The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 24, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1818
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mrr xtrvnTCf., JYV CV, ' i T ' Th. icbr ADELINE, Peleg Tnpper, Y imaUr. wOl b dispatched immediately. , - - - . ' ...ool - tO " - ForlrewiWjgp,,; ,, - :.'" ; ' - '. j 112 Frout - sL" Who offer for laic, '.n M.I. lor. and & oarcel W f. V. onu rfim. received by Mid vessel ato 200 bbls tupf. Richmond flour .55 bhds Richmond and Petersburg tobacco ' 20 tierces nee ; si oaies upiaou couuu ' re hiwh molasses i 200 bags coffee Red and white port wiue, in hhdsandqr, Madeira .Oo. ua icasae Claret wine, io boxes of 1 dozen eacli A .mall bowscoUon laces An Invoice of Dutch goods, eoosiilin - of snuff Iuim. slates, slate pencils, maroicj, leweiiwj, uiin wnrlr hnin. coloerue water, sc. Feb 24 ' J3 i hi.' nankins aux niei - es Blue Nan W - ST - is J kins, ol superior quality, entitled to a eo u ilea to utucu - ture. feb 24 . A 65 South - street 'r - p'iQM WAL.F3 ' , .7, V rr rvvn , - BV frUX3L.urr tl Wifl'" - " "V"", n - d!ESlI,bU .v I ; n o - Viri... jt in ih .KTPned from Friday, '.84 bales Beaeal cotton, of superior quality . Dk.l.acAiM si(MM jto k.. hhui RnnmnrtfiDrar 50 cases Bengal indigo, prune quality .70 bags fresh sago , 20 bags Slower - 18 meces irorT ' ' 2 - 200 pieces Madras bW gftioeaa C ft 9 rail 2400 - nieces cambers. lOAT dimtnsions &0 nieces VentapoIIau handkerchiefs S40 pieces MadraM bandkerchiefs, Cue pat terns, in trunU ol W p. 1172 cotton ihirti , . 3600 sheep (kins 6859 tanned skins 30000 Madras goat skins in the hair for terms and other particulars apply to PETER REMSEN It CO. 26 South - street fxr The goods may be seen on 1 uesday, 3d March. iHlbH LINENS, LHAPhRS, SlIEEIiJNUS. THOMAS 8UFFER, No. 6 Depeyster - street, has just received per latest arrivals, a further assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens, Innr lawns, 5 - 4 sheetings, 3 - 4 diapers, 6 - 4 to 10 4 dowlas, do. drogheda linens, which with the fol lowing goods, will be sold on reasonable terms, 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens, low and fine assortments . 7 - 8 dn io half nieces 7 - 8 do baif bleached strong and Gt for nar row sheetings, to average lad 7 - 8 lawns, 5 - 4 sheetings to average 23d 3 - 4 coarse and fine brows linen. , feb 24 2w r l v :i w - i v tho j - .iv ... ll j. .r I . 1 'E.Yi lCKY TOBACCO. Iti hhds. bacco. received bv th bris Financier, will bacco. received bv the bns Financier, will be landed to day, at Fly - market - hnrl, for sale i riy - marcei - vnhN, torsaiei ROY, BAYARD & CO.. DT Lt feb 24 OUGAK Ii RUM 65 hhds. 230 barrets. nrsi quality sugar, 44 psncneons uum Received ner brie William Henrv. from St. Croix, now landed on the west side of Old slip, lorsawny nt - Aut, u uc rr.isir.iv, feb 24 Iw 31 Old slip. 20, TEMKRlkFL W1jE. 'pipes verr superior carro Teneriffe wine, landing from scbr Fayette, from Oratava, at the foot of Depeyster - etreet, and for sale, on accom modaUn terms, by A. l. liur r, Feb 24 6t 89 Washineton - st. WOODSTOCK GIX)VES. HE subscriber has received Md offers to his e".her,?1 - rr,;n'),e - r,n - , rew wnnas mi oriwo ami roiina 'm Kiv. I f;t - fi vi wiijuiv i 130 Water - street Cash will be riven for lierht red or shaved deer skids. , reb T4 TJORTER, CHEESE, BRANDY, ftc 50 X casks Hibberts double Brown Stout ; 5 baskets double Gloucester Cheese, received pr. ship Washingtoo. fi pipes finely flavoured 4th proof Bordeaux I .ouu, . . ui ucucumro 54 casks clean Flaxseed 1 I Braooy, entitled to debenture 1000 barrel. Flour (Baltimore Iloward streets 300 boxes fresh Bloom Raisins. - For sale by ulu. ii. nibsyj. - r.x lift. - v. - , 130 Water - street Or A good vessel for London may have a few I nwareo 001s. ireign oy appiicanon as above. feb 24 A LOST, - fx SMALL Green Morocco Pocket Book, containing a small sum of money, also a check drawn by James Wood, Cashier of the Jefferson Bank, payaole to Wm. M'lntyre or order, (but ot indorsed by him) on the Mechanic and Farmer's Bank of Albany, for four hundred dollars - Payment of the check being stopped, it can be of no use to any person. A suitable reward will oe gives ioy returning the pocket - book and con, lanl. a. M rl A 1 0 " ...... m 4 a viu - iup. - leO Z4 31 f FOR SALE. Suast A house of two stories, with piaisaiol pot,io good repair: containing about thirty! l lth fcur acres, situate on fhrogs Neck, and near to L The POST CHAISE, with every convenii the farm of Abijah Hammond the land beingKor fT!!e iVWw88rT,hT,f. Vlt krhlv imnmi.H. r..l . . dav will leave the Post Chaise Office. U8Brc The POST CHAISE, with every convenience Broad ofthe best cherries, apples, pears and peaches, in great abundance and in full bearinih. .h! joining waters affording ample supplies of fish. . . o 1 ....,. . L ' . L . - , , 'In nil wa kuc, wiiico bib smaii expenre may I De led Irom a creek to tlie upland, and detained in anondfor daily use a mackerel nA k.. I fishery being also attached thereto, and whereat one draught of a smrdl seine have been taken mackerel which sold the next day for one hnn - area ana twenty aonars in point 01 prospect, health and profit this site is 00 where exceeded distance from New - York about fourteen miles. Also, lour lots ot land near ths above two Iv - iim mm tk. C J .. t . . ' a t c - uuiiu, tuoiammx rony nve acres, ouu uuumiea on iwo sioes witn waters land of o exceiieni quauty, with an orchard of four bun iretj, inriuning me nest sorts for ta Jish hsgloecrab, white sty re, coccagee, fox'wbefp and white sour, with eighty cherry trees the uiw - K innanao recommended by Forsyth beinc one. In front of these lots are taken bass, black nsh, perch, mullett, king - fish, plaice, soles, mack - l K"'6J smen, wniuog, eels, and occasionally shwpshead and shad, with weak - fish and maobadden in vast abundance; beds of oyster superior in quality to any marketed in the city. lie very near their ihnn ;ih .. - .u. .j .1 J'l very near their ihnre. ;ih mU. .1 'I whilst the adjoining bay and creeks ia tha winJr season abound in black ducks and broad hill, in Ma some times are seen the canvass back and wild geese the land affording woodcock, email I - uuwipe. 1 ne situation cannot fail to please in I wry respect sand the land m !.. - . 1 i,. high order, at a trifling expense by sedee and I meauows attached thereto, and sea weed dri - noo its shores. - 'wooiner lots one containing ten and the - :ru.ieen acres. These lots commnnH ... 4i ,re view of land and water ; are altogether - "ii'ic Mir arnnii rnral hlr..l.. M:i .l." i . I i'"t; ana ronimn nimt 1 W.J' . d four hundred nppfr mLP':?!!0'"1! - CT.. - llin 7 A "u ,u PBCO wis will be at - Alan - ia . . a naiucii, bt iB Con4Jl.IB'V5fif'ythre about urc arrpi ni anil maH.. : T .... I , 1 ' uiniiuir ,1 .vojltctl This lot is about fourteen miles! SiHf 'i'y. nd '!r.nd one from the church of the n 01 Westrbester. If the nhor nmrwrt i. Ulirvnsul r L.r , : the first of A - 1 Public iL - ii. "VT.vo.n".aaT. TOEfe M lh( "l'c5Ei HoeTnt ill he sold - at wool :,rl 1. r AiT rw mnmr inirvrma - i.u'hrrid ,lrett'or,,ear Uw VnasSu, . fcbj. rs., fcb S4tAp - .'"PiilXilPl. LIVING STO.y, - 1 no the of V1 QlNTtZEz JtQARDINO T fXTSiVKUN HOUSB. This new, tpuioul 1 Mid splendid Building, shunted in Broad - way, Uie rrrl nu imiiiuiimmb irc uiiuuig the eoti of tl. city, t the corner of Dey it. will be opened by the subscriber on the 1st of I ... . a - i :..... 1.1 - - . j '. ,1 : vi.v next, for the reception of Boarders, It ia fitted, and will be furnished in a man ner not surpassed, for convenience and ele - nnct. bv any private dwelling m the city.' It occupies tlie most eligible situation, being central, in view ofthe Park and City - Hall i the . . i t i . UDner aDartmems ovcnoomiir xne wnoic town. commanding view of the adjacent country ioracircuniiciwii.cui .v uuics, uiviuuiiig uie Hook, the Narrows, ana ue Harbour ; ana it believeauiai no nouse in ine country e - cells it, either for elegance of structure or sit - uation; and no expense Having been spar ed by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will oner to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiting the city, the most genteel, pleas mi and retired a - partments. The choicest of Wine and Liquors will be furnished, and no trouble or expense 'ii l i . i. . . i . U..:HH.U. iu I rcu,w int uie ciiicriniiiuiriii sam, rare nu excellent i ms esiaonsiimenx intend! exclusively for Cental Il.ordmir ' MRS. HENDERSON. Wantca to nire. an cniriian rcrson.ts hcao Hterto the above - jn"..!. k:i:..n,l .t,..nn ,.fl. n.,l Upply - . Application may be made at 15 Hey T ft vrwr vmwkvsvi wsaw uviivi (Street ISO 24 U&Ltt la His Majesty's High Court of Chancery io Ejuctnnu. ROCK tteH HARDMAX IN pursuance of a decree of the High Court of J Chancery, made in cause of " HocK against Hardinsn," wlwrebv it is referred to John 9priog - ett llawlcy, hsq, one of the masters of the said court, to enquire " and stale to the court who were the nephews and nieces of Thomas Rock, tne testator io tne saia cause, (.who was a ina man. and resided at Barnes, iu the conutr of Sur rey, and (vr - L.ane, London, ana uieu in may, I 111) the children of tdward Kock, and John i i. .i . i J I 1 1 r . I : .1 .. - ..,. and of his deceased sister Elizabeth Tyas, and which of such nenhews were livinz at the time ofthe death of the said testator's widow. Isabel y,, ro mn deadj and wben they respective la Rock t and whether any, and if any, which of Iv died : and whether such nephews or nieces de ceased, or any, and which or them left any, and what children, or child , and whether such children or child, or any, and which of them are, or is now livine. or dead ; and ii dead, wheu he, (he. or they respectively died, and who are, oris the personal representatives or representative ot such of them as may be dead. All persons claiming to be such nephews or nieces, or to be children of any such nephews or nieces, who are dead, or legal personal representatives of any of such dead nephews or nieces, are forthwith to come in and prove their elaims before the said master, at his chambers in Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London, in order that they t .i u i:t r - : - j war mcilt turn ururui ui miu uciirc, - "J?'. ?V0,V '.hLP Of Sheffield, England, Solicitor. . m, fel)g4glt XT' O. 207 Water - street, returns his thanks to 1SS his customers, solicits their continuance, offers for sale charts sextants ; quadrants of all sorts : aximuth. alof and other compasses : handsome selection f cirr umferenters, some with noniuses, to take minutes with staffs : patent bin aacle lamtis. new invention t patent liehts. of flint glass, for ships, Sic. ; patent camera lucidas ; brass son dials to any latitude ; telescopes, from S3 to 30, with double magnifying power, some on brass stands for country houses ; silver and silver gilt spectacles and others ; glasses put into spy glasses and spectacles ; barometers, tbermo - td ofiers bUservios (as an importer of instruments from London) to colteres or V - mina - h.viiie been a resident ia Lonuon lor man v years, and a maker of the principal instruments. . : . . r . . . - London manufactures more instruments in the optical, mathematical line, be. than nil the world together. Their numerous expensive tools and machinery enables them to sell cheap, and excel every other country in that line. Gentlemen who wish to favor him with their orders may rely to be suited at a cheaper rate than .bey can import instruments themselves. Instruinenu not c m - moo for sale in New - York and expensive, univer - ,a tqoatorial, theodolites, variation compasses r. k.... 1 1 j :. 3LV KSSTa inh. m - hnir nan. h.ri.i ir.i k.i... Icm. with annroln. !nh. . . w r. ............. ments. catalogues may be seea 01 the prices otinstrn - Copper plates and draughts of his own. Compasses with wooden bowls, oak dovetail'd boxes, bar needles and Ising glaM cards, at a mo derate price per dozen; wantage rods, at the rs duced prise jo per dosen and 75 ceata a piece. reo Z4 41 POST CttAldfc Ll.fc. FOR PHILADELPHIA one opposite the City Hotel every, day (Sun day excepted) at half past 60'clock in tlie mom ,n? b7 way of Rewark, and amy the same day s ' r h 1. 1 .i . .. ... - . Uli.lnrf.lnlti. 1 ne slLU 1, in opposition to ine man Coach, with superior accommodations for Pas - cngcrs and their baggage, will leave the same P'ac ever7 day (Sunday excepted) at half past o'clock P. M. will proceed before theMail, and suDject 10 ine inconvenience 01 stopping bi numerous Post Offices on the road, but every accommodation provided for the traveller, and arrive some hours before the Mail at Pbiladel phia. rare 7 dollart. (7 au goods and baggage at the ruqoe 1 the owner. JOHN N.CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK b SONS. Princeton. STOCKTON It HOWELL. Philadelphia N. B. Ervrtmti sets, to anvvart of the United orares, 0 l.. tSAKbri te lAJ. reoz4 THE NEXT LOTTERY, And the most splendid in the United States 1TILFORD and Owero Road Lottery, au If JL thorixed by the states of New - York and New - Jersey. Pniiv - lvt, Pn.lil larnmMM Arm'nr nn fh 5th dav May next 10,000 Tickets only to be drawn 20 drawings. Price of Tickets 30 dollars. HIGHEST PRIZES, 70,000 Dollars I 10,000 Dollars . 35.0W Dollars 6,UUU Uoliarx 10.000 Dollars I 5000 Dollars The first drawn number to be entitled to 5000 thefirst drawn on the BTtb day S5000 the nrst drawn 00 the seventh day 10. 000 the first drawn on the lith day i5.ouo - an me nrsi a wo on the TStJldy I7U.U00. Tickets, Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sii - IK. Inf ftnl Lottery OfiWe. o4 M - ideo - Iane. . Where the CASH may be obtained for all the Capital Prises a soon as drasra. feb 24 RAClEb' Correct List of Pnsso Soth day 01 arawing. No, IS.SSO, 43000. 12.188. e39S.14.S0a 12,437, each $50. " 1st drawn number. All fold at GRaCIES'. at Draws - morrow. reb 24 ' i r ' tiXS PRIZE LI31V ': r: - . r - f ; 35th day. - , " ; 15,559, 1300 1 . 6305. 12.437. 14,500, 450 I be 110,000, 2 of 41000 prises an floating. Adventurers are advised to renew their small prizes for the 5000 dollar prise which will be drawn next Moodav Application must be made at ALLENS truly lucky office, No. 122 Broad way. reO 24 PJilZtmi PHIZES'! Superior chances for Rich Priies. rilHE first drawn number on Monday next. will be entitled to a prize of r ive l noti sand Dollars. . There are floating in the wheel and may be drawn the same day. 100 prises of 1 000 aous. a prize ot siixw to every i5U ncaeis. ... . - . - . . . A . Adventurers are advised to apply for these rich prizes at ALLEN TRULY LUCKY OFFICE, No. 122 Broadway, directly opposite the City Hotel. feb 24 2t jVTAi.ER.V, aNovol,2vols. price ti 00 TJsV 1 ne uuaKcrs, a Tale, by Elisabetn B Lester, price 87 1 - 2 cents For sale by COLLINS Si HANNAY, Feb 24 230 Fearl - st. 21 COT i ON, JOliACCU, tie. bales prime Alabama cotton, landing from schr Nassau 20 bales New - Orleans cotton per brig Fi 5 hhds Kentucky tobacco nancier IN STORE, 20 tons clean St. Petersburgh hemp - Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone 15 cases tumblers 30 boxes Castile soap Writing and wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn hats, No. 20 a 40 Also, just received. I C009 lb Havana coifce, in hhds. and A few hhds of rectified pure spirit, made from molasses rum. r or sale by JAMES D' WOLF, jr. Feb 23 57 Frout - st. 52'. t'KOA' RUM k SUGAR. THE cargo of the ship Virgiuia, Jos. Ridg - way, master, from St. Croix, will com. mence landing to - morrow morning at pier No, 3, North River, in front ofthe subscribers' store ( consisting ol 213 puncheons St. Urotx rum, new crop 7 1 hhds and a quantity bbls ditto sugar Ditto prime quality For sale, on accommodating terms, by MVAACK. KOf - .KRS Jb SnYT Feb 23 lw No. S3 Washington - st. f 'MLiS. ,U00 bushels Corn, of excellent J quality, deliverable at Tappahannock, Vir gins, t or sale on accommodating terms, apply io n. stiunrir, feb 93 90 Pine - street. IRJSU UJVhJVS, Ac. JUST received by the Pocahontas from Dub lin a general assortment of 4 - 4 linens, 5 - 4 sheeting;', 3 - 4 brownjlinens And broad diaper, in pieces, assorted, Which are offered for sale on reasonable terms, by Feb 23 lw No. 57 Pie - st. OLD JAMAICA RUM. 10 puncheons high proof old Jamaica Rum. landine from sloop Knickerbocker, from Bermuda, East side Peck - slip. For sale by feb 23 29 South - street. LIVERPOOL SALT, EARTilEiX WARE, HARDWARE. 300 tons White bait, in lots to suit purchasers, 114 crates Earthenware 4 casks Hardware. Now landing - from the sliip Albion, and for sale by JUUiM ABM. VVMLlK. CU. feb 20 lw No. 73Washinston - street - RUM, Ice. tJJ puncheons Jamaica Rum, just arrived and landing from the brig David Kichards, from r aimouth, (Jam.) and lor sale by A. D. DUFF, 69 Washington - street. Who lias for sale in store. L. P. Teneriffe Wine, (Pasley brand) inquar irttaiii, imported July, 1010 Do do in hhds. and or. casks, do August do Do do in pines, hhds. and qr. casks, do Sep lemoerao 30 pipes, 100 hhds and 280 qr. casks doenti tied to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, sliip'd in 1813, irom we L - spe 01 uood Hope, and enti tied to debenture Port and old Lisbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of Claret wine 13? do grave wine and one cask card wire left 7 tr MONEY. TWELVE hundred dollars to loan on good - M. icuuni sksiiit in uii'uif. inquire 01 JOSEPH D. FAY, Esq. fcb211w No. 92 Nassau - street MOEY. fTlHE several sums of 00. C800. & 1600 JL may be had on bond and mortgage, by ap plying to rTEK Ub WITT, Feb 21 lw No. 13 William - sL GOLD LEAF. AMBROSE CRANE has just received fifty packs English Gold Leaf, ofthe largest sise, and warranted first quality, for sale at 135 Broadway. feb 19 lw KiisC. a wnoie ana au nail tierces prime rice, landing from schr Retrieve, for sale GOODHUE h Co. Feb 18 44 South - street. 17ITHEAT it TAR. 130 bushels N. C VV Wheat, in bags 50 bbls. Tar, afloat and for sale by R. Si C. W. DAVENPORT CO. feb 16 TOBACCO, COTroN, FLOUR AND WHEAT. TJMFTY - EIGHT hhds prime Kentucky to - jl, nacco 26 bales prime new crop N. Orleans cotton Id bbls Hour, and 75 bushels wheat Received per brie Thomas, from New - Or leans for sale at no. 87 Coffee - house - slip, by LALUL.AW, U1KAULX CO. Who have in Store, 1 case French linen cambrics 1 bale superfine black tlelh S cases Madrass Pulicata HJk& ; and 1 do imitation French cambrics Feb 11 lOt IJO l 1LE3, GRl.xDbl'ONES, Ac - tnglisb MJ gallon and half gallon bottles, for Madeira wine. Full size auart and Champturne niot do. Gallon and half gal loo demijohns. 120 small site grindstones, assorted, and A few boxes short and lone Dices, tipped and piaio, tor saie oy VYIL.L1IA1Y1 i;uyvLt,i, Feb 21 lw No. 164 Wafer - street. ISO TAR STAVES. bbls tar and some staves, landing tba day Irom the schr Adelaide Irons warning' ton for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, Feb 21 . U2Front - st. COTCH HERfllNGS. 100 firkins Loch - fiee Herntigs, of the best quality, lust landed per Thomas Wilson, fur sale in quantities to suit puicnasers, ry, rtniii at i,u. feb 20 4t 2 12 Fcari - streeL UPLAND COTTON - U bales prime Upland Cotton landing from brig Elizabeth, Fly - market aharf, will be sokl low if taken from the wharC - ISAAC F. ROE, feb SO 1st Sf Marray't - wharf . The - new eletrxnt packet sehoosir TONTINE, 8. Hoyti saastar, wUt sail (his week, baviar half her freifht ready to ro on board For rtoaalndsT, r passagw, having extensive accomssedatioiu, apply on beard at pier. No. SU east Hde or Darung - shp, or to - ' - ' 6AUL ALLEY, Feb 23 " v .. - v, 98 Pme - st 1 For PHILADELPHIA, ' JtfK The schooner TWO BROTHERS, . MJacoh Carson, master, lying east side pier fo. It, will sail positively the last of this month. For freight apply to , . GEO. M. WILSON, feb 21 130 Water - street. Fur HAVANA, ..v The brig MARY, capt Brewster, a regular trader, now loading at fine - street whart and still sail in a few days. For freight or passage, appl on board, or to ' : Feb 21 N. D. TALCOTT. FOR GALWAY, The brig HASSA H.O. Hickn will sad on Thursday next, wind and wea ther permitting. Can accommodate four or five more fiassea'ers, on very moderate terms. Ap ply on board, pier no. 13, h. ft. or 10 ' THOS. DENNISON, Feb 81 40 8outh - st. For Saie, Freight or Charier, The fast sailing brig SAILOR BOY, J. Rodman, master 1 wilt h ready to receive a cargo on Monday neit; 175 tons, and will carry about 1500 bbls. Apply on board, eabl side Fir Market wharf, or to D. BETHUNE & CO. Feb 21 MC.H.slip. For LIVERPOOL, The superior. New - York built, and fast sailimr ship NESTOR. She U copuer fastened and coppered to the bends was built exnrenly for the Liverpool traue, ann has elegant accommodations lor passengers For freight or passage apply on board, aim ur ray's wharf, Coffee House slip, or to CHAKLEa, Fob SO No. 1 Beaver - st. For Sale, Freight w Charter, A new Pilot boat schooner, aoout isu K.tons burUien. bunt in tne oeu manner, 01 good materials, and cupper fastened, a very fast sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea with small expiree. Apply on board at Buning - snp, or to feb 19 86 South - street, FOR AMSTERDAM, The staunch brie MARGARET, cap tain Funk, has considerable part of her cargo engaged, and will be dispatchea without delay, t or ireight or passage, apply to H. VOS, No. 74 Washin'ton - street, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb 19 tf No. 72 Washington - street. For Sale, Freight or Charter, The fast sailiug schr GERTRUDE, Brit' on, master, just returned from Port au Prince, unci is now in readiness to proceed a - gain immediately. This schooner is one year old, 143 tons burthen, and in the best condition. she has handsome accommodations lor passen gers. r or terms apply 10 Feb 16 GR1SWOLDS & COATES. I t Ot6. 4 bnlti Hops, just received for sale XX by CAMBRELING 4: PEARSON, 67 South - street. NEW Ll.NENS, tec. cheap. Just opeued, 3 cases Irish Linens, assorted 1 do Scotch Hollands, or super undressed Linens 1 box Long Lawns and Linen Cambrics , 1 do 5 - 4 lnsh Sheetings and Dowlas 1 do Steam Loefe Cotton fchirtines ' All of which art appref4 and warranted bleach es. On band, a vaitetv or ' ,. . Diaper, Daosk, and real Double Damask Table Cloths, small to very large si - . xes, with Napkins, of different sites, ro matcn fiombazeens, Canton Crapes, Sic. For tale at No. CI Maiden Lane. L. C. SUTDAM, bt mi racKACX. A few cases Irish Lines, Long Lawns, and 1 00 vrmte riatinas. febl81w REAL CACHEMtRE SHAWLS. VANDERVOORT bt FLANDIN have just received a snlendid assortment of real Cachemire Shawls, comprising white, scarlet uure, suaaes 01 green, orange, ncn nowerea, sin ped, and all with large and small palms and dou hie borders. Also, a case of superfine Leghorn Hats, with extra crowns, r or sale at feb 20 lw No. Ill Broadway I Koxes, 1 bhd, 1 cask ARGOL, about l I .JWil it.i "J . R. Si C. W. DAVENPORT Si CO. Fb 20 A - NAtRo A Novel Just published and xv a. tor saie oy rr. 1 r. k a . m tei t, n; ieb 19 lw No. 28 Wall - street. iVl AN:sERS, a uovel, 2 vols, price $2, this HM. uay pubmnea by W. B. G1LLEY. 92 Broadway Also for sale, a few English copies of the above interesting novel, 3 vols, price 4. Feb 19 T TPL AN D COTTON. 15 bales prime Up Ks land Cotton, tanaing and for sale by . . SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - street IN STORE. 43 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above. jan 23 f 1 LAbsW ARt, tic 4 boxes assorted glass, VJi consisting 01 Large sized Window Glass Dec anters, Tumblers, Inkstands Watch Glasses, tic t boxes Fowlina Pieces. Just received per W inifred, from Amsterdam on hid. A quantify of muskets, entitled to debenture & ceroons hrst quality ladizp, and 2 bbls While Lead For sale by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, . feb 7 lm . 72 Washington - street FLAXSEED 15casks Flaxseed, landing this day from schr. Ranger, ftnm Norfolk, for sale by If. HbTIIUntil LO. feb 14 9 Cofft - e House Pli p. fwl I'KIPES 20 cases superior fmericaa blue KJ stripes, for sale by the COMMISSION COMPANY, Feb 18 DSzC 148 Pearl - st. fl ,f USCOVADO SUGAR. 18 bhds.Mssco - 1? I vado Sugar, for sale by frb16 G. W. TALBOT. 65 Pjpe - sfrect W A'M'l ED a situation io a school or pri vate family, a female of resoectabili ty, who has been accustomed to teach writing, arithmetic, geography. Sic. Any lady in want of such a person, will find the advertiser worthy of sot ice, naving oeea in in army capacity 10 lAgland, and can produce satisuctory referen ces. I or turtber particulars enquire of tbe prin ter 01 ui is paper, leozi ENGLISH CHEESE, 8PLIT PEAS, &c tic Berkley and Gloucester cheese, and English split peas imported in tbe ship Ann Ma ria, W jute, rrora Liiverpool, tor sals by JOHN FRANKLIN, 115 Soutnr. Feb 23 St West side of Peck - tlin. FT PLAMU CO 1 TON. X bates prime fp U land Cotton, landing from schr loisa, and for sale by JUSPH OStJUKN, ten XI xb oaui - spee. 1DRAUE can be bad in the fir prool store f J the sabsenbers. coraerofgnoora aed watte - baH - streets. f feb 21 . ARCTl'D GRACIEJ - CONS. OTTO.i 2 1 bales sepersoe Georgia Cotton landing I rota snip rnKseace, at rine street - , wharf; for sal by N. k D. T4LCOTT, leozi ' wacvvui - sirtm. t ttivnt ws fit im trrorrffrrr (i f 4 piece superior compaey handier - id' Hjr v. cnita, k saie ty , . , 1 'I1? . mown nsnnnn 1 1 Feb 23. i. - y.). 28 Souths - , MOLASSES FOR SALE. mtjJ Hhds molasses, new bwulhig from brie Agnss. from Malaazas Apply to ISAAC PACKARD, : 35 FrotU - st. Fab 23 .. . . - ,' 17 LOUR and TOB AC t O600 bbls. Rick f moad sunt. Flour - - r"S'i - .v,: 29 hhds old and new Tobacco. - '? 120 kegs maaofactured si 8 Si 8 bands to the lb. r or saie at 100 r rone - suees. " '' . feb 13 1ROKES, DAVIDSON It CO, Q FOR SALE. (Or exchangrd for property In this cftv) A neat country House s in ine vicinuv i iu zabethtown, (N. J ) beautifully situated on the Postoad at present in the. occupation of Doct. Grant. It contains eight rooms with 1 Diana in front and rear, a rood kitchen, wash house, milk - toom, and cellar 1 there is also, a coach - house, stable for two horses, and other convenient out buildings, all in good, about an acre of land, laid out in a handsome garden and orchard, which afford a variety of choice truit, asparagus, sc. and a well of excellent water, with a good pump. Terms will be made liberal. Apply to JACKSON It WOOLLEY, ' " feb 23 75 Walt - street. rfT - t . FOR SALE. v - ijnjfl A House with two and a quarter acres of irround. pleasantly situated on the Heiirhths at Kips May, formerly the residence of Cornelius Kip. The house is two stories high with an elevated stone basement, was built by Mr. Kin for his own use, is in good repair, and commands a fine view of the sound ana sur rounding country. The ground is laid out in a handsome garden spot and two pasture lots. There is a (rood stable and coach - house, and a pump of excellent water near the house. An indisputable title win oe given, anu terms made known on application at No. 45 Wall - st feb 2 lut A VALUABLE FARM. FOR SALE, in th town of Flushing, Queens county, Long - Island, situated on Bay bide. 14 miles from New - York, and 2 12 from Flushing landing; from whence packet boats and stages duily ply to and from New - Yorlc. 5aid farm contains about 170 acres, 60 of whirh is wood land of various kinds of timber and thnf ty growth, with two apple orchards, one old, tbe other not mora than 20 years old, awl con tains 250 graded trees, all in full bearing and of tbe choicest kinds of fruit and great variety there is about 20 grafted pear trees, just in the f 1 r . . . - r .1 t : , prime Ol uie, consisting id pari 01 iuo cuuh - boi kinds of rergalues, St Germains, and pound pears, and 8 or 10 English cherry - trees, which are just beginning to bear. The remainder is suitably divided into lots of mowing, tillage and pasture, all enclosed in substantial fence and under good improvement' Tbe mansion house it 30 by 44 feet, built In modern style, ofthe best materials, and finished throughout, with a good kitchen and cellar, and is situated on an eminence, commanding au extensive view of the bay and adjacent country . The court - yard and garden contains a great variety of f ruit - trees and shrubbery, asparagus beds, strawberries raspberries, gooseberrier, and currants in abundnnc. Attached is a large barn, sheds, carnago house, crib, hen house, smoke house, and many other useful and convenient buddings, all nw and in good repair. Th premises belong to Charles Cornell. Esq. lat ol Mushing, aeceaseo, ana combines numerous - advantages, of which It is deemed unnecessary to enter into a detail, as it is presumed no person will purchase without first viewing the premises. For particular and terms, which will be accommodating, apply to the subscribers, on the premises, who wdl girt an indisputable title to tnem. ELIZABETH CORNELL, Executrix, JOSHUA CORNWALL, Executor. Bay - Side, Flushing, Feb. 23, 1818. S Feb23 - lm FOR SALE. The house and lot ofgroind No. 18 Rose - street : the lot is 25 feet front and rear, and 100 feet deep : the bouse a brick front, sides and rear filled in with brick, and built in the most sub stantial manner. For further particulars enquire or a. Bi feb 19 3w No. 334 Broadway 1XJ LET, Tbe store No. 20 Wall - street. Apply at the store. . - rents ti OR SALts AT AUCTION., By C. G. FONTAINE, on Monday, 2d UlUi.ll, Al All V WIW..I n. HIW . ij. Ill Wll L .vii u .. n. r ij t :c 1 previously disposed of at private sale that mo. dern built substantial 3 - story brick house, with basement, 79 Leonard - street. It I furnished with several accommodations and Iconvenieeces, so a to be a agreeable dwelling for a genteel family. There is a pump of excellent water ou the lot ine lot is zo iet iruoi ana rear ana juu feet deep, fee simple and free from all incsm brances. Possession will be given some time previous to me 1st 01 may, u required. . : And in a few days after will be sold, the rami' ture in said house consisting of a complete set of carpets, looking glasses, pier tables, handsome cut glass lustres, sofas, beds snd bedding, mahogany dining, card and writing tables, chairs Sic. and choice collection of books. Also, the kitchen furniture. febXltMZ . TO LET, , The following Houses, via: - The house No. 95 John - street TheUiouse No. 97 do Tbe bouse and store No. 395 Pearl - street Tbe bouse and store No. 131 Cherry - street The bouse No. 28 Conrtland - street. Apply to . JAMES W. SHAW, feb 21 - ' No. 5 Bowery. T OST, in tbe Bowery, a note of hand for JLw - $60, dated 21st February 18 18. at 60 days, drawn by E. Willard, and endorsed by David Lyons, payment of said note is stopped, then - lore tne public are cautioned not to ne - goeiateitinany shape The finder is request ed to leave it at No. SO Bowery. feb 33 It - PRIVATE LODGINGS A single gentleman can be accommodated, with one or two rooms, after the first of May next, with or without board, the room furnished or not, in a genteel and small family, the house i nest sad pleasant, and in a healthy part ofthe City, about ten minutes walk from walHtreit For further information inquire at no. 126 Broadway. feb S3 TO FARMERS. m HE subscriber can furnish tbe farmers of JL the adjacent country with ground Plaster of Paris ia any quantity, on tne soonest ooucs, in bant is or otherwise . JOHN Feb 23 tf Foot of Harritoa - st ti. R. TSVTEvV BOOKS JUS I rUBU3HiiA - - 'c - J3I cam's chemical amnnement , ; MandevUle, by Wm. uodwm Manners, a novel. President Monroe's touT Bingiey's useful knowledg . " . .', Lord Amherst's embassy to China ' . . : Cox's fcsaale scripture biography Parity cf heart, or woutMsntto should be, Cha trs of Saakspear' plays, by W. Ha A lilt Letters from the Cape of Good Hope, te For sale by . ELI AS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door bLow pine - st reb 23 . npUEquakera, tale by Elizabeth B. Lesv jm. icr, price sn 1 rcceireo ana tor " AM . . . - . . f sale by . GILLEY. . ftb23 93 Broadway. - at ' 4 ' ., P. L - MILLS k CO, 1 tVedaesday, 4th March, , , 1 At 12 o'clock on tha nramissMk the Lot ted Hous ui alli van - street. 3 doors sourhratt . of Broome - st, the tront of the causa is ti brick. Si feet wide and 35 deep: the lot isxl feet front and rear and 70 feet deep - there are ft rer4M with lira - places, and 3 bedVroswis t the (rent rooms are ctwtiieed with bard cents, the entry I finished, in the same maimer The above hoots ' is built of the best material) and well calculated ' for a genteel family Ine terms w'dl be reason able wiJ mad known on the dsyef sale.. , Any - ' persons w'Mbhig to purch - e,at private sale, sri call at tl auction room, or on ma'prsmisea. m - '.u9X P. DIKI ERlCIlliCO. r . . - , i AT I KIVATE 6AI.E, - 000 acres 0 land, in Wood Coerrfv; fTa.'t within 10 miles of Marietta, and 5 toilet from the Ohio River. ISJfOdaia the town of Plattshurgh, Clinton County. New Ycrk. 400 do. in Pike . County, Pennsylvania, ai d an excellent iiui td - vedlarmof X) actet,on the Cothrctontnrnptke road. . The two last will h; sxchanged for property in the citt ot New - York, or lr nterchaa' disc., Apply at Ihe anction fxmt. , - f ; J1ARBL.K FOR BVlLhING, Vc. ' TH E proprietors of tlie southern warble qua - ' ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that Uicy have on hand, and are reccivlbg, at the KmgU - andge Ainrole and tine - ram, tool Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following do scripuons, vis s Ashlar Coping 1 - " Foundation Stone Chimney - Piece Facings . Columns ; ' . ' . Wstartablt) Steps . Platforms Sills, Lintels ' ...Arches ..... Also Lime ofthe best nualllv. fX7 A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon ; , and those desirous of. purchasing, or making engagement, will apply to . . , EZRA LUDLOW. Feb 11 At the Yard. American Society for th ttieouragemmU oJJ - ' ' mufte Manufactures. ; 37 The regular quarter - yearly meeting of said society, will be held at Tammany - Hall, on Wednesday evening next, the 25th instant, at 7 o'clock. The members ar requested to be punctual in their attendance.' - ;.. 1 '.Feb 19 Ct . NOTICE. .... f)3r All persons having demands against, the estate of David Harrison, deceased, are request edto present the tame, duly authenticated, to WILLIAM BETH ELL. administrator, No. 32 St. James - street And also, all persons indebted to the estate aforesaid ar requested to make immediate payment of the same. Dated Feb. 19 1818. . WILLIAM BETHELL, feb191w Administrator. ' STREET MANURE. ftr The contracts which are to be entered In to lor the street manure, will commence on the let of May next, for 1 or 2 years, to be mention , ed in tbe sealed proposals 1 and the streets are to be swept and cleaned, from the 1st of March to' tlie 1st of January, in every year. - Feb 21 - STREET MANURE. . - ft - Sealed proposals will be received at the Comptroller Office, City Hall - , till Monday, 24 Marco, next, at X o'clock, tor me street manure, in conformity with tl Law of the corporation,. dividing tne city into two oisiricu. me propo sals will mention each district separately, either (or one year, or two years from the 1st of Marctt to the lit of January. , , Also, sealed proposals will be received as a - bove mentioned, for the manure of the city. The street to be swept and cleaned by the contractors Each district to be divided into three divisions, to be swept and the dirt removed one day in every week, from the 1st of March to the 1st of Jan - ' aryt Particular information may be had at the Comptroller's Office. febltM2 LOCKS It 8LIPA . Sealed proposal will be received at the Comptroller' Office, City Hall, till Monday the 9lh of March, at 2 o'clock, for renting the public Dock and Slips for one year from the 1st May 'next agreeably to tlie new rate of wharfage established by tbe Common Council on the 16th insf. tbe particulars of which may be seen at the Comptroller's Office. ., feb 19 ALLEGHANY COwtL COMPANY. ' 03 Tbe Stockholders of the Alleghany Coal Company, are requested to attend' on, Monday, the second day of March next, at the City Tavern. 7 o'clock P. M. to elect Officers and Directors for the ensuing year. . r l , j; By order ofthe Board, feb 30 tMch2d J. G. BOGERT. : A Law to regulate the sal of Crabs, passed 1 16th February, 1818. . , ; Be it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the city of New - York, In Common Council convened, That if any person or persons shall sell, offer, or expose for sale, ia any of the' public markets in this city, or in any street contiguous thereto, any of that species of Shell - Fish commonly called Crab, between the fifteenth day of December and the first of March in any year, every such person shall forfeit and pay for each and every offence the sum often dollars Provided, that this ordi - ' sane shall not go into effect until tbe loth day of December next ' fly the Common Council. i. MORTOJT, Clerk. A Law entitled a Law to amend tbe Law to re gulate Public Porter io tlie city of New - York, passed 16th February, 1818. ttT Be it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of tbe citv of New - York, in Common Council convened. That it shall and may bt lawful for the hand - cartm n of the said city to as hand - barrow in th trawportation of coeds, wares and merchandise, or other articles in th earn manner as they now are or have been used by the public porters of the said city And further, that they be permitted to demand and receive the same rates 01 prices for the convey, ance of article as are now allowed by la w to in said public porters. By th Common council. . Ua (0 J. MORTON, Clerk. NOTICE - . ALL persons lodeoieo 10 mm eswe ot GEORGE CLEMEN, deceased, (late k.b ai. eft White - street) are reooested lo to.k immediate payment 1 and those bOing de - ...Imt aaid estate will nlease to nr - seat - thank dtuVaetbenticated, to Mr. DANIEL ENS - LEY. at his porter house, S07 Broadway. . 01 An a vbuniui, sxecauix. v feb 19 le ;. - - - ' - " : liVeroou. FROM the extensive transaction between Liverpool and this city, it Is probable that ' mock business remain unsettled, which it may be importaot to close." Agentlemaa going there ' wosld undertake tbe liquidating of such affairs, and would execute any mercantile commission ' between these places. In addition to his entire acquaintance with commercial hesiness, b connexions in Liverpool will be influential, and hi ' - reierenres here are merchants of tbe first stand ing. Tbe advertiser leaves bis address at this ACCUMS.dhemka Amutenieuts, price one dollar in boards. Just pbiihed and for. tale by . PETER A MESlER, feh 19 No. 2ft Wall - street. HEMIC At. AMUSEMENT, comprising J serieiof curios and instructive exiriu - n ; ia chemistry, which are easily perforjwd, ana - anattended by danger ( by n6k..AfcVl operative ibomiit, tie. etc. poc I dollar, just received ad tor sals by ' feb 20 W. B. & I.LET, 92 Broadway. ' 1 ..." ROARD. Wanted for a t - enUeman ana ma lft. in a nrrrat family. AJdress L I . thU office. - feb 21 Hf 1 ",. w. . .' V V i i 1 .A ! , . t i - ft : r 'it V 1

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