The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 12, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1913
Page 4
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FEE GETTYSBURG TIMES * Published Dm2y Escent Sunday* '" ' -; "'Times and .Sews- Pubiisfeiag Company LAVEEE KAFER, i Seeretarv and Treasarer. - E. BIKLE-, President.' PEJUP R- BIELE, Edltor. "NEEDLE -ftfEN^STEAL GIRL Shum of VicliM Escapes ridl TeHs at Being Drugasd by "Stevers." j Ifaranicnd, I3.2--D2C. 12--Miss Delia j Srsves, nineteen jears oM, told the i stcry of her escape from supposed | 'needle raen." j jiiss Graves was the companion or » A COMBINE !¥ GOLD STORAGE Medical Advertising Best Remedy Eor Loss Of Weight Prescribed by Dr. SATES ^lOX'Served bv carrier in Gett} sour-for 25 cents per montn. Mailed Sutsice of Geagrsbuifor 3» certs per month. - j* f**t U P « i h · F ore! PERSONAL NOTES BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs, of Hews Telling of (Its Happenings in ami abaat To*i« Gordon For Y,~~sling Diseases. . . , _ . ;? a T t f r . Result of Investigation by Fsd- Mr William" Shaier, of Baltimore,. : August 15, 1904 at Gettysburg. Pa as Congress Marcn o, lb»y. as second-class matter, under: · *eives and asked MS to riae in their ; auronioailes- After ^e had been riding I Kirs, weakening and loss cf weight. 'UNITED PHOXE corner of Centre -Fighting Has Been Going on Since. aboat aveatr nsinittes I noticed we They Are. SeeWrg-Information 4t Base )r In Fed- were goins in the ^nwig direction, prosecution For Violation of the I It fias a very great advantage over ! nesV Dieparaticrss of its kind. Instead ADVERTISES 3Y T^E We^ay-^s Drfv. in Fed- were ^^J*^ ^eeS . era! Outposts. . efi a?zed. -V^hi»-on ^-ec 1- -- Official "-re- * "Afeer. we hau'rfkep «**»« a hou ^ ' --* - - - - r. etc2er t o'one cf the men stopped tb- «·- TMa Jost his way. cro »««' ^ -iu_i -^. - - -al Fl is visuins friends in town. ' ~* Mr. and Mrs- John Pitzer, of Cham-, street^jure spending the day," r a!ter. returned to Square after a ;onths through _Ne\v tar receded by the attorney gen-, - j ^ - ' " ' ' |Yc-rk six! other eastern staXes. the various" district altar-j" " " Yours very respsciiveiy, ; Ijlks Annie O'Neal, of Carlisle hoiit the country, who j Dr. ?/. A- Gordon. | street, soent to-dav in Reading. to look into the ques-f Bear's Emulsion" is an unequa'ed; ^ ^r" ^f CSP - r o f Carlisle streer, GENERAL. OFFICES NEW VORK ; jit Mexican The repor and a!i other moved 10 a. unfier . -- V - - 3 LltMi UUUCl l..^ ·K'*nt ads O^e cent oer word each insertion. Two cents a word ir guaranteed , 7arship3 . Thcs fisTpS" po^tiS^ Resolutions of respect, poetry ar.d memorials one cent. ^ .^^ :;er word. " '. The Oispatc-hes say the no^-eombat- ' EEADSSS -- ^ ! aats have been concentrated at a point near we water front, where i tiiev are under the protection. of. the SEFH. Li i tuo country are exactly sisillar, indi-i 'R'K"«*^CTR 1f X ! cobcuiaubtedlrtlac a.combtaau^, ^ " OWNERSHIP BARGAIN HARVEST to SHOES BUYERS You will find on our Bargain Tables races of well known lines which we have dis-coniinuecs. W. H Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. £- Others reduced tc 98 cents and $1.48. A Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Childrens Shoes were 5O cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitzmiller I - , The fighting has been going on ! since "Wednesday, -and- from the har- | bor the American naval officers have ! observed that,, strategically, the Cosi sritutionaliscs.seeni to have the batter S aosition and are maMsig headway. A request of the Constiiationalist that". Americans leave was Lt once. i general I were i \ territory. f : The American officers believe the } · foreigners will he safe in the neu- } j tral zone, bat if not they will be taken ! 1 aboard die American war vessels. I ! I j Battle Day and Night. £ ! Vera Cruz. Dec. 12.--Fighting bei ! tween the rebels and tlie Federals for ' possession of the city of Tampico was * I Ln progress all day \Vetlnesday and TTeCnesday night, according to reports received iroav* Rear T.. i coninianaer os the American warships off that port. A A Dispatch- . said that the Federal outposts had 'been driven in and that had taken possession Saifs. R B, Me Belter Off Oniier Present System, \ Yorl:, Dec. 12.-- The project of . ' ". _ . - - governnient raiirosa owners ia exists. _ just how far such prices of cold storage products affect the high cose of ii\ ing, the reports from the district attorneys fion't indicate, that matter nor having beee investigated by them as yet. The investigation ordered by the attorney general into the high cost of food products has net progressed sufficiently to warrant-,any action by the departmcn tof justice. A great amount of information is being turned over to the attorney general, however, whatever action.'he NOTIC 1 ** 1 -^ ^seating of the Parenx Teachers' on :h estate of I Association will be held at 7:30 this jre W. Lavender, late oi Cashto\\ c, Ada:o-= Ccuiity, Peiina., deceased, liav- is:s been rr2!itc«t to tbv ua:«'rs:^ne«l, a!! persons indtbiee to said t--taa are hereby notilifed to make those persons ba\insp claims ajrt-ns " S-IH! estate to present the saa:*.- vi ichoct BCnVLTE." evening. CHURCH NOTICES Testament Or to · . .* ;. William FTersh, EM;.. Auornev- Unitea States was i-onUenzaea oy Set.- SHERIFFS SALE eral board of arbitration which recently decided the controversy over wages between the eastern railroads and tLeir conductors and trainmen. "Tie considerations satisry me," he said, -'that the railroad employes are j not only better oac now, under the private administration of railroads, than they would be likejy to be under pub- tuj£*yijnii*-S.?rsT;ioa5l-'fllso Thar, na^ uer existing conditions, tney can hope The department's next step to trace the lines of interstate cora- binauon between the dealers in large cities, for without connection between them across state lines the Sherman act would not be ax-allable and tie department's efforts to bring down the cose of livisg by the - breaking of a monopoly or two would hardly oe sue^l^'- * S-.P « ^ :n tlie boroairh of Gettysburg. coantv. Pa- the .: Lssa~eiio!d:on . - . the Jix-ve date t v.:il sell all die right and interest of the defendant, in. th- hotel property o:: Yo-k street, in the boron-h i Gettvsbarsr. AdaniS conttty. " · o know n ^'IDE-STEP . Awaits your inspection here. ^' ^To novelties that the dictates of fashion have irade obsolete. B^ rbina carried over frora former jears--bnc r tbe iues:^designs n.« M-S- trades best niai-.afacrarers. -- jCut ., Glass Xo iiora the The ijeligbt P v - r v the,^, c- - of* the le'ft bank oi the river irom 10= moutli to Taaipico i Xo foreigners have been =3 ! the admiral sa^d, nor has aay -~ \ been destroyed. A number of reiugfesfe -'·K - were-taken on board the United Sta^s^ ;% i scout cruiser-^ehester and tbe ' ~ "t'Taconia. 6the| refugees w^TM '· ings near the^water Another dispatch sent j) Fletcher saidr "\* " i%^:i "General Castro attacted*^ and, Deports 'indicate ijanfi* is" pashmg back the \anc£l'£uarfi-ii am talving -Grange-* Passes Resolution Decrying ""' " stern of Treating. Pa.- Dec. *i2.--Xo report Umbrellas Scarf Pins Bracelets Mesli Bags WATCHES DIAMONDS beauty. Table Silver Lockets (§b Chains Manicure Sets Imported Chime Clocks in Mahogany Cases | I Many oiher articles that \vili deiisfiit and please O *· yoti. I^Iay vsre sho^r them to you? Compa-e our prices with others. Z I E CHAMBERSBUKG ST. measures to protect and ^ ^_ Anerican= anS ethers, ana Brilisa.'aajS; German sub^lets are being looked3s£- ler Tsy weir ovvn representatives.''.'!^ :3bc'.s are reported to be respecting Americans ana American property." Grave fears are felt lest the iasur: gents should fire the oil tanVs " i Dota sides of the river at Tampico, in which e'-ent it is believed the ships would be compelled to retire down the river. Extraordinary efforts are being r^ade by the ^tesican authorities to C? I complete the loading of ammunition K ' on board the Mexican gunboats Vera V= CTT.Z and Progreso. The boats H probably leave for Taaipico. S : j Captain Rantzan. of tlie Hamburg X ! Amencan liner Kronprinzessin Ceciiie 0 j has cable:! to Hamburg that his ves X ! sel was taking refugees on board a ~ I Taaipico- H ! STEEL PLANT FOR EASTON """V J ~ 1 Company V/ili Spend 82,000^500 ar M i " Employ 12CO Men. X i Easton, Pa_ Dec. 12.--Tbe Taylo O I V.Tarton Iron and Steel company, o Philadelphia, whose ma ; n plant is at Highbndge. X. T-, has purchased through the BoarJ of Trade of Easton fiftv acres of lard adjoining the citr and trill erect a plant at a cost cf S-, yftiijOi 1 '^, is which it will carry on til? DO a of the fiefendan ·aw be passed and also " ^G.-;E. .Thonipsvn-^Shcriir esfircement cf the sheriff's ofTIce","Gefa^s'Tnr'Z; 1'a.V 3"Jv 'feey recommend oe increasea. s £.lso~iiaopted indors- dgreferendnia. er^u a resolution xnth*the federal and "·Grati^i Elgin's''fa-nh- of Try BIGLERVILLE U. B. Preaching at BiglerviHe United Brethren Church, Sunday morning at 11:00 o'clock. E. W. Canoles, pastor. . , -, ,,..,. ., CrIUSCK OF THE BRETHREN Executrix oi me last \\ s:l ana j ,, , _ ,. , ^ · i a 'on of Geo. \V. La^ender. dec'd. Friends Grover Sunday scaool, 9-^0, | preaching. 10:30 by JRev. 31r. Lehigh. Mummasbuig: preaching, 10:30. Strat- tcr. Street: Sunday School. 3:30, a fell attendance desired; preaching 10:30 and 7:00. GETTYSBURG U- B. Sunday School. 9:30 a. m.; preaeh- ingr IG:30 a. m., by Rev. Hr_ S. H. Senior Christian Endeavor aeezicg 6:00 ?. m. J. Chas. Gardner, pastor. METHODIST Sunday School 9:30 a. m.; preaching ac 10:30, subject of sermon, "The Personal Cure, the Only Cure for Social Evils". Epworth League 6:15- p- w. A. welcome co all ser-v-ices. L. Gtt, na^tor. - ,. 3 ' BENDER'S REFORMED Missionary service at W a.m. ing of the Sangree jlissionary : "So- cietv in the evening at 7. =' = ' AREXDTSVILLE REFORMED/Church service, on Sunday afternoon, at, 2 o'clock. Subject" of the sermon, "God's Interest in the Prodigal." - = I SALEM U. B. '"Sunday School, 9:0^ a. m.: preacS- iair, J;OGp-m. fay The Rev. S. 'JH. ! Sneil- of Hagers-town, Md. J- Chas. [Gardner, cast or. ^*,| BIGLESVILLE LUTHERAX.^ { preparatory services Sa ^;SO t»- m.; Sunday Scboo! at 9 ; ac IQ^-Tunior Endeavdrgat 5; Senior at, 0:45- ilonthlj- missionary n::- a !1O~ .1 . the Globe Hotel, jfco ld 2uarantee«l J«y .' t»-.r-i "to G 11 aip^*. fleL_.._ , ik ?n"«l"to" a lot' of * :ronni fbrntJa^r --on YTorfc streec, rwiunded on the eass and ".est and in tht-rear by public" alleys. The property fronts a5out 'A 1 f«^ec on York street "and rans jsck a ! -out IbO feet lev: the;!eas£ixM inieresc atexp-reson April 1st, 1014 alley it for nasal "aaa ! i*y catarra. 3^ co!d in the head, hay fe*. er or ·r-zsi~ crrpUcs-ion resc'-iiJf fronusoronsc -ca-rsrr:!-- Ee»oS V breathT=r passages opci. tens zi~n.r soi-ni. r~-'~ -'-~~ -»* Coid Worse After Attendina Red Crosa ' ssti no. Cec. 12. troublin President him arain. vfilson's ca'.'i cancelled the president remained ui bed. "The president caught a little adfii coZu tare 'sb atteadiag the Na- uonal Re! Cross neeting/' said Sec retarj T-or.uZt:'. T i is Ioca.i."- in his head anc his threat. TiiSre .s nly a slight fever ac- eo3ir2a3-n^ -- It. -i"as decided, how- 5 a tire "asuonary measure to aim rcrsa.*; In^ 15 Frsnc.-.---2T Fall in Estcle. ·work no-K- dose at 1:3 subsidiary plantc Pir-laee-pina, the Tioga Iron anc Steel corjpan, the Philadel- Ho:l and ilachine company and ,, Mao. Xoroc ,-.. 3eo. 1^. -- Fiftee Frer'-hnier. -cr^ kuicd as. t.~o -vvsre ^oun -. ,, ;p.c:uair." a cartai:i ard ie i :ter.c.nt. * % er. a F.eacli colamn attaex:^:? tie Mo'/rs captured the t ilas' a. The resolution to provide thrse Sv.Joiarships for the State Collese put :nto the r-ands of the committee} ca e-r'.cation- j Senator Clap?, GSord Piachot Congressman Fred E. Lewis, of Allentown., spolie. SNUB FOR BliCHESS OF CROY A:mar.ach cie Csf'-.a Declares She !s Not of -E=u-| 3:rth' 7 \V 5 th Duke. or"the "AUnans^h de Goiha," which lias'lust appeared, categorically announces that the marriage of iiis^ For sale by People's Drug Store Gettysburg, Pa- For . Sale in Orrtanna. cis Sayres Hacoy In London. Ion. r.e ·. .-' -- Mr. and Mrs. Fran- B. foayre ere still here. Their iriencs here ra~ tliey are much absorbed in ear - other. They are "as ns.Tpy as t~so :Cancyleisniaan and the DaSe or Crcy · is not a marriage ot e~ual birth." j T",;is phraseolosy, v.-hich is uau in ^"=ie "Almanach," is printed at fcstfganon of the Prussian Royal aid's Office and is intended as a tiec to the dufe? bat his wife is -- \ ^ the enl? " iris^non of the Prussian Royal Eer" " a no not - ii-iUed to tlie- J -" vileges of the kais- er's court or t^e ^--Iier royal courts of ^.Germany- Soldiers Sentenced. Strasbourg, Germany, Dec. 12. Lig^'- 58-tences were pronounced a: the the a;- one The Gifts Are Useful Gifts The Hardare Store . o % t o Boys \\ agons Nickel Tea Kettles Nickel Coffee Pots Oil Heating Stoves Pocket Knives Gloves for Men and Boys Enamel Ware Knives and. Forks Hate Call to see us and extaaic j i loTS-,Qnuiity the be^t. Driving Lamps Boys Coasttrs-and Skates Food Choppers Enamel Reciters Keen Kuiu. : - Salty Razor · ^ Carvirg Sets Rer.nn2rt.-in Rifles Hitch-,-5 and Saws line. Oar prices ; .-c A. N. Brady Left 372,000.000. York. Dec. 12.--Preliminary 65 ures in tne appra : sc-aent of Oe estate of An-hony X. Bra«y indicate that It will amo-ru to about -572,--0-?,'-' '0. ac cor';in? to Eogeiie Laiab Hicitarcs speciai co^ r.-al for the state consp troller. ITear]-iss are now in progress ·?rith a vievr to fixir.n tbe state irans :er tax. ! V !s Missing. " 3 - r -~ ::o= ' e of ^ lave fo-rnd S trace of James Marshall, t*ie ni-'.i aire bat Eiariu:a' v ti'rer cf Fall, River Mass. He vcini^neu T?ics.'lty aiieirfo- at t"e Grao 1 Central station -wh:!". be s taken to a Fanitarium at "\YIutt Phones. Fairfield Pa. Plains, X. Y. Advance Information. " kr Was it a~case'of love at first "They call it that, although before they met she had heard that he was -wealthy and he had been told fitte was an heiress." In a Fir Tree. In Scappoose, Ore,, there is a wind- Sairan Greets U. S. Ambassador. Constantinople. Dec. 3_. -- Henrj Morenthao, of Xew Yortc, the ncv Airerican apbassador to Turliey, -wa received in" cSicial audience by th sultan. mill in a fir tree. The fir tree, which j QUR furn 5 s hi n g department is jus serves as a tower; was sawed off at a height of about 60 feet from the ground, and a well was sunk at the foot of the tree. ,l_." s -i. J -^ a ^i .£££ ful , flf lhinRS that wflu , d make a man or boy an ideal Christmas gift Lewis E. Kirssin. -- advertisement inter c!e-'*r, ;".? rro-.vs in a crate" was j court martial of f.ree sea T\!r.etvlnisth InfastT, thrcug *re issaiting remar, s in reference to Alsatians and the French foreign le- ~icT uttered by Lieutsiiajt Baron ~~ Forstner, were inr.ce Public. GENERAL MARKETS PT-OUR quiet; city mizis, fen, . RYC FLOUn 3nn, at §3 50® 3.60 Der harre]. \VK£AT £nu: xo. 2 red. new, whons on Apply ' John C. Hamilton Buford avenue, Gettysburg. : Commmrioa meet_ :. Christian Endeavor, ~ p. rc. BEXDERSVU.LE LUTHESAN Sunday School 9 a. m_ preaching service, 10 a. m.. subject, "Squaring Up." Christian Endeavor. 7 p. m. YORK SPRINGS IT. E. York Springs: Sunday School, 9:30; ssnnon. 10:30; Epworth League. 7:30. Rock Chapel: sermon and reception of members. 2:30. Hunterstown: Sunday School. ±:SG: revival service, 7:30, and :;ring the week. A. M. E. ZIOX "^.'ashington Street- Preaching at 11 . in.; Sunday School at 2 p. rn.: Chris- isn Endeavor at 7 p. m.; preaching at s v. m. A cordial -.velccrne to all. vV. O- Cooper, pastor. , pr-Kciral oCender wa-; coademued to ' "·"" ir weelis and the o'-er tv.o three weeks' en to "~"n PasseriQSr. .OCMtX^rp.e-. Xo. 2 yellow, new. | ^°^^*%£-££·* Fegotid, the 'OATS'fp.; X-, 2-srbite, 4Tc.: lower! French' aviator, demonstrated at tie ' ' ) ia an aeroplane. as well as a pi!- . cult than the accorcplishment-Ot ^ai 4-^TM«. ^.-hoTi t^irv "/"-^^^^Ss-i^S* 1 ?- -*on thTfee^s^iarate oc- ISc.; old roostpra-i 13c.: turkeys, 23- *?* C* ^ j. ** ?24C. BUTTI:;I f. stca fancy creamery, 38c. -elected, C9c.; near- Live stock Prices, a'ti'. e; bulk of more casions with journalists and eacn time ma-le a number of successive loops. feat whea tiie Elective November 16, 1913. SIERS KiEILASD BiE 8:56 A. 31- Dafly Except Sanday j.o? Baltimore,, Hasover, York and Intermediate Porats- 10:28 A. M. Daily for Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Caambersbtrrg. Hancock, Cnmberland, Pittsburgh and Chicago also EIMas, W. Va- 12:25 P- M-'for BIghfield and intermediate stations. 2:55 P- 31- *o r York, Baltimore and Intermediate Poiais- 5:36 P- M. Daily except Sunday for B- and H. Division Points tc Higafield, also Hagerstowa, Waynesboro, Chambersburg aad Shippensbarg. £.13 New Osford, Hanover, York, {.-, and iaterzrifidiate statioss- Bomb Breaks Bank Windows. Pittsburgh, Pa-, Dec. 12.--A bomb ^ V . ' rojE-h. f 6.50® 8. O M u u . »^ fc ;'-*t;.», 3v.'J./-^ 1 * ^ -- , , ir'l-. n *^ae? vtf-ei-^. ?fl.70«77.80; stock- i tlie building occupied by Tnomas ^ fmit store. Windows ro tae Savings and Trust corn- building nest door were shattered. No one was hurt. NO thinkinc man v.-Ul miss the money saving opnortvnity our Chr : t mas sale ofTcrs, veitisenient . i i E. Ku r.n.- -ad- TTANTED: experienced stenographer. Give experience and wages expected. Board S20 per month P. ~VB 27, Highfield, Md.--advertiseinent_ FOR SALE: family mare with' colt! by her side. P. M. Bream, Bifflerville,'Jan. 10-Concert. COailNG.ETENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysbarf for Coining Weeks. , ^_^ Dee. 19--"The Snepherd of-the-Hills" Walter's Theatre. Dec. 19--College closes for Christmas recess. '- · , Jan: 8--Ba~skeyll. Slgomsburg Nor mal. College Gymnasium. Killarney Girl: THERE is kept in stock at the ;lant of the Gettysburg Light Coiti- oany the following sizes of wire -KTi Tungsten lamps. 25, 40, 60.100, -50. 2-50, 400, and 500 Watt all of -vhich are sold on the basis of "satisfaction or money refunded". These are sold at list prices for small quantities but liberal discounts are given -on quantity sales.--advertisement TMrteen Days 4 "%V\ O C ' - iliid.0 .'a. United phone.--advertisement Brua Chapel. The Early Buyer Gets the Best Choice. REDUCTION sale. ^ off trimmed .hats and fancies. Miss Hollebaugh, Baltimore street.--advertisement 1

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