The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 24, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1818
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iiv.c: e M ' W - . (TV - , A i ! , li . . . .. . j i.Torc.H. u New - York, W - ;i ' 1 J" ntww - cftc'!lor3itofniMHof - lu'1 lli..JI rtiru.c euc? oa, a irw. , , l,jue.ia toe Citv oinewXnttt jjriMc..rf...j of tbe tubsxraber.' ai iwttf fc awters of tl - i! court, oa Friday", thexltoia - etatrf, st 1 1 o'clock. - oa - - - All those four certain bii. ciiaata ia the aUlh ward of tbe city of Sew - Y ork. beioj put of the estate at John 8e trrriudfck, late ef ibe said city, oceeaaMf aw , ntd a certaia map of th Mid as'tte, I ,c by Wi.iam 8rul?e.a Noveabtir,Tl80& ty Mi So. 8 and 9, and letter ( and U Tee ' taid lots, teiro together, in bounded westerly ' to front by liadtoo lUver, aadconteJ.1 twenty a cratfrrewKLlMmwIiM, i epperte - aaace. DatodFeb.6rfc181. Mm9 , :Y . , Materia Caeacery , 1?0T - for particahna, enquire at ton Wat V 0l8ce,.Kn. 3 Ui Baildjags, wteta . l ' premise may oe seen. - .. - - v iVb lewwdte - s t - f - 'it aa - mani e af a decretal order of thk .' Toatiaa Coffee Hooaa, at "tr'S'?'l?Z aliot, at it o'clock ' T?AkmIE B Je hy LVri Baackalv b; Iota No. i bodiwl Md Uleem. i baadrad and riitaaa, ud aut ba - dRdaad atfMtaco, bonded wwtettj bf Bacaad atmC and containing cb. ti teri im braMU, aad oat baodd feet ia riih, ainre "r (ea wiu ihi apMrteaaacca. Dated Teh. &, 1818. P: JAMES A. HAMILTON, - fch 1w4wfcdd ; - To lha WoBormbte the iadCK BM ' aktaat iattRCi of tba coart of y,, ' coamQapieMiyaadidrtbecoM - if - r - ..... yoroii.te - ' MSHoeofJoha U - er, of Oeloweof Go - - , tbe coast nfOraufta - wieclfaUj THAT To Petihooerfa aabed ia fee aiiaple, ' a tenaat U coataMo, tofctbaf with the te vcral partiea bereta altar aaawd. of eight eqaal aedWMed forty eiebtb parU, the wboleiato tortr ciilt hiI partt to be diyidad, 9f iaaadtoall tbatoertaia M, tract piece or parcel of land, Uaata,1jriigaad bekg ia tbe Tillage oi New berrb, ia the aaid coaaly of Orange ; boeoded ea the aortb by tba etreet called the eight rod liil m thj mmf h IK Hadaaa river. M the eonth by had roerlT belongiag te Hiram WeUwaid(r MmeH, adee thiweetby lead foraaerly belongiag to lltooat Coidea I fswrtmtnimjr. mm m miaiiiMir tars Irin of land. - - Aod voarnetitioeet farther tbewetb. that ioba IsauKIUinJj or uw tun h - w'iciuti esiMl a aioreaaid, of fcmr other equal eadivided Ibrtf eighth parte of the tane. ; That saumaah Robiaaocv' at preaeet, jroar Batitioaer is iofonaed sad believe, a resident in that pert of the kiagdnesef Great Britain called England, is alo aui - d as airesaid, of foar other canal aadivided Ibrty aichth parte of the ibm. . That Joaa Steveaa, ot the state of New - Jersey, is alia muted as alomaid, of I we other equal an divided forty eiebtb parts of the same. . i ui rvwen u. uviagttoav ine 011x7 01 Vonuaoia, latbis stale, and Margaret, bu wile, ia lbs right of lha laid Margaret are also seised aaafoWaidefoaa other eqaal aadinded forty eighth part thereof; . . - . - Aod (hat Edward P. IJyinsstoo. of the said coenti of Columbia, aad Elisabeth, hie wife, ia the rixbtofthe said Elisabeth, are alenseuadea alb Maid, of oae other aqaai aadirided forty eitbtli part thereof. ' aad thai Cornelia Uringitoa, of the city of Bevf - York, Peter Van Bragh Uvingston. at pre aeat. as your or tit) eri fiifonaeo and believe. a resideat ia oae part of the kingdom of threat Britaia, aad Peter Kane, of the state af New - Jersey, by Tirree of aa act of the leeiilaitM of the state, veatiiigia them, ai trustees, the estate of Peter Vaa Brugh Livingstoa, deceaaed, are alio seised as aioreaain, or tour other eqoal aadjvMed lorty eiehth parte thereof. And that A lei under RobertiOa, bf the dry of H.B.rnr. Mi. i fUKH. mm mrilm tit th. nMtit ai the aaid r raacea, are aboseiaed at aforesaid, of the reataiaieg tweaty Km r equal aadirided tony ejjMfc parts thereof. ,, - And your Petitioner farther iheweth," that hel desirous to fcse Partjtion madefall and IhguUr the said above described premises, among thv said several own era or proprietors of the ame, accord ng to their several and - wepective rigtib of, in and o the same. VYbereibre your petitioner prays that the said preaiisee may he divided aaoog Km said several owaers ar proprietors, according to their said ssveral aad respectiva ri'iU, by coojaustioaers to be eppointed ny this honorable coart, ia par uancaotbedi - fictioa of lha act. ontitied "Aa act for the partitioa of rands. Aad your peti tioaer, aa ia oaiy ooaoa, sobji ever pray. aic. . JOHS I'UKR. ' ToJoba lUiilierfbrd. Bosaaoah KobiDsoa. John , Ptevent, Robert t Livingstoa aad Margaret 'bhj wiie, Edward P. Livingttoa and Elisabeth his wife, Cornelia Livingstoa, Peter Vaa Bargh L.t ting - ton, reter aaaa, Aieiaaaer nooeraoa and fraoces tus true. . ' Yoe will be pleased to take notice that a Peti Urn en bicb the prerediaK is a copy, will be pre sented to the honorable the Jatfses aad Assisiaat Justices of the Court of Common pleat, ia aad for (be county of Orange, oa the last Monday of May next, to be held at the coart boats ia Go - shea, ia and for toe said county of Orange, at tea o'clock ia the forenoon of that dsy, or aa sooa tberraPer ascnaotel can be heard, aad aa appu cH' will thereupon be made for the appoint' meet of comaittioA'rs to asake Partitioa of the Premises witbJhe appartcnances ia the said Peti' tioa mentioned aad detcribed. accordinc to the prayer of the laid Petition, and the direction of aa act of tne Legitiatare or tne state or nitr - York, enUtled M aa act for the partitioa of bad." Dated January 10, 1818. . v. - johsduer , Alexander Doer, attorney for petitioner. I Fcblg lawtlmMay - ' At n court of chancery held for the tiate - - of New - York, atthecitvof Alhaav.oa " the twenty reveath dsy of Iieiamber, in wear of ear Lord one thousand eight nana re ana veaieen, Hoawrable James Kent, Cbsacel . cellar. . j Gerard Beekman, ' ' " ?J re. " ' J - . . - Imsc B. Cox aad Cara I aeUs, kit. wife, ted the! 1 ' ' ' Globe iaaaranee Cam pa I '. - ' y. ". - . f' IT appearing by afidaviL to the eatiarVtioa of this court, that i - rocem eftabpeeaa to appear aad anterer n the above caste, bath been refw - lariy iitaad agauwt toe above Banted dc lead ante, I - aac B Cox aad Cornelia, bit wife, aad the Glone lntaraace Company, but that tbe said de - fendiiit, Isaac B. Cox. could not, a poo dihgeet search aadeaquiryt made intermediate the Urte aud rftaraoftoesaid - aopama, be foued withia thit stole, to be served On rewjth. And it farther apprarinx by the said affidavit, that he said de - ' fend ul, l,aac 8. Cox, it now withia the United States, either ia the (Uteof Eestackv oria IK. ste of iriua a asotioa of David Codwise, EMutre, solicitor for the cnmplaiaaat, it is ordered that be saidderendaBt, Isaac B. Cox. do - can rut appearance toi catered and bis answer to be tied ia this caase. within ft, - tnih. from the dal of this order, or ia devaait thereof vm ina 1 amp - awaoi s nip ol caipKmt he takea prn - roaw - i - o agauwt bim AaH rt it further ordered. at a ropy of thit ord - r bo rmh - luoed w - hin twenty dnyi from 'the date of thit onie laoaeor more of the penhe aewtpspert priatedia Onset ate, tor eight weeks eacccsaive - V, wacss teats u every week. - - A Copy, v , decSllswBw Ateiataai legitter. axH'T1NG ROOV1 TO I.KT. A PLE A? A NT Conariar Room a Htt lower wwr - t - um. - fan ia 1 aO of ' i - ,7 Cir' - . i oi i ,1 ALL'..? A I . 1 . a I I - mm a a . s I m a rw aa - - ' - " - - - - - nruxl thRf d:vi i ,a of lutlr t - . . a U. ' . . . .u Li.M - t mt Cittl - in in i .bc:tmiim wm, v ioei, taw v.iwxi Caatra;tdaMlSJk 1818.,.. lab IS Iaw3r eitVMarjat. 1 WatteadattbaaAc ih. Mjnb ara of the aaid iaaoivaai, aeder the act eautiea m i T hJiUiivm. No. I. affice Wo. 3. ?7.l.Tu. w .uimLn Uiecitr of Mev - Tork. tcaacertaia aaa asaoiiD tiVU - ctitely. oa tU lwrty fAb day o. k. . at tbaaaUtaofaaid inaolveat wtU KUu hv tb tubicriber, at tb place afora aid. aad betweea tn boar above aMaUoned, oa th tawat Alb day of Maj next. Nawfork, - w n n Lm mm nn fcbSlaw&a . v Aaficaee, ate. - - gtreaMry Departateat, 1 1th Jane. tblT. ftjr NOTICE is hereby given, that at a meet tag of bte Coatmistiooert of the Sinking read, Said oa the 14th day of March. 1817. it waa de - terca aed that the provisions of the act entitled Aa act to provMle lor tba redetaptioa of the abiic debt, passed ea the 3d day of March, 817. should be carried into aflect as far as tb 1 bsicm do pracocaMe 1 aaa ut. hi pwr of the teid reeohittoa. Lvwda CatUncaih - of the office of discount aad deposit at New York, has been appointed scent, ander the sa - periateodanee of the secretary of the treasury, to sea parcnases or hoc a 01 ine uniiea states witbia the baits prescribed by law : aad to whom jperioes desirous of diipotuog of their stock wiu asake applicatioa i WILLIAM H.CRAWFORD, !. - 't, Secretary xif IhaTreasory. ; ; , Office of Discoaot and Deposit, . New - York. June l, 1817. . a Information iihere.Dv aiven. that ia par' auaaamkeah mTmt i.Ymm - - - - BmtiAml eaawl aailKiu aar tV. awaawaaav - B aesej aa&xoaaiiH asvrvaam) chm aaajaasvaiujauia; taberriber is ready to receive proposals and to treat wiui aey pertoa lor tne pu rebate of r unded DeM of the Called 8tates within the limits pre - sennea oy uia act too re reierrea to. . ... . 1 . . .. - unub CAii - stvaeuer. Je 17 dUl Jklawtf IN CHANCERY. . Joka B. Marray, i va , 8teta of New - York, a James T. Watson. IN parsoaaoe efadeeretal rderofthis bo eooreble ooort. made ia the above caste, will be sold at peblie aaetion, at tba Toatine Coffee Hotne. ia the erty of New - York, aadertbedl reatioa ef the sabasriber, aa ana of the matters this enart. aa Tacsdsy the aaeoad dsy of Sep - temaer aest, at twelve ereloek at aoou, all that tract of land pining on the town of Lowville, aad lying in the eonaty or uewit, ia the state aiora - saio. being part or great lot Ho. A or Ataeomb'i pa rent te, aaa comprises all the lots known oa 1 aertala plea or map made by David B ronton and u. wnite. tatae year I sos. rroja No. in to 34t iaelusive, eoatainlng together ISflM a - ret of land, with tae anenrtenanees thereto belong iesor any wise appertaining;. Dated Jane 30, air. (Copy) JAMES A HAMILTON, JySl lawAwdtds faster ia Chsaeiiiy, The sale of the above property is postponed to the first day of Mav next at tba same boar sad place, uaiedjantz, 1518. . J AmtS A. IlAnllLi 1U.V, Jan 14 law tMy I Matter in Chancery 13 Y order of Alexandei bbeldon. Esquire, first aj ladge or the coart 01 coaamia pleat in and for the coaaty of Montgomery, notice ia hereby tivea to Nkboiaa Berdine, now ot late of Charts - too, in aaid coaaty. aa abscoadinc debtor. Alio all others wham it mav concern, that on tnrKcatioe and dae proof made to him the said Alexander Sheldon, pereeaat to the directions of the act of me leguiaiore 01 inetiaie 01 m i era. enuiiea aa act for relief traiott absconding and absent debtors. passed March 31st, I8O1. be hath di rected all the estate real and personal, within the coewty or Montgomery, or the said Nicholas ser - IHU - . W UV WIBil , UM uiat tui - cw III I HUU hii;iiu laa Berdine do return and discharge his debts withia three months after this notice of such sei tare, all bis estate will be sold for the payment ana 01 dii dents. MARCUS T. REYNOLDS, Attorney. de5!aw3m For attachiag creditor, IN CHANCERY John Woods aad Robert Warden, bx'rsor James Woods, deceased r at, I John Bay. 9 State tf - Vn - FrA, as. 11 pursoanceof aa order of this honorable court, oade ia tbe above caase, will be sold at pub lic auction, at the Toatine Ceflee House, in the city of New - York, oa tbe 23d dsy of March Beat, at I z o'clock st anon, ander tbe directi jc of the aabacriher, all that certain messaage or dwelKrw house aod tot ef ground, situate 10 the town of Cuverack, ia the county of Columbia aad state of New - York; bounded southerly by land eow or late of Jeremiah Fonda, westerly by tba road leading to the city of I ludtoa, northerly by land now or late of William H. Ludlow, and easterly by lead bow or late of Antbonv Ten Beneca; containing ta the whole fifteen acres ; togetner with tbe hereditaments and appurtonaa ces to tbe tame beloacina or aDmrtainioa. Da tod Feb. 11, 1818. J HUM AS BOLTQIS, ' ' fcb 11 lawtdt ' Master ia Chancery. . POLICE OFFICE!. . Notice. AM persoas iatarested in. or claiming property, which remaiat anciaimed in tba Police Office. oa the afthdatro Jaauar 1818. are requested to make proof before the tutti day of February next, as the same will aflerwardt be told aad tbe proceeds paid into tne city 1 reas - ary acco - dinc to law. 4AML8 WAKIILH,! JAMES tlOfSON, Special J asticei. - JOS14HHEDDEN.S - Tbe other Printers for the Corporation will in sert tbe above in their respective papers once a week for six weeks, oa account or the Corpora - tioa. . j aaa lawow V n the tVfrearo Aew - f or. P7ERAH HAWLtY Phrtkiaa and Dentist mZi - would inform tbe inhabitant! of New - York, that he has taken aa enV e at "io. 321 Pearl - street, where be wilT extract, clean, Jilt, fit ani eet t teth in the mott approved manner. He will also prevent aay irregularity of tba aecnadary tenth, if applicatioa is made to bim ia season. He flatters himself imm the experience he bas nadia bit preietttoa, that be abail be able to give general aausiacuea. . - For character the public are referred to Mr. ueo. r, Obipmso, mercnanr, no. tu Boutn - tcreet r. . . 1. 1 ma - mmm n i . aaa aocwr awevct, (Kn - tuTcu . ' Wimm it - mn - vML 4 fJTnis certifies, that Dr. 2erab TTamley is i reg uhr bred pfayticiaa, aad ia good atandtog errth his brethren m thistdaoe 1 that be has paid particular attrntioa to tbe art of Dentittry, has stadied tne best Laropeaa wot as oa tne su eject, aad bas gi vea very good satisfaction ia this branch to bis cBttomort. woo are per - ocs or inaarnre aectahilitv ia this city, wo therefore, with en bre coaaaVnea, recommead Dr. Haw ley to the r it Liens of new lore, as a aeatist. iineas Muntoa . 1 ui Ives Nthaa Smith ' I Jonathna Kairht. Prufetwrt of toe Medical lattitulioe of Yale Cd - . - ICoUega. New Haea, Jaa 22, lM8j ' feb3 3w . - v f Miwdsy aext toe 23d fottaat. at the Mer - W chaat's Hotel, in - - " a mM 7.0Tr l Senfi; a large quantity of W toes mmr VJIIACI R, . . " A, - ,he aumemas artidee of elesani bouta - hold ferniture runtained ia thr mmxA )u ul f tmmmmml. jfff rooking glasset, tabtoa, chairs, bads, bed - Alto, after the wV - of far - rirure, the onexprred term In tbe leaae of th - d hntL K.n years fi - 'im the first of M next, will hi s - iid 1 L.. f .1. . . r . A um vi taw jucrtsaau iimcu tea IB rJf?r? rHXTTTQ nAZCa8Tr.0r&F77C,A ElXS - Acall Cftery era s L.:G AUR3 lately from London, 17 tote, hair trig - rera, anade by '1 ooca a - ora adoreseei tba pabfic, ttas Cmib for paK favors, aadooce mo.w yeatarea lo reco - fi - sead bis strep as one f the aseat ceaifort - "intr contrivances that aver blest the cbia of maav lie will .Detract aay aaltehariag gentle maa ia the ase af if, and when oace pottrned of the secret aad a box of wmpoatuoa, a asay say wiUitha peat of aatore, " To shave to sleep perch nee to drtsm while to the operation aod who wool! bear tlu twtakt aod sett of bar - bar base 1 .who would groat and sweat ander a loathome beard, ot a dull rasor nsa, when be might bisauiatumaka with a simple Ssuuder't strop. Coma then' to his manufactory at the corner ef Reed - street and Broadway, and there yaw will Bad the labscriber always ready to ra - eeiv the commaaus of his customers. - ROOMS k BOARD A lady withes to ob taia aafernitbed Rooms and Board, ia 1 pleasant sitaatioa, ia a genteel private family, or see wbere Uiere are but lew boarders. A note addressed to B. E. at this office will meet atten fob 18 lw . . - : - " . Bymulhoritfof the ialf f Jev - Jertey and , . - Yea - . J'orfc. rTHE MILFORD ft OWEGO ROAD LOT X TERY. for lactlitatins the intercourse be tween the weitera parts of the State ol New - 1 or ana the uity or new - iork, through the oiates or rennryivsnia an i mew - icrsey. . . 1 prise of 70,000 DOLLARS 1 . 35,000 DOLLARS 10.000 DOLLARS t 5,000 DOLLARS ' 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 V 500 DOi.LAKS - . 140 . 100 DOLLARS ;3t00 30 DOLLARS ' . 338d Prixesnot two Blanks to a Prise 10,000 Tickets Part of the Priiet will be determined at follows First 1000 Blanks, Thirty Dollars each. r irtt drawn no. 1st day, win be entitled to . JAW" do 3d do 500 do 3d do 1000 ,do 4tb do 500 do 6th do 5000 do ' 6th , do 500 do 7th do 10000 do ,8th do 500 do 9th do 1000 do 10th do 500 do . 11th do 35000 do l?th - do .600 do 13th do 1000 do 14th do . 500 do 15th do 70000 do 16th do 500 do 17th do 1000 do 18th do 500 do 19th do 1000 do 20th do 500 Thit Lottery will commence drawint at the city of Jersey, on the first Tuesday ia May aest, sod will be completed in twenty drawings. The prises will be paid at the Union Bank, in the ci ty of New York, sixty days, after tbe drawing will be finished, subject to a deduction of 15 per ceuu . CHAS. Kl.NSEY.) D. STUART, Commissioners JNO. LINN. ) Ticket 30 dollars each. Adveoturert and Dealers can be itinplied 00 application to laAAC G. OGUfc.V, j an si eodtr 48 wall - ttreet 4 YOUNG man, a native of France, wiahet A. for aiiluatioa at astittant 10 an academy in tbecity, cr prvatetutor ina retpectable family in the vicinity. He teaches the French, Latin and ureek languages, tbe mathematics and musk, and speaks Englith. The most latiifactory r - twixnceRaa locuaracuir ana auniuetcsn we Jl vea. Applicatioa to be made to MR - BANCEL, febCeodSw No. 62 Provost - street. BLOOMF1KLD b MAZER'S PA TEXT. THE public are invited to call at No. 38 Maiden - lane, and examine an open stove just constructed by the subscribers, after A model imported from Amsterdam, with improvements of their own, and now for the first time made to the United Mates. This patent combines all the conveniences aod comforts of an open fire place, with all the advantages of a close stove t afford - inr the cheap beat of the latter and at the same time tbe handsome and pleasant appearance of the former. For bed chambers they are unpa ralleUed by any invention yet teen in this coun try. BLOOM FIELD AiFRAZER. Feb 12 tf A Law ia relation to the imprisonment of ilave, patted the loth (ebruary, loio. nE it ordained be the mavor. aldermen and IJ commonalty of the city of New - York, ia common council convened, 1 hat ia an cases where tlsves, at tbe inttance of their matters or others, are committed to Bridewell by the police magistrates for running away.or lor otner misbehaviour, the said magistrate! - thai! first demand and receive ntteen dollars irom tbe person ma nias application for aocb commitment, and that tbe said sum be placed to the credit of tbe corpo ration dv the clerk or tbe police office, in order that they may be indemnified for the expeaces of iuchsiave while in Bridewell, at tbe rate 01 twen ty - bve cent per day, And be it further ordained. That in case any toctufave, so committed, shall be discharged be fore tne expiration 01 sixty days, tbea tbe person to paying ue saia . wieea ooiiars snail receive from tne said clerk such balance as may exist in bis or her faror, after deducting the board of each slave at tbe aibresaid rate of twenty to e cents per day. And belt further ordained, that the said ma gistrutes, whea committing a itae for tbe reason tod in tbe manner aforesaid, tball also take from tbe person making application for such com' mitmeot a bond, with security, il ia their opin ion requisite, whereby such persoo ahall be bound to pay tbe sum of twenty five cents per day for every day loch slave shall remain ia Bridewell, alter toe expiration of tbe first sixty days : provided, however, that the penalty of the laid bond shall not exceed one hundred dol tan. By the coauBoo council. J. MORTON, Clk. Feb 19 1w - 1SOTICE. A LL persons indebUd to the estate of Rnggles x Je Hubbard, esquire, late shenaof the city and county of New - York, es $kenff, are requested to make payment to Jama L. Bell, esquire, present sheriff of tbe city and County of New - York, on or before tbe first day of May Bxt or after that period the bills remaining un paid will be out ia suit. . CATHERINE hOaID, Feb II xawtlMay Administratrix. Q BVILDUm LuT AND FARM. For tale, tbe valuable lot oa the north Wi - tt comer of Hudson and Laight - itreets, 25 by 100 wet, oeinr one of tbe mott desirable titua tiooi in Hudtoa - street, looking directly oa the square, aaa naving a aoainera eipoturt. - ALSO. A FARM of 74 acret on the North or Hudson River, in the town of Greensburgh, Westchester county, about zu atiiee irom this city, aow in tlie occupation of Mr. George yiiller, and near r!.s seat Ot W m. Edgar, Esq. Oa the premises are a laige dVelling bouse, containing 7 rooms, besides tenant bed moms, larce cellar and cellar kitch en," 'milk room. Ale. mm old orchard, aad one of touhk apple trees. 01 the best trailed fruit. urge bare, carriage house, fowl do. imoke do. rora cribs, iheda, kc Tbe ntute con wands one of the fiiwtt views no tbe river, aatfis a very desirable irtaatiofl. 7 "bete ere two lasdings at snort di - tonces, ims which hoati ply rexularlv te this City Jf not sold by the 1st of April, will then be rented for the ensuing year 1 be price aad terms for the above property will ha made woithlbe cmkieraUoa of those in lind tepur - ca - tie appiy - o . . .v. r:., feblta4r . YH Peari - etrttt, mi Beckwiih, lndeewM.A RiiBe Gun with Sword bayonet. ' Also, two ttesen nabogany unair irsmes, aewitt London pelterat, to b seen at - - . - - . r LAW at BUI IXR, - - febW"' v: "'127 Broadway. - MUTTON YARN. The COMMISSION 1'AUDIRIV liD DuJ Uaul a.a..A u - .m Tat VUiU rrtlw V a W MiriUCTti wvv nva ivi sale, most Nos. of Cottoa Yarn, from Ho. 4 1 aa jea p ROB ROY. KIRK k ME&CE1N have just received and put to press, Rob Roy, a novel, by tbe author of Waverly, Gey Mannenng, Tales of my Landlord, c. c. - ieo WHLATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. TlbE long aad successful use of tiii ointment is a sufficient recommendation, as it bas been found to be a pleasant, safe aod certain remedy for that dis agreeable ditease ia all ill tta - es. i ivr aaie in uk cut ui new - - j I. A b Vf. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; I. s. 2. r t ... r lu v k ft T. C ark. No. - 85 Ma idea - Lane t H. II Schieffflint Co. No. 193 Pearl - street 1 Law rence At Keete. No. 195 Pearl - street t Hsll Bowne, 148 Pearl street ; R. It L. Murray, 313 Pearl - street 1 J M. Bradhurst, 314 Pearl it reel ; John Penford, No 4 Fletrber - ttreet Duryee it foe. in Pearl - street: Jba C. Momson, lc Greenwich street; J oi.n P. Fither, 100 Broad war 1 Walter Si Seaman, corner of Chambcr - st. and Broadway, and alto in Chatham - street 1 and in snort it may be procured at mott 01 ine unit btores in thit city Alio in PliiladetJiia, of 8. Witherell A Sont Georce Hsnell . M.nh It Ro Kers, aad almost ad the druggitts ia the principal towns is me united mates. . LIKKWI4B. WHEATONS JAUNDICE BITTER? msy be bad at the above plates. jan 2r 6m TANNr.RY FOR SALE. riO be sold at public auction, oa Wedneiday, X the lBtli day of February next, ia the area of the Exi hange Coffee Hnote, ta the town ot Uotton, at IS oxlor.k at noon, . All the real estate belonging to tbe Hampihice Leather Manufactory, situate in the loan ol urioumpton, in ine suie 01 .Tiawaiouteiu. The estate will be told in four lots, via t Lot No. 1, containing about 31 acaes of land, near the centre of the town ot' Northampton, on which is erected alt those extensive and value ble buildings, lately occupied y tbe corporation for tanning of leader, with a'.out 300 vats, torn of which are very large end part of them under cover, in which feather may lie bandied during the winter 1 it is presumed there is not in the state to extensive and valuable an establishment for carrying on tbe tanning butinrst at tbia. - - A particular description of the boildiugs and privileges would take up too much room for an advertisement. , Lot No, I contain! about 3 acres, situate on tbe north side ol the county road, directly opposite to lot No. 1, on which are two dwellinc houses, with convenient out buildings, is 00 high (round, and considered a very delightful situation. ' Lot No 3, containing about four acres of land, situate on the easterly tide of Mill River, about twomilei from the meeting bouse in Northampton, with a valuable mill privilege and building thereon. Lot No. 4 contains about one acre of land, 00 which is erected a hark mill and bark shed, situate near Edward's tamn, about 6 milei from Northampton, oa the Altrnny road. Any rtoo having an inclination to purchase all or any part of the loregoing property, are invited to examine it The corporation pledge thuntelves to sell to tbe highest bidder, being determined to close their cone eras. Any in'orma - tion retprcting the e.tatet may he obtained on application to JOSIAH DWIi.HT, Esquire, at iNorthamptoo, or EBENF.ZF.R FRANCIS, jan 14 liwttanivet. Burton ' SEW BOOKS RECENTLY jpuMiihed aod lor sale by KIRK At MERCEl.V 22Wall - - treet. a oiirrative of tbe Pretident'aTour, made during the tummer of 1817, through th n'rth - estera and south, western departments of tbe union, Itc . c. 1 Lord Ambertt't Lm batty to China , the Memoirs 01 Claadiut Buchanan ; Mandeville, a novel, by Wm. Godwin 1 Letters from the Cape of uood Hope, being a reply to Dr. Warden's Letters ; Knight of St John, by Miss Porter ; Binglty's u - etui Knowledge ? uoxe on r run 1 rees, wiui 200 engravings ; Purity of Heart, or woman at the should be, a novel, by an old wife of twenty years. leu o APARTMENTS WANTKD. A SINGLE gentleman withes to rent, in or near Brotd way. any where betweea Cham ber - it. and tlie Battery, m a genteel private family, a Bed Room and Parlour, without board; furnished roome would be preferred. The quiet and aeatueti of tlie house, as well as tlie retpec tahihty of toe occupants, are particularly required. A liae directed to J. C left at toil effice, mentioning terms and utuaUon, will he duly at tended to. Jan 28 1m NEEDLEb BY RETAIL. HE tubicriber, in addition to hit former extensive variety, hat juct opened an a tort 1 mrnt of Needles, of a superior Quality, which he has juvt received from an eminent Needle Manu - laciurer in tneiaaa. on wnat wnicn enanies mm to warrant them to kit customers, coniiitina: of Fupernoe gold eyed needles 1 ImDerial cmeeni' Sharps, ! Imperial silver eyed between! J assorted from Imperial silver eyed bloats f No. 1 to 12. Imperial darners and 1 Mackinsie's saddler blunts. J No pains will be spared by the tubicriber to keep at all times as complete aa assortment of ine aoore aracies as any 10 ine ciiy, ana di - customers may be assured that none but bett needle! will be kept by bim. Also, an atKirtmeat of rich clasps lor ridicules. a. sail i n rn,a..n nsa, Succceiior to Mr. N. Smith. At bii wholesale and retail perfume manufac tory, iign of tbe uokien nose, no. mh eroao way tcDx u BUSBY'S fATCBT n - AVIGABLB AAVT BOATI, AID VLOATIBO TlbK MtL4 THE Naviguble Raft - Boat is shaped like tbe common borse - boat t is formed of a casine of squared pine timber, pitched and filled in solid witb round logs, un - tnpprd or oars l tbe whole filed toeether with live - oak pint, and iron tolls at the urks. It it propelled dv a water Wheel with uangAf bucketi, epWaftag tnf Aim a gutter er raouay, as in mills. I be cost is one fourth oftbatol ordinary horse - boats, including an tbe machinery. There rs a great auriare 01 deck, which may be covered with irama work, to receive passengers and freight and only half the lumber of horses used oa board boats of equal dimensions, are necessary to carry this rapidly throoch tie water. Tbe Navigable tun - bom is instantaneously trantlonned into a potveriuii tide mill, by cast ine anchor, and affiiina a moveable hopper mouth or flare, to each end of the raceway, and may be profitably employed in tbat capacity, when not in ase as a conveyance.' Persons desirous of adopting this invention, which it peculiarly fitted to all tbe American waters, are invited to view a model, at tbe oflke 01 C. A. BUSBY, Architect and Engineer, 2 Law Buildings, Nassau - street, uew - iork. r. 3 A ivavigaiiie nan - Doai may oe duip complete in a mouth, including all the mtchinen OCT The ditorof the Boston Pallediam. Albany Argus, Philadelphia Freeman's Journal and Democratic Press, Baltimore Gazette, Charleston Courier, and Ktchavod I oquintr, are re quested to insert the above twice a wetk for one month, and forward their acruunta to tbe adverti ser. fcb 13tf NEW MUSIC. 1UST published by WM. DUBOIS, at his tl piano forte aad musk store. No. 128 Broadway, Brabam's celebrated Polacca, arranged as a Rondo, by Stei belt Favorite Venetian Air, arranged as a rondo, by I .at our Paddy O'Carroll, with variations for the pisao forte, by P. K. Moras. PONGS. O softly sleep my Baby Boy - Tbe Last Tok - n. orveuiemher me. Aito, all Mr. Philippe' Songs to be hid at a - bore . . feb 17 v ris) ' PC3T COACn LW2 roa TIIIIADImA . s ml WAX Of rowijw - - . A r.V UPOETABT TO rAaaKBOKaJ. No cornertioB with Oje post cbaise nne. PARTNERSHIP gVfi? ANEW Line of Pott Coaches witn every co - ,nwv for nataeneere and banage, on Springs 1'H ROUGH IN ONE DAY. Tk. Pntt Coach will stort from the Coach of fice, old No. 1 Courtlaad - street, N. York, every morning, bund ay 1 excepted, at 1 - 2 patio o'clock, hat . Af rw AtaTOi r VW . raeaaay. rirnna WlLaa 1 too, Trenton aod Britiol, and arrive at Philadelphia the tame evening. . TA. Slnm Heat Line INDUSTRY. Will tort r - ii. Nrw.Tork everv morninx (Sua dayi excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat rVnm the nnrth side of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, aad arrive in Philadelphia nutdaytodme . United States Mail Coach, with a guard, witb every convenience for passengers and Imggage, oa iiruni Tbe U. 8. mat! coach will start from the coacb office, old No. 1 Courtlandt - street, New York, every day at t o'clock, P. M. and arrive n.ux...u.r. - .rlniittvH. r For seats in thr above named Lines, apply to THOS, WHITFIELD, at tbe old ettai mnea rv.. - h Htmr and Steam Boat office, at the old No. I t'ourtlandt - stieet, tbe second office from Broadway, New - York; to IHAAIl; BRuy.11, n I WA - hinrton - itrettlortO A. T. GOOD RICH & CO. No - 124 Broadway, corner of O iiwl Naw.Ynrk. ffr - AII nwd and baRfrsge at the ritkof tlie oWWir. JOSKPH LVON, SONS It CO. N. B Expresses tent to any part of the Con THOMAS WHITFIELD. J " - U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A GUARD. ft7 The public are enured toat this line it equal to any in the U. & for the convenience and cumfort ol the traveller. With the addition of thr guard, Uie passenger may resj secure at to nis baggage and person! saiety toe coach never being left whilst changing at the post offices, without a person on tbe box. 1 be wbt mail is put io separate bags and changed in the Euro pean style. Tbe U S. Msil Coach will start from tbe coacb office, old No. .1 Courtland - tt.eet. New - tor a every day at z o'clock r. M. and arrive at fuiindeipiiuneitmominc at 0 o'clock t oulyo passenger admitted in this coacb. For seats apply to THOS. WHITFDLD, at the old Coach and Stage Oflke, old No 1, second office from Broadway ia Courtlandt - ttreel, or to A. 1. UUUUKIIH & Co. INo. 124 Broadway, comer of Cedar - street, New - York. N. B. All roods and biejrace at the ruk of the owners. J. LYON It SONS, Powles Hook. WILLIAM GULICK a: CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Kspr isei teat to any part ol the Continent by jan M) I nils. WHI I r ir.LU. "1 IT ANTE!). A white girl about 16 years V y or age, to attend on a Udy and one child. One who can bring recommendation sausiiictory as 10 oerainposuion, nearness, uc . mav hear of a good and permanent place, by applying immediately at No. 64 Green wich - at. jan 2d 7 OR SALE, for a ttna of years, a - healthy, i active and very capable nerro wench - will be disposed of cheap, ar it b her own de sireEnquire at No. 23 North Moora - street. Feb 2 tf MUSIC. ALL tbe Songs, Duetts, as lung by Mr. Pbi - lippt at the New - York Theatre, for isle at War. DUBOIS Piano Forte and Music Store, No. 126 Bsoodway. Behold in his soft expretsiva face Tho love is warm awhile Tia but fancy's iketcb Ii there a heart toat never loyd In vain mav that bosom lost quite deplore - My early day what joys was thine Love's young dream This blooming rose at early dawa - Robia Adair Beautiful Maid Let ame sound the trumpet - '. Had I a heart . Evtteen't Bower Dear maid I love thee Ab tare a pain was sever teen Said a smile to a tear Sigh not for love My heart with love is beating The celebrated serenade of" Lilla come down Bird Duett f tn me Flora's wreath. With a large assortment of new music dec 24 ALPINE SOAP. (tr The subscribers offer the g, ntlemen of this city their Alpine Soap. which only needs a trial to prove its excellent Qualities, ia renderinc tne operatioa of shaving eaty , it is postes - ed with many good and useful qualities t it softens the beard, prevents chopping, aad gives that cora - 10 n and pleating laut - lactioa ia shaving at not to fail to recommead it to renrral ate and to merit tbe approbation of a generous public. Tbe subscribers do not wish to enter into a long detail of this valuable soap, but they submit it to judges of genuine soaps. Just received, aa atortmnt of the celebrated patent Penetrating Hair Brashes, fancy articles, ate N. SMITH DA VIES A CO. 136 Broadway, nearly opposite Citv Hotel Who alwsyt keep ai srenerai and as rood aa at sortment of arhclei in their line at any itore in toil citv. S B Please to observe that all tbe articles made by N. Smith Daviet A Co. will have their same on 10 eoprerplate or type. feb 7 I H.I.: M t.'nv. I., .11.. .ot .. - st. corner of Foltoo - s'reat, New - York, hav ing received a large supply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Dsy It Martin, 97 High Hoi bora, London, oners tne same, is wnoietaie or retail, for exportation, or borne consumption, on terms tbe most liberal and advantageous to pur cha - ers. - - - " This inestimable competition, with half tbe u ual labor, producet a most brilliant jet blatk fully equal to the highest japan varnish ; aflbrd - pecaliar noorvhmeot to tbe leather : It will not toil tbe finest linen ; it .perfectly free from any unpleasant imeU 1 and will retasa ibj virtues anv climate. At aa Incontrovertible proof of the saperVw excellence 01 inn nivamjr, it nsa itood tne tost and commanded the most rxtrn - ive tale in all quartan of the globe, for upwards of butt's can lary. ... j - b 8 A t Imalj'Tt tal li a si I A dliAinicj; piblic know iaw to dlitlagrdtk . J ftirwt viuga uioi tuner. ... DOCTOR HORN15, toraerre of the city of London, and . number of toe faculty of physio aad surgery there, deems it his da. ty to repeat some oote - ration, r . the abuse of MERCURY. , a rash, indiscriminate, and naqoih. Bed uie toercot, has been prndae. tire of infinite mischief. TkA. saads are annually mercurialised out of exist, ence. Tbe disease we have ia view owes its fa. results chiefly to this source. M What a pity roar a young man, ine 00 pet 01 nit country, aid the darling of nil parents, should be anatebed a. way irom an me protpecu ana enjoyments of Ufa by toe consequences of one anguarded mo meet, and by a disease not in its own oature fatal, and which ony proves so irom negieci or improper treatment." A rentlemar. flate I)r Hi. ... tieot) now perfectly hearty and well, bad beea under hysicians of geneial practice, six years Vl. (i. yaj gefiiieisan 01 uiis cuy mi bones were carious, and his flesh dronnine: Iron th. . 1 1 1 1 - - . 1 - ' . . . bit friendi declared be could not possibly lurvirl two monOis longer. Thousand! experimental, ' know wito what ease and safety Dr. H. eradi - ' cates the severeit cases, and confirms the constitution. Tbe Doctor's plan (advertising) u a, cessary to guard the public against the abuse af J, .UU UUKI HW WI - MUU - , UC1(J "TUl. I - V Persons, therefore, having contracted a pri. vate disorder, or suspecting latent poison, art admooiahed not to tamper with their cobs tin - tion, or conceal the disorder, till past receve ry t others having the remains of an' old esse ' or other impurities of the blood, as well . er complaints of a delicate nature, in eithtr sex. mould remember posterity, and do junk to Dr. H. at hit old and retpectable eitab. - hment. No. 64 Water - itreeL four hnnu. . of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt asintanct a - loire lULiiaim w ijivtcu, uiaciuaure. And bera let me claim your lerioui attention ReaMmher superficial cure is no cure at all ; unless the be. nets is radically done, you will certainly have the ditorder bneakvout again with redoubled ma lignity, at some future period ; perhaps thee will be too late for remedy. Duet you often meet ia the streets miserable, mutilated beingi, without even a bit of uose oa their face Take waniiu beseech you. ur. u i. cnaracter tor tmn and irubboro iuts - rartice forveani nasL exclusive v tn . diseases of the blood lyitem. they may safely calculate on Uie most decided advantages incoa. tutting Dr. II. 6 mcoa - Gleets eradicated in tws or three weeki Strictures removed without bougies or any otb - ' er instrument ; and all debilities 1 likewise all old ulcerations, fistula's ate. . A plurality of offices are prorided, and so sits - ated Uiat patients are not exposed toeach other't observation. Open till half past 9 in tbe evetunr. All pel sons concerned are invited to be free u tailing, and speaking witb Dr. II. whrcti is irte of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the expression of gratitude for innumerable recommendation 1. and for the decided preference (it ia presumed with jutt cause) Ions eiven him h judicioui puhlk. n. it. ah letters man oe post paid. Dr. Buchanan. 1 Auk57 U - . . MmlJUKH qLAt htRY AUH. jAvTl. tioa: - DR. EVANS' luperioi method of curing scer - thiaiJisease, isnowuuiver - laliy acknowledged ia this city t his mode of treatment it perfectly mild, lafe, ex - inuiuous, and his chains reasonable. In every in stance he warrants a cure, aad will return the pay if be does not perform agreeable to contract. ai - raji omerved. lliere are many pertont in this city and its vicinity, laboring ander various chronic diseases, such ai cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofala or kings evil, nttalaauiiseaiet of the urethra, bladder and kidniet, old complicated complaints of a certain nature, bilious and other obstructions, rheumatism, Ac. which they consider incurable, they can certainly be cured (in general) by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store. No. 9. Peck - slip, having practised in exnWa bnspitali in Europe 12 years, under some of the first Surgeons and Phytkiaas in the world, and made those obstinate diseases hit constant study for 30 veers. Oct 12 .O5 - WHEAT0N A DA VIS, Faocv Chair Manatac. rid, Ft turers, No. 153 Fulton - street. opposite St. Paula Church, offer for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant as - - tortmeot of Curld Maple, plain painted and omaaent - . ed ia gold fcJronra, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rock - , ing, Sewing, and Coaversa - . tion Chairs. Sofas. Settees, Louogees, Music Stools, fee. urders irons aay pan 01 toe conuntnt executea , with ueatnens and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornameiiUd. OCt 13 " l i'') rrf The lubscriber having recaoUy rcturaad - from England with an important improvement on? the utificial spring LEG, ha takes this method of informing bit friends and taw public, tbat all " inose who are so union units at to be in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by sp - plying at No. 77 Barclay - itrert, New - York. ' JUS WM. rURVIS. i LEPS ITCH OINTMENT. WARRANTED aa infallible remedy at one application, may be used with perfect safety on infants a week old, not contain1" - a particle ol mercury,or any dangerous ingreuiw whatever, and not accompanied with tbat often Mva smell which attend! toe application of other remedies. .... The above medicines are prepared ana told st LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 48 Maiden - Ltne, and sold by 8. CARLE, cornel of Fulton and Water - streets. '...' Druggiits and country 1 to re - keepers rapeuM on liberal terms. Jaa9 ' n LYNCH, Janr. having made armireiaeate .ilk mium - IiM. Una in Madeira, to be supplied witb a proportion of the winei trftht Pa ntiiei of St. Antonio aod uama oe l - odov, v" - - .M.H - 1. n - nJa - - fK hft JlS - deira lo the bland) has opened n wine store, as So. 40 Wilham - street, where be will recir v. ders for this wine, from geutlemen wishing loiey tp a stock for their own use 1 and (by the tenement wito the house in Madeira) if the wine, on arrival, be not arproved by D. L. Jr. it is not be tent to the partiei ordering it. ' D.L. Jr. bai taken treat pains to PWf from variout placet ia tbe United State! and tbe Wert lodiet, tbe bett Madeira, that was to be , purchased, in the wood, aad old bottled '1"Jt0f . very superior quality, from private stocks, wnK be aow offers for sale. He will constantly keep , on hand aa attortmeut of the choicest wines ana liquor, selected with care by himself, end win sell aone wbirh be cannot WARRANT PURE as IMPORTED. Jan 19 Its NEW - YORK : PRINTED AND PUBLISHED ; , X1CUAEL PUILXTIAM A CO. . No. 42 Piax - tTaxxT. Vrr griiy Deing universally anown in Wit city, since 1804, guarantee tn patie nts toat delicacy and is - crecv hitherto unknown, and bavins cnnfinH i,;. L B. .aBBwamrm m.A - aa. o ne film n it mH

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