The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 20, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Friday, February 20, 1818
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'tit - vbiijycKUY. - , , . f ... .(W - - - tataf New -,. 1 N pursuance ofa. a er - rdtal order ofthi boaora. Lie court, will tie soiu at vuuuv v'i - i'onU Coffe House, in the crtjof New - York, under the direction of the whscnber, Mjtl !m ..iiriofttincoiirtloo rnuaT, Ue,27tln - tiint, at It o'clock. Boon All thuse four certain lot of land, situate in tbe ninth ward of tbe city - tit New fork, being part ol the estate of John So - rnerindyck, late ofthe said city, deceased, and ilcf inuiled in certain map ef the said estate, road by William Bridges Now" l1tt by loU No. 8 and 9, and letter I ami H. Tb stud loft, taken together, are bounded westerly " iuTrit by Hudtoii hirer, and contain twenty a - "ores of ground, more or lew, with the appurte - nances. Dated Feb.Sth, 1813. 1 4, . JAMES V. HAMILTON, - - Matter is Cbsncerr. Ngtk 'for particulars, eaouirc at tli Mas ter's Oifice, No. 3 Law Buildings, where a map of Itie premise raay 1 tutu. '",." ". feb D 1aw2wt!ls - ' T , r :. State of New - York, ss. IX pursuance of a decretal order f tbi tonor - Me court, wid he old at public auction, at ibe .Tontine Coffee Home, in the ciy of Jlew - York, .1 .liratinn nfth (ilharfiber. one of i lb master of llm court, on Friday, the 27th in - i slant, at !2e'cloch ettiooa ali Ume three cer - , tainlnts f land, tiruate in the tenth wardolthe - - city of N. fork, Md dwtinuibt on a cevthin man of tbeesuiejate cf Jame Dtlancy, Em "v, made by Evert Buor.ker, by lofa No. fix hundred ' and fifteen, six hundred and sixteen, and six hun - ;J rlredand teveoteen, bounded westerly by Second afreet, and containing each 25 feet in breadth, ' ' ' and one hundred feet in depth, more or leas, with ' th appurtenance. Dated Feb. 5, 1818. ' - , , , JAMES A. HAMILTON, v ' t Matter in Chancery. ": '.'febSlawtwftdts ' 'j MAVOK'd COUKT. . 'fi '.'William L. Malbewsl ' .' ; " j'olm C'oriUnd Sa.?1 V rah his wile. ,... IN Dursuanceofao order of the court of com mem pleas, called tbe Mayor's Court, of the city or New York, made in the above caw, we in tMid to sell at Dubrrc vendue, to tbe biehest bid - 'tderor hidden,' kt the Tontine Ctflee lloue, in theeitfof New - Tork. Ontbe Uthday of Man - h rseatt at It o'clock at noon, all that certain dwel - i ,ung noase, meweuge, tenement nea lot ori.irid, situate, ly in aad bein; in the fourth ward of tbe I', c4y of New - York, known and distiniuiahed in a ' map thereof by lot number eighteen ; whii - h said pre mi esand lot ol land is rtoubded as loiiows . soqti.erljr by .Banker - street, easterly by Rose velt street, northerly - by M number seventeen, ' ,nd. westerly in the rear by land belonging to Sa - ' Th'joiuon, contaiuins in length uo each side (ty feel, and in breadth in fmnt and rear '' twenty five feet each ; with ail and singular the ' lights, ways, water courMts, hereditament and - Tajfjurtf nances thereto botigiiut or in any wise ai'DortRtmng. iMtedbU) reo. ieiv. wJamisox cox ' - - . ' JOSHUA PELL, Jan. Commissioners tTOIIN P. DIETERICI1 fcV The above premise are' the' corner of ui ;r ind Bjitveit - streeti, in tbe possession of t . . . . wir. yr. m'Clelan, auj. JA CHAiNCEHY. - StateofNew - IS parsuaoce of a decretal order of (lii honorable court, will be sold at public auction, at the - . Toatine CfIP House in the city of New - York, 1 - wider the diiectien of the subscriber, a one of ? the masters of this court, on Saturday, the foar - tter.Bth day ofPeuruary next, at tweiie o'clock : at noon, all that certain bouse and lot of grouud, S'tuate on the westerly side of Nassau - ttieet, in i third ward of the city of New - York, and Known a number bl, nourued as loiiows : easterly front - by Nanu - tret, westerly in the " rear by property belonging to Mr. Isaac Mend, " northerly by Mr. Uoiigkiuson's Tuvern, and 'aonlljerlV bycroiierty ofMr. Elizabeth Giron - ' court. conUiiiine in breadth in front and rear twenty fl'p ht, in length ontlie northerly side Me huodrcd and twelv;fwt four inches, and on - Motbs - lT iiicoun hundred andten feet ten 'inches, be Uie same more or h - s together with rau ana sioKiiiar me ucrriiitamenn and appurtc - rinoct tliureunto htlongiog. Dated the 23d day ' ot vduuar, ioiu. . , . - , RICHARD I. WELLS, - . ' Master io Chancery. Not The terms of the sale will be a fol lows i : 10 percent on the day of sale, 15 per cent. on the first day of May aext, at which time a deed will be executed and possesiino given ; the Ksidue to be paid in seven years, with interest half yearly, secured by a bond and mortgage on the premises the house to be intu - ed bv the purrhaserfrom the said first dny of May until the 'porchise money and interest thereon is paid, and the policy to be transferred to the mortgat;re r or luriner particular apply at tne maws of - ficfl. No. 50 Pine - street Jao2Jd3w . . 'I be tale of the nbove property is postponed ntil rhursday,the.l9lhday of r'ebruary, instant, at half past I i o'clock, at the sameplace. Dated Jebiuary, 14, 1818. RICHARD I. WELLS. b 16dU . Master in Chancery, "N Monday next, the 4th instant, at tbe Mer KJ chant's (Intel, in Wall street, will he sold by order of the Sheriff, a large quantity of Wioct ana wrocenei. Alto, the numerous articles of elegant bogie hold furniture contained in the said hotul. consist, ing of looking glasses, tables, chairs, beds, bedding, &c. ' Also, after the sale of furniture, the unexpired term in the lease of the said hotel, being nine tears from the first of Mavnext. will ha sold. ' Conditions may be known, by applying; at the par oi me iercnan - a nuiPi. - jeo its ' FOUND. THE CIIAIN and SEALS of a WATCH. ' The owner, by proving propprty and pay ing tor mis advertisement, can get i rty apply - yig urn oiuce. . ii iu zi BLOOM FIELD U FltAZER'S PA TEST. THE public are invited to call at No. 33 Maiden - lane, and examine an open store j ust constructed by tbe subscribers, after a model imported irom Amsterdam, wiln improvement of their own, and now for the first time made th United Mate. This patent combines all the cawveuieocei and comforts of an open fire place, with all th advantages of a close stove ; afford in r (he cheap beat of the latter and at the tame time the handsome and pleasant appearance of tbe former. For bed chambers they are uopa rail e lied by any invention yet seen iu this coun try. . VLUVMt ItAAJ tl f KAZEK - FcblJtf , . 3 0 V' ;; - '' v 'a.. a, No. ., - f V crrner of Fulton - s;reet. New - York .bar - mg received a bre supply of the real JAPAN iuaub.iu, oi uay u Martin, 97 IIiSh Ilol - 1 born, Lsn loo, offers the noie, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or home consumption. nt terms the most liberal and advantageous to pur - cbsrers. . This inestimabl criripmitioo, wiUi half tbe u - snal labor, produces a most brilliant jet Hark, fully equal to th highest japan varoL - h ; affords psVnlar nourishment to the leather ; it will not toil the finest linen ; is iwrfecfly free f - om any nnpleavnnt smell ; and will retain its virtues in . any climate. . As sa incontrovertible proof of the superior rzceurnce oi mis wacKing, it has stooJ th tst and roonBanJaJ the most exlenrive sale io all quarter? of the lobe, for upward; of half a cen - Urj. Feb 18 u - - ruso roaTKroR'SALcr? - X SEW and fialioaable intrBent, tntds Ff tit! beULondoamaaaiaCtartrt, aad M cottirita ; ortjtr,; Uiil be .told cheap, a the owner witbea to feate the city. kju at 31, Cadar - atreet, vomer - af Broadwty.': V J31 J tuuN fut bAT oa saLk. i The Fann known by the name of Caa - j Ueiioward Farm, haruUoroeiy aituated t 1 - 2 miles from Princeton, bounded in front the main tnmnike rotd from Philadelphia toNew - York, and in the rear by Millstone Creek, it contain 145 acres, 30 acre of which i woodland, 20 acre lying 2 mile from the farm, ami a beautiful lot of 10 acre within about .300 yard ef the right wine; of the home. r Beide ornamental tree, it contain a r. riety of fruit tree, consisting of grafted pear, of the bet quality, 1? dilTerent kind cher - rie. 10 difierent kind, the mot of them grafted and an orchard of the beet apple,, besides a young and thriring orchard of crab apple, fur makinr the cider so celebrated, alto, one bf weet apples for fatting hog. The house is pleasant and commodious wiin an excellent ratden; the out - houses and fence alt in rood condition. . The above is a delight ful summer or winter residence. For further DM - ticulart enquire at "No. 127 Pearl - st, New York, or to the subscriber, on the premwes, who will give an indisputable title for the tame. - - , , z. juuur uiuj. jan S tawtf TO LEASE, For one or more yart, TheT'i arm and Mansion House belongm? to the subscriber, situated an the banks of the Hudson, one mile south of the village of Pouglikeeptie 1 he iann is suitably divided mto meadow, or' chard, and arable land. Tbe fruit are abua dant, and of the beet kinds Th mansion House is commodious and large, eighty feet long, with a piacxa m front 1 he situation hat Ions been au mired, and the lofty locust - tree by which it is decorated, render it the mostdesirahle residence between New - York and Albany The rent will be moderate, as the care and attention of the truant wdl be taken into cooiidoration r or particular apply to the propietor, either personally or by letter. HENRY - A. LIVINGSTON, Pouhkeepsie, January SO, 1818. JanSl Saw4w . ' Trantportatum l PUUburgh, through the state T, tJ ittwYork. HE subscriber,1 who bs been engaged for several year in forwarding merchandize to different part of the United States, offers hi services to the merchant and traders of the western states and territories, as agent to tnnsnnrt nronertv of everv decrintion from the city of New - York to Pittsburgh, in the state of f . I t 1 . T . r 1 t eunsyivaiiia. oooas suippcu i .lew - iors, onboard "tuu westkrii uaa"of sloop for Albany, can be delivered at Pittsburgh, it is believed, in as short a time, as by any other route yet discovered the price of transportation for the whole distance never exceeding six dollars per cwt Proper'care has been taken to select gentlemen of respectability as agents on the several routes communicating with the Allegany river; and where extraordinary .exertions are required, 'a confidential person thoroughly acquainted with the country, will accompany the goods. All communication on tbid subject, post paid, will reccite the earliest attention of the subscriber, who for approved security will give a credit of sis mouth on a large proportion of the account. ! CHARLES SMYTH. Albany, state of New - York; 2d February, 1813. Uefcrence to Messrs Satterlecs & Co. and Messrs. L Hyer,and II. lUnkin, Jiew - Yoi k. . tel 7 3aw Byaulliortlyuf ihtti:tct of Stie - Jeney and Scw - Yvrk. MHHB M1LFORD ft OWEUO ROAD LOT X ILItx, for lacililatins the uitcrccurse be. tween the western parts of the State ol New - York and the City of New - York, through the states oi reuoiyivania an i .ew - jursey. .&unr..vir.. 1 prire of 70,000 DOLLARS - - 1 35,(KJ0 DOLL A KS 2 lO.UK) DOLLARS 2' ' 5,00 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 500 DO.XAR3 140 100 DOLLARS 3iU0 30 DOLLARS 3388 Prises not two Clanks to a Prize 10.0U0 Tickets Part oi the Prixet will be determined as follows First 1000 Blunks, Thirty Dollars each. Kirtt drawn No. 1st day, will be entitled to 3,000 5l do 500 3d do - 10U0 ' 4th . do 500 5lh do 5XK) 6th do 50i) 70s do 10000 8th - do 500 9th do lilOU 10th do 5()0 llth do 35000 12th do 600 13th ilo 1000 14th do 500 15th do 70000 ICth do 500 17th do 1000 18th do '500 19th do 1000 50th do 600 do do do do do . do . do do do do do do do no do do . do do ' do This Lottery will commence drawins at the city of Jersey, on the first Tuesday in Mav nest. ana win ne com pi ten in twenty drawings. The prizes wi'l be paid at the Union Rank, in the ci ty ni ,ew iork, sixty day after the drawing will be finished, subject to a deduction of 15 per CHA3. KINSEY, i i D.S I'll ART, Commiuionert JNO. LINN. TickeU 30 dollar each. Adventurer! and Dealers can be supplied on appncniion to ISAAU U. OUI Jan20eodtf 48 Wall - street A COUNTING ROOM TO LET. PLEASANT Counting; Room on the lower '1. floor of the store No. 23 South - street. Ai - ty ai nn. zvooum - sireei. ieo 14 BUSBY'S PATEST STAVlGABLr. KAVT - BOATd, ABO FLOATING T1DX - MILL. T1HE Naviirable Raft - Hnnl is haned KIik live 1 common horse - boat ; is formed of a casing of squared pine timber, pitched and filled in solid with round logs, un'trii ped of bark ; the whole fixed together withlive - oak pins, andiron bolts st tbe n?k. it is propelled by a water wheel, witn upright buektlt, operating within a gutter fi tatntay, as in mills. - I he cost is one lourth f that '.d'ordinary horse - bouts, including all the L: ' . r T .MrninrTj. i nere is a greai siiriace oi OeCK, shicb my be covered with frame work, to te - :eive pas .gers and fmght ; an9 only half the number ol" horses used ou board boats of eiial duonrions, arenccessary to carry tint rapidly ttirouih tie water. The .avi able Raft - Boat is instantaneously trai)iorm?fl intf a pnnreriuil tide - mill, by cast - ins anchor, and eflixinz a moveable bnpper nouth or flare, to each eod of the raceway, and may oe x;.niMj employed in mat capacity, when not iu use as a conveyance. rVrson rit - sirou of adopting this invetitin. hica i, eculir!y filled to all the American wa - ers, are mvitit. view a model, atthe office of J ;V uKY, Architect and Enginet - r, 2 Law rJailduiSs,N. -,t, Kew - York. r a A NRv.failc Rail - Boat way he built compltte ,o a month. inc'udingaU the machinery The H'lorof the Boston Palladium. AI - Ktny Argus, Philadelphia Freeman Journal and 'C , rwT B'timoreCasette, U.ales - lon Courier, and Rschra od Enquirer, are re rnoolh, and forward their account to the advert. - ,er ' fcblSt J4 7T.XT ElJsTjt RAZOR BTR0i'3L' GEORGE SANDERS, lately from UoJoD, ooca ruor addreatM tha peMic, thanks them for fart favors, and coca more ventures to recommend his strops at one of the moat comtbrt - jinng contrivance that aver blest the coin of i mn. ill Will iBtirutvaay sau - soavwf gaoiie Buns is the use of it, aad whea ence possened of tb secret and a bo.of compouUoo, be Bay iay with tha poet of nature, To thave ta sleep - perrhance to drerun while in the operation and who wouu bear tbe tweaks ana acts or oar - ber base ; who would grunt - and sweat under a bathome beard, or a dull razor use, when be ight hit quietus make with a nmple iaanOer'i strop ?" Come then to hi mauufactory at tbe comer of Reed - ttreet and Broadway, and there you will find the subscriber always ready to receive the commands of bit customers. - - - decS tf 7a Iht CUtsmiDf Mtu - York. ZERAH HAWLEY Physician and Dentist, would inform the inhabitants of New - York, Uitt be has taken nn office at No. "311 rearl - streeL where be will extract, tktnu Me, Jit and rf i teth in me most approvea manner, w win ... ..... . . T fi - II also prevent any irree,alanty ol tne secnaoary teelli, if ajff tication is made to bim in season. tie Hatters liiresell, irnm the experience nenas had in his profession, tliat he sliall be able to give central suusiaction. . . . ... ... . . . r or rharacitr tne punuc are rererrea io nir. Geo. P. bhioman. merchant. No. 63 South - street, and Doctor A. Ives, No. 28i Pearl - sUeeU - ' Whom it may concern. . frt - This certifies, that Dr. Zeiah Huwlev is s regular bred phyueian, and in good standing with bis brethren in this place ; that be has paid particular attention to the art of Ventiitry, has studied the best European woiks on tbe subject, aad has given very good satisfaction in this branch to Ins customer, who are persons ot in nrsi re tiiectabilitv iu this citv. . We therefore, with en . ' j . . i n ii t ure conuaencr, rcvuuijui iiu ur iiawii'j w uic rttiiens of iiew - iorc, nsn oentii. - neas Munson 1 Ji Ives Nathan Smith ! Jonathan Knight. Professors of the Medical Institution of Yale Col College. New - ITaten. Jan 22, 1818; feb 3 ?w NOI1CE. 1 A LI persons indebted to the estate of Rubles XJl Hubbard, esquire, late sheriff of the city and county of Ncw - lork, ot tlurifT, are re quested to make payment to James L. Bell, esquire, present sheriffof the city and county of New - York, on or before the first day of May next or after that period the bills remaining un paid will be put in suit. CATUKK1NE HUUUAH.U, Feb II SawtlMay Administratrit NEW MUSIC. TUST published by, WM. DIIB013. at his I piuno lorte and music store, No. UC Broad' wav. Braham's celebrated Polacca, arranged as a nmuo, ny nieirteii Favorite Venetian Air. arrsnsed as a rondo, bv Latour . raciity ij'oarron, witn vanauoni tor Uie piano lone, by r. hv. oioran. SONGS. O softly sleep my Baby Boy The Last Token, or remember me. Alto, all Mr. Philipps' Songs to be had a a bove. feb 17 sni" Kor sale, the valuable lot on tjie north - wot corner of Hudson and Laight - streets, 75 by Kit) feet, bein'nne of the most desirable situa tions in Hudtun - struet, lookins directly cn tl square, and having a southern exposure. ; A FARMof74 ac ret on the North or Hudson - River, in the town of Greenshurzh. Westchester county, abont 9) miles from this city, now in the occupations iir. Vjeorge Yiiner, ana near tne seat of Wm. Edgar, Esq. On the premises are a large dWRlliug house, containing 7 rooms, besides servants' bed rooms, large cellar and cellar kitchen, milk room, iic. an old orchard, and one of roung apple trees, of the best grafted fruit, a urge hnm, carriage house, fowl do. smoke do. corn cribs, sheds, tec. The bouse conmands one of the fineit views on the river, and it a very desirable situation. There are two landings at short distances, from which boats ply regularly to this city., If not sold by the 1st of April, will then he rented for the ensuiDS year T he prke and termi for the above property will be made worth Uie consideration of those inclined to pur chase Apply to E. IRVING, feb 13 Xaw4w 123 Pearl - street, UO LET, The large new four ttory brick house, situated on the corner of Broadway and I by street, 50 feet on Broadway, well calculated and built expressly for a boarding house, finished in the modern style, containing a larfedinins room 50 ft. by 27 ; 2 large drawing roonji, 30 double and single nea rooms, nunerous pantne - s, two kitchens, 2 vaults, ice house ami stone cistern, with every convenience necessary for a public house. Its central and pleasant situation renders tin bouse worthy tne attention or Uiose who are desirous of establishing a respectable boarding bouse, for terms, aiiiriy ti D. L. HAIGHT, 4 Dey street. fob 17 tf kenis TIia fn e - proof store. No. 5, in Gouver neur's - luue, the third from South - street. Tbe tot ou which it stands is under an advantageous lease, 1 1 years or which are unexpired. It is thren stories, with fire - places ; being in front on Oouverneur's lane 40 feet am! in depth 25. An improved machine for pressing of goods for ex portatiou has been erected on the premise, and heretofore profitably employed in pressing cotton, furs, skiut, hay, Lc. From the fitness of the building, and the convenience which it affords for working the machine, nnd its nearniss to tlie river, it way be au object to purchase Uiem to gether. Al,S0, The lease (two years of which are uu exiired) of the three story l,oua No. 93 Front street, third from Oouverneur's laue. , Besides a largo store and cellar iu front, il aitords every r . - i . conveoieawe tor a large lamny. , iZ&L Also, FOR HALKar TO LET, 1iUiJ ' The house No. 28 H'all - itiet, opposite ttie viercbaots' and next to the I'hcciiix Rank! It has been recently built of the best materials, and besides three rooms which have occasionally been occupied as insurance, broker's and attorney's ofhVes, affords every accommodation for a private family. , Knot disposed of before the 10th February, tbe above will be ofiVred for salo at auction, of which notice wdl be given by Bleecker k Bibby. For particulars apply to R. THURMAN, Jan 31 tf No. 26 Wall - st. : JO LETt ; From the first of .May next, a front count ing room on the second floor, together with the upper ions, r.oquire iNo. Ib7 rea.l strtct - ian 84 If fO'A. STORAGE. iijjjl Stomge may he had on the first floor of the Hore No. 49 Sou'h - itreet, which will save th exiense of houtmg. ' dec 26 UOO.vls st BOARD A lady wih tain unfurnished Rooms and Be hes to ob - board, in a pleasant situation, in a grnhl private laiuily, or in one where there are nul lew bnarders. A note aililretsed to B. E. at this office will meet attention. . . . , - . feb 13 1w liOARO. LADY wishet to obtain board in a retpec - ' la',1' t rivate family. A line a(ldre;ed to A r. Sr and h it t tint 4hce, meniiir.uig terms and situation, Willi meet with attention, fih lS4t . TO PRIMERS. TWO Prrstraen, two Com posit on and lliree Boys, Irom 13 to 14 years tf tte, am waut - ed by D. FANallAW, t No. 10 Cliff and 241 Peuri - ?trects. . 'feb 18 3t OU SAili A eai.eof ttrr superior. Pls toll, hair triggers,' wade, by Beckwlth, Lundon. - - A Riffle qun witn ewora oayonw. Also, two doses' mahogany Chair frames, newbt London pattern, to be fees' at s ,; .. - JAWBUlIJJIt, .... feb 12 ' " i ' 127 Broadway. f - .IOI'TOis YARN. ihe CUMMlbtlUCT I J COM PAN Y - 148 Pearl - st rert. have now for saie, moat No, of Cotton Yarn, from No. 4 1 30. w . . jan 8 ROB ROY. KIRC h MERCE1N have just received and put to press, Rob Roy. a novel, by the au thor of Waserly, Gay Manncricg, laks of my Landlord, tic ice. lepw WHEATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. THE long and succeMful use of this ointment ' it a sufficient recommendation, as it has been found to be a pleasant, safe and certain remedy for that disagreeable disease in all its sta - 5es. It is for sale in the city of New - York, bv . A.& W. R. Post,No.4UVi'liam - street; I. ii T. Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane; 11., 11. Schitf&lin & Co. No. 1ST3 Pearl - street; lnw - rence Kre. No. 195 Pearl - street; Hall liowne, 14G Pearl - street ; H. ii U. murray, 3io fearl - stn - et : J. ftl. lirutiiiarst, 314 rean - streei ; JohnPenford, No. 4 l'tet lier - strett ; Durye K I'oe, in Pearl - street; Jntm C. Mornson, iim Gieeuwkh treeti Jot.o P. Fisher, 100 Broadway ; Walter Si Seaman, corner of Chamber - st. and Broadway, nnd also in Chatham - street ; and in snort it may be procured at most of the Drug More in this ri'y Also in rnunueipuia, oi o. Withered & Son ; George Hanell , North & Ro en, and almost al the drnggiit id me principal town in the United S - tatet. . - . MKKWI3K, ' WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be bad at tlie above places. jaa Zi Cm TANNERY FOR SALE. rf O be sold at public auction, on Wednesday, X the lllth dny of February next, in the area of the Exchange Coffee llouie, in the town of l.oMon, at it o'cl' - vlt at noon, - All the real ettau bclonzins to the Hampsbice Leather 'Manufactory, situate in the town of ortlumpton, in Hie slate oi ivjasiacuuseiis. The estate will be sold iti four lots, vis : Lot No. 1, containing about 31 acaes of land, near the centre of the town of Northampton, on which it erected alt those extensive and valua ble buildings, lately occupied by the corporation for tannine of leather, with aliout 300 vats, tome of which are very large rnd part of them under cover, in winch leather may be candied during Uie winter ; it is prefumed there it not in the state so extensive and valuable as establishment for carrying on the tanning busiaesr as this. A particular description of (he buddiues and pri - viledges would take up too much room for an advertisement. Lot No, t contains about 3 acres, situate on the north tide ol the connty road, directly opposite to lot No. 1, on which are two dwelling nou - tet, with convenient out buildings, i on high ground, and considered a very dtligh'Jul situation. Lot No. 3, containing about four acres of land, situate on the easterly side of Mill River, about two mile from the meeting house in Northampton, with a valuable mill privilege and buildings thereon. Lot No. 4 contains about one acre of land, on which is erected a bark mill and hark sheds, si tuate near Edward's tav rn, about 6 mile trom Hottnamptou, on Lie Albany load. . Any person having an inclination to purchase all or any part of the foregoing property, are invited to examine it The corporation pledge themselves to sell to me Highest bidder, being determined close their concerns. Any informa tion respecting the estates may he obtained on application to JOSIAH D WIGHT, Esquire; at itorinainpton, or - EBENE2ER FRANCIS, jan 14 . - India - street, Boston, M.iliHLt. tUU BLILU1SU, - , T(i K proprietors of the southern marble qua - ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receivin;, at Uie King'i - Brtage .varble and Lime - lard, loot ol lieach - street, ontbe Hudson river. an extensive stock of marble for building, of tho. following de script ions, viz : Aslilar Coping Foundation Stone Cbimuey - l'ieces - Facings Columns Watertable Steps Platforms Sills, Liutels Arches Also Lime of the best quality. fT A constant supply of tlie above materials may be calculated upon ; and those desirous purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to fcZK - A LUULOW, Feb 111m At the Yard. NEW BOOKa RECENTLY published and for tale by KIRK tl MERCEJN, 22 W all - street, a narrative ol the President's Tour, n. fcde during the summer ol 11117, through Hit - n ru - easuern and southwestern departments ol tbe union, i;c 4c. ; Lord Amherst's Embassy to China , the Memoirs ol Claudius Buchanan ; Mundeville, a novel, by wm. boo win ; letters irom the Cape ol liootl Hope, being a reply to lr. Warden's Letters Kniaht of St John, by Miss Porter : Binslry' Useful Knowledge ; Coxe on Fruit Trees, w ith zou engravings ; runty ol Heart, or woman as she should be, a novel, by an old wife of twenty years. ten i A YOUNG man, a native of France, ui.lies . for a situation as assistant in an academy in the city, or private tutor in a respectable family in the vicinity. He teaches the French, Latin and Greek laneunces the mathematics and rau sic, and speaks English. The most satisfactory r "... I...... t reiureacesiM locnararier ani aoiuues cau De gi ven. Application to be made to MR - CANCEL, feh5eod2w No. 5i Provost - street APARTMENTS WANTED. A SINGLE gentleman wishes to rent, in or Zjs. near Kro'idway, any where between Chamber - st. and the Battery, in a genteel private fa mi ly, a Bed Room and Parlour, without board fiirnislied rooms would be preferred. Tbe quiet ana neatness oi me house, as well as ine respec lability of the occupants, are particularly requi red. A line directed to J. C. left at this office, mentioning terms and situation, will be duly at tended to. jan so I in" I3URITY OF HEART, or a Woman a she should be ; au interesting tale, by an old wife of twenty years, price 87 1 - 2 cents, just published and lor rale by COLLINS k HANNAY, Feb 13 230 Pearl - st. NEEDLES BY RETAIL. HP HE subscriber, in addition to bis former ex X tensive variety, has just opened an assort ment of Needles, of a superior oualitv. which he has just received from an eminent Needle .Manufacturer in England, on term which enables him to warrant thtm to his customers, cons iki ine of t - uperune gold eyed needles Imperial queens' Sharps, j Imperial silver eyed betweens ! assorted from linpenal silver eyed blunts f No. 1 to 12. Imperial darners and ! Mackintie's saddier's blunts. J No pains will he spared by ihe subscriber to Keep at an timet as complete an assortment ol tne hoove articles at any muie city, und bi - cut i, iners may c assured iliac none but best nee, diet will be kept by him. Also, an assortment of rich clasps lor ridicules. N. SMITH TRENTISS. Successor to Mr. N. Smith. At his wholesale and ret.iil perfume mnufac - ,ory tign of the Golden Rost, No. 149 H'a4 way feh2 II" BROWN, stasis seal engraver and jewel JL . ier, No. 166 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, Sic. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine ffold seals. chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coat of arm. motto, and fancy device. Uiaraonds, amethysts, crystals. Sic. bought ia the rotih or cut to any form. boo: of heraldry kept with opwarls of 00,000 names. , jM 7 3m i . . - r post ciList:, Unx," Jf ' B r. jr.KA wl t. TOR - PHILADELPHIA ." Th post mi AI8K. with cverr convenience for Paasenetr and their baggage (hroo - h in one day) will leave ti Post Chaise OOice, Ho Broadway, opposite Ihe City Hotel every day (Sundays excepted) at 7 o'clock in the morninz. by way ft AewarK, ana nrnve ujc auiuc u.j - . ladelpbia. , ., Tii m all. PILOT, a oroositmn to the Mod Coach, with tmperior accammodationt for Passengers and thefr baggage, will leave the siime place every oay isnnaay exctpicuy i' nVlnrk P.M. will nroceed before theMail.and not subject to the inconvenience of stopping at the numerousosi umce s on ine man, uui j accommodation provided for the traveller, and arrive some hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. Farm 1 dallart. tr AU goods and baggage at the riique ofj Uie owner. JOHN N.CUMMlNli, iewnric. JOHN GULICK it SONS, Princeton. ' ETOCKTON Ai HOWELL. Philadelphia A". B. Exvrtitr tmt io any part of ihe Ihtiltd Unlet, bU I.. UARtllJtu. jn u &. . . ' . ....n . . " vv I QO f POST COACH LIXt to PHILADELPHIA - BT WAT OF FOWI.SS - HOOK IMPORTABT TO VA88KN0ERB. No cwaeclion with the post chaise Hn. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ANUOiru - EITIOIM KtVIVtU. ANEW Line of Post Coache with every convenience for passenger nnd baggage, on Springs Tf I ROUG 1 1 IN O.IK UAH. 1 n i , . . . . - M ..... r. ... . ft. V, rt I ne 1 osi toacn win siorsiruiii uin u ui - fice, old No. I Court land - street, N. York, every morning, sundnys excepted, ai i - zpnsioo cioc, by way of Newark, New - Brunswick, Prmct - ton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the same evening.' 27i itum tiout Line INDUSTRY, will start Iroui New - Yoik every morning (Nui - vi excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the bleim tsoat Atalnnta. Irom the north side of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia oest day to dine United States Mail Coach, with a guard, with everv convenience for patoenger and bagga on iprings. The U. S. mail .coach w ill start from tne coacn omce, old . - u. i iouruanai - sueei, .icw York, every day at xoxiock, r. ai. anu arrive at Philadelphia next mcrcing at 6 o'clock. Only b nasseneers aumitlea. for seals in tut above naroea i.iocs, appiy io THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old tslanhslied Coach, Stage and Steam Boat oflicc, at the old ?io. 1 COurlMnoi - ttiecl, Hie seconu ooice irom Broadway, New - York ; to IfcAAt; liKUwcn, No. I Washington - strett ; pr to A. T. GOOD RICH ii CO. No 124 Broadway, corner ofCe - ilar - itreeL New - York. (Ky - AII good and baggage at the risk oi the owner. justrnuiuN, su.ia k v - i' - N. D ExprMse sent to any part oi the con tinent.hy , THOMAS WHITFIELD. jaa U. S. MAIL COACH FOR P1UL.ADEH I1IA, WITH A GUARD. (3r The public are assured that this line is equal to any in tbe U. S. for the convenience and r. uiiorl ollne traveller, w ith the addition ol tht guard; the passenger may rest secure at to hit laggage and ptrtonvl salely the coach ne ver bung It It whilst chancing atthe pott ooces, without a person on the box. The way u.ail is put in separate hoes and chanced in the Euro pean style. jhe u s. man ioarn win ttart irom tne roach office, old No. 1 Courtland - sLeet, New - York every day at 2 o'clock r. M. and arnve at Philadelphia next morning at 8 o'clock ; only 6 passengers admitted iu this coach. I or seats apply to ilius. WHl l r IKI.U, at the old Coach and Stage Oilier, oltl No 1, second uukje from Broadway in Courtlandt - strcct, or to A. T. GOODRICH ii Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - York. N. Ii. All goods and baggage at the risk of the owners. J. LYON & SON'S, Powles nook. WILLIAM GULICK el CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Expresses tent to any part of the Continent by jan 20 THOS. WHITFIELD. iAN TED. A white girl about 16 years f y of age, to attend on a lady and one child. One who can bring: recommendation satisfactory as to her disposition, neatness, iic may hear of a rood and permanent place, bv applying immcuulely at No. 54 Creenwich - st jan d TtORSALE, lor a term of years, ealthy, M. active and very capable negro wench will be disposed of cheap, as it is her own de sire Enquire at No. 23 North Moore - street. , Feb 2 tf MUSIC. ALL tbe Songs, Duetts, as sung by Mr. Philipps at the New - York Theatre, for sale at wm. dubuis' rianorone and matte store. No. IWBtoadway. Behold in his soil expressive face Tho' love is warm awhile 'Tis but fancy's sketch It there a heart that never lov'd In vain mav that bosom lost quite deplore v My early day what joys was tldne Love's young dream This blooming rose at early dan a Robin Adair Beautiful Maid Let ame sound the trumpet Had I a heart Evtleen's Bower Dear maid I love thee Ah sure a pain was never sera Said a smile to a tear Sigh not for love My heart with love is beatinr Ihe celebrated serenade of' Lillacome down Bird Duett Home" l iorars wreaiu. - With a large assortment of new music. dec 24 ALPINE ?OAP. ft7 The subscribers tTerthe gtnlMmeufli'tliis city their Alpine SoT, which only needs a trial to prove its excellent Qualities, in renderiru: the operation of ihsring easy , it is possessed with many good anil useful qualities ; it softens the beard, prevents chopping, and gives that com tort and pleasing satisfaction in shaving as not t - j fail to rrcoBi.ueod it to general ose ami to merit the approbation of a generous public. Th? t'lbscribtri do not wih to enter into a long of this valuable soap, but (h'y stibmit it to judges .f genuine soaps. Just tvctiVed. nn sssnrijint nf the celebrated Parent Penetrating Iicir L'tuwlits, inry trlicles n. svrrn da vies a co. 138 Rroadw.y, nfarly r.HKite City Hotel. Who always keep as general un! ai good an at onmmtof articltsui tLeir line ta ai.y store in uiis ciry. N B. Please to t - lnrnc that rJl the artirki made by N. femilh Davie It Co. will have their naice oa la copperplate or type. ftb sum - - . . . I f sttkcereJag pabHr keotv how tn rfii.'u - - h It tween thlutrstbat ri rrr D OCTOP, IIORC, 'fcp - uji. II ,01' the city of UmUm. tj H ibex of tne fhcnlty of t,y v number 1 i ...... . i j w surswy, uncm it aisda. the abuse of MERCURY a rash, indiscrioiiaate, and unouali. fied use thereof, ha been priw live of infinite muchief. rTtJT and ure annually mercurialised out of exist ence. The disease we have in view owe h 5 i i i.. ,v : a .a - . .. .... fa tal icsuus (.uieny so oil source. " What a Diiv that a young maa, the hope of his country si' the darling of his parents, should be snitched iu way from all tbe prospect and enjoyment, of lit by ieconwoieiiceeoforie unguarded tnomen. and by a disease not la its own nature faULTd which only prove to from neglect or iopJorl. treatment.'" A rentlemar. flate re. ii.?Pf Uent) now perfectly hearry and well, had bkfl under physicians of geneial practice, six year? end repeatedly sauvahdt when recomineededu Dr. H. (by s geaUemaii of this city) bis bool. were carious, andhis flesh dropping from tW his friends declared he could not pcwtiblvn? ' t wo month! longer. Thousands exrerimcD'aii! know with what ease and taiety Dr. H. ttZii. elites tlie severest cases, and confirms the'crJVr tulion. The Doctor's plan (advertising;) iT cenary to guard the public iiMainst tha mercury, and other fatul delusions, held forth. Persons, therefore, having contracted ata disorder, or suspecting Intent puison r admonished net to tamper w ith their cdottitn tion, or conceal the - cusorriur, till )it recet ry ; otbershaviug the remains of an old cai or ether impurities of Uie blood, s well as oiv ' er compJainU of a ddicate nature, ia eithTl tex. should remember posterity, and . J?" to their consciences, by makug ap,ii., to Dr.. II. at hi. old and reit&L - .U.".?" lislvmeut, No. C4 Water - street, dm howTZZt ofO!d - Up,to obtain that jprompt asthtanc a lone cau - uiaioa w prevent disclosure. And ber. let me claim your erious attention - RWBul a superficial cure is no cure at all; nnles thb. liness i radically done, you will certainly havi the disorder breuk out again with redoubled m lignity, at ome future rmriod j perhaps then will be loo late for remedy. Don't you often meet i the streets miserable, mutilated beincs. rSiK even a bit of note on their face . Ta?warnin, 1 beseech you. .. - Dr. H't. character for skill and stubborn, fatt, gri'y being universally known ia Unscitvi sine lUO - 1, gnarantie to putieuU that dtlic&cy and as. crery hitherto unknown, and Laving conned his prartice foryears past, exclusively to thecureof ilis - eusc of tie blood y stui, tliey may safely cl I'uhitu on tlie most decided advantages ia to, suiting Dr. II. . t.lccts eradicrftd in twe or three eki Strirtnres removed withou' bougies nr any other instruincol ; and all debilities h'kewur sit qld ulcerations fistula's tit. , A plurality of offices are prortded, jjnd sositev ated that patients are not exposed toeach other's obsrrvatic - o. Open till half past 9 iu the evenior AU persons concerned are invited to be fret ia calhug, and speaking with Dr.jFJ. which is rrs of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the expression of gratitude for innumerable recommendations, and for tlie decided preference (it is presumed with just cause) long givtuhim by a Midicious pulilic. . a N. B. All letters mnit be pott paid. - ' Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 1st ' . , .. SK1TUKR HUACKtiRt JiOR LMtVth tios. : Bill. EVANS iperfor method Qfcuring a ctt - tain Difetse, iinwunivrr - saliy acliiionltdted in this city ; ins uiode el trentmetit i per'eclly mild, tafe, ex - iTiuuuui. anu ms cnarg reasonable. In every instance he warrants a cars, and will return Uie pay tin doe not perform agreeable to contract. L. jjftl. - , - liiestnnesi secrecy always observed. 1 bere are many persons in this city and its vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, such a cancer old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kingl evil, tistulas. diseases of the sjsethra, bladder and kidnies, old complicated complaints of a certain nature, bilious and other obstruct thin, rheumatism, c. wmcn lty consider inca - hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of the first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, and made those obstinate disease! hit constant study for 30 vears. Oct 12 frt - VVHEATON It DAVIS, Fancy Chair Manufacturer, No. 153 Fulton - street, opposite St. Paul Church, oner for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment uT Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold khronie. Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs. Sofas, Settees, Loungces, .Music Stools, He. Orders Irom any part 01 the continent execaiea with neatness and dispatch. Old Chain repaired, painted and ornamented. oct 1J . IT" The subscriber having recently returned from Eugland with an important improvement an the artificial spring LEG, be take this metaoA of informiug his friends and tbe public, that all those who are to unfortunate as to be in want M a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Bartlay - slrett, New - York. Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. LEfS ITCH OlSTMEST, WARRANTED an infallible remedy at on . aiipliratiou. may be used with perfect safety on infants a week old, not contain:ng particle ot aiercury,or any dangerous mgreuw"' whatever, and not accouipaoied with that effen sive smell which attends the application of other remedies. . ' 1'be above medicine are prepared and sojd t LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - I". nnd told by S. CARLE, cornet of Fallon and Water - street. . . J Druggists and country store - kef peri suppfit on liberal terms. Jau2 - D LYNCH, Junr. having made arrangement . with a respectable bouse in Madeira, M 1 be supplied with a proportion of the wine of tbe rislic of St. Antonio and Cama de Ixibos, (unf versally acknowledged to produce the best Madeira in the Island) has opened a wine store, No. 40 William - street, where he will receiveof - ders for this wine, irom gentlemen wishing tolT up a stock for ILeir own use ; and (by the ag" ment with Uie home in Madeira) il tbe wine, ea arrival, be not approved bv D. L. Jr. it it not to be ent to the parties ordering it. D. L. Jr. hat tnkf o reat pains to prof0 frcrn various places in th United States and tne West Indies, tbe besi Madeira, that wit to oe purchased, in Ihe wood, and old bottled wine, 01 very superior quality, from private stock, wh'c he now offers lor sate. He wi!l constantly keep on baud an assortment of tlie choicest wine sno hquor . selected with care by" himself, sell n' - whi. h he cannot WARRANT FyRf a IMPORTED. - Jan 19 Ira NEW - YORK: ' PRIXTEV ASD rVVLlSIIED. MICUAET. IWRXltAM k CO. N'O. 41 Pl5 - TWBT. rable, they can srerusiniy w ceieo iin general! by arpl vint;at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 0 i'p. V.sIid. having nraclised in fA.i I

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