The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 20, 1944 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1944
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

IS ' ThurwUy, Jan. 20, 1844 , MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE INCREASE SEEN IN LIQUOR SALES FOR MASON CITY December Total Ahead of Year Ago by $1,408, According to Report An increase of $5,542.90 in liquor sales was reported by the Mason City store of the Iowa Liquor Control Commission for December over the preceding month, according to figures released by the commission Thursday. Mason City's sales during December amounted to $35,726.92 as compared with $30,184.02 in November. Its sales of war stamps and bonds also increased from $1,185.15 in November to $2.710.60 in December. December liquor sales in the Mason City store exceeded the to- $1,408.92. The 1942 figure was $34,318. Sales by other North. Iowa out- ets during November and Decem- 3er were reported as follows: Town Dtc.y Mason City S35.720.9I Alcona 15.303.81 Dccorai] 10.139.75 Oelwein 12.015.77 New Hampton 6,017.25 iVavcrly 7.653.03 Charles City 14.CC5.72 Emmetsburg 12.037.80 West Union .4.G1G.06 Eagle Grove 8,434.61 Hampton 10.676.21 forest City ........ 6,161.74 Iowa Falls 9.859.36 Waiikon 5.517.02 Osaee 5,846.49 Estherville ;... 11.078.M Eldora 7,291.48 lolmond 4.086.00 Garner 4,628.06 Manly 4.600.50 Clarion 6:153.42 Clear Lake 6,454.19 Dows 3,179.74 Lafce Mills 4.087.39 Cresco 8,825.06 Northwood 5,40«.B2 britt 1,102.64 Greene 3,820.17 AcWey 4.183.24 Calmur 3.018,97 Lawler ; 3.029.12 Bancroft 9.561.48 Elma ,2.701.42 Livermore 7.561.34 ClarksvMe 3.163.77 Postville 2,471.50 Nov. $30,184.02 12,345.34 7.455.55 3,358.88 5.129.31 0,534.82 11.955.70 10,681.91 4.136.33 5,740.30 9,098.32 4.837.31 8.373.03 4,648.11 4,873.6! 9,565.44 5,379.93 3.862.11 3.751.62 3,860.93 5,369.86 5.475.23 2.852.97 3,568.30 7.118.34 3,814.28 6.128.23 3.051.58 3,454.95 3.268.11 2.790.35 7.607.57 2,549.54 6.007.1 2.4C4.55 1.821.3C Buy War Savings Bonds and , Stamps from your Globe-Gazette tal oE December sales for '42 by I carrier boy. ' , Serve More FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES VALUES ARE BIG AT YOUR A. Or P. TEXAS MAKSH SEEDLESS SIZE SW GRAPEFRUIT. 10for37c CALIFOKNIA SIZE 232-2M NAVEL Seedless ORANGES, Doz. 21 c ARIZONA SIZE 41 ICEBERG HEAD LETTUCE, 2 Heads 19c SNO -WHITE CAULIFLOWER America's Favorite Coffee EIGHT O'CLOCK 3-lb. B o g . . . 59c Red Circle...2 Ibs. 47c Bokar Coffee, 2 Ibs. Sic Jane Parker Famous 1M% All Surarrd DATED DON UTS A Whole paten in Carton Only . .15c Jane Parker Completely Frosted Devil's Food Cream HUGE LAYER CAKE 3*oz. Slit Enrich f d Flo ur . Pillsbury's. 1?,.° $1.27 Fresh From Nearby Farms Iowa Eggs, doz. 33c Pancake Flour Aunt Jemima i*.! 12c Ann Face Sea Shell Macaroni . . «";. lOc Gerber'jPre-C»lkei Dry Cereal. . I",- l i e StaIey T 5 Laundry Cube Starch. "«V: 7c · BROWN STAMPS · Vegetable Shortening j pis. lb.) dexo i.'n 6 22c '.£: 59c H l b . cln. (3 pL,. ea.) 'j. c /33c (t pi. e»- Redi-Meat . White Home Evap. Milk 3 · GREEN STAMPS · Getter's Stratae*, C«ofjH 1 pL en.) i 01. -] »ru /C Baby Foods Wplch'l Grapelade 3 pis. lb.) BultPor- 3 tlon-Lb. 3 BROWN STAMPS R. S, T, U EXPIRE JAN. 29th PLAN TO USE THEM NOW FOR QUALITY A P MEATS Grade "A" Smoked (5 pis. Ib.) S pis. Ib.) A kilC Whole, a*)- Shank Pot AM 9 Half--Lb. 5ZC lion--Lb. X11 or Loin End Fork (4 pis. Ib.) Round or Swijj l o pis. Ib.) Roost Ib. 25c Steak TM£L~ Ib. 36c Snrar Cured Slab (3 pts. lb.) Arm or Chuck Beef T pli. lb.) Bacon Ib. 29c Roast Ib. 25c · FISH AND SEAFOOD NOT RATIONED · Boneless Cusk Ocean Fresh Dresied Fillets lb. 35c Bullheads. . lb.40c Invest Every Dollar You Can Spare In U. S ^ Bonds and Starop BACK THE ATTACK Try These Cleaning Aids . 2 p.H: 3( WHITE SAIL SOAP GRAINS. WHITE SAIL TOILET SOAP. WHITE SAIL CLEANSER 3 3 cakes 15c 14 OZ. cans 5 Ph. Lb. SPRY LIFEBUOY RINSO Health · soap; Soaks Clothes Whiter Med. I Cake I Pkgs. PGSOARjr; 13d CRISCO IVORYSOAP IVORYSOAP IVORY BAKES. IVORY Snow. Palmolive Mod. Sixe Bath ' Sire ; Cake Bari Was Jammed When Hit EDITOR'S NOTE:--First details of the big German air raid on the TnuTsday*" Adriatic port of Bari, a major supply depot for the allied forces In Italy, were permitted through censorship in the following dispatch 7 weeks after the disaster, which was compared unofficially in Washington to Eearl Harbor. Staff Correspondents Walter Loean and Frank Fisher were in Bari at the time. Logan was knocked out by an explosion and hospitalized. Fisher witnessed the entire raid and reports what he saw in this dispatch. By FRANK FISHER London, (U.R)--German bombers Hew over Bari harbor at 10,000 feet on the night of Dec. 2 and blasted it into a nightmare of. exploding shells, leaping flames, and shattered buildings by a lucky hit on an ammunition ship. · dow: "1 I stood under the clear, starlit please!" sky on the opposite side of the harbor from the target docks and watched the sight in all its terrific magnificence. Only now does censorship permit me to tell about it. The German planes strnck shortly after 7 p. m. The harbor was jammed with ships, loaded with war goods. The planes announced themselves with a string of chandelier flares, which lighted the harbor. Then the bombs came cascading. The harbor's 2 long piers stand out from a shore that runs straight for more than a score of miles so it was almost impossible forl the enemy to miss. The first bombs fell short but one pitched into the town 150 yards from the car in which my party was driving and sent a spout of smoke and dust skyward. We drove through the middle of the town to the other side .of the harbor. Watching across a neck of sea a mile from the docks, we saw yellow flame spread out and then a cloud of smoke pour; upward, its underside tinged with red. Without warning that was blotted out by a terrific explosion. The whole sky seemed to fill with a dull reddish flame. A sailor near me whispered: "My God, they got the ammunition ship." There were a few seconds of silence. Then a wind whipped through the town like a tornado. There was a continuous crunch of breaking glass, punctuated by the heavier sound of doors, window frames, and Venetian blinds being ripped out. Although it was then too late, many persons dropped to the ground for shelter. We could only conjecture the havoc wrought amid the ships and personnel. (U. S. Secretary of War Stimson announced on Dec. 16 that there were roughly 1,000 casualties to service personnel.) Scores were wounded by flying glass. They walked about as if stunned, their faces like maps drawn with lines of blood. The plate glass doors of a hotel behind us blew out and as the wounded and those seeking shelter p o u r e d through the revolving door, the fragments were ground with a screeching sound. One of.the freaks of the blast was the blowing of 3 large window frames across a room without damaging a single.pane of glass. A naval officer, slightly wounded, told me later he stood witlun 200 yards of the ammunition ship when it went up and was not even knocked down. Then miles inland, -the wind blew out windows. The force was felt at some points 20 miles away. But it freakishly jumped some areas closer to Bari. Several score persons ' were killed in the town and virtually every window in Bari proper was shattered. · The ammunition ship set afire several other ships. Some sauk swiftly and some burned all night. The next morning 1 counted 9 ships partly sunk or burning so fiercely they could not be saved. The navy has been criticized for putting so many eggs in one basket, but hundreds of ships supplying the allied armies had passed through Bari in a few months. Bari and Taranto probably were the only ports at that time, capable of handling a large amount of traffic so the ships pushed in time and again. Every opportunity was taken of a strange German reluctance to attack the port. When they did attack, it was a profitable target, but the total score was only 17 vessels destroyed out of "several hundred satetly berthed and unloaded and thousands of tons of war materials delivered to ,the fighting men. Farmers Union Favors U.S.ControlIf Packers Fail to Handle Hogs Des Moines, IIP) -- The Iowa Farmers Union favors government control and operation of packing houses if packers fail to provide an outlet for the large supply oi hogs, E. E. Roelofs, executive secretary of the union's permanent co-operative c o m m i t t e e , said ^hursday. Roelofs asserted that slaughterers were processing less pork than a'year a go. despite an oversupply of hogs ready for market. "If labor strikes, the government takes over," he said. "There is no reason why this should not be done in cases where packing houses do not operate to capacity." Roelofs said the suggestion had been forwarded to a co-operative committee on hogs in Washington The union's Iowa co-operative committee adopted a resolution opposing as "unfair" proposec federal legislation which woulc tax dividends of co-operalives. SIGN OF THE TIMES Memphis, Tenn.; {#)--This sign appeared in the pharmacist's win dow: "Delivery boy wanted-- OPENS CAMPAIGN ON ILLEGAL GAS Black Market Attack -Is Mapped by Walters DCS Moines, (/?)--R. E. Walters, Des Moines district OPA admin- strator, announced Thursday he vas opening a determined campaign against the gasoline black market in the district. At the same time he said that In a meeting here all mayor distribu- .ors in Des Moines had pledged jheir full support and assistance. Similar meetings with distributors will be held at Fort Dodge Jan. 24, Mason City Jan. 25, Waterloo Jan. 26, Cedar Rapids Jan. 27, Ottumwa Jan. 28, and . Creston Jan. 31. Special emphasis will be placed in the campaign, Walters said, fen prevention of the 3 most common violations committed in retail sales. They are acceptance of ration coupons on which the automobile license number and state ot issue have not been writtei acceptance ol expired coupons and acceptance of. coupons not ye' valid. In the Des Moines meeting rep- resentatives. of the distributors | were told that ration bank credit would be refused to distributors 'or all such coupons obtained hrough retailers. Audit of licensed distributor gasoline bank accounts has revealed, Walters said, an accumu- ation of improperly indorsed, expired and not-yet-valid coupons. In the future all such coupons as well as any others of a questionable nature will be charged against the distributor and he in turn will recover from the retailer who submitted them. To assist in the campaign distributors will be furnished a supply of a condensed instruction sheet to be given retailers. . population in Chickasaw county, and Marathon, in Buena Vista county. Ionia, the first town in its couri- y to reach its quota, subscribed ts $7,000 goal in 6 hours and the campaign continued. Marathon became the pace set- lonia Over Top in War Bond Campaign Des Molnec W)-- In the 4th war bond campaign, among those communities which have gone over the top are Ionia, a town of 300 ter in its county by over-subscr ing its $18,500 quota by ml than 13,000 in the early stage*] the drive. Bur War Saving* Bonds Stamp* from your Globe-Gu carrier boy. - SALAD DRESSING DISTRIIUTED bwa State Iruri Creameries, lac i Cakes \ZVz-ox. Pkg. Toilet Soap Coke* SUPER® MARKETS Atherton, Legion Head, Urges Speedy Universal Service New York, (/P)--Warren H. Alh- erton, national commander of the American Legion, said Thursday "Speedier progress in winning the war demands the enactment o£ a universal service act now." Speaking at a reception given in his honor by Brooklyn Legionnaires, he declared: "Preservation of peace in the future will call for keeping that law on the books, so that this nation, ever prepared for war, will not invite attack." -- FINEST FOODS And Brands You Know! rt/PI On the Square 12-14 1st St M. W. Mason City, Iowa Free Parking 613 So. Fed. Mason City, Iowa PANTRY PRIDE PEANUT BUTTER 'JUNKET" RENNET POWDER Lb. Jar' 23" L* 39" FANCY QUALITY KIDNEY BEANS Lb. Bag 15' RED CROSS MACARONI PRODUCTS Long Macaroni --Long Spaghetti '. 7 oz. Elbow Macaroni -- Elbow Spaghetti SALAD BOWL SALAD DRESSING i Pt. PM Jar 19° NORTHERN TOILET TISSUE A TRUE VALUE!!! CORN COUNTRY FRESH BUTTER CARNATION , . Pound (16 Pts.) 45c LARGE SELECT LIMA BEANS FOLBEITS COFFEE Re * ular FRUITS and FRESH VEGETABLES TEXAS SEEDLESS G R A P E F R U I T 96s 80s 5 5 for for 20c 25c OLEOMARGARINE DIRECT FROM FARM!!!! FRESH EGGS ££. 29c Buy 'Em By the Box 96$ or 80s Full Box SWEET, JUICY 220 Size Doz. Oranges 31 GIANT PKGS. C Grape-Nuts Flakes-POST BRAN FLAKES 2'" 25 QUICK or REGULAR MAKER OATS ; POUND PKG. EXTRA FANCY F A U L T L E S S T O M A T O E S HAND-PACKED-- No. 2 Can ·! ^ RED-RIPE.. (13 Pts.) I A DEL MONTE CUT GREEK BEAMS (No Points) No. 2 | «7C Can · / CALIFORNIA, 4 DOZ. SIZE liimtin 1 Af't'llifl* A 1 A*» Jumbo LCUUICe I Qc 'Bag 5^ B-« Calavo AVACADOS, Large Sixe. . 15c i Fresh, Green BROCCOLI, Large Bunch.... CHAMPION BRAND FAULTLESS 25cg SWEET PICKLES Texas "Temple" ORANGES Large 200 Sixe ,Doi. 24 Size PASCAL CELERY, Stalk. 23c I Delicious APPLES, 2 Ibs. EXTRA FANCY F A U L T L E S S S U G A R P E A S SWEET 3-SIEVE No. 2 Can JUNE PEAS (15 Pis.) 15 GOLDEN WHOLE KERNEL M. \JM* Hi-Lex LUX TUB - TESTED GAL JUG BOWLENE Large C*n . . 18c dlmalene 19c D R A N O 20c FAULTLESS CORK No. 2 Cut (13 Pts.) 14 C Broom LITTLE DOT Top Quality--I 3 for 20C ^LIFEBUOY forZOc POWDER Lb. ^C Pkg. *D BORAXO Cans .SriusraslitlMitl , c^ W 1 19c Inwm JWf * or B*r. Buy War Savings Bonds and SUmps from your Globe-Guttle carrier b*y. Iowa no Sliced Bacon. 35c Rib or Loin End Pork Roasts. 25c Lb. HONE FINER IN FRESH AND CURED HEATS, VISIT OUR MARKET TODAY! FRENCHED OR WHOLE Pork Tenderloin . ft. 42c Lb. Sirloin Steak. 35c Young Pig Fresh Lb. Side Pork... 25c Fresh Made Liver Lb. Sausage . . . 29c FIRST GRADE--WHOLE OR HALF Smoked Hams . . . "- 33c GRADE A BONELESS Rump Roasts . . . «. 36c Pure Lb. Ground Beef. 25c Fancy Stewing Lb. Chickens . . . 35c Lean, Meaty Lb. Spare Ribs.. 19c

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