The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 21, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1818
Page 3
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.id aTJflv. atH o'clock, M I J i w. . x (if B( BO - with - ,?"f2SKat u raws b1erl isccommodatf oos and .eooveruenc nces, 1 fa - 1re is a pomp of exceuvni water outne nd 1U0 I i ThrlOllS IJ iccv ,. - - lot. TO"1 - '"., i A fr... (mm all ' incum Le esZ Possestioo will be given some i time furni' And in a " OBJ . 7 . J turn to said boiwe - contitting of a complete wJtm'.. innLin Iasu - i. our tables. W et hand - ?!ui glass luttret, sofas, beds end b oar ." .....,., - H H writing tablet. beddins, , cbairt 5 - A - i I .'hnira collection of book. Also o. the rnmiture. "h ltM2 KlW - 'n." I 11 1. R POOL. FROM the extensive trantactiont between Liverpool and this city, it if probable that much butinett remains unsettled, which it way be important to close . A gentleman going iner e wonld undertake the liquidating of such affairs, and would eiecute any mercantile c onmiMion between these placet. In addition to hit entire acquaintance with commercial butinest, Intcon - oexion. in Liverpool will be influe , an .hi. tolerences Here are mercnani. y, - " in. The advertiter leave! bii "JtjTJl3ti?" WANTED - aiituation maacnooi r,.r. vate family, female of retpectahili t. who has been accustomed to teach writing, nthmetic. geography, ftc Any lady in want o wch a perwu, Will find the advert.ser w orthy o notice, Thaving been in the above capacity ii England, and can produce latitfavtory reteren cm For further particular! enquire of the p - tn . nt ihit nnnrr. . feh 21 I will. ulfV'R'.. . .J....A.... v uj n the M instant, at 1 1 o'clock will be told on the premise!, the lease of . . . . - A Al I.I...L...t It... that valuable esiaoiisnra ni, we i.icrtiimyi, ut ti - l. Not. 41 and 43 Wall - ttreet. Alto, a qtian cetiei; one elegant Horte and tug, a haiulKwne tleifli ana narnett va me '" oVjoi., will commence the tale of the furniture belnngiog to the ahote Itoute, - mttitting of ! large quantify of valuable Cabinet Furniture, ma tram'i, bed", bedding, Sc. feb2l t ; ' BOARD Wanted for a gentleman and h i wife, in a private Ctmily. Aildrem I. I at tl , is office. feb21 U f 1 AN I OaV CRAI'ES. Fresh supply Canton Crapes for tale by MAUCH 8i LOW. fth U 210 Uroadway. uW, - it bain Hopt, juM rn - eived - l - r fate CAMBK.Kf.lNU & rK.RoON, fc - bS 67 South tlrnt. LLOUli and TOUACCO. OOU bOlt. Itli h JT mood tuiif. Fhiur 39 ritidt old and new Tobacco, 120 kegt manufacturtd d 6 At U hands to the lb. Fonaloat 106 F - .ont - lreM. feb 13 t KOKFaS, DAVIUSON & CO OO.VltSl'lCAlOTHKR WAR, riiHK turmcrilwn keep conttantly on hand an JL eilenai ve attortnent of the following poods, viz t Dutch and Englith Gunny Bagt, kc. Popet lleadt Crumb Bruthet Bellows, fancy and common !) for Rlarktmitht Hall ann Entry Mutf Pailt and 'I uln bavl - Barrowt Fine Wire Sievet Do Hair do Whipa of every description ... - Seine, tewing, wrapping, baleing and ball Twine Fiih Lipet ' Shoe & adlert Thread Dearborn1! Ballan - cet Brnomt Uuiler, or Counter Bruiliet Hearth Bruthet, fan cy and common Head do do do Cloth do do do Weaver do White Wash do Shoe & Scrubbing do Paint Brutht't and Saih I'oolt Clamp, 4, 7, 8 row Furnituie Bruthet' llorte do Bed Cordt, Clothet I.inet S.irti Cordt, Trace Rope Wronght and Cut Aailt and B radii " V htcli they will tell hnlfa!e or retnil on liberal l - rroa. CKBRA 1 CUML0, fef7 76 Pearl tlrf ft. ' IKON HOLLOW WaKL. AN aatortment ol the above article consiting of pott, kettles, bake pant, gridillei. . skillets, basmn, tpidert, tea kettlea, tic. per ton or piece, for tale by CF.BRA & COMING, Jan 30 76 I'enrl - M. C1' K1)HI K t.ll. ;No. 44 south street, .lfrr I for tale, 150 bnlei of Calcutta Piece Goods, Coomtling ol Baiiaa, choWdagariet, costas, emertiei Gurrihs, blue gurralit, entitled to drawback Long Cloths, luamoody, mull niullt Sa'innt, tawnt and seersuckers B.ioilinnoei and lungee audy tilk hdkfi Loli'hee and madrai. pall rn hdkft 10 iipet Catalonu wine, entitled to draw - Madeira wine - (back 10 raskt Turfcy led wine 124 botes turet oil. 13 bottles each 1 1 vas Italian lettrr p:iper S50 tiARt corks, 7 case fur ht 45 ceroont rruvun bank, 6 catkt tenna 6 taset ium tragstfunth I case Turkey opium 60 hoei IU'i:i wimlow glal li bali't Russia leathers, 15 do do down i!80 bolts Rusjia drj. k, 1st and d quality 40 pigt block tin ; copper bollt atsorted Sx lter, pinny bupt 140 hhdt first quality Muscovado Sugar, enti - tled to drawl)! a. . (V5 4 US OVAUO LiGAR. 161 hhds Hava - na Muscov.hIo Sugar, of tuperior quality, landing irom brig Boer. from tlavnna, al Jont wharf lor tale by UOODHUK K CO." 81 44 South street. COFrLL. rTWO 1 1 nr. rl reel and Seventy bagt St. Domin - J. go Coflije, received per trhr. Spartan, tor taieby LL ROY, BAYARD k CO. JanO DR Y iOOD - .2 cast! hepard't super blue and black cJolht 4 cases 9 - 8 cam bricks 2 do cotton hosiery 1 do checked hdkl's. just landed fi - om the Hercules, and for sale by 11URD& SF.W ALL, ' 65 Soutb - streeL AIjo received by late arrival, n ras fine blue and black London cloths 10 do japanned anil plated hats 5 do meat tuper Londou do. Jan 2.1 JJT. CROIX Sl'G AR 18 hhds. landing, and J for tale at 5S HiMn.nnu i . h. Jaq 15 GKORGK W. TALBOT JPj,LOlJK, i LAXat - cD ana KaI - 2H nipet bett Bordeaux Brandy ,9j barrels Baltimore Howard t reet Flour .J !" clean Flaxseerl ; and 1U0 boxes iresh Bloom llaisint. - For taieby ,, , GtO. M. WILSON, M a i a . . ii ' mt 'surci. ia.i,a RUAL 15 hhdt fine old Jamaica ' viHi.jjH received and lor tale by - fl 11 R. C it t M P, Xi Pir.e . treet. ''.'C .VI i - U0 loi t oo board the tlip . at m i nuKt s, n vir5( k Co. 150 ba! - "j i'r" opiami couon, "ore, aud for sale in lots to suit purr haser. b v riUlll'Mm . ...... - very prime oplaml cotlon, ui JV 68South - st P'G3 - 800 qr - boXM fre rr,.rk .,d Fi J - o xe,Tea - ,n:' 'O'e by "c. G. FONTAINE, on Monday, U 'OUR 50 bM. Richmond Floor - ForsHe fehii GOO' tl' K & CO. 0,1 , 44Southttmt. JAMAICA RUM. TTOFFMAN k GLAos will t I1 100 libds. of Xl superior Jamaica Rusb, oo Saturday, Nthc tt imtant at 11 o'clock, oo pier tio, 10 !ast River. - : feb 4 Koies, 1 hhd, 1 caik.ARGOL, about tU ll,5001bt,lbrtaleby Frb 0 R - k C W. DAVENPORT & CO. S'COTCrl ttiArl.lio. iia; nraina j.hh - A... Ua.rinin' i.l f Kj hest Ouulitv. in at landed ner t'homas Wilton, for tale in quantities to suit purchatera,hy Pv ,n feb 0 4t 8li Pearl - treet It Uvl AND GIN 15 hhds and 40 bblt new rum 40 bblt country gin ft"" 1 JACKSUN Si WOOLLEY, FebM2t 75W;tll - tL CUKAt CASH UUOLKUY Si ORE 288 Broadway, corner of Reed - street, next door to Washington - Hall. TAMES P. ANDRK respectfully informs hit if friendt and the public in general that he keeps constantly lor tale a large and general assortment of the following articles, which will be all disposed of at a moderate advance. Imperial, Hyson Young Hyson Hyson Skin & boui hong Teat of first quality and latest inixrtation. . Loaf, Lump, Havana White and Brown Sugan Box and cask Kai.ins Currants, Figs, Almonds, Prunes Hickorv and Madeira Mutt Nutmegs. Cloves, Cinnamon, Cassia y Altpice, Pepper, Ginger, London Mustard, per pound or bottle Old C."gnar Brandy Do. Holland Gin and Jamaica Spirits Madeira, Port, Sherry, i Claret, Faynl. Pure Wines L. P Tencriire and other Frcnrh, American, Martinique, and Pure Cordials Spice i llibberts sup. L. B. Stout ballad Oil, Sperm and Tallow Candles Basket Salt Codii'h, Burlington Hamt SmoakM Burf and Herringt American and Holland Cheese Wl' ter Strained laiup Oil, Sic. kc. X. B. Constant attendance given, and all favours thankfully received. Orders, punctual!) attentat! to. Feb 20 3t l 'I obacco, just landed from br g Thame. 21 hhds pnine old Richmond Tobacco 17 do new do do 100 bbls. Fredericksburg Flour, landing from schrt. Cyane and lop - rd, lor inle by . . dn . .ii i r urn tt Aijoii a uni.iAiutir.ri, 66 South - ttrcet. Who have also in store, 100 hhds old Hit hroond Tobacco, principal!; in entire parcels and of sup. qual. 60 hhds prime new'Tcbacco 3U0 kegs manufactured do various brands am! Dualities ibis. Richmond Flour. fehgf UPLAND COTTON. 15 bales prime Up land Coi tonland ing from bri ; El uabet Ii. at Kly - market w harf. will be sold low if taken from the wharf. 1S..C F ROE, fe!20 1w P8 Mur.av - nharf. N' AVAL STORKS. 4UU barrels Soft Tur pentine 42u do Tar; 3 do Spirits Turpen'.im, a fliiat, and for sale bv K. k C. W. DA VEX PORT & CO. feb 20 RICHMOND TOBACCO li Ft. OUR. C2H bblt Rirhmond tupl Fl ur ' 37 hh - ls prime new crop Ricbinond, prinoi pally large and leafy, now landing from tchi l fi' mas, ana in tiore, lor taie ny Jan 6 BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. 741 HERRINGS... buses 1st tort, 1 177 do Sd do S """"B - , tl ; 1 1 ing and for tale by iAMtn.r.iAt,.vi a - rr. - vn.5tj, Jan 22 6" outh - ttreet. HH - rlKLO CUILkHY. tie. 4 FEW small caA s neutlv ass'd table knives do do do small cutlery do do d saws do do do chissells, plane iront, drawing Knives, sc. tor sat by JXO. M'CRACKW, feb 19 3t H2 1 - 2 Hearl - st. OSNAlftRGr". S - bales best Streleu tsiia - burgs, landing from ship Thomas Wil son, from (ireenock, for s .le by feb 19 1). RRTMU.NE fc CO. RAVK.XS UL'CK. lot pieceb heavy Ravens Duck, for saie bv lil'UD k SEW LI, feb 19 b5 Soiith - mtreel. rLi'LK ho bu t. hi - hun dtupiriiiM - Floui. P now lantlins fiom s hr. Cyanne, and fur tab by svlllH, BLANCllARD Af CO. reo la 4t io. as buinng sup. IE RING WOOL - 9 balttoftutieri .rqiml iiy Merino Wool, tor tale at No. 31 Souil. V street. feb 19 3t JAMAICA HUM. A FEW puncheon - "I choit e quality, sui'able aCa. for retailing, the latt of the par el iu - t laudtd and lor tale in I tt to suit purchasers by i' VI till K, A M All 11 lO. Feb 19 it No 30 ft.nth street PHILADELPHIA WHlsKEY A; BUTTER tl hhds. first proof Whiskey Now on the dock, for 'ale by CORNs. DUBOIS, feb 19 6t 36 Front - street. THREAD LACES. A N elegant assort mi nt ol thread laces, al widths. iut received and for tale at 151 - Broadway, by rillLBKOOK tl 1'Ca 1 tllS, feb 19 Iw OIL ii CANDLES. RIPLEY St W ELM, IDi Front - stteet, have constantly n hand, at wholesale nod r tail, winter and summer strained Spermaceti Oil. Also, fallow VI. uld Candles of suixrior quali ty, from Winship's Factory, Charleston, Mas. leo IK GOLD LEAF, i MB ROSE CKAE ha just received 11 y t. packs English Gold Leaf, of the lutgent site, and warranted first quality, for ale at 135 Drouaway. iei 19 iw 5(1 RUM, c. puncheont Jamaica Rum. iust arrived and landing from the brig Divid Richards, from FaiOjoulh, (Jam.) and lor sale by A. D. DUFF, 69 Waihiugton - ttrcct. Who hat for sale in tt'ire, L. P.Tenerifl'e Wine., ft'asley brand) inquar - terranks, imported July, 1816 Do do in hlidt. and qr. casks, do August do Do do in pi;ies, hhds. nnd qr. casks, do September do 30 pipes, 100 hhds and 280 qr. cask! do entitled to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, ship'd in 1813, 1'oin the Cape ol Good Hope, and entitled 'o debenture Port and o'd Li. bon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of cl ret wine 13? do ; - rave wine and ene cask carda - ire. feb 7 tf J A ..I A1C A RU vl & FLOUR. 15 puuUvooj 4thanJ Sth tirm.f Jamaica rum. of iuix - - r v - i ior quality, and 100 barrels superfine Baltimore nowara - kireei; uour, lauding anu lorsaieoy R. CRUMP, Feb 9 SOPine - tL I Rl - H LINEN. 5 boxef 4 4 In'h Linen, fbr I W. A S. CRAIG. feb 13 TRISH MARKET TCEACCO 58 hhds. 6f a. pot totality, lunding iroin tchoooert tiero and dally Ann, Irom Rk hmond, for sale by U. bLIHU.Mt. ov W Jan 16 9t C. H.sKp. 20 hhds molasses, good qualilv, at Peck - slip, for tale by Jan 31 R.icC.W. DAVE.VPORT&CO. VTLW - OHLLANS COl'lON 06 bales 1.1 prime quality, laudin from brig Sailor Boy, at Fly - maikel wharl, for tale by JAMEb BCOTT, leb 18 Iw 66 Washineton - ttreet. "VIEW LIVENS, fcc - cmcAF. Just opened, i 3 raset Irish Linms, assorted 1 do Scotch Hollaudt, or super undressed Linens 1 box long Lnwns and Linen Cambrics 1 do 5 - 4 lnh Sheetings and Dowlas 1 do Slesm Loom Cotton Shirtings All of which nre approved and warranted bleach et. On hand, a variety of Diaper, Damnk, and real Double Damask Table Cloths, smalt to very large sizes, with Napkins, ol difierent sizes, to matcn Bomhazcens, Canton Crapes, Sic. For sale at No. 61 Maiden Lane. L. k C. SUYDAM. BT THK PACKAGE. A few cases Irish, Long Lawn!, and uo wnue natiiiat, 'feb!81w I w ICL.j wool and o0 hall tierces prime jLV rice, landing from trhr Retrieve, for sale by GOODHUE k Co. Feb 18 44 South - street. EER SklNc - 6 baies In st quality lor salt BAUIa AIaIaIa Y, 9U Pine - street. leb 7 II..Al' tc TAR. 130 bushels M. C. V V heat, in b:int 50 bbl. Tar, afloat and for sale by R. k C. W. DAVENPORT CO. leb 16 I iLEACHr.D Slllrl I l.sijB .1 cases Ainer I.) ican Bleached Shirtings, just received and cr sale by t he Coinuussioii l,omiany, Feb 18 143 Pearl street. HEMP, KICK, VM.NE, A.c. OT. PE TERSBURG clean Hemp (Btdfast's J cargo) and Kentucky ht - nipcn yarns in lotto tuit purchaser! 100 tierret prime New Rice . li casks Bordeaux Claret, entitled to debenture 30 titr escenuine winter press'd oil 170 boxes new spermaceti Candles. For :.le by II AYDOCE & J EN KINS, leh 17 Iw Mi Si - uth - stieet Ltlsll LIXENS. k C. NICIIOL?, No. 132 Pearl - ttreet, have I jult received a general assortment ol Irish Li - neiit, w hit n they crier lor tale very low lorcatn, leh 17 lw C10TTON. 24 bales of prime new crop up land Cotton, from Auuta, for sale. . - ifimpUs may be seen at 148 Pearl - street, U Main Feb 17 C1HA.MPAIGN W.E,oia veiy tujieriorquu lity, in boanofone il - rrn each l - r side by ELLIS k KLECKNER, feh 16 Iw No. 20 Fultin - trect. it CM. sW hhdi. MoUuses Kuoi, fir. - t proof, i t, for tale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, 75 Wall - st. jn 12 CJH EllNGA - - li bales Kicnmh sheetings, foi O sale by JAMES G. KING k CO. No. 61 Pine - street. feh 16 tLOL'K 100 bOls Richmond (Mayo mills) Flour, in store, for sale by GR1SWOLD& & COATES, feb 16 86 South - street. C AN DLLS. - 60 lioxes enstern mould candles just received, for sale by leb II JOS OSUORN. 63 South st. I 10l"IOX. - - a4 naltM t'ruue Upland, lor sale s at oo Bouin - irrrct, ny Jan 27 WALSH k GALLAGHER. 1 l'Al lONAKY. - 3ctset English Letter and sj Wntin. ; Paper, for sale low, by HURD & SEW.ALL. 65 South - street. feh 11 wM.AWLS. I trusses col'd and Innsed Clotl O Shawls, haudsomely assorted, received per Ann Maria. CAMBRELEXG & PEARSOX, Jan 29 67 South - street QUERCITRON b.AKK. rpiKTY hhds. and boxes ol very tine quality, V lot tale by G. G. fcS. HOWLANI), Jnn 28 7' Wa'iinston - street. OLD M ADD it A IvlAfc. LARGE - tot k offine old Madeira Wine, ol ! the most approved brands, in pipes, hogs - !ieadt and quarter casks, warranted pure at im mrt(id, and well worthy the attention of t lie trade nd ot private families; wi I be sold at reaiona - nie put es, and in qtiaiiiities to sun purchasers, by TUCKER .V LAURIES, feh 17 9Soutli.slrret OHaK , 3 sarsiv V.e - - - o c.t. t i ongt es - i do iwilleil I do col'd satti is, rntitlfd to debenture : aLo 3 bales .olV. carsiuitrf shawls For i - ale Iy CAM! RELF.NG k PEARSOV, Feb 6 67 outh - st. 1 ROM - 72 tons Li.fjiuh iron, well .ireort. - U, uow laodin; from bi ig Thomas, and will be old reasonably from the wharl, by i tJ. G.k S.IIOVVLAND, Feb 13 7 VVa - hnijtoM st. OMHAaKTTS Ik CO 1 TON. 4 bales J.J Oombazetts 34 bales tS'ea Island Cotton, and 15 do. prime I'planJ do. landintr and fur sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Fine st ieet. L Store 40 bales Sea Island. Apply as bove. jan 24 ' 'WINE Fiist quality Lndn S in Also, I 2 and 3 thread India Twine, in quantities to in: purchasers, ior rale ry CEBRA & CUMING, feh 14 76 Pearl street. WHhATASlt FLOLH AFL'iAT. rnilE cargo of the brig Juno, from Frtle J. ricksburg. g, coosisting of wheat and flour, for tale, and the ve - el will proceed with it tn any Euroiean port r or freight, apply to PAGE k TRIPLETT, A ho on board tloop Leopard. 830 bushels prime Virginia w heat, and 150 bbls. Fredericksburg (Mountain) Flour 80 casks Flaxseed. leb 20 2t IJR1.ME UPLAND COTTON. 45 bates I prime Upland Cotton, landing from ship Prudence nnd schooner Louisa, from Savannah, for sale by tirllSvVOLlJd K'OA I ts, feb 20 68 South - street HEAL CACHrMIRF. SHAWLS. 7"ANDF.RVOORTkFLA.NDIN have just V received a splendid assortment of real Carheruire Shawls, comprising white, scarlet, dove, shades ol green, orange, rich fl werrd, sin ned, and all with large and small paiiut and double borders. Also, a rase of superfine Leghorn Hats, with extra crowns, t or sale at fohWIw No 111 Broad way. rpWO caset changeable Synchews, for talc JL by MARCH LOW, Jan 21 .210 Broa - Jwav. A DRAFT on Savannah, payable in 20 dayt, for $1278. For sale ty JACKSON tl WOOLLEY, . feb 10 75 Wall street ADEIRA WINE. A qua - itity of choice L. P. Madeira Wine - . fnrale br R. k C. W. DAEVA POK V ft CO. Jan 19 ;rrV; - '" Tor LlVERPOOt, - Lf - The tuperior Mew - York boilt, and T Mfast taduig ship NEiTOR. She is copper fattened and coppered to the bends was built expretily for the Liverpool trade, and hat elegant accommodations for passengers For freight or passage apply oo board, at Murray's wharf, Coffee House slip, or to CHARLES HALL, Feb W - No. 1 Beaver - st. - For Hale, Freight ur Charter, A new pilot boat schooner, about 120 tons burthen, built inJhebest manner, ol cooo ai iu rials, anil cr - pper laitenea, a verv fast . . . . . r sailing vessel, ai d may be sent to sea with small expence. Apply on board at Burling slip, or to N. L. k G. GRHVVOLD, feb 19 86 South - street. FOR AMSTERDAM, i The staunch brie M A RG A RET. rap run r unk, has considerable part'. I licr igo eoeaed, and will be dispatcned without delay, r or In itbt or passage, apply to 11. vos. No. 74 Washington street, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb19tf No. 72 Washington mreet. t or H ASHINii i'OJf.Ji. C The - ho.mer LEAaDKU, Captain Nealj lying at .Vtevens' wharf. Will suit on Monday uext.i For freight or passage, apply on board, or at 35 : eck - slip, to . K. k C. W. DAVENPORT 8c CO. feb 19 tor Hale, freight or Charter, Tk. r...i a,;i;.,o. mshr - CF.RTIll'l.r tva Britton, master, just returned from Port au Prim e, nod is now in rcrwluiess to proceed a in immediately. This schooner it one year old, 143 tons burthen, and in die best condition she hat handsome accommodations for paiten jers. For terms apply to Feb 16 GRISWOLDS COATES. UPLAND COTTON. 15 bales prime Up land Cotton, landing and for sale bv SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine street. IV STORE, 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above. j - n 23 - , Ia A3iv ARE, tve - 4 boxes atsorted gluts, UI coiisistin'iof Laree'ized Window Glast Dot auters, Tuinbiert, Inkstands Watch Gliisss, A'c. 2 boxes Fowling Pieces. Just received per Winifred, from Amsterdam on BAND. A quantity of musltt ts, entitled to debenture 0 ceroons nnt iiuviiy inuigo, una 1 bbls White Lead For tale by J C. ZIMMERMAN, feh 7 1m 72 Washingtoo - stree.f. II ULLet HOW.NK nave jut received by the IX l - orenio, Irom London, Dison's Antiiilious Pills Hickman's Pills for the gravel, lie. Chine's W,,nn Destroying Loztngci RoaJli's Fmbrnration Tborr.p'onV Cheltenham Salts Havward'sTolu Lozi - ngci Hen'ry't Ciilcin'd Magnesia, And a geueral sj - - rmeiit of British Patent Medicines of repute, not mentioned above ; war ranted genuine, and for tale at Jan 24 Ira I4' l ean street. FLAXSEED lotasks Flaxseed, landing this day from tchri Ranger, from Norfolk, fur sale by D. HE leh 14 9i Cotlv House Blip 1200 NANKI.NS. l'icres biuo nankins, of very supe rior quality, entitled to debenture, for tale at 77 Washingtou - st. Feb 18 G. G. k S. HOWLANi). 15 qUERClTUVJi BARK. tout first quality bark, for sale by Feh 18 77 Washington - tt TRIPES 20 caset superior American blue ttnpei, for ny the ' COMMl&SlOX COMPANY, F' b 18 D&C 143 Pearl tt. TfOI'S. 14 bales of first quality, the XX growth of 1817, lor sale by ANDERSON it SHEARER, feb 18 2w 131 Water - street ILOUR k TOBACCO SOU bbls superfine X Rirhmoud flour, branded Bent Creek 200 bbls Petersburg flour 50 kegs manufactured tobacco, landing from bri; lUchmoud aud schr. Belviderc, and for talc bv WALSH G.4LI.AGHER, 'Feb 18 CO outh - st. Al USCOV.ADO SUGAR. 18 hhdt. Mutco vado Suear, f r sale bv feh 16 G W. TALBOT. 55 Pine - street. LI LiVj, &c 4 bales German Shirting and chcetiug Linens, for talc on reasonable tenilt, Jan . G. At S. HOWLAND, 77 Wushing'on ttreet. iCJUIt 125 barrels Ki. hinoiid superline Flour, just received and fir sale by BOORMAN k JOHN - TON, feb 12 57 S .nth - street. KJIIMOND FLOUR. 101 bar - els super - J.V fine landing f.nm the loop Atlantic, fur sate by TROKE - , 1) WIDrON &CO. Feb 7 JUtlACCv, Ct - yVU.., tLOL'll A.SD WHEAT. FIFTY - EIGHT hhdt prime Kentucky tobacco 26 bales prime new crop N. Orleans cotton 123 bbls flour, and 75 bmhels wheat Received per brig Thomat, from New - Or leans for sale at no. 87 Coffee - house - slip, by LAIULAW, GIRAL'LT k CO. . W bo have in 6 lore, 1 case French linen cambrics 1 bale superfine blac k cloth 2 cases Madi - ats Pulicate H'lkfs ; and 1 do imitation French cambrics Feb 11 lOt i 1 Li lity fresh London Mustard, in boxes of 6 do sen each. For tale by li, feh 14 29 South - street. 0 - JJ Mould Candles, of diffrrent tiiet, from v inship't factory, Charleston, Mast. for sale by RIPLEV Ic WELD. 192 Front corner ol Fulton - stwet. Jan ?8 Cli.ALa 150 chaldrons coart Liverpool coals, on board ship Nestor, at Murray's wliari lor tals by G.G. ft5. HOWLAND, Feh 5 77 Wahinrton - t. f "10H A CCO, FLOUR, 4c. bO hhds. old JL Richmond Tobacco, princiially of prime quality, adapted to the Irish market 40 do new do., part very prima 20 do old Rapoahannock do 20 kegs Hit hmou J manufactured do., tweet scented and coaimoo 250 bblt Richmond sujierfioe flour 54 bales prime upland otton 126 pieces Holland duck 200 kegt Dutch herringt .20 caskt allum 50 do dry white lead 23 do claret 40 crates earthenware, snorted 24 cakt mustard 3 butts best Loodoe porter & puncheons' rabbit skint 5(K) reamt medium printing - paper 00 da cap, no. lands 30 gross press papers, Kr. hr sale by WALSH ft GALLAGHER, Feb 6 C6 Soulh - tU - tet. COTTON. 4 bale pTimt upland cotton, for sale by - WALSH k GAUaAGHEK, ' feb 18 ' 66 SoutbHrtreet. a TO LET, ; From the 1st May next, the Hom,e no 21 Broadway, now occupied by Mr. John I. Glover, wiUi the SUble in Ueaver - lane. Ap ply to WM. CRUlKljHXNK, feb 19 lw ' ' 40 Greenwicli - st. TX - TO LF.Tor LtASt - slnlil A back building No. 20 James - street coniuinine two rooms 60 feet by 20; one is at present occuoie I br societv, the other at trhool room. Pottetnoa to be given 1st of May next, inquire feh 19 No. 29 Jamet - ttreet tfg 1 Lt.T. juj From the 1st of May next, the houte v., , Mate street r.uquire al lle premises. feb li Iw Ml LET. sjJijj Two Rooms, suitable for otfices, to let from the first of May next, in the house no. 69 Beekman - sti eet, near William - street Enquire al 'ZM t.reenwi'ii - st. feb 19 lw Fot aw . . The house and lot oferomd No. 13 Rose - street : the lot is 25 feet front and rear, and 100 lee' deep :ine house a brick Iront, sides and rear tilled in witb brick, and built in the most sub stantial manner. For lurtlierpartii ulars enquire ol n. o I (.u. - nAvn, i feh 19 3w No 33 - Broadway, ..I - V f . J A, A I '.r tU L t. T, si i ne awenios part ci me Douse no. 151 V aler street, until the flrst of Mav. Enquire of Mr. GS 11 A1UUT, next door feb 20 lw siSiSI Thettore No. 20 Wall - ttreet. Apply at i be store. . leo la u VALUABLE fii - Olhlll k The sub. - ori' cr offers for tale a valuable foil - , 73 miles from Ncw - Yoik, lying 7 miles south of 1 oughkeepsie, on tie ost - road, witlno 1 4 of a mile oi the mill? on the falls of Wappin ger's - Crrek, and in the neighborhood o! several laiidiiigs Irom which sloops sail weekly. It con inins 1 10 acres of level, fertile lan. I. with a youn; orchard of grafted fruit, wood Milfi: ient for fuel, and all in good fence. The house contains seve ral moms, hat a good b.irn, and all in excellent repair. It situation beiog nu an elevated pl.un, reu - lcrs the place not only healthy, but presents Iioiu the uweiuug a ueiigniiui niianu prosi ecv. Alto, another lot of 40 acres, contiguous to the above, and IxiumleJ southerly by the falls of Wappinger'vCreek. J he laud is fertile, in ex rellrnt fri er, and of easy cultivation. What renders this property valuable, is, that it may Im made a place nf celebrity. There is already e - rected on lhfall. a - mv nnll nf great rapacity, a carding - mill, which enjoys the custom ot tm. neighborhood, besides several oilier mites tur factories, unoccupied. The "'hole force of th creek can be diverted with a li'tler xjienr eso as to di - ivo a raoe "f mill "ii a level plot of ground just below the falls, and accesMblc by an ea - y navigation ; where fa '.loner of every description, with every fa'ility of power and transportation can he construc ted. Also, a flour mill, of the first class. Th mill - house Ho - ge, with 4 run of Burr stone!. aud calculated lor 6, with new machinery fo manufacturing wheat, Sic. with an elevator foi mifiiig grain from Vessels info the upper loft oi the mill. Connected with the mill it a large store house for ttoring wheat and flour. With the mill will be sold 53 acret of excellent land, on which it situated five dwelling house - . a laree barn, hav house, camae house, cor., crib., hovels, kc. a cooper's thop calculated lot 90 hands. Two of the houses are new ana well calculated for rented families : They comniaiid a view of the nver, wilh a neautilul intervale landscape formed by the meandering of the creek immediately in Iront There are few place t which associate so many accommodating qualifications for the merchant, mechanic or farmer. If not sold at private tale before Tuesday the 21st April, it will on that day be offered at auc tion. For terms, &c. apply to PETER MESIER, No. 25 Beaver - ttreet. Feb 20 ABRAHAM MFSIFR VALUABLE I'l.OPERIT IN BROAD STREET. ON Monday. February 23, at 12 o'clock, at the Tontine Co flee House, at Auction, two - thirdt' of that valuable propertv. fro. 57. and 69 Broad street, fronting on Broad - street, 3V Ieet 2 1 - 2 inches, in the rear 2'J feet i) inches, in length on the southerly side, sixty - one feet, 11 inches, and on the northerly tide, from the front. easterly to a break of lix inches, J6 Ieet 9 inches, and front from the taid break, nineteen feet seven inches, to the r ar of said lot. Subject t a lease during the life of Mrt. Ana Sirkels, Hged 116. The properly it leased for 105 and the t. - xet. 1'he purchaser ran purchase the lease if w:ti,td, and the other remaining uiira can i e hough! at private tale, tor n more particular description of the DreoertT. tee Daily Adverti er and Columbian, tigned William Seaman, Master in Chancery. feh m at I IVEKPOOL SAL P. EAR 1 HEN WARE. U HI ARDWARE. tiOO tons White Salt, in lots to tuit purchasers, 1 14 crates r.arlnenware 4 casks Hardware. Now landins from the ship Albion, and lor sale uy 1 ....... . . . . ..... . A A,A JUM.1 AB.VI. VTII.I1IV. fli KsV. frh20 lw No 73 Wa - hintton - Mreet M1KMICAI. AMUSEMENT, compiisiog a V ' Krieiof eurioiit and instructive - xieriuientt in chemistry, which are easily performed, aoo unattended hv danirer ; by Frederick Accum. operative rh - mist, kc. tec. price 1 dollar, just receivett aud l'r taie oy leb 20 W. B. GILLEY, 92 Broadway A Law in relation to the imprisonment ot slavet, l - a sM the 10th t ebruary, 1818. BE it ordained by the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of New - York, in coraiu - n council convened, I nai in an cases where slave", at the instance of their masters or others, are committed to Bridewell by the police mAgitrates lor running avvay,or lor other misbehaviour, the. said magistrates shall first demand end receive fifteen dollars from thu person nia - klnz aPD.ication lor suc h coiumiiinein, ana tn the tui'l turn he placed to the - credit of the corpo ration bv the elerk of the police ofF.ce, in order that they may be inderutiitit d for (lie expencet of such slave w'nle in Undewell, at me rateoi iwen ty - five cents per day, And be it lurlher ordained, 1 hat in case any surh slave, to committed, shall be diteharged lie fore the expiratii n of sixty dayt, then the person to paying the said fil'een doitart sna.i receive from the taid clerk turh balance as may exist n. his or her favor, after deducting the lioard of turh slave at the aforesaid rate of twenty five cents prrday. And oe it further ordained, thai the taid magistrates, when committing a tlae for th reasons and in the mwiiier .unresaul, shall also take from the person making application for surh commitment a bond, with security, ll in their . - pillion requisite, whereby such eison shall he bound to pay the turn of twenty five ceott per day for every day tueh tlave shall remain m Bridewell, alter the expiration of the first sixty days : provided, however, lhat the peoalty of the said bond shall not exc - ce ooe hundred dol - ByU.ecommoncoUjn,i.ioRToNcit Febl9 1w 4 l.'lJIJMs Cbemica AniUse.tnenH, urne one l. dollar in boards. Just published and for tale by PETER jA MEilER, leb 19 No. 23 WalUtreet. MA.N'NERr A Novel ie.t pu:i d u - j tor tale by PETER A. MESIER, feh 19 I w No. 28 Wan street. jl TANNERS, a novel, 2 volt, price $Z, tin ifX day published hy W. 15. GILLEY, n Broidway Also for sale, a lew EoglisU co let of la t'mvs iaUresting aorcl, 3 vels. pries jl. Feb Itt PUBLIC SALES. , ' ' . f. U MILLS 4 CO. f t V .... Monday. . ' ... . At half naif 9 o'clock, at llieir auction room: 148 Pearl - street, a reorral assortment of British and Fr - jfM b di ygoods. . " a i eicyt - n o'clock, leases womens white ana black beaver hats ; also, 5 cases superior black Canton Ciapes. . BY J. V HE rUlCH&CO. " AT I RIVA'l E hALE, 5000 acres of land, iu Wood County. (V. within 10 miles i - f Marietta, and & milts from tha . Ohio Riter. i20 do in the town of l'luttsburgb, Clinton County. ew York. 400 db. in Pikw County, Penmylvania, ard an exrlkm imro - ved laruioi 200 acres, on tlie Coibvcton turnpike road. The two last will be txt haiiger' ior pro ' perty in tbe city of New Y - rk,or lor merct'an - dne Apply at 'be aiirtiun room. . American Socttl for the tneottrugemeiit tf Vo - mrtlie Manufaeluru. - , fr;3 The regular quarter - yearly meeting of said society, will he held at Tamuiany - H - ,'', on Wednesday evening next, the 25th instant, at 7 - o'clock. The members are requested to bs punctual in their attendance. D. lit ."sen, jr. P. ILiCHENCK, i Feb 19 61 Secretaries NOTICE. ft7 All nersnns havinz id mauds again! Ihe estate of Puvnl Harrison, deceased, are requested to present the sain', duly authenticated, to WILLIAM BE I iili.Ia. aeiin.histrator, no. a - s St. James - street And also, all persons indebted to the estate ubiresaid are requested to make im mediate payiueut of ti e snoie. D.ited Feb. 18, I81R. WU.LIASI BEIHELL, feb 19 lw Administrator. ' M KELT MANURE. Oy - Pealed proi.nsalo will be nceived at the . Comptroller's OlTiee. i'ity Halt, lilt Monday, 3d 1 March m - xt, at 2 o'i hirk, lor the street manure, in conformity with 'h Law of the corporation, dividing the city into two districts. The proposals will mention each district separately, either for one year, or two years from the 1st of March, totlio 1st ol January. Also, tealed ir, - potalt will be lereivfd at a - hove tnentioued, lor the n, anu re of the city. The treet ti br twept and cleaned by the contract Tt; E.n h district to he divided into three divisions, tobeswi pt and Ihe dirt iem - ved one day in every week, iVom the 1st of M - rch to 1st of January, particular information may be imd at the Comptroller's Office. feb 19tM2 DO KS ITSLIPS" " , Sealed proposals will be received at the Complrolk - - Olfice, City Hull, till Monday the 9th of March, at 2 o'clock, for renting the public Docks and Slip : foroneyrar from he Lit May next, ag - erably to ibeniw rates of wharfage established by the Common Council on the Ibtli inst. the particulars of which may be seen at the Comptroller a Omce. feh 19 Ml IK E. t LL persons indebted to the et.i te of Mr. C l.Et ,OKGK' CLEMEN, dcerased, (late l aker. No. 28 White - street) are nques'id to make immediate payment ; i.nd those bavin)! de m.tndt against laid etate will ) lr.ip topr - snt them, duly authenlirattd.l - i Mr DANIEL EaNS - LEV, at bii porter house, ' (7 Bioaihmy. ' ' maiii, t - xocuinx. - feb 19 2w . tt Corn - an H anted. et Wf ANTED immediately, a corn fun a stf IT Ci ??: coud hand one will an - wcr Apply to y ircjj TUCR.EI(.i: LAtlllEtf, . f' 29 South - street, is a - jan 20 NO I ICE. fty - The co - partnership heretofore existins, bt t ween the subscribers, under the firm of T. Ivfj ", ft A. I Huntington, it this day dissolved hs" miiltt'il ssi.itxnt I 'hi sfsntAfJna il'a.fitit tini tsn'lw. be fettled by Thomas M Huntington, atNo. bC Peail - street. , THOMAS M. HUNTINGTON, , - ALFRED I HUNTINGTON. ANevv - Ynrk, IOthFb. 11118. - Thomas M. IIcwtikotoii w II continue the on hit own ai coun , and hat on hand a aiortment of hardware, cutlery, ftc which he offers for tale on arcommoduting terms. Icbl6dlwr3w Washington's! pikih dy (tJ - . The birth - Pay of Washington Will se celebrated hy the Washington Benevolent Socie ty, on Monday erenn - g, the 23d tnsfnnt. The membert of Ihe tocietv will assemble at hall oust six o'clock in the evening nf that d.iy. in the Inrgeroom at Washington Hall, where tbo following exeirises will' take place. I. Theoffli ers e;ert win ne pubtiriy inttaiiea. 2 An Addrest to the Throne olGrnce.' 3. Washington'! Farewell Address will be read by a member of the Hamilton Society. 4. iviusic ny me nann. 5. A Collection will be taken up for the imme diate relief of indiger.t inemliers. 6. An Oration by James w. uerara, uq. 7. Music by the Band. . ft - 7 - The membrrs of the Hamilton Society are particularly invited to unite in testimonials of respect to the father ol mi country. Tickets (each of whichwiM - admit a genfhmaa and any number of Udi'Kjw'il) be furnished oa application to Isaac Sebring, No. 2 Broadway Edward W. Laieht. 38 Warren - itreet Johri P.Groshon, 121! I )uane street. Daniel E. Tylce. 484 Pearl itreet George H. Clusman, 4411 do John Baker, 148 (.Uierry - ttreet AntflunySteeiihack. 331 Broadway t IaAWis llartman, 423 Pearl - street Anthony Woi - dword.9 Naiau - treet. Members of the Washington Bi nevolent Society and Hamilton Society will be admitted by their badges. ' Members of the Hamilton Society may obtain tickets for their friend! at No. 69 William - street. feb20 3t Ai.l.hUHA.vif O Lf'iit tA 'i fTT' The Stockholders of the Allejrhany Coal Company, are request - d to attend on M meiav, the second day uf March next, at the City Tavern 7 o'clock P. M. to elect Officers and Directors for the ensuing year. By order of the Board, feh 20 tMchCd J G. BOGERT. A Law to regulate Ihe sale of Crabs, passed 16th February, 18IH. . ftV Be itordained by the Mayor, Aldermen andCommonalty ot the city "f New - York, in Common Council convened. That it any p. non or shall If, offer, or expose for sale, in aey of the public markets in tint city, or in any ttnet contiguous thereto, any of that species of bhel) Fish romwonly railed Crabs, Imb. tween Ihe fitleenth day of December and, the first of March in any year, every such" person hall forfeit and pay for eat h ami every offeuce ih. ..m nf ten dollars Provided, that ihit ordi nance shall not go into effect until the 15th day of DecemtxrnexL By the Common Council. ' J. MORTON, Clerk, A Law entitled a Law1 o amend (be Law tore gulate Public Porte ii in Hie city of New - York, passed 16th February, 1818. ffi - Be it ordained by the Mayor. Aldermen andCommonalty of the city of New - York, in ' Common Council convened, That it shall end maybe lawful lor the haed - cartm of the said city to use hand - harrows in the transportation ot goods, wares and merchandise, or oiner eriiciee in ine same mai - nrr as inry imw are w um, mxa used by the public porters ot the taid city And 'nrtiiei, that Ihcy tw ptrmutcu to aeiuan i una receive Ibe same rales or i - ncet mr ipe conveyance of article a are now allowed by law to the said public porters. '.'.,,. By the Common Council. " 1 jan 20 J MORTON, Clerk. CARD Mr. BERAULTretriectlelty reforms the ladies and genllenien, his scholars, that there wil) iiok trio! on Monday next, be nig the aiou ver - ary oi lenerul,WrtbtutOj'M bi tl - iJ i . The - 4 h.4 will be uti,t week) od Wed..'sly and Saturday. . ,. fcbfJ3. 1 ';. 4 - ii H I the 5 i 'I - f

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