The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 16, 1937 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 16, 1937
Page 9
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MASON U1TY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 16 · 1937 NINE "EVERYTHING SET" FOR JUNE TITLE BOUT OUT of the PRESSBOX By Al Mitchell RULEJIAKERS LEAVE GRID CODE ALONE FOR YEAR Football's rulemakers .. . after a three-day session considering recommendations for changes . . . have decided to leave the playing code virtually untouched for another year. New additions to the rule boolc ... . . decided at the thirty-second a n n u a l meeting o£ the rules committee ol the national collegiate athletic association . . . were: 1. Elimination oC a second kickoff il the first goes out of bounds. 2. Mandatory numbering of player's jerseys in front and back. 3. Clarifications of present rules regarding kicking a free ball, forward pass interference and position of ineligible-receivers on a pass play. c * a The three clarifications were the most important features of the 1937 findings. Because of agitation to place a more liberal interpretation on penalties for forward pass interference because that penalty helped decide the Army-Navy, Yale-Princeton, and other games last year . . . the committee added a supplemental note to the present code designed 1o "clear up misunderstanding as to what constitutes legal interference on a forward pass play." Under the interpretation ... it is believed officials in the future will not hew so close to the line in deciding interference as they have in the past. » : « REPORT SAYS THIS . . . The committee report, announced by Secretary W. S. Langford, has this to say about pass interference: "In order to clear up the misunderstanding on the part of some players and the public as to what constitutes legal interference on a forward pass play, the following was adopted: "During a forward pass play, it must be remembered that defensive players have as much right to the ball as the eligible opponents and bodily contact, however severe, between players who are making a *bona fide' attempt to catch or bat the ball shall not be construed as interference." « o -* The question of kicking a free ball . . . which provoked heated debate after Larry Kelley of Yale helped beat the Navy with what he termed an "accidental kick" o£ ·i fumbled punt . . . was answered with a clarification that makes such action illegal. The following insert was made in the present code: "A free ball lhat strikes or is struck by a portion ot a player's body other than his foot. Ruling: This is not to be considered as kicking a free bali." Thus, even should a player's foot accidentally come into contact with the ball, his side loses possession of it. Contact by other parts of the body is legal, o * * NEW RULE . . . ALMOST-- Tlic third clarification almost developed into a new rule which would require ineligible pass receivers to remain on the line of scrimmage. "The committee found it impossible to more definitely define the limitations put upon players ineligible to receive a forward pass,'" the committee said, "and seriously considered a further restriction to hold these men on the line of scrimmage. "No definite action was taken but in the hope of obtaining beltei control, the following note was adopted: "Unless coaches, assume the responsibility of. keeping ineligible players away from t h a t part of the field to which the forward pass is thrown, it will be necessary to adopt a rule requiring ineligible players to remain on the line ot scrimmage." o * i:= The only outright new rule written into the books was tha regarding an out-of-bounds kickoff. Under old rules . . . if the first kickoff went out, the kickers got another chance. If lhat kick went outside . . . the defenders put the ball in play on their own 40-yard line. Under the new rule, only one kickoff is allowed and if the bal goes out of bounds the receivers take possession on their own 35- yard line or in yards in from the point where it crossed the sidelines . . . i f that point i s furthei goal advanced than their own 35 "This will greatly simplify Ihe rule and the play and also wil lend lo speed up the game," the committee said. Numbering of players in fron and back was adopted after sue! a move w^s suggested by th coaches' association. Golden Gloves ENTRY BLANK Applications Must Be in By February 24th Name Age . , Address . . . Mall lo W. T. Irvine Masoii City, lown. MEET PAIRINGS ARE ANNOUNCED AT DES MOINE'S Wohawks to Play Lakevs in Sectional Tournament at Lions' Stronghold. DES MOINES, (IP)--George A. Jrown, executive secretary of the Iowa High School Athletic association, announced Monday night lie pairings lor the B4 boys' scc- i o n a 1 basketball tournaments itarting March , 4. North Iowa pairings also included the following: AT ACKLK1T CLASS A lUclelirfr vi. ityt. loiva Falls vs. B y r . Parkersburjc vs. Ilye. Acldey vs. Eldora. CLASS B H'tllsbur/r vs. life. Albion vs. Xew HarUord. Aflden vs. Owasn, Aplinglon V5. Hubbard. AT BURT CLASS A Titcmka vs. Bye. Aljrona vs. RmETsterl. Sivea City vs. Bye. Arvtronf vs. B u f f a l o Center » CLA.SS B Worieii vs. Rye, Maple Illll vs. Bye. Lcdyartl vs. Rj - e. Bancroft vs. G r a n t Ti\p. Seneca vs. Bye. TjQiierock vs. Bye. I.akola vs. Bye. Hurt vs. Fctiton. AT CHARLES CITY CLASS A C'harles Cifj- vs. IticevilJe. Nashua vs. New Hampton. CLASS B TluUil vs. Byr, Orchard vs. Bye. Ionia vs. Bye. Colwcll vs. rrtderickiburjr. Vlainficld vs. Bye. Little Cedar vs. Bye. Alta Vista vs. Frcderika. Klma vs, Floyd, AT CLEAR LAKE CLASS A Thompson vs. Bye. Mason City vs. Clear Lake Ilritt vs. Nora Springs. Forest City vs. Garner. CLASS It Crystal Lake vs. V e n t u r a . IlayfEeld vs. Ruck I-V.lts. llanloutown vs. Swalcdale. Klcmmc vs. Lelaitd. AT DECORAH CLASS A Crescn vs. Waulci»i. Ilecorah vs. Lansing. CLASS B Ridrciray vs. Bye. New Albin vs. Bye. I.awler vs. Bye. Fort A t k i n s o n vs. Bye. Ossian vs. Bye. I.itne Sprititrs vs. Byr. Harpers Ferry vs. Bye. Calmar vs. Chester. AT DOWS CLASS A Bclmond vs. Ea^le" Grove. ; " Clarion vs. Daws. CLASS II Alexander vs. Williams- Goodclt vs. ropcjoy. flalt vs. Itoiran. La timer vs. STcservey. 'AT EMiHETSBURG CLASS A West Bend vs. Bye. Kutlivcti vs. Bye. Spencer vs. Bye. Emmetsljurg vs. Gra el linger. CLASS B U'hittcmore vs. Bye. K n t h a l d vs. Bye. Mallard vs. Bye. Cornell vs. Dickens. Webb vs. Bye. Rotlmau vs. Bye, Ayrshire vs. Lake Center. Curlew vs. Cylinder, AT NORTIHVOOD CLASS A St. Ansgar vs. Bye. Kor Mi w o o fl vs. By e. Osagc vs. Ilye. Lake Mills vs. M a n l y . CLASS B Hake vs. Bye. OlrntilD vs. Bye. Mclntire vs. Byr. Graflon vs. Bye. Plymouth vs. Bye. Mitchell vs. Bye. Kenett vs. Byr. C a r p e n t e r vs. Vert tie. V AT RENWICK CLASS 'A Convith vs. Liver mo re. IIUmhoIcH vs. Katiawhn. CLASS B IVc.sley vs. Bye. Thor vs. Bye. Otlosen vs. Byr. r.nhiriehl v*. Bye. Vcrncn Twp. vs. Bye. llenwick vs. Bye. T.nverne vs. Bye. Bode vs. Dakota City. AT SHEFFIELD CLASS A S h e f f i e l d vs. Bye. Hampton vs, Bye. RockCnrit vs. Byr. Clarksvillc vs. Greene. CLASS B Thornton vs. Byr. Cliapln vs. Hansel). Marble Bock vs. Allison. D u m o n t vs. Geneva. GAZE! Statewide Hunt on for High School Court Aces Belmond High Cagers Stop for Conference BELMOND -- Belmond h i g h school nosed out Britt's prep basketball team here Monday night, 29 to 27, and Id to 14, in two games. The local junior high school'team won an intramura contest, 12 to 10. Dean Peterson led Ihe local first team's attack. Hayfield Hoopsters Win Forest City Go HAYFJELD--The Black Raiders defeated the Forest City Independents here by a score of 46 to 33 in a last appearance before their game at the North Iowa independent, where they play Hampton Tuesday night. Kid Leaguer Gets Indian Pact Many w h o s u f f e r from rectal troubles w o u l d quickly seek relief if they but knew or were familiar with modern rectal office methods. Modern rectal office practice cuts the cost, does not cause confinement, is painless, efficient and satisfactory. Dr.R.W.Shultz,D.O. 218-210-220 First National Bank Builrtinsr · Don Gugler, Council Bluffs American Legion Junior baseball player of a few seasons aso, now is with the Cleveland Indians, joining another Iowa youngster. Bob Feller. Ben Kubby, his attorney and adviser, looks on while the 20 year old, former University of Iowa athlete signs his first contract. Guglcr is a first baseman. Fourth Annual City Table Tourney Entries Are Open More Than 50 Paddlers* Expected to Play in Yearly Tussles. The fourth .annual Mason City table tennis tournament, sponsored by the Y. M. C. A. and Decker Brothers sporting goods shop, is expected to attract an entry list of more than 50 paddlers before the entry deadline Saturday night, Feb. 20. falls, Both singles and doubles tournaments will be held this year, and trophy cups will go to the winners in both divisions, with merchandise prizes for runnerup in each section. Entries may be made either at the Y. M. C. A. or Decker Broth- Y GAMES CHANGED Y. M. C. A. Commercial league basketball games scheduled for this week will be postponed, and the entire league program moved back one week, because of the North Iowa Independent tournament at the "Y" court on Wednesday night. ers' store. There is no entry fee.' All games are to be played at the Y. M. C. A. this year, the schedule to be announced after all entries are in. .TAYSEES TO PLAY IN CHAMP HANDBALL MEET Y. M. C. A. members attending junior college will compete for the jaysee title in a handball tournament. Entries close Friday, Feb. 26, at 6 o'clock, it was announced Tuesday. BOYS TO COMPETE IN BASKET-SHOOTING TEST A basket-shooting contest for members of the Y. M. C. A. boys' department will be held on two coming Saturdays, with the high school division competing this week-end, while the grade and junior high school event will be held Feb. 27. The boys will shoot 50 times each from varying angles and distances, each basket counting one point. TWO TEAMS WIN IN BOYS' LEAGUE RACE Appling to Be Happy With One of Biggest Paychecks for Work CHICAGO, (fl 5 )--Luke Appling, r ho won the American league Jatting title last season, is going lo become the highest paid of all Dalt players developed by the Chicago White Sox. Appling, who has asked a S20,- 000 contract for 1.937, Monday was offered $17,500 by Lou Comiskey, Sox president, and if and when 10 accepts that figure Appling will hit an all-time high for players trained p anct brought up by the club. Comiskoy, who previously had offered Appling a 515,000 salary plus a $2,500 bonus-attendance clause, said he expected Appling's 'gned contract within a few days. Waldorf Cagers to Play Added Tussle FOREST CITY--The Waldorf college basketball team will play the St. Olaf freshmen Tuesday evening at the high school gym in Forest City in a recently scheduled game. nivisio.v A Alley Hals .............. R o u g h Riders ............ T r o j a n s , . ..... . . . . . . Ilast Sidf. r r r s h j - l e r l a n . . Roosevrll C u h i . DIVISION' IV. Ill J.. I Hrmvnie;. . 8 l.hirnfn X r p h y r s 1 7looscvc]l Mohawks 3 Flying Rob CaU n The Northsiders won the Division A and the Brownies the Clasb B Y. M. C. A. boys' basketball titles, according to final league standings announced Tuesday by Herb Templin, physical director. Rochester Oil Team Beats Cresco Squad CRESCO -- Rochester, Minn.'s DX Oilers defeated the Cresco Tankers, 35 to 29 Monday night in a see-saw independent basketball game. Crcstro led at (he quarter, fl to G, at the halt, 17 lo 1-1, and lost the advantage lo Rochester in the t h i r d period, the Minne- sptans taking a 28 to 23 lead. Gophers Top Cage League on Iowa Win Minnesota Takes Lead for Early Half of Week as Purdue Helps. Gophers on Top MINNESOTA--1.1 I1OWA--.17 it II ptl Kutidla (· -1 I :l|SU|ilieiiK t £er t (I [I L[Jnhnsolt I Additielou * R U -1|ljees c IlaU'erson t I II lllDreen c .Mauley o I X :i|V')ss'clyke JUkI c I II :.|Thimnso[\ Lillyl.liicl o II U II.llubby e Johnson Sccback N'ash K 1 ] !t 1 1 r: 1 It n 5 H1J TOTALS Score at half; Minnesota ^;i; Free Uvrow own 8. Official*: KcCercc, Chicago: IVesleyan. lit 11 1ft Jcnva III. ii.scd: M i n n e s o t a John Sclinmtnrr. Ike Craic, Illinois 111G TLN S T A N D I N G S Mtiuicsuta Purdue ' Illinois lUieliipan , Ohio Stat Indiana rlliM-cslc consfn 'a Chicago .. CHICAGO, (/P)--The Golden Gophers of Minnesota, one of the pre-season "dark horse" entries, and sharpshooting Jewell Young of Purdue had Big Ten basketball fans talking Tuesday. Minnesota led the pack in the hot title scramble, its 43 to 37 victory over Iowa Monday night giving the Gophers n record of six wins and one defeat. Young, as his part of a spectacular evening in \vhich eight - teams saw action, held a tie for the modern Big Ten one game individual cord--2D points. scoring re- St. Louis Browns in Chain Store System ST. LpUIS, (#)--Nine clubs now are included in the SI. Louis Browns' major league farm system, wit]) the addition Monday of the Superior, Wis., club of the Northern (Class D) league. The Browns will work with Superior through DCS Moincs, the Western league link, Gerald Hol- 1 a n d, publicity director, announced. that Birthday or Anniversary! There's no more welcome gift than a box of the famous Whitman's Chocolates and Confections. A complete and fresh stock at all times. Hickey Bros, Cigar Stores IN THE HOTEL HANFORD MASON CITY, IOWA Purdue defeated Illinois, recent conference pace setters, fil to 34, and Young's brilliant offensive performance stole the show. Tics 1933 Record. He bagged 13 field goals and three free throws, tying the previous modern game scoring mark set in 1333 by Joe Reiff, Northwestern, against Chicago. Young is leading the individual scoring race with 129 points in eight games. Minnesota, in taking over first place as Illinois antl Purdue went nto t tie for second, was better .han the Hawkeycs almost from the opening whistle. Johnny Cundla, speedy sophomore forward, bagged 11 points while GOJ«- don Addinglon scored 12. Iowa flashed a rally in the second pe- :iod but could not keep the pace md the Gophers raced through a tired Hawk defense to win. lUit'liiffan in fliimii/ifr. Michigan stnuck ^in the title r u n n i n g by walloping Indiana's faltering Hoosiers 55 to 31. It was CAGE STARS OF STATE TO EARN PLACE ON TEAM "Jury of 1,000" to Ballot (or Young Experts in Annual Voting. DES MOINES (IDPA)--The statewide search for Iowa's best ligh school basketball players of 1937 is on. Once again the Iowa Daily ?ress association, of which the Globe-Gazette is a member, will call upon high school coaches and officials of the state to help select representative all-Iowa high school basketball team. Polling of coaches and officials, of whom there are more than 1,100 in the state, will be conducted through the sports departments of the 31 daily newspapers in the IDPA. In Mason City's trade territory, the balloting will be ban- dice! by Al Mitchell, sports editor of the Globe-Gazette. "Jury of 1,000" Votes. With the assistance oC the now- famed "Jury of. 1,000," as the coaches md officials collectively are called, the Iowa Daily Press selected the outstanding all-star ligh school basketball teams of the state in 1934, 1935 and 1930. Plans call for making selections of the fourth annual IDPA all- state teams the most representative ever chosen. For one thing, member papers will comb their respective territories with record- breaking thoroughness so that the final selections will constitute the greatest consensus of sports opinion ever gathered in Iowa. Choose Three Teams. Three honorary teams will be named and every Iowa high school player, whether he be on the cage rosier of a large school or small, will be entitled to consideration in the balloting. Eight players will be named on each of the first, second and thirc teams. Honorary positions to be. filled on each squad include three forwards, two centers and three guards. Besides the honored 24, players whose ability is deserving of statewide recognition but who land outside the three top flights will be listed on the honorable mention roll. One Crown Is Claimed With Goodell's Win Wcsl Union Tumbled Down From Driver's Seal in League Loss. N O R T H E A S T IOWA \ crly \Vcsl Union ukm v Hampton ge Cliarlcs City Decorah Oeltvctn Nastnia Crcsco l.nnn .KH'J SI:VI:N LAGLES j o o d c l ] xlctninc Crystal Lake ilayriclil l.UOfl ."»(! One North Iowa high school basketball title was settled last week, while another league saw jne ot its leaders drop for the first lime in the season. In the Seven Eagle conference, joodcll clinched the crown for the third season in a row, beating Kanawha, 13 to 12, while IClemme .vas moving into second place by running over Hayfield, 75 to 18. Crystal Lake avenged an early CLEANERS TO PLAY Marshall and Swift's Cleaners announced Tuesday that their game with Schukci Chevrolet of Waterloo would complete a doubleheader attraction scheduled for Tuesday night at the Mason City high school court. The junior college was to open the program, opposing Grinncll's freshmen. defeat by slopping Woden, 2' to 18. West Union dropped out of firs place in the Northeast Iowa con ference, losing its first game ii nine starts to Waukon in a returi contest, 31 to 28. The Waukon fiv won in the final minutes, afte West Union had led all the wa} {Continued on N'cxl J'aKt) a fifth win for the Wolverines and a i.fourlh defeat for Indiana. John Townsend paced Michigan to victory, accounting for 19 points, while the Michigan defense was so effective that Ken. Gunning and Bob Etnirc, star Indiana forwards, could total but 13 points. Ohio State came from behind lo win its sixth game, defeating Northwestern 33 to 30. The defeat was Northwestern's f i f t h in seven starts. Brouillard Beaten on Foul in France PARIS, (fl'l--Lou Brouillard let out a howl lhal could almost be hoard back in his Massachusetts home Tuesday as he protested his night's foul verdict that meant a third straight failure in his efforts lo win Marcel Thil's claims to the world middleweight boxing title. In a bout lhat was almost n duplicate of their meeting a yeai ago, Thil retained his international boxing union championship recognition when he won on a foul in Ihe sixth round. MIKE JACOBS IN CHICAGO TO SET NAMES ON LINE -.uncheon Party to See Pen Dragged Out for Huge Signing Spree. By EARL HILLIGAN CHICAGO, (/P)--Everyone wore broad smile along Chicago's icavyweiglit title bout front Tues- lay -- M i It e (Stutter-Sunshine) ncobs of New York had put oul he good word. The yood word, .said Jacobs as ic slopped here on his way lo CaiiKiis City, was lhat "ev'cry- liing is all set" for a James J. 3raddock-Joc Louis 15 round title 'ighl here next June. There has been, at one time and mother, apprehension in some circles as to whether there would be any fight. But when Jacobs, 'ho holds exclusive rights to lOiiis' services, said that every- hing is "all set," the boys lif,- jrcd Jim and Joe were as good ns in the ring. Even rian Luncheon, Jacobs' assurance lhat the fight will be held even induced a Chicago hotel chef lo start planning i big luncheon for next Friday loon. At that time litlcholder Jim and challenger Joe will sign ar- .icles for the bout, and there were ndicalions the long awaited penmanship parly will be one of. the best ever. Even the New York boxing commission has received an invi- :alion--or nt least one o£ its members has. Col. D. Walker Wear was Invited by Matchmaker Joe Foley to attend the ceremony, .but Colonel Wear intimated he might be among those missing. He declined to disclose what action the New York body has taken or will take on the Chicago light in view of Braddoclc's contract to meet Max Schmcling in New York. No Concern on Site. No one seems particularly concerned about site or date, or at least that's what everyone is trying to make everyone else believe. The Chicago park board, controlling Soldier Field, was to decide today whether it would charge 10 or 15 or 25 per cent of the gate receipts in the event the promoters want to rent the 130,000 scat stadium. If. it's 10 per cent the bout may be put on there June 15. If it's more than 10, the battle was expected to be staged June 22 · at Comiskey park, home of ths White Sox, where 75,000 fans can be accommodated. · Louis, who meets Natie Brown .it Kansas Cily Wednesday night, will return here Thursday. Champion Braddock will appear at a charily show in Pittsburgh Wednesday before continuing to Chicago for Friday's ceremony. Sacred Heart Cage Squad Takes Scrap CHARLES CITY--Sacred Heart of Oelwein defeated Immaculate Conception academy here Monday night 35 to 10, Kirby and Aellio leading the allnck with 10 and R points respectively. Immaculate Conception scored two points the first half and Sacred Heart 15. Jack Netf, for Immaculate Conception, led his team with 5 points. I RECKON IT'S THE MILD, .... SMOOTH FLAVOR OF RA. THAT MAKES IT ESPECIALLY POPULAR. IT'S PACKED IN TIN TOO- EASY TO HANDLE P! A. STAYS PUTIN THE PAPER LIKE A MAN WANTS 1TTO. DRAWS SLOW, COOL.AND EASV ROLL'EM FROM SUN-UP TO SUN-DOWN AND THERE'S NEVER A*TONSUE-BITE' WITH PRINCE ALBERT BEING A TEXAS COW P U N C H E R . M c G i n l y (nt'ai-f) is hard t" Tool when il comes to the right "mnkin's." "Finefill ever iliil run acrosR is Prmce Albert." he says. LOADS UP HIS TRUCK-- Lhcn up n P. A. r o l l - y o u r - n w n . 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