Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 5, 1931 · Page 17
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1931
Page 17
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18 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 5 1931 PRTET PLAYS FORKIWANIANS Much Applause Given by Club Members for Program .of Selections. Selections presented by a quartet fit the meeting of the Kiwanis club Thursday noon at Hotel Hanford were much appreciated by the rnem- b'ers. The quartet was composed of Joe Power, Violinist; v Joe Man: n .tag, violinist; Mrs. Power, cellist, and Mrs. Ralph' -kelsb, pianist. ·The program opened with "Sere- .nade," by Toscelll, a delicate number of rich tone color. This was followed by "Estrellita," in a special arrangement Toy Mr. Power. His arrangement b'fot out rich, colorful passages by tones of the various Instruments 'which .were combined so as to give each imuBician great possibilities of interpretation. . . Requires Much Technique , T 'The Mill," by Raff, was next on the program. ' This selection, a quick, catchy selection, 'required much technique. Tlie' musicians played the difficult passages with lightness and effectiveness. . A cello solo, "One Fleeting Hour," by Mrs.. Power, was given with careful interpretation and demqrf- sj.rated the emotional powers of the .cello when played by a skillful niu- , siclan. , Mr. Power Joined in. the final phrases of the selection with a violin obbligato. The Kiwanis club members accorded an unusual · amount.of applause to this number. As an encore ".The. End of a Perfect Day" was played by Mrs. · Power. The other Instruments later joined in this selection. A selection with much vigor, '^Ballet Egyptian," by Luigini, was featured by the quartet with forte '.passages. Displaying .much fdrce: fulness, the 'players offered .this number with exuberance!' ' Effectiveness Is Increased . Mr. Power's arrangement.of "The ·Bells of St. Mary" was a number (·' .: with much emotion. The music by- the stringed instruments was harmoniously blended together into a ·. perfect whole for this selection. Pizzicato embellishments added to its ·effectiveness. Dvorak's p o p u l a r "Humoreske" was the final number on the program. Dr. Raymond F. Kunz introduced the players., Lester Milligan was elected dele-, gate to the convention, in May in :Miami and Clem Glass was named alternate. . . ' · An interclub party will be held at Cedar Rapids; March 11. George ·Wolf was named in charge of arrangements for the local delegation to attend this meeting. Guests of the club were' Morgan McEnaney, ;Fr,ed G. Mitchell and Frank Fiune- ,_.igan. -· . · Pictorial Story of Murder in Which Dead Woman's Handshake Figures 0 "William Frazer A ^tale of shaking hands with a corpse led to the'arrest of William Frazer, 31, at Raleigh, N. Car., and his return to New Jersey charged with killing Mrs. Phoebe Quick Strader, 32, of Rahway, N. J. An odd, Ira Jensari, told police Frazer, his cousin, came to his home in Rahway an'd called out, "Meet the girl friend!" As Jensan reached out to grasp the hand he realized it, was the hand of a dead woman. Jensan declares Frazer kept the body at his home over night, saying he killed the woman andj would kill himself. Frazer when arrested at first denied 1 the killing, then said he had accidentally shot Mrs. Stader MRS. PHOEBE QUICK STAD: and drove with the body to Bowlin. ig Green, Va., where he pitched it out of the car. Police say Mrs. Stader had left her unemployed husband and wanted 1 to break off her affair with Frazer because he : Teacher Is III .; . LATIMER -- Miss Nellie Inglethron, seventh and r'eighth grade teacher in the Latimer public school, is ill this week. Mrs. C. A. Carter .is teaching three grades during her : absence. · QUICK RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION · That is the joyful cry of thous- /ands since Dr. Edwards. produced ;·''Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel.. , ' :· Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician for 20 years, and calomel', old time enemy, discovered ithe formula for OUve'Tablets while treating pa: ·tients for chronic constipation and torpid livers. . Olive Tablets dp'hot contain calomel, just '-a. healing, soothing vege- '. table laxative safe an'd pleasant. No griping la the "keynote":of · these little sugar-coated, olive-col- ,pred tablets. ;They help cause the ;bowels and 'liver to act' normally. They never force them to'.unnatural action. , . · ,. · · ·' ~S If you have' a "dark brown mouth"--bad breath;--a dull, tired feeling--sick headache--torpid liver ·--constipation--you should find quiik, sure and pleasant results from one or two of Dr. Edwards .Olive Tablets. Thousands take them every night to keep right. Try-them. 15c, 30c, 60c. · · EXPLAIN SOVIET FOOD SHORTAGE Three of 14 on Trial Tell of Counter-Revolution Methods. MOSCOW, March 5. W--Three of 14 defendants on trial here for sabotage against the five year plan today gave a partial explanation of a shortage of goods and commodities which caused considerable crit- ^icism of the soviet government last year." ' , These men, who were connected in various capacities with the state planning commission, said they had so .arranged shipments that goods would go to sections already plentifully supplied while other places in need of the same goods wero. neglected. " . The idea was to cause discontent In those sections in a. general campaign to build up anti-soviet sentiments. The prosecution, introduced documents supporting these statements by the defendant. Funeral Services f6r W. H. Gardner Friday . Funeral services for' 'MV. H. Gardner; Harper apartments, -who died Wednesday afternoon :at a local hospital, are to be held at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon at the Patterson Funeral home. The Rev. Jewel Pickett, pastor of the Baptist church, will be in.charge. Burial is to be at Memorial Park cemetery HONESTY'S REWARD NOT ALWAYS FAME; THIS TIME INJURY BLOOMINGTON, UK, March 5. UP)--The reward for honesty is not always undying- fame. . Sometimes it is death, or injury, as it was in the case of John Avers 1 6 . .,. . . . . : . : . , - , . . John was out driving his auto r mobile. .He stopped at a filling station to buy a valve core for fiva cents, -but found that he had hut three cents in his jeans. The station attendant trusted him for the nickle. Then he drove to the home of a friend to borrow a nickle. He' got i t . ' · -' . . . ; : . , . O n the way back to the station it was ."necessary to cross some: railroad 'tracks. A fast train struck the car. , 'John was injured. T h r e e companions, Truman Thompson, 15, William Adkins, 15. and Ruth Hopkins, 16, were killed. Is -Seriously 111 SCARVILLE--Lawrence, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Torgerson, is critically ill with pleurisy and complications. ; . AT THE HOSPITALS Henry_Hitzhusen, Rockford, who has'been at-Mercy hospital for a major operation, was dismissed Wednesday. Virgil Jones, 2019 Carolina avenue ' northeast, - received treatment at Park hospital Wednesday. . K e n n e t h Duns, Woden,, was dismissed from Mercy hospital Thursday following treatment. Mrs.'James Haverly, Wesley, was dismissed from Mercy hospital Thursday folowing treatment. Mrs. H. C..Zenor, Buffalo Center, underwent a minor operation at Parlc hospital Wednesday. , Mrs. C. W. Robinson, 730 Ninth street northeast, was admitted to Park hospital for treatment Wednesday. / ;. Mrs. H. C. Hutching, New Rochelle, N. Y., was admitted to Park hospital for treatment Wednesday. An eight pound six ounce daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Burns, 22 Kentucky avenue southeast at Mercy hospital Thursday. A six pound nine and three- fourths ounce daughter ' was ^born to Mr.- and Mrs.. Paul Artz, ~Nora Springs, at Mercy hospital Thursday. ' . ' . . · · . t D. Kinsella; 224 Twelfth street souttieast, who underwent a major operation at Mercy hospital, was dismissed Wednesday. ·Mrs. .Martin'. Larson, Crystal Lake, who has been at Mercy hospital for a major operation, was dismissed Wednesday. .' J. Christiansen, 408 Fifteenth street 'southeast, was admitted to Park hospital for a major operation Wednesday. ' Mrs. S. E. Bryson, route 4, -was admitted .to Park hospital for treatment and a major operation Wednesday. , Erling Hanson, Bricelvn, Minn.; was dismissed from Park hospital Wednesday folowing a minor operation. .'·'. . pound and 12 ounce son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cannon, Ventura, at Park hospital Wednesday, . Paul Keninger,. Ackley, was admitted to Mercy hospital for a major operation Wednesday. Mrs. Charles Ollenberg, Garner, was admitted to Mercy hospital for a major operation Wednesday, j .John Grubo^ Clear Lake, was admitted to Mercy hospital for treatment Wednesday. - L. F. Paulson, 'Garner, was admitted . to Mercy hospital for a minor operation Thursday. Bond Raised for Man Accused of 3 Holdups SLEEPY HEAD! No more fooling the boss! The "wabble" meter 1 !! got you if you don't watch out, R. W. Brown, -Akron, Ohio, research engineer, has devised a. meter to measure the amount. of energy a man can give, to his job. Then tasks are assigned accordingly. If you've been out late the night before, the' "wabble" meter will betray you, for the more tired you are, the more you will sway when sbiTnlhlp; on the meter. Photo shows Brown standing on the device. DBS' MOINES, March 5. Bond for George Grimm, 30, who is held after being identified as the perpetrator of three grocery store holdups here, was raised today from 515,000 to $30,000 by Judge Don G Alien, upon request of A. H. Pedersen, inspector of detectives here. LOW PRICES--QUALITY WORK . · . f Dresses, plain, C. P. 50c Ladies' Coats, plain..65c Topcoats . . . . . 50c Suits, C. P. . . . 75c For a Limited Time Hanford Cleaners PHONE 718 EXTRADITION OF IQWAN SOUGHT Sioux City Man Suspect in South Dakota Poker Slaying. PIERRE, S. Dak., March 5, (IP)-Extradition papers asking the return from Sioux City of Pat Flaherty, a suspect in Huron's "poker slaying" were being prepared here today by W. W. Howes, .assistant states attorney of Beadle county. HoWes conferred with;' the 'attorney general's office on the extradition request and planned to present the document to Gov. Warren Green this afternoon. Gov. Dan Turner of Iowa will b» asked to have Flaherty taken froVn Sioux City to Huron. Leo .Temmey, state's attorney at Huron, announced today that ' a hearing held next Tuesday before Governor Turner. Former Cedar Rapids Police Chief Is Dead CEDAR RAPIDS, March 5. James M. Carl, 61, chief of police here from 1908 to 1914 and a native of Waterloo.iis dead In Chicago, according to word received here today. He was connected with the Rock Island- railroad, moving to Chicago 10 years ago. Funeral services will be held in Chicago, Friday. Goes to Convention. SHEFFIELD--P. L. Johnson attended a convention at Des Moines Tuesday. Family Leaves Rock Falls ROCK FALLS'--The Fred Neva family has moved to Mason City w^iere Mr. Neva has Work. Recovers From Pneumonia. SCARVILLE--,Mrs. Helga Brudvig, 84, who has been ill with pneumonia is recovering. CHICAGO POLICE OFFICERS TRIED Captain and 14 Policemen Charged With Neglect of Duty. CHICAGO, March 5. (A 5 )--Captain Joseph Palczynshi and 14 other officers and policemen went on trial before the .civil service commission today on charges of neglect and in- had spent the' 528,000 which he inherited two years ago. They believe Frazer discovered her intention and slew her. The husband, Philip Stader, said he was unaware of an affair between Frazer and ...'.. Stader his wife. Frazer quit work after inheriting the money, but recently, when his funds gave put, he took a factory job. He says his rifle went off by mistake. ! IOWA VETERANS ATDESMOINES Rainbow Division Observes Its 13th Anniversary of Baptism of Fire. DES MOINES, March 5. (/P)-Iowa veterans of-the Rainbow division in the World war gathered here today to commemorate the thirteenth anniversary of their baptism of fire on the French front. It was at 4:30 a. m. on March 5, 1918, that a heavy German barrage fell on the American lines in' the Lorraine sector, veterans among, the nearly 500 gathered here recalled, lowans were among the troops .which felt the force of the barrage and which repulsed the German attack which followed, s Informal meetings of company units were on the afternoon program for the reunion which is to close with a banquet this evening. Speakers at the banquet were to include CapL Charles Riley of Dallas; Tex., former regimental adjutant; Col. Glenn C. HayneSj who commanded Company B; and Matthew A. Tinley of Council Bluffa, second in command to Colonel Haynes. attention to duty, an outgrowth of the special'grand jury's inquiry into the police department. The captain is accused by Miss Pearl Heller of Wausau, Wis., of having lodged only disorderly conduct charges against three men who she alleged attacked her. Fifteen members of the grand jury watched the trial. · Scratch Cause of Death. GALESBURG, 111., March 5. OP)-A scratch on the wrist caused by a hedge thorne resulted in the death today of Frank Eckman, 7-t, a farmer · from blood poisoning. German War Veterans Continuance of Diet Win Right to Vote on BERLIN, March 5. W--The Btee helmets, an organization of a mil lion of World war veterans, today obtained governmental sanction for ,heir application to hold a plebisciti on thejr demand for dissolution irf the ·, The steel helmets, claim that the diet no longer represents the will of tha people. Thompson's victory settles one dispute. He didn't drive the crooks out of Chicago--or else they eJtt came back in time to vote.--Marshalltown Times-Republican. BAUME BENGUE (pronounced Ben-Gay) will give you quick relief from the agonizing pains of Rheumatism, Sciatica, Neuritis, and every ache and pain. »* Ask for f% u Ben-Gay Accept No Substitutes Quality, Style, ' Service. Facts Only-Truth Always At the Beginning of Every Season we read in Ready-to-Wear and accessory advertising many high sounding ; and extravagant claims such as exclusive Paris fashions, products of the ·-- woiM?s;:mo ! 8t 4 amous-deE%^ the sam eri w ' " - ' the same advertisement, we read about the advanta'geS ,"of quantity buying. Well, if that dress or coat is purchased in great quantities it. certainly can not be so very exclusive. And, if it is purchased in quantities sufficiently small to be very exclusive they can not take advantage of the great discounts claimed by quantity buyers. We have always, and will as long as we remain in business, pay all of our wholesale bills in ten days. 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