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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, February 24, 1818
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JfEX.TOHlCi.ri .VSQTCZT..; . TUESDAY FEE, JJAiXM 'X. aori of a. seasmitfse ess lA wl;eel ojtr - oerisawA rxapUetwl: tUt liiJei - Consisting ftlUlMMBt Of U it Conceived U I lb - . vailing causa f jmirjasristn te Out city, wRh gii reUU v to the i tedsT' liutaLI rcmedlei, ' a4cMcIavi)wUttttaualHf e cotrstitution for ' the MtnuMbt ef the fftm - M Satiety fir fapreoenli fpavpritm.n ' X7a have Tt3 ' :wila tome attention 4bb pmphlt, which, i r, - written is a plai bat neat style, and caaeot txit . applaud tbe industry sod wdeEty with which it . ' it compiled, a wall a the Tery judicious obser . vtle Remnant, If wt aaight venture, how. . ef, to expret ny dTsaoal from the ptaioa of . as respectable a romarittoo, we should be teett - " 0J to say tt aim at too much j that ft k rather toe tpeculatlve as to Us eui of paoparta, 'nod too afensr - e m (be proposed nasediee - - net, fcdthstaflykjctk)Djiiiutaiiyoae of V Cuaa nssedise, let the efprebensioa k that by atlem - tlny aiora lbaaiapractieaU effort will ;.. The following an the more prominent caam of poverty etramemted by tba committee, at ,': pmakiattatUictty t it,'.V. - . .. . K Ignorance j ttisinsr either from inbarant Aulbesa, ef tram Want jf opportonlUat of im t, idleaest. l Whoa it become habitual, it - the occasion ef sneering in ramifies. ', ."ifc Inttaniarn at drinking;. f ' 4. ant of economy r ' '., ;v ' ,' 4 . , . 5. Imprudent and ha.y marriages. - - .' Lotteris and self created lottery insurance v 7. Ftombrokan. Ttwaatablithmantoftbeaa office! it C0Qudcrt4 a very anlavoraUa to the Biiddle and iafcrior clatMf. , - '8.; float of Ul fame.' &maf "the cause of povart," thoai bootee, vhere all tba bat. bora paaaotta are etienderd where the vilest jwflifacy rectitet a forced culture, miut bold ' . 9. The BaaMrotM chari tabic iiutitntiona of the dty, . Tba oomaiittee by ao meant intend to caat aa taducriminate oaotara upoa tbota intti to that, aor to implicaie the jnotires of any one oftbua. Bot It sot the partial and ttmporary food.tbejf aocomplith aaora than covnterbalu - ed by tba evila that flow froaa the expectation they aecaawrily excite ; by the relaxation ufin - dotcry wbka tucb a ditplay of benevolence . teodt to prodoce .' kc.kc. ffurti of thit na - tawe, Willi whatever seal they aaay be condaot - ad, never aflect the rameval of poverty, not leeteo tta geoeral aaoant ; bat iodifeoce and helpleea - aeat wiD aialUply in the rati of Ihoee Beatara arhkh are ottenaibly taken to prevent them doth are the cootequencea of every avowal oa the part of the peblic of a determioatioa to tup. port th indigent by the adminutrttion of almi.t LatUy. War, aa one of the mott abaodant eMrcet of poverty and vice.. ' ' Such are the catuei which art contidered at the more prominent and operative ia producing that amount of indigence aud tuflering, .which nwakeoa the charity of the city, and which hat occaaioned the erection of baildingt tor eleemo - tynary parpoeet, at an expenie of half a millioo Of dollara, and which calli for the annual expence of 90,000 dollar more. ... - . r The committee then proceed to point ont the meant which they contider bett calculated to , meliorate the condition of the poorer cbutea, and to strike at the root rthote evilt that go to the increase ef poverty and Us attendant miie - .lies.... . - I . : ' 1. To divide the city into very small districts nnd to appoint from the members of the society, - two or three visiters for each district, whose duty it shall be, to become acquainted with the inhabitant of the district, to visit frequently the families of those who are in indigent circumstances, to advise them with respect te their busines, the edacatioa of their children, the economy of their booses, to administer encouragement or admoni tion, as they may find occasion." ' The visitors to keep an accurate register of the names of those whs reside within their respective districts, to notice every rhaoge of residence, and to annex suck observation to the names of thoie who claim their particular attention, as will enable . them to fire every needful information with re - epect to their character, reputation, habits, fcc.J . X. Te aocoaragt and aieUt the laboring cla - ea to make the most of their earnings, by pro moting the establishment of a Saving Bank, or of Benefit feoieties, Life Insorances, Ac. 3. Te prevent, by ell Ugal mani, the accet of paopers, who are not entitled to n legal resi deoce in this city J .. , , , 4. To ditceurage street - begging. . (. To aid in furnishing employment, to those who cannot procure it, either by the establish ment ef ho wet of honest findortry, or by rap - ply in g material! for domestic labor. Anitttwrt tf epvueis that th Steiefy fir th prematura ef Iniwlry1 dtttntt Me thmkt tht commvxi - fy, end that the iubtitnultd tmef veil dtrtctti m I n criminal commerce of the sexes, (ssyt an eminent modern divine and celebrated philosopher,) corrupts and depraves the mind and moral character, more than any one single species of vice whatever " - AT l 1 ' '. ... i i una vivwt nwiuoa an exception it found m the Hovte f Industry, and in all initi - tutioos en rimilar principlet. Bat I hope shortly ie find Usse to treat this subject more at large in this paper. " Thit has become an imperative doty, tince the legislature, by the late act has, unjustly, I think, taken away a great part of the fundi they formerly allowed the city towards the support of foreign poor. I Experience, I had presumed, had lour since sWwnlheimpracticnty of this system of d. audliary viiU. They would never be submit - even if exercked with all the mildness and delicacy of the amiable chairman himself. La - ' dies, indeed, may possibly do 'Jus with females, at ! , j t : 8, To r Irfse aiT "rom tLspenirg ef ,!v cm ef WorsUp in tU enter . ward of the oty, :eaa&r insUtMOene where licenUoosnemsithe meet prevalent. Thia sebjsct k Considered ef vital Woportance. . . ' - - . - - " - . - . 7!. . - r 1 - . , T. Te promote W aavaneesnen m ovj Khoojif' - VvM f - - V - : J - "; Te eontrfve nyltsi, V 'posJll Irjf which the dmrUiea of Ihe town may flow la one chan - net and be diftribnted in ConformHy to a weB re - rnlatsl rrsUm. - , ., t. Te obtain the aboliboa of the greater nam W ef shops, in htch spiritaon liquor are told bylicnaa.w t - - - '. The report conclude with the foHowiDg pv rsgrsph. , ,We once .more recommend the snbject to the earnest consideration ef all classes of people, - r y - v. - - v.. MToconcIade, the committee ha by no means mtenJed, in the freedom with which it has thus examined the causes of pauperism and suggest - ed remedies, '.to encourage the expectation that the' whole of the remedies can be speedily brought within the - power and control of the so ciety. . A. work of ao much importance te the public weUare cannot be the basinets of a day bat we, nevertheless, entertain - the hope, that if the principle and design of this society, shall, apoo mature examination and reflection, receive the approbation ef the great body of pur intelli gent fellow citixens, and the number of its mem bersbe augmented accordingly, it will be able, gradually, to bring within its operation, all the important measure suggested in this report. By what particular mode these measures shall be encountered, accomplished whether through the agency of large aad efficient committee of this society, or by auxiliary societies, each established for a specific purpose, under the pa tronage of the parent institution, and subordi - aate to Its general principles, we leave to the wisdom and future decision of the society. On behalf of the committee, . . ' . . JOHN GRISCOM, Chairman." ,"Boundbrook,(N. J.)Fsb.l9, 1818. Tt Mturt. Coleman k Bumham : M Gentlemen I herewith enclote von aa advertisement of my homestead, to be inserted in your two papers, country; and dtv. one month i the end of which time, if you will send voor mi, n huui urn uucoargea oy X our bumble servant, . M t. 8. I am told it is customarv for lha printers of daily and weekly papers in N York, topQbliah any advertisements in the country paper, if it t desired, without any additional charge ; and presume von will conform tn th custom that other do." , ANSWER. We shall answer the above letter publicly, because it b a subject that, in order to prevent similar applications, we wish to dispose of once for all. . If such, then, is the custom with any other printers in this city, (but we are inclined to believe there is some mistake,) it is a custom which, In our opinion, is w more htntred in tht brtaeh than tht kservanot,' nnd which we shall certainly never adopt Those who do, If there are any, are not envied the pretevence they may thus acquire by nnder - selling the Evening Pest. Every one who, advertises, is left to calculate for himself the different advantage of inserting bis notice in one paper or the ether i We repeat it, we never shall hang oat such a bait to lara uihtooornct, v ' I The Columbian ays the New - Tork delega tion in a body expressed their wish to the council that Mr, Bancliff should be removed. The Advocate ssys he has the best reason to be lieve they did not j but if he was to be remo ved, then they wished Mr. Paulding to be ap pointed, " simply because he was not a mem ber of the legislature." Crtdat Judtcw Af - pula, nen ege. The governor of Havana issued n decree on the 30th January, granting to all foreigner in that island, after five years residence, the full privileges of a native Spaniard, in - entering vessels at the custom - houie, holding property, Ac. i i . . . The Advocate wonder why w doct re - pub liih the intercepted letter of E. W. Rebinton, shewing that an intrigue has already been set on foot to further Mr. CliatonS views on the next presidency. Mr. Noah is informed that if he will satisfy us that the letter came into his pos session fairly, and is a genuine letter, it shall be re - publiahed In the Evening Post. Governor Plainer, of New - Hampshire, has appointed Thursday the 2d day of April next, to be observed as a day of public humiliation, fast ing and prayer throughout that state. Ctiloeok is under consideration. If publish ed, it most be divided. Will the writer him self do this f Mr. Coleman.' Your late corKvpoodent, under the signature of M Conjecture," has eiren an iueenioos but hoi correct explanation oi me deviation Uiu year from the strict rule of fixing Easter. The civil and ecclesiastical day are one and the tame ; the astronomical day does not eater into the account. The truth is, it is one of those minute deviations irom ue sincmw oi uio pnnainr, wiucn is ne cessarily inherent in every practical rule, anpli ed to so complex a suhji - ct as the regulation of Ite caienaar. ai acci'iutia, presineni oi me royal society, st the time of iatrod jcir.2 the XJree - rise stile ioto Lngland, says Thoogh the Gregorian method of fiodinr the time oTEatter he not quite exact, but is liable to some errors, yet all other practical methods of doing it, would be so too." Indeed, those acquainted with the sub ject know, that the mott exact oo rati on of time. w om an ipprv&iauuvii v uj uyui. c.ipt iui a patsus; moment, we are always eitner too fast or too slow. Toe rule for Coding Eater was Grtt adopted at the coaocil of Mio, A. D. 355, in order to cre ate aniforniity in tiie time of holding it. In do - . ... . - ai r 1 1 . . l - . - lug uu, iutj icii iqio two errort. r irn, in tup - posi their Dotation of time was so exact, tbet ine vereai equinox would always fall, as tt did that year, on theilrt March, which kd them to put that date in their rale, tn,t - ad of the vernal equinox. Secondly, in adoiitinc the evele of 19 years, as Uie pert ml oi time in which the motions f th ?a m iaa P"1 througn all their vn - S&5 TSSSLVJ bers, called the golden oumbers, aad estaburhed 00 Uu catca'ation, the tables for finding batter for the future. Tbe rontwuenc of the fin! eror, wa that the Julian calendar - on which they went, fkllicg behind the real time II mm. .oUdka 171, whew the new stile was mtro - jcad into Emrland. to 1 1 day. The anemce nf Use second error vans this : in 19 JuU an years, the new moons would tall earlier than ine caienri boa neariy one hear and a half, making aa error of I day in 310 years. The inconvenience rem hint from Ms erroneous calcu lation was so tensibly felt, that in 1682, under the patronage ef Gregory the great, who than filled the penal throne, a reformation in the ca lendar was introduced, appronimating to the troth, bat still not exact This did not find its way bate England until 1753, when the civil notation of time had fallen back 11 days, and the ecclesiastical bad advanced Sdayst so that the calendar was corrected by advancing the civil notation, 11, and the ecclesiastical 8 uays. It is on these principles, . therefore, that the tablss for finding barter nave been constructed. and not on the precise calculation oi tne mam dual full moons. That they sometimes vary, is well known j but those slight variations are more than compensated by the advantage of general rale which we know to be as accurate as the case admits of, since it is the result or tne com bined science of the rreatest astronomers. ' The Episcopal church, have, therefore, sir, fallen into no error : to secure uniformity in the celebration of Easter, they have adopted a rule as nerfsct as the nature of the case admitted of. The variation of this year was not the result of error or ignorance, bot foreseen ana acknowledged ever since the adoption of the Gregorian calendar.' All tbe tables since that time give the fist March as the Pascbal full moon for the year 1814 1 although by calculation they were aware that it actually fell 9 hours 4 mm. later The rule and tbe principle of n rule are two different things. In morals, indeed, the rule is interpreted by the principle, but in things arbitrary, it supercedes it - Thus, in the present case, although the principle of the rule be the full moon of the vernal equinox, the rule itself is that equation of time which has been formed upon it. Tbe reason for selecting tbe vernal equinox as the criterion, was to keep Easter day a near as possiDie to tne period oi tne jewun passover. rne motive for the adoption or a geoeral rote, was the preservation of uniformity. . Both these are attained : Easter is celebrated as near as possible to the period of the year in which the oieena event u celebrates actually took place ; and all churches that keep it at all, keep it on tbe sane dy. All, therefore, that is important in the rule, is preserved; the theory on which its first framers went, is to us a matter of little importance. , t AN EPISCOPALIAN, cesrsrcxicATioB - . I am pleased to observe by the advertise ments in the paper of the day, that Mr. Stan - lialas proposes to continue his exhibitions one week longer at Mechanic Hall. They have been attended by some of the first company in this city, and I have never heard of a person's coming away dissatisfied. They will convince every one that deception at cards roav be prac tised without the possibility of beinr detec ted", and consequently will convey a very in - sxrucuve lesson to youtn. a UTlZbtf. LIST! LIST! O LIST! f . Hem Shakspeare. TIIE TAILORS AGAIN. To the Editor of the American Daily Advertiser. cir I he itaytape and buckram fraternity, by their late petition to congress, are likely, I think, to get tnemseivet properly trxtmned. A lew good frtmmingt, would, however, be' of great service to intra. Booty oreeehet havin ; prtutd them rather too hot with his tron - y Pantaloon hat stepped iu to their rebel, and has told us, that wnue ine ciem, wnicn m imported, naa to uav n duty, a man may bring ever from England a pair oi orcccna wuooui pay mg any, particularly, wr maysjppose, ir it aneeM so happen, that be should chance to brine - hi, umt a tbem. ot comet 8. who having taken Bobby at a pattern, I snail not ao - tcani upon ws piece at present. Yet, sir, upon n fair examination of the ease, it will be found that much may be said for, as well as against them. But let us see, in the first place, what reasons they rive for their (as 8. calls it,) abominable extortion. We $nd then, that when any remonstrance is made to these gentlemen upon the subject of Uteir charges,, their countenance be. come immediately enercwf, and after hemming a ultle, tne thread of their discourse rum imme diately upon their journeymen, as being the cause and tneir cneier becomes ratted in tucb an on seem - ly manner, as not to not a man of plain hm out! tnus tne poor journeymen nave to pocket the things which areooM upon them by their tmpuyert. an u it, sir, any matter of wonder, thit a man wbo has a geese to work with should attempt to feather his own nest. On the other hand, it may be said of them, that they are piece stokers, and K is well known that their mea sures are frequently marked with the names of some of tne nrtt men in' the country, which would eem to give some refer to their proceed ings. Their influence upon mankind, is indeed greaterftban you might, at first view, be induced to suppose, for they can not only lover a man's eofsr when foe high, but can take it away altoge - tner, ana tney not only equip the understanding with what is both useful and ornamental, but can, where found to be bad or deficient, furnish him with new habitt. It may very fairly be inferred, I think, that they do not wish to cabbage the whole of the profits, fotn the circumstance of their cutting out their teert by the theart. They are. how ever, a little paradoxical, for, as was before ob served, though they arc piece maker, perad - venture there is no class of men do more at cuf - fin than they do And unlike the farmers. wbo sow httle and reap much, they t much, and rip but little. Thus, you will perceive Sir, that though Bobby wished to erive them a tatting, if he bad only have fumed the snbject he would have found them entitled to some credit. But as yoo, a well as they, may pos siblv think you have had enough of this, ii may be needle to pursue the pn further than juit to beg, if you have any traul room in your paper, you wm ttuen Uiis in a corner of it. and oblige UUXlt SIDES. . SINGULAR NEWS. Extract ol a letter from an intelligent French gentleman, dated Natchez, dept. 3. A gentleman lately from Mobile anj St. Stephens, ha the Alabama territory, has informed me that the French colony on the Tombigbee was rapidly increajing that, besides the four towwhips of land ceded tn them by the United Stales, they intended to purchase several townships more ; that the persons at the head of this enterprising people are immensely rich, being owners of more than ten millions of the capital stock of tbe bank of the United States, besides of .mmense sums indifferent banks in Lurope that they nave been exploring tne sca - coast to select a proper place to erect a ship - ) aril thai they have formed a plan to rescue Bonaparte from bis pruon, which will undoubtedly suc ceed ; that they intend building a fleet of men of wares peculiar coast ruclno.tor employing about two thousand ship - caneoters and wtber tradesmen next winter ; that as soon as this fleet is built, they intend manning it with Yankee tars, and with this and co - op ratio forces from France and Italy, tailing under various prelen ces, they calculate to execute their plan mechanics for erecting stetm saw mills, for tawing sb'p timber, hsd arrived from Philadelphia. Xy informant adds that bt has conversed with some of the most respectable members of the tolooy, one of whom told him, that all the spaniih Americas provinces had proposed to Joeph Bonaparte, through agents tent to him at his resi - dnc near WiiielphiaT lhal they would M - cognise him as kic; ef Spam, and assist with me and money, to replace him on the throne, as na tiarc both, if a revolution take place m tbe mother country t that Joseph party in Old Soeia was very powerioi, ana tui mere was no uoaDi on wwiu im inuu tha coarse of the next summer by all tbe disaf i L . T 1 k - 1 in fected of that country, who were nearly two - Ihirds of tbe nation, and thai tne army wouu join bis party, fte. ' IOOr oneuieoi numoie (arrant, BAPTISTE PIEREUX. Extract to the Editor, dated Harrkbnrr. February 19th, 1811 The Senate ihk dav resumed in committee of tbe whole tbe consideration oi tne report in istut of William Cobbett; wbee tbe committee rose liter ranorted arainrt the rBDOrt of the committee. and the question on agreeing to the report of the committee of the whole wes decided by yeas and nays, as follow, to wit Yeas SO. Nay 9. As toon as the Senate bad decided against the claim of Mr. Cobbett, who was present in tbe gallery, be immediately came forward ana presented to the Speaker a letter which wns mod before the - Senate as follows, v : ' To tbe Honorable, tbe Senate and House of tie - presentatives of tbe Commonweaitn oi renn vlvania. in enaral AtMtnblv met. The petition of William Cobbett, an Englishman, ... . - .a a s n s nevnO Ibis isnu cay oi lenruary, toie. Mod Remectfullyihetoctk - - Tbat your petitioner bu beard, with inexpressible surprise, that the Senate of the Common weaitn has rejected tne petition isieiy pmsemcu tn that konorabla bodv bv vour petitioner; that seeing Ihe flagrant enormity of the injustice of wbicb be complained, Be eonnuenuy nope , ma. such rejeetion has arisen from some great misunderstanding as to the circumstances of his case ; that he, therefore, most respectfully but most earnestly prays, that the honorable the Senate will, without loss of time, be pleased to permit him to appear in person at the bar of their honorable House, there to support the prayer of his said petition ; that he feels the more confidence in the making of this respectful request, since it appears that his petition nas been opposed upon arguments drawn from the laws and usage of England, where similar reauests under similar cir cumstances, nre never refused ; and he finally begs leave to be permitted to stale (wuicn oe does with the'mort profound respect) that a sense nf Hutv towards his own beloved country and his sovereign, his love of truth and justice, his attach ment to real and nis naireaoi snnm ireeuuui,rc the principal motives of this bis most respectful petition. IT IU. lVODLII. The foregoing petition was laid on the table. On Thursday, Wm. Cobbett sent a petition to the house of representatives, prayine that hit case, which had been defeated in the senate, might be investigated by tbe house. 1 be petition, we are informed, was considered rather in decorous by the members. Among other things ha says, " England has naa ner Jennes, ana Pennsylvania her M'KeanV' and by invidious comparisons, made out that M'Kean was the worse of the two expressions not vary palatable to many of the members ; be that as it may, without waiting for a decision on his petition, he took stage immediately after, and left tba town. At Mr. Cobbett has returned to Philadelphia we presume he bad no hope of being permitted to plead his cause at the bar of tbe Senate. It would have been an indulgence heretofore un known in our Legislature. DEFEAT OF THE PATRIOTS IN MEXICO. Trantlated from the Havana Diary of January IS, received at ine ojjice of the tSaUxmore t a - trial. Despatch from Col. Joaquin Marque y Do natio, to the Viceroy of Mexico. Glokv to the Gon or Armies I Fort of Cepere, 1st Dec 1817, half pott 7, P. M. Most txcxtxxirr bin Last night I advanced my batteries within pistol shot of the enemy's fort, and there 1 erected another battery Onpn - tite tba principal nata with twa pieees of artillery. At t o'clock in tbe morning, tbe fire begun tnrougb all tne line, to wnicn tne enemy answer ed as they bad done beiore. ibis last battery did them a great deal of injury, opened e large breach, and dismounted one cannonade. When I perceived this, 1 disposed myself to tbe assault, and for this effect, at dark, I united the three companies of mnadiers of Ordene and Alobe - ra, and marched with tbem to the breach, having learned by some deserters that the enemy wanted to escape on account of the great injury be suffered from our artillery After bavins filled up tbe trenches, I placed myself at the bead of the eolumn wilb my adjutants, lapt. Martinez and Guerrero, and Lt Marques, having ordered before the capt. of the regiment of Mexico, Don Ramon de la Madrid, to asault on the left, with 40 men of the battalion of St. Louis. This was to Dromotlv executed, that an enemv't runner was surpnted with a match in bis band ; he bad no time to fire n gun, which was loaded with rrape. Tbe enemy beno to throw themselves through a narrow pass, called las Cuevas de Pas trana, for wbicb reason I ordered Lt Col. Barra das, assisted by Capt. Rayon, as his guide, to fol low them, by which movement we took 95 rebels, with their arms, and a great number of wo men. Amongst the prisoners are Col. Piedro Rodriquex, Major Ignatio Bales, and the adjutant of the chief Bravo. We bave found in the fort 6 pieces of artillery, munitions, arms, and several other effect. A number of our enemies were laying, some wounded, and some dead. God preserve your excellency many years, JOAOUIH MiRocri t Dowallo. The Havana papers of the 27th and 28th ult are filled with particulars of this capture, which as we present the despatch containing the decis ion oi the affair, we consider unnecessary to publish. Col. Donatio confesses, that in all the military operations in which he has been an act' or, in both hemispheres, be never has eipenen ced so severe privations, bis army bavins been several days without sleeping, and destitute of out a verv small share ol provisions, set Irom his own account he did not lose a man ! He re. commends, in consequence of this victory, more tnan nitv tupenor officers tor promotion, pnnci puny coioneit ana major. The despatch also states, that many were fore ed down precipices, and otherwise destroyed which tbe colonel deeply laments, as many women and children, wishing to follow their bus - bands and fathers, met with a similar fate, and were destroyed. One of the rcbtlt, as they are called, being aboat to full into tbe hands of the victors, killed bis young sou, the latter being at tbe time almost dying from want The total of the prisoners taken nt Copnro, was 277 amongst wboin were Mauuel Ssncedo, vicar general and colonel in the army. Col. Rodriguez, be. Tbe total of arms, 228 rifles, pistols and muskets, end the flag belonging to the batlal - lin of the union. The Viceroy, on receiving these accounts, has advanced all the officers engaged, one grade, and has directed tbat the soldiers should wear a medallion, with the motto, 'For the capture of Coporo." He has also ordered that several of the chief officers taken prison ers should be hanged ; and the others pardoned, by sentencing them to years bard labor, or to serve eight years in tbe army, as tbey msy se lect. The force of the rovalittt in this effslr, is not mentioned ; but from tbe number of superior officers recommended for promotion, it most he presumed to nave been great TRENTON, Feb. 13. On the 15th fast about 6 o'clock in tbe after onon, a daring and partially succraful attempt, vat made by two ol the convirta in the New. Jrtey state - prison, near this place, to enact a gab end release of tht prisoner confined that institution. At the time the pmoner were as sembled in the large room, after sapper, pre - rions to their being conducted to their several places of coon - tcent for the nirht, two of tbe nan.t adroit and daring among tbem, wbo bad chatted and prepared tbe undertaking, tue - ceeded in maklBS fceirway i, tod la epeninf ,K. mlul dnar laaaulST 10 Uie auirj va w keeper's apartment, and thence ont of the pri - r.J. hid armed himself with a bayonet froeatherua shop. They rushed Into the keeper's office, where were himself and son - in - law. and there seined eacn a mnsnei wiu, onet (from the arms kept for tbe security of th v . ..... i ami kiama. prison.) iney cene ine apr - - paoioa to be quiet at their peril, who, however, .r :n.ex4uai aitamnt to ret at the arms, made their escape from tbe office, and raised aa alarm. The desperado men w.ui .. w their fellow prisoners in the long room, threw open the door, told them the way was elear, and to make their escape. This invitation, from tbe ignorance of tbe others of what had taken place, was not embraced with that alacrity that it probably would bave been, bad they known at the time tbe real ttate of things and two of their companions, who were among the first that gamed tbe grated door opening te tbe entry ol the keeper's apartments and thence to the street, forcad it back noon the rest, and maintained their ground till, the arrival of the keeper, his assistants and others, - who came lorwara en ine alarm beinr spread in the neighborhood, and rendered it necessary for tbem to retreat to their several places of confinement. But one of the convicts, save the two desperadoes who planned, and so far executed the pro ject, succeeded in getting beyond the confines of the prisonend ne was soon alter ppreoeouea and brourht back. The two leaders, with each a gun and bayonet, succeeded in gettinsr off. Their names, Hugh M'Carty, and William Knowles, alias Ross noted offenders. From the Botlon Baily Advertiter. Ma. Hate The following fact, for which I have the most unquestionable authority, corroborates the truth of the reasoning of Examiner on the inefficacy of the State Iruon,a a mode of punishment, ind demonstrates that on some minds, the fear of death is incomparably more influential than tbat of imprisonment even tor life, In one of the western counties of this state, a few year since, a coloured man was tried and convicted for a rape committed upon the bodv of a white srirl. The evidence against him appeared very strong to his counsel, who is one of the most eminent lawyers in the Common - vealth. and he took occasion one day before the trial, to express his apprehensions that he would be convicted, and to advise him to prepare for the event The prisoner with great tranquillity and sang froid replied, that if he should be so unlucky a tone tounu guil ty, he had strength enough to do hi share of the work at Cbarlestown for some years to come. Hi counsel perceiving his mistake im mediately undeceived him as to the punish, ment, which for this offence is capital, to the utmost astonishment and horror of the prisoner, who till that moment bad securely reposed in tbe belief that tbe consequences or a conviction would only extend to confinement in the State Prison i he solemnly averred that he never should have committed the crime, if he bad been aware that its punishment was death. He subsequently confessed to his counsel that he had previously perpetrated the same crime upon four different females, whose enwibiiity had induced them to conceal hi guilt rather than to publish their disgrace by prosecuting their remorseless ravisher. BsxTixoai, Feb. 20. Mr. Incledon arrived in thia city last night, and from the bill of fare for this evening, we anticipate a high musical feast. He Is accom panied bv Mr. Taylor, trom tne Mnirs un. cert, and Mr Brown, trom tne i neatre twyai, Hay market, whose comic powers are univer sally admired. f, Jan. 31 - VniUi Staitt Branch bank.Ve learn from tvurce entitled to confidence, that the Offi cer of the Bsnk of the C. State, have taken into consideration tbe act of the last session of our Legislature, intended by its authors, virtually to prevent the establishment of a Branch in this state j and have determined that it is inoperative and nugatory and, that they will. noiwiinstandincr tiie hostility of the legisla ture, give the People of Tennessee a Branch of that hutitution. LOUISVILLE, (Ky.) Feb. 4. SKtmecTivx calamiti. Fire !r - Ou the 2d inst. between the hoars of 12 and 1 o'clock, A. M. the log - house owned by Mr. Thomas Joyes, on Main - street, and oc cupied as a dwelling - house and boot and shoe manufactory by Mr. John A. Bright, was dis covered to be on fir ; and by S o'clock, with the one adjoining, occupied aa a barber snop, was reduced to a heap of smoking ruins. I o a journeyman of Kir. Bright, named John Lowery, this calamity may be attributed. Late the preceding evening, in a state of INTOXI CATION, he retired to his bed, already occupied by his room - mate, Christopher Fultr it fe supposed the candle was left unextinguished Fultx was awoke by the name which had already communicated to the bed clothe : he endea vored to arouse his companion, but finding his efforts abortive, attempted to drar him to the door, but there meeting aa ascending volume of name be abandoned his charge, and horribly Durnea, be attained tbe street : bit wounds are not conceived dangerous. Lowery sleeps to wake no more I his calcined remains have been partially detected among the ruins. The Concord Gaxette bas nominated the Hon. Jeremiah Mason, as a candidate for the office of Governor in New Hampshire. Office of the Boston Palladium,) Febrnarv ft. I The British scbr Lark, hence for Moose Island, has been totally lost, on an uninhabited Island, crew tared, but tuflVred great hardship. Tbe ship Robinson Potter, Tillingnast, 94 days from Isle of France for this port, has arrived ai Newport ; vessels left same as before reported. - Lrgo sugar cnieny. Tbe uamdaiolday wm re pairing. , DIED, Thit morning, Cornelia Catherine Jones, eld est daughter of D. 8. Jones, esq. in tbe 13th year of her age. Funeral will take place to morrow at 4 o'clock, P. M. from her father's boose in Jones - street Friends of the family are respectlullr requested te attend. KFRJflMi POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Washington, K'tlleran, Liverpool Hicks, Jenkins k Co. Sloop Lady Washington. Gillet Washinrtoa Packet, Howland, Newbern J KHIPtD THIS FORESOOJ. British si ip Mary & Fliza, Pollens, 90 days from Dublin, with linens, A;c. to Wm. Bailie, A Hell, J M Bride, W Brown, jiin. B Wilson, of Philad. J Linan, S Stephens, J Arnold, R Mlmctock, W. Berry, W. S. Craig, and H. MVickar. Passengers, Messrs. J Love, Ste - pbins, Bryerly, Finfey, Walker, and 13 in the steerage Tbe mate Mr. Jones, died on the passage. Spoke ship Perseverance, Hudson, 5 days irom N i ork, bound to Bstavia ; ship Ihetia, 4 day trom Baltimore, bound to Rot terdam t sch. Maria, 48 houas from Norfolk, bound to Madeira, all well. Schr Sarah - Ann, Parrott, 18 days from Frs - eencksburg, witn wheat aud nour, to Page ft inpiett, Byrnes, j tub Die k sjo. tuunby ft wooa. nay z wood ana Henderson It Cairnes, Sailed from the Roads last Friday: Left in the river, schr Remittance, Hewitt, for New - Yerk, ari l schr , Rooca, for The 8. A. came into tbe Hook tht meming about 1 o'clock, in company with a large black ttip, in ballast trua, wtuca ran swore aa ut noon juhnii oau past The passage through Long Island Sound; between Frog Point and Bikers Island his been obstructed by ice for tbe last ten dayt conaequently there are a number of vessel in the different harbours on the Sound, wait, tar an opportunity to come through., Noaroix, Feb. 19. Arrived brig Joseph, Allen, Point Petre, (Guadaloupe.) 27 daya The J. was bound to Boston, but put in here in distress, having sprung aleak by starting a plank under her bow, in a heavy gale, on Suq. day last, 15th inst in lat. 36 38, long. T2 30, which compelled ber to keep the pump con. Itantly going. Sch Major Crogban, Wootten, TS. Tork3C hours. Charlatan, Feb. It, Dutch barque Phoenix, Lobeck, Ostend 63 day. About 4 days ago, in the gulph stream passed several pieces of a vessel. ' iSch. Anchovy, Mats ton, Matanxaa U dayt. Markets at Matanxas. Sugar g7 a 8 1 coffee 17 cent molasses 10 bittst American pro. duce very dull. Sch Comet, Anthony, Havana 9 day. Sch Enterprise, Parker, Cambahee 1 day Passenger capt Olsson, of tbe Swedish brig Fredon. 63 day from Cottenburjr, bound tn Savannah, which vessel a trek on Edisto Bar on Wednesday last in a gale, and got off with the lot of ber rudder and main mast , Cleared, ship Orion, Burns, Amtterdsm , brig Connecticut, Lynch, St. Jago de Cuba. WILMINGTON, N. C. Feb. 14. - Arrived, galliot Dumbarton Castle, Follin, from Antiroa. Brig Brulus, WadJlin, from St. Lucie. Brig Jtfason's Daughter, Mayberry, from St. Marys. Brig Decatur, Andrews, irom Providence. (R. I.) Cleared, ship Colombia, Curtis, for Bristol. (Eng.), - m , bng wuiiam nowianu, souinworui, for Hull, Brig Kobert Cochran, iiorton, lor Gibraltar. Brig Dover, Esdall, for New - York. Schr. William, Culverf'on, for New - York. THEATRE. On Wedoetliy Evening, Feb. 25, 1318, will be presented, me piay - or tne CONQUEST OF TARANTO: . Tbe Evening's Entertainments to conclude with (for the 3d time) the Melo Drama of THE FATHER AND HIS CHILDREN. Col. St Elate, Mr. Pritcfaard, Durooot, Kobertsoa Edward Simpson Valentine Barnes ttr The subscribers bare lormed a connec tion in business under the firm of HALhEY A UOSMAN, atNo.34 0ld.slip. - AHUM. UALS&I, .,, feb S4 St WILLIAM GOSMAN. NOTICE. fVy The subscribers having received a gene - ralhssignnieatof all the estate of John Morray at Sons, for tbe benefit of creditors as expressed in the assignment, have authorised Peter Lad - low to liquidate the unsettled accounts and to receive payment of all debt due to the (aid firm, or to the individual partners who will attend to . i ... jr. - - v. ,1, E..J ine same ai nit wkc, uu. hi cir - im. WILLIAM BAYARD, fob 14 tf HENRY BARCLAY. s In the Advertisements signed by me and published in the New - York Gaxette of th 7th, 9tb and and 141b or January last, I freely and cheerfully come forward to aay, that I was totally mislead in respect to Mr. Arthur Hirst t that 1 am perfectly convinced he had no connexion with Lee, and was utterly unacquainted with the transactions between Lee and myself. I do this from a sense of doty to Mr. Hirst's character, which I am free to acknowledge is, from every thing I bave rtesntt and nowknow of him, unimpeachable aa to integrity, honor and honesty j and that 1 verily believe him not only above committing, but above even countenancing in the least degree, any dishonest or unworthy action. - feb 24 lw jutta cutru. . TO MERCHANTS, MANUFACTURERS t MECHANICS. fTp Information is respectfully solicited (rem all Dersons. iiesseesinr information en the subject of the late proposed Tariff by the secretary ef the treasury, showing Use comparative mnerence between the specific duties as reported, and th ad valorem duties, on goods In their respective branches; with such comments as they may think proper to communicate. . .. Communication to be addressed torn. vv. Brett, Secretary of the Corresponding Commit tee of the American Society for the encouragement of Domestic Manufactures. Feb tt ' GRAND BALL At the City Hotel. MR. CHARRUAUD has the honor to inform the Ladies nnd Gentlemen, that on Wednesday evenine. 4th of March nexi, hitaa - nual Grand BalLmM take place in tbe Astern bly Room of the City - Hotel. In the course w tbe evening two ballets and several fancy dances will be exhibited and execeted by Mr. C. and several of his pupils. Tbe room will be elegantly illuminated. .. . Part 1 A pastoral diverting Wallet. . 1. March Lodtiiska ... . .'. 2. First entrance of the Corp de ballet, by IX . youagladiee ". 3. Fa Seul Allegretto by a youee lady 4. College Hornpipe by a young geatiemsn : 6. The Gavote de Vestri by Mr. Charreaad and a young lady. . 6. Pa fuel andante . by a youag lady. 7. Pasdetroisintro by three yoong ladies. 8. Pss seul andaatino . by a young Udy. 9. Grand pas seul allegro by Mr. C. 10. Corp de ballet final by IX young ladies. Partt - The ballet of Sabotiers, or the Wood - ; en Shoemaker's Cottage. 1. Eaters a cake seller lost in tli forest. X. Enters Mr.Cbarruaud acting part of a dowa 3. A pas seul by a youne Isdy. 4. Enters three Sbetiers and dance with duo and wooden shoes by 3 young gentleroe. 6. A dance half comic by Mr. C. t 6. A pastoral dance by S young ladies and Sywiiggentleme. ; 8. Grand solo with wooden shoes by Mr. C. ( 9. i intl bItbetw?,0 Manager of tbe Ball. Mr. Biart The Ball to commence at 7 o'clock, and tbe ballets at 9 pre - - , cisely. ' Tickets One Dollar, to be had at Mrs. Gm,'J 42 Broad st. at the bar of the City Hotel, end at the door on that evening. Gentlemen are not allowed to dance in boots. feb ?4 8t For Freight or Charter, The chr. BETSEY, capt. Tomer, burthen 97 ton, a very rood vessel, only one year old, and in readiness to receive . .1 a a.. . .,. ...; nn board at a argu. " r r y 1 Dover - street wharf, or to ' GOODHUE t CO. , feb 24 44 couth - street for AUxandna, Georgetown and tVaihaup sSfTs The .chcw' ADEUNl rwr4 l3t Rummey, master, now half loaded - will tail on Wednesday, SUth inst eAw PTtI ting. Those persona who have engaged fr" are respectfully requested to send their gooos on board. For freight of remainder or P ate. apply on board east id Old - lip, or w - DIYIR BETHUNE k CO. . itb 23 92 Coffee House - el ip. . r . For S.1 VAX U, Mf. The fist sailiiig packet brig AURORA V 'Iwn. ThomrWmaster,wai meet with . aariy dispatch For freight or parage, PP'r0 . board,' east side of d - lip,or to - s ' POTT ft M'KJNNE, rbZ MSoota - rt.

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