The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 20, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1818
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. ...j nt aer. which appeireA UI . . Ktl - ad W hi the steerage. T Ibepa - Mrii 3 to tender lo &ptt tUir nal . J ..client maoaremeat of his vesset n"f'"f ". it Am t'mm Wilminr . if C with flour, wheal, flaxseed, cotton, na - wioe. fti. O. Gibbs, B. G. Barker, v"l L r Hhind ft Torobull, H. W. rurh, - T - . T sw. Wilson St Thorn - Thurston from St. Eustat m molasses , to F. Z"" - T ft Lord, and thf roaster. Left. ?V."'L rrN Ynrk. for Havana, in a few day krE Gwbound, just ar. from N. York, and othen ft.taeleVHussell, W day from W?'"'gtoo, H C with naval stores', to R. ft C. W. DavHipevt o.t. ri.u ll.. lor New - York, sailed in co SnBebVcca Clark, of W. York, sailed 2 days before for Savannah. . . . A B,. - . s Java from Washington. IN, C. with naval stores, to R. ft C. VV. Davenport, ft D ft J. S. Brainerd. ' Schooner Louisa, Thorp, 15 day from ' - nah, with cotton, to J. usoorn, s. b. Gridley, and Uriswolds It Coete. Z. VX : ZZL M.An. for N. York Lrft brir New c5rh Packed for Liverpool, next dSoto 7taTl - i. 35, long. Yhft1" t.meV?r.B Salem, for Ch - rlesjon lftb, lar U i W u - hr Columbia, from Porto Rico for P JkKo, froml. Carolina, with na Lhrr" .u, from Mobile, which was ashore atdy Hook,totoffyesterday, and came up K: - from Newbern. N. C laAmboy, where she has been 14 day ice bound - Ufor. reports ofcof pMlitdillm , Boston. Feb. 18.' 4 Tb ship Garonne, Whiting, of New - York, (9 day from Trieste, and 37 from Gibraltar, rrired at Newport last Monday, covered with Arrived at this port this forenoon the schr. r.,niri;n - Rates, from N. York via Cohas - et. r... ..... rM. Feb. 12. Arrived Hanove rian ship Active, Zuchernitz, Bremen 68 days. :ii in m. with Mo . Klotkgeter, and briir HavUrhorst, for this port. Left, TiehU. for this Dort. taking in BriiUh brig Curlew, Young, London 81 day and 52 from Plymouth THEATRE - For the Benefit of M r. WOODHULL. ru rftav evening. Fehruarr SO. will be pre seoted (for tlie But time these 8 years) the tragedy of MAHOMET. , 2?Dhna. . Mr. Woodhull Plmira. Mrs. Barnes To which will be added, the Musical Farce of THE AUUfctABLfc bUUt - KISE.. Oa Saturday the traeedv of Venice Preserved Oa Monday (the Anoiversary of the bin h - day of Washington) will be pirseoted the tragedy o uattajvaR,orcfte deliverer oi nu couoiry After which, the Father and his Children. W ASM K GTO.VSBi RTH OAT. 03 The birth - Pay of Washington will he celebcated by the vvainineton tsenevoieot bocic The members of the society will assemble at half past tls o'clock in the eveninc of that day, ia the large room at Washing ton Hall, where the following exeroises will race place. 1. The officers elect will be publicly installed. 8. An Address to the Throne of Grace. 3 - Washington's Farewell Address will be read bj a member oi uie n amnion oocieiy. 4. Music by the Band. 5. A Collection will be taken up for the immediate relief of indigent men i hers. A. An Oration by James W. Gerard, Esq. 7. Music by the Band. ft7 The members of the Hamilton Society are particularly invited to unite in testimonials Tickets (each of which will admit a gentlaman aadairy namberof Udiet) will be furoi.'bcd on p!icinn to iwiscSbrins, No. t Broad way Ett - Knt W l.aM. 38 Warren - strett John r. Grohrrt, 148 DuHoe s'reet. IMat.'l E. Tviee, 484 Farl street Owje H Clnraar), 448 do Jn!i linker. 148 t:herrv - treet Ar thnnv Stee hack. 314 Broadway lwi Harttmn, 421 P'trl - itreet Anth my Wo Hwrrt, 9 Nassau - street. Member of tl Washineton B - nevolrnt So ciety and Hamilton Society will be admitted by their bod - es - " Members of the Hamilton Society may obtain ticket fr their Mends at No. 59 William - street AbSOSt J I. L t.O H.I .Till I. CO.FA .y. $y The Stockholder of the AlleRhanr Coil Company, ar. request - d to attend on M nd.iy, the second day of March next, at the City Tve n 7 oclck P. I. to elect Officer mi D rector fir the ensuing year. Bv order of the Board, febSO'tMeh.M J G. BOGERT. A Law to regulate tl sale ( Crabs, plated 16th Fe'iruary, 1813. (fSr Be itordaiocd by the Mayor, Aldarmea nd Commonalty of the city of ew - Yrrk in Common Council convened, ThM if any p or pervi ahall II, eff r, or expose for sale, in aav of the pontic markets in this city, or in oy street rortiguous thereto, any of thatspe - ciHSof&hel Fist, commonly called Crab, be - twee the fifteenth day of December and the first of March in uiy year, every sich person snail forfeit and pay for each and every offence the sum oTtendolhi.s Provided, that this ordi Mar shall not go into feet until the LSth day of December next. By the Common Council. J. MORTON, Clerk A Law entitled a Law to amend the Law to re gulate Public Porters in the city of New - York, patted 16th February, 1818. . 05" Beitonlrunedbylbe Mayor, Aldermen ana ivomtnonaiiy oi ine city of New - York, in Common Council convened, That it shall a on may be lawful for the hand car'm of the said city to e hand - barrows in the transportation of gonas, wore ana merchandise, or other articles tn the same manner as they now are or have been Jt 4 by the public, porters ol the said city And farther, that they be ptrmihed to demand and receive the same rate or prices for the convey - or, of article a are now allowed by law to the am panne porters.'' Br the Common Ooocil. J" J. MORTON, Clerk. A CARI Mr. BERAULT respectfully inform the ll! "l1 Kentllne. I' bolars, iit there will be .o si ho on Mouday next, t - i,ig the anniversary ol General Washington's Bi t b - Day. The hool will be (next week) on Wednesday and ""'""''v - - feh 20 3t For LIVERPOOL, . The Superior New. Ynrk hnilt. and .fast sailing shio NFJiTOR. She is "IMr fastened and coppered to the bends ; fjiiltexpresly ibrthe Liverpool trade, and Hegaut accommodations for passengers 'nr freii - ht or passage apply on board, at Mar "y's wharf. Coffee Hooe slip, or to CHARLES HALL, 'Ji0" No 1 Be:.rer - .t. Hr JAMAICA (iUM. "FFMAN K GLA? will 100 hhds. of i . ."1n Jamaica Rum, on S .turdi.v, the towant at 11 o'clock, on pier No. 10 East J fa 1 hbd. I ca.k ..V I'.SOO'hs.sSrwlebv AG5Liaboot ii', n m n - ... ' W. DAVENPORT ft CO Ten ,'IKRlllX.Ji. 100 firio, L.,U - ieH tw tkH t "K ne'oaaiiiy,iui lanaefl psLh'V f' le io quanUUet to.uit sllni . .SL. L . s. a IB - s "J frb20 4t MILLS, PURDT ft CO. 212 Psarl - streat. l Tli Rnv - r. ORrico. 15days . i ntrar. ram. indiso and jt vwO w m pnoi H&l .40 bill new TO DbU country pin, lortwo vj JACKSON At WpOLLET. . Feb tO - 7SWU - t - - cukL.4l'cA!sii q hole tlx til oat: 288 Broadway, corner of Keed - streetnext door lo Washiaetoa - Hall. TAMt!S P. ANDRE respectfully inform his .1 friend and tho public it) general that be keeps constantly for sale a large and genera) as - tortmr nt of the fullowins articles, wlucu will be airdisposed or at a moderate advance. Imperial, Young Hyson VTea of first quality and latest Hytoa Skin K V . Uipcrtauou., btiiicboos f Loar, Lump, ) Havana Whit.Sug ran and Brown ) Boxandcnsk Raisin Currantr, Figs Almonds, Prune Hickory and Madeira Nut Nutmegs. Cloves. Cinnamon, (.atsia AUpice, Pepper, Ginger, . London Mustard, per pound or bottle Old Cognac Brandy Do. Holland Gin and Jamaica Spirits Madeira, Port, Sherry, i Claret, Fayal. Pure Wine L. V Teneriffe and other French, American, i Martinique, and Pure Cordial Spice j Hiblwrti sun. L. B. Stnnt Sallad Oil, Sprm and Tallow Candle Basket Salt Codfish, Burlington Hams SmoakM Beef and Herring American and Holland Cheese Wiiter Strained Lamp Oil, Jc. Sc. N. B. Constant attendance eiven, and all fa vour thankfully received. Order punctually attended to. Feb zl) 3t I UACCOetFLCUK. - ft) hnds. Kentucky L Tobacco, just landed from brig Thames. 21 bhds pniue old Richmond Tobacco 17 do new do do 100 hols. Frederickshurs Flour, landios from schrs. Cyane and Leopard, for sale by 66 South - street. Who have also in store. 100 hbd old Richmond Tobacco, principally in entire parcels and ol sup. quai. 60 hhd prime new Tobacco 300 keg manufactured do various brand and qualities 100 bhls. Richmond Flour. felt 20 TTPLAND COTTON. 15 bale prime Up J land Cotton landing from bri ; Elizabeth, at M) - market u harf, will be sold low if tuken from the wnart. ISAAC F.ROR, felt 20 lw 98 Mun av s - harf. NAVAL STORES. - 00 barrel SofV l ur. pent ine 420 doTa. ; 3 do Spirits Turpen.ine, a - float, and for sale by R. & C. W. DAVXNPORT & CO. febao WlitATA.SU t'LVUtt, . - if Lv.lT. THE cargo of the brig Juno, from Fredericksburg, consisting of wheat and flour, (or lain, and the vest el will proceed with it to any European port 1 or freight, apply to rAUfc SL I lllrLL l I , Alto en board soop Lenpard. 850 bushels prime' Virginia wheat, and 150 bbls. Fredericksburg; (Mountain) Flour 80 cask Flaxseed. Tub 20 2t PRIME UPLAND COTTON. - 45 bales prime Uuland Cotton, landios from shin Prudence and schooner Louisa, from Savannah. fur sale by GKlSWOLDS U COATK3, kD XU OU South - street. REAL CACUhJMRt; SHAWLS. VANUEKVOORT It FLAN DIN have just received a (Diendid assortment of Veal Carbemire Shawls, comprising white, scarlet, dove, shade of green, orauga, rich dowered, t ri - ped. and all with large and small paioM and dou - nie border. Also, a case of superfine Leghorn Hats, - with extra rrowus. For sale at f'bJPlw . No - 1 1 1 Broadway. it) LET, The dwelling part of the house No. 151 v aier - street, until the Jirst of May. Enquire of air. u. iiAiunt, nexiooor. feb 20 1w tTnS The store TO LIT, No. 20" Wall - treet. Apply feb!9tf at (lie store. VALUABLE PROPERTY. Tbe offers for sale a valuable farm, 73 miles from New - York, Ivinz 7 miles south of Poughkeepne, on trie post - road, within I 4 ol a mile ol the. mills on the falls of Waupin - gerVvreek, and in the neighborhood of several landings from which sloops sail weekly, ft con tains 1 10 acres of level, fertile lanil, withayounr orcn in oi granea iruii, wood tumnent lor fuel, and all in good fence. The house contain seve ral rooms has a good barn, and all in excellent repair. Its situation being on an elevated plain. render the place not only heolthy, but presents from the dwelling a delightful inland prospect. Also, another lot of 40 acre, contitrnoos to the hove, and hounded southerly by the falls of WnppiiigerVCreec. lire land is fertile, m ex - - ellent fence, and of easy cultivation. What render this property valuable, is, that it may be made a place of celebrity. There is already e - ected on the mils a saw - mill of great capacity. a carding - null, which enjoy tbe custom of th neighborhood, beside several other srite for factories, unoccupied. The whole force of the creesf can be (livened with a little expence so as to drive a rang of mills on a level plot of ground just below the falls, and accessible by an 'ay navigation; where factories of every description. with every facility of power and transportation can be constructed. . Also, a flour - mill, - of the first class. The mill - house is large, with 4 run of Burr stones, and calculated for 6, with new machinery for manufacturing wheat. Arc. with an elevator for raising grain from vessels into the upper loft of tbe mill. Connected with the mill is a large tore house for storing wheat and floor. With the mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent land, on which is situated five dwelling bouses, a large barn, hay house, carriage bouse, corn crib', hovels, 4c, a cooper's shop calculated fot 20 hands. Two of the bonses are new ami well calculated for genteel families : They command a view of the river, with a beautiful interval landscape formed by the meandering of tbe creek immediately in front. There are few places which associate so many accommodating qualifications for the merchant, mechanic or farmer. If not sold at private salt before Tuesday tbe 21st April, it will or) Ituft day be offered at auction. Fortenns &c. apply to TETER MESIER, No 25 Beaver - strceC Feb 20 ABRAHAM MESIFR. VALUABLE PROPERTY IN BROAD STREET. ON Monday. February 23, at It o'clock, at the Tontine Coffee House, . at Auction, two - thirds' of that valuable property. No. 57, and 59 Broad street, fronting on Broad - rtrret, 3 feet 2. .2 inches, in the rear 29 feet 9 inches, in length on the southerly side, sixty - one feet, 11 merits, and on the northerly side, from the front. easterly to a break of six inches. 28 krt 9 inch e, and from from the said break, nineteen feci eve n inches, t - the n ar of said lot. Suhject t a lease daring the lif of Mr. Aon KickeK "R"' 86 The properly' is leased for 105 and Vv taxes. The purchaser can purchase the lease ii wr,t and the other remaining third can be rxiugni m pnvare saie. r or a more panseuir description of the preperty, see Daily Adverti ser and Cotnmhian. signed William Seaman. Matter Chancery. fcb202( TJl , f tVERPOOL SALT, tAttTllEiVYARX, MS ii ami tt nr , 300 tee White bait, in lot to suit purchaser, ' 114 crate Earthen ware ' 4 casks Hardware. Now' landing froicr Uk nip Aitiiun, snu lorvura uy JOHN ABM. WIIJJNK & CO. feb20 lw No. 73 Washington - street. fpUlLMlCAL AMUSEMENT, comprisiug series oi cunous ana inttruclireeXpcnoM - uu in chemistry, which are easily performed, and unattended by dan - er i bv Frederick Accum. operative ibemist, Vc. etc. price I dollar, just received ana ror saie oy feb20 W. B. GILLEY, 92 Broadway, WAN E'S LIST. 33d day of drawins. 18,124, 12,155, 4797, f 100 14,773, $50. " sow at w ane's. PRIZE LI5T. Medical Science Lottery, 32nd day's drawing. No.9787, J1000; 9918,100j 5554, 100. 3aidy. No. 4797, tlOOj 12155, 100; 16924, 100; 21515,50; 14773, ftO. All sold at A I .LENS. Where No. 3,320, whieh drew the !00,000 pnre was sold ana paid, being the highest prize ever drawn in America j and wheeo also No. 10,323, in Medical Science Lottery, No. 4, prise of $30,000 was sold and paid. . r eb 20 fflWO case changeable ynrh' ws, lor tale A. by MARCH k LOW, Jan 21 210 Broadway. A DRAFT on Savannah, payable in 20 day, 11. lor ixo. ror nie uy JACKSON WOOLLF.Y, feh 10 75 Well street RICHMOND TOBACCO it FLOUR. 638 bhl Richmond supf. Fhur 37 hh'ls prime new crop Richmond, priori pally large and leufy, now landing from schr i 1 1 I : .4. . I i I nomas, auu in suirr, iur ma'c vy Jan6 BOORMAN & JOHNSTON A DEI R A WINE. A quantity of choice L. P. Madeira Wine, for sale by R. Jc C. W. DAEVNPORT & CO Jan 19 741 HERRINGS, boxes 1st sort, ) . 177 do 2d do S """' ne and for sale by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, Jan 22 C7 Soiitli - strett. A T AIHJTIOJV. SATURDAY. 11 O'CLOCK. rS Murray - wharf, the cargo of the schooner V t Salem, just arrived from St. Jagode Cuba, consisting of b hogsheads, i barrels, ii prime GREEN COFFEE bus nae 34 hlids. superior Molasses 237 Hide 36 hlX ( of M"c0 SUGARS li7 boxes Spanish Segars 17 halt and 18 qr. boxes do. Terms at sale, feh 19 2t HOFFMAN It GLASS !. - H - IELl) CUJLUhY, ke. A FEW small catl s neatly ass'd table knives do do do small cutlery do dn da saws do do do dirndls, plane rons, drawing knives, Sx for sale by feb 19 3t 83 1 - 2 PearUt. O S vHUH;o. - - 9 bules best Streleu Osna - burgs, landing1 from ship Tliomas Wil son, from Greenock, for s le bv feb 19 U. BETHUNE & CO. RAVENS OCCK.1U1 pieces bcay Ravens Duck, for tale by 11URD k SF.W l.L, feb "19 65 South - street ELoUR - tOu Wils. Ki hoM.d superfine Flour, now landing from sjchr Cyanno, and for sale hy SstllU, BLANCH A RD tl CO. Feb 19 4t No. 35 Barling slip. . 1 ER1.SO WOOL 9 bales of suiierior uual VI ity Merino Wool, lor sale at No. 31 South street. feb 19 0t JAMAICA HUM. FEW puncheon ol choice quality, suitable tor reiaiiing, me I si oi ine parcel jum lauded and for sale in lots to suit purchasers Dy PATRICK, AY MAR & CO. Feh 19 It No 31) South street. UHlLADEl.blllA WHis - KLY eiBUf 4'ER - 1. II bhds. first prooi tvhiskey i8, " Nov on the dock, for ale hy CORN?! DUBOIS, feb 19 6t 36 Front - street THREAD LACES. AN elegant assortnvnt of thread 'laces, al widius, just received and for tale at 150 Broadway, by - PI1ILBROOK & PETERS, fob 19 lw IRON HOLLOW WARE, assorted .is. I'ots. Kettles. Griddles. Bak pans , spades, skillets, Basiiib, Fire - dogs, &c For sale by the toil or piece. CEB R A & CUMING, , Feh l! 76 Pearl - st. i ll. i A Ui.'..t). RIPLEY H WEI.D, 192 f ront - street, have constantly en hand, at wholesale and r - tail, winter and summer strained Spermaceti Oil. Also, Tallow Mould Candles of superior quality, from Winship's Factory, Charleston, Mas, feb 19 GOLD LEAF. AMBRPSE CUANEhas just received il ly pack English Gold Leaf, of the largrst sizr, and warranted first quality, for sale nt 135 tsrourlwcv. leu VJ isv CI AN I ON CRAPES. Fresh supply Canton Crapes for sale by M IRCII k LOW. 210 Broadway. feb 11 II Ufb. X bles Hop. ! 11 hy CAMBRELING ii PEARSON, (eh : 67 South stre.t. L' LOU H and TOBACCO. 500 buis. KicU - F mood sups'. Flour 29 tihdt old and new Tobacco, l)J0 kegs manufactured d 6 at C hands to the lb. For sale at 106 Front - street, feb 13 I ROKE9, DAVIDSON St CO. IRISH LINEN. & boxes 4 4 Irish Linen, for 1 sale hy W. A S. CRAIG, feh 13 - 50 RUM, c. puncheon Jamaica Rum, just arrived and landing from the brig Divid Richards, from Kaimouth, (Jam.) and for sale by A. D. DUFF. 69 Washington - street. Who ha for sale in store, - L. r.TenerifJe Wine, f Pnsley brand) ioq iar ter casks, imported Jaly, 1816 Do do iohhd. and qr. caiks, do August do Do do in pipes, hbds. and qr. cask, do Sep - tetnber do 30 pipes, 100 hbdi and SCO qr. cask do entitled to d benture 45 pipes Cape Madtira Wine, ship'd in 1313, irom tbe Cape ol Good Hope, and entitled to debenture Port and old Lisbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of cLret . 132 do grave wine and one cask Card wire feb 7 tf JAMAICA RUM fe FLOUR 15 puothfioo - 4than45th proof Jamaica rum, of supr - ior quality, and 100 barrels superfine Baltimore Howard - street) flour, landing and for sale by R. CRUMP, Feh ? Floe - tt. 1 " ' ':. tn Salt, tntAt t Chmtef, . ) A ne w pilot boat scuoontr, about 110 toot rjoruiea, built ia tbe bast manner, of good Biatenafs, and copper fastened, a very fast sailing vesstl,i d may b. sent to sea with small expence. Apply on board at Burling slip. or to ii. L. A U. GRISWOLD, aK 10 ' . . oa w....u ' - " uv owui - nmt. FOH AMSTERDAM, Tbe staunch brie MARGARET, can tata Fuok. ba considerable Dart of ber cigo eogagea, ana will be dispatched witbout aeiay. r or ireignt or passage, ap ly to 11. FOS, No. 74 Washington street, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN,' feb 19 tf No. 72 Wasliineton - strt. or WA&HUa w.Y,Jt. C. The schooner LEAXUEIt, Captain Neal ; Iving at Stevens' wharf.. Will sail on Monday nexi. For freight or passage, apply on board, or at 35 I eck - alip, 10 R.&C.W. DAVENPOB V tc CO. feb 19 bur ti. - tr.lA.i. The brig MARY, rapt. J. Brewster, a rerular trader, f or freietit or pas sage, apply on board, at Pine - Arret wharf, or to N. sV U. TALCO i T, Feb 18 64 South - street. For HIiHkLHWA, The cliooner TWO BK'J I llCK.y, Jacob rjarson, master, lymg east siue ot 1'ier no. 12 For freight, applv to GEO M. HILTON, feb 17 130 Water - btreet. FORGALWAY, The briz IMNNjIH, O. Hicks, mas. ter, ha excellent accommodations for pawengers, and is two thirds loaded ; can take I50hluls. or freight in proportion, by immediate application to tbe captain on ooaro, or to THOS. DENNI60N, Feb 16 . 40 South - rt. tor iae, frets fit or Charter, The fast sailing schr GERTRUDE, Britton, master, just returned from i'ort :tu rnnce, and is now in readiness to proceed .'am immediately. This schooner is one year old, 1 43 tons burthen, and in the best condition. 3 he bas handsome accommodations tor passtm gers. For terms apply to Feb 16 GRIWOLDS CO.TE9. T T PLAN U COTTON. - 15 bales prime Up AV land Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine street IN STORE. 43 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above. j .n 23 i HBs - vi iufc, wc. - 4 uoiet astorled tilass, vJ coiiEisnngoi Large siied Window Glass Decanters, Tumblers, Inkstands Watch Glasses, tVc. S boxes Fowliog Pieces.' Juit reccited x.r Winifred, from Amsterdam o.r HAND. A qannfily of musio - u, entitled to debenture s ceronns Drst quality Indigo, and 2 hbls White Lead For sale by J C. ZIMMDRMAN, feb 7 1m 7 Washington - street. gl DLL at BOW h nave just received by tbe AX Lorenxo, from London, Dixon's Antihihou Pills ' Hick man's Tills for the gravel, tc. China's Worm Destroying Loscnges - Roa.n,sEmhrricatiin Thompson Cheltenham Salt Ha) ward's Tolu Lotenge lleu'ry' Calcin'd Magnesia, And a enteral assortment of British Patent Medicines of reoute. not mentioned above : war ranted gnuine, and for sale at jan z im . 140 reari - suect. . 1LAXsELD I5casa Flaxseed, Idndma this I? day from schr. Ranger, irom .Vorlolkr for sale hy u. ut.iiiu.xe.ii ;CO. feh 14 92 Coffee House Slip. 1200 NAiNKI.NA. Pieces blue nankins, ofvery supe rior quality, entitled to debenture, for tale at 77 Washmgtoa - st. Feb 18 G. G. ft S. HOWLANii, 15 QUkHCilHU.V UAHK. tons first quality bark, for sale hy G. G. ft S. HOWLWND, rcb 13 77 Vashingfon - st PAPER MILL RAGS bales linen Riga ft SPONGES. 34 10 bales superfine Fporges for sale very low. bv JNO. M CRACK AN. feh 18 3t 82 12 Peirl - t saTRH'ES 0 cases superior American blue k - 7 stripes, for sale hy th CO V1MI36IOV COMPANY, F b 18 D&C 148 Pcarl - st HOPS. 14 bales of first quality, growth of 1817, for sale tfy the ANDERSON K SlIEARKR, feb 18 2w 131 Water - street ", II. OUR ft TOBACCO 5!00 bbls superfine A. Richavond flour, branded Bent Creek 200 bbls Petersburg flour 50 kegs manufactured tobacco, landing from brig Richmond and schr. Belvidere, and for (ale by WALon ft, reb 18. - ti6 s - oulh - st. IN NtiUSII WHITE LEAD ,60 kegs Eng. Li lisli White Lead, ground in Oil. landing from ship William, and lor sale by TUCKER ft LAURIES, feh 18 V9 South street. i OT1 ON 54 bales prime upland cotton, Aw tor sale ny WALSH ft GALLAGHER, 66 South - street. feb 18 I 1RANDK, FLOUR, FLAXSEED and UAI - u si.. 20 pipes best Bordeaux Brandy 950 barrel Baltimore Howard s'reet Flour 50 cuts clean Flaxseed : and 400 boxes fresh Bloom Raisins. For sale by - UfcO. M. WILSO., fib 18 130 Water - street. BOLTIJm CLOTHS. A COMPLETE assortment of warranted Bol XX ting Cloths, of a superior quality just received from the manufactories, for sale at the most reduced prices, by .M'CUA'.K - A. - M, Feb 18 3t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - st. TOUACCO, COTTUJ, t'LOUH A.SD tVHKAT. IIFTY - EIGHT hhds prim Kentucky to - JL bacco 26 bales prime new crop N. Orleans cotton 123 bbls flour, and 75 bu bels wheat Received per brig Tlioma, from NewOr - leans for sale at no. 87 Cotiee - hoiise - slipv by LAIULAW, GIKALLT ft CtA V bo have in otore, 1 case French linen cambrics 1 bale superfine black cloth 2 casns Madrass Pulicata Hdkfj ; and 1 Jo imitation French cambrics Feb II I0t 1 J lit fresh Loudon Mustard, ia bose of 6do - ten eat n. - f or sale oy . . TUCKER ft LAURIES, fehll WSmth - street, COji - J pf chaldron of Liverpool new pit coal is L OUdow" landior from an board th ship Nestor, ly mg at M arra y's wharf, east side Coffne lous lip. Tbasa coal will be sold in lot to ' ... . L uit purchasers, and toloraaiion may oe nau oy aniWying' oa hovl of the ship, or at ine coa - sard. No. 274 Frout - ttreet. For sal ff Tft3 MAWtET T08 Hd. art 1 floe qaatity, landing iroaa schooners Hera and sally Ann, iroaa tuenntond, ror sale ny D. BETHUNE i CO. Ja 16 92 C H. slip. 20, . MOLASSfrit. hhd molasses, good Qoaiity, t Peck - Slip, for sale by Jan 31 It. A C. W. DAVENPORTt CO, 50 tiOXES warranted American 'Tal'ow Mould Candles, or iiicerent sizes, In ni Winsiiip's factory, Charleston, Mass For sale by RII'LEV k WELD, 192 Front, corner of Fultoo - stsaet. . Jan W COALa 1:9 cJialdroo coaroo Liverpool coals, on board ship Nestor, at Murray's wharf for sale by . G. G. k 8. IIOVVLAND, Feb 8 77 Wahington - t. flOU Hall. - 1000 quintals Cod - lisli, awry a - y suierior parcel 400 do Scale Fish, for tale in lots to suit purchasers, by JNO. St GEO. W. LYNCH, feb 18 3t 37 Soulh street. NEW - ORLEANS COITON - prime quality, landing 'from y6 bales brig Sailor Boy, at Fly - maiket wharf, lor sale hy JAMF.a scl JAMES SCOTT. feh 18 lw 66 Washing ton - strer. t. RICE. 96 whole uud 50 half tierces prime rice, landing from schr Retrieve, for tale by GOODHUE & Co. Feb 18 44 Bouth - stroet. DT ,EER bKlNS 6 hales first uuulity lor ulfc SAUL ALLEY. feb 7 98 Pine - street. ilHEAT 'i'AK. IJO bushels N. C. y Wh heat, in baes 50 bbls. Tar, sfliat and for sale by R. b C. W. DAVENPORT CO. feb 16 ULEACHED SHIRI lNGS 3 cases Amer I) ican Blenched Shirtings, just received and lor sale hy 1 lie Commission Company, Feb 1R 1 18 Pearl street. II EM P. KICE. VV1.NE. 4.C ST. PETERSBURG clean Hemp (Bwlfast's cargo) and Kentucky btrnpen yarns in lots to suit purchaser 100 tierce prime New Rice 12 cask Bordeaux Claret, entitled to de benture 30 tierces eenuine winter pressM oil 170 boxes new siiermaceli Candles. For sale by HAYDOCK ft JENKINS, feb 17 lw lS2South - stieet IKIali LI ENS, I & C. MClHiLft, No. 13 Pearl - street, have 1 just received a general assortment of Irish Li nens, whirb they offer for sale very low for cash, feb 17 Is COTTON. 24 bales of prime new crop upland Cotton, from Anasta, for tale Sample may be teen at 148 Pearl - street, uji Feb 17 stairs. CHAMPAIGN WI.Nt.ol a very superior quality, io boxes of one doien each fir sale hy ELLIS & r LECKNKR, feb 16 lw Nf. 2il Fulton - street.' U vl. ao bhds. Molasses Uum, first prool, 11. tor sal by JACKSON I: WOOLLEY, 75 Wall st. jan 12 SH E I INGo U bales Flemish .heetiuga, lor sale by JAMES G. KING & CO feb 16 No. 61 Pine - strcet. Jj LOUR 100 bbls Richmond (Mayo mills) . Flour, in store, for sale by GRISWOLD ft COATES, 86 Snuth - ktreet feb 16 LM.UUK and TOBACCO. Mi bbls. super - J. Hue Virginia t lour 60 kers second Quality, mnnufd Tobacco, Landing from tbe schr Belvidere, and for tale by WALSH ft GALLAGHER, 66 South - stieet. feb 16 TO HOOT ft SHOKMAKe.HH. CALF SKIN, "I Seal Skins, Cordovan, of the best quality Crop soles and ranges, I Long ft short boot legs, J For sale by ELLIi ft FLFCKNER, Feh 16 lw 20 Fulton - st. jt OL.V6SKS ft RUM. 82 casks first qual iv I. ity Demsrara molasses 4 puncheons rum landing from the brig Amethyst, east side Steam - boat nhai f, pier no. 21 for tale by GEORGE LACY, feb 13 If No. 4 Fulton - slip. J just received, for sale by feb 1 1 JoS OSBORN. 63 !outh st. ITS' lOTTON. 04 uale Prime Upland, Iur sale 60 Souln - street. by Jan 27 WALSH It uALI.Aurif.K. STATlONAHV. - 3cdse English Letter aud Writing Paper, for sale low, hy HURD ft oh. WALL, feh 11 65 South - street. LiHAI.S. a iiusses corn ana inntfta Viom O Shawls, handsomely assorted, received per Ann Maria. CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, Jan 29 67 Sooth - street. QUERCl'l iiON HARK. FIFTY hhds. aad boxes of very fine quality, for sale by G. O. k 8. HOWLAND, Jan 28 7' Washingtin street. OLD MADEIRA Wl.Nfc. A LARGE stork of fine old Madeira Wine, ol the most approved brands, in pipes, hogs heads and nuarti r casks, warranted Dure as im ported, and well worth; the attention of the trade and of private families ; wil be sold at reasonable prices, and in quantities to suit purchasers, by TUCKER ft LAURIES, left 7 z nmn - sirers. ILK.", tc case, pougees, t do twilled 9 sarsnets 1 do col'd sattins, entitled to debenture ; also 3 bales col'd cassimere shawls For sale by CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, Feb 6 67 Nouth - st. S I . CHUIA MJUAO io nnos. lanaing, ana for sale at 55 Pine - street, by Jan 15 UEORUt: W. TALUOI . IRON 72 tons English irou, well assorted, now landing from brig Thomas, and will be sold reasonably from the wharf, by r ? t. c tirkOrr svri Fb 13 '7 Wa - hinton st. Fijti "?ALU tie LOT oo the north side "I Cliff street, adjoining those in Beck man St. App'yto 'ifimni, eh uoi lOMBAZKI 13 ft COTTON. - bsles X3 Bombaxetts 34 bsles Set Island Cotton, una 15 do. prime Upland do. landing and for ,.1 - bv SAUL L.L.c.i, Ia SToat 40 hales Sea Inland. Apjily as above. J" r I WIN E First quality London Seine - Alto, I aid 3 thread India Twine, inciran'itwsto suit parchs lor oy . - ...... v, ff ( 14 Peart street. ITATS, TEAS, KC 14 ia - .vien - s iims, XI test receivca rrom oo noara ine on; c tor, from Havre, entitreiio drawbacR. l DlUftl. 9 chest of Imperial Tea, Huntress ear;0, of a unen'rai:Mrv. AMO, 60 casks W Freia - h Yellow Ovhra. - For ah by llEol Y COW I Mi. feb 14 iv 191 rroat,comet ol FnJtoa su DTTTIT in 0 T TNstt 4 udjjiu ortiia rsmsasmmsmssjMm - i m r BT J. P D1ETER1CH ft CO. AT rRlYATE SALI!, . ... 6000 acre of land, in Wood Cooafy. (Va. within 10 miles of Marietta, and mile from the Ohio River. 1280 do in tbe tow of Itattsburgh, Clinton County, New York. 400 do. in Pike . County, Pennsylvania, and an excellent improved farm of 200 acres, oa the Coshectoa turnpike road The two last will he exchanged fcr property in the citt ol New - York, or lorercbaa dise. Apply at the auction room. Amtrican doctetujor tt.$ tnevuragemtnt (f Do mrjlie Munvfucturu. ft r The repulse nm4. - ...l .i:.l r p 1 .. - . - jcn, j wr,l VS said SoOetV. Will be held al Tamm.. M n . Wednesday evening next, the 25th hiof, at f " o'clock. 1 he jnembers are requested to b punctual in uieir aitenuance. D. LYNCH, it. e . . P. IL it' 1 1 EN CK, t s"tanet fob ii Ct . AOTICE. fj - AH persons basing demands egair.sttha estate of David Harrison, dr.ccasvd. are rcauest ed to present the same duly authenticated, to WILLIAM BETHELL, adm.nistnitor. No. 32 - St. James - street And also, all persons indebted to the estate aforesaid are requested to snake im mediate paymeut of the tame. I Med Feb. 19,' mm. - ssiiLiinTi or.i nti'L, feh 19 lw 'Administrator. SI KELT MANURE, ft7 - Sealed prnnotals will be receltetl at tha Comptroller's Office, City Hall, till Mondhy, 2d March next, nt 2 o'clock, (or the street manure. in conformity with tlicLnwof the corporation, uiviuiiu; me una iwn msiricis. 1 1.' - proposals will mention each district tepnrafely; either iur one yrar, or wo years irom me lit oimarcn to the 1st of January. Alw, sealed PMposal will be received a - bove mentioned, for the manure of the city. Tba street tn be swept and cleaned hy the contract rsi Each district to tie divided into three, division, to he swi pi and the dirt removed one day in every week, from tlie 1st of M irch to the 1st of January. Particular information my he had nt U Comptroller' Office. febl9tM2 DO KS' &lSLiPS 7 " Sealed proposals will bereCi - ived at the Comptroller's Office, City Hall, till Monday the 9th of March, at 2 o'clock, for renting the public Docks and Slip, foroneyiar from 'he lt May next, agreeably to them - w rates of wharfage established iiy the Common Council on the 16th inst. the particulars of w hich may be seen - t the Comptroller's Office. , feb 19 lJUioiulton dJ Co - inttunhp. Jjy The ro partnership hertolorr existing under thr, firm of Molcnaor It M 'Donald, is this day dissolved bv mntunl consent. Th business of the concern will be closed by William Mole - naor, who is solely authorised to settle tba tame. WILLIAM MOLENAOR. , ' ALEXANDER M'DONALD. F. b 18 2t notice. 05 - ALEXANDER M'DONU.D. i abont opening a store at the comer of Dukh and Ful - tun - ttreots, where he will have for rale a general assortment of G ROCERIES. on moderate terms. Feb 1821 NOMCE.i ALL persons indebted to the estate of Mr. GEORGE CLEMEN, deceased, (lato baker, No. 28 White - street) are rvqueVed to make iminediato pa) mint ; hnd those having demands aeaiust said ertate will please to cr - sent them, duly autlienticati d, to Mr DANIEL ENS - LE - x, at his porter house, Mi Broadway. - MARY CI.EME.1, Executrix. - feh 19 2w . fja io LET. " JLsj! From the 1st May next, the House no. 21 Broadw .y, now cciipied by Mr. John I. Glover, with the staMe in Beaver - lane. Apply to WM. CRUIKJH vNK, - feb 19 lw 40 Crewich.t, TO l.h.Tur Lf..iSK, A back building No. 20 Jamei ttreet.' rouiaining two mom 5Ufeet bvSO; one it at 1 1 resent occupied by a society, the other as a school room. Possession to be given 1st of May next. Inquire Ieb19 ..No. 29 Jame - l reeE - Tit l.tT, al'Iil From the 1st t f May next, (he houw No U State street Enquire at the premise, feb 19 lw TO LE r, Two Rooms, suitable for offices, to let from the first of May next, in the house no. 69 Reekmun ttieet. near Wtlliani - ttreet Enquire at 258 Greenwirh - t. feb 19 lw . FOH The house and lotofcrojnd No. 18 Rose - street : the lot is 25 feet front and rear, and 100 feet deep : tbe house a brick front, sides and rear Idled in with brick, and built in the most substantial manner. For furtherparticulars enquire of A. STEEMBACK, feb!9 3w !Vo. f04 Broadway. DRV NURsE. ARFfSPECTABLE middle - aged WOMAN wants a situation as dry nurse in a small fa mily ; she can give the best recommendations - Apply at tlnsotnce. r - n i x" A Law in relation to the imprisonment ol slaves, passed the loth I ehruary, mis. BE it ordained by the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of New - York, in common coancii convenea, inai io au case where slaves, at the instance or their matters or others, are committed to Bridewell by the policw magistrates for running away,or for other oiishe - haviour, th said magistrates shall first demand and receive fifteen dollars front the person making application lor such commitment, and that the said sum be pluced to the credit of the corporation bv the clerk of thr police office, io oider that they may be indeimine d for the of such tlave while in Bridewell, at the rate of twenty - five rents per day. Ana oe ii runner oruaineti, sua' in i" such i lave, so committed, shall be dist barged be - lore the exrirati - n of suty da), then the person so paying the said fifteen dollar shall receive from the said clerk sirf - h balance as my exist m his or her laror, after deJuctins the hoard ol such lave at tbe aforesaid rate of twenty fire cent rxrday. .. T . - e . . r . i a a tut 4k - .a i1 ms. Ana oe li runner oraaineu, u - - - - . gistrales, when committing a slae fir tht reat - ont and in the maimer alniv taid. shall also lane from thf person making application for inch rom - mitnrenta - xid, with securi'v, H m their opin - .. ion requisite, whereby such person shall be ii. .,.m of twenty five cents per day for evc?y day such slave shall remain itr Bridewell, alter the expiration of the first sixty days : provided, nowever, noi .r ij the said fnd shall not exceed one hundred dol lars. By the common eoun. ,i - , J. VISU Feb 19 lw - ' ' " Vf ANNERa, a novel, 2 vols, price $7, uua ifX day publwhed by W. B, G1LLEY, 92 Broadway. Also for sale, a few EnglMt copies of th above interesting novel, 3 vols, prick f 4. Feb 19 ' M ANNERS A Novel Just pimhthed and for sale by PETER A. MESIER. ih 19 lw No. 28 WaU - rtreet. ACCUMS Cbemicas Amutemeuts price oust dollar in boards. Jut published and for ,le by PETEU A nritrv, irh 19 No. ti yv Kit - srrer. A Corn - em ttrnnUJ. w ANTED immediately, - a cot fan ; a coml hand one vaII answer. A ppiy to TUCKER LAURIES, jan20 - 29 Sn - ith - street, Oi III ,fXYiC n"lTK LAJP. 6djr qr ca.kold .Sherry win . 29 eaks white Ind. dry For al - by JAMES O. KING ft CO. ' Jaa20 6 ? - ?.

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