel Also 200 bbls supf. Richmond flour 55 hhd Richmond and Petersburg tobacco 20 tierce rice; 21 bales upland cotton 55 hhd molasses; 200 ban coffee Red and whits port wine, in hhd and qr. Madeira do do cask Claret wine, in boxes of 1 dozen each 4 small btfxes cotton lace An invoice of Dutch goods, consisting of snuff poxes, stales, siaie pencil, marbles, jewellery, violins, ladies' work Doxss, cologne water, 4ic Feb 24 for CHARLESTON. S. C. Tbe new elegant packet schooner TONTINE, S. HoyL master, will sail this week, having half her freight ready to ro on board For remainder, or passage, having ex tensive accommodations, apply on board at pier iso. xu aasi iue of uurung - siip, or to SAUL ALLEY, Feb 23 98 Pine - st. For PHluAUKLPUIA. The schooner TWO BROTHERS. Jacob Carson, master, lying east side pier No. 12, will sail positively the last of this monin. or iretni apply to GEO. M. WILSON, feb 21 130 Water - street. for JlAfAN'A, I be brig MA ill, capt. Brewster, a regular trader, now loading at Pine - street wharf, and will s:vl in a few days. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to Feb 21 Ti. A - I). TALCOTT. Ht(,.iLWstl, i The brig H.iN.WrfH, O. Hicks, will sail on Thursday next, wiud and wea ther permitting. Can accommodate fourorfive more passengers, on very moderate term. Apply on board, pier no. 13, E. R. or to , THOS.DEKNIiON, Feb 21 40 South - st. . . fur Sale, freight or Charter, qrit ine last saiuug ring sailiVU uui, JiMj. Rodman, matter ; will be ready to receive a cargo on .Monday next ; 175 tons, and will carry about 1500 bbls. Apply on board. east side Fly Market wharf, or to V. BLTHCrVEiCO. Feb 21 92 C. H; slip. t or Hale, Freight vr Charter, A new pilot boat schooner, about 120 ton burthen, built in the best manner, of good materials, and copper fastened, a very fast ailing veasel, and may be sent to sea with small xpeoce. Apply oo board at Burling slip, or to M.'Jm. it U. UK.ISWULU, fob 19 86 South - street. FOR AMSTERDAM, Tbe ttaunch brin MAHGARET. can - tain Funk, has considerable part of her cargo eozagca, and will be dispatcned witbotil delay. t or freight or passage, aj pply to 11. V OS. No. 74 Washinfon - street, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, No. 72 Washington street. feb 19 tf tor Sale, rrcigU or Charter, The fast sailing schr GER TRUDE, Britton, master, just returned from Tort au 1 nnce, and is now in readiness to procH a - gam immediately. 1 hi schooner is one year Id, 143 tons burthen, and in the best condition. She bas handsome accommodation for paisen ers. r or terms apply to Feb 16 GRISWOLDS ft COATE3. HUi's.i bales Hops, just received for taie by CAMBREL1NG At PEARSON, feb 3 67 South - stn - t. REAL CACti EMI HE SHAWLS. VANDEKY OORTk FLAN DIN have just received a splendid assortment of real Cachemire Shawls, comprising white, scarlet, dove, shade of green, orange, rich flowered, itri - ped, aud all with large and mall palm and dou - nie ooraeri. Also, a case of superfine Leghorn Hats, with xlra crown. For sale at f. - h'2Q lw No 111 Broadway. I ft rloxes, 1 hhd, 1 cask ARGOL, about 4:1) 11, 500lhs, for sale by Feb 20 RA'CW, DAVENPORT k CO. Ma.m.iu - a novel Just i; lor sale by PfcTER A. uoh - fiid and PfcTER A. MESIER, No. 28 Wall - street. eb 19 lw A.NNLIls, a novel, 2 vols, price 42. this day published by W. B. GILLEY, 92 Broadway. Also for sale, a few English copies of the above interesting novel, 3 vols, price' 1 4. Feb 19 UPLAND COTTON. 15 baler prime Up land Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 93 Pine street. IN STORE, 42 bates Sea bland Cotton, for sale as above. j;in 23 . I 1 kAi l U k' - A K. - ... ..I... Vj consisting of Large sised Window Glass Decanters, Tumblers, Inkstand Watcb G lanes, c. 2 boxes Fowling Pieces, Just received per Winifred, from Amsterdam OBJ HA.KD. A quantity of muskets, entitled to debenture a ceronns brst quality Indigo, and 2 bbls White Lead For sale by i. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb 7 Im 72 Washincton - stwt FLAXSEED IS casks Flaxseed, landing this day from schr. Ranter, from Norfolk, for sale by U. Bfcl tiU.xtSLU. feb 14 92 Coffee House Slip. CJ TRIPES 20 case superior American blue VJ stripes, lor ssds by tha COMMISSION COMPANY, Feb 10 D&C 143 Peart - L Cm 1 COTTON. TOBACCO, fcc. dW bales prima Alabama cotton, landing from schr Nassau 20 bles New - Orlean cotton per brig Fi - 5 hhds Kentucky tobacco oascier IN STORE, 20 tons clean St, Petersbnrgh hemp Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone 15 cases tumbler . 30 boxes Castile soap Writing and wrapping paper 1 casa Leghorn hats, No. 20 a 40 Also, just received. 16000 lb Havana coffee, io hhds. and A few hhd of roctdud pure spirit, made from ! rum. , For sale by JAMEi lTWOLr.jr. . rbt3 67 Front - tt. 1 t BOTTLES, GRINDSTONES, tc - EsigHsb gallon aad half gallon bottles, tor Madeira! win. Full sisequart and Champagne pint do. . Gallon aad half gallon demijohns. 120 small size (rudstoaes. assorted, and A lew boles short and lona Dine, firmed and piaia iot sue oy w , . i . WII.LdAm UOWLKY, Feb21 1w No. 164 Water - street mm iyt..V3 wnoie and 60 nail tierce prim mm. 1 rl It A - . I JLmv nee. lanaiog Irom schr Retrieve, for sal oy GOODHUE & Co. ret) 18 x 44 South - street. 266 MOtASSLS i'OR SALE. Hhds molasses, now lauding from br Agnes, irom ai ataaxas. A pply to ISAAC PACKARD, Feb 23 35 Front - it. ISO TAR Si STAfES. bbl tar and some staves, landing this day frcm the schr Adelaide from Vilming ton lor sale by ROBERT GILLbsf lb, Feb 21 1l2Front - st. GENTEEL BOARDING. C1RAKKMN HOUSE. Tliis new, spacious aV. and splendid Building, situated in Broad way, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre nf the city, at the comer of Dev at will be opened by the subscriber on the 1st of May next, tor uie reception ot uoaraers. It is htted, and will be furnished in a man ner not surpasied. for convenience and ele trance, by any private dwelling in the city. It occupies the moat eligible situation, being central, in view of the Park and City - Hall ; the upper apa'tments overlooking the whole town, commnding a view nf the adjacent country for a Qttr.umference of 50 miles, including the Hook! the Narrows, and the Harbour ; and it is believed that no House in the country ex cells it. either for clearance of structure or sit uation ; and no expense having been spared by the owner to make it complete fyr the pu - pose, in every respect, it will offer to ladies snd gentlemen, and families visiting the city, the most genteel, pleasant and retired a - partments. The choicest of Wine and Liquor will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will In. Ktial ia m..l. tl.. Mi1.rt.!nnlMil nla. sant. rare and excellent This establishment is intended exclusively for Genteel Boarding. MIC?, tit MJtitsu. - M. Wanted to hire, an English Person, as head waiter to the above establishment one who is perfectly qualified in every respect. He niunt show the most undoubted evidence of his bilitv and good character none other need pply. Application may be made at 15 Uey street. fun 34 D&Ctf fOR SALE, A bouse of two stories, with piazza in ir..nt,:in good repair j containing about inmj four acres, situate on Throes Neck, and near to the farm of Ahuah Hammond - the land being highly improved, and containing; a ireat variety of the best cherries, apples, pears and peatbe, in great abundance and in full bearinr the Ad joining waters affording ample supplies of fish, shell and scale, whicn at a small ex pence may be led from a cre - k to the upland, and detained pond for daily use a mackerel and baas fishery beine alio attached thereto, and where at one draught of a small seine have been takeu mackerel which sold the next day for one hun dred and twenty dollars in point of prospect, health and profit this rite is no where exceeded distance from New - York about fourteen miles. Alto, lour lots of land near Ih? above two ly ing on the sound, contaiuirg lorty Die acres, and bounded on two udes with waters land of an excellent quality, with an orchard of four hundred apple tree, including the best sorts for ta ble use ; and for cyder, tbe Virginian crab, English bueloe crab, white (tyre, coccacee, fox wbYp . . ... . i . . i . .i ana wmie sour, who eigniy cnerry ireea me black tartarino recommended by Forsyth being one. In front of these lots are taken bas, black fish, perch, mullett, king - fish, plaice, soles, mack - ere!, core v. like; smelt, whitine, eels, and occa sionafly sheepthead and shad, with weak - fish and manhadden in vast abundance ; beds of oyster , superior in quality to any marketed in the city, lie very near their shore, with crab and clams, Whilst ttu ji'ij' inins bay aud creeks in the winter seas abound in black ducks and broad (. ills, and some time are seen the cauvas back and wild cr ete the t:md affording woodcock, quail and snie . The situation cannot fail to please in every respect !nd llielatid may always be kept in high rder, at a trilling expense by sedge and sail nieaoows aiiacnea inerei , ami sea wrea uri - veu i.nits shore. Also, i wo other lots, one containing ten and tbe other fiileen acres. These lots command an ex tensive view of land and water; are altogether suitihle for small rural ret eats; soil of the best tUt'uy i and contain about one hundred and fifty :her - y trees, best sorts, and four hundred apple - ees, most approved for table and cyder, all io full bearine , and to each of the lot will be at tache! fi - e acre of salt meadow if wanted. Also a lot, containine fifty three acre: about eiislit in wood. This lot i about fourteen mile from the city, and one from the church of the town ol Wrslrhcster. If the above property is not disposed of before Wednesday, the first of A - pril next, the same on that day will he told at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, at twelve o'clock, cn accommodating terms, as to payments, in both cases. For further informa tion, apply to FREDERICK DE PEYSTER, bsq. .to. Z4 road - irert, or near ine premise, to the subscriber, ieb84tApl PHILIP 1. LIVINGSTON. FOR SALE, Tbe house and lot oferojod No. 18 Rose - street : the lot is 25 feet frout aad rear, and 100 feet deep : the bouse a brick front, sides and rear filled in with brick, and built in the most substantial manner. For furiberparticular enquire or A. OltWBALN, feb 19 3w No. 334 Broadway. TO LET, ilil Tbe store No. 20 Wall - street. Apply at the (tore, feb 19 ti A 1711 I7IDI t ViUU f!ij FOR SALE, in the town of Flushing, Queens county, Long - Island, situated on Bar Side, 14 miles from New - York, and 2 1 - 2 from Flushing landing; from whence packet boats and stages daily ply to and from New - York.' 5aid farm contains about 170 acres, 60 of which is wood land of various kinds of timber and thrifty growth, with two apple orchards, one old, the other not mora than 20 years old, and con tain 250 graRed tree, all in full bearing and of the ch icest kinds of fruit and great variety ; Uiere is about 20 grafted pear trees, just in the prime of life, con sitting in part of the choicest kiuds of vergalues, St. Germain;, and pound pears, and 8 or 10 Lngltsh cherry - trees, wbich are iust bezmnine to bear. Tne remainder is suitably divided into lot of mowing, tillage and pasture, all enclosed in substantial Ones and on - der good improvement. The mansion house is 30 by 44 feet, built in modern style, of the best materials, and finished throughout, with a good kitchen and cellar, and i situated on an emi nence, commanding an extensive view of the bay and adjacent country . Tbe court - yard and garden contains a great variety of fruit - trees and shrubbery, asparagus beds, strawberries rasp berries, gooseliernes, and currants in abundance. Attached is a large barn, sheds, carriage house, crib, hen bouse, smoke house, and many other useful and convenient buildings, sdl new and in good repair. Tha premises belong to Charles Cornell, Esq. late of Flushing, deceased, and combines numerous advantages, of which it is Jeemed unnecessary to enter into a detail, as it ia presumed no parson will purchase without first viowisc too premise. f or particulars sumi terms, which will bs sxcommodatiug, apply to ma snbscriners, oa lb premises, woo win give an indiipuUbl title to them. turi.ii.bui . Executrix. JOSHUA CORNWALL, - Executor. Bar - SiJe, Fashing, Feb. 23, 181$, Fb3 - lm. GRAND CALL At the City Hotel. - Tlyf R. CHARRUAUD baa the honor to in J.rx form toe iaaiea ana uentieaen, that oa Thursday evening, 12th of March next, his an ousi uran naii, wiu uite place in me Assem bly Roomof we City - Hotel, in tbe course of the eveniog two ballet and several fancy dances will be exhibited and executed by Mr. U. and e - vend of his pupils. Tbe room will be elegantly illuminated. Part 1 A pastoral diverting Ballet 1. March Lodoiska 2. First entrance of the corp de ballet, by 12 young ladies 3. Pas Seul Allegretto by a youns lady 4. College Horni'ipe by a voune gentleman 6. The Gavote de Vestris by Mr. Charrunud and a young lady 6. Pas sue! andante by a young lady 7. Pa de trois in tro by three younr ladies 8. Pa seul aodantino ny a young lady. 9 Grand pas rul alleero by Mr. C. 10. Corp de ballat final by 1 2 young iai'te. ran x l he ballet cl oabotier. or the wood en Shoemaker's Cottage. 1. Enters a cake sellnr lost in the forest. 2. Enters Mr. Charruaud acting part ol a clown o. a pai ieui by a yomu lauy. 4. Enters tliree Snbotiersand dance with club and wooden shoes by 3 young gentlemen. 6. A dance half comic by Mr. C. 6. A pastoral dance by 5 young ladies and 5 young gentlemi - n . 8. Grand solo with wooden shoes by Mr. C 9. Final by the whole. Manager of the BaU, Mr. Biart. The Ball to commence at 7 o'clock, and the ballets at 9 precisely. Tickets One Dollar, to be had at Mrs Gaston's 42 Broad st. at the bar of the City Hotel, and at ine coor on tnai evening. . ; Oentlemen are not allowed to dance in boots. feb 4 8t , . y " i . i Intii Majesty' liieli Couft of Cbaucery ml UI12IUUU. ROCK agU HARDMAN. injiiu.iH.cuin miiviiw f. v, inoncery, maoe ni cause oi - - ivocn against Harilraao," wliereby it is ceierreu to JOhu cpriug - ell nawiey, rjq. one oi ine masters oi ine sain court, to enquire " and state (o the court who were ine mpnews aim nieces oi i nomas iioca tbe testator in the suid cause, (who was a silk man. and resided at Barnes, in the connty of Sur rey, and Ivy - Lane, London, ami died in may, 1811) the children oi t.dward hoc a, anojonu Rock, the deceased brothers of the said tes.ator, and nf his deceased sister Elizabeth Tvas. am which nf such nephews were living nt the time of the death of the said testator' widow, - la Rock ; and whether any, and if ai.y, which ol them were then (lend, and when they reflectively died : and whether such nephews or nieces de ceased, or any, nud which of Hit in left any, and what children, or child . and whether su n chil dren or child, or any, and which of them nre, or is now living, or dead ; and u dean, when tie, sue, or they respectively died, and wno are, or is im liersoual repreieututives or representative rl such of tlitm as may be dead. All persons churning to bs such nephew or nieces, or to be children of anv such nephews or nieces, who are dead, or legal personal representative of any ni such dead nephew or nieces, are forthwith to couio in and prove meir claims neinre tne saui master, at his chambers in soutnainpton i;uiid ings, Chancery Lane, I - oimIoii, in order that they may receive the bent fit of said decree. 'ill . n r. m .r ci. . - 111.13. DIlVTUIVr IT.L.W, Of Sheffield, England, Solicitor. feb 24 2tt A i.Ooi'. Ix. SMALL Green Morocco Pocket Book, containing a small sura of money, nlso a check drawn by James Wood, Cashier of the JehVrt'.n Bank, payable to Wm. M'lnlyre or order, (but not indorsed by him) on the Mechanic and r ar - mer's Bank of Albany, for four hundred dollars - Payment of tbe check being stopped, it can be of no use to any person. A suitable reward will be given by returning ine pocket - dook ana con tents at zs uin - snp. kbw j TJOARU. Wanted for a gentleman and his 3.9 wife, in a private family. Address 1. 1 at this omce. feb 21 lw T) HIV ATE LODGING'. A single gentle - XT - man can be accommodated, with one or two rooms, after the first of May next, with or without board, the room furnished cr not, in a genteel and small family, the house is neat and pleasant, and in a healthy part of the city, about ten minutes walk from Wail - street For further information inquire at no. 126 Broadway. feb 23 TO FAR Jl ERS. THE subscriber can furni.di the farmers ol the adjacent country with ground Plaster of Tans in aoy quantity, on the shortest notice, in barrel or otherwise. JOHN BYER9, - Feb 23 tf Foot of Harrisnn - st. N. R. NEW BOOKS JUSTPUBLISUED..1C cum's chemical amusement Mandeville, by Wm. (iodwja Manners, a novel, President Monroe's tour Bingley's useful kuowledge Lord Amherst' embassy to China Cox's female scripture biography Purity of heart, or woman as she should be Chai meter of Shakspeare'i plays, by W. ITaz - litt Letters from the Cape of Good Hope, fcc. For sale by ELI AS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3J door below Pine - st. Feb 23 FOR SALE, A House with two and a quarter acres of ground, pleasantly situated on the Heightlis at Kips Bay, formerly the residence of Cornelius Kip. The house is two stories high with an elevated stone basement, was built by Mr. Kip for his own use, is in good repair, and commands a fine view of the sound and surrounding country. The ground is laid out in a handsome garden spot and two pasture lots. There is a good stable and coach - house, and apump of excellent water near the house. An indisputable title will be given, and terms made known on application at No. 45 Wall - st. feb 2i lOt Tu LET, The following Houses, vii: . The house No. 95 John - street Tbeitiouse No. 97 do Thehouse and store No. 395 Pearl - street The house sod store No. 131 Cherry - street The house No. 28 Courtland - street. Apply to JAMbS W. 8MAW, feb 21 No. 5 flowery. QfOR SALE AT AUCTION. By C. G. FONTAINE, on Monday, 2d March, at XII o'clock, at the T. C. H. (il not previously disposed of at private tale) that mo dern built upsUntial 3 - story brick house, with basement, 79 Leonard - street, it is lurnisneu with seveial accommodations and conveniences. so a to be an agreeable dwelling lor a genteel fa - milv. There is a nuroD ol excelled water on the lot. The lot is 25 feet front and rear and 100 feet deen. a fee simple and free from all incum brances. Possession will be given some time previous to the 1st of May, if required. And in a few days after will be sold, the furni ture in said noose consisting o a cirapK - j of carpets, looking glasses, pier taose, pwi - some cut glass lustres, sofas, bedssiid bertding, mahogany dining, card and writing tables, cnaim c. aad a choice collection ol books. Also, the itcben furniture. leoxi in (Or exchanged for properly io Ibis city) a , muntrv llouein the vicinity of Eli - ..Li,inwn. is. J1 beautifully situated on tlie Post - road at present n ins ocupiion oil Doct Grant, it contain cigm iwmi wiui niia in front and rear, a good kitchen. wah - hnue. milkoom. and cellar there is also, a coach - house, stable for two horses, and other convenient out buildings, all in good repair, about an aere of land,' Uid out in a handsome garden and orchard, which afibrd a variety of choice fruit, asparagus, fcc. and a well of excellent water, with a good pump. Terms will be made liberal. Apply to JACKSON tt WOOLLEY, feb 23 - 75 WalUtmt, i be PUBLIC SALES: P. L. MILLS k CO. ' To - mor. ow, At half past 9 o'clock, at their auction room. general assortment of British and French! dry goods, consisting of 2 bales blue, brown' snd olive cloths 1 do pelissce do; 1 case lin." en bedticking a - bales blue and red gilea hdkfa i X do 6 - 4 cotton checks 1 trunk 6 - 4 tL 7 - 4 rich lace veils and shawls i 3 cases super black Canton crupes 1 2 do best light dye China - sewings i 1 do 6 - 4 book muslins 3 cues super limn cambrics and cambric Ulkf j 1 trunk, mens and worn n white cotton hose . 1 bale? black bombazetts i lease China sattir.s; 2 trunks p'late calicoes, and a number of other articles. . Wednesday, 4th March, At 12 o'clock on the premises, the Lot and House in A'u Hi van - street, 3 doors southeast of Brooaie - sL the Iront of th house b of brick, tl feet wide and 35 deep; the lot is 21 feet front and rear and 70 feet deep there are 6 rooms with fire - places, and 3 bed - rooms ; tha front room arc corniced with hard coats, the entry is . finitlied in the same manner The above boas w built of the best material, aud well calculated for a genteel family Tbe terms will be reason able" and made known on the day of sal. Any persons wishing to purchase at private sale, wiU call at tbe auction room, or on tha premises. BY J. P DIE TEKICH ft CO. AT PRIVATE BALE, 5000 acres of land, in Wood County. fVa.i within 10 mile of Marietta, and 6 milts from the ' Ohio Hiver. I2U0 do in the town ol PJattsburgh, ... L V I - . III wiling, Kcw - iun, mj uo. in riae County, Pennsylvania, and an excellent impro. veu larinoi aoju kckl nm nip. i:nah - inn iummi. road. The two last will he exchanged. lor pro - yr.i i j til uiw tiiy Ol new I U,a, OV lot meiCnaSl - a se. a ppiy at tne auction room. MARBLE FOR BULLING, it. THE proprietor of the southorn marble qua rieo, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that (hey have on hand, and are receiving, at tha KingU - Bridge Marble and Litne - ) ori, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive Atb of marble for building, of tbe following de scnptions, vis : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Cliimney - Pieces Facings - Columns Watsrtable Steps Plitform Sills, Lintels Art he Also Lime of the best quality. fJT A Constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon; and thoeo desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply . to EZRA LUDLOW, ; Feb II At the Yard. American Society for the encouragement of Do mestic Manufacture, nrp The regular quarter - yearly meeting of aid society, ill be held at Tammany - Hall, oa Wednesday evening next, th 25 tn instant, at 7 o'clock. The member are requested to be puuctual in their attendance. h.tiO 2NCK, S It. JUXiMCH.J Secretarial P. H. SCHENCK, Feb 19 6t NOTICE. ft7 AH person bavins demands ai :t tha estate of David Harrison, deceased, am tequest - cd to present the ssroe, rj jly aatbca 'i; Vd, l william Bt,rntL,L,, auminutrs' ir, o. ax St. James - street And also, all per. - ,. indebted to the estate aforesaid are requited to make im mediate payment or the tame. Dated ran. lis. 1 ...... a. II. ..... S Tilt. I I . . IblH. vvuuiArn ste.snr.Lii., feb 19 lw Administrator. STREET MASURE. 03 The contracts which are to be entered In - . to fur the street manure, will commence on tb 1st of. May next, for 1 or 2 years, to be mentioned in tne sealed proposal ; and the street are to be swept and cleaned, from tbe 1st of March to,, the 1st nf January, in every year. Feb 21 The subscriber have formed a connection in business under the firm of HALSEY A UOSMAN, nt No. 34 Old - slip. ABRM. HALSEY, feb 24 3t WILLIAM GOSMAN. NOTICE. ; f7" The subscriber bavine received a arena - ral aisientnent of aJi the estate of John Murray. ft Sons, for the benefit of creditors as exprrssod. in the assignment, have authorised Peler Lud low to liquidate tbe unsettled accounts and ta . receive payment of all debts due to tbe said firm, or to the individunl partners who wUl attend to ... jsai.f ar a. .. the same at nis voice, no. in reari - street. WILLIAM BAYARD, , feb 24 tf HENRY BARCLAY In the Advertisements sismcd by ma and published in the New - York Gaxrtte of tho 7th, 9th and and 14th f January last, I free ly and cheerfully come forward to tay, that! was totally nmiesd in respec. to Mr. Artnnr, - Hirst i that I am perfectly convinced he had no connexion wiin lee, ana was utterly unac quainted with the transactions between Lee and mvsclf. 1 do this from a sense of duty to Mr. Hirst's character, which I am free to ac knowledge is, from every thing1 1 have heard and now know of him, unimpeachable as to ntesrrity. honor and honesty ; and that I verily believe him not only above committing, but above even countenancing in the least degree, any dishonest or unworthy action. feb 24 lw juiiis tVitb. TO MERCHANTS, MANUFACTURERS ti. MECHANICS. DTP Information is respectfully solicited from all persons, p netting information on th subject of the lata proposed Tariff by th secretary of th treasury, showing in comparauvs oiuerenco between the specific duties as reported, ana tu ad valorem duties, oa goods in their respective branches; with such comment as they may think proper to communicate. r ..... u Uommonicatton to o luareasoa to m. vv. Brett. Secretary of the Corresponding Commit tee of the American Society for the encourage ment of Domestic M - inufactures. frb 24 TV j u. W4 waier - airaij i returns In Ui - u . tO J.1 i.:. aoliciti their conUouanc, offer lor sale charts I sextant ; quadraat. of ail torts : aximutn, alor ana - . handsome selection of circumfcreoters, souk (With noniuses, to take minute with taff ; patent binnacle lamps, new invention 1 patent lithts, of fl.nt glass, for ships, c. j patent camera tuada j i.f ..u, dials to any latitude: telescopes, from ... .ith double macniyina: power, tons .m bras stand for country bouse silver and .ii. - r pill anectacles and olhen ; glasses put into My glasses and spectacles; barometers, thetmo - meters, bvdrotneteraj beside numerous other ar - tklcs. And offers bis services (as an importer of instruments from London) to colteee or semios - nei. ha vine been a resident in London formaoT years, and n maker of the principal inslruusenta. London manufactnre more instrument in tbt optical, mathematical line, tu. than all the world together. Tbeir numerous expensive tool and machinery enable them to sell cheap, dad excel every other country in that line. Gentlemen who wish to lavor mm wiin tneir oroers may reij io suited nt a cheaper rate than they can import instruments themselves. Instruments not cum - moo forsale in - New - York aud expensive, ni versa! equatorial, theodolites, variation eempaitea for observatory, rain gnages, laod dipping needle, and marinx do. for cifcusanavixatmo round tbe globe, mechanic powers, hydrostatic aJ balances, with appar s job. c. ' . ItfttsUuguCft aJ im ea vi w f"" w - IDCTlttU ' ' Copper plates and draaghU of his own - Comiiasse with wooden boxes, bar needles and king lj arris, J a mo - . derate price per dc sea , ""'"ViUssl . duced pr k: $4 par doa snd 7S ceat P - - . tctns. ' - ' . 1 If i .a i n

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