The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 23, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Monday, February 23, 1818
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) - - - i iJEVjEI MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1818. '"NUMBER 4U93 NO. 42 P1NE - STKEET. THE syjZ SALE At THE SHIP - YARD Of 4 iJli a Kinnf. now liuilJiuir of th beit I material, about 100 tous; timbers of live ( Ami sui.l cedar: Doiuxn piana ftrivwhite oak, built ou purpose for the Alba - tytxwic. SLOOP of 50 tons, calculated for any trade where dispatch, burthen, and I.3MeaiV draft of water it required. A periagua SJMUU3K.n., oi u iou, i will draw but little water, with a lee - hoard throu'h the ceutre ofher keel, and IS espcvicu w mil Abo, a SHIP of 360 tone, calculated 4ftf for a Liverpool or London irauer, tui VtJJhLaM be finished to suit the purchaser.) JJ - Spar, timber and plaulc Alio, timber tawed to bill for bouse building. nor 6 tl uivU...i.. eAr or Charttr. . ... n;it hot built SCHOON ER, i - .n tmia burthen, built iu the best manner, copper - fastened, ui complete oruor to receive a cargo iu every respect a good Teasel. Apply on board at Burling - slip, or to PP N. L. k G. GIUSWOLD, Jan 19 80 South - st. :ttwv ' for tute. IVeieht or Cliarler. h$S A new PUot 1,0111 built cnocner ik&altous buriheu, Uuiit m me Desi manner, o good materials copper fastened ; a very fast tailing vessel, and mav be sent to sea with email incuse Apply on board at Builiug slip, or to V N.L.&.C.GR13WOLD, . Jan 19 Cti South - st. ti.r hrru'lit or Cllttrlcr. Thn fist sailing substantial schooner LnF.TSEY. caut. Tunvr. one year old, ! i niiout UUO bbls. U iu complete order far any voya"ocau be seen at Dover - st. wharf, .ipplyto GOODHUE & CO. Jan 2"i 44 Soutli - st. . tUti SALE, JLfr The new and fast sailing brie; FAME, yA:huil: of the best seasoned timber, and i.ilhluHy put together. Her rigging and sail are of excellent quality. This vessel is well calculated lor a southern packet, having handsome accommodations. For terms, aud a view of her inventory, apply to GUIS WOLDS Si COATES, Jan 23 63 South - st. for AUxundita, Georgetown and Wmtitnglun CUg. lite schooner ADELINE, Kdward .Kumniey, master, lay in p east side Cot - fee House - slip, now loading. For freight or passage, apply to the master on board, or to DIVIE BETHUNF.&CO. feb 12 . 9a Coffee House - slip. For Wilmington, Jf. C The schr UNION, Ephraim Dennett, .master, will be ready to take in to - mor - raw. For freight or passage, apply ou board, west side Fly - market wharf, or to JONES & MEG RATH, Feb 10 - 83 South - street. tor Cm POLST, (Fa.) The brig EUNICE, captain How, LwUl sail in a few days, and will take heavy freight at a low rate. 4pply on board at V ine - st. wharf, or to - CAMBRELENG It PEARSON, Feb 6 67 South - t. - forCHARLES'lOA, The fast sailim? schooner LOUISA. V .Nunier. master, bein? nearly loaded. tU. Jd the first wbd for the remainder, or passage, stjiply on board, west side Burling - slip, or to . . t r. .. ;. i ; a. ALLEY, Feb 3 08 I'ine - rt. for MAfAXZAS, (.Cuba.) The brig Caroline, G. Munro, master, will take what freight may offer tii is w eek - - For terms apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jan. 57 Front - street. For FREIGHT or CAARTER, The brig SIDNEY CRISPIN, bur. then 155 tons, a staunch pood vessel, lately repaired. Apply as above. feb 2 tor OPORW, The tehr. DETSEY, cant. Turner, .burthen 97 tons, a substantial pood vessel, only one year old, having a part ofher cargo engaged. For freight of the remainder, which will be taken on very reasonable U - rms, apply to GOODHUE & CO. janSl U South street. tur JA).L)UJsOt.UH: Tho fine fast sailinz ship FOSTER, ,N. Moran, master, having 7 - Btbs ofher cargo rtady to go on board, will be despatched without delay. For freight of 100 to 200 tierces seed, or passage, apply to the master on board at pier no. 13, or to Jan 20 W. k S. CRAIG. fur bale, F rttglit or Charter, The brig oIDNE, Crispin. 156 tons, ,a staunch good vessel, lately put in rood oider lor a voyage For terms apply to J A MES D'WOLF, junr. Fb 13 67 Front - st. tor kuy.i.yji. The brig ABEONA, George Gray, master, a staunch zood vessel, burthen about 1000 bbls; to sail on or before the 23th instr or freight or passage, apply to JAMES D'WOLF, junr. Feb. 13 57 Front - st. CALCUTTA GOODS. NE hundred bates consisting of WBsftas, Lutkipore, ChitUbully, Callipatty Cowans, Chaudpore, Cumocolly, Johanna and I - ucki)ore. Saouahs JeJlalpere and Mow. ffcks Gillahs, Roma Is, He (at ale by CHS. L.OGDEflaud ABRM OGDEN, An 9 25 6 TRAITS HRANDV. Pipes Cette Bmndv. ntitloit In ihofi. tare, for sale by CHAS.L. OGDF.X, and ABRM. OGDEN, J"!" Wh; rVTiCAHAGUA WOOD at LIGNUM V1T. a v " K1 oualit v D 10 do Liguumritw For sale by TLCKER & LAUR1ES, 19 Q S.i.ll, TTE LEAH HRmrvii iv nit Kl 's? Pi'ju,t rtived per ship William, f . . TUCKER it LAURIES, Jlh 10 29 South - street CU It OUT k SlIOEMAKtHS. AI.F &KIN6, T Seal Skin,, Cordovan, ..1 tha best quality J - rop soles and ranges, ""gfc short bootleg, J tl by ELLl5 FLECKNER, ' - iiJi 20 Fulton - st. IOLLOVV WARE, ao,ted - ix. rIZ vb,,,cS Vinddles, Bake rans SaielF.BMto.rireii. fc For CEBRA tCUMIXG, ' 7aPearlst nOR SALE, the carjroof the ship Cririe. can P tain HuuiDlireys, Irom Calcutta, and now landing at the foot of Liberty - tret4, consuliu - ol East India Sugar Cotton Ginger t Block Tin Gum Bhellack Gum Copal Goat bkuis of a large size Seine Twine and Gunny Bags Also for sale, India Muslins of almost every description. Also, a small quantity of Rattans, and OdoroiKoses. For sale hy jan 7 ROBERT LENOX. iOT'i OJN New crop, prime, suitable lor I. J manufaclurinif. will be sold in narr el to ac rnmmnftatrt niiri'luiiprfl. Also, a lew Dales oi old crop. tnquire 14U I ean - sirrri, ui siairs. (an o MOLA&SES '29 hlids. Molasses, of suxrior quality, lying at Dover - street wharf for sale by U. & C. W. DAVENPORT tt CO. Jan 16 s?T RAITS BRANDY. rpWEr?TY five pipes Cette Brandy, for sale X by chas. u. ouuen, and ABR. OGDEN, Jan 9 Washington - street. WINE, OIL, PAPER, &c 130 qr. casks and 200 half Uo dry Malaga Wine 5 qr casks and 20 half do sweet do very old loo' do Coimennr do 300 half chests Sweet Oil, 30 betties each 100 boxes do do 12 bottles each 50 bales Italian foolscap and letter Paper 50 do Gnzottn do large size 9 cases Ft t Hats ' 15 cases Liquorice Paste 1 bos Ostrich Keathcrs, 1 do Chip Hats 3 do Manna in nukes Marble Slabs, veined and statuary, assort' erl sizes, lor pit r tables, &c. A few boxes very tuperior Anchovies and Olives 500 Marble Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch 10 hols Furs, consisting of Wild Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and Otter Skins Guuny Bags, Sic For sale hy C'HAS. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN, Jan 12 Washington - street. GLASSWARE 15 Midi. Eus. Glassware, consisting of Wines and Tumblers, for sale by CHAS. L. OGDEN Si ABR. OGDEN, Jan Tl Wahiiu;tnn - st. I jOUR tliuusaad Gunny Bags, lorsale by J? CEllRA CUMING, Jan 23 76 Pearl - street. X CUT MILL SAWS, tc. ASM A LL invoice of X cut Mill and Pit Saws, G. S. and C. S. fur sale by ANDERSON & SHEARER, 131 Water - street. Who have in Store, Hand, ripping aud dove tail Saws, brats and irnu backs Cast 8teel ChisseU and Gouges Mortice Chissels and Drawing Knives Patent Carolina tt Virginia Hoes, No. 1 2 3 4 Wrought nails, 4d, 6d, Ud, KM, 12, ti 20d Brass and copper wire, of all sizes Rolled and Sheet Brass, Brass Pans laxidoo Pins, Nos. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted fo the country trade Engravers' Copper, in plate of all sizes, jan 13 PLAbiER OF PARIS. A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of paris, in barrels, suitable for the southern nmrket. Orders left with Walter Nexsen, No. 174 Front - street, corner of Burline - siip, will be promptly attended to JOHN BYERS, - r oot oi narnson - street, ixorui - niver. Jan 19 tl' Q 17 YMO lIA TO HA CCO k FL.OUH. O I hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fin flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUEA, MEURON & CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Washington - st. QUICKSILVER. 20,000 lb. Quicksilver lorsale by N.L. &G GR1SWOLD, jan 21 86 South - street. GKItMAN STEEL, URLMSTONE tc 155 boxes Steel 129 boxes roll brimstone 1 case Leghorn hats 15 do tumblers 10 packages paper 3 bases chollets S'J boxes mould candles SO do aoap, entitled to debenture For sale by JAMES IPWOIJP, Jr. Jsti 13 57 Front - street. 1EMP i DUCK - 60 tons St. Petersburgb J.J. clean iiemp itO bolts first quality Russia Duck For sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Junr. ianH 57 Front - Mreet. CASaJMtHEit, SaTTIMIT stALt CASSLYETTX. A FEW cases blues, blacks and mixtures, of il various kinds, manulactured lor a southern market, will be sold low for cash or approved paper. Also, at reduced prices, several rases of blue. black and mixed broadcloths, among which are some ol Wolcotl's supernnes, at the COM. CO.MPANY'3 Ware - House, 148 Pearl - street. fehll a TOBACCO tc RICF.. 100 quintals Drstqua. . litySpauish Tobacco 44 tierces prime Rice, per schr. Sonth Carolina, for sale by JONES & MEGKATH, . feb It 83 South - street. BLUE NANKINS - 30O0 ps. for sale by HURDiSEWALU fehll 65 SouUi - streeL Superfim American G IMG U A MS. 8 cases fine ginghams, for sale low by The Commission Company, , Feb 18 D&C 148 Pearl - sL PIANO FORTE FOR SALE. ANEW and fashionable instrument, made by one of the best London manufacturers, and in complete order, will be sold cheap, as the owner wishes to leave the city. Enquire at 32 veuar - sireet, comer 01 Broadway. J an 31 PURITY OF HEART, or a Woman as she rliould be ; an interesting tale, by an old wife of twenty years, price 87 1 - 2 cents, just puuiisueu aauiorraie ny , COLLINS k IIAXNAY, Feb 13 230 Pearl - st. rjl BROWN, sUoeseal engraver andjewel X . lor. No. 160 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, kc. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies seals engraved with coats of arms, mottos, and fancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, kc. bought in the rouh or cat to any form. Books of heraldry kept with upwards of ou.uuu names. . jan 7 ztn FLOUR and TOBACCO 500 bbls. super fine Virsioia Flour 60 kegt second quality, msnofd Tobacco, Landing from the schr Belvidere, and for sale WALSH St GALLAGHER, feb IS 6 South - street. OLASSES ti COFFEE 90 hhds. Hava - A.T - S - uanioiastes new crop 9A 1.1,,!. A.. Landing ut Old - slip from Brig Caroline, and for sale by vi.uco i'tYuur, jr. feb 2 57 Froiit.street. ONE hundred bbis. Bristol Suauitti Brown, 20 do White Lead, With a general assortment of Paints, drv and grouuuiur saie oj KirLEY S WELU, 192 Front and comer of Fnltou - streeL Jan 23 rtOMBAZETS 3 bales asu.rW llnmh.i Cttw. iimt rWMVil rur cliiit Kmlrr Imm vnverpooi, tor ime ai oi vonee itouse - siip, dv f.Allir iv r:iim r s. i'A feb 11 lUt " TTEA1P, LEAD, PAINTS, &c Russia XX hemp, in lots to suit purchasers 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 casks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twine English sail and seine twine - 3 casks Prussian blue, 5 casks vermillioa 3 hhds verdigris 50 casks French yellow ochre Dry white aud red lead 20 boxes tin For sale by PETER SCHERMERHORN k 80NS, 243 Water - street Also, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, front 40 to wt. Cables and cordage, of all sizes, best quality, with the uual assurtmeut of ship chandlery. r en 1 1 u I AMES DHVOLF, jr. 57 Krout - stitel, oilers ty lor tale 50 tons clean St. Peter, burg hemp Rus'ia duck IGGO0 lbs. green coffee in hhds. entitled to drawback - Roll brimstone, German steel do Writing and wrapping paper do 15 rases half - piiit tumblers do Cajtile soap and mould candles do 1 csne Leghorn hats do 2 cases c lioieU do 1 rae platillas Feb 10 SISNABL'RGS k PAPER 1 bale Obna - V bui'irs, and 1 do Italian Paper, for sale at 70 1'earl - hireet. 1 feb 11 CEllRA & CUMING. HEMP, KICK. WINE, kc ST. PETERSBURG clean lleiup (Btflfast's cargo) and Kentucky hempen varns in lots to suit purchasers 100 tierces prime New Kice 12 casks Bordeaux Claret, entitled to debenture 30 tierrcs genuine, winter press'd oil 170 lo jus new spttruiact ti Candles. For sale by UAYDuCK k JENKINS, leb 17 Iw 1 2 houth - stieet. IRISH LINENS. Ik C. NICHOLS, No. 13 Pearl - street, Lave just received u general assortment of Irish Li nens, wliii h they oiler for sale very low for cash. leu 1 1 iw CIOTTON. ?t bales of prime new crop up land Cotton, from Augusta, for sale. Sampks may be seen at 143 Pearl - street, up slwr. Feb 17 CHAMPAIGN WINK, ol a very superior qua - lity, in boxes of one dozen each lor sale by ELLIS KLECKNER, feb It) I w No. 20 Fulton - street. RUM M hhds. Molasses Rum, urjt proof, for sale by JACKSON it VVOOLLEY, jan 12 75 Wall - st. , t H L.LTIN Oi UdM Ficmuh sfelug, (or KJ sale by JAMES G. KING k CO. ft'. 16 No. 61 Pine - street. B.XACI1ED Mlhl I INGS 3 cases American Bleached bhirtings, jut received and for lale hy The Commission Company, reo la 1 ih I'earl street. STAl'lONAhV. - JcasesLuglul. Letter and Writing Pnper, for sal l)w, hj tlURD K SEWALL, fehll 65 South street. fd JJ or caiks old .Sherry wino 29 caks while lead, dry For sale ly JAM Ed G. KING k CO. Jan'.'O 61 Pine - st. HLOOMflfLUk fti.iZEH' PA J EAT. riHE public aro iuvited to call at No. 38 JL Maideu - lane, aud examine an open stove just constructed by the subscribers, after a model imported from Amsterdam, with improvements ol their owu, aud uow for the first time made ui the Uoited states. 1 his patent combines all the conveniences and comforts of an open fire place, with all the advantages of a clote stove ; afford ing the cheap beat ol the latter and at the same time the handsome and pleasant appearance of the former, r or bed chambers they are unpa ralleled by any inveutiou yet seen m this coun try. BLOOM FIELD k FRAZE - R. Feb 12 tf "VN Monday next, the '.Md instant. HttheMer KJ chant's Hotel, in Wall - street, will be sold hy order of the, a large quantity of Wines and Groceries. Also, the numerous articles ofelesant house hold furniture contained in the said hotel, consisting of looking glasses, tables, chairs, beds, bedding, Aic. Aro, after the sale of furniture, the unexpired term in tie lease of the said hotel, beinz nine years from the first of May next, will he sold. Conditions may be knnwu by applying at the bar of the Merc - flan's Hotel. fob It A COUNTING ROOM TO LET. A PLEASANT Counting Room on the lower f.wof the store No. 29 South - street. Ap ply at No. 29 South - street. feb U ui 1 vr j ' n 1 fni ui vjn j 1 c llii The bouse and grounds belonging to the estate of John Sbaw, situated on the eighth avenue. On the premiss are an exeeiieiit iioil house, stable, coach and ice house, with every thing else requisite fur such an establishment. f is presumed any othrr description is unnecessa ry, as tnose inclined to rent will view me place. Also, tlie large fire proof store in the rear of bouses 1 1 and 13 Pearl - street i where there is lor sale some old Madera Wine, by the Deuiijba. r or luruier particulars, appiv to ANN M. SHAW, Jsn 29 11 Pearl - street. 20 LET, fT"L - I 1 V t I I q nisi 1 nc ctick sinre .10. o - t .mririi - iaue, and immediate possession given. Apply at No. G6 Wahington - sL Feb 7 tf T O LET. The new brick Store no. 6 - 1 Stone - st Apply to T. &. J. SWORDS. Feb 14 FOR SALE, RKS.L PROPERTY. IX TSIK (ITV OF HKW - TORSC. eA BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II Bowery STABLE in the rear - together with the LOT, 41 feet I'mot, 42 feet rear, and 125 leet on each side. HOUSE an I LOT No. 37 Vesey - strett ; and House hnd Lot No. 39 Vtsev - streel. A BOND ami MORTGAGE lor COO dollars, do - nad do for 750 do do and do for 400 d On valuable property in tl city rf New - York. The interest lias always leh punctually paid. For particulars inqni.e ui the ni . STEPHEN P. l.AMOINE, , dec 10 tf So - S7 Wall street. TO LET, A Art 1 nrt tnaif in f a rywsotiinn art iron 4l hoti - e No. d Pearl - itreKt, toeeUier with the ita ui ami vyai;n iiuuuc in me rear on onnge - iu 'I'sle Iiri'IttiaM It PA ssi rnmiilot rntiifi nrsil huim kvfry conveoieDce oeceuary for the accoiumo mwiuii vi a lauiity Jf wr Uttl lliuiai Vl'l'l J w 6rt2 L. BRADIBH. a REAL Eo'i A I E FOR SALE. Two 2 - story brick houses and lots, situa - ted Nos. 37 k 39 Vesey - slreet. Also, a bouse and lot No. 1 1 Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 feet front by 125 deep. All on accommodating terms. ' For particulars apply at No. 33 - 2 Green wich - - t. jan 15 tf ffvL 'I O LET, Ul: From th fir.f nf Mav npvt. thn flrinrmtu u - j . 1 ihrnn atnr hrirk linuui Nn. Ififi (ireenwich - lt. corner of Dey - street. Enquire at 152 Wash - inrtoorstreet . Jan 29 3w fOH SALE, A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE. The subscriber offers for sale his house and a - bout 8 acres of Lam I in r lusiing on Long 1 'land, 11 miles from New - York. The bouse is large and very convenient for a genteel family and commands an extensive and beautiful prospect. The stable, carriage house, wood house, poultry house, kc. recently built. The huildinzs and fences are in excellent repair, and lately paiuted. The raiden il larze and well storked with a variety of fruit, and the orchard with the best kinds of apples pears, tc. Nearthe house arc two wells ol excellent water and a new cistern, all with eoi Dumps this platen verv conveniently sit uated, there beins conveyances, ny good stages or packets to and from New - York every day. exiept Sundays. For further particulars and terms ol sale apply I) JUll.l ABII.11TALL, Jan 26 Irn No. 123 Penrl - street. Huiuc, Stable, Garden, kc. at Orunuuh, r?l TO LET. 5,1! The subscrilier will let or lease, for a term of vears. hs house at Greenwich. It is plea santly situatr - d no the banks of the Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family. For . 1 in:m Dt'TumCp terms, appiy 10 uitiii otiinuuL, JanU 2 au sireei. 4UK ZALL, The two houses, No. 43 and 50 Broadway, to be completely GuislieJ and delivered on the 15th April next. Apply to JOHN SLIDELL fi CO. Jan 29 tf No. 50 Broadway. IV LET, Those two new and eleeantlv finished thiee story houses No. 10 and 12 broad - street I hS2 houses are liuilt iu the modern style and finished in the very hest manner, and Irom the verv desirable situation, both as to pleasantness and for business, it is thought that they nre not surpassed, if equalled, by any offered to be let in this city. The apartments for stores in those buildings at so constructed as to be entirely dis tinct from the dwelling uparlmeuts, which contains rkvtn rooms anil pantries, kitchen, kc. ex cluded. Every convenience for families of respectability is afforded in them. Persons desirous of such tituitions are invited to tiew them at any b ur, from 7 to 5 o'clock, except Sundays. The dwelling ami stores will be let separate or together. Apply at 55 Broadway, or to CHA?. OAKLEY, 141 Froutstreet. ALSO TO LET, That new two storv brick house No. 8 New - street, nigh to Wall - street, possession 1st May. A I - L ? I ' t f 1 In ...... I r ,1 . Also, liuuee At wvuiuiuuiaiic.t, gut wwi and fit for a centeel family : it beinK uow in pos - session 01 u. nuuuaiu, csj toiiciuu ii . 1 11. .1.1 '. . f i ; May. Also, a good two story house at Greenwich, oow in occupancy of Geo. Lindsay, Esq. Also, bouse No. 6 Cherry - street, suited for a boarding bouse, and the lower front room kr a store. And House ami two acres of ground, near Maiihat tanviile, having garden, kc. Apply as above. leb iu 11 FOR SALE, That large two - story house occupied by die subscriber, situate on Front - street between the upper aud lower ferries at Brooklyn, wilb the ground attached thereto well calculated for a private family or a large genteel Hotel Also, several lots adjoining said house, beautifully siluated and convenient to build on, for gentlemen who do business in the city of New - York, being near to the ferries AVso eleven lots in the rear fronting Water - street, about half way between the two ferries ; part of which is now oc cupied for a lumber - yard For further jartica - lars apply to JUfcHUA SANUS. Feb 7 Sw 53"A TO HE LET, HuJ Two convenient rooms in the basement of No. 44 Pine - street, suitable lor offices or count ing rooms. Inquire of U. o. JUNKS, leb 5 tf 44 Fine - street. UTOtit S TO LET. 13 The four story fire proof Store, No. 92 Soutli - .ureet, next to the comer or r uiioD - sircet, and nearthe Ferry,at present occupied by Messrs. Townsend k While. The four story fire proof Store No. 91 South - street, adjoining the above, at present occupied hy Mr. 1 homas a. 1 ownsend. ALSO. The store. No. 213 Front street, next to the corner 01 Crane - wharf, now occupied by .Messrs Molt k Redmond. The four story fire proof store No. 241 Water - street, near feck sup Anpiy to PETER SCHERMERHORN k SONS. Feb 14 Kt No. 243 Water - street. tXtK .iLE, That ileaant situated houeand lot No, itiiureenwiih street, next to the corner of Dey Street Cuu he viewed at any time., For parti culars apfly at .o. 5i r ront - strect. feb 16 Uv TO LL'Y, From the fit May next, the store no 79 routh - streeL For terms, apply to L. LEFFERTS, Jun. feb 7 23 William street - wt hue pjiuof dtuhe. Uoa 'r lel ,L,,,I rosw; scion first of May next, the lour story fire uinof store, No. 34 South - st. .. .. 1 a. :u between soenues aun J a sniw tmjuire m ure subscriber, No. 1 Munay, or 45 Chamber - street. iPh Q tf S. I) CRAIG. tOH i.i h E OHiULt..1sr., ZitiV Lots in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards : many oi which are on regulated and peved stieets. No money will be required under ten years, 11 sow, interest HOUSES Several two in J three story houses, cn which a treat part ol tre money remain 00 mortgage. LAM)I"G AT RED HOOK. An excellt r.t stand for business with ten acres of hind. jAa.r'ntly situated, a whan, store kf...a tinit hum. COTTON n"d WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres c.f land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sullicieucy of matersnreach. Apply at No. 2 Greeowich street. jnn l J tf j7 The sub!crilr w,U lease or seil tha lot iMr.n t h.nuin wlJrhlui now live in IQ - J r. m. - " - rcn street It is a pretty cumfortable honse lor a small moderate family, having a stone kit' hen and cellar, two moms on each floor and a bd - i haiuber in the garret. Arross the rear of the liou, there is a pleant plara, built scarcely three years ago itnas ueat uuieir - ' - CO f - t deep, snd a small rtable, leading to which there i a gan;wy from the street Apply V A. D. Duff, Ne. C3 Wa?bingt.Hs - strijt. FebStf J AMES TI1XARY. FOR SALE AT AUCTiOfi", At the T. C. H. on the 1st day of March 1 ilw. 1? 1 U S.I k.L..ifl. Ia Ih. jiif ul . rf Ihn late Dr. Isaac Ledyard, situated one mile south of the village of Newtown, Long Island. - The Williaiusburgh turnpike runs through the Farm, on one side 01 which is a new excellent stone wall, half a mile in length. The farm contains about 150 acres, 15 of which is a fine Wood Lot, with two apple orchards, oue old. the other just begin ning to bear well, and a suitable proportion of good salt meadow. The Mansion House is large and convenient, four rooms ou each door, with a uud Kitchen and cellars ; attached is large arn, crib, hen bouse, smoke house, well, and a new cistern, Ac. Tbe court yard and garden con - imn a variety oi iruit trees and shrubbery, a large asparagus neu, raspberries and currants. Alto A ARM adjoining the above, contain - inx about sixty acres : attached to which is an. qual proportion of Salt Meadow, and a lot of young wood, situated within lets than a mile of the laim, containing ten acres, with a faiOi - bouse, barn, well, garden, kc Likewise A Lot of Lund, lying at Sprinfield, south ol the village of Jamaica, containing between four and five acres, on which are about a dozen huge chesnut trees, suitable for fencing. 1 iiu a.uuvc lunus wi'i ue an reguiuny surveyeu, and mHps of the same exhibited some time pre vious to, and at the sule, and disposed of by the uc - re, nun ii.e uuiiuiiigs uiereou, inclusively. rossession given onttienrstoi April. For further particulars, apply at 4'J Dey - street. jan o tus" tfri HEAL ESTATE fOH SALE. VjThe elegant and convenient three - story brick house and lot No. 20 Bowery, together with a coach bouse and stable fronting 011 Uaj - ard - strcet, and joining the rear of the before mentioned lot. For further particulars enquire at M Wall, corner of William - street. Jan 29 tf 801 A COLWTLVO UUOM TO LET. VjVil A pleasant and convenient Counting Kooujin store No. 29 ?outh - treet, Irom 1st Muy next. Apply to jetaLUJiLAUKlLS. feb 3 TO LET. A large convenient modern built house, coach house and improvements, (with or without an extei.sivc kitchen garden and back lot) Irom the first of May next ; situated on the corner of the r rst Avenue and r mt - street, near the corner of North and Allen - streets, and about one mile Irom the City mil. the situation is elevated and healthy, and in every respect suitable lor a genteel family. On the premises is a well of most excellent water. Apply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS, Feb 2 tf No. 36 Front - street. TO LET, Two neat, new, 2 story brick front build' itigs, situate in Allen - street, next to the ball - alley. They are finished in handsome style with citterns in the yards, and every other convenience to render them pleasant and desirable tenements. Adjoining the ground on which - the buildings stand are several vacant lots which will aho be let for a gardcu to the person or per sons who shall biro the houses. Apply to JAMES KNOX, at the ball - alley ; or at his. bouse, 25 Orchard - street. Feb 9 tf TO LET, From 1st of Mav. two genteel 3 story brick houses. No. 491 and43s!Greenwich - street, with for without 1 stables in the rear : occupied at present by air. oeorce loggui and nir. joei West. Also, a small 3 story brick bouse, No. liu riy market, near me corner 01 rean street, Also, a convenient dwelling house, (occupied by Robt. A drain, Esq ) and stable, with a very good o - a ..'on I aba I t.MS Uluin.:...!. ......I Enquire No. 496 Greenwich - street, leb 6 If - AO LET. The brick store No. 2 Gouverneur's l.bue, next door to Water - street. It has four floors, besides a large cellar and garret, rosses sion mav (probably) be bad previous to the 1st May, il required. Apply at xy Soutb - slrect. feb IS TUCKERS LAURIES, .Tl Iln..o. IB T? .... !. ,.f n - strect, very commodious fur a boarding house or a large family, having two cellar kitchens, four rooms on the first floor, five on the second, and four on the third, all in good repair. For particulars, apply to fcZKA LtULOW, feb 7 tf 34 Heaver - street. TO LET, From lh 1st of Ma nevt. the lower if. - j couiiung room ol No. 54 Soulli - stieet. ALSU, The upper counting room, No. 71 South - st. Apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. len lo or r rnm - sireei - lO LET, Tbe store and cellar under the main budduig of the bouse No. 223 Pearl - street, and a three story fire - proul store iu tho rear, now occupied by the subscnlxjr ; possession u be given on the 1st of May next. Also, his stable aud coach - house, situated on Gold - street, iu the rear" of bis albresaid premises, possession of which can be had immediaU - ly. Feb 2 tf JUtl. I. liLAM f.ifc. COUNTRY feEAT FOR SALE. ftrfUt Wallabout Point, Long - Island, late the residence of capl. Lambert Scbenck, deceased. On the premises is a large spacious dwelling - house aud out - buildings in proportion 24 acres of land in the highest sttte of cultivation ; (10 or 20 acres of wood - land if required by the pur chaser) For particulars apply to Leonard Bleecker,37 Wall - sL ) Martin Schenk, jun'r. New - York 76 South - street, ) Martin Schenk, Wallabout. Jan 27 1m HEiL ESI ATE O .!.. n.w msmA ki.liai as WX PVWtk. Ini7f iliU, having a view of the city and bay of ew - York ; about Ml minute wilk Irom the team roat lerr, j ue houses are wen duih, Lkbinif V vrni r.knma nn aor K tfti.r uifh fit ffllAs, iiayiu v awww v wv ces ; on the lower door is a good kitchen, bed - room snu pnnirj. To each of the houses are attached 3 l - 2Mots ol ground, eacn containing za leet ironi una rear and iuu teet deep, nariosoineiy iaiu ,u guldens and grass plots, with a variety of shrubbery, fruit trees, Ac ; the whole enclosed with a new and substantial fence. Near the premises is an excellent well of waur. For further particulars, apply to AN DREW MERCEIN, Corner cf Washington und Nassau - streets, fohOif Prooklvn. if - Tl - r - i. .n..ns storv brick HOUSE, i - Tino f - htVlllCT eveTV COnVf - nience for a Urge family, and a well d excellent water in the yard. Its proximity to tkt Square lately opened, K'm v'e' ' "udson - ...... r.r. il. - rr ip .i the house, and renders Slirvb il..... - - - the ilutwn airy ana pieaaam. ror lertn ap - FIV lO JLIilil U, itllslill sjviif feb b iu rcinssrcei. TO LET, three story brick dwelling, 27 Hot Enquire of COX k .IfONTAUDEVERT, BC Wall - t. Visil The folk - treet - Feb 13 OFFICE TO LET. A pi easantly situated and spacious. Office, slrefct, a few doors above Peck - slip Xii I earl Apply to R. Ttbi: fc C. W. DAVENPORT k CO. C5 Pcck - !ij. NOTICE. X!f The Subscriber, in behalf ef himself and his associates, gives notice, tnat an Bpplicatiou will be made to the honorable the legislature of this state, at its next session, for an Act to incorporate a Hunk with a cauilal stock of Five Hun - . dred Thousand Dollars, and with Uare to increase it to Oue Miliiou ; to be kKated north east of lleekman - stieet, iu the city of New - ' York, acd to be called " 1 he Fraukhn buk fcf the city of New - Yoik." Dated New - York, I6fh Dec. 1817. Ky order of the Associates, dec30tf . NOili I'KOWN.Sec'ry. . MECHAAICS' BANK. tt7 The Stockholders are informed that a Dividend uf four and and a half per tent v ill Lo paid on the first day of February next. By order CI U.e I'resiueni aim iueciors, - Jan 2 1 lin W. FISH, Cashier. CHAitli Y SERMON. Dn Gnmliisii.tiiniitir no v f fKn RoVs!. 1 1T. Rn. meyu will pieacb a Charity Scrim n in tbe Pres - byleiian Church in Celar - treet, when a collec - .... r - . 1 ..'.1 - r 1 tion win oe made lur ine ocntci oi u.e vrpnuu Assy lum Society. r ew institutions have greater Claims on tbe public than the above. There are now one hundred and twenty orphan children under its care, who have been alumtt forgotten this winter, iu the dutrihutions of the benevolent, and are now coining Deiute ttiein eulirely uettiluUol support. Iehl7 4t 'Xj '1 he public is respectfully iuforaied, that the gcutlcmeu who volunteered their services - to aid the funds of the Sunday School L'nion Societies, by the concert of Sacred Music given at St. George's Church on Wednesday evening, have consented to repeat the exercurs ou 'I hurs - day evening next, the 191 ti inst. at the samo place. 1 ickels, at 50 cents each, may be had of James Easiburn ti Co. at the Literary Rooms; of Messrs. A T Goodrich k Co. Broadway ; P W Galhtdet's, SOI W ator - st r of IUW P.artow, Pearl - street, corner of r ranklorl - st ; 'of Mr. Brewtter, 112 William - st ; of T A Ronalds, 183 Pearl - st; of J C Tot too, Bowery; of T i; J Swords, 160 Pearl - st: of Dodge k Sayrt, liroadway, and of Jas. A Uurtis, Pock - slip. Feb 17 3t Postpimimtiit of the forum. n" - The public are informed that the next meeting of the Forum is postponed to Friday evcuing, tho 27th inst. when the following ques tion will be discussed : 44 Ought the minds of women to be cultivated by the same Studies as those of men?" . Febl8 5t CO'llLLilOi f'A 111 1LS. . ftr The managers give notice thai the next Cotillion Party will be at the City Hotel, ou Thursday Evening next, the 10th instant. ,', leb It. 4t tor England, via Halifax, Aui'u &evlia. (Ty Letters for his Britannic majesty's packet Grace (lor Falmouth, via Halifax, Novo - Scotia) will be received at the postofike till Weduefiby 4e5 - her afteruoon, the 4lh of March. . . ."J T. W. MUUKr, Agent.' t Feb 16 '(ho NO'ITCE. ttr Tbe subscribers having entered into part - looa, neislnii, tl.e siutlv oi. jLAWtiAur. nuci - 1" - NESS herelotbre conducted hy R. II. NEVINS. will he continued under tlie him Ol NEVINS, (h TOWNSEND. RUSSELL H. NEVINS, febS EI.IHU TOWNSEM). TAKE' AO IKE, fjr All persons having demands against, and those indebted to the estate of W ilJiaui Rogers, deceased, are requested to call upon THOMAS MASTEHS, Esquire, No. lit Wall - street. - Da' ted Jun. VJ, 131U. a..t nuutits, executrix. Jan SI dim t.uler)i(anisucieti) '2U Concert. ft7 - The committee oflhe Kuleniean Society having resolved to give a second concert on tlsi 4th 111st. at tbe City Hotel, each uierul er will be entitled to six tickets, by apphing to thekee - retary at No. 200 Broadway, on or ociore llio VI st instant, lty 1 onler. feb 9 tS4 JOSEPH KNIGHT, fre'ry. (Tr The askignres of the estate uf Mm. but. ncy Hewitt, (in order to give time for all her ci editors to come in and participate in The funds provided for them,) do hereby extend the time of 1 rendering their accounts to Mr. Blake, at No. 3 Law Buildings, until the 1st ot March ensuing - . , Feb '2 lm UNION bAK, lulu February, 111 I ti. : ftf" The stockholders are requested to attend at the huuking house, No 17 Wall - street, on J hursday. the 12'h day oi March next, to elect eleven directors lor the ensuing year. The . poll will cien at ten o'clock and shut at two. The transfer books will be shut from 1st until 13Uj Murch. By orderof the board of directors, feb 101m JOHN LOW. Chier. NOTICE. iW" All persons haviug claims against the cs - tate ufCapt. William Taylor, deceased are le - sin - d to present them to the subscriber lor settlement, and those indebted to said estate arc requested to make payment without delay. - ' JAlt.3 ftrBIUUL., feb 12 lm ' Administrator. NOTICE. ffc"7 - Tlie copartnership heretofore existing be - tweeu the suhscrihers, under tlie firm of N. S - Davies Si Co. is this duy dissolved by mutual consent. Tne debts duo aud claims against said Gnu will be settled by N. S. Davies. IN. UAVir.c, A. W. TKAPPAN, The business wi!l in future be onduete.l by N. Smith Davies.uuder the firm of N. Mnith Mattel li Co. ' 14 ROB nor, ftt - fly tlie celebrated author of Waverly, mYT, - ,;.:., sniinnu. Tales ol Mv Landlord, kc Ic which has long neen oio..J i - ed, will be published early nex j t week, and the subscr.ljerstotheCIRCfLAl ING LIBRARY. No. 1S4 Broadway, corneroieaar - sireei, wiu m liberallv supplied, with T" at, and every oth er interesting ne work, beveral have lately arrived irom Loudou. leu i sw EIRE PROOF STORE To let, that four story brick fire proof ituie. .10. o ijoverneur'i Liane, near to cuuut - strce. Apply to u ah mil civJiiiV, feb 3 tf No. 9 Cocoties - shp. Hill SALE OR TO LEASE, On amminiodalius? terms, a number of f a ir.t. and liuiUlin? tots, near and Sjtioioin? the navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, en. quire us 1 fittiirT nt 1 ve 9A.iii r.ij r.. jan tt tf Brooklyn. AiMl. IO LtT. TKj. Ar nn.f unra No. 2 (ionverneur's Laue, (near Water street) is to let torn 1st May aext. ! has four stories, besides a laige cellar and a ci rommodioasgarret. Being cktatbedi from other bmldiugs there is no risk Irom fire. . s. - .l i 1. - a. ..I sfMniiitM. !". lore the 1st May. App y at '29 h ree t, to feb l tiChr.K I.Al'Rlr.S. in I kV. "t&Frxm the Ut May next, the tbree - story N. ta t ourtland - strset, with or without the stab', in V & ' - z 18 CourUaad - iU I ':'i 1 I f I. 1 1 t 1

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