The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 3, 1939 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1939
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 1939 ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN *?* ~7 ·---*~i~r f*pf* you TULLA.RDS;-i- 3O AUEAO ND BE · GALLEY SLAVES ALL YOUR UVES . B i £ ,OP 6, UGUTUOUS I ABE ALWAYS IW 1 05PERED VCO TU6 C W TO IMV6T IH *\Y QKEAT INVENTION TOR IOCOT1MG IAISLMD EVEGLtSSES , -- «-- BUT VOU STUPIDLY PASS UP TWE (bOLDM OPPOB.TUKITY OCBECOMIMG . ^WEALTHY IN YOUR TOUTH \ . *!lD f.\YGOM_ IS SET ON BBNG A HERMrr' ALL HERAMT RULE.': BBNS RICH AND HAVING A.MO COUMTRV U T T W E JUDGE r-~eUT WEA1J7H B1CH SOOD \YOU "' " COULD India of the Present Day CONVICT^ DAUGHTER By RUTH RAY KANE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE CHAPTER SIXTEEN ^ Ther ? had been a crash, Lona remembered, as she came back to the wh U T SS ,' ,u She had S rabbe * «ie wheel of the ear from the htf 3 ° £ *e escaping convTt who nad kidnaped her, and they hart crashed. She 5at bolt uprijht as to he Pr ° S fh SS r Ot her TM "ami to her She found she was back in 10 ^ 121 - The v E TM B^ ag ^' was A i n g . Beside him was the doc- "Eaddy?" she asked, fearfully d About-338,000,000 people live in India when a, census was take m 1931. If we allow for the usua growth in population there,, w may estimate that the number i now above 350,000,000. These fig ures do not include Burma, which has been separated from India. Twenty-three languages ot im portance are spoken in India Each o£ these is the "mother tongue of more than 100,000 persons. v "Hindi" is the main language being spoken by about 110 000 00( persons. "Bengali" comes next ". half as many speaking it W-» ^ Si) .. ifc^ "Gandhi Day" in Delhi. Note the Die spinning wheel. Besides the twenty-three leading languages, India has about 175 .special dialects. These are spoken by certain groups in different parts of the country. . Calcutta, with a population of a .miLucm and a half, is the largest --?/. tj n - ^ a - -^ ranks second in the British.empire, only London .having more inhabitants. Bombay, with close to 1,200 000 people is the second city in India. The third is Madras A coin of little value in India is Known as - "-'- ·· -- - worth a rupee. A rupee is a silver com which is worth at this time about 33 cents. About 25,000,000 acres in north- wr?» t K t ai ' e Used Ior Bowing wheat but rice is the greatest crop. In an average year, 80,000000 acres are planted in rice. The people like rice as a food They eat it in several forms, but chiefly in highly spiced curries which are very "hot" to our taste. n2 U f ri n g -« he P resent century, Great Britain has had to worry about people in India who did not like British rule. There have been strikes, riots and other troubles The chief leader of those who have asked freedom, or at least home rule, for India has been Mahatma Gandhi. Happily he has oeen a man of peace, and has asked his followers not to use deadly weapons to win their ends More than anyone else in India he is beloved by the plain people is is the year of his seventieth birthday. Men in charge of the British jovernment did not feel sure that India was ready to carry on a government of her own. It w a s feared that clashes might fake lace between people of many anguages, races and religions. In 193o however, the British parliament passed laws granting a constitution to India. The constitution was put into actual effect two vears ago. (For History or Travel section if your serapbook,) The leaflet called "Seven Won ders of the World" may be had by ending a 3c stamped, return en- 'elope to me in care of this paper You see, he_he-I s-s K- . past few years of life h Ipmorrow: A Little Saturday Talk ^nnvrlrht rntn n....- . - _ ·* ^*"n -- -. 4-.*,. -iwcive pies make one anna, and 15 annas are It Will Pay You to Use the G-G Classified Ads ~ get away anything else from here where her mother klnd DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLE she Iate - 1--Jewel i--Queer old fellow (slang) '10--Fix 12--Overhead 13--Shrewd 15--A water craft 15---Place to sit IT--Aeriform fluid 19--Two (prefix) 20--Bulky pieces of timber 21--Pronoun ACROSS 3 3 22--A. hawk leash 25--A swelling 26--Soon 27--An opiate 28--Symbol for silver 29--Mist 30--Repose 3-L--Jfarine mammal 35--Saturated 38--Make an entrance 40--Suave 41--Boiled. slowly 42--Type measures drinks IS-I,ike 21-- ExcJama- 29-- Vanished 31-Thc first man 32-Japanese * -.nfi^iTient 27--Achieve 39 Prtfix denoting Sack Answer lo previous puule 1--Adhesive substance 2--Island off Italy S--Mark with spots 5--Each fabbr.) *---Subsides DOWN 7--A zoological garden S--Eluded 9--Retreat 10-rBeast of burden 11--Symbol for thallium Inc The prison doctor himself saw f a t h P r f r \ ng , emenl s for taking her fathei hack borne to Bridgewater and Mrs. Lewis, the warden's wife nsisted upon making that last sad journey with hem. She was a moth- fn h 5 °f ^°5 W ° man and the tears n h, n S e ^,u y T S ' as she slood h a"d in hand with Lona on the train Platform watching the streets of tenufnT r ° U int ° view ' At Bridgewater Mr. Aekerman's n e ' S rallied Dutifully t h e o l d h t o d a ^ ere she steeled he "eif S em P rou dly- The white- old minister who had been the only one of the lot of them daring to stand by her father through the whole dreadful business from the first, offered h s services for the last rite. it was at his home while her *,-- ther lay, si i ent and sl ££ £ "?£ ,, cold gloom of the funeral parlor They were endless nights ' her scattered thoughu some of order. It was w h n - be a ° u whole thing, sne kept wonder- ng, her face burnina af ths thought of the lurid accounts hi ws were blaring forth : ea(:her Wed to keep t er as much a ^ possi" , . h a l =«n the headlines train that first morning "luiiiiiig 'CONVICT' S Girl _~~-~-»·-* "'^^v*wt: n-S SWEU. OF X30 YteOE ON OU/Z WAY FOSE AS BiraDS.' IS surae is A ·SWHA. CAK. MISS GAY." STOP. LOOK; AT THAT FOOTZ MAN WAUONG -- V(=U Give HIM A LIFf.' FEATHB2ED FWSNDS THANfi (SOODWSSS I'M CIDOrTH HErVHEH/POGO VOU LOOK- FUNNY -/THE SECOND ' SQUIRT WILL BRING TOGO BACK BOTHER DATE. HUH ? WHO'S SHE THIS " -TM-"~NO-IOf. l ! --.GENTLEMEN. I WAS ArarU -IMFANrNOOrTENSESO-- H(HEV/MY EARS WERE SOW ufti ' COULDN'T HAVE HMD THAT/ THAT'S WHAT HE NEEDED' STRANGERYOU PROVED ABE AN'^NAG WAS CROOKS, ALU RIGHT EV(OUGHJ l^l^ri^k^^ PATSY-HASN'T rr EVE E STRUCK YOU As ODD THAT UMCLEp3£ SHOULD wAit souoija BEFORE 01N TO SOUTH AMERICA SEARCH OF AND WELL, WE THOUGHT VOU AMD MO/A VJEEE DEAD, AND -- GUESS THE JJASCAL. WAS LEADING TME Lf Of R J L E , WHILE VOU DID THE WORK AND BEOU6HT * BACON DADDY' :A«E PON'T Ai THAT ABOUT UMO.E PHIL,' IT ISN'T FAH HURT; QUICK, HELP ME GET HIM - . DlPNT MEAN i HIT HIS HEAD AHD -- -- Father. Dies in Prison empted escape. . brown- " ««-·« occurred. Ackerman, a life prisoner, was convicted in 1932 for !he ^ ^ Phen EIUs ' s£man, e alleged attempted to atte hew ? au l h ^ r - Tho taneral T?ill th P ^ ln u B " dgewater ' h °nie of the former business school teacher S the "^ F .ar « . , , . m g convicts, George L«fty- Sfoonan, died of a brokln eck. m tne \vreckage of the car xu,s Ewarts, his companion, was of ttar-s^-i^Tubi^a 1 iried to keep Jim and her lif^ ;n the city out of her m,nd" ··Con- vict's daughter . . . Uf er . " The printed words seemed etched in o her very soul. They brought back nf lh e n« I !r OV . er r again the struggle TSt f raked h n « r . r ^ I T , St few the whole affair. She was glad, suddenly and de- fomtly glad, that she hadn't made borfv h en T S " £ lad there was "°- body she loved to see what she was """"f- Glad, most of al' n u? hcr lo r " lizc hln!: 5h:d cvcr t00d - S " 81lt and , »»,n. never to be abl c , o c h^" 1 , 01 "*;,' 5 nobo1 - v -" .*c said haitilv "t^Il have lo bury him .,1o n c. He'd w.rn'it Ihsl |1C C ! l? m of BndR . alcr had come, e v" B !, Kr ^" Ot lhc ^"""vard eme- tery. Slandma with her back to lhc ba! I am lhc Rcsvirrcclion and the Life," she murmured. cl:mh J j'SC-uiucm uirwiii eiu --" ivartl i] lc waiting ,,,.. S i ir [i y s]lc Q inside, slill uctielii by that ilcs- rcsolvc nol lo gratify »,c S l,TMlio, ot t!ic crowd for a 5cn M !ional »»-n. Once insirfc. and hidden from she collapsed brokenly, a r d sobbctt on lhc old minister's shoulder. (To Be Continued) Legion Auxiliary of Manly Gathers MANLY-The American Legion Auxiliary met at the Earl S Adams home Tuesday evening for the regular monthly social meet- ' ing. The hostess was assisted by P ^ £ c ? neth M °o:e and Mrs. rrcd B. Logeman. ITr-T^'rVr-"" 0 A R E CLOSED MITCHELL -- T h e Mitchell --olidatcd school was closed * r £" th ° m ° St SCVCre mrf r t°t! SCaS ° n SWC P' lhis were m n coun * y ' Snow drifts ficTicd'ti^ CCt h ' gh a " d a " t r a f " ·s*

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