The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 12, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, December 12, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XIL No 62. Gettysburg, Pa, Friday, December 12th, 1913. Price TV* ....·,. 1 C h r i s t m a s N e c k t i e s ECKERTS STORE, "0* the Square- SUFFRAGIST TO MINISTERS MUST 1 VISIT COUNTY PAY FULL FARE MANY INJURED IN ACCIDENTS Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, Head of! Gettysburg Clergymssi who have j Woman Falls down Long Flight of National Suffrage Association,! been Profitioa'ky Kaif Rates will Steps but Picks herself up and will Speak at Convention in Bl§-| have io Pay Full Fare beginning ierviHe Next Week. on January First. Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, of the Xational American president ! Ministers in Gettysburg and vicinity one Suffrage Association, will be the speakers at the ninth annual con- j vention of the Fruit Growers Associa- \ Woman's | have learned that on and after Jan- ·y 1 they must pay full railroad of 1 uary fare. WALTER'S THEATRE LUB1X PATHE WEEKLY ESSAXAY THE ACCIDENTAL BANDIT MAKIXG HAY WITH MODERN MACHINERY A side splitting comedy that you will remember for rears anl a feature educar tional subject. PATHE WEEKLY NO. 51 (Current Events} "DREGS"' ;Lubin A dramatic experience of an angel of the slams. "SURPRISE FOR FOUR" Lnbin In addition to the ministers occupy- Goes about her Work as Usual Children Hurt in Mishaps. Numerous and unusual accidents are reported from East Berlin and Abbottstown, including the pitching headlong, down a steep night of stairs, of a woman 8-3 vears old who at once COUNTY SHOULD RAISE CATTLE LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS tion of Adams County in their hall at | ing the local pulpits the professors at j °t 'JP and wenc about her work, ap- Bendersville next week. ; the Theological Semiaary were all parently none the worse for ' Dr. Shaw Is, perhaps, the most pro- j given clerical rates in past years while j perience. j minent suffragist in this country and | the licensed students had the same' her lectures are always listened to * concession. Practically all the minis- with the keenest interest. She was one j ters in the county took advantage of of the speakers at Ge'ttj-sourg's 1912 ! the half fare privilege. Chautauqua and delighted all whoj When the first; aiotke was given out heard her. Dr. Shaw's recent dedara-1 eliminating all reduced fare privileges Eion against militant methods in the j affected by the new law. coming under Stale tattal of fclricolture sJ l: ' OT «'''' l " ta * sel- " """^ 1,1 ,,,» n.,. n «« ;.. n n . «* *h. p»e« °f Interesting News fro» their Adams County is One ot tne Best \ mmnmmit* in the United States for Browing! Res P ectiw ToWB$ - ««··» Com i and Many Brief Kens. BONNEAUVTLLE Bonneauville--Born to Mr. and Mrs- Harry Gebhart, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. John Bennett, of Hanover, spent the past week with the That Adams County and the counties nearby have better conditions for ng corn than can be found any ivhere else in the United States is the statement of X. B. Critchneld, state, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- suifrage cause has brought her furth- j the jurisdiction of the Public Service A screaming farce which ends in a doable wedding. Show starts 6:30. Admission 5 cents. Coming '.Friday December 19. '·THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS'' PRICES. 35, 50, 75, SiJOO. Seats on Sale at People's Drug Store, Tuesday December 16. THE GARDEN" AUDITORIUM Skating Wednesday and Saturday. Dancing, College Orchertra, Every Thursday. P H O T O P L A Y KALEM SEL1G ZSSAXAT THE-MOXOGRAMMED CIGARETTE Kalem. Jack Drake, gentleman burglar, leaves behind Mm a clue which results In his capture, after a bair-raislng chase, and the reuniting of two lovers. BROXCHO BJELY REFORMS Es-anay Broncho Billv. the outlaw, experiences a change of heart. He refuses to join the gang in robbing the store kept by the schoolma'rm, and appears on the scene in time to make them give UD the stolen money- TTith G- M. AXDERSOX. AROUXD THE BATTLE TF V i: ' Selig A memory of love and war. ComiBguext Tnetlay nijrbt.- December 16th "THE LIXE UP ' Titagraph foot-ball |er publicity* and favorable eomment- ! She will speak at the Friday afternoon session, her subject being "A Reasonable Interpretation of the United States Constitution." In arranging the program for this Commission, members of the clergy hoped "for a ruling that they would be excluded. Ministers now travel for he- ex-' s ecretai ~y of agriculture, who urges j " the raising of cattle for the market. |' Jerry Snm spen| . Mondav evening Kicked by a Mule i Mr. Critchneld says: ! as the'guest of Mr. and Mrs. Crist Kervin, the 15-year-old son of Mr. I '~? b - ls state possesses many features , Gebhart dairy mousfcry as | Hany Lktle and famijy we re visit at the home of Dr. H. Lindaman. a mule while the boy was worklne. and the PTMSTMss maae v.itmn tne last j Mr _ and Mrs _ Davi(} Hoffman, of th8 and Mrs. J. A. Thompson, of near Ease i tha!: P° int T , Berlin, was kicked on his forehead by I bein ^ specially suited to conditions, i at y was working and the Progress made v.ithm the las't ] y f *" ! rlru~r*Lilf*. «** *-VA /·3a«"^l/\T»wv»or»f" "in/i im_ . __ about it. Dr. Lau was hastily summon- decade in the development and ed and although the injuries were approvement of dairy first considered serious, he is now get- j gratifying. This, ting along very nicely. jcacion that the p production of beef long very nicely. cacon tat te prouction o ^ ee "· Yorkj arrived here Monday Tramped on a Nail j cattle, may not be made profitable if i zk Winter months at the Harry Lory, of East Berlin, had the ' P r °P er methods are employed. ^ Horace Heltzel. to spend home of CitlUUCU. ^iXL:£LfitfG£ ·· i;\^» tit^*Ci L\JL * - r -- r -- ii«T*I~ half fare. To get is rate each year J misforEUEe - ro tramp on a rusty spike | _ ihere are ar £_ e · -- * -/* _ » . ^ YX - li*Skl* v\**£-r~fifl *-frtt-s\tttr*-^* *·!* A t*ft,tf± nF Iilr~ 151 .T GHR^\ i^ 2.Q.1H. I* they mast Sle a certificate giving their name, church and territory covered growers i mostly in their travels. This lb the time of the year's convention the trui't thought, it best to depart somewhat} This lb the time of the year when from the custom of former years in "· these application blanks are secured having horticultural topics only dwelt j and filled out by the ministers, but upon In the addresses, and "chis year's I there are now no blanks to be had. lectures will deal with topics of farm At the local ticket offices notice is which passed through the sole of his interest generally, though bearing at the same titae a close relation to fruit growing industry- given all ministers v.ho inquire that the there Is no other alternative buc to scarrv out instructions received to de- 0^ Isnc | E a g ene Graft, of McSherrystown, ^ from which the thn-i SDent severa i days at the home of his shoe and through the right foot be- ber has recently been removed that, i f j fa'cher-in-Iaw, Charles Strausbaugh, twee-i ir.step and toes Dr. Elgin ' cleared up and seeded with the grass ; arld f am ii y . dressed the wound. Mr. Lory suffers suited to conditions, wo-J«l producer Fabian Staub and J. F. Miller trans- very little pain. " {great quantities of nutritious pastur-; acce{i business in Gettysburg Tues- Recovering j age and forage. Such lands, if not re- j day Lexvis Lochman, Abboctstown, who' forested, should be turned to the pro-1 j osep h Staub and sister, Anna, were was badly hurt by the cavirg in of the : auction of livestock, and if cattle or j rec ent visitors In litdestown. ground while working in a ditch at tfae best oreeds v -' ere placed on them, j E j_ Golden and wife were visit- the Paradise Protectory, and who Two addresses on drainage and war- ! mand full fare of all classes, and that er supply will be made by Henry E. j until otherwise ordered ministers will Cox. the drainage expert of Geneseo. j no longer enjoy the half-ra'te privilege- New York- Mr. Cox has had much ex- The question Is now up to the Public perience In planning draining systems,! Service Commission, and has originated J_ plan of his ownj This commission does not exist ofn- f or developing and utilizing springs j dally until January z, so that no rul- ! and streams for farm use. While this i ing from It wilkbe received until some [applies to general farming. It also has time after that-date. In the meantime i special reference to many orchards' all orders for reduced rates now in and to the water snpply for spraying, j force will expire with the end of the story In two reels. Show starts. 6.30 _ ioafac io all. The present wide-spreac interest In jyear 1913- com growing contests makes an ad-' dress on-corn Improvement timely ana interesting. Prof. Gardner, of the Ex- For Your Christmas , Clotfees '.": - nr Station's Department of A'g- .roaomy. will talk on this point, and at a later period will discnss- fertilizer experiments at Ihe station. Prof. Tcfir-- have,. also -of the Tennsylvanla Ex- York County -AlmsaHouse' Comes for Share of Criticism. tained a broken arm and rnanv bruis sus-1 the ^ armer s la the southeastern part j ors j n Gettysburg Saturday, rais-' of che state, say in Adams, York and j CrisT.. Gebhart and wife t transacted Tuesday. es, is doing very well and his early re- j Lancaster counties, who have better. DUS i ne ss in Hanover covery Is looked for. " 1 conditions for raising com tnan can be j jj; ss Mary Gallagher left for Har- Hurt In Auto Accident j found anywhere else In the United j r j s burg and York to spend several George N. Mover, York, wire chief States, would be able 'co get their | mon ths with relatives, of the Bell Telephone Company, and "feeders" without going out of their | }j r and Mrs. John Miller were visit- t well known in and about East Berlin f or , and many thou-I ors in Hanover on Monday. be saved . George Staub, of Baltimore, spent j SO me time at the home of his parents, and AbbottstowR, sustained concussion' sands of dollars could thus of the brain, a broken arm. and,other . to Pennsylvania injuries, which are considered serious' "'The exceeding high price to which j jjv. and Mrs. Jacob Staub. ivhen his automobile, traveling a-; a beef has gone within the last two or! Mrs. George Gebhart is spending high speed struck a place In the road three years suggests the possibility, several weeks In Baltimore attending recently covered \vith loose stones- of profits for the Pennsylvania fam- . Insane persons -are detained' illegally at the York, county -^.Ims house, The -wheels slipped, a tire burse and the^ar turned--sideways and rolled over tv/ice. The accident occurred near ! in i Spry. Remarkable Escape Mrs. Katharine Kinter. of York. grandmother of P, W. Kinnnel and a the Department i periHient Station. In J of- Animal Industry, SELJGMAX, the leading tailor,'will I convention on the Importance of grow- "" [according to the finding.of_th state address ° f P ublc ^ represent*- s5ord you the mcsr satisfaction.'"Our | ing^ fceef fci the East, and v.iU also stock of "Winter' fabrics is exception- \ touch on pork production If time DST- sll\- fine In cheviots s.r.d worsteds of j mits. r:cst Inking patterns and -veaves. made ar Inspection- of The Institution. The Quality ! The purely horticultural topics · be covered by Dr. Stewart, of State j College, who will call attention to The board finds that zh has no authority to maintain any insure oersons uider the COUPI.V care set The board of charities also finds sr In beef production."' THE DIFFERENCE her young son who underwent an operation. Mrs.'J. F- Miller spent- Thursday with Ezra Hann and wife. -'- · "VVhy Eddie -Plank.iasts. when Others j Fall by the Way. sister of JL-ewis Better, of Ease Berlin. I * ~ v f-f K- s - 4 . --; ri f_, i * * ' , *^A"n^le J siaelfg5l on-EaaieTIank appears on the,, .snorting 7 ''page of the , - , ,,_ . . . who ia aged So years, fiad -a narrow . ^ irtsb h Ch?o\i!cle'T e iegra P h wh.-: C h i escape from serious Injury -when she fell down a flight of stairs -into - the cellar a'c her home. Although she suff- lamber LITTLESTOWN Littlesto^wn--Dr. H. E- Gettjer, .Tcho is"~been ^SDJoyang" a~mach_needed vacation, f^'s^eraL weekly. during which time lie--visited Tussisters, ^IfS" 1 Benjamin -Van Dor en, at, -Scaresdale, I «· ^ _,-w^ -*_ 'V. i X. Y.. Mrs.'Ravmond^I · ^ _~ . - ered numerous bruises about the bodv cents an hour, Eddie Plank battling in j York Citj-, antt-relatives- ^ ... j :hat tha York alms house buildings WILL M. SELIGMAN The Cash TaHor an il,lIIIin5IHnHIUIHI!IIUffllinmHIlH«H«»HnHHHniHIll»HllinHIIIHimi.-nillI!lllHIIHI!HHH am£ 1 K O D A K S 1 ILM"S C A R D S P A P E R S 1 E\-er}-thing needed by the Amateur Photographer si - . our entire stock is of the statcard | E a s t m a n M a k e I Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. 'Care[I ful attention to the development of films. H Mail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. 1 H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E ns for control: Prof. ; Orton. of the Department of Botany j !at State College, v.-bo ·will describe the · very Interesting and fascinating ineth- iod of tree growVh and later will tell 1 about new plant; diseases: and S- H. j= I Fulton, manager of the large Sleepy = , Creek Orchards, Sleepy Creek. West Virginia, who will present a paper on peach growing for market- and another oa the future of apple growing. Mr. are eld ar.d are fire traps; that there would be slight chance of 54 old irren 3n the fourth floor ever getting out in case of Sre. lt is said that notices have been given to have these conditions corrected, bur thar no improvements have been made. In case nothing Is done the board may exercise the authority conferred upon it by the act of 1813 and lay Ihe matter before the district 10 bones were broken. She was alone in ths house at the time and mistook the cellar door for a room door and in the darkness made the misstep. She immediately got up and went about her v.ork and did not know she was huit, at ail until she found blood flowing from a slight \voand on her forer- head- - world's series games with a watching is a contrast that should give j nation ! at Staten Island and Phflaaelphia, will » ; return to his home next Tuesday- others besides ball plavers was the glare of Incandescent pau=e. It I )IJ ss Alverta E. Spangler, daughter "lanes j of Mr - and ilrs - Sarhart Spangler, and got Altrock, one-time hero of :he jMr- Emanuel Clayton RohrbaugTi, son embattled field. Plank's vears are!of Mrs. Sarah Rohrbaugh, o. Mt. Joy about those of Altrock. but across the j township, were married at die Christ parsonage, last bunday men cared for! evening, at 7:30 o'clock. The Rev. F. | themselves. Thev started even, per- ' S. Lindaman, D. D., performed toe ! haps there was but a slight margin of [ceremony. They will reside at tn. ' bridegroom's home. of St. span there Is a dirrerence In the man-! COLLECTOR' i difference in their ability and the edge j bridegroom's home. · might he either way. But the Athlet-! Rev. John J- Hill, pastor F. C. Kirkendall, Wilkes-Barre, Will ics" veteran and 'the former Be Appointed. ^ Boston-i Paul's Lutheran church, addressed a 1 Whlte¥ox star chose different paths, j men's mass meeting, at the Y. M- G. !The bright lights dimmed the Cincin-jA.. in Spring Grove, last Sunday a|, Fulton has not onlv had large prac-1 attorneys of the proper tical experience In" both peach" andj 1 ^ 1 acrion - *T nder the new law the apple growing, but has also had many I board has increased powers and may- calls from hoiticultural societies to discuss these points. Fred C. Ivirkendall, editor of the' nat j German's eye. and sapped counties lor wilkes-Barre Times-Leader, has been ! ability from his salary arm. Minneap-; J. H. BTCBER. Drogglst. Graceful Lines Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. These, tbe underlying feainrcs viblch radiate visibly cloths and characterize them smart- J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. = ; The sessions open on Wednesday H j afternoon, the 17th, and continue to = land including the evening of Friday, = ! the 19th. All of the day sessions are free. Wednesday evening's attraction will ] be tbe Lyric Male Quartet, of Phila- j delphla: Thursday evening, the Mor- iphets, In magic, melody and mirth; |]| 1 and Friday evening an Illustrated 1 1 lecture on '-Mexico" by Harry C. Os- considerable trouble for officials fail In their obligations to maintain sanitary and fitting Insri'cutions. In sharp contrast are ten jails and four almshouses whlcli Tiave been reported as having been IniDroved as A result of warnings from the board. SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS Play from Harold Bell Wright's Book thelteraoon. Mrs. John E. Hornberger spent las«: chosen collector of the Xinch Internal _ o ij s released him just after he had re- Revenue district, to succeed H. L. · covered from the humiliation, thai: Saturday and Sunday In Wrightsville visiting the family of her brother, Mr. Hershey. according to a dispatch from I con , e s to the big leaguer -when he · Charles ^Elliot, Jr. Wilkes-Barre, It is said that he will-finds he has been shunted to a minor j Miss tthel Basehoar spem. severa, assume his new duties at Lancaster i c i rcu it. Clarke Griffith picked him up i days during last and this week in Get- · ' - - - - her -ancle and aunt, on Jan. 1. Adams county is a part of i an d made him a comedian of the dla- ! tysburc. visitin before Mr. and Mrs. A. Calvin Basehoar- ftas returned Coming to Gettysburg. ronsa ail our t trander, of Xew York City. FOR NEW CHLTICH The critic on the Milv.-ankee I tineP says of "The Shepherd | Hills. iBell 1 Sen- the for gregation of !New Con-1 be Held Later. ot the dramatization jjseu vvngiit's famous no' i has been made into a play by its the Xirith district- jmond--engaging in horseplay vv . i « i ., ( At a conference held by Congress- 1 the same crowds -nho formerly hailed ' ^ rs - ^ ai T ^ a n Horn man A. Mitchell of Pennsyl-' him with acclaim or with fear. There's ·'« her home in Washington, D. C., af- vania; the fourth assistant pastmaster' a lesson lingering: in the southpaw's ! ter spending four weeks as tne guest eeneial, and Vance McCormick, of stO rj-somewhere." | of her brother. Edward Sparver, and "~ ' | family, of near this place- ! 3Irs, John Menchey and son, Bur' nell, of Hanover, spent Tuesday and Harrisburg, Mr. Kirkendall was chos-| en. He is to retain the office until congress revises the internal revenue laws and re-estabiishes 'the old Twelfth district. The salary of the of- of Harold ] "ce is S4.500. Mr. Kirkendall was 'or- o do . k ~ in t} vel. which ;merlv mayor cf V.'IIkes-Barre. : against tube 1 At a meeting of residents of Asners 1 restful story wi!i rejoice In _ ~ ! ^ _ ^ ^ ^ - - _ fr-ii - TJ - T -» ;and vicinity at Locust I house on Thursday evening j dded to hold a meeting 'Izatlon of a new Lutheran congrega- ition at Aspers on January 4. Dr. G. M. DIffenderf ex, or Carlisle, "Kill be pre- FAIRFIELD Fairficld--Special services vnll be held in the Lutheran church Sunday December 14th, at 7:00 the interest of the fig-it uberculosis. A special ser- The Incumbent. H. L- Ilersney. was J^QJJ -^-531 o e nreached and luerauire of Eisberv vT.j appointed by President. McKinley, and distributed. A cordial invitation is ex] Reynolds. "Those who love a assumed office Jur.e 1, 1S98, sue- ^ tended tw a j;. j ceeding Raymorid E. Shearer- The d5s- · Preaching services in the Christian V."ednesday of this week at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John MiiShimes- for Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. | sent at the time io preach the sermon ! and conduct the canvass for funds for · the" ersction^of a church edifice. Shepherd of the Hills-'' will be j N"'"th district the attraction at Walters Theatre on i Friday evening, December 19.--adver- ] tisement. PRIZE WINNERS BIG reductions In a fine line of la- OWIXG to the new female employ- dies' and girls' coats. oOct. aluminum EDAVILLE Idaville--Rev. J. E. Bender start his protracted meering In the United Brethren Church Sunday even- Wesley Miller. rho has been fll week, is somewhat better at Miss Bertha Group spent Saturday i ia Gettysburg- , - _ ^^ I Alfred Haar and grandson.- Paul 1 Mr. Daly Purchases Fixtures of Kcb- {Haar, of Carlisle, and McClellar. Howe, REBERT BUSINESS SOLD Eighteen Gettysburg Chickens Took '· Sixteen Prizes at Show. ! crt Produce House. The horse, wagon and fixtures of ! of Huromelstown, were guests of A- O. 1 Bream and family recently. Fresh Daily-CHOCOLATE COATED DATES 20c lb. CREAM FILLED DATES 20c lb. G E T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N ! ment law, we ask our customers please j to shop as early In the evening as pos- jsible. Store open only until 8 o'clock, j except Saturday nights, and the three ! evenings Christmas week. G. W. j Weaver and Son.--advertisement 1 i FOR SALE: fresh creamery butter, 33 cents per pound, cash, not deliver- j ed. Gettysburg Ice Storage Co.--advertisement sauce pans 30 cts. Thomas Biglerviile.--advertisement Brothers. 1 WANTED: married man to work by year on farm near Arendtsville. Charles E. Raffensperger, Arendtsville, Pa.--advertisement 1 REDUCTION sale: % off trimmed hats and fancies. Miss Hollebaugh, Baltimore street--advertisement 1 the Harrisburg poultry show, the M. F. Rebert proauce house were 0 XE of those beautiful ostrich and veek the Gettysburg poultry sold this afternoon^ to Clyde F. Daly, Marabou ^3 j^i^s ., lo - e ly Christ- At t this week .... . _ _ _ _ raisers F. G. McCammon and Penrose ( l o r ^ Myers, -.vith eighteen exhibits took scales. This did not include the sixteen prizes. MEX'S house jackets, special values at $6.00. Splendidly tailored, of elegant material. An acceptable gift for a man. G. W. Weaver and Son.-- ALL millinery at half price. Mrs. D. J. Riele, Basement First Xational Bank.--advertisement 1 1 mas present. S6.00, $S.OO to §12.50 at I G. W. Weaver and Son.--advertise[ ment 1 FOR SALE: a double heater stove, good as new. Call at No. 303 Balti- advertisement 1 'more streec.--advertisement LOOK out for the regular Christmas shooting match to be held this year as usual; both still target and clay birds. C. B. Hoffman, advertisement 1 EWSPAPLR

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