The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 13, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, December 13, 1913
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THE VoL XII. No. 63. Gettysburg, Pa., Saturday, December !2;b, 191.'.'. Price Two Cents. Ch N r i s t m a s e c k t i e s USE SCHOOLS AS SOCIAL CENTERS GETTYSBO Fl 111 COUNTY TOWNS jPlan to Use Gettysburg Public Lincoln Way Rally at Chaiabgrsburg Tobacco Merchant whs Died In Baiti- ! One Thousand Pel! before the Hun- j Correspendefrts sesd in Many items Schoai Buildings in the Evening for? an Friday Evemng Attended b y a : mere was Born in Adams County I tei s of the State dyriag tha Sea- 1 of Interesting Hews from their where Frequent Arguments everj Taxes Arose. ] Entertainment of the Children, si the Town. Some Opposition. Number of Goad Rosa's Advacsrss frcni Gettysburg. son ['as* Closed. Beer now being Seen en South faountasa. Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Heins. i « i j The use of Geuvsburjr's public j "The East is not nearly so enthu- . \VU!iu::; J. S.-.eeriiiger, a native- of j ir. -Joseph Kaibfus, secretary of the · ECKERT'S STORE, "On the i it:iVU2 ouiauiiij;^ s; ^wii: vti.itri:* v.»i- * - jthe subject of discussion at the month- ! Coast to Coast as is the West", said § j ly meeting of the Parent Tochers' ; Vice President P_ro:ng,on of the m ! Association on Friday evening. i Highway Association at a meeting in 5 Those who advocated Vhe plan would ! Chambersburg or. FnCay evening » ' have the buildings opened in the even- which was attended by ·-· --TM5"-~ TRACT Tracl--Mr?.! Shorb soent I school buildings as soci::! centers v.-as " siastic about the Li-.cohi Way from Auant- County an-J a prominent «row- j SVaU- Game CVrr.mii-.siois, declared thai' er ar.'! imnortcr of ciu-ar leaf tobacco,* in his opinion over 1.000 bucks had 'Thursday with her cousins, Mr. and in Bak:n.vre, dltd c-aily Friday morn- been kiHt-d :i« this State, or 200 more Mrs. J. p. Shorb and Mrs. John A. tr.s; In the Merev iio^nitST. tliat city, than :n li'I^. The doctor based his es- Evler. He was 75 years old. Mr. ?ncv-r:r.-.-cr tiniate on the reports being received '.V..-5 born ;*· Ad-in;.^ Co.nv/, c.:i WALTER'S THEATRE KALEM 2 REEL FEATCRE BREAKING IXTOTHE BfG LEAGUE ting manager 3IcGraw. Christy Mathew.-on an«i other faun Giant Stars. A Headline Kalem Feature in 2 Parts THE BLEND GYPSY Patheplay A Beautiful Love storr well tol-i. ing for the use of ihe children of the i Gettysburg people -i-us."- whom were ; tc-r.iber 12, i^:j?. .town who could gather there and play ; the following: j His ancestors v.-ho scVxl i games, read stories and be otherwise s - s - ^-5y, BomJJ P. McPherscn,: qutreti a patent t^ iJ'.O acre-.- of I.i;.d In ! entertained- Xo liftle opposition fol: J- Harry Holtzv/u-th, J. Donald ; the Cc-ne'.va--o valley from the Kin:-: n - :v him jshowinj; a j^sieTas increase of fjR-.o killed. The number of does killed, he say?. v.-i:i be snuller than last y«.:.r. Three persons v. ere kilso'i 1:1 r..i-i:;k_- for k-t.-r, showing that hu!:t- ML'SIC BY COLLEGE ORCHESTRA Show starts G:30. Coming · Admission 5 cents. -'Friday December IP. "THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS'' PRICES. 35, 50, 75, $1.00. One -- Night -- Only Seais on Sale at People's lrug Ssore, Tuesday December 16. THE GARDEN AUDlTORIClt Skaiin? Wednealay and Saturday. iff. College Orchertra, Everv Thursday. I tared town like Ge«ysbursr, that i t ' Stoner, W. L. Ilafer and William UJK- I t hs serious dilvninia his cokMiai a:;- cr:ve J.c text of the Federal and can. " [cestors were Di'^-cJ ::. wnen Xhs au- State- i emulations, a:.s: w^rns of w ; at I Mr. PartHr-gton laid suicij.1 stress Ithoriiies of both Marylar.J! nrd Per.n- constitute violations. Th-_ circular' .upon ihe desire of ti · a-.-oeiation that jsylvar.ia. chaining juri-d'ctiy:' ov».-r "Si? be- the mean.; cf .-rr."ing a good the route of the nJKnway be marked JThi» disputed termorv. dsn-ajuied that many people fr-jm trouble. ! could v.-eli soend the evenings in suehi° !! every barn in the r,:;-a! districts j the iox»^ be paid then. After rr.any Si.".ce the deer season ba? closed.. to the mill when one fell and hie him i surroundings- The general opinion · a - 1 on t - qe principal streais rraveraeU | Cashes between -.he sc-rt'.ers and au- ;uite a lot f deer arc- sc-ca by people 0 ;i the jaw. He was not seriously hart. I seemed to be that herns is the bestM" the towns. The marker, a red, white t-hcrities. due- to the- dispute over ths who travel the mountain., a ! ! olace for children in the evening and ' and bl-Jie affair with a blue L on the \ boundaries, the settlers declared thc-\ buck ard three doc-s v.-ere seer. I was a plan well suited to cities and . Irnill' communities where the %oung' ·people did not have an opportunity of j going to school during the day. and '. Mrs. Dory Bellinger and D. T. Shorb are on the sick list. :.Irs. I. J. Ohier and Miss Grace V/arner spent Friday with Mrs. D- Shorb. Miss Mary V.'esnt was the guesfc of Mr. and Mrs. Lev.-is Bell over Sunday. Mrs. I. J. Ohier, Mrs. D. Shorb and Misses Grace V.'arner and Emma Shorb spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Brown. Daniel Black's brother and nephew ·^pent several days v.-ith him. James Buoey.. Sr., was hauling logs ths subject will coir.o up for renewed : whitc background, l-.n* already ap-|- you i£i ?ay taxes to neither u::ts! the discussion at. the nexX meeting cf the Peered in Gettysburg a.-J nearby b u t ; r-ue^k,:- cf jurisdicdcn was settled. I association- : through the West it is to be seen | \Vhen the boundary dispute was ilruiiry 1 Among those taking aart in Friiav . everywhere alosg t« announced ; disposed of, after the survey oi the i evenings debate were Mrs. H. Milton : route - Squads of 1^-5 take several | i: RC by Mason and Diysn. they found P H O T O P L A Y BIOGRAPH VITAGEAPH KALEM HIS HOODOO Biograpb Comedy The floor walfcer was some masher. He waited on die corner for a girl to pass wearing a lily. There Numerous oneslpassed but all bad beacz. DAN GREEGAX ; S GHOST f Biograph CorneJy An Italian workman makes an infernal machine for big Irish bos=, bat the IHSSS discovers it and it goes in a. p^il ot water. PCM PS Vitagrapb Comedy A pair of siioes and a pair of lovers. The first pair leads to the matinir of tin- second pair. \Vhli FLORENCE TURNER, SANDY GETS SHORTV A JOB .Vitagrapb Comedy SanIy_ieads Shorty to it. He draws bis pay in advance and the rest is easv. - - _ "RETRIBUTION- ." - - - - Kalem I Roth, Mr. Foth, Mrs. Power, Prof, i Calvin Hamilton, Miss Helen Cope-. ! Prof. A. R. Weritz explained the days to go out paint the insig: what to t.-.e cojs.cry and ; themselves residents cf I'enisylvar.ia. After g-raclviarin^ from the oid col- ·p-fe at New O*cford, ^Ir_ S-ieori*i' r t?r s ::re \o be t r a - i new law relative to the compulsory | versed by the Lincoln V.ay. reading of the Bible in the public : Since June nrst "" hfcrl :h schools. The High School orchestra ;^ V2S = r5C Bunched one- played several times and were well; SiO.000,000 needed :or j went to Baltimore, whore project ij^arhiti^tica for teveval half of the j K:-app"s Institute-, tht: consu-ac-1 Lai er subscribed' i-,]. he tausrh:, - - vears at BARNEY Harney--Wiiiiam Forsey his nsds; a good rock and gravel walk along t".e front of his lot. which is cuite a benefit to the walking ouoiic. . We are informed that Samuel G. N^-hbars and Friends Entertained at shoemaker has botight c«-o doable houses in Gettysburg, freni a real ·es- tate agent, for S550Q.OO. Our public school is making nre- parations for their entertainment- Ail re getting along well with their public road that ic-aCs irons Moat ·_ BIRTHDAY PARTY Siallstnith Home. About thirty Jive s:eitjhbor.- ::r.-J frienos v.-ere pleasantly entertained aV . ihe horue of Mr. and he ecgaged me v/hols- Stall^niith of Straban Mrs. George township, the being Mr. Stzillsmiln's bh-tn- -L Vv". Slageniiaupt has just complet- '.- roof on his house. S GETTYSBURG SPECLAL N-PIXT TL:IC.DAY DEC. ISTH "THE LD:E "' ..... TWO REELS. THE SIORY OF AN INTERESTING FOOTBALL GAME. Show starts G.30 ~ VITAGRAPH IN Admission 5c to all. For Your Christmas Clothes SELIGMAX. tie iaadirrg: tailor, will aJTord you ths most satisfscticr:. Our stock of Winter fabrics is exceptionally Sns in cheviots ana wcrstcds of most 'utkine Datterr.s and weaves. ht Service en the Western Maryland Advertises Town. ilasselman. ilrs. Evaline Holtzworch. The program committee for the next jnieetiag- is Mrs. J. 1: ' Mumper.! '; Miss Rosa Scott and Wilson Bream. t.i-.s piace, a^so au i re d 300 acres of iar.d near Taila- ist)oke. The meeting: v.-as held in t h e i n s s ^ A ^ ~ , Chambersbar c Company buUU- Esther Miiihimcs. Miria jluthe-.vs j GetVysburg and all other nearby Emma Sntkli. Ruth Millhiatcs, Mar- ; posnLs along the lines of the THERE DAY Puoils Perfect in Attendance at Coun- J ! Reports received at ' headquarters of the Lincoln Hijt:, · Association at Detroit indicate that i . - : manv cross ccsnnrv Tourists are a-- tv Schools. ; ready making- the trip from coast to j o f a cousin the Rev. Mother Johanra. ! ! coast over the route designated by j-bhess cf the Carmelite Convent, at The following papils of Bigler-viHe ;the association to be improved. Duiirg | V.'hae'inf. VT. Vc... v.--^ connecLSG with Intermediate School, were perfect in j the past week rwo p-irt:es have re-i.-n- | onle o f the leading fa--ilies of ".lary- artendance during the month ending | ed Detroit on their way frcm San |! r . r .rJ a r.d Pennsi Iv^nia. December 1. Thelma Slaybaugh. Han-[Francisco to New "iorfc, ir.a-rir" n. «io- { Funeral Monday n.orning in Balii- nah Ullrich, ilyrna Ta\-Ior 7 Sose' tour fix-m the rout to -dsit that city, i m Gr e. " 1 :. for this purpose. j _ -He was the son o5 Capt. John ifneer-' _ ret Mi!ihin , s? . Mary Leafe . Chfl ^j i l2rv!anci R aihvav cojnDanr ^"-bel ·inger. vrno ^rc«o-from ^novar^to Mashsvrf Plij]ine Miilhimes, Rassei: \ ing widely advertised in. 'the We ^?TM^^ ^^ "^ ° !ty ^lathews, Raymond Mathevvs. Albert | by reason^ the. new freight-anti again 0 ^i_ie^iria3S. . ^ ^ _ Smith,-Harry Lease. Charles Doersorn, | passenger sen-ice which that railroad i iiis ramuy. oi wnien ne is tiie last G]sir -^assett.-Bsrl" L«g, ^ctfrz ; .omnanv has-esfabliihed 'within fr- joi ms g-eneranon, -with tr.e etceptic:i . - _- H.-Doll, genar-- ·\ NOX-SUPPORT CIIARG] Kijht Against Norman V»"arnt-r. Ik-half «f 9-Months--O?d Child. Stonesifer. Xettie Shatter. Marv Stov- · A Dnlurh mar. end his v.-ife have ja.~t j - t _ _ _ _ _ : The Quality Shop WILL M. SEUGMAN The Cash TaHor VTalter. Loretta Rafrens- j motored from San Francisco t o ! ) u - ! MRS. AUGUSTUS MICKLEY perger. J.Iarie Taylor, ilearle Wamp- j Icth. a Per.r.s Ivania man rcdc from j . ler. ?tlark Knotise, ilvies Kleinfei'tc^ ! the Golden GaVe to his home town a:.d i Mrs. ?.!ickley Died at her Home Clyde Walter, John Stover. Myron j in addition several parties afoot anu j Bowers. Earle Drawbaugh. Jon horseback are traversing this trar.s- j | The following pupils, of Blglerville 1 continental road. r-n Friday- Mrs. Eji:Uib;ih ilickley. witlpw of i rrom an .extended , trip to -.Chicag-o. t Cleveland and other industrial and j commercial cenVers throughout the i V"ost. The new. direct route now made Because he refused to support r.L-! ?" s ^-' tle between Baltimore. York, nine nor.ths' old child, Xorm'an W ur . i Hanover and Gettysburg- to Pitts- nc-r. of LitilesKwn. is now in th, , " ur e n ' Cleveland. Chicago and other York jail to av.ait actir.n of ] c:t:e - :Ir - o:i declares, has brought Grand JurvV, February term of court. ail po ' :K; - in lh ' s re ^ on a!on cte Warner and his -.vita. Estelia I. · A '- sVern ilar y |a ^ before the eyes of Primary School, were perfect in at- The f^t toa^i"" to *-eac'- De'-o:t'-«e lato Augu.n-s L. Jlickley. died at \Varner. fc-meriy '.r.ed in Conor.---. ! ?eo?le of th£t P art of the country in a ending Iwas David G. Bockee with his wife. the home of her daucl.ter. Mrs. H. A. township. Adams county, near Mt * " manner wnjcfl shoald result in their Friday asred F? e r.sant. Abo'it two vesrs aco the-. " ocliefit The--- m"de t"-" ^,p i ^ ' ' Ullrich,, Kathrj-n mo'cner ana ooy vears. 1 month and 24 davs. Mrs. \Vr.rner has tw ' eea lhe | They stopped at Grand Island: Chicago K O D A K S F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S = Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer p onr entire stock is of the star dani = E a s t m a n M a k e | Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Care- | ful attention to the derelopment.of films. § Msil and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. EE H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E | J. H. I1UCEH, Druggist- 1 '' ? eop!e out West look upon the s a real contender respective fcari- CO5ILNG EVENTS I and made a tietour to St. Lauis to \:sit j j relatives and went back to the ro"te j j at Lima. Ohio, from De'troit. i before Justice Sell and in default PI i II -*0» .!nrrnr!nnf r-1 ?· COmmtltCC Happenings Schedaled in Getttsbur| | for Coming Weeks. FARMER HURT JDec. 19--^'·The Shepherd of the Hills", j Farmer Thrown from Team and Si-ri-i * ur.eral services Walter's Theatre. j n«.«Tv inhi^H I Cashtown on 3I-ji Graceful Lines Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. These, the underlying features which radiate virfMy thronch all onr cloths and characterize them smart. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. Dec. 19--College closes for Christens i recess- : Jan. 8--Basket Ball. Bloomsburg Xor- -enual farmer of Silver Run. Carroll ou?ly Injured. . f p . m. conducteti by Kev. W. P. llart- WilHam Frock, a retired an-1 innt:- Izell. Interment at FiohrV '·craetery.; mal. College Gvninasiuir!. HIP DISLOCATED · County, met vrith a most painful acci- ; frienJ?. , dent this v.-eek. While returning honei he fact that a new g of traffic be- Vsvnesboro- ' A. Duttera on a warrant issued bv ,"··«·' -"^--=" ^nd West has been She also leaves the following: broVh-' Justice L. 1). Sell. A hearing was held ! ^^^ a P Io Ta ^- At the same time ! \ve are not letting- them forget that we _. nave thri\-ing to-wns along otir rou'ce. · Thus or-8 can readily appreciate what ! a benefit this advertisement will be to j the points touched by us." i Mr. Doll says that, taking every- 5 ' tiling- ir.^0 consideration, the trade 1 situation looks rather favorable in i -the West. He states that there has v - been an easing up ;r. some lines, but as _i r..;u the people are optimistic over ' no irade outlook. er a::(5 sisters: Enianuel Stover. N:le3 Kansn.^t Mrs. Jehr.Ie Slothower. Dix."!ii. I-!.; ?.Irs. Benjamin Lehman, ·»ttrrsj-t and ?ir- Abner Ktihn. at ths ho-re in i-.-h FRATERNITY DANCE Fraternity Enteriaincd Friftds at Dancc. T^e Theia Phi t'raternity of ppic:tr.i"eJ tre following at r from his farm a short distance below WALTER--PITZER 'Silver Run. h-2 was -forciblv throvrn · Mrs. Miller, of Biglerrilie. Fell in hr j from the vehicle in which he was r'I- ' ^- rs Home. j ing-, caused it is supposed by the w^tr- , 'on strikipc a stone. The wafon p^~-c! Mrs. Jacob D. Miller, of Blglerville., ove , hig legs and arms tear = r£r the }, ir . aged 80 years, sustained a dislocated j H t s and brnis5 an/i ^ ac£ ,- at . ,* t ~ - i *~ .T T ^ _ u r _ . * ! ^ ; * ^ -^ ; :ng his body and disloeatino: n:5 riir' 1 r. of i airfield, and Mr. tr. of Fa*t ttv^sHc 1 . a!- hip when she slipped and fe2! in 1 garret at her home. He was picked «p in an oar.cs. i: 1 G^a'fo^ter Hall Friday ever.:njr. Mr. \V. A. Granvire. Mrs. "ll. B. "Nix^r, Mr. u:.-J 3Irs. Fred Troxell. M:?.- Fr.-nce? Shaely. Miss Nelsie V.'aaver Virsi^ia Tui'^r. M;f? ?.:ar:r. ! i Dioclior G~.!i\i!Ie: a"-! XO ADDRESS VLiik»1 Money fcr The Times but Gave no Address. iriess at both places. The same court-;rendered the necessary- yyrgicul atu 1 ecus treatment extended formerly will j tion. ! be continued and the highest cash j f-:e:tr?."t r-- ^DCesai t^ilo-C' An ;. W. Weaver a-d · i v. c are in receipt ot a remittance ,; r a new subscription, but the Ve»i:;. Mi.-s Myrna Sheu-, v ~iier fails to give either name or ad- 7:-.'k-.. SnL-iTir. ·:" Hany vr. ---^f- Upon receiving the necessary; r.fsrmai:on \vc -v:13 be glad to serve I he paper ar.d give proper credit. ~" HIGH SCIIGOL LOST Quintci. For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. FresBaily... -- j prices paid for all farm produce. Rice Produce Co.--advertisement BIG reductions in a fine line CHRI?T.MAS: v.-e are reaOy to stsp- j p'y your wanVs with a large sitvk. ; Special low prices on ladies' ami mi-s- ia ~ es' coat.-, and on wool hat? an-: ca]-?. ··- in e-,rc to z'.2.Z- : CHOCOLATE COAIED DATES 20c Ib. CREAM FILLED DATES 20c lb- G E . T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y | dies' and girls" coats. oOct. aluminum j sauce Tans 30 cts. Thomas Brothers, j,~ en t ' Biglerville.--advertisement 1 j FOR SALE: fresh creamery buitcr. JJP} cents per pound, cash, not daliver- OWING to the new female employ- = ed Gettysbur ^ Ice storage Co.--ad- ment law, we ask our customers please ; ver ti SC ment "l i to shop as early in the evening as pos- j Isible. Store open only until 8 o'clock,! {except Saturday nights, and the three j - FOR SALE: a double heater stove, ; evenings Christmas week. G. W. | good as HOT/. Call at No. 003 Balti- K I T C H E N Weaver and Son.--advertisement 1 | more Ktreec.--advertisement 1 \V.';"\ !-.·: :i\vi-t p^r: of your X -a\:ngs where th^y v.-JH be x ,~o i-t;.- c .f;- \ 0 you during your "declining- "t-ara- if you live, ar.d a protection fcr I tijo^e yo.: icve when you a[e.~ I have the ;d?;i! proposition for you. Let us tr.'.k i: over. G. C. Fissel. 3Iasonic ' Bii-.Uiir.g. Gettysburg. Penn'a.--adver- irsscm^jit 1 LOOK out for the regular Chri.-t- i.iss sheeting n.atch to be he!d th ; s ver,r r.s usual: both s-li'.l target ar.d ALL mJlilnery at half pric;. Mrs. IX [ VVAXTED: n^nisd man to work bv First X».tsonal 1 clay b;rus. meat C. D. Hoffman. advertL-e- 1 j ORDER your turkey now for Christmas dinner, alhe or dressed, MANY nice thing? still for sale at -ice Pr-^uee Co. Robert's old stand, ·.ear or 1 farm near Arendtsvi"c. ChnrL-- E. Ratfensperger. Arendtsville. Pa.-- advertisement 1 St. James bazaar.--advertisement 1 advcriisemant REDUCTION sale: ^ off trimmed I hits sr/J fancies. Miss Hoilebaugh, Baltimore street.--advertisement 1 '·SFAFLRI

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