The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 12, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1913
Page 5
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i I i ·%s I i FATHER SEES,,, SOHliOTlNCDORT Parent Weeps at Sigiit clj ! Gonfassed borderer, MR. AND MRS. BRITTON. She Owns the St. Louis National League Base Ball Club. Medical Advertising Bronchitis Sufferer 8 j MET; SISTER IN THE T 5 (5 i I i I * j i ' O of Anna AumuIIer on Witness Stsr.d Says Ha Warned Her Against Schmidt. _ Xew York, Dec. 12.--Alphonsa Koel- K J ble, the only coLjisei v.*hom Hans § ! Sehniidr, tiie one-Lime priest, en trial) B r| before Judge Foster in tee court 01] § 'j general sessions for tne raurder- of H j Anna AiuniiHer, -will acknowledge, said ® { that his client positively refused to ® 1 see Ms father, Ke:arioh Schmicz, wno ® i reached tiiis co'-ntr; frera G^rmacy'dn g I the Kaiser Wi-nelm «!., accompanied J2 | bv his daugate-r. iirs. Kkzaterh W tC^O- I I I tices i --OX-- and Small Musical Instruments during the Holidays. Victor -Talking Machines and Records. y. · e '·A e[ ^ © '·^ © A Piano or Victor ' i alting Ma- ' "· chine is a ]oy to aay-'libme. , I We sell them at prices and terms that YOU Can afford brie^Call. _ ·^ "T~""anci :: get prices before" purchasing elsewhere "The prisoner is Trilling to see his sister, but no steps have been taken for a meeting. Tae brother and slater met in the Tombs. The father appeared for a moment in court, glanceJ at tis son and silently v.-ithdrets-, weeping. The prisoner ii« not see him. Tiie prosecution contiauei the presentation ci evidence to show that when Schmidt killed tne sin, c-it ug her body and threw it into the Ktid- soa river, he folloived a carefully premeditated plan and acted in a vv-ay that proved him sane. Schnridt's counsel, against his will, "re trj-ing to Drove that he was mentally irresponsible for these acts, which he has confessed. Ex-Judge Oleoit, of coiinsel for Schmidt, secnred from one witness an admission that tiie dead girl had bean -warned that her life might be "sacrificed." Joseph Igler, a cousin of IIiss An- rcuHer, nerrious and reticent on the stond. Snaliy aaswered "Yes" to the questfon; "Didn't Anna t-ell you. tiiat Schmidt often talked to her of Old Testament sacr!5ces; that lie said he ought to sacrifice her even as Abraham was called upon to sacriSce his son Isaac?" The qnestioning closed on that. The defense-left it to the jury to infer as to fiie i sanity of a lover who tiLkec likeYiat. " '" Joseph Jg»er told- cf -his ertorts to hreak n? ths intimacy between his coasin and Scbniidt. He west even so f far as tir bring to Schmidt's attention I tji © 7- © lets i s- Takes Druggists' Advice Vk'iih Splendid Kesuii. If any cie shcuM know tba '.vortfc ©f a medicine, It is the ressii eraggisl ;-..-ho seiir; it every day in the ! and is in a sositiosi 10 kno'v j remedy Kives the aest satisfaction. : Mrs. Frank H.- Uhr-e'·!?£·*Wsst ^Sam 5 Lake, ^X. Y.. s.iys: "For veers I v?a great saifersr f-ora bronchitis. L»s* Report of W. A. Taughinbaugh, Real Estate, Agent. ESAL ESTATE SOLD and JREAL ESTATE FOR §ALE. SOLD _ - '-.**-«·- ·ffe.JNs The properties cf Geo. W. Steinonr on .Sooth, WashItMd:onAsee£, .consist*! 'our Dwelling houses, to Barry Sneeringer, of Mount Pleasant r Insj c sk:». Terms nrivate, possession Jan. 1st, 1914. FOR SALE , 151 acre frsiic all good buildings, rii .Js. Liberty To-^nship, abeuc 6 miles frora i , __ sing: water at the- buildings, two story packing house fur aarreMiag- appies. 1500 peach trees, 590 apples, these-Xrees are ::ve yc-ars old, the peach are ready for bearing-, this is g«cd fruit. Apply foe.; farther infoi mntlon. . _ , " , ' . , ITT acre far-n near Severs Stars station, all good otisidlngs, alt the best ^4 acre fann'at MeKmghtstc-wn Station, good souses. tlcn. and large Jot to this ., rch in front and- good investment. ,-/ .. »,.. ^_*.-^..~ __ _ ~- .... better o^sce foj^ blood-making- and strength-creating' CCi .;X.y"rassr^^~"" :5 """"*"*" ~ "" ° t properties xr tonic iron '.nat makes !J ' V j « tr.vellir-"* SVinol so efsstent in, such cases. j . vs Virc-'"" * " ° H-member, we guarantee Vino! to, "~ jdo just \vh~ -se say--ws psy b2ck^ 0 .. ,,Cg far"f^rt: r=o: s e-jlirif ro see me will plense call at 128 York street :n;, cSca ro the above place. V~. Av TAUGHINBAUGH, Real Estate Agent. }f,ig- Store, Gettysburg, Pa. ~ 3'^, cur Saxo s^ it. - s Stive stops n Gettysburg borojgh. 4 business properties in Gei- yca are leakiBgf for a. farm or propertv, or building- lots, write or call- t for i-rtrbsr information. I have many other farms and properties thai: Zi» as I have? - Bosumanl m and Presser » L ^i ssi 1 nf Hul ff Chicago, Dec. 12r.--Juige I-c 'the district ccurx here, t«e-'Iineu to accept junscietioarin. tiie cuit of Kisio De T/clfe, designed, to tcs:. the coa.- stitutionallty of the income tax iavr. Tse-eseet tit the decision is to send' the case cirecp-to i'la s--ipremr; court, of the United States. Judge Lsn-iljf- decibion does net involve tha constitutionality of^tlj \V. Boar!.e Coclcran, of counsel for T l - i~f JLJL : f ^*i \ 5W w. Gettysburg, Pa. and a letter-Tfhich maie Anna Sccmidt siie would, oring him to iise gallows. Sfcmldt paid no heed. Tiie ex-pnest renrained as quietly utattentrre to all tat -vras saiS about aim as in the earlier days of the trial. -There slight have been a dramatic : monienr osce "when AHsast I); Tay7or r ja£itb'%.or\tbe flats at ISO Clarezncnt i a-veaue, ^vas askefi to recosnize ! Schmidt as a man -who hired rooms | last August- Tay'or from tha ·ciniess i ehcJFcomc! cot teTi if StliEii3t -5735 ths" I His face a ccaimirislinST of ct-riosity ! and a~erison. he stepped ·^nthfn a i s.rci of Sc~:a:ct, square!y befors him. f Schmidt !l:t2'I his eyes anti lookeo j clearly, un i;szur!)ed!y at the janitor. i Taylors s^tirice rengeo. over Lfm 101 ' a fe-w seconds, then he said "Yes/' and v.alked. ais-ay. Anna AamuHer merely laughed at her cousin's "arnings to have noth ing to !o -\rith Sehniat- Once vrhen she spoke of marryo=, and her cousin's ·'sife, rCrs. A^T»a Igier. JausheJ at her, the dead girl -K-aved a revolver. the plaintin. v.-iii Sle an anpesi ironi nlis" decision. Daily at The Saintary Fish and Oyster Market f 22 Ca-li«e Street, near the Square. F. W. Kappes and .OOOO SCKENCKS ARE RECONCILED Father of \Vcrr.s'-. Who Eloped V/Jt:- Hcrrs Trairsr Forgives. Xe-- York. Deo. 2.--Dr. Po~nattan Sehenek. of Xorfc!:-.. Va_ became reconciled to !»is. daughter, Flerence, ··vho is dyins in s. nrivaie sariltariuis after a gay career in this city, London ana Paris- Florence Sehenck has been estranged from her family since she elopec : -sTith Charles "vVilson. a horse trainer , emoloyed by Alfred G. Tanaeroiit. seven years ago. Recently she carae from Paris to periods of corca in the last tsro days she sent pleading telegrams to ter father to come to'Ler. lledical Adve-tising Build Up Your Sick Stomach Soothes the Irritated 51eni- branes. Stimulates and Strengthens the Stomach. Ml-c-na is one of the most efTec'ave and safe remedies for cat-of-order stomachs. I; Increases the fiow cf the gastric juices, soothes the Irritated membrane, and quickly and safely) benefits the dlgestrs. e system so "chat j your, food is promptly converted ; nto | natriiic-n and the entire system properly nourished. Th£n,vpG arew" strong. ~ " *' - - - If^you lack an appetite, you^ ton^-je! is coated, nenes onTfedge. haTris.nsrs .of sour and undlgestsd food and expei-- Jence after eating distress yea are suf- ferrng -with indigestion or- sick stom- · Get a fifty,cent bon^ De Comin for tnterest on bon"as T -which iatorcst the bank vrithheia" because she had" not Slerl a certlScate of ovirnersiiip as required t-;- income- tax Ia~v._ "T-fevy reaver, for the "SanK denicrrca to tiie effect i K arti«r*T£jrtee- Stazes; aiszrict co"rc --1 act have Juris-Ic- tion. I- ·Fas a contract between plalntiiT ar/1 aefcntlast snd snasld oc aa a .ic^fftn the couns o: n-.i3 '^-§13 tais ccnreitisn cj ' -ice to tiie cons^I.nt o."C.I \rnl.n it tras so«^':t to In- Jcd^c Bsrhcrst o«^:t to n- j iainti^ "vrers i -TuCse I ·witLoi-L n c^zestion vo-ire. Ail ~v,:^ts ol tie noted and a clear record hande i to Attorney Cocliran for use in his appeal." Consideration of "the case by tne sapreone court vould be Icired to t:ie question of jurisoietTon passed npon by Judse- Lnadis and TTGUI^ net iii- volve the constit-tisnaiity of the income tas:. to be only an upset stomach, ilcney "efunded if cot benefited. W. H.TIPTON, Photographer, 20-22 Chambersburg, Street FOR CHRISTMAS IF IPS A PHOTOGRAPH yea v/anf, go to . TIPTON'S STUDIO and get something Exclusive and Artistic · ff you wunt a. familiar Scene for an absent relative or friend, you car find it among our N A T U R E SERIES of the PICTURESQUE about Gettysburg. It's old Lanes and Pathways, Streams, Bridges and Woods. These apoeal to the cultivated taste. 1 .-Take inso consideration also ''Gettysburg: : , the^P, Icturesjand the Story "'New e'dition; pver 50©" V-e-.y-s, £ 50c.. by mail 60c. and the of Z4"Colored Vjeiys, ISc. ,. .,.. " r c - ^ Ficys-iike of Water,Colors, Engravings" ""5§ etc.'-Picture Frames niade to order..The very , latest ill Moulding.s. . W. H.TDPTON, Photographer, _ ; ItencTcd' of Kicu- raatisin After Ceetcrs ITc.i!cd- II you have tried many ovier rtTie- dias and doctors" treatments for Rhea.- mausH*; and foand they failed, do^not b2 skeptical about trying RHEL-JlA. Read the tss'cnncny of Judg^c John .Barhorsr otPort Loramie, O.: "After treatnient by three r'octcrs withoat result, I have been cur^l cf . verv bad case of Rhearnansm- Is--.- using l--o bofdes of HHEU3IA- Ir is no*v FINED FOH HUOSIN6 OWN V/1FE He Ws= c;'T in Caressir.g Spr'^ss and Solste'-ous jn Love Making. Trenton, X, .!,, Ds£. 12. -- Gilbert Littie "^as f 2ed $10 by Juage Xaar- for kissing s.nd hzgjrirg; his ovra \Ti:e. The a;s.n a^nitted that he ^as drunk Trhen he cii«it- Ke please'] s?3 good intentions and the -crlfe isleadsd for him, but inasmuch as he had h'sn her ana see cried out from piin d«r- ing the huggingv coupled vrith tiie fact that L;ttla threw his fataer-in-lais: out of the hoase ~hen he objected to his boisterous Io~e making, the court bad to impose the ane. , _ _ , , c 'T- Use Grandma S bage lea Sulphur Recipe will Knovr. and No f c PUBLIC SATET"'-' -f'' | ' "a,TUJtDAY, f)EGEirBER ; 13,}i913. g Owing- to my intention to diseontm-ff 'ne the business--! will sell a.z my_^ ^stable In. 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Clinton J Steinniers. d-ring a cispute over 25 ' cents, died at the AlIentoTTu hospital. ! Ke left a Tri3o-vr and sL~ children. j Staiainetz vas arrested near the scene I of the shcoti-^ by V. H. Xeineyer. detective. Rofabsrs K1J! Watchman. ATcca, Pu iJec. 12.-- Robbers killed Ste-phen Lucas, a -watcjman at trsa offices cf the Pennsylvania Ccal com- .pany, ri2ed tiie safe, robbed the clothing of "tlie'cead raaa and "escape.1. Ac- F cording to the evidence at the scene · of the crime Ln^as fought the robbers ' after 'he had been shot through tho body, but "was knocked doTra and Ms iiead beaten to a pulp. 'Dies a Pauper at 101. Pittsburgh. Pa., Ded 12.--Mrs. Eliza JLackley, known here as "Grandma" Lackley, is dead of pneumonia in tSe county home, aged 101 years. FOR SALE: dwelling containing ' store room, first block o£" Carlisle "street. Apply Times ofnce.--adverlise- ' ment. 2,123.255 Eooks In Congress Library. TTashingcon. Dee. 12.--The Horary of congress noxr contains 2,iJS.'-5T books ar:-l pani^hiets. there having been added curing 1?15 m.S62 -.ol- umes, a rcccr'l hut r»?ice etcaeied in th tie last fifteen years. T.icso P3- cres form the chief featara of tho annual report cf Herbert Putnsai. tae librarSas of cossress. V/EATHER EVERYWHERE Observaiions of united States { ·weather bureans taken at S p. ra. yesterday foiiovr: Teiap. IS 2S 26 Albany Atlantic City Boston Buffalo Chicago 2Cew Orleans.. Xew York Philadelphia... St-I-ouis TTashington 42 58 24 2S 28 30 Clear. Clear. Clear. Ciear. Clear. P. CHcudy. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. JUST TRY OKE DOS£ sgayr's Wsaderfol Stpniac!: Se and Be Convinced mat Yes S Be Restored to Health v, ^--^ The use of Sage and Sulphur for restoring faded, gray hair to its natural color dates back to grandmother's , sarrev. 3 Eortland sleighs, only slightly used; 2 buggy poles, 5= sets of single harness. ise.w set; of ,.double harness. 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R. il. VrOLFE. Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE- th iS through your hair, taking one ;:ju ^ = strand at a time. By morning tne m tfte ^ t ab"-dar.t Trill oifer at Public: Sale" Borough the. fol- Weaver organ, 1 3srg3, six ^ gged table. I cocch, i locnge, L-bu-i :au, bedstead. 1 corner cnplc«r^, 3 stands, 2 sinks, 1 coz. cane"'seated chairs, *i dos. plank botxomlcasirs. % * doz. good dining room chairs, 3 rock--j the-Gtttyabnrg warthccse ccs- ers , -^-ood box, baby coach. -^ - ·· -- ncPS at _ ., · -ecteci ca:]j by C. 3I2tcn "iVoif, Jr., Sue- ^double heater stove and prae,^ cliunk To= a « S ot sslced to t^c Xayr-5 T,To O d^- j c*ssor to -T. Geo. WolTs ns Co. stove, SO yds carnet, 40 yt ;good^ fcl Stoniacli Bcmcdy for tcseVs are c:o-:ihs | -p^,. jj n jnattlSg, yds. JinOTeunj., - J-}S y"^' before you receive arsjr bcnent--oi;c do 5 ^ is j ^ -^^ ^^^ cssaiSv required to co^vjrcc the ^nost ske?t:=a! j $-v T^ry VBe2T ...... s-Sercr of Stotaach AHracats tsat t5:s S"C3- : ^-. r«-~ resaedy siosid restore a=yo=c so ^S;:cd -- ] 6\VJiai UOIB - j^xxi "jttraSth. M^yr's "Woaderf nl Stoi^acli | t i \ -- . -- . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. · · Kemcdy ras been tassa by aanr o? . ^als peop'e throcgbo-t the 'sad. It his brocs^t : . , _ ,, , _ » TT T os-t5 health a=d harpiacsw to. sarerers v--o sad | rfjijjiil- xsm**-£ despaired of ever bc:3g j-estorad _ ic-i _3fjstr J. Per l^X) JEgS cf Vinegar, fe barrel. ro-sr proc:alrr. t a : VToaaesin. !fe==cj cr.«.^-= f c _j_^_ r»=:^,r WOO-T _ . _ SI-35 1 cider barrel, 1 meat .ii and dishes, 4"lainps, pots lon ^ Ths Weather. Fair today and tomorrow; southwest ·winds." AST-«rt Aa are p=t or. the n»-\ct for tiie .Wrmss realty in a oas;_ hr phoair.akcr Stock FoOCi 1-W articles too numerous T«TM "·' SHELL oysters^l'ways on Band at Evans' Restacrant United Phone.-- j advertisement' - . 1 d^tL * » « » · · · - · · - " -" -T t-*v " " T*t , 154-136 Whites St., ducago, I.L FOR'SALE ; .. N- by-. , , The People's Dr-ug Store . Westero Flour ' t · i T, ' 1 o'clock: -when kno-wn bjErths un~" dersgned MARGARET R. TAYLOR. Ira P. Taylor, Auctioneer. -A A. D. Sheely, Clerk. Ear Corn, ...................... tP * The er sleea-- Hugo". birds %

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