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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, February 25, 1818
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'From tha Nauoual mtllucvr hi Ft a :,n SJ. ' OUR RELA TIONS WITH SPA N. - 1 - official rAPER3.v; : ' To 4h boose of representatives of the United Conformably with a resolution of the home of raoresentatives of thsv Clb of thk month, I new ray before that houte, a report received from tlte ' secretary of sia lay with the Copy of lbs corres pondence relerred to, ua requested oy uuu r ' Solution. JAMES MONROE. - ' Washington, Feb. 12, 1818. , Tha seers tarv of state, to whom was referred the 6th of this month, requesting the president to cans to b laid before that bouse, the eorrea - miUm with tha ravarnment of Spain, to which a letter of tha minister of lie United State at the court oi Madrid of the 25th of October, 118, commuaicated with a late menage of the (TMtileot to that houte, relates, bat the honor bare with to submit to toe prewueoi a copy oi u ' cofTospondeaoa requested. JOHN QULfCF ADAMS. Department ci stave, February 13tb, 1818. " . (Tramlatioov) Tha chevalier Dot Luis de Oais, to the secre - . tary of state. - . jir Under the date of 30th June, lam advi - ed by beuteoaot genera Don Pablo ftlorillo, cap - tain general ol Caracca, and commander of the expediuoo which, hu majesty has oeeuneu 10 re - establish tranquility at Cartbageoa, that, with a view to accelerate this important object, be is '.abouttoeslablhhItMmonrignroos blockade of the port i of the vicerovalty o( Santa r e, tnclod' fog Carthagena, and that, in cotuequence, every neutral vessel which thall be found, not only in those - ports, bat on those coasts, thall be made jiriro of, in order lo prevent those who have re Tolled from hit majesty's authority, receiving toccon of anykind." ' have thought it proper to communicate this to you lor the information of the president, that tlie injuries may be avoided which would result " as heretofore, to trade with the rebels against the authority of my sovereign. I renew to you, air, the asm ranees of my re spect, ana pray uod to prater you many years, rhaadelphla,8ept 6, 1815. l f Translation.) ' Deo Luis De On is. to the secretary of state. . Sir Don Pablo Morillo, commander in .chief of the forces detuned by the king, my master, lor the pacification of the vice - royalty of Santa a, says to me, under date of the 1 9th of Ue - camber last, that after having compelled Car - uiagena io surreuuer ai uucreuoo, ne oau iouuu ft expedient, for the complete re - establishment .t I . .1 : L . i e in uocxade from Santa Marta to the nver A - trato inclnsive, and to give orders that if any Teasel bo mot with, further sooth than the Buxitht of the M agdalena, or farther north than tne parallel of Cape Tiburoon, on the aiosquito shore, and between the meridians of these points, she would bo declared a good prize, whatever docomratior destination she might have. But that he had left open to the commerce of neutral, toe two ports of Saata Marta and Puerlo - Bello. 1 havej the honor to give yon this notice,' as it ay be interesting to the merchants of the Unit - d Mates, and to renew tWe ararances, frc. LUIS DE ON13. '. PhDadelpbU, March S, 1816. Mr - Monroe, Secretary of State, to the Clieva - ScrdeOnis, envoy extsaordinary, and minis - - Bar plenipotentiary, c. Department of State, March 30th. 1816. I Of D ff k. IL. ...... 1.1 niocKade or trie spiniso coast in sooth America, from Santa Marts, to the river A trato, inclusive (if the latter, uy tlie commander in ciiief of hi fatbolic majesty's 'orces, and that if any vessel is met sooth of the mouths of the Magdaiena, or north of the Daraliei of Cape Tihuroon. on the Mosquito coast, and between the meridian of uoee points, snail oe teiceo ana condemned as a pnse, wnatevermay oe ner oicuments oruesii - atioo. If on state also, that the ports of Santa Marta and Porto - BHIo. are left opea to neotrals I have to state that this proclamation of gene - ral Moriilo, is rvidentiy repugnant to the law of nations, loir several reasons, particularly the fol lowing : that it declares a coast nf several hundred miles to be in a state of blockade, and because it authorises the seizure of neutral vessels at an qjosUfiabie distance from the coast. No maxim of the law of nations is better established, than that a blockade shall be confined to particular ports, and that an adequate force shall be stationed at each to support it. The force should be stationary, and not a cuising squadroo, and placed so near the entrance of the h.trbor or month of the river, as to make it evidently dangerous for a vessel to rater. I have to add, that vessel entering the port oucht not to bo seised. except in returning to it, alter being warned off by the W'jctadiiw squadron stationed near it. I am instructed by the President, to state to rosj these objections to the blockade, which has been announced io your letter, that you mav communicate them to yonr government, and in confidence that ton will, in the mean time, interpose yoar good offices, and prevail on general Morillo to alter bis proclamation, and practise under it in such a manuer, as to conform in both respects to the law ol nations. In stating to you these well (banded objections to the blockade of general Morillo, I have the honor to observe, that your motive lor communicating it, is duly appreciated. I have the honor to bo, &c. JAME3 MOSROE. Translation.) Doo'Lnis ds Outs, to the Secretary of Slate. SOih of this month, in which you state that the proclamation of genaral Morillo is repugnant to the laws of nations, as well because it declares a coast of several hundred miles in a state of block de, authorising tbe capture of every neutral vessel at an uo Limited diitaoce.ftwm tbe coast, as that it k m established maxim among nations that a blockade should be limited to the ports where there may be a stationary and not a cruiz ing force sumcieot to make the entrance of the harbor or rirer where it may be placed, dange - roQ', and fiaaltr, oven in this case, a vessel ousht not to be captured when she is about to enter a port, ae only, when, after having received notice of the blockade, she attempts to infringe it Tou art pleased to state to me, that the president dVin - s that I will eoormunicate these observations to my government, and that I would ose my goodoffi - .es unndeotiil.y with general Morillo, so to modify his blockade, as to taake it conform to the hm of nations. I will communicate to his majesty, in compliance with the wishes of the prtsdent, what you "have stateu to me in jour note, and I will with pleasure avail myself of the departure of Mr. Ilosbes, to write to general Morillo, inviting him, m the execution of his blockade, to avoid the iajurioas eff. - cts resulting therefrom, to the citieeae of this republic, so far as may be com - patible with tha security and tranquillity of hi. nvuesty's dminioas nnUer (us command. I Mttirf knaa.n aIubm. t . . ... .: . i. . - , w jva, .ir. mai general MonUo has a naval force dinotabl Ul competent, as I Utn e)Wt in . he M of February there sailed frorti snus. n sqaaxron or a ship ol llie line, two fri gases, etia several smaller vessel as a reintorce - ment: that a the coast intended to be btocka - f - d hy (he said Pvnl. there an - nn nihrr f ntry for merchant vessels than llrose of Cartha - goaa, SsaU Marta, and Porto Hello ; and imlly, - 'mm - wuara UKI yy mm not Dei Of Oirect - ed asaiaat SaetaivS countrr. it anf. l.u " .?,w?d note, contrary to tne laws of pjionc wgrxa. 'rtv ob)r of tht generars pro - w avury us iracCTf 01 loreigl BV JtloU ILatte will maintJn thelawa forlhrju - their full force ! the oh - ser unce of which bad heen reiaxco u wm times, by tltflect ofcircemsiasscca. "a" diCed, however, in favour of neutrals, hyleavus twopon. o? , s - uj - sr - f Un . . s. sL. jiAmmwrrtl vl w.;r,owed t - trad, w - tb tlie doo. ol bis majesty on tbatcontiteet, without liconc?, and that vemel. fod near, or evilly shaping a course towards them, were c,Latio... WerioperaBWot nuiai, fireeir r7: :'. Ainic ol the coail lying on" " .".. rH and soumwaru i uivv - , . ,k. the territory of this republic, WX,toanV vessel ish monarchy, and, consequen ly. any vessel whalew,louiirfiarit,orstanduig towards it, 7a. have io otherobject than to carry no imo, - elincorstirnpo civil war in the kings domi - 7!l . ih. laws uf nations recoil - mend tnTS of the vael. ao employed. Acs lusted by a constant desire to prevent the misfortunes which such iojuriei might occasion to the citizens of this republic, I have, on other occasions, suggested a very simple mode or putting an end to them, namely, that the president shon Id hm nicascd to issue orders that no vessel should k , - i..hmI at tlia raitnm house, aave for a spe cified port , according to the general practice of nations : tne practice oi clearing many tn IUWmI Indies avnerall. carries with it a suspicion of a design to carry on a contraband trade, or to disturb the public tranquility in the dominions of tbe king, my master, and therefore uie owner wno clears oui nis veswi to una and without the certificate of the Spanish con ili. rinnnt comnlain if it be detained as suspi cioui. In fact, what difficulty can a merchant, acting fairly, hare to speciiy the port ol Havana, Kingston, Santa Marta. tiuayra, Porto Bello, Rio Janeiro, or any other of an independent na tioa t None, unaiiestionablr S since, in case o not finding a good market at one place, he proceeds to andlher, with a declaration made at tbe port he touched at, of the motives which obliged him to alter his destination. Tbe wisdom at huma nity which eminently distinguish tbe President and the administration, cannot fail to perceive the solidity of these observations, nor io approve the policy of his majesty in taking the most suitable and effectual measures to secure his subjects from the civil war which a number of adventures are endeavoring io kindle in his dominions ; and I therefore flatter myself that be will be pleased to take into consideration, the expediency of adopting the measure I have bad the honor to suggest to yon, oy preventing ine collectors oi uie customs from clearing out vessels except far specified ports, and notifying merchants trading with the possessions oi ine sung io coaiunn io in rsiao - iisbed rules and orders, regulating, not only neu trals, but Spanish vessels also, thattbey may avoid the consequences oi weir non - ODtervance, notwithstanding his majesty's desire to afford them within bsa dominions, .ill the benefits and advantages compatible with tbe public safety and his roval interests. I hop that the explanation which I have thus taken tbe liberty to make, until 1 have received the answer of the king, my master, will quiet the smietv of the President as to the proclamation of tien. Morillo, and that it will ne viewed hy him as a continuation of my earnest desire to reinstate the commerca ol the two nations reciprocally, on the most liberal and favorable f oting. I renew my respects to you, sir, and pray God to preserve yon many years. L.UI3 UL. U.M3. Philadelphia, March J5, p 16. Extrtct ef a UtUr from III Stentary of Stall, to Mr t,rvi, aaua DcraKTUKHT or Statx, July 50th, 1816. " You have been apprised aJrendy of n similar measure, which was taken in regard to the vessels which bad been seised at Canbagcoa. and tbe ciiicens of the V. S. who, under various pretexts, I - I ; j r . . ' it ku dcch arreira ami iinprisonra mere. I nave the pleasure to state that the application succeeded, as to our citizens, though it failed as to the vessels. . sou will interpose directly with the Spanish government in favor of the latter, documents respecting which shall be forwarded to vou either by the present or some other early opportu - niiy Mr. mag (e his Eirtllency Don Pedro Ctmllnt, firm jHtnuttr of ax. Madrid. SKth September 1E16 Sin I am ordered bv my government to annlv to his majesty through your excellency, for the roiuunou oi sunarv American vessels ana car goes ahich have been seized and brought into tLnnagena, orotner places mm in that command or vice royaitv, under pretext of a pretended blockade) issued hy Don rablo Morillo, in Uec 1815. . When that blockade was communicated to the American government, Mr. Monroe. Secretarv of Slate, in a note of March 2Uth, 1816, addrensed to lus mnjesty s minuter at V ashineton, formally protested against it ; and it was hoped that on proper repmicntatiuns bring made by that minis ter to Gen. Morillo, be would retract his measure, or if not. that bis majesty, being made acquainted with the remonstrance of the American govern - mem, wouia immediately send out orders which might produce the same effect, and assure for the future, due liberty to tlie "American commerce in those sens. hut it now appears, that as late as the month of June, no alteration had Taken place in the measures of Morillo, no attention had been paid to the interference of Don Luisde Onis, and finally the commissioner, Mr. Hughes, who was sent bv the government of the U. Stales, to Cartliageoa, for the purpose, amonpit others, of reclaiming the property seined, was obliged to return to the U. States, on that point altogether unsatisfied. Indeed the viceroy of Santa t'e, Don Francisco de Mootalro, gives this commissioner to understand, by a letter of June 9th, whereof the enclosed is a translated copy, that he, the viceroy, does not pretend to be acquainted with the law' of nations, and, at the same time that he goes on executing the arbitrary and illegal decrees of gen. Morillo, devastating the commerce of lha V. States, he refers the American government to bis majesty for redress. It is therefore that I now find K necessary so write to your excellency upon this disagreeable sulijett. . It is vain, sir, to hope that the United States will ever consent to blockades upon the principles of Gen. Mordlo ; they will acknowledge none to be valid, which are not strictly conformable to the well known principles or public law, principles most clearly defined and quite indisputable, to which the United States have altvnvs adhered in their own practice, and to the infringement of which, in any lorin, in any degree, or under what ever pretext, tbey have always opposed themselves. ine blockade of Gen Morillo is repuemant to th law, because it extends over several hundred miles of coast, and lo ao indefinite distance from the shores, of course cannot be enforced as a block ade, bntremnius a bare pretext for sKlialion. A blockade by sea, to be acknowledged as valid by the United states, must be confined to particular ports, each having a force stationed before it, suf ficient to intercept the entry of vessels, and no vessel shall be seized even in attempting lo enter a port so blockaded, till she has been previously warneo away irom mm port, f may be excused from filiating on rules so per fectly established, so consonant to justice and to reason, in writing to a person ol your excellency s knowledge and experience. His Majesty, who does not fail, throueh his mhv istiw. Mr. Oots, to assure the United States of his constant disposition to cultivate relations of friend ship with them, and lo that end to satisfy all their hint reclamations, will certainly be sensible to the vsosem proceedings pi wuk. ii uij lu.rnimcui now complains, and I persuade myself will not hesitate m ordering that tne proclamation oi emoargo issued by - General Morillo, be declared null, ami that the American property which may have been taken under it be immediately restored to its owners. In this confidence I annex hereto a list of the vessels already known lo have been captured. Kencwmg to your excellency assurances of my very aitunguisoea censinrrwTion. Schooner Adeline, of Baltimore, at Carthagena. t nemt's H pe, of R.iltimorr, at Carthagena. Schr. Count, of Baltimore, at Carthagena. Charles Stewart, of New Orleans, at Santa tuartha. Edward Graham, at Sunta Margarita. Ghent, of Norfolk, at Purrto Cavailn. N. B. It n belHred that the cargoes of several of the teasels tins; bean couuiscated a iihout e - ven (be form of trial. Don Pedro feimtj tt Gvvgr W. Erring, Minuter rwwipncauary cj live Unlet Welt. Sm - 4iavAg commtuiicated to tke kiogyour . " . - i ' ar.l .1. - r,A rr nf (he se'l - note oi sue wuiiiuui . h ure of several American vessels in the port of Carthagena, (S. A.) in consequence of tbe woca - ade established on those coasts by general Moru - i itomand of tlieir restitution, bis ma jesty has been pleased to determine thai ioibnna - bon snail oe rvqnesiru wa iiu w. . court of admiralty on this business. I renew to yon the assurances, tc. . . PEDRQ CEVALLOS, October 17, 181C. JExtroctf of letter from Mr. Erring, to the Secretary "J i. sole u,v..a.. , Kv . Le,' No. S3. (of Octo - Avaio, dev. bcr 27) to commuDicale to you the conuauMwm ui nwi wass "v'l "J "'J , - 1 ... I .ilk Mr. Cavallos on various whjects, and by that of October 31, (No. W,) to inform you, that be had been dismissed from his employments, and succeeded in them by Don Jose risarro. , " I herewith submit to you copies of my cor respondence witn tnis new minuter. ,. , - He has not replied to my note of 15th ofOO; tober respecting Mordios blockade procuunauuu, fTZASSHTIOK , . Don hue de Omt to the Secretan) of Stale t,. it;. i.'r.!l.iwv the viceroy of the king' dom of New Grenada, communicates to me, under e .k. a nt e - n,inhr last, that tranauiuly being restored throughout the whole kingdom of santa f e, anu au us provuiKca inlili milnh'i ravernment. the commander in chief, Don Pablo TWorillo, has thought fit to raise the blockade which be had esiaousiiea ua coasts, the causes having ceased which obliged him to impose it : and that in consequence of tins determination, the beforementioned viceroy has been pleased to open the provinces of that king - Inm J n.riL - iilarlv the nort of Carthagena, to ! rammere of the Dowers in amity with hii ma jesty, under the regulations specified in the print ed papers, wnicn i nave mc vf tw u herewith. , I hope, sir, that you will be pleased to bnog this to the knowledge of tbe President, that he may see the disposition of bis majesty to favor the commerce of this republic in every thing that may be compatible with tne security oi ni uouuuiuu,"w tbat comports with his interests. 1 renew my respects, to. and PTy God o preserve you many years LUIS Dfc. U.N15. PhUadelfhia, Oct. 26, 1817. Extract of a letter from Mr. Erring fr the Secretary of State, dated " Madrid, Marrh 10, 1817. ( raocLSMsTioN or morillo.) " On this affair 1 wrote on the 26lh September, 1816, and was answered October 17th, thnt an " informe" should be taken of the adiniraltazgo ; I wrote again on the 25th October, and remain without any answer." JfEW - YOHK EVEXINQ POST. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25. Finding ktlert The Advocate requested as to republish a letter signed E. W. Robinson, re lating to an intrigue respecting the presidency, and we told him we would if he would first prove that it was a genuine letter, and that he came by it fairly. He now says it came to him thro' a most rttpettable channel : but this won't do We should like to know what channel, that we may judge of its respectability for ourselves Mr. Noah has a wonderful knack at finding letters. What would he give for a chance at the pigeon - boles of a post - office ? Publie men Under this title a very pleasant dispute has commenced between the Columbian and Advocate. The former acknowledges that our members of tha legislature were selected " under the influence of impassioned feelings and factious tempers", and says "the great inter ests committed to their care have been sacrificed at the shrine of profligacy", lie. Now be it re membered that this very paper, at the election, recommended the support of these men, in or der to keep out federalists." But when the Columbian is willing to acknowledge bis error and amend it, the Advocate tells him he " may hang up his fiddle." Kulerptan Concert. - Last eveuing a second concert was given at the City - Hotel by the Eu - terpesn Society to a very numerous audience, who testified, by repeated applauses, how much they were gratified. To particularize individu al merits on such an occasion, can hardly fail to appear invidious. Mr. Moran on the forte - piano, Mr. Gen til on the violin, and Mr. Kimellaonthe flute, afforded each specimens of unusual excel lence. Various songs were given in the course of the evening by different amateurs, and with much effect Mrs. Moran was the only female singer who appeared in the room, although a se cond was announced in the bills. This lady. however, fully compensated for the absence of any other. She has a canary - bird voice ; smalt, sweet and melodious. Without the compass or volume of Mrs. Burke, tbe equals her in sweet ness, and, possessing a free and open shake, which that lady entirely wants, she far excels her in science, taste and execution We bear (bat the Logeriau system, of playing the forte - piano, as taught by Mr. Moran, bids fair to become as popular here, as it is in Eng land, where it supercedes every other. The first and second numbers of the Franklin Gazette, published at Philadelphia, have been received, and we cannot but speak in terms of approbation, not only of its materials and work' manship, which are unusually beautiful, but of tha style and matter of the composition. We learn by the pilot - boat Erie, which came up this morning from Sandy - Hook, lint the ship mentioued in our paper yesterday as having run on shore at the Hook, proves to be the Neptune from Jamaica, with two hundred thousand dol lars in specie. Two ferry - boats from Amboy were alongside of her this morning, Since the above was in type we iearn tbat the steam - boat Nautilus, with a number of hands, has gone down to tho assistance of tho Neptune. GOVERNOR'S SPEECH No. 3. Mr. Coleman, Having completed what I had to say on the governor's speech, so far as it concerned imprisonment for debt, I now proceed, agreeably to my promise, to make a fe m remarks on that part, ol it Which concerns tomulte manufaelurti. I am very well aware that there has been a strong popular feeling on these subjects, and i he re lore I sought, at the outset, to strip my re marks of any adventitious importance which they might gain, and lo protect them against any prejudices tc which they might be subject, as the sentiments ol a party. There was hardly any necessity of any dis claiming of party feeling in regard to the first of tlie topics anovementioned but there have al ready been some attempts to make ejnnions con - i cerning the latter the test of patriotism and there will doubtless bo more. Tha is a contrivance as conducive to sound politics, as in quisitorial torture is to religious truth i of there) remarks' Is K hnmWe an - incurs zn To those who woold be disposed to employ itcedon the 17th i.t upon (he Ovtr - AII - it against me, I would beg leave to remark tbat my ss sometimes called, the Middle CbaaoeL a lar - e sentiments on general political subjects aro not BUOY, with a small while flag; noon it, The to be known with gnat prtcisinbj the title of tst a. ark for running in over this bar, , is the the paper in which I write; and that tha writer ,maU clomp of Umbrelu Trees, on Morris's lei - 0 U1UU . 7 r - . - - . :.,! iiu.t hii oiiH.icns. u no wi - .,i t irr n mlinm OU nccouoi vt L,.,Z. n I bee. however, hat it may not bo uisderrfood, from the formaU, tv of this intrednction, mat I wieuu muj ,V. - a: r m. merit nf this very ua - .... t nmmiw. however, to shew Sat the remarks of bis exctdlency isl) l nnslification. It will, I think, rVtherappaar, thoogh this poinl csr - lomiv .haJl not nass. as it has nothing to do witn my main purpom, that those remark, evinc. ra - ther too nany a w. - - - tcw w - vva a - r akiswaa nnrl S7wtaf III C1UI Ut UltJ W - nnilw It behoves our young politicians especially to be careful what part tnty una on ti .;k s. WAminir aaore important ev ery day. and to see that their views extend to tbe whole nation and its permanent interests. We all know the great danger of exciting collisions between different sections of tlus land, now the most peaceful and the most blessed under the " cope of heaven. The consequences of such collision are prejudice and wrath, tne two most dangerous allies of power. Ft is well, therefore, now to look distictly at the fact, tbat the manulaatii ring intcresU of our country (in themselves considered) are nortAeratn'rr - ess, and that the states to which they will pnnct - pally be confined are, or will be, tha weaker part of the union. If this be so, and I think it cannot be doubted when we consider inn state oi soay, of agriculture, and of population, on the northern and middle, and on the southern and western sections of the United States ; it seems necessarily to follow, that the permanent manufacturing interests of the country must be injured by the support of any party whose importance, activity, or extravagance, shall be calculated to excite jealousy, and provoke opposition. This may appear chimerical to those who do not extend their views beyond the gains of momentary speculation, or the reparation of recent loss it may appear intidiout to those whose suspicious temper converts every opponent into an eosmy. Ra this as it mav sober men should be on their guard and it is time that it should be understood that this is not a subject about which a public man can declaim, and hazard loose declarations without implicating his character both as politician and a patriot. There is, and naturally will be, and it b perhaps best that it should bo so, a strong bias on tbe public mind in favor ol domestic manuiac - tuaes. So far as there is what is called " good will" in trade, our own workmen will and ought to be preferred to those abroad. It is a popular and a just sentiment, that we had better owe our debts at home. Dependence upon foreign nations for necessaries has always been odious and the feeling which this dependence excites naturally extends itself to all foreign supplies. From these considerations it appears that the friends of manufactures stand upon the vantage grouud. Let them see well that they do not loose it by want of moderation and a too hasty and confident reliance on their power. If they hope to have the encouragement of manufactures, a part of the leltled policy of the government, let them eommence by reasonable requirements. Such a policy, thoroughly established, cannot well be overturned ; the manufacturers get as it were a vested interest in it ; and it in - twines itself more or less with the property of very numerous classes in society. But this must be brought about gradually, and let me repeat it, moderately, n term in which is couched more wisdom in all concerns of state - policy, than those to whom the " gordian knot' is not " familiar" are apt to imagine. Let us now look at the governor's speech, and see whether the language of it, in relation to this subject, was prudent or proper. But before I begin that, my readers thall be allowed time to breathe, nod if they pleaie to thiak a little about this matter. R. Extract of a letter, received at Charleston, by tne brig Mercury, dated "HAVRE, Dec. 50. . " The actual sales of the fine cottons of your neighborhood are 2f. 45c. a SI. 60c. for shorts, and for tbe sea - islands 3f. 50c a 3f. 75c. ; but the manufacturers purchase but barely sufficient to keep their mills in operation, under an expectation of a decline in the prices. Our market has been bare of rice for some time, and tke first arrivals will not realise more than 50 a 65f. the 50 killograms, equivalent to about 1 10 lbs. English. It is still a question if there will be any reduction on the duties on cotton, this session of the chambers." CONGRESS. IN SENATE February SO. The Senate resumed the consideration of the bill for the relief of Major General Arthur St. Clair, which was read tbe third time and tlie question stated "Shall the bill pass f Mr. Barbour and Mr. Morrill spoke io opposition to the bill, and Mr. King in its support ; when The question on its passage was taken and decided in the affirmative, as follows : YEAS. Messrs. Burritl, Crittenden, Daggett, Fromentin, Gaillard, Goldborough, Hunter, King, Morrow, Noble, Otis, Ruggles, sanford, sioKes, siorer, l ait, 1 albot, I aylor. Van Dyke, Williams of Ten. Wilson 21. NA VS. Messrs. Barbour, Dickers), Eppes, f.acock, Leake, Macon, Morril, Roberts, Smith, Tichenor 10. So the hill was passed, and returned to the nouse oi Representatives. Several biils were read a second time; and Tbe Senate adjourned to Monday. HABTroBD, (Con.) Feb. 24. Crrm Con . - The superior con w in session in this city, has been occupied most of the week pust, in the trial of a cause which has excited great interest It was an action brought oy l.eorge smith, sgainst Knoil eric Lawrence, charging him with having bad criminal conversation with the plaintiff's wife. The investigation was protracted and tedious, occupying the court for several days. The cause was argued with ingenuity and ability, by Nathan Smith and Jona. W - Edwards, for tlie plaintiff, and Roger M. Sherman and Seth P. Staples, for the defendant. Being committed to the jury, they returned, at first, without being able to agree upon a verdict ; but upon further con - sultatkin, brought in a vercict for the plaintiff oiyire uunuana aouai t damages and his cost. SAVANNAH, Feb. 14. From ( Amy We have accounts from Hartford, (Ga.) to the 7th inst. General Gaines was to leave that place on the 8th, with a detachment of mounted men for a tour of 4 dnvs' service, to guard some provisions intended lor Fort Early, on .the Flint river, and to ascertain whether a better road could not be cut than the present one, into tbe natioo. Ao express has reached general Gaines from general Jackson, stating that he would be at Fort Hawkins on the 1 1th inst. with 1500 mounted men, to go against uic iMuiv luuiaas. EDENTON, (N. C.) Feb. 17. On the 8th inst a negro woman with her in fant, belonging to Mr. Joseph C. Benurg, of uiu county, on ner way home from a visit tn ma of her acquaintance in the neighbourhood, was, from thefexcessive coldness of the weather, frozen to death. She was found next dav sitting In the side of a tree, apparently in a proband sleep, and her child lying a few feet from ber. She was a valuable servant, and her loss, nirtimlar. ly in this way, very afflicting to her owner. CHA RLESTONi Feb. 19. Inttretttnp to A'amminri W that Air. Calhmm. IrMnr nf tw 1 ; t i i ,nd. wbkb.BiMt be troagnt w couth, or half Souin, wmco into thn Ship Channel, clear of jtha i j h. Buoy lays la 10 tret water, at low tide, on .VT JZZ .Li 11? tha outer Breaker, and in the middierthJChannd. Incomings, therefore. 1 1 may be passed on either suie. FROMOVll CORRESPOND EXT. ., . , . office of tbe Palladium, 1 Hvrinn. Feb. S3. S . : a n,:. r. - nnnn. achooner Ontario, Morton, 34 days from New - Orleans and 24 from tb D&iiZf. Bioop U01U IJUUU3 ' ' J - 4..eaavawt fat RulirfS SDOKCU f D 1, Tortugas N. 30 miles, ship Emily, Robinson, - m. vrb ls t fmm Havre for bew - Ur - leans Feb. 5, Cap Florida in sight, spoke brig Nancy, Han, lo aays irom w - ui" The brig Alexander, Stanley, in a long passage from St. Petersburg)! for Boston, arrived at A schr. from Martinique for Boston has arrived at Holmes noie. FROM OUR CORRESPOJfDE - fTi Steam - Boat Hotel, Reading & News Room, ) Norfolk, Feb. 19. S Gentlemen The brig Joseph, of Boston, E. Allen master, 27 days from Point Petre, Guid. with 152 hhds of molasses, put in here last even ing in distress. The J. was bound to Boston, but in consequence of straining her butt bolts, and starting a plank under her bow, while laying too in a gale on Sunday last, in lat 36, 33, Ion 72, 30, which caused her to leak to such a degree as to require both pumps at times to keep her free ; was compelled to put in - here for repairs. On Monday last was fallen in with by the schr Rising Sun, Tucker, 17 days from Portland bound to Wilmington, N C, had been blown off On Tuesday the J. made Currituck Sand Hills, and received assistance from a Baltimore pilot boat ; concluded at the same time to put into the Chesapeake, and at night anchored on the Horse - Shoe. Capt. A. is under particutar obligations to capt. Horn and crew of the revenue cutter Jeffersoo, for tbe polite attention paid, and assistance rendered him by them Spoke, Jan. 17, lat 17, SI, Ion 60, 43 brig Tamaabamaan, brant, 17 days from Boston bound to Havana, all well. The vessels reported as left, 23d Jan. are mostly northern and eastern, the names of which I have forwarded to Boston. The brig Octavi - us. Chandler, 17 days from Baltimore, with flour, called off the port 11th January, but net being admitted, sailed same day for Martinico. Cant Allen reoorts it still sicklv at Point Petre, among strangers, not so many cases as heretofore however, terminated fatally. A new. tonnage duty had been levied on all American vessels, equal to 5 livres, or half a Spanish dollar per ton, for all vessels clearing alter the 1st Jan. 1818. Molasses was very scarce and high all over the Islandthe barter price 43 ceuts per gallon. Flour, bread, cheese, lard, candles, soap, manufactured tobacco, oil and glaubler salts, are not admitted into any port in the island, in American vessels. The new Roman Catholic Church at Point Petre was dedicated J an 18th it had been 5 years in building, attended with very great expense. The British brig Shamrock, Marcha, 18 days from Barbados, ballast snd specie has lust arrived reports a brig in the roads from N. .York, and the British brig Vittoria, Twentyman. from Turks Island, aground off Tanner's Creek. I have received by this arrival Antigua papers from my correspondent, to the 29th January, but discover nothing interesting in them. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. City Gazette Office, Charleston, Feb. 18 - Noon. ( Arrived this morning, ship Greyhound, (of New - York.) West, New - Orleans lo nays, tjot - ton to Megralh ft Jones. Tbe Greyhound was bound to Nantz, but on the I tin inst. in a gale, carried away the head of ber fore - mast, and sprung aleak, which increased so badly as to oblige them to bear away for this port. On the 5th inst. in lat 32, 12, Ion 81, spoke an armed ship under American colors, who reported to be the Young Teazer; enquired alter Spanish vessels, and stood after a sail to leeward. On Monday, off Bull's, spoke the Wilmington Revenue Cutter, from a cruize, bound to Wilmington. Below, ship Ceres, Forsyth, fmm Liverpool, with the loss of ber fore top mast ; 1 other ship, 2 schrs. and a sloop. Tbe City Inspector reports tlie death of fifty persons, from the 14th to the 21st day of Feb. of the following diseases, viz : Apoplexy I ; consnmptioo 10 : convulsions 4 ; dropsy in the chest 1 ; dropsy in tlie head 2 ; drowned I ; dyspepsia 1 ; epilepsy 1 ; typhus fever 5; jaundice 1 ; inflammation of tlie chest 1 1 measles 2 ; old age 3 1 palsey 2 ; peripneumoov typhodes 1 ; rheumatism I ; scrofula, or k hit's evil 1 ; sprue I ; still born S ; Sudden death 3 ; unknown 1. GEORGE CUMING, City Inspector. MARRIED, In the island of Curracoa, on tha 34th of Dec. J. N. C. Jutting, esq. to Miss Anna Sebella Sophia Batdeu, only daughter of the late Henry Baaden, esq. Dlr.D, On Tuesday evening. Feb. 34th, Archibald Bruce, M. D. in tbe 4td year of his age. Hit acquirements, integrity, generosity and hospitali ty, bad endeared him to a numerous circle of mends. 1 he relations and friends of the deceased are invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, corner Greenwich and Liberty - streets, on Thursday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, without further invitation. Another Revolutionary Patriot hat'falUn. Died at New - Haven, very suddenly, ca Saturday, the 21st inst. a quarter before 12 o'clock. General David Humphreys. Although for a few weeks past be had not enjoyed bis usual health, he was not considered in very immediate danger; he found himself in the morning quite as weU as he had been for a number of days preceding ; be walked out several times, conversed very ibeer - fully, and was in cheerful conversation, as be lay on the sofa not more than twelve minutes before he expired ; bis company happening to leave the room, no one saw him for the space of three or four minutes, at the esd of which time a visible alteration appeared in his couotenance, and in 8 minutes he had breathed his last without a strug gle. His disorder was an organic affection of heart, and we are iniormed, was tbe first severe illness he ever experienced. trEJWMV POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Zodiac, Aymar, Newry Jon. Ogden Brig Helicon, Barnard. Bordeaux Hicks. Jenkins & Pn Sch Piper, Mallet, Norfoll Mary Ann, Chapman, Baltimore ARRIVED THIS FOREXOOJ. ! Brig Recover, Bumham, 13 day from New Orleans, with tobacco, logwood', tc. to the master, Talman k Torrey, J Scott, J S Cooke, Brown !c Ives, and J S Rmwn P Dr. Tivtnour and Udv, and A. Coc. The sloop a n . . . oarsuiw, oarstow, arrived at tno uaiize Feb. 5. from N York. Sailed in rn hritr Pxmlln Augusta, for Bordeaux. Left, sch Zephyr, Child, for N York 3 days brig Bliss, Baley. fur do. 10. Feb 18, lat 31, long 79, spoke brig Resirn. of Wella. from Turks IcUmt .;.. it,. loss of main top mast, bound to St Marys, aupuuca man wun provisions. eh H, lat 34 90, long 75, spoke sch Fame, of Salem, from . 1 1 . . .naianxaa, oouna to unariesum. Brig Emerald. Rhodes. 8 dart from Rlr - hmo.,! and 3 from tho Capes, with flour and tobacco, to Dakinss & Bootri?hL R UitlMiu. J.k tt tv:i. liams, Walsh & Gallagher, D Be In una Co. C It Duffie, and Strong It Havens. On Friday .vuiug, saw targe lopraii senr asnore to the Westward nf Carta Hanv I J4f . . - i r J ft , - iw WIHUIUT - ed m getting the cargo ashore. Tbe schr Moo - - aa uowa jamas' nver in co. and put into Norfolk. 7 leagues S E of Sanly Irtjk, saw a large white buoy. Sch Margaret, VaiL 5 daj s from Charles ton. with flee hiA cotton, to Vandewater & Wheeler, i Mount, LP De Lure, Calder, MXea and Co. J W Schmidt, and PHSchenck & Co, Left, brig Minerva, Tyler, for N York, 4 days. Schr Bslisle, Baxter, 6 days from Petersburg, with floor, cotton, tobacco, sc. to Robertson ft Kelso, Waish Gallagher, A Davie, and Fitch, Goodwin & Co. Sailed from tho Roads io co. with schr Henry, Denniion, for N York, and a sloop for do. Schr Eliza Figot, Waterman, 18 days from Port au Prince, with coffee, to R F Muller, own - er, W Dawson, D G Gillies, J J Boyd, P Cher - riot, G S Momford, A Stafford, F Varrict tc Son, P Marie, R Taylor, Frichot tc Lachalre, I Moses & Son, P Vail k Co. M Bathurst, I Cowan, TVZ Mumfbrd, Smith & Fountain, J J La - bouise and tha master. Markets very dull Coffee high. Spoke nothing. Passenger, James Anderson. - - Schr Fame, Hopkins, 26 days from Richmond, and 5 from Norfolk, with flour and hemp, u Fitch, Goodwin & Co. Vandewater & Wheeler, Dakings tt Beotright, Strong & Havens, D Be - thune, and Thome Si Hawxhurst. Spoke no - thing. ' ' BELOW, brig Orleans from Richmond, and one ship. CnaniisTOJr, Feb 17. Arrived, British ship Amelia, Lowe, Demarara 26 days. Bremen brig Velemscb, DeWs, Bremen "0 days, and 56 from Coves, where she put in on account of head wind. ' Bremen brigGermania,Havighorst, Bremen 70 days. Brig Hariot, (of Gardiner) Pumngton, AV Thomas 12 days. Sch Louisa, Napier, N York 7 days. Sch John Si Betsey, Thurston. Matanzas 9 days. Was bound to Philadelphia, but put in in 'distress. Markets dull rice, 57 50; sugar, Muscovado, 8 ; coffee, 18 ; molasses, 10 bitts a keg. Jch Betsey, Law ton, N Orleans 18 days. Two shins, one with the loss of her fore topmast, and several other vessels, were to the southward of the bar last evening CHARLESTON, Feb. 19. Arrived Dutch brig Three - Brothers, Ottend 50 days. On Sun - day l ist, saw a br g under jury masts, standing to the southward and eastward. Kiwnit, Feb 21. Arrived on Monday last, ship Garonne, Whiting, of N York, 64 davs from Trieste, and 37 from Gibraltar, Left at Trieste, brigs Planter, Riggs. for Boston, in 2 or 3 weeks t and Pilot, Fraser, of Baltimore, in quarantine, the only American vessel there. Passed Gibraltar, Jan 10th, in the night. Off Cspe St. Vincents, passed an American ship, which shewed a red and white signal. Capt W was off Sandy Hook on Sunday evening, but could not enter the bay on account of the ice. Sch Will;am, Harris, of Boston, IS days from Havana, bound to N York, but on account of the late severe weather, was compelled to put into this port Feb 13th, off Cape Ifatte. ras, spoke sch Six Shepherds, of Orleans, Cape Cod, b days from Baltimore, bound to Charleston. Ship Robinson Potter, Tillinghast, of this port, 91 days from Isle of Fiance, bound to Boston, has been for several days in Boston bay, but owing to the late severe weather, wis compelled to put into this port. THEATRE. On Wednesday Evening, Feb. 25, 1818, will be presented, the pluy of the CONQUEST OF TARANTO: Tbe Evening's Entertainments to conclude with (for the 2d time) the Melo Drama of THE FATHER AND HIS CHILDREN. Col. St Elme, Mr. Pritcbard, Dumont, Robertson Edward Simpson Valentine Barnes THE FOKUAi rj7 Will be opened on Friday evening neat, - tlie 37th instant, at the Assembly Room, City Hotel, when the following question will be discussed r ' Ought the minds of women to be cultivated by the same studies as those of men f " Discussion to commence at 7 precisely. A ticket will admit a lady and gentleman. Tickets to be had at D - Longworth's, Park, and at tha door, at 25 cents each. Ihe surplus proceeds ol the evening are ap propriated to the Society for the relief ol respect able aged indigent t emales. t eb Zj NOTICE. fy The subscriber informs the public that he is no longer connected with C liar lee Weti in the 1 k au4 m.A Kifttrftl A .imr M !wi h.h kiwi considers himself exonerated from all responsi bility whatever, arising from that connextion. , JOHN GRAHAM, feb 25 It l.ieut. late 13th Reg. U. S. Inf. MKUICO - CHILRUICAL SOCIETY. a A Public valedictory Address will be delivered before the Medico - Cbiurgical Society of the University ol the State of New - York, by Jeremiah II. Tickling, of South Carolina, on Thursday the 26th inst. at 7 P - M. feb 25 2t D. L. M. PE1XOTTO, Sec'ry. . frt - Ticket No. 15559, which yesterday drew a prise of 3000 dollars in the Medical Science Lottery, was sold by R, WAITE, Junr. 136 Broadway, where the fortunate holder may obtain the Cash on demand. R. Waite, Jun. has recently sold and paid six prises of one thousaad dollars, and several of 500, 100, &c. - ; feb 25 ' for SA r A ANA H, wia4 The fine fast sailing packet brig LE - VANT, D. Wood, master, is now loading, having half her cargo engaged ; will meet with immediate dispatch For freight or passage apply on board, west siJe Burling - slip, or to TH. BARRON, Feb 25 Iw 135 Front - st For LIVERPOOL, The well known ship NESTOR, Ster - laaKBaili0?. master, has two thirds of ber freight engaged, and half of ber cabin passengers For tlie remainder of freight or passage - apply ou board, or to ' CHARLES HALL, . Feb 25 3t No. 1 Beaver - sL r LINEN3. DIAPERS, fcc. Lb C SU Y DAM, have just received per bng . Pocahontas, from Dublin, and ship T barn as Wilson, from Greenock, for sale oy tbs package 1 J cases 4 - 4 Irish Linens 2 do 7 - 8 do do 6 do 3 - 4 brown Linens and Lawns 2 do do black do " 3 do birds eye Diapers 1 do table do 7 boxes 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings t do 9 - 8 do stoat do 1 do Lon Lawns 7 bales Droghedas & Ducks 5 do Linen Bedticks. .. : Also. A renernl assortment af tha above arti cles, opened for retail sales, at 6 Maiden - lane, on very favorable terms. feb tS tf I slCK. - 46 teirces prime Kice landing from 1rv. from f!h;irtfftnn. and foT saw IV arhr. Mrv - from nhrlMlnn. and fof by GOODHUE At CO. fep 25 44 South - street. 13 A'f - A V. n a - RtLANS. bbls flaxseed and 10 bbls white beaas, for sale by HENDERSON lAIKii?, . Feb 25 81 Pine - et. 1 d uLu Jama ica rum. I l - V nnnrhanu hied nraof old Jamaica Rua wiU b tended this day from sloop Knickerbocker, from Bermuda, east side of Peck - slip, and forsaleby TUCKER & LAURIES, , Feb 25 No. 2S Eoom . - j, G IN 41 bbls. 1st. proof country. fi'. soma new oarreis - jus rereiveo, JALX9UJ B WUULUH' . feb ta rs Wall - street.

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