The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 20, 1944 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1944
Page 20
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20 Thursday, Jan. 20, 1914 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE CO-HIT ..Cot the Cockeyed oo Ib EM Again! Women's Ideas Save Time Akron, Ohio, (U.R)--Suggestions made by women workers Qf the B. F. Goodrich Co. plants during a recent 6-month period saved an estimated 24,500 man-hours, com-/ officials said. Heavy Hog Trade Slow Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy- DANCE RUDD, IOWA Saturday, Jan. 22 Music by MALEK'S ACCORDION BAND PALACE · LAST TIMES FRIDAY · UNDER A HYPNOTIC SPELL... -- AND -- Mot. 21 c. Eve. 30c Plus Tax THURSDAY--END FRIDAY "SECRETS OF ALONE WOLF" FED STEERS ARE UP25T040C Bids, Sales Steady on Slaughter Lambs Chicago, (£)--The hog market was slow Thursday on all weights over 200 pounds, although the top price held at $13.75 on government supported weights. Fed steers and yearlings gained 25 to 40 cents in a very active market. Early bids arid sales on slaughter lambs were about steady. With a large stock-of swine to pick from, packers were slo\v in buying _ heavy weights and the 17,000 head, expected to remain unsold was mostly lower grade 200 to 300 pound weights. Shipments of 15,000 salables would not be excessive, except for the 25,000 held over from Wednesday, and 'the 12,000 direct to packers. (WF A)--Salable hogs 15,000; total 27,000; active on , weights under 200 Ibs., slow on others al weights, and sows steady; good and choice 200 to 300 Ibs. $13.75 the top; 170 to 190 Ibs. $12.5013.25; few 150 to 170 Ibs. $11.7512.65; . 310 to 350 Ib. heavies $12.50-12.90; good and choice 300 to 550 Ib. sows $11.35-12.10; estimated 17,000 unsold. . Salable cattle 5,500; salable A K CLEARUKE END THURSDAY "IN OLD CHICAGO" "THE CITY THAT STOPPED HITLER" FRIDAY - SATURDAY KENNY BAKER DOUGHBOYS IN IRELAND 2nd Feature f RICHARD DIX "Buckskin Frontier" 1 "KING OF THE SiOUNTIES" Mat. Sat.,2:00 p. m. I WHERE SHALL WE GO f calves 800; fed steers and year lings 25-40c higher; very active a advance; eastern order buyer and local big packers competing fat heifers 25c up; other killin 0 classes steady to strong; largely steer and heifer run; killing qual ity medium Jo good; strictlj choice kinds absent; top steer 516.65; part load mixed steers an heifers scaling 1050 Ibs. §16.75 bulk steers $14-1B; heifers §13-15 cutter cows $8 down; strictly goo beef cows to $12.50; canher $6.75-7 mostly; practical t o weighty sausage bulls §11.ot vealers steady at $15 down; stoc cattle moderately active at §10 12.25. Salable sheep 6,000; total 6.50C early bids and scattered sale slaughter lambs about steady wil Wednesday's average; most ear bids §15.50-15.60 on good an choice fed wooled lambs, loa good lambs sold §15.50, sever c loads held up to §15.85; som medium to good native lambs sold §15.25; no early action on sheep. -^ DANCE AT THE DANCE AT THE Midwest Livestock (THURSDAY'S PRICES) 1 Albert Le» .Austin. Minn. Minn. rend Steady Steady ood Butchers-0-150 Ibs » W S 9.60 0-160 Ibs S1U.70 S10.60 60-170 Ibs S11.10 Sll.tO 0-180 Ibs 'Sll.IO Sll.60 80-200 Ibs * 512.20 S12.20 0-220 lb£ S13.4U 513,40 0-240 Ibs S13.W SI3.W 0-2GO Ibs S13.40 S13.40 0-270 Ibs '.: SI3.4CI S13.40 0-300 Ibs S13.40 513.40 DO-330 Ibs 512.75 S12.DO 0-3G5 Ibs. 512.75 S12.90 ood Packing Sows-10-300 Ibs 511.70 S1I.70 JO-330 Ibs S11.70 S11.70 .30-260 Ibs. S11.10 S1I.70 60-400 Ibs S l l . G O S11.70 00-450 Ibs 511.50 Sll.60 10-500 Ibs SI1.41 SII.f.0 00-5SO Ibs Walerloo Steady S11JO SI 2.00 S12.70 SI 3.45 $13.45 S13.45 $13.45 513.00 S12.80. S11.73 511.75 S11.75 SI 1.65 ··11.55 $11.45 GRAIN PRICES MOVE UPWARD Report CCC Is Buying Wheat in Minneapolis Chicago, /P)--A strong upward movement developed in grain pits Thursday, paced by gains extending to almost 2 cents in wheat. The advance was aided by short- covering and limited offerings. Reports the Commodity Credit corporation was buying cash wheat at Minneapolis spurred the upturn Grains also drew support from a bureau of agricultural economics statement that .the^supply of feed grains per units o£ livestock is less thilu in any year since the draught period in the early 1930's The bureau said the total quantity of wheat to be ied to livestock in the 1943-44 crop year seems likely to exceed 15,000,000 tons Large quantities will be imported from Canada. At the close wheat was 1 to higher, May §1.70%, oats were up % to V-, Mav ISi'a, rye was aheac Vs to IVz, May $1.29?s to S1.30 and barley was % to l=s higher May $1.22^. Local Livestock SCANDINAVIANS Fri. DON ERIGKSON Sat. LYNN KERNS Sun. LATE BUS WED. - FBI. - SAT. - SliS. George Olson Fri. -- Jimmy Smith Sot.--Don Erickson Sun. 140-150 * 3.50 155-160 S 9.90 160-110 S 10.90 170-180 SU.90 1BO-200 512.90 200-220 S13.40 220-240 513.40 240-270 S13.40 270-500 313.40 300-330 513.00 320-360 S.12-7S 270-300 SI 1.70 . .100-330 Sll.'O 330-360 511.70 360-400 S11.70 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Thursday Market) Chicago, ^p,--Xo cash wheat. Corn, sample grade white . 51.123;. Barley, malting Sl.250?1.44V= nominal feed $1.18©1.22*:: nominal. Field seed per CWT: Timothy j.75fi nominal; red top S143J1J nominal: re clox'er S31.50 nominal; sweet clover 510-J nominal. WALL STREET SELLS BONDS Stock Market Is Left to Take Care of Itself New York, (.¥)--Wall went all-out on war bond selling Thursday and left the stock mar- jet to take care of itself which, in the case of selected rails and specialties, it did fairly well. Carriers were belated advancers as a little more notice was taken on the return of the roads to private ownership and belief was expressed that_the greatly enlarged wage bill might be partly offset by relief from excess profits, taxes and maintenance of near-record traffic. Amusements were spurred by reports of growing box office receipts. Actual and prospective earnings bolstered individual favorites. Gains of fractions to a point or so predominated in the final hour. Transfers approximated 700,000 shares. American Distilling "plain," weak Wednesday, achieved a comeback. American Cable Radio touched a new 1943-44 top. Ahead most of the time were Loew's, Santa Fe, Morris Essex, Paramount Pictures, International Telephone. Johns-Manvilie, Consolidated Vultee Aircraft. United Aircraft and Douglas Aircra'ft. Bonds inclined to improve. HOGS 3IASON CITY--For Thursday Steady. jcod light IlKnu ood. light lights ....... ood light lights .. iood light lights -·. ood light lights ood light lights ood med. ret. butchers jood med wt. butchers _HK)d med. wt. butchers' ood med. wt, butchers _ood med. wt. butchers ood packing sows .... 7ood sows . iood sows . Good sows . ·OOd sows * . - · 400-450 Sll-60 locd SOWF .. 450-500 SH.30 Due to excessive ran of hog*, plt^ae call the plant before delivering any . bors. JACOB E. DECKER SONS. CATTI.E MASON CITY--For Thursday Mason City Grain 1MASON CITY--For Thursday No. 2 white oats . . . 70c No. 2 shelled corn (15 '.3 ^o moisture) SI.02 No. 2 ear corn {15V2% moisture) 9Sc No. 2 soybeans SI'.80 Barley 75c-Sl CHICAGO GHA1X CLOSE (Thursday Market) Chioco, (,75-HEAT-- High 1.71 1.69 May IT'S - A - HONEY STARTS THURSDAY SENSATIONAL - COMEDY Cboic« steers ana nelfers steers and tieifers Med steers and neifers lorn, steers and heifers o\vs. dry Eed' Corn. eov:5 · Butcher bulls Bologna bulls . ..'. Bologna bull£. light ... Cutters Carmers. heavy Canners. light Fancy select calves SJ4.03-15.00 511.50-13.50 S10.00-ll.50 S B.Oi)- 9.5D S 8.50- 9.00 S 7.30- 8.DQ .... S 9.00-10.00 S3.00- 9.00 .... S 7.00- 8.0Q, S 6.00- 1.00 S 5.00- 6.00 S 4.00- S.DO SI 2.00-13.00 Julj.- Sept Dec. OATS-May ... July . . . Sept. ... RYE-Hay .. July . . Sept. . . Low 1.69'.i l.(Ti = » l.C7»i l.GTTb Close 1.701 = Produce (Merchant Quotations) (Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse) MASON CITY--For Thursday Eggs, current receipts . . 28c Springs, heavy breeds , 24c Leghorn springs. 2 Ibs. over 21c Heavy hens 21e Hens, under 4 Ibs 18c Cocks, heavy 17c Cocks. Leghorns ISc All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less Eggs, at retail 38c Butter. Iowa State Brand . . . . 49e Butter. Corn Country ... Sv GENE AHEftN 1 ·OARD AND ROOM FIRST, I WAS A SCHOOL -TEACHER. -OL KMEV/ FOR.TY VEARS MOW 3c Or HER.£,VOLI BARN OWL, HOLD YOUR. FIRE, LADY/ MY PINTO IS SADDLED, AND I'M AGO.. Atp MOW VOU ft_ OR. ItL Fl LJ- S SAVIMT3UU.ETBESS YOUR HAIR. BESLER.'/--- WELL/TO A W 1TH SET VOLJ STRAIGHT, I'M V ·pQRCEL-A.W 'AAAAZON ANNIE,' THE Jf DANDRUFF/ HURRICANE ON HIGH 1 \, HEELS I J t£AK MOM - fTS TUrMN6 COLDER... It RAIUED IKS A.M..90 I DIDQ^T 6cT UP LWiL IATE..I tX)HT MW 1H5/ TOC MS. SO WR. SOUTH IF THE/ WAS WE RIGHT BiCii UP NORTH VOCC. CRYPTOQUOTE--A cryptognot quotation U R F P S K Y B G Q I P G I V Y B F R T P G Q I P H R R V -- U R V H J I P-B T Y Q E U E Q Q R B. Yesterday's Cryptoquote: TAUGHT BY THE POWER THAT PITIES. ME. I .LEARN TO PITY THEM-GOLDSMTH Statement of Condition or the Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan Association July Sept, .TST'a .76=4 . 1 '''*'- l.lOlb . 1.10'k City, l.i As of December ::i. 101:: ASSETS First Mortgage Loans .. .Share Loans .. ' 48C ' Federal Home Loan Bank Stock Majority for Negro Troop^ Casting Votes Denver, (Special)--Almost out of every 10 Americans to" Negro servicemen should be a] lowed to vote on a basis of equ ity with other members of armed forces, according to a tion-wide spot-check just c ducted by the National Opinio| Research Center, University Denver. On the same survey in whicl representative adult civilians exl pressed themselves overwhelm! ingly (92%) in favor of permitf ting men and women over 21J i the armed services statione overseas to vote in the 1944 presil dential election, trained inter! viewers also asked: 1 "Do you think Negroes over 21 in the armed forces should be all lowed to vote or not (in the presil dential election ol Novembeq 1944V"), Yes 77% Yes, if qualified in home state 2 tJo 12 Undecided 4 Oppose voting for any soldiers 5 100"? This question revealed a qui sharp division of opinion, large along sectional lines. As migl be expected, many more peop in the south than in the north o pose allowing Negro serviceme! to vote. Iii many cases, howeve.] almost identical comments co; from both sides of the Maso: Dixon line. For example, a packing housj clerk in Chicago answered thj question. "Yes. Some people ai; prejudiced, but if a man is gooi enough to fight lor his country, b| should be allowed to vote." I 1 Louisiana a sales engineer's w: replied: "Yes. II Negroes are goi enough to fight t h e y arc go enough to vote." A number of respondents both north and south said the. think that regulations governing soldiers' voting should confbrr to precedents established in th respective states. A contractor' wile in Oak Park, 111., and a phy sician's wife in Houston, Tex made the same word-for-vypn comment: "Yes, i£ they are"-al J lowed to vote in their, own states.' A Mississippi farmer's wife said "Yes, if they can qualify," \vhil a retired army officer in Texatj^fj; put it this way: "Only II they ar allowed to vote at home." A few of those interviewei sought to make further distim lions between practices in dif ent sections of the country, woman drug store clerk in t bama s a i d : "No--not d'b\vrj south." A machine operator Chicago expressed this opinion: don't know. The northern N groes that go to our schools hav got sense enough to vote. Thos 1 from the south are such an ignorj ant class they don't really knov.f for what they are voting." Butter. Brookfield 49c 1.29V. 1.27*1 1.283'. 1.21'i 1.20V 1.19 1.1M 1.19 Calves, gd lo choice. 130-130 Sll.00-12.00 Calves, fair to E ood 130-190 S 9.00-10.00 Calves, common to fair . . . S 7.50- 8.50 Calves, cull .. .. ......... S 4.00 d'wn SHEEP ' MASON CITY-- For Thursday Genuine sp. Iambs. £d. to ch 513.25-14.23 Gen. sp. lambs, med. to gocd S12.00-13.00 Fed ewes, good to choice . . S 5.00- 6.00 Common ewes - ............. S I.CO- 2,00 Hides 56 O'J Quotations furnished by tt'olr Rrc*.. "UK F i f t h Street Soutbwel Elortehides - . ·C.KEEN BEEF IHIIUS Bull hides 8c From 13 Ibs. up . lie From 15 Ibs down -- 12e ·Cured hides lc a Ib higher. Also lc a Ib. higher for ercen hides lo wholesale dealers in wholesale quantities. Miscellaneous Bucks 5- 1,50 Trying to Duck Cops? Hide in Police Station Kankakee. HI.. (U.R) -- Robert Patterson, who says he frequently goes AWOL from the llanteno state hospital, believes "the safest place to hide from police is in a police-station." Police arrested Patterson recently during one of his spasmodic walks from the hospital. At headquarters he "the cell blocks aren they're too cold.' : Patterson said he not only had slept at the station the night before his arrest, but also had stayed there as a transient on previous CHICAGO POTATOES (Thursday Market) Chicaco, C^; -- (W. F. A.) -- Potatoes, arrivals 90: on track 202: total U. S. shipments 999: supplies moderate: for best quality Idaho Russets demand moderate. market firm; for northern stock demand slow, market dull; Idaho Russet Eur- banks U. S. No. 1. S3.22JJ3.40; Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. 1. S3.42: Mir.- nesota and North Dakota Bliss Triumphs U. S. N'o. 1, S2.55S2.CO: Commercials S2.305S2.35: Cobblers Commercials S2.3S; Florida Bibs Triumphs U. S. No. J. S2.GOtf2.75 per 30 Ib. sack. NEW YORK PRODUCE Thursday Market) New York. (,pj--EgSS 31,634; easy. Current general v.-holesalc selling prices follow: Mixed colors, special No. 1 to No. 4, 47 Ibs.. and over 40®4Ie; special No. 1. to No. 4, 46 Ibs., average 39?=c: special medium 40 Ibs.. average 2S'i:fa 2Dc: extra No. 1 to No. 2, 47 Ibs.. and over 39!=340c: extra No. 1 to No. 1 45 lb=., average 3G£32c; e-xtra mea'tun 40 Ibs.. ave'rage 23ft30!::c; extra pullet= So to 27 Ibs.. 24fi25c; standard 43 to 44 Ibs.. 23 1 ^5i 1 26c; current 43 Ibs.. .average .·)3'.i«I25c: dirties 43 Ibs.. 33{?.34c: checks 32^32Vic: refrigerators 29^31c. White, special No. 1. to No. 4. 47 Ibs.. Inc.. | «nd over 43£E45c: special No. 1. to No. 4. 4G Ibs.. average 42S?43c: special medium 42 to 43 Ibs.. 32S733c; special medium 40 lb=.. average 30!='r?31c: extra No. 1. and No. 2? 47 Ibs.. and over 41 t , = (ft42?bc: extra No. 1 and No. 2. 45 Ibs.. average 3fl1i40c: extra medium 42 to 43 Ibs.. 31'fp o2c: cxtrri medium 40 Ibs.. average 3Cc: CStra PUlIets 3.T to 37 IbE.. 2^:r'jr2E:C- Duch. average 50^i53c: duck, small ^'Jt "Cc. Bro\vn. specisT No. 1 to No. 4. 47 Ibs.. and over SUHiftSS^c; special No. 1. to Xo. 4. 46 Ibs., average 37',~Jir38c: special medium 42 to 43 ibs.. -- Real Estate Sold on Contract Accounts Receivable Rea! Estate Owned U. S. War Savings Bonds- .Accrued Interest Cash on Hand and in Banks . . . . Members' Share Accounts .. Advance for Taxes and Insurance Loans in Process Specific Reserves General Kcscrvcs Undivided Profit-: ... 5307,130.73 700.00 5,203.00 G.520.SR Riceville -- Seaman 1st Clastjj L.WI Toii'.i retuniE'' lo F;)'---iili Idaho, Monday after a 15-dajl leave at his home here. ! LIABILITIES .. | scccial medium 40 Ib?.. average 29'!i5t SOc:. extra N v o. 1. and · No. 2. 47 lhs.. and over 37':.^i33c: exlru No. I. and No. 2. 45 Ibs.. average 375T373c: extra medium 4210 43 Ib?. 0!ic; extra medium 40 Ibs.. 28 I 'R23! : .c: cstra pullets 33 to 37 Ibs.. 24'.i«f25c. Butter £04,583; firm. Prices unchanged at ceiling. United S'i34.697.CO CJover'-ment Chartered anil Suprrvisnl by Ihp Safety *T Your Investment, in By tlie Tedrral daviiiKS au*l I-oan Insurance Corporation. Wailiin^ton, II. 5567.049.92 ina.M 8.5S4.34 795.CG 17.20D.57 1. 104.61 5534.C37.80 isurert up to j-.,,(HIU ifO LEGAL NOTICES member of the university faculty since 1929 while Professor Hickman joined the staft in 1940. Both i a r e natives of Iowa--Olson of Red NOTICE OF TM* ls f£TM£TM 1 ** "'(Oak and Hickman of Sioux City STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo county, j -- a n d both received ad winced de- ss. No. 60SO. Notice is hereby given, lhat the under- "icncd has been duly appointed and Qualified as Administratrix of the estate of Guadalupe C. Garcia. Deceased, laic of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to paid estate are requested lo make immediate payment: and those having claims aaainsl the Fame will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned foT and file in the office of the Clerk of the Dl'trlcl ""jIATU-DA GARCIA. Administratrix. BERNARD R. DUNN, Attorney Cheese 263.nGO- nominaj. TCo quotations 1 Dated Jantiarj" =th. . 1 S. H. MacPEAK. CJerk. District Court CHICAGO roUI.TRT (Thnrsrlar Market) Chicaffo, f.^-j--Poultry. Hve. steady; I car. 20 trucks: market uncliansetl. By MARGARET RILEY, Deputy, 'rces from the university. PEKIF.OUS PIXBAIX Spokane, AVash.. (.-P)--When her husband operating a pinball machine won S-4. a soldier's wife tried POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT TOMORROW ior Economy " Efficiency and City- Manager form of Government her luck, hit the jackpot and ; fainted. She was revived at emergency hospital. i o^^^.^.^ SKimOS eHate Plan . complained j tO RemOVe Dogs' Teeth n't heated; t Mit , lvaukee- (u.pj_" A bitter debate in an Eskimo parliamentary session on the question: "Shall the incisor teeth of sledge dogs be knocked out or be permitted to re- ICE CREAM SPECIALS Friday - Saturday Hand Packed, Quarts Hand Packed, Pints · Machine Packed, Quarts Machine Packed, Pint* - . . . 49c 24c 15c Home Cooked Luncheons Ev«ry Noon -- Except Sunday FREDA'S Ice Cream Shop 217 No. Federal r.ST!MAT-T I.TVF.STOCK RECEIPTS Chlr:o, iy,--(W. - F. A.I--Oiicially 1-5 t?m-''c;l viable Tivestock r"ceiots Friday: Hoj;5 15.0M: cattle 2 rnO; shec 4.00H. CHICAGO PROni'CE ThaT5day Market! Clurago, t-T^ -- Butter. firm: ' receipts 427.792; creamery butter. 93 score (AM 4I'.ic: 92 (A) 41c: m (Bl 40»;c; 89 (C. main?" was one of the interesting tales brought back by Lt. Carl Eklund. Tomahawk., Wis.. air intelligence officer, v/ho has spent the | 3 past year in Greenland on a mis- ; sion for the government. | ' Lieutenant Eklund. who was . 40V.c: Ezff5 S3. 30c. receirjt'i 12.735: unsettled: . specials 1. 2. 33c: 3. 4. 3Se; extra? I. 2. 37c: 3. 4. Sfic: Ftandarrfe 1. 4. T.4i-c- cur- NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT Ot I EXECUTRIX STATE OF IOWA. CZRRO COR DO COUNTY. £S. No. 6366. j Notice is hereby given, that tlie tinrTet- signed has been duly appointed and j for atialif ied as Executrix of the estate cl ^ ecn i w H Dodd. Deceased, late of Cerro ' Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make . immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, lo the undersigned for allowance, and file in the cf- ficc o! the Clerk of the District Court. ALICE M. DODD. Executrix. L. R. BOOMHOWER, Atorney. Dated. January llth. 1944. . S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk District Courl. By MARGARET Rlt-EY, Deputy. OF with the Byrd expedition in 193941, explained the strange debate. He related that the ferocious dogs had been eating -Eskimo children and frantic parents appealed to have the dogs made less harmless. "Of course," added Eklund, "if they did take the teeth out. the lawmakers realized that it would be a lot more work for the owners, who would have lo cut up all the dog's meat." They finally decided to try the plan in one village and report the results. Eklund praised the 200 Danish governors of the Eskimo kingdom who ruled some 18,000 residents. Economically and educationally, the Danes are a sound people, he said. DRIVE ^YIELDS S4BB Garner-- The grand total raised ~ in the Junior Red Cross~drive in Hancock county is S466.48. according to a report released this week by County Supt. Charles S. Whitney. The east half of the county raised S148.95 and- the west half of the county raised S317.53. The county schools have enrolled 100 per cent. WILL BE INSTRUCTOR Garner--Kenneth McJIillin son of Mrs. Lloyd McMillin of Britt. was a visitor with his uncle and family. County Treasurer and Mrs. Roy McMillin at Garner. Tuesday. Kenneth was recently commissioned a 2nd lieutenant in , the army air corps at Hondo, Tex., land is having a short leave from NOTICE OF THK APPOINTMENT F.XECCTRIX STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County. 55. No. 6061. Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned has been duly appointed anrt qualified as Executrix of the estate ol Martin Johnson. Deceased. Late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested lo make immediate payment: and those havinc claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, lo the undersigned for allowance, ind file in the office of the Clerk or the District Court. BELLE A. CARROLL, Executrix BERNARD R DUNN. Attorney Dated .Tanuarv Ttll. 1044. S. II. MacPEAK. Clerk District Court By MARGARET RILEY. Deputy. The women outnumber the men ! his duties. Ho will report lo Monin the country mainly because the roc. La., where he will receive a male population refuses lo g i v e ] " weeks' course in instruction as Many Colleges Adopt U Text on Economics Iowa City--Numerous universities and colleges are adopting "Pan American Economics." by 2 University of Iowa professors a; a textbook. up its streamlined kayaks, native: a navigation instructor and will! Its authors are Prots. Paul boats lhat continually claim lives then return to Hondo. Tex., where Olson and C. Acldison Hickman ot I of reckless fishermen. lie will leach in navigation. . i the commerce college. Much ol 1 i the contents is centered upon thi- Thc Sahaha miles from the Red sea. stretches 3,000 Atlantic to the Bu.v War Savings Bdnds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier b«y. international aspects of Pan- American economy. ' Professor tMson has been a PUBLIC SALE As I am moving on a smaller farm. I will sell at Public Auction, 1 mile north and 5'.i miles west of Rockford; 21.4 miles west and 5 miles south [ Nora Springs; f miles south and 1V-- miles cast of Mason City, on Wednesday, January 26 Commencing; at 1 p. m.--The following described property, (o-wil: 80 -- HEAD OF LIVESTOCK -- 80 ,40 HEAD OF CATTLE--9 Shorthorn milk cows, to freshen soon; 1 White Face heifer, springing: 3 yearlin?; Shorthorn heifers; 10 yearling steers; 17 summer calves. 5 HORSES--1 black mare, 1COO Ibs., 7 years old; 1 gray gelding 1300 Ins.. smooth month; 1 bay gelding, 1100 Ibs., smooth month; 1 yearling sorrel colt (mare); I spring sorrel colt (mare). 23 HEAD OF HOGS--12 Spotted Poland China brood sows; 1 Poland China boar: 10 feeder pigs. 12 SHEEP--11 ewes; 1 buck. MACHINERY MISCELLANEOUS--1 McCormick-Dcering g ft. grain binder; 1 McCormick corn binder: 1 Sandwich grain elevator with hoist, jack and horse power; 1 John Deere 29 wheel disc with traclor hitch; 1 K. I. 20 wheel disc; I 4-section pounder drag: 1 two-row Jloline corn plow, 4-horse hitch; 1. John Deere sulky plow; 1 .tohn Deere endgale seeder (nearly new); 1 seeder cart; 1 all-steel wheel, roller bearing, Auto Guide wagon; 1 Flare DON with extra lop box; 1 triple box; 1 Dnltmier hay rack (nearly new); 1 Hawkeye fanning mill; 1 50-fl. drive belt; 2 sets of harness; some horse collars; 1 steel barrel with fancet; 1 dipping tank; 1 12-ft. feed bnnk; 1 16-ft. feed bunk; 1 16x16 feed rack; 3 14-ft. Hat hog Jroughs with platforms; 165 ft. Manila hay rope (nearly new). Several articles too numerous to mention. , FEED 200 bales straw. TERMS: Cash. Makr arrangements with your »\vn banker. No properly removed until settled for. HANS PAULSEN Ora Baylcss, Aitct. Firsf State Bank, Nora Springs, Clerk .*, ^ " '

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