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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, February 23, 1818
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V XLW - YokK KVkJnNO Post. MONDAY, FRBRCARY 23. rVetg JWve. By the CW, Bowne, one ' v of the line of packets recently established be tween this port and Liverpool, we here receiv ed from our different correspondents Gree, nock papers to the 31st of December, London ... to the lat and Liverpool to the 3d of January, inclusive. Extracts follow COURT Or KING'S BENCH, Monday. Dec 22. Trnrf T. Hcbton. Aa action on a policy of insurance on the ship William, at and Irom Hall to Naw - York ; it was effected by the plaint iff oo .. account of a person of the name of Towoshend, " resident in the Unit! State, nod subscribed by the defendant in the sum of 400. The facti were all stated ou Emissions ; the ahip tailed from Hall in ballast on the voyage insured la Dec. 1818, but was obliged to refit at Dover, in . coMcquence of striking upon a bank : on tht 19th Dec she spin proceeded on her voyage, - and sn the Win Feb. after Tery bad weather, it wss discovered that the main - mast was badly sprang ; on the next dav, the fore - yard, fore - tail, and top - sail were blown away, and the bowsprit i was sprung ; at the same time the ship was very leaky, and one pump was constantly kept at . - - work. On the 1 6th Feb. two vessels, called the Hyder Ali Bad Navigator, came in sight, and it was agreed on commuuication with the masters, that they should keep near the William during the night to render assistance u wanted. A squall however, in the evening, compelled the Navigator to abandon the William i but, on the 17th Feb. the captain of the Hyder Ali took the crew of the William on board his vessel ; at that timt the sailors who bad worked toe William were - quite exhausted, and both pomps could not keep Use water Mder. la the Hyder All there were : raany supernumerary American sailors, eight of Whom volunteered to risk their lives iu the William, in - the hope of reaching tome port of the United states and obtaining salvage : they sue eneded in caryiugher into Newport, in Rhode Island, where site was libelled, and a decree was pronounced; giving naif the value of the ship to the salvors. I he intelligence having reached Eoghod, the plaintiff abandoned to the under writers, but they refused to accept it, on the ground that the loss was ouly partial, and that . the William might have been easily repaired at Newport, in order to have completed her voyage to New - Tort; . It was admitted that the ship nad seen sold at Newport for JI4O0, or 315, - half of which sum was handed over to the eight A merinos, as salvage. The defendants paid into court a sum sufficient to cover a partial loo; and the question tmder the circumstances was, whether the lose was total or partial : if the former, the plaintiff would be entitled to a ver dict 1 u the latter, a nonsuit was to be entered Mr. Scarlett, on behalf of the plaintiff, said, that some modern cases seemed to have settled, that a sa.,i was not the subject of abandonment as long as the ccn' - d Heal : be retted the contrary position, pridi - iraUy on the authority of the case of M'ler v. Henderson (4 M. and S.) observing, that at the time the captain and crew left the William, she could no longer be navigated by them, from fatigue on their part, and from the condition of the vessel. The adventure of the Americans was desperate ; although they brought it to a favorable conclusion, it was scarcely to be hoped, and could only be attri - bated to unforeseen accident, aud the freh and vigorous strength with whirh they supplied the plans of th exhairlt - d enw. The loamed !; corto.f i u'wcveJ, that the cbjsct of this suit vm to bar m.i un .oi tant nuenion tct'lcd, fiu l who ' tur - r it . 'jone by his ordibip at Vt Priui, or ry lew unirt on a special ca&e, the piaiu'. would be equally satisfied. Mr. Topping, for tho defendant, observed, tbat he had not expected to have been called up on to argue the point at Ai t Print. He refer . red to the following cases, among others, as bear . tor upon the queetion of abandonment s Cam bridge v. Nicl - 4U, f 10 East 322) i Parson t v Scott (t Taunt. 363) ; Anderson v. Walt it (2 M. and 8. 2 40.) Mr. Richardson, on the tame side, mentioned Brown v. Smith ft Dow. App. Ca. 340.) Mr. Justice Abbott (who presided) intimated - a clear opinion against the plaintiff, viz. that he Could not abandon to the underwriters : but il was agreed that the nets sheulJ be inserted in a special case, a rerdict being taken iu the mean time for the plaintiff, 200. LONDON, Dec. 27, There hat been much speculation during the last fortnight, amongst the speculators in the funds. But there is no foundation for attributing this to a falling off in the revenue, as the follow in statement abundantly testifies : These gentlemen mutt have other motives for their enterprise; out iney wouici uo wen to re. collect that this desperate spirit has reduced ma. av of their predecessors from affluence to beg. gary, and in the present buoyant condition of tho industry and commerce of the country, the same fate may attend those who speculate upon the depression of the f unds. Produce of the revenue from 10th October to 56th December, 1817, with the corresponding period in IBIS. Produce from 10th October to 26th Decern ber. 1816. 7.977.306. Produce from 10th October to 26th Decem ber, 1817, 8,588,069. B eing an increase of 6 1 1 ,363. In the Excise duGes, thero is an increase beyond the corresponding period last year of 180,970 Stamps, sn increase of 212,094 Incidents, aa increase of 264,559 657,0J3 In the customs there is a small decrease of 23,260 In the post - office a decrease of 23,000 46,260 Total 611,363 In the account of the produce of the revenue for the period of 1810, is not included the re ceipt upon the general article of excise, nor the stamp duties lor the tail week, the receipt upon thse branches of revenue not having been paid into the exchequer, on account of the holidays, till the subsequent week ; therefore, from the above 'niTeate should be deducte - l the sum of a - bout J20.694, leaving the lucre e 290,669. This h a holiday at the stock exchange ; there are a considerable n amber ol brokers aembled on the Royal Enhance ; a few bargains have been made. Consols fcr the account 817 - 8. The Russian squadron, at Spitheid, are taking in water and provisions, and it is expected will be ready for tea in 10 or 12 days, when they will proceed to Cadii. According to the latest accounts from Alexandria, received in Holland, the I'acha of Egypt persisted in his effur j to revive the commerce formerly carried on between that country aad the perls of India. No lets than 50 sail had ar rived from tht quarter at Sues, tine the recommencement of this intercourse. The Angelira, from New - York bound to Bremen, whkh put into Plymouth some days tiuce, is in a very leaky stats, and mutt discharge to repair. Ca Thunday, Dc. 13, died, in the 25th yew of hl age, after an illnew of a few days, at h'. ladgin?t in this town, tht hm. an! rev. Charles Fox Maitland, M. A. your.'ertsoqof James, earl rf Liuderdile. Cemtrie ptper. LOADOV, Dec. 30 Cotton. The pardatea of Cotton stn - e our last etcd 1300 begs 2T0 Bowed 19d t - 21 J - id. were disposed of at an advance of 1 - 3J. ' 1 - 44. per lb. on the prices of last talc. . Cora. Then wu a good loppSj tf Wheal ja yesterday market; use coamuoo was snvca o - 7 ,k. km hmmm vhihitwi AmtiimT the sea son; a few picked tam Iiixe4 the prices ofl last week, tint generally of iheaaarui u ay w mtmtmA U.m tfca ttjl MTV hekVV at father a lower currency, sad a considerable proportion of I the napply iet uatoia. TnKX 1k. iteniuid for Tobacco con tin ues UAitsd ; the ooly sale reported since our last is a cargo oi vvguna ivimu ". - for a saarket , , . Naval Stores. - There are no parcels of rough TMiiH in the imnorter,i bauds : the demand appears improving. Spirits arf in iequct. ts trh and Kosia are without vanaUon, Tot is n shade bicher. A.h - L Barilla. Yc There bas been a very considerable demand for Ashes, the prices are improving. Barilla bas been more euquired after, iut the imour Is are expected to be inconsid erable, the holders anticipate an advance. . Riae - The market continues heavy ; the pur chases are very limited, aad rather lower prices are submitted to. LOLIOn, Dec. 31. Lord Courteoay, since be lett tincland, has re ceived. bv the sale of his nroiiertv in Ireland a - looe, no teas a sum than six hundred and fifty thousand pounds. The accounts received in town this morninz from Liverpool, state the tales of all descriptions of cotton last week at 14000 bags, at an advance on the preceding week's prices of 3 - 4 J to 1 1 - 4 J per ID. J he spinners are the purchasers, whose stocks being exhausted, are now compelled to come into the market ; their manufactories are now in full employ ; and a further considerable rise in the raw material is confidently expected. LOUON,Jan. 1. The American thin Two Brothers, rvcentlv ar rived at Portsmouth from Batavia, with a cargo of coffee, in bulk, bound to Holland, left on the 9th of September, and reports that the whole Is land or Atnhoyna, excepting a very small part, was in the hands ol toe insurgents, a detach ment of troops had been tent from Batavia, to en deavour to autiprest the revolt. The duke of Wellington arrived in Paris on Sunday. An official article from Madrid, announces the determination of the Spanish rovernmeot to re fute passports to all persons who are not known, or who will not comply with the accustomed re - gulatiofM. Corn Ezehangt, London, Dee. 31 Our market Is completely at a stand, on arcouut of the close fog, no business of any kind doing ; therefore our prices may be quoted nominally at on Monday. Dispute between Spain and Portugal. Spain and Portugal have not yet came to any accord on the subject of the restitution of Monte Video. Oil the contrary Portugal, by authen tic advices received by the last Mails from Rio Janeiro, and confirmed by letters from Madrid, refuses to cede that fortress until Spain bas terminated the question with her Colonies, either by conquest or neeociation. opsin urges inc imrneaiaie resimuioii, as a sine qua non, that the may at that station land C .t - . J - . - .v. . . and reorganize the force which is ultimately to attempt the subjugttion q Buenos Ayres. H It is in theconhdence of that restitution she liss procured the Russian fleet, subjected her policy to ine reiruiatiun ot the Russian Auto crat, and equipped, with great sacrifices, seve ral thousand men to make the primary lodgment. Without that station as an harbou fur the sacred fleet, without that citv a a dVrmes, she con not pursue the emeiprue" rortugai replies" Monte Video was not occupied in a spirit of ambition or hosiiliity to any of the belligerents but became an indis - penkible measure of self - defence to prevent the revolutionary war infecting the Brazilian provinces. It cannot be ceded to Spain ander ex isting circumstances (a noble invention of mo dern diplomacy, committing nothinp and sit; mining every thing) without resented oy uil' Spanish Americans as an act ot hostility. " Poi tugal did not take Monte Video from the authorities or troops of Spain, but from the Government of Artigas, who if not directly acxnowieugingoDeaience to Buenot Ayres was nevertheless an ally against Ferdinand, and guardian of American Independence To restore Monte Video to Spain as a base for uer aggressive operations, would be virtually to engage the King of the Brasilsand Portugal in a contest which his policy, as an auxiliary or principal, must avoid. " If the troops of Ferdinand did re - possess Monte Video, what confidence could the Bra - silian Cabinet repose in the successful issue of an expedition, which batned a much larger Butish armament than Spain can send, when the defensive means of Buenos Ayres were much less Uian at the present moment i " In case of failure, what protection could Spain afford to the King of the Brazils against the vengeance of the injured and victorious Apanuli Americans!" 1 be matter then stands thus : Spam thea - tens the seizure of Portugal to compel acquie scence ; the King of the Brazils is said to be prepared for the sacrifice, which if it deprive mm of a country dear to his atlections,releases him from a vassilage molting to his dignity and ruinous to the interests both of bis Euro pean and Americans subjects. In Portugal he is seated on a Throne which, obliges him to receive his orders from the Custom house otli cers of England, or Uie AJguazils of Madrid, an America, if he adapts bis policy to the spirit of the country he bas adopted, he may reign independence lord or the sou, and the elected Constitutional Kuler of a r ee people. On Thursday morning Lord Caatleresph, ac companied by his brother Lord Mewart, setoff for Brighton, no doubt tor the purpose of com' muiiidlinir to the Prince Regent the late im portant matters upon w'lich the consultations have been held, and the dispatijies sent off. Il was the proposal of our Ministers, that the conferences on the mediation between Spain and Portugal should be held in London not in Paris, because a negociation for a point so strongly insisted on by one branch of the House of Bourbon should not be carried on at the court of another. On the commencement of the business is shown a leaning. The most material point in the matter of mediation is tliat Spain, supported by Russia, resolves to eipedite their armament to South America, at the same time that the quest. on is submitted to reference. The English Minis tei s justly say, that all mediation is hopeless, if this threatening course be pursued. But the remonstrances of our Ministers are disre garded. LIVERPOOL, Jaouarv I. Of all the maladies to which the human frame subject, none, perhaps, is more distressing than that of the travel and stone ; whatever will afford relief, therefore, in this paiuful disor der, ought to be generally known Mr. Thomas Rboads. ebony ink - stand maker, oa, ld street - road, who bad for many years been afflicted with the gravel and stone, for which he bad taken the best medical advice in Loouoo, without enect, was advised to try Dicey's Daffy's Elixir, from he use of which he has voided not less than 50 tones, many of them as large as peas, and the tan which cams from bim sum an oolong lorm, 'hree quarters of an inch in length, and three - t'.;hts ol an inch in diameter, and which he is ready to submit to the inspection of any person who may be doubtful of the fact. LivisrooL, January 3. The French Chamber of Deputies have at length completed thep ojet which regulates he freedom of the prcs, and having carried it through the requisite fi rm, it has finally been transmitted to the House of Peers. It mail oe e .nfi - vsed that the n casurr of liber - ty dealtoutbv this new C Klification is not ven d.undant, bi t it is to be hoped that tho privi - lejjes now granted to the press are only a prc - a I so i of St. V oy ten sayt the that and shall For been liufe la further and further indulgences. The caution and reserve with which reform is admitted cm this delicate subiecU lives as a right to expect that all the reforms which these legislators may attempt will be solid and permanent, it proportion as they are slow and reluctant. One defeat in the new regulations must be universally res - retted. Persons accu sed of abusing the freedom of the press arc not to have the benefit of a trial by jury. This circumstance is to be n grrtted on twoi grounds. First, because the accused will be deprived of the only tribunal which is compe tent to oppose the influence of government, and to counteract that inevitable bias wiucq Judges and Magistrates arc so apt to feel towards the sources of their power , and secondly, because the want of confidence in juries excites a suspicion that the great mass ol .me neonle have not vet entirely shaken off the re volutionary spirit, or returned to that state of sound and regulated tv elmg, on which alone genuine liberty can ever be engrailed. Within the last few days the funds have expe rienced a fall of nearly two per cent ; and after many ineffectual straggles to recover from their depression, they still remain about 1 - 2 per cent below their former elevation. AU the politicians who were not in the secrets of (he money market were, as usual, exceedingly puzzled to account for this phenomena. The ministerial writers, perplexed at a circumstance which seemed to indicate a retrogression in our nation al prosperity, the increase of which they have so elaborately endeavoured to demonstrate, ob tained from the government otnees a premature statement of the public revenue lor the present quarter, though it docs not close till the 5th intt. They could not, it teems, conceive any other cause for the unexpected tall of the stocks man ad apprehension of some great deficiency in the revenue. 1 be published statement, hewever, thoiuh only brought up to the 26th December. shew a considerable increase in the princijial branches of the national income, though net quite so great, as at first tight appears. Since then another circumstance has been brought for ward which is quite sufficient to explain the whole mystery. The French government has issued proposals for another large loan, aud this loan is to be again ncgoriated iu London. Considering that this new French stock will pay the holders upwards ol 7 tier cent for their money, whilst the British funds afford lett than 3 12, wc cannot at all be surprized that the transfers from the one to the other will be very numerous. We expect this with more confidence, as it is certain that an opinion of the growing stability of the trench government ts become general throughout r.urope. x.vcn the Edinburgh lie. viewers, (a valuable authority on this point) are disposed to admit, " that no very outrageous act is doing ; that the great landmarks ol the revolution are left untouched, awl that the sure, though slow progress towards a truly popular constitution it permitt J gradually to consolidate the fabric of the government upon the basis of public libel ty." A letter from Amsterdam of the 24lh, brought by the mail of Friday, informs us that the auto - Ja - fe at Wartbnrg bas attracted the official notice of must of the continental powers. All the tos'iian youths at the university of Jena, who were present at tbat fete, have, it it said, receiv ed a public intimation to return forthwith to Vi - enra. It is als asserted, that the French mi - lister, the duke of Richelieu, has addressed a note upon the subject to the different courts of Germany. The French government has transmitted to that of Saxony 02,000 crowns, in part paymcrt of its claims for supplies to Bonaparte's army. frtce of torn ana Jlowr n L.terpool, Uee. 30. The importation of grain this week bat been tri ms. New Iru - h wheal 3d par 701bs lower than last week : little doing in foreign. Oats Id a 2d per bushel lower. Euglish flour It a 2s per pack lower : nothing doing in American. Flour, American per bbl. 1961b. tweet U 8. 65 a 67 Canada 56 a 68 ; sour 40 a 50 The Triton, Bullock, from Hamburg for N York, after being abreast of the Texcl, put back and in going vp the F.lbe got aground and sprung - Jeak, and pat into tjuxhaven. It was suppo sed the would be obliged to discharte. The Factor, Hamilton, from Savannah, at port, tailed 6th Dec in company with the Jane, lor this port. 8 IUCK.ilUL.MfJ. IV.OV. SB. The German Gazette and French lournalshav ins announced, that the agent of the Pacha of E - gypt in thit country, Istnael Gibraltar, had concluded a treaty between our Court and the I'acha, wno wat denrout oi snaking on the yoke or the urk. and that in conseauence tome ol our ves telt had been pillaged by the Barhary pirates our Gazette has published the following official contradiction ol these two tac't : " we are au thorised to declare this article absolutely false. far as regards Sweden, and that the agent of the racha ol r.sypt has no other business Sweden than what relate to commerce. At the Pacha of Ervpt is the subject of the Grand Seignior, there cannot exitt between him and European Powers any relations hostile to the rights of the Sublime Porte as a Sovereign Pow er." We learn from Marseilles the 17th inst. that I dreadful storm had been experienced at Sardin a. which had extended to the coast or Africa. A dreadful ttorm wat felt in the Guluh of Gas - cony, the 9th, 10th, and 1 1th iost. ; vettel was wrecked on the bar of Bavonne: and the plaint the Adour end the Miie were inundated. At Jean de Luz, the dyke which defended the town irom the ocean wat much damaged, and the inhabitants seriously alarmed. tiHK.lfc., Uec. 14. News have been received rf the navigator on Kotzebue. It is already known from the journal.", that alter having made several disoove nes in the oouth tea aud Hehring's Straits, he had arrived iu October of last year at Califor nia. Now the director of the Russian Ameri can company, VI. Von Kararoff, mentions in I letter dated the 19th of June of this year, from sew - Archanel, on the north west coast of A - menca. that Kotzebue wai in March last at the Saodwich Islands ; that he had discovered on the south west of those island, a new, extensive, and inhabited island, and then had sailed onwards. Probably this newt had reached New - Archan el, by means ot a ship belonging to the Amen can company, and without doubt Kotzebue would have tent dispatches by the same convey auce, had he been able to foresee that his letters a lucky concurrence oi fortuuate circum stances, could have arrived from the north wet coast of America at Petercburgh in lest than 4 months. Ata - ai, oue of the north east of the Sandwich islands, has submitted to the emperor Alexander. Appointment of the neie Mayor. It it not of that we witness a case eiactly similar to this. Every body it delighted with it ; all parties approve of it in the most equivocal terms : and one would think, therefore, it was a subject of uni venal congratulation : But the Columbian, the organ of Clintooianism, insists on it that Mr. Colden is exactly the man of their choice, but that the whole of the New - Turk delegation went bodily to the council to protest against the ppointment, and to insist ou another man ; and Advocate, who is the Martling organ, swears he is as pleased as punch with Mr. Colden, gives as a reason that in the late war he proved himself an American; the implied anti - thesis, to which is, I take it, that other folks, who be nameles?, did not. It is a tioot point which is the most glad and hkb most mortified. ourselves, we can, and do, wi'h sincerity, coograttOale the public on the selection thit hat made : we consider it ausvitieui to lbs citv. a a a i of from (lie acknowledged competency of Mr. Col den to the situation, bis know habits of bus nets, the independence of hi circumstances, and cootcqaently ef his actions, we have no doubt, we shall see the affairs of our city put in a new and mort) prosperous train than they bar been in for some few years past J and that in future they will be conducted in a manner highly bene ficial to the public weaL Over the past, 1st the pall of oblivion be thrown. From the National Intelligencer, fee. 21 A que lien bas been at length taken in the house of representatives oc too principle ol ins bill to establish an uniform ryttem of bankruptcy and a majority of seven votes appeared against striking out the first section or the tmi, wntcn would have been equivalent to the rejection it. Thit measure has stood the shock of the first encounter : it remains to be seen, whether its strength it to be frittered away in skirmishes re specting the details. It bas unquestionably gain ed friends in the debate ; and, if it wat support ed even by all the representatives of the com. mercial districts, we should not doubt its pas sage. The bill for the relief of major general Ar thur St. Clair (granting him a pension of $720 per annum) yesterday finally passed the senate, alter an eloquent debate. NASHVILLE. Jan. 31. Tenneuee Troopi. Thit it the day appointed by General Jackson, for the concentration of the troopt from thit counl v assembled and marched from here two dsyt since and yesterday about 100 fine looking men passed through this place on their way tor ayctteville, under the command ol Major uook. from Kobertson county. The annexed order has been printed by authority of General Jackson for the purpose of being aitiriuuiea among uie troops auer weir urgaur zauon. GERERAL ORDER. Volunteer of Wut Tenneuee Oart more, af ter a repose of three years, you are tumniooed to the field. Your country having again need for your services, hat appealed to your patriotism, and you have met it promptly. The coeerful net with which you have appeared to encounter uie hardships and penis ol a winter's campaign, affords the highest evidence of what may bo expected of you in the hour of conflict and trial. l'lie tavagtt on your borders, unwilling to beat peace, have once more railed the tomahawk to thrd the blood of our citizens, ai.d already they are assembled in considerable force to carry their murderous schemes into execution - Not contented with the liberal policy that has from time to time been shewn them ; out yielding themselves victims to foreign seducers, they vain - y think to assail and conquer the country that protects them. Stupid mortals ! Tiny have 'prsntteo too soon the streams of blood their ill - fated policy heretofore coat them. They have forgotten too, that but a short time since conquered and almost destroyed, they were only uresfci ved by the mildness and humanity of that coujtry which they now oppose. They mutt now be taught, that however benevoleut and humane that country is, she yet hat sacied rights to protect, and with impunity will not permit the butchery of ber peaceable and unoffending citi zens. iVrare Volunteer The enemv vou are coins to routend with, you have heretofore met and fought. You have once done it and can again conquer them. You go not to fight but to be victorious ; remember, then, that the way to prove successful, it not by being inattentive to the first uuues oi a toiaier, out Dy bearing and executing with cheerfulness the orders of superiors, aud being constantly mindful of the obligation you are under to your country aad to yourself. Subordination aad attention to discipline are all - important and indispensable ; without them, nothing like like system can be pretcrvtd, and this being wanted, nothing favorable can result. But in you, every conudeuce it reposed. Your Gen mi, w uwi inimo uiu uivv urcu, wuu have to promptly come forth at the call or their country, will withhold their assent to regulations which can alone assure them safety and iucrsi. Hardships and dangers are incident to war, but brave men wiil bear them without murmuring or complaining t Knowing you to be such, no lean are rnienaincu uin uini every uuiy unponeo on you, win oe oe met with promptneti and cheer tulnett. Your general goet before you to ones the way ana prepare lor your reception. Conbding in your diligence and exertions, he will export your arrival at your detuned point, without un necessary delay led bv Col. Arthur P. Hayne, an officer in whom he has evry confidence. This being effected, be will place himself at vour head, and with you thare the dangers and hard ship! oi the campaign. A.tUKt.tV JAUKbUiV, Major - General Commanding From the Baltimore Patriot, Feb. 20, fYsiii Bordeaux. Capt. Forbes, of the tchr. tiarrioi, nas arrived at .nnapoiis in so davs from Bordeaux, and brings Paris dates to the 21st ot December. 1 heir contents, our trans lator informs, are quite uninterestiag. Capt P. states, that all kinds of business was ex. tremely passive and dull at Bordeaux owing to die failure of the vintage j and although bread stutts were scarce, the deficiency wou.d be made up by the use of potatoes and other economical arrangements. Extract of a letter from Maxwell, Newall and Co dated Bordeaux, Dec. 23d, received by l ne Harriot, arrived at Annapolis. ' In consequence of the serious failure of the harvest in the south of France, the prices ot every description or gram have continued enormously high, foreign supplies to a great extent are wanted, and government are grant ing liberal premiums upon all in. ports into me trench ports in the Mediterranean, and to those of the ocean, from the frontier of Spam to Berdeaux, inclusive, to continue in force until after three months notice shall have been given. 1 he wants of the country are great, and nothing but an immense influx can have any material effect on the prices, which must rule high throughout the sprinir and summer. Rice is much demanded, and would command our quotations but for several monts there has not been a cask in the port Cotton has lately been dull, but the demand is rnUing. and the prices look up Sea Islands are very scarce, and nne would bring 450f. per 100 lbs Coffee becomes exceedingly scarce, and die demand tor it ts lively, bugars go off freelv. k.nd firmly maintain their prices. Cocoa finds , i i i . goou aemanu. iiye - wooas are scarce, and hue qualities in request. Our market is most Dare ot maieoet : ine demand is good. and die prices high. Spices of all kinds are also rare, aud find a ready tale. Our own pro ductions continue exceedingly high Wine inu n ran ay enormously so. t offee Martin. & Guad. per 100 lbs. If. 45c. If 35c. St. Djrnjnro, Caracas. Havana, and Brazil, 1 35 a 1 50 ; Bourbon and Java. 1 40 157 Brandy Bordeaux, American, proof, per 50 velts, lOOOf. ; Langurdoc, Arminac, kc. 750 a 800. Cotton ea Island, per 100 lbs. 450 a 4f0f. : Upland, 190 a 245 New - O; leans, 210 a 65 : Penwmbuco, 310 a 325 , Maran'm. and Bahia. 2T5a 290; Mart. Guad. and St. Domingo, 2. - 5 255 ; Bourbon, 265 a 275 ; Surat and Bengal, - ki a ij. Flour, American, per bbl. 60 a 62f. llicc, Tree, per 100 lbs. b5f none. , COMXtRESS. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Februat v 20. BANKRUPT HILL. Mr. Mason of Vaxsach - jsett. and Mr. Col - too Va. delirered spec!) io M'puort of the bill, aud againit ttrikinj out the first section. Mr. Uopkimon followed on the same side, and st l J. it. s fa T. W fa r e w It do. ed In reply to Uie various objection urged against tbe bill by gentlemen opposed to it. - . Tbe question was then taken on strike ing oat tbe first section of ine out, ana oreiuey i gative. For sinking it out J Srainat ilrikinsr it out 71 The committee Uien rose, reported progress, and obtained leave to sit again. " A motion was made to adjourn to Monday, which was ineffectually opposed by Mr. Cobb ; and The bouse adjourned to Monday. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of tbe Charletton Courier, i tiunriav mnrnintr. Feb. 15. 1 Arrived on Saturday, Hanoverian brig Johan na Christiana, Beckmao, Leer, (on the bmtj 03 day. On the tSd Jao. inlat 28, long 59, experienced a violent squall in which the J.C. carried nwfty both her topmasts. Off Port Royal, on Friday latt.ipoke a brig from New - York bound to Savannah. British brig Enterprise, Paton, Kingston, (J am) lldayt. On the 30 ult off the coast of Cuba, wriu broiurht too and boarded bv a thin of 20 cuat, under American colors, reported herteli to be the Eagle tloop of war ; and made particu lar enquiries tor spaaith vessel, ana ii L,oro Cochrane had been heard of in those teat ; which, with other circumttancet, induced Capt. P. to believe that the ship wat commanded by Lord C. Dutch brieDe Stad Gend, Swart, Amsterd - w. 72 days. French brig Mercury, Vagriezie, Havre 55 days Sailed 23d December and left an Ameri can brig for Savannah. Brig Aretnusa, tloimes, j.ew - ior w uayt, and 6 to the bar. Brit Monroe. Godsoe. from Boston, and 10 days from Cape Cod, where she put in on ac count of head winds. SloonF.lna. Ttrrel. 14 davs from New - Haven. On the 2d inst. oil Hatterus, spoke tchooncr Dutchman, from New - Bedford bound to Eden - ton, N. C. Tlie E. experienced very boistcrout weather lott her boat the secona aay ouu In the Roads Dutch barque Phoenix, 6 weeks from Ottend. Cleared. Hamburg shin Lib. Patison, Ham burg: thin Latoua. Low. Cowts and a market brig James Munroe, Hall, Providence, R I ; brig Marv U Jane, rtlerton, urtmen ; scur Marga ret, Vail, York. Tbe Bremen brig Telemach, Uehli, from lire men, and last from Cowts, took a pilot to the Northward of the Bar on Saturday evening. A scbr also took a pilot to leeward. iliO.V OUH LVKKhSrUAIJr.JiT. Office of the Freeman't Journal, ) Philadelphia, Feb. 22. S Arrived at Reedy Island, thip Bingham, from Batavia; brig Mclita, Clement, from Trinidad, (Cuba.) Arrived at Aew - Castle, brig James Coulter, Hall, 15 day fiom Havana. achr. Columbia, Bang, 21 days Irom I'orto luaj. The thip Juno, Moffit, of Philadelphia, ar. at Havana from Marseilles. The brig Abigail, Titcomb, hence, at New - Orleans in 17 days. I hetchr. James Monroe, Wood, hence at SI. Eustatia in 19 days. The brig John Howe, Bousquet, hence at Havana in 15 dayt. The weather is moderate, accompanied by rain. FROM OUR CORRESPOA'DEAT. Boston, Feb. 21. The brig Nancy le Mary, Bancroft, 77 days from Ramsgate, bound to the Chesapeake, arri ved at Gloucester yesterday in distress' ; sails split and the crew badly frozen. &he has been on the coast 40 days, and made Cape Cod five timet. Holmes Hole, Feb. 20. Brig Eagle, Cook, 50 days from Havre (or N York, arrived at Tarpaulin Cove the 18th, and sailed again the next day. MARRIED, On Saturday evening last, by the Rev'd. Mr, wnjielian, "nr. Micajah f inckoey, ol this city to "in Deborah Carl, of Huutiurtno, (L. I.) On Saturday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Boi k. William D BlackwelT, Esq. to Miss Letticia A. Jones, daughter of capt. John Jones, all of this city. DIED. Yesterday morning, in the 17th year of his age, Peter Jensen Mesier, son of Matthew M eier, Esq. of Dutchess county. The friends and acquaintance of Peter Mesier, Esq. and ot tbe family, are requested to attend the funeral, to - morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from 25 Beaver - street StEJWXXZ POST MRIXE HUT. CLEARED, Brig Leopard, Herbert Alexandria Galen, Keating Portland Helen, Frott Londonderry John Agnew Friendship, Rogers Barbadoet KuDerison, uickton at uray Day, Gale Cam peachy J o Liaionta, Jun Eugene, Dealehecbo ilar'eillet Lewi t bother Schr Price, Dunham West ladiet HsU Cotbeal Traver, Soper, Romeo, Little, Weit Indies II. & D. Cotheai Bilboa G. F. Lewis Sloop Boston, Rogers, Folly - landing AKHIVh.U THIS FOREJWUA. Brig Gratitude, Drinkwater. 29 days from Curracoa, with wood, hides, indigo, mahoga, ny, &c to M L M Piexotto, Sallus, Son & Co. U Graves, Mr. Walter, S Naar, esq. L M Pratt, and Uie master. The britr 5iaff - of - life. snow, for Boston, sailed 3 days before Left, or g Hippomenes, just arrived from N York Feb 6, was boarded bv a privateer sloop, off Cape Maize, tender to the privateer Rinaldo Hernias, now waiting the Spanish ships in the port of Baracoa. 9th, off Crooked Island Pas sage, spoke bng Leopard, Mayo, 14 days from Curracoa, bound to lioston. BELOW. British thin Eliza Nancy, 90 davt from Dub lin, with linens sc. and 20 passengers short of provisions. AKTUVtD SIIMJE UUK LAST, oiiip vvurirr, ovwhc, line 11 ,i in ine new line of Packets) 47 dayt from Liverpool, w ith drv goods Ship Courier, Bowne, (the first of the new line io s m rigm mnu oud, r . inompson, a. mar - shall, and Jet. I hompton, owners, a. Thompson, K. Bright, Mollin, Kankin fa Co. Hicks. Lawrence Co. J. LontMicth. b. Spcakman. G. W mpr. J. lapger, i roars, uaviuson ti to. J. SuHt - rn, b. rrenon, r. tsone, irarys & Hancock. U. Ciow - iher, Gardner, Venn fa Co' K. Givan, Jr. R. fa J, Thompson and W. Steel, fborn and Corut II, T X - H. - ll Lncl L' T '11.1. .ll D I 1.1 Walker, MujorfaXiiUtspie, S. fa J. Hudson. Aus tin, Annrews t l o, s. i. IWunn, J. Ihomson fa Son, t,. Uodgon. 1. Henry, Bogg, IhompMMi fa Co. S. Wood at Sons, J. W hevlv. Stone fa Todd. Oti fa Swan, J. Grav, H. K.Toler fa Co, S. Archer, J. Heard, 1). Dunham fa Co. E. Morewood. W. Longsdoo, I. B. Wmthrop fa Co. Lewis fa Tomes, iminey it lo. l.Uixon. i.M. tnirti - b. t. Kem - - n faCo. J. Lenox, Anderson fa Shearer, J. Sharp Co. G. Siicklcv, Tredwell fa Risvani, Dunham fa .Whim - loss, D L. Dodge. R. Scholfield, W. W. fa L Chester, Marsh . Brooks. M.Judah fa Co. Aikin, Fisher Co. P. V. LeuvardstCo. H.Jack son, J. fa N. Haieht. J. Graham fa Co. G. MorrK, W. Caldwell St Co. II. W. Aiicrck fa Co. T . Fuhcr, W. Mankt, VS. orwood,G.Cogii!l, Fovni.iuets lieatlv, J. Crawford, Prortor fa, E.Dudley, fa to order Passengers, Mr. fa Mrs. lit ing, Mes.r - s. TeJswcll, Ny strain, PiditT, aud Scoficld, 7 in the steer .ige. Kpoke, at the N E. Buoy, ship Miio, Hm;ion. dais fm Charleston - tlie OriavU. Lwhich stiled G davbelore and Diana, 13 davt be - l I . . r. l ...... . iurr - iu uoi nil ieti. i eo. i, lai so, son so, spoke bng Joseph, of Boston, 7 dayt out did not learn here bound. Left ships. Pacific, for New York, l Feb ; Importer, do, iSih Jan ; Enphratet, do. ; Robert Burn, do 22d : Nancy, Burner, of do. cundemned ; Merchant, Odioroe, repairing ; Triton, Hokoinb, for Rottoa, 30th ; Liv. Packet, do. aiscrr ; Islington. sha kford, for N. Orleans, 10th; Little Cherub, M Keever, for Sav - tnnah, had sail - 1 ; Tslegraph, CofEn, for Philad 20tb ; Sup - rior, 1 It sl $ for oo. Feb 1 J Belvldera, Hobcon, for BaluW Jan 20 J Chatsworlh, do 15th ; Julia, BunburT?' Norfolk, uncer; Sally, Watson, forCharlen? oin. , - t I 1 n. Rogers, ar. 1 Ith inst, from New York; scbr pj et Oscar, Alien, for New York, ia 4 days. S in co. with tchr. William, Culversoa, for IW York parted with ber offHatteras Brig Venus, Sanderson, 1G days from Hsv, with molasses, sugar and fruit, to Burrill mM( hoone, si A. Jackson. Sailed in co. with tchr v on, Pendleton, for New - tork Timoleoo, Ru of Boston, for Philadelphia. Left ship Gin? Boston, waiting cargo ; tchr. Archer, Butler if tchr. Sallv, Swan. Bristol, in 10 ; schr Bank 1 Godfrey, of Chatham, arr. Feb. 1 lt J named Jackson, of Chatham, on the pasture Schr. Emily, While, 6 days from Wilminrta ii. C. with aaval stores, totacco. flaxseed aw beeswax, to G. G. it S. Howland, Wilson ii Tt, son, Rathbone it Downer, J. fa J. Coddingtan u others. , ,w Schr. Josephine, Kitts, 19 dayt from Laeui with coffee, cocoa, hidet and horns, to N. lo, of Philadelphia, w here the vettel was bouoi Left, schr. Jacqueinel Packet, Dominick, of York, bound to St. Thomas, the only Am. vetui there, schr. bxenange, Jenkins, lor Baltii sailed S days before hierh aud scarce. Market very dull prodiit. Sell, - . Sally, Mather, Prince, with coffee, to i rt 20 days from Port - ,,. .Smith fa Hubbell. nmJl Sailed in co. with schr. Lucy, Slade, for BaiiL - 1 more, and schr. Uiza, Luce, for Boston. tfi schrs Eliza - Piggott, and Wm. fa Mary, boshfor New - York, iu 7 days A brig had arrived from nniumorc uie oniy arrival mice uie tailingof tie Gertrude. Schr. Brothers, Dchart, 38 hours from Norfolk with oysters to the master. Spoke, 10 miles south' of Sandy Hook, an herm. brig 11 days from Si - vannah, for N. York. Schr. Mary, Gould, 6 days from Charlestot with rice, to Cnlder, M'Lea fa Co. J. W.Schnud,' fa Co. and to order. The tchr. . . ia a... from N. York, had jmt arrived, ber hands veiv much frost biltru. Left brig , for Providence next day. A schr. had arrived, 51 davt from Ba! tiuiore, wjth the lot of one man and' her foretut mast. Schr. Fanny an 1 Maiy, Hall, 14 dayt frog Richmond, and 2 from the Capet, with flour and toltarru, to Dakint aud Bootrieht, Strong fa H - vent, Oakley fa Brothers, G. . Mumford, C R. Duffic, Robertson fa Kelso, H. fa G. Barclay,' t Beers fa Woodhufl. Ou the 16th inst. otTthectpa of Virginia, fell in with a schr. - of about 30 tost, havitiethe appearance of a privateer, full of ties, said she tw bound on a cruire ; imdcrsttod lie wascommnmled by capt. Milchcl, (formerly of U Romp;) (he anchored under New Poiut Comfort, and in the sen rolled away her mainmast, after w hich the put iuto Hampton Roads. Sailed froa lite Roads In co. with a sloop bound to Nantucatt. The Painty fa Mary, was blow n off the coast ii the gale of Uie 7th ; after the gale, put bark tt the Rondos, with Uie lost of her fore gaff and jib boom. Schr. Three Friends, Hamblin, 4 days from the Snow Hill, with naval stores, aud staves, to Waring fa Kiinberly At the bar, spoke schr. Risint Sun, Tucker, 15 davs from Boston bound to Nona Caroliua; (ailed from Ibe Roads in co. with fire sail bound te the Eastward. Schr. Active, Crow ell, 17 days from Porto Ri ce, with colter, Hides and wood, to A. 9. rialletr. Sloop Herald, Thorp, It days from Mur - fresborough, with cotton, flaxseed fa pork, to Waring and Kinibrrly owuers. The sloop Edentoo, Hathawav, ol iJighlon, Jolt ine oar lor unarlts. ton the 15th. Sloop Caroline, Baker, 4 day from Norfolk, 36 hour from Uie Capes, with corn and stares, bound to New Bedford. Sloop President, for II. York, sailed from the Roads in co. Sloop Constiluuon, Cole, troin I redertckstMrgn, and 4 days from Norfolk, with wheat and floor, to Griffin fa Hicks, D. Burrctt, and J. fa C. 9e - guioe. Passengers, captain Van. Sehaick, of tse schooner Ontario, cut away on Willoughbv'i Point, Mr. Lucas, Mr I leucine k. Spoke in ne river, schr. Favorite, bound up. lluvus List, uec. re. The Angelica. Vermilnves. from New - York for Bremen, which put into Plymouth some dayt since it in a very leaky stale, anu urns aitcnarge to re pair. The American thip Hoslev(it is supposed) tras lost on the Haak on the I5lh inst. At Grmetend on the t4th, the Skeillen, Virginia. n . r - j A. 1 :!. iJ dil'ord, from Virginia, for Amsterdam, and tailes thence the 16th. Off Dmtr Vre. 25th, tbe Sally, Hall, Harass, for Haiuliro. Phmoiiih, Dre. 2i, sailed, the Curlew, Youag, for thnileston. : Dml, Dfr.iM, tailed, the Ocean, Merrill, froia Amsterdam, for Alexandria. At HjmbrtK Da. 18, the Traveller, Ferrier, from Havana. At Bmtiona, Dee. 12, Uie ictory, from fur - folk. At Mrlta, the Elita, from Philadelphia.. At Ltghom, the George, West, from Bengal aad Salem. At Gtnoa, Dtr. 11, tbe Nestor, from Norfolk. At Tritste, Dee. 7, the SantuH, Tate, Alexan dria ; aud Fox, Fraaer, Baltimore. LJ91, Uec. 30 At Gnmsemf, Da 30th. the Betsey, Taylor, trots Charleston. Cotrtt, Die. 23c A, sailed, die Johanna, Meyer, for Baltimore. Srillii, Dec itU arrived, the Medford, Meyer, from Baltimore, for Amsterdam. . A.nwi, Kiter. Dec Sluf.ihe Clarissa, uwent, from l'hitadi - lphia, io distress. : At Mtrtrilln, Dtr I.VA, the Dorothy, Hanman, Philadelphia ; and Freret, Fardclougb, Hem Orleans. From London Paper. Portsmouth, ( Ent ) Dee 31. tailed, the Better, for Charleston. DojJ, Dec Slat, arrived, the ship W ilham, CoSi, from New York for Loodoo. At PurltmoHth, the American thip Two Brother!, from Batavia, w ith cotleeiin bulk, ftir Hollaod skt left Batavia on the 9th September. Durtr. Dee Xth. arrived off this port, the ship William aad Jane, Miller, of New York, 190davl irom canton lor Ainsieroam. a. d ... l r. i j .u. r : i .. rMm T. n..?. rttiwwwMMtidit inr w.cij, ii ca spoke the Juno, 23 dayt from Baltimore for Oporto. Aoaroix, Feb 18. Arrived, French senr Florestine, Fabre, 24 days from Martinique. Left a number of American vessels waiting cargoes. The British sell George, M Aun, employed between this port and Martinique,. was among the vessels blown out of St. Fief res, during the Hun icane in October bat, and. has never since been heard of. ch Ann Rotina, Manchester. Boston, 12 days. Experienced a very severe gale, with; snow, on 5'unday the 6th inst in lat 4 1, Ion 69. Sch Juliet, Latoureite, Pf York, 30 nours. The J. experienced very severe cold westhrr during the run from N York, and is covered witli ice. . 1 Below, sch Major Croghan, from N York - In Hampton Roads. last night, brig Hayma , ker, Crocker, 10 days from Boston, bound to rtichmond. BALTIMORE, Feb. 20 - Arrived at Asnap - nlia. trhr llarrini. rrtifi Cirhoa. A6 HavS ITOOl ' Bordeaux. Left, New York Packet, Pain" from N York for New Orleans, 10th Jan.; brig emitter. 1 racv. frotn tit vans. forltiora,o ip Com. Perry, Ratsell, from N York, uoHwa - inn ; brig Ann, . from do io quarantine at the Me of Kb : ship Ellen, Rowland, from i lora, do do. .' Tbe ship United States, HalL from Casta, arrived at Annapolit lost evening. 35" GRACIE'S list of prizes in Medical 9d - eoca Lottery, No. 4, 34th drawing : No. 15373, 100 ; 2565, 100 t 207, 50. First dm a ou - ? ber to morrow morning entitled to $3000. reoin BAXUAXAA HANDKERCHIEFS. , 6) f piecM tuperior company handksr - i V J chiefs, tor sale by JOSGPH OSBORN, Feb 23 8Soulh - tL , ;0 MOLASSEXt'vH S.1LE. . AUD Hlvh molaeses, now landing from bnf Artus, (rota Matanxas. Apply to ISAAC PACKARD, Feb 23 38oet - t Brig Dover, t(lsde, days Irons Wilmtoj,,, N. C with naval stores, cot loo, flour, wheat flaxseed, to Byrnes, Trimble k Co. L. UomV? It H. Ave. ill. Frtcb, Goodwin b Co. RanZ.'.1 toi - h I r. i - - 'I,

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