The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 12, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1913
Page 6
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BROPST TREATED FREE MILES, JL D_ LL. Great Heart and Dropsy Spe- 'cialist, Will Send a N"e» S3.I3 Treat meat Free. ilanv "Hopeless~ Cases Soon ~Aftei~5 to 15 Doctors Failed. Cured] I At first no disease is apparently | = more harmless than dropsy, 'a Jittle j£ swelling 1 of the eyelids, hands, fefet j ss ankles or abdomen. "Fir-- Hy there is I = great shortness of breath, smothering: j = spells, sitting up TO breathe, cough. ^ = faint spells, some times nausea a:»d j = vomiting, even bursting: of the limbs j =r and a lingering- and -wretched death if ' = the dronsv is not remoi edL | S Dr. Miles has been knoxvn as a lead- j = ing specialise in this disease for 30 j = vears. His liberal offer is cer\a;i!y j j= \ronhv of serious consideration. You j = »S2V not have another opportunity. . = fbe Grand Dropsy Treatment con-| = ssis of four dropsy remed : ss in one, j = also Tonic Tablets and Para-Laxa for j = removing the -water. Tnis treataien't, is | = cspeciallv prepared for each patient " = and is at least ten times as success- 1 £ flsl as that of most uhysicians. It usu- 1 = ailv relieves the rrii " day, and re^ ] = rao'ies swelling in ssx days i*. roos"_ · = ecses. Delav is dangerous. i = Mr. D. O. Hughes. Marlin, Texas, | E cured after 3 physicians failed. Mrs ! = Sarah A. Bovd. 23 So. Frederick St., f ^ Oelwein. Is..' cured sr^er giving up j = hooe. Mrs. Ehina Sorders. Deeatur, ^ Xebr.. cured after 10 pnysicians fail- ] = ed-3Irs. A. J. Xash. Mindea. Nebr.. i = cred. Limbs swollen up to the body, i = 3Irs- J- Y. Davidson. Galesville, Wise.. ! = cared after 6 physicians failed. Mrs. f = Julia Breaalt. Dugdale. Minn., cured ; = after being pronounced incurable by | = three physicians. Mr. John T. Alexan- ; = der, Elwbod. Ills., cured after 4 failed, i --- IJrl« Miles" Book contains a large nam- ! || ' of remarkable cures. Biglerville Poultry, Apple, J Corn and Potato Show j December 31, 1913; | January 1,2 and 3, 1914 | Get your poultry ready for the big show | Save your best ten ears of corn for the large cash | premium. Entry fee tea cents £or each exhibit of ten f ears. Save your potatoes too. | Automobile Show in Connection. f All entries will positively close, Saturday, Dec- | emfc,er 20,153 3. j Write to j I OSCAR C. RICE, Secretary, [ Biglerville, Pa. | For catalogue and information. | . All aMcted readers may have his | = IIIIIIIIIII!IIIIIB . IIII1 , II ,,, M , UI innmillllUinam«!inilliiiU!UU IHiniH»USHlUHlJMH!IU'j^U= new-Dropsy Book, Examination Chart. | *""" , __ · __ ___ _ Opmion/A'dvice. and a §3.75 Treat- - r yxZ c*1 5 1 · '. · «-t ·* sS~f.Z--~-'i Miles, Dept- DB., 555 to o«5 Main Street. Elkharz. Indiana. ?; III il III Save Up Your Trademarks For Xmas! . Everybody buys' gifts at MDhristmas. You. ~n on't have fe! Merely' save every trademark from everv eae " JiBABBITT'SlI Christmas Gifts that Mean Something \yjuther you spend little or much for Xmas it is important that your 2ius have lasting value. Christmas prices here are mostly lower than at other seasons becaus2 of «nr larjre purchases. The quality of everything in this store makes it a ' er the price you-pay is large or small. HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS: (S « -^ j Will Begin SATURDAY.] This sale will be a record breaker. We caution you very forc- BECEMBER 13th ^and -vviU * w v to read every line of this advertisernent then come and see ,, " ' . - " T- -V rirr?Tc^ I v/kat we are doin^. No doubt you have attended sales before in Con jnuc Until LHI.ib^- j ^ ^ ^ othgr towR5 bu{ . wfi gay mQst empliaticaUy that our of- Positively no S"0oasi i fer - ngs in thjs Q reat ^mas^sile will bs such as never before pre- Sold Until Day of Sale at \ seri ted in your lives asd the very fact that ever:*' piece of mer- Frices Mentioned on This I ehandise oEered will fill some immediate want will make this jjj. doubly desirable. Will Begin SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13th, and will Continue Until CKRIST- 3LAS. Positively no Goods Sold Until Day of Sale at Prices Mentioned on This Ad. "SOAPS and CLEANSERS When ChristrQas comes your Babbitt trademarks i^rill entitle you to many ^valuable jpremiunxs, shown*; ^n our eataloguel "* .' ' 4 '" '· ^ It is the finest selection an the country. ;- -is ' '^OJ^h" -- just the land tHat buy" at any "reliable stsre. r You Imovr" our reputation -- h o i i e s r g-oocs and honest premiums -- so begin saving today. B. T. BABBITT, Inc. P. O. Bo-t, 1776 New York Citv 1 hi ~ For Mother-or Wife : Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet Chica Closet Buffet Sevang Tacle The best Girl in the Viorld ^ "*~ Music Cabinet -~ ~ Dresser Pedistol So manj iv Chfstmj=JJs.fe f..r t ; ic-ir \rivffi i'ere tifat he haye . stwlvoi « Y^f ! " ca v5t '' ^ K " :nl c ^^ss*'c-- Conie in d examine tbe litimlrefe of bra»u..ul -an.l u.fhl gilts /. e ha,*: KT il-e _--, Writing- Desk For Father Morris Chair Revolving Cbair Leather Rocker Smoker's Stand For My Best Fellow Chiffonier Arm Chair Foot Stool Book Case SHOE SPECIALS $2.50 "Men's Work Shoc?. black or tan; $fc "8 O ^. X-rnas s a l e *P !· «5f ^ Price ?,£ 00 ileirs Work ~Shc.cs. good heavy sole. X-mas Sale price $2.50 Men's dress Shoe?, lace or button, in "blade or tan. X-zaas Sale Price , « j . §4.00 Men's Lumbermen's £ Sac Boots and Seeks, high-t^p. | lined Shirt- or X-mas Sale - o f\ f X-nsas, Sale-price Price Heeced-^ -s A * 1 CIS jUe^e^ S2 50 Men's X-mas Sale Price _ * Felt Boots ' 1 JL · S3.00 Men's Felt Boots, 2 - buckles. X mas f g Sale Price ^ A pair s -c Boy's fleeced lined Shirts or- Drav.-ers. X-mas Sale Pinee A pair 23c ^ . - ^ T . - . _ 5Cc Ladies" Short Kimonos. s^.oO Men's dress Sho Good Tear Welts X-iaa» Sale Price I _____ _ 1. Ladies' rubbers | Boys' rubbers | Children's rubbers I Misses' Rubbers I 41c | 59c | 35e f 4~«c I ' C. a good quality - onlv NS' AIsD BOXS' CAPS 50c men's c^ps , . 35c 50c men's heavy caps C5c bos "s caps 50c bo\"'s cord caps -- ,,.,*»*' -jfy*» 50c men's cord caps 50c childi-en's toques -50c children's tossel 23c 23c 39c 2aps LADIES' SKIRTS GLOVES Canvas gloves 7c. Jersey gloves Sc Children's gloves 9c MEN'S PANTS _The B:~rest Bargains Ever A Standard Sewing Machine Would Make an Ideal Gift for the Wife ___ , MEN'S SILK NECKTIES I §--50 Ladies' skins S1.55 j £IDIES ; SHOE SPECIALS | 35c silk ties lOc I 2.00 Ladies'skirts $1-35 } §2 00 Ladies' Shoes, i nc | °5 C silk ties loe Bow ties X mas Sale Price 25c stock ties 7 T THE KOMn leH, FURNISHER §2 50 Liases' tine and blue handkerchiefs. | . c . -^ S. A Sait i 2i c | 1-00 Ladies' wrappers 85c. I ^ e f Si 25 Men's ribbed Union | - c : Suits, best qua My, X-mas | lie Price ·or.' or liiih heels, lace or i ---- - - - - s --. i . . - -"---- ·· · barton X-aas ** f^^= \ ^*h^e handkerchiefs only | 75c Ladies, Union Suits rib- Sale Price I.OD I 4c. i bod - fleeced lined X-mas 65c .95c 1.19 1.S5 2.45 1.85 2.25 Gettysburg Anto Tire Repair Skop 42 V/. HIGH STREET TUBES A SPECIALTY §3.00 Lc.d:c*.-" dress Shce^. j g^cK inetiil or patent Colt. X rr-as Sai^ Price SPECIALS IN DRY GGOBS Sale Price A Suit 8e best calicoes ocperyd ; A!! ki^d? chilJren's under- | 7;^c | OTr-«nL~. -fcndi*- ard r*-lr ; rer,^.!red. s-ati-^cix-n ^'- GRAPE V7XE Sunday School win hold their Chrisimas errertainir.ent, on Monday evening-. December 22nd. -. jm f orta v»tf Eelial If Inclement iveather Tuesday evening. TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE 3»".c and ?o^erfu 3 . T-r i'. To-ir- £". I Ean"X; t^'^ Committee. -- adv ernsement Local Pb.ODe 1 17 X TVYWTTO C. A.STOISEK, F R U I T G R O W E R S ANNUAL CONVENTION Fruit Growers Hall, Bendersville, December, 17, IB, IB. Lectures and discussions each day on Fruit Urovviag, Cattle and Hog Raising, Corn Improvement and Geaerai Farm Topics. Day Sessions Free, Everyone Welcome. Evening Entertainments The best so far attempted. Admission 25c, Reserved Seats 40c s Season Tickets $ 1.00 Wednesday Evening 17th, The Famous Lyric Quarv^l - Thursday Evening ISth, The Morphets Magicians and-Ent/TUL-x-i/-Friday E\ening 19th, Illustrated Lecture. Mexico, F^antiroily Cx^'/r'-d Slides and Motion Pictures. Mr. Henry Oslrandcr, Xoted Tra-.^l^r and Lecturer Do not miss one of these evenings. ·J'»y«* ar.'l Girl's and C'ni- or*-n'- S' o-'-s reduced from "£ it, 'j; |/er cent on a- CoIVr HOSIERY SPECIALS | 15c i^o'e-" hose 9c a pair { 12^ cc I-irc-.'s hose 9c a pair I 1C- r'.,; ' - ea\-y stocking.-? I J c ;. pair ITyi*:^' hose 9c a pair 11.", v '.r r fj ;-e 7c 2. pair ZOc; l^-'s. · -" heavy stockings 7'-, ; ,Jr. ·j,"v - -· Ia!s in rubber 10c dress gingham ! per yd. ! I2;,^c dress gingham S T J c \ v, ear prices from 15c to 23c. per yd. i lOc rnuslin 7c per Rab- Price Cloth Arties 85 ~ Cloth Arties, X mas' 1.10 12c cotton flannel S/ic per I'd- 12c shaker flanr.el Sv^-c per yd lOc Percal. good quality Sc per yd. lOc apron ginghams 7c per yd. G3c white table linen -!.~»c per yd. lied table cloth 21 c per yd. White table cloth 21c per yd Men's Fleeced Lined Un yiervrear 50 cent kind X-mas Sale Price Drawers or Shirt 75c Men's medium weight, best quality shirts or crs, X-inas Sale Price I LIEN'S AND BOY'S FUR- j j NISHINGS _ I i 50c men's work shirts 35c | I or 5 for $1.00. 75c n-en's Blue Jersey | Fleeced shirts 48c | ,,t unr-jiH-T iji · · · i n "· '· ·''·''' r ~ J - " IT " r ' 75c Flannel top shirts 4Sc. SI.25 Men's Wool flannel Shirts for ' Qkg^ _ top dress %/ftJ 1 *-- $1.00 Pants 1.50 Pants 2.00 Dress Pants 2.30 Dress Pants 2 00 Dress Pants 2.00 Cordui-oy Pants C.OO Corduroy Pants^ BOYS" OVERCOATS Big Values at $3.00 X-mas Sale Price $1.55. BOYS' KNEE PANTS _ 75c Boys' Cord Pants 45c 75c Boys" Good Heavy Pants , 4Sc 5Gc. Boys" Knee Pants 19c OVERALLS Men's 65c Overalls lien's S5e Overalls Boys' Goc Overalls Children's Overalls 45c 69c 45c 15c 7oc men's SWEATER COATS and Ladies" sweater ' coafer Sale Price 48c. oy* sweater coats, all sizes SSc $2.00 Men's and Ladies' | sweater coats Xmas ! and Sale Price S1.00 to I $1.45. SUIT CASES AND HANDBAGS Si.50 Suit Cases 90c 1.2-5 Hand-bags 75c 1.50 Hand-bags 89c GLOVE SPECIALS 35c ilen's hea\T Mittens 23c. 7-5c Calf Skin Gloves- 48c BOYS' ^VORK SHIRTS Children's Umlerbodies 9c Boj-s* Suspenders 7c Men's and Ladies' Cai-pet Slippers only 15c ME EARLY AND GET YOUR Fi THE STORE THAT SAVES YOU T CHOICE BENDERSVILLE, PA., HARRY LEVY, Prop. -,,, -, ». '^ ... * .- ,^s

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