The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 20, 1944 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1944
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

·nday, Jan. 2», 1944 CIT¥ 17 2,700 BABIES ET LETTERS Message Received by Infants in Cincinnati J Cincinnati, Ohio, (U.R)--Officials \ the fourth, war loan drive here Ewe advised Cincinnati's esti- fated 12,700 babies of the part ley should play in the bond cam- .aign. | The official announcement sta- ,ng that, "into the mail box of very new little citizen this mes- [age from the treasury department [.; being dropped, Dear Baby: reads: "This is your first official com- fnunication from the treasury department. During all these bus; lays of war work, we have no |)rgotten about you babies. "e know you want to be a patriotic American, that you want to do your part in help- win the war. No, we can't ask fa. to shoulder a gun, but we do at your name on the honor roll those babies who have bought Sitter Debate Over J. S. Participation in UNRRA Is Indicated Washington, (U.R) -- Republican demands for guarantees that the united nations relief and rehabilitation program will not turn into a gigantic WPA in Europe Thursday heralded bitter debate as the nouse began consideration of a resolution authorizing American participation in UNRRA. I Anticipating the floor battle, the rules committee set aside 2 days for debate, but there was little prospect of a vote before Monday. Representative Hamilton Eish, (R., N. Y.) said he would lead the opposition to the resolution, which would also permit the administration to ask apropriations up to ·"You may not be thinking of ·liege just yet, but the bond t now will help you have happy days in the future. "You will receive a special cita- $1,350,000,000. He said he would not only try to scale down the financial limit, but to restrict .spending so that 90 per cent ! would go i'or American farm products, fuel and clothing. Representative Karl E. Alundt, (R., S. Dak.), member of the foreign affairs committee, was prepared to offer an amendment which would provide that UNRRA jive relief in any famine stricken ireas, not only those of occupied Europe. Though his proposal will not refer specifically to India, he lias long been attempting to assure relief for famine-stricken sections Lion from the treasury depart- bnt if you inspire some member your family or some friend to a war bond in your name, ave him use the inclosed cer- jficate when buying your bond, after it is returned to this of- ce, you will be placed on the r-time babies honor roll! Smile bur sweetest so that a big bond |ill be bought for you. "Wishing you many happy days a world of peace, which you help bring to pass." FAIR MOTORCYCLIST--Elaine Riley, film starlet, tries out a German tracked motorcycle, one of the captured vehicles on display at the army ordnance exhibit in New York. of that country. Centenarian Sorry lie Quit Cambridge, Mass., (U.R)--William D. Russell, who retired from business 8 years ago, is hale and hearty at the age of 101. But he wishes he still was on the job as bookkeeper and rent collector for a local real estate agent. He quit in 193(i. not because of age but because the houses in the area were razed «to make way for a federal housing project. USE BUTTER DISTRIBUTED BY Iowa State Brand Creameries, Inc. WILL TEST VET JOB PLACEMENT Demonstration Offices to Open in 7 Cities Chicago, (U.R)--War Manpower Commissioner Paul V. McNutt announced Thursday that demonstration offices would be opened in 7 selected cities Jan. 28 to test out the government's carefully developed techniques of job placement for war veterans. Addressing the American Legion here, McNutt said the 7 job mreaus would be both clearinj louses and testing grounds, and hat by April 1 a veterans' place- nent program would be evtendec o the entire nation that would be 'proved, tested and producinK re- ! suits." i He laid particular emphasis in nis speech on the job needs o.[ "the Dliml, the maimed, the poor in health," and said the WMC had made a particular study of the part they could play in the postwar economy. A counselor for the handicapped will be stationed at each demonstration office to develop the final program that will be used to return wounded veterans to civil life. Stating that the nation owed an obligation to the "thousands of boys who have served faithfully," McNutt spoke of the major needs of returning servicemen: For some, education; for others, mmediate job, or rehabilitation, and uu- dreamed of at the end of other vars," he said. Referring to education and raining, he said the president's proposal now waiting action by congress did not offer a college career for every .veteran but did offer training to those that wan! it. It will cost less per year to p a boy at school or college or training on the job than it did to maintain him on active military duty for the same period," he declared.' "We have not argued ovei the cost of the last. We have not the right to quibble over the cost of the first." URGE LANDS IFOR POLAND Silesia, Pomerania, East Prussia Sought Moscow, (U.R)--Wolna Polska, organ of the union of Polish patriots in Russia, Thursday demanded for post-war Poland the German provinces of Silesia, Pomerania, and East Prussia, as well as the former city of Danzig. ·We have the right to expect the allies to recoguize for Poland her ancient lauds seized by the Germans," Prof. Leon Chwistek said in a Wolna Polska article. An accompanying article written by a soldier serving with the Polish corps in Russia called for the division o£ landed estates, free distribution of land to peasants, and expropriation of industries and mines owned by the Germans in territories reintegrated into Poland after the war. ·· : \Ve must recall that it is completely false that sometime in the historic past we gave up Silesia to the Germans," Chwistek wrote. "Silesia was surrendered to the Silesian princes recognizing Czech suzerainty. "Secondly, we must declare that Pomerania constitutes old Polish land, and that East Prussia was Polish feudal land separated from Poland by treachery. Danzig; was Polish until the partition of Poland. "At the time of the Versailles treaty the problem of German population in Polish territories was one of the most harmful obstacles to a just settlement of the questions with which the western powers were unable to cope. "It must be recognized that the correct solution of this problem has been advanced by the Germans themselves, who openly advocated resettlement of populations." Johnstown Hails End of Flood Control Job Johnslou-n, Pa.? (U.R)--This city has adopted "Flood-Free Johns town" as a slogan for 1944--the 55th anniversary of the 1889 in undation which claimed 2,00i lives. J.- Wilbur \Verry, slogan coin mittec chairman, promises to wip from the nation's memory the hor ror aroused by mention of "th Johnstown flood." The group plan a campaign comparable to thos which impressed the United State Sfctol SPEEDWAY ith the assets of Atlantic City, iami and Los Angeles. Johnstown's fear of floods--the 936 washout was more damaging i property than that of 1889--died ith completion recently of the ederal government's 58,000.000 lannel improvement p r o j e c t long the Conemaugh river. EXECUTE 8 DUTCHMEN London, (U.R)--German military authorities have executed 8 more Dutch patriots in Rotterdam on charges of sabotage, possession oJ arms and "communist activities," the Netherlands Aneta news agency reported Thursday. In Packages and Tea Bag« at Your Grocer' · GOOD FOOD VALUES Green Giant P :: 2 No. 2 Cons 15 Points 29c Grape Jam Pur 2 Lb. Jar 16 Points , Grape-Nuts Large I5c Pkqs. Occident Enriched Flour 25-lb. Sack $1.23 RITZ CRACKERS Pound 3 Tall Cans EVAP. MILK 28c RATH SPICED LUNCHEON MEAT I2 ' oz - 'Ml* 5 Can 73* Points As Pure as'Soap Can Be IVORY SOAP } Medium ^A«i Cakes ZOC Economy Size IVORY SOAP Large Cake lOc Guest Fancy Cut WAX BEANS . . Guest Fancy Small Whole GREEN BEANS . California TOMATO PASTE Owatonna CORN No Points No. · Can No Points No.' Can 10 Points Cream Style 20 17c 17c 9c lOc "BUM'S RUSH" TECHNIQUES Pilot Downs 5 Jap Planes Over Rabaul Guadalcanal, S. I.. (U.R)--Fight- er Pilot 1st Lt. Robert M. Hanson. o£ Newtonville, Mass.. applying :hc "bum's rush" technique he earned as a night club bouncer, shot down 5 Japanese planes dur- ng a "bar room brawl" over Ra- baul, New Britain, Jan. 14. Hanson, Who developed a dislike for parties while working his \vay through Hamlin university, St. Paul, Minn., as a night club bouncer, raised his total o£ enemy planes to 10, a dispatch from 2nd Lt. William K. Holt, of Clarksburg, Va., a marine public relations officer disclosed. As a bouncer.- Hanson, the son of Methodist missionaries in India, handled tough guys, smart alecs and village pests. The training paid dividends when his squadron, the "Flying Corsairs" led by Maj. Robert G. Owens, Jr., of Greenville. S. Car., knocked off 19 of 100 enemy planes which intercepted a fighter-escorted bombing m i s s i o n against RabauVs Simpson harbor. "We were about to finish a good party over Simpson harbor when the Japanese planes appeared ali over the sky," Hanson said. "J whipped from cloud to cloud, jetting in a couple of good bursts Between each one. As the zeros got on my tail, I'd hide again, then come out and let 'em have it." Hanson took on 15 Japanese planes in all, but some of them :ot away. In addition to the 19 planes knocked down by the Corsairs, another 6 Japanese planes probably were destroyed and a dozen others were damaged. HAZEL BRAND--PLAIN--4-lb *m Pancake Flour BUTTER Corn Country or Brookfield. 16 Points Per Pound. . . . : . TS FORT DKAKBOILN CORN FLAKES BKEAKKAST CERlIAt. COCO WHEATS KELLOnd-S RICE KRISPIES BKKAKFASr CEREAL CREAM OF WHEAT Pk ,. SVi-oI. FINEST QUALITY MEA U. S. CHOICE--BEST BLADE CUTS--Point Value - 01k |JM Beef Roast Lb 27 QUALITY MEAT Beef Roasts Ib. 29c Pork Roasts Ib. 29c CHICKENS -- Fresh Dressed ALL SIZES* HORMEL'S "AA" LAMB CHOPS LAMB ROASTS.. LAMB LEGS Ib. Ib. Ib. 33c 33c 37c SMOKED PICNICS Ib. 29c SLAB BACON Ib. 34c DRIED BEEF. . 'A Ib. 20c SWIFT'S STICK CHILI Ib. 30c Hormel's Smoked PORK SAUSAGE, Ib. 39c BULK PORK SAUSAGE Ib, 32c BROOKFIELD LINKS Mb. carton 39c SWIFT'S BLAND LARD .Mb. carton 18c WE HAVE A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF CHEESE- VARIOUS TYPES 100 POTATOES Idaho Russets Ibs. MILK Grade "A" Pasteurized. 2-Quart Bottle 19c . PURE L A R D DECKERS Paint , Valu* 2 Lbs. HONFXESS CUBED-- ratal V«luc BEEF STEW ..... I.KA.V BEEF-- Point V«J»e I SHORT RIBS . . . . 1OIVANA AXI I'RluMIL'M-- -rolnt SLAB BACON ... SPICED HERRING Milwaukee Meat Train Engine Strips Itself of Rods at Gamer ii for. $3.15 NORTH DAKOTA Red Triumphs, Early Ohios, Round Whites lOOt $2.78 OUK nitI:AKFAST COFFEE HILL'S COFFEE .... SO-ICO SIZE--rrtnl Viilnr PRUNES VAX CAMP'S--Polnl Value 15 , BAKED BEANS . . . . EGGS Fresh From the Country. Per Dozen 32c PORK LOINS 25c- NORTHERN PIKE. 29 c 23 c 15c WHOLE OR HALF ^Xf^f' 'i.rv'**-. rOINT VALUE 4 PARSNIPS, Pound . . . . lOc Garner--The head engine of a double header No. fi2. meat train from the v.'est. stripped itself of | side rods and blew out the bniler i head Tuesday ni£ht at Garner. Charlie Jacobs, engineer, was taken to the Park hospital at Mason City, but was released Wednesday after treatment. The 2nd engine pulled the train from Garner and the wrecked locomotive was taken to Mason City Wednesday night. California CARROTS, Bunch. IOC Pascal CELERY, Bunch.. SUNKIST ORANGES Sweet, Juicy, Dozen GRAPEFRUIT Texas Sweet ..... DUZ Large Pkg. FEDERAL PHONE 542 FRUIT MARKET 22ZN FEDERAL MATCHES 6 Bo * Carton SHOP HERE AND SAVE 25 1,906 Cornell Co-eds Outnumber Civilians Ithaca. N. Y., (U.R)--Cornell university apparently has decided that the American woman student isn't such a distraction to the men after all. A fe\v years ago (he university limited tile enrollment of women to about 1,100. but this year's registration is 1.90G. Many of the Cornell fraternities that formerly bragged that they were "anti-coed" now have been leased as dor- mitorie's for navy V-12 students or as living quarters for women. It's a far cry from 24 years ago when a group of students blamcc the poor showing of the Cornel team on the distractions of the coeds. \Vomen students now outrank civilians in number by nearly 300 The university's entire enrollment including those in military service, is 7.270. Buy War Savings Bonds ant Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. FRESH FRUITS-- VEGETABLES TEXAS MARSH SEE.DLESS Grapefruit Lb CORN OR GIX1S5 AR60 STARCH . . . IIL'RKEE'S SAtiCF. WORCESTERSHIRE Biin.VTrm VANILLA I'KANUT BL'TlEi: PEANUT CRUNCH . J£ »c £,,',; I2c Bottle IfcC '^ 32 c U£*,*v ~* FLORIDA .3 27 c S W A N W A T S ^g Lar, S E T T E R ^^ C o k e L I F E B U O Y 3 KA.NCV . PARSNIPS ..... .2 3»t:i;i AMI CELERY CABBAGE 2 ORANGES CALIFORNIA NAVELS LUX SOAP 3 ^NATIONAL F O O D S T O R E S

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