The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 11, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1913
Page 6
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Medical Advertising. TURN HAiR BARK WITH SAGE TEA; If Mixed -with Sulphur It Darkens so Naturally Nobody can Tell The old-time mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur for darkening gra\v «treaked and faded hair is grandmother's treatment, and folks _ are again using it-to keep their hair a good, even c«lor. which is quite sensible, as \v-e are living in an age -shea a youthful appearance is of 'the greatest advantage. , Nowadays, though, we aon - nave the troublesome task of gathering tne sage and the saussy mixing at home. A.1! drug stores sell the resdy-to-use oroduct called -Wyeth's Sage and Sui- ·phiir Hair Remedy" for about 50 cents a bottle. It Is very popular because nobod*.' can discover it has been ap- olied. "Simply moisten your comb oy a soft brush" with it and draw this through voar hair, taking one small strand at a time; by morning the gray hair disappears, but what deiigfcs the ladies with Wyeth's Sage and Sp'pnur is that, besides beautifully darkening the hair after a few applications, it also produces that soft lustre and appearance of abundance which is so attractive; besides, prevents dandruff, itching scalp and failing hair. T^UBLIC SALE of Valuable Real Estate and Personal Property. On SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20.1913 j the undersigned, will sell at public \ sale at the late residence of Mrs. j George Ksunp, deceased, in Franklin Township. Adams County, near Willow Grove, the following persoral * * j 5 . * j » , § j » » j© 1© ie prooertr, to Four "beds and beddings, three bu- r.ess, TWO corner cupboards, three tables, two chests, dining room table. (walnut), ^ coz. caneseated chairs. $ if 9 g good cook stove, ten plate stove, tubs, g two iron kerdes. benches, butchering j 9 tools, nlates, dishes, forks, and kitch- · en utensils, canned fruit, vinegar, ap- j » Dies, potatoes, com. barrels, towels. table "cloths, napkins, quilts, comforts. * Diilows. shovels, axes, saws, wedges, g chains. e.: also lot of chickens, and * two hogs, crocks, lard. cans, pictures. | · rwo coo- -r kettles, glassware, queers- g ware t~ Tiany other articles too nu- 2 mer -nention. A credi'c of four months x. all purchases of S-5 00 or over. At the same time and place the following leal estate w31 be offered, viz:- All T-Ko Tre/M- v? l»nrJ Vr-fran 25 the tt i AIL the Trace of land, known as the George Kmrjp farm, situate in Franklin Townshigl Adams County. PJL near Willow Grove, about two miles from Cashtown, adjoining lands of Sharrah Bros.. Win. .JForsythe. Peter ii.ump. Any Lochbatzm fanaj and' others, con- _ taining abosc 62 acres more or less, g improved -with a twv-story log weath- l £ erboarded house, frame stable and j e out buildings. |g This oropertrr is located in the fa-«S nious Apple Belt, with IT5 bearing- i trees, (from, which was sold 3600.00 {® o lot of * 9 I i » of apples this year): also other fruit- trees. s=ch as cherry, plums, pears £c. in bearing condition. This property is nicely located, in fair state of cultivation, with plenty of good never-failirg springs a'c buildings, and timber Tor lire "wood , It-is convenient to church, school and jnar- ket and will make a most desirable home. Possession car. be given ac any zime- Terms°of saler23 per cent.-'on dav of sale or Durehasers note with atraroved securitv. and" balance April · © lit. 1914. Sale wfll begin at 10 o'clock !» LA\VEEXCE KUilP. Atty-in-fac'c for the heirs of George and Katherine Kump, deceased. Sig- lerrille. Pa. George ilartz. Auctioneer. Big Surprise to 3Vlany in Gettysburg Local people are surprised at the QUICK results received from simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed Is Adler-i-ka, the German remedy which became famous by caring appendicitis. H. C. Landau states that this simple remedy draws oS such a surprising amount of old foul matter from the body that A SINGLE DOSE relieves soar stomach, gas on the stomach and constipation IXSTAXTLY. For sale by The People's Drug Store. GSTTYSBTTEG MARKETS Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse corrected daily by C- Mflton Wolf, Jr.. Puc- ctssor 10 J. Geo. Wolfs Soaa Co. Per Bi Sew Dry Wheat S,s ewEarCorn ·. -- to Rye oc Oats ·**- EETALL PRICES Fer ](«. Badrer Dairy Feed H-3? Coarse ^pnac Braa Hand Packed; Bran Corn and Oats Cboo Shoemaker ?;ock Fooo e» @ ® it fc? 1.40 1.4-= Bed Mid«!liugs .................. l.CC Tinsou.v H%y ................... 1 "-. Rye Chop ......................... 1-70 Baled Stra^ .............. ^ ......... _5 Plaster ................. $7.50 per tor. Cotton e*i Jltssl T^-ii .......... ;· ^»2 · a^ *·· '· " 5IunJre«s ...... 3 »v Per nbl. Flotsr _____ .................... j4. WesteT Flour .............. h.CC Per bv Wheat .......................... Shelled Corp ...................... ··: Ear Corn ................... TO ........ 5-5 Dougherty Hartley The Supreme Business Month of the Year Opens · , Before Us- December Is the Gateway to Christmas ^ * - £ Beginning DECEMBER 9fh Store will be open every ·uj t^ - ·*· evening til! Xmas until 8 P. M. Fresh, new, bright Merchandise in best assortment is ready for your choosing and at values we invite comparison. Handkerchiefs Christmas sale of Handkerchiefs for Men, Women and Children, all new, dainty and fresh, plain and embroidered, boxed or without at prices from 1 c to $ 1.00. Silks Holiday presentation of silks, those bought far presents will be prettliy boxed upon request. Here are the most fashionable weaves and coloring \ve could fiad, either f Dr \vaists or dresses at popular prices 50cto$1.75. 3 9 Neckwear for ladies and men, always an acceptable gift, variety largel i Every-:cne appreciates Gloves. Our display^tncludes the latest slyles for men. women and children. x Umbrellas of the gift kind. Large assortment for misses, ladies and men. Handbags Unusual values in Handbags, leather and mesh at popular prices. « e ra i © e e @ e ® S § 9 S i e 9 £ e e 1 Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pa. Medical advertising Of Local Interest ! = Some People "We Know, and We Will Profit by Hearing About Them. DOXT forget the sale at H. L, Bream's farm in Casotown, March _ . - _ , . ~ T . . Tth. 1914. Clarence Bream; Aro:r. Carbangh. James Andrew.--adverse- Best of Friends. "Are you good frieuds of tae Browns?" "I should tbmb so. We tafre care of their canarj, bulldog and goldfish -while they're away on their vacation." Thi? is a purely local evenc- Ii toak place in Gettysburg:. Xo; in some fara-svay place. You are asked to Investigate ii. ^ A=;ked to believe a citizen's -word: To coi^rm a citizen's statement An\ s.;ticle that is endorsed at home | 1^ fiore %\ orthy of confidence __ } i han one yo'j knoiv nothing: about, . Endorsed by unknown people. j D. F. Arendt. Fourth St.. Gettys- j ni.r£r. Pa . says: ''We have used Doan's j Ksdrey Pills in our family and dor.'t, think there is any other kidney rep-s- edy quite as good. I suffered from kidney trouble for years. I had pains across the s-nall "of my back and in my sides and had 'co get up at night on j account of kidney weakness. Doan's I Kidney Pills rid me of all these trou- j bles." I i For sale by all dealers. Price 50 j 'cents. FoHer-MiIbura Co., Buffalo.; it, sole agents for the United \ The Produce Business forxnerely conducted by M. F.Rebert, deceased, on Carlisle St. will be sold to the highest bidder at public sale Friday, December 12, at 1 o'clock Terms will be made known one day of sale. C* H, Administrator. Remember the take no other. i -7^ name-Doan's--and 5 ^:uitiiiiimuiiuiint!iuHiiiiuii!iiHiiiuauiiiitiL i JA?vniiiiu. t i[ruii,,! -Ji ymuj»!i'i rv^^ro-i^i^i^icc^r-c-^^z-c^^^ _£ A Glad Yuletide in 4 i I Store HOLIDA F T S OWN 2: , S! Annual Yuletlde Sale of giit merchandise, So come, see | and be glad trial you can save much on your Christmas money | by taking advantage of next week ! s shopping economies. % f! '-· I : Underwear and Hosiery We are headquarters for good standard grades at fairest prices. Silk Hosiery for ladies at 50c and $1.00. Silk Hosiery for men " special values, .25 and 50c. Furs and Coats for misses and ladies. Furs in sets or separate pieces, to see them Trill convince you they are the dependable kind, a'c prices -within reach of all. Coats for misses and ladies, special prices for Xm~s presents. Men's Shirts A special for this year are our men's shirts. Boxed one in box. No Fade brand, they are guaranteed to fill their name, Price $ 1.00. i I! Si 8! Ii SILK WAISTS A very pretty and useful gift is one of our new Silk Waists, all shades, open front or back. 82.50 vdue .1.9S. $4.00 value 52.98. VOILE WAISTS. 25 styles to select frorp. in Voile. Lawn and linen waists. Asst. colors and stripes. 9Sc and 1.49. Every waist packed in separate Holly Box. BIG COAT AND FUR VALUES Your wiie or daughter e;- 1= P m $ 11 a i r o I i S si :-: ii ft §1 5 **-«. ~ » I: it s ®. y e l! ', e j 1! Si COLLAR CUFF SETS. Hundreds of Collar and Cuff sets, dalntr collars end lace frills In separate boxes, to select from 25c, 49c. 9Se. A practical gift for your girl friend. HAXDEERCKISFS Galore Christmas handkeix-i-iefs in folders and boxes of 2, 4 6. Something everyuodr aptTeelates. Prices 25c to | SL-50. \ , Separate" Handkerchiefs, ' 5c trp. " " \ HaTs! ~~"Kats!. J KatsT » of ir'ur?. more than sny other gift. Sl-5 A?trakhar. Coats $11.98 S12 Eoucles Zibelines 9.98 §10 Zibelines Plash 7.98 Other coats from S4.98 up Bi? varietv of Children's Coats $1-49 up. Furs at 20 per cent. Rednc- I lion. j EAXDBAGS. | Buy her r. gccd looking I V.'risr or Hand Bag. it vrill ', be a very pleasing gift. 5Gc i to §2.00.* SWEATERS. We have mem for any of the family, ail colors and sizes. Priced very lav:. CHILDREN'S DRESSES. "A big assortHier-TL o£, children's Dresses la Scotch Plaid. Navy Serge. Plaid Gingham, Linene. Shepherd check. 49c and: 9Sc. Scecials in SILK PETTICOATS- 100 :.le^suline and Taffeta Petticoats in all the newest shades. A pioasing and serviceable gift. 82.50 values. S1.9S $3.00 values 2.49 85.50 value 2.9S S5.00 value 3.98 IB1BRELLAS- The ''Perfect Shape" Umbrella packed in individual bo::es, for man. woman, or child a,very acceptable gift. 3!o«Ierateiy priced. KIMOXOS- Long a:iu short Kimonos in either Crepe or g^cd nudity Flannelette, assorted flowered patterns., all sizes. 4Sc to §1.98. , k ' 'Flannelette GOV-TIS 49c . "" INFANT'S ItVEAR. - "' ' ' A" co'm'plete line" of" under~ear, ..dresses, sweaters, saccrzzes and caps for in- I y. : "Warners Corsets. ~ Underwear, _,--^v-?-.-^-j-^v.-^.-c".~-"-~2"' ~-~^'~~Z'y-^ : ~~i'^.--~ ^^.--^_-_-*_-_-_' J^^-~J--*---- ~~-~~----~-~-~---!^-^- _---'·--' -We Give "S. H 5 -GreerrTracfi^ Stamps 1^3 3* A «j3#?*=k ^=at Q ^** s * a.c? Bg-i-f^^f^lliMl ^m,-- _fe_ 5l«? ^aca'iS.iZiJti'^** Ladies Shop" "y. S' b 10 Carlisle street Gettysburg. Pa. Oi Ser- OUR TWENTY-SIXTH Christinas Anniversary Finds us with a better assortment for the gift buyers than we nave ever had the opportunity to offer before. Among the many articles that are al- . ways useful and acceptable are--Table Silver, Solid and Plated Ware; Cut Glasi \ Iceable pieces for daily use: Toilet Sets, Comprising Brushes, Combs, Mirrors, Etc. Chime Clocks in Mahogany Cases. WATCHES of every size?.nd description, open face thin models and the old'reliable hunting-case kind. All the prominent -.veil advertised makes. A Special Line of Ladies' Elgin and Waltham Watches in 20 year guaranteed cases lor only §12.00. A Solid S : lver Handled UMERELLA makes a useful and lasting gift. We are anx : ous to have you see our beautiful selections in Si'ks and less cxj ensive materials. 1EWEI-ER -^?h@,® r SPAPJLRl

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