Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 20, 1944 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1944
Page 14
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'·-.' ; · v. · . EDITORIALS-MOSCOW Is Ploying Some Shrewd Poker A MERICA is deeply concerned and Britain is plain angered 'by Moscow's-surly attitude in the · negotiations having to do with ' establishing p o s t w a r Poland's eastern-boundaries. Many will see In this rumpus a preview of what liei ahead for us when, after victory, participants jn this war seat themselves around the' peace table." 1 As we size up the matter, Russia has taken this effective though clumsy way 61 letting her western allies know that she will brook no interference when it comes to dealing with problems in middle and. eastern Europe, as distinguished from western Europe. By assuming that she is 'giving credence to the report--a,fictional report, we believe--that Britain is considering a separate peace with Germany, Russia has reasoned that she,- would stir a fear · in Britain 'that she herself might be considering a like course. Naturally Britain would be e terrified by that specter. At the least it would lengthen the war. At the most, it might lose the war Struck by such a fear, Moscow reasoned, Britain would be willing to abandon her concern over what happens to little Poland. In other words, it was a "softening up" device.' T HIS particular shaft was aimed at London. A fortnight ago notice 'was served on the Unite States in a like manner. Wendel Willkie in a generally friendly article written for ,the New York Times had made allusion to the possible helpfulness of Russia's allies in dealing with the worsening' Polish situation. Moscow in just about so .many words told Mr. Willkie -- and, indirectly his country -- to keep out of Russia's affairs. So what? Are we going to pursue an ideal and invite a rift in the solid war.iroht?:Or are we going to be realistic? . j T HE realism of the situation- is that Russia by saying hands ^ off in Poland has adopted the same fundamental principle that prompted our own Monroe doctrine. In that we told the world we .wanted no interference in the affairs of the western hemisphere. Realism also reminds us that Russia has done most of the fighting and most of the dying in this war up to now. If it hadn't been for Russia, .there wouldn't now or later be any Poland to quarrel Did You Know? By Frederic J. Haskin EDITOR'S "NOTE --Kead«r« availing themielvcs of tail .erviee f»r quertloni of fact--n«i coniiMl--t»««l* "If ***' full came an* ad4r»l »»« iacU.e 3 tend f«r leUrn ftfUft. Attnt*/ CI«ke-Gaiette~ In format l«n B » r · a », Frtderle J. Uaskln, Director, tmi, D. C. : What did H cost the covernment to operate the railroads in 1918- 192»?. ' -· ' ' ' $1,616,000,000. . · Doe* the Klo Grande river still chance It* course? The United States bank has been well defined by levees and similar work has been done on the Mexi- Ch Ho S w e 'much V has the civilian population declined since the last ' OBSERVING Here's a Swell Idea ; "wonder how many times you have heard this: 'Gee, f would :give a dollar if I could have a letter from that kid of mine. He is over across, you know,' " comments A. Lynn Clark, 308 20th S, ,E., Mason City, in a note to th'is department. "I have put that little say in? to work. I go to the postoffice and buy a $1 defense stamp every time I get a letter from' my boy. ; · . ' "Why can't we. fealhr put ( -this to work to see if thenboys won't be home just a little quicker?" And · that strikes me. as being about the most worthwhile udea that has come to my attention so " ' " I I ! i From 131,323,000 in April, 1940, to 128,231,000 in March, 1943. . How many women are there In the WAC? · 62 859. When did the first British invasion of Buenos Aires occur? General Beresford, with I,a60 troops, took possession of .the city n June 27, 1806. What methods of. electing far in 1943. Look Out Below ' A national survey shows 9 out of 10 Americans favor voting rights for :thbse in service. So far we haven't n^t;up """- ""·' ^ dissenter. , with that 1 * * s * If the Poles know their Amen can history, they're probably referring to their present relations with Russia as a "Hobson's choice.' · * ;* *· ":,. - : Comment on Iowa's January weather from a sojourner in Call fornia: "Having wonderful tim here: -wish I was there." * * * Bombing German targets come high--but not nearly as high as i would be by artillery and ground assault. * * *. i We know by this time that mere pious words will'not win the peace. We had pious words 25 years ago. Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges Beware of This Secret Weapon! London "People:" The enemy was trying to frighten us with creepy stories about his new secre weapon, said Sir Harold Mackin- losh, chairman of the nationa savings committee, at Blackpoq yesterday. "But," he continued r-V-- about Realism also. reminds us that Russia has an historic claim to the which would come to "the best weapon Hitler cauld us against us would be to start up inflation. That would damage th home front more than any other weapon. So let us beware th Squanderbug." ' Could Be Fishing Iowa City Press-Citizen: A Swedish scientist says the secret device which enables our bombers to lay their eggs accurately through the thickest "soup" is "a telephotographic apparatus with infrared rays." That could easily be so. It sounds reasonable. In fact, it is so logical that one .might wonder whether . the nazis have been guessing and, planting their guess with a neutral, are waiting to see if we confirm it. Lamour as a Work Menace Clarion Monitor: Some woman down east declares that Dorothy Lamour should" be barred from the war plants^ecause all the men resident""*!TM the" United States were considered by the consti- utional convention? By the congress; by the people; by state legislatures; by state acecutives; and by electors. ' .What was the size of the largest cold nugget? The ' Welcome Stranger from Ballarat, Australia, weighed 2,280 ounces. * What became of the ship Eastland which overturned in the Chicago river in 1915? . The ship was altered and refitted and turned over to the navy during the, last war. · _ _: What is the capital city of Tur- Ankara is the,new capital. How' lone have pa jamas, been worn? It's Time to Speak Up hope the University o 'Chicago will not be put in the,position of upholding its young' publicist, Milton S Mayer, in his recently announcer, decision to go to.the periitentiar rather than serve in the arme forces". · President Hutchihs up t this time has declined to commeri In 1938 Mayer wrote a magazin article under title of: "I think-1' Sit This One Out." Recently h was classified 1-A in the draf and now he's saying that; he jus won't have any part in the wa effort, even though imprisonmen be the alternative. He frankly ar knowledges that religious scruples ive nothing to do. with the cue. "When a nation goes to' war," e wrote in his magazine article, everything physical and spiritual n that nation must necessarily be laced at the service of the state. nd however eloquent and elc- ant the slogans, that is fascism." It vvould seem to me that'the nstitutiori with which he is asso- lated ought v to dissociate Itself t the earliest possible moment rom such an Unsocial and disloyal oint of view. ' ' Our nation's very life hinges on cceptance of the premise that itizenship entails a willingness o defend country and home. Those who shirk this fundamental duty acrifice the respect of loyal citizens. President Hutchins,' it seems to me, ought before^ this to have something to say about the case. --V-Information, Please^! ' 1. Daniel Boone was born in Pennsylvania, North C a r o l i n a , Kentucky, Maryland? 2. During World war I Josephus Daniels was,secretary of war, secretary ol navy, postmaster general, secretary of state? · 3. The Mississippi river was discovered in: 1607, 1541, 1629, 1619? 4. The one true statement here is Absolom slew David, Kansas City is the capital of Missouri, Jacob and Esau were twins, Chicago is larger than New York'City? ANSWERS--1, Pennsylvania; 2, secretary of navy; 3,1541; 4, Jacob A M«Mcol WemUf I ; am interested to note that I Hygeia, official publication of the American Medical association, regards the development of penicillin as the one greatest advance in the medical field in the year just ended. · : "Medical attention in 1943," says Morris Fishbein, editor, "was focused particularly on penicillin. Limitations on" supply made it necessary 1 to restrict the product to the armed forces and to certain experimental studies. "For medical uses, penicillin, which is a form of mold, must be grown, dried, standardized and then used, either as a powder directly on wounds or as a solution by injection into the muscles, the blood j or the spinal fluid. "Penicillin is especially effective in streptococcic, gonococcic. and mehingococcic infections. Its outstanding use has been its application to persistent infections of thr The Day's louquet To LARRY J. HEEB OF.TJ IASON CITY PUBLIC SCHT^ YSTEM--for winning the hamber of C9mmerce uished service 'award lor 18 ve seen a considerable num9 t these citations passed- out a 's my studied judgment that he history of the award, no mcl vorthy recipient has been chosl t was a well-merited recognitil bones in osteomyelitis, particular! j of the jaw and the head. Cases o gonorrhea which were resistant to treatment with sulfonamides wer successfully treated with penicil " i. . ,, "Announcement was made tha penicillin can change a ppsitiv Wassermann test . in syphilis t negative in a short time. The Was sermann test remained negative ii many such cases ,1 or sever: lin. and Esauy were twins. months. The ultimate s value v be determined only when post mortem, examinations become pos sible on persons Iwho have been cured of syphilis by this method. Mason C ty Gkb«-Ga-- Ai A. W. lEE NEWSFAFE*. lane Every Wetfc Day_by the Mm»B CUT GIobe-GMttte C«m» -121-123 East State Street. Telephone 3 'Thursday January 20, _ LEE P. LOOM18 - - - W. EAKL HALL . Muufl'X · ENOCH A. NOftEM - - City Ed LLOYD I* GEE* - A4vertWnc 1 Entered u jtcond-cUsj matter . IT, 1930. at the postofflct at Mason ' Iowa, under the act -of March 3, 16 MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS Associated Press is exclusively entt o the use for republlcation of all n dispatches credited to it or not othervj credited in tilts paper and also the Iff news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION KATES . Mason City and Clear Lake by year, I Mason City and Clear Lake by week, Outside IH.MUe Zone-- Per year,' * S months $5.50; 3 months $3: 1 montl O»Uldc Mis«n CUT and Clear Iain WUfciB It* Hilts «t Mason City OlUUc »1 U« Carrier Districts j Maiou Citr »ad Clear Lake: J Per year by carrier ............... .?! Per week by carrier ..... sy ........ »l Per year by mall ---- . ............. 31 By mail « months ...... ............ SI By mall 3 months ...... . ........ ··*! By mail 1 month worn . This garment is Mohammedan in origin. It,was used in India centuries ago. What is the most 'successfu book of recent years from thi standpoint of profits from sales "Gone With the Wind." How old are clams -when brought to market? . Between 4 and 7 years old. Where was Ely Culbertson, author of Total Peace/born? [OET UL JltfMH * *rt**f*ff -,--·- -- In Rumania and spent his early. ' Your Health By Logan Gendening, M. D. JAPS' EYES GOOD 'DO YOU remember in the pre- Pearl Harbor days the common saying that all the Japanese were myopic and therefore could not t ne war pianis^jecause an uie meu compete in marksmanship with turn to look 9tter her and thus Americans and Europeans? That thousands of man-hours are lost, piece of misinformation is now NOW! Now! Isn't that just too bad! ye * definitely a casualty of the I Bet no man-hours' were lost star- territory which would come to I awa j cen j ng we arejiaving as to j ng after the old gam that made her under her "Curzon liije" pro- | tj, e fighting qualities of our | the remark! · · ' · · enemy. The anthropologists could have ;ars in Russia. ·What church in. California ~ built entirely from the stump of a redwood tree? The First Baptist Church Santa Rosa. When and how was Parthenon destroyed? ". ^ An enemy shell caused an explosion which ruined the entire central portion in 1687. What was the period of construction of the Great Pyramid in comparison with that of Boulder am? · ' : , 100,000 men labored 20 years erect the pyramid, while 1,200 en built Boulder Dam in n -2 years. po'sal. She has a like historic | claim upon Bessarabia. i n t h e Speaking of the New Deal Ackley World-Journal: Blasted end Russia wfl] lend up ' arabia, with that part of I liLUJfeJUiUfeka u» WMW* «* Tit** -j»*-o" --* j 5UU11 JlaVC -----· - - - ... shouting an'd'beating his tom-tom Peace. which she wants and with egress, on ^ stfeet corner .: · · · One feature that deceived the -r in one form or another, to Mediterranean sea. L IKE it? Of course we We'd be ever so much hap pier if Stalin was taking the position that matters of this _sortI £TM;j.-- *%££,£ ro«!£ ought to be settled on a basis ot gether in a sharp point. Between practical justice around a table them a small red knob juts out-with' aU affected parties repre-| a papilla lacrymalis which helps Why It Isn't Becocnized disguised work Odd, But Science By Howard W. Blakeslee AP Science Editor with all affected parties repre-i a papuia lacrymaus wuicu neiiia i sented to divert the tears into the tear ELECTRIC EYE WINKS AT AL But'that just isn't in the cards, duct. In the Mongoloid races, on VORK The Braee nav A fact is a Lt, a theory a theory, theBother hand *e upper eyelid J^TO^Tta ^K w We must be concerned with facU«J^TM? covering toe pa^ Lry- field, England, uses 2 electron, not' with theories. Statesmanship | mMs eritirelveThis is the Mongo-1 eyes to look for alloj lies in "attaining the attainable. 1 ^ 1 Curve tuvtuiljg LUC ^jai/u^a ±o.\.*j- I Ai^iv*, ^...^.^..v., -- LIUV wii.ii uit^i»«. ,,._»_ ,ma vj s entirely. This is the Mongo- eyes to look for alloys in steel anc lies in "attaining the attainable. loid Jold It j s ',jue to a thickened one of them winks to tell ho And holding Europe to the exact eye ijrl partly due to a l a r g e r mufjh there is. boundaries established after the I amount of fat in the orbit than the I The method is described i last war doesn't fall within that white races have and partly to dif-1 Monthly Science News, a Briti category · ferent muscle implantation. wartime scientific publication. T i ""-- » ·· T_J:-- i^^ *i,^ quality of steel,for guns and many purposes depends on alloys such the . same , fold, and he was always Tim« fo Gef Touah supposed to be a pretty good shot. I line TO «BT i uugii | Th s fold and the ^IKCI amount THE UNITED STATES, Washington dispatches indicate, is riot going to recognize-the new revolutionary government of Bolivia. That is as it should be. But there is one more · logical step to be taken in conjunction with this refusal: A clean break in diplomatic and trade relations between the' united nations and the pro-nazi government of Argentina. The;united nations have too long pampered and appeased the militarists of Argentina who have kept power against the pro-ally sentiment of the Argentine people. This power has been maintained only because .the prosperity of boom times, based ' ' -- of fat in the orbit, causes a narrowing of the palpebi-al fissure in the Mangoloids--slit eyes. Measurements on different races show the average width of the palpebral fissure to be: Chinese, 26.S m.m.; Japanese, 28.9 rri.m.; European, 30 m.m.; Greeks, 32.9 m.m. This narrow slit also created the misapprehension of bad vision among the Japanese because it made the eyeball look flat. The habit of wearing glasses among the Japanese is far more widespread than ' among Europeans and is ascribed to poor I lighting coupled with much reading. Then the imitativeness of the Japanese plays a part--wearing I glasses marks the individual as of a higher cultural level. Such ideas as manganese, chromium, bolybde- num, vanadium, aluminum, nickel, copper-or other minerals'. One or more may be present in la-rge amounts or only in traces. These amounts have to»be analyzed precisely. The Britons' method-is new in that it makes use of fine drillings, filings -and Doom nines, uciaeu in part un a nigner cunurai level, jsucn meas heavy United States and British I are not unknown among us. I have purchases, has softened political known many a young doctor to opposition to President Pablo adopt a pair of window panes on Ramirez and the clique of colonels graduation so he will look older v.- v, 11 4V. j(rirT,yc ^ri,ir« anti more intellectual. And then which pulls the strings fordnm. the Eur habit of the monocle . America and Britain working is as cl£)sc to pure a£ f ectation as _ together, could change that pros- onc can get irl this wor ]d. Nobody turnings as samples for analysis, perity into hard times in short has one eye so bady distorted that I Other methods, even the specto- order by cutting Argentina off jit needs a lens, while the other I graph, required larger samples, from its source of imports and its is perfect But the monocle gives T h e Sheffield scientists dissolve unrirhinff war markets. And the 1 decor! , 4^^ fiiinoe \n nrM m n t i n p a linuid DR.CPOANER 00 YOU SEE WHAT enriching war markets. And the decor: thc fiii ngs j n ac id, making a liquid hard times, turning thc peoples' The f a« « that Japanese eyes con taining steel and all the alloys, attention to ""their responsibility, ?^ e 3ust as good on the average as Th ey add a chemical which causes would chanfce their government ;nose ol any other .race. Vision is I one 0 { the alloying metals to show TM._ - j."i- I granted to all mankind as an equal ht: dmrartpristie color. For ex- army coup was engineered and I acute, encouraged by Argentina as part | Again, to all mankind as an equal U l Training makes some groups more visually light through the solution. The color encouraged by Argentina as part Again, rumor hath it that the chosen is one which will be part- of an attempt to weave a protec- Japs are relatively poor fighter]y absorbed by the color' in the tive belt of anti-ally governments pilots because their habit of read- metallic solution. One electronic between itself and Brazil, which ing up and down has not exercised eye i ooks at this partly absorbed has been co-operating whole- their peripheral fields of vision as colored ray, while the other eye heartedly with the united nations. I ^"a A? n _ t ?.?.. w : hu .? "£ ht . ei ^ wh .° I looks at similar rays coming REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files ORTY YEARS AGO The city solicitor, F. A. Kirshman, is drafting a bill which the epresentatives of the county in the state legislature will introduce at the coming session, relative to sidewalks. The bill provides that permanent sidewalks may be erected by the city and at the same inie they be empowered to issue certificates to pay for the same on the installment plan, the same as waterworks or sewer. Mrs. C. L. Haworth is moving her stock of art needlework materials in the Glanville store, up stairs, where she will be glad to see her customers. THIRTY YEARS AGO Conference between the city officers of Mason City and their attorneys, with the. heads of the United light- and Railway company over the rates for gas and electricity to be charged by the Peoples' Gas and Electric com pany is scheduled for tomorrow. Mrs. Truman Potter will entertain the members of the Uly Bridge club in her apartments -in the Marvyl tomorrow afternoon. The Maria Mitchell club met yesterdax with Mrs. Scammon on East StaV TWENTY YEARS AGO Ruth Steinberg, the small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Steinberg who was operated upon for appendicitis Monday afternoon at the Story hospital, is recovering well. Lester Milligan, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, addressed the members of the Hi-Y club in their meeting Thursday at the Congregational church. Mr. Miih- gan used as a topic for his talk "The Weak Made Strong.' TEN YEARS AGO . The Portland Co-Operative corn- any showed a net profit"of $923.18 for the year 1933, according to lie business report given stock - lolders at the annual meeting held 'uesday. The total net sales were 47,942.72. f Mrs. O. -W./Hillstrom entcr- ained the O. T. T. club at lunch- con Wednesday at the Ford Hopkins tearoom. Bridge wa» played with high score prizes going to Mrs. Roy Fellows and Mrs. Wayne Pierce and low score to Mrs. L. M. Wood. Mrs. D. L. Miller was taken in as a member of the club. heartedly -with the united nations. mudh as in ** white fi | hte « . wh .° looks at similar ray The "colonels" have made consid- K °' d hasp ^ ct ' hew scien" ^Ibs^nWth^lfgV erable progress as well m Para- Locally tested . u w be ^eT/therefore see: cnioir *r*A »r» tVlpir l l t m n s t 1 .:_- . _ ^ T _ _ . r. UIW V« Ul^n-iuic which ab- eraoie piogiew «.= w^.i m *.».»- UHcaUy tested. lt wou]( j not guay and are doing their utmost good practice to depend on it. to stir upjroublc in Urugu a y,| Q u e 3 l . o n s a n d A m w e r s Chile, and Peru. Stern_and unmistakable meas- . , , . . , M. K. Y.--Will having a cat or Stenuand unmistakable mcas- d j n th(J houso bothcr a person ures are needed at once if our en- h a v j n g asthma? tire Good Neighbor policy is not Answer--Many people are sen- ( to b« diMOlvtd and the war need- Uitive-tp cats and have asthma in Jessly and expensively prolonged. I their presence. A few are to dogs. One eye therefore sees less ligh than the other. The eye seeing th most light therefore closes party by shutting down "~ '-'- "'' its iris dia it winks. I phragm. In effect closes until it sees no more ligh than the other eye. The size ot this wink measures the i ' tion of alloy;the other eye Clover Couplets By Roy Murray. of Buffalo Center NOT GOOD SPIRITS T ran rot find » »·»· to ihink Why any man »hevl4 say thai rirfnk W o n l d help to Mae tnc dreary IrUU Wll^c^ wipe »w«r ««r churf jmlles. I N.T. r«" nlk«r have. J e*a«c 1* kA»w silly rMMnhx Ii n« », n (kc Wlflu IkM irink »r«T.«r» *i. »«t wH*,' «.» *rl«kl 1 THINK I UNDERSTAND/ CANT HWE THIS SOT OF THINS. FOB MORALE.'TO. HWE TO SEE --T WJWTICANOO ^~1r YOU MUST K PRBWED FOR SBZOUS ACTON/THIS MA»IM10UL OURCBITML «ft/Afl«L WITH THE I HAVE ALREAPY SNEN XXI ALiTHE* PATA ON TOWN M/ f WILL SIMPLY EE- m/rj THAT IT LOOK UKE THE KtH NWS OF A STRONG KIAII COUNTBiOFFENSIVE IN THIS SEaOR. GROSES WHEN NOI BEACH TOWN M INDEED,YOCfU. NOT.J .WE'LL UAii/E NOFIS8H46! BUT/ CRIMES f T'D BE A. KIND Of A WHAT WEVE GOT TO CXVS GET INTO MBS 1 CAM TELL HER COST MY KN\Fe DOWN THERE. AND WHITE F|B.' SHE WOULON'T- 8ETT 1 BASEMENT WITHOUT TELLING /GADZOOK5, [ MERUKI/ I; HADN'T BUT IV] KIMG ARTHUR'S CA5TLE.. HOORAY K SHE'S COMMA FOB. LADV [WEAR VUQU// JTTWED/ FEVEKVTHIWG WUW. A y^/k TAXED / WDW/ WOW.' I WISH SHE'D JYQUR MAJESTY/ HURRY UP -UF LAW GODIVA'S AMD PARADE/\ PARADE 15 A SUCCESS IT WILL MEAVJ REVOLUTION/ TQ4STED ACORNS/ PINS A CAMEL3T, ACTHOOGH. BANKRUPT,. .SEETHE? WITH EXCttEMENT A3 THE TIME THOUGHT 01 THAI GODSVA'5 RIDE f WOW/) NIGHTSWEBEIHEWC W'et) LIE IN A FGXHCX£ AM WATCH THE MOON COME UP AND QgTTD THINKS ABOUT HOMS --WHENTHEV FOUND OUTM( .'THE MAR1NES- VOUEE TOO VOUM3-") REAL ASE.1HF1 PEOiEO ME SCHOOLTOENUaV- OUT.'-WHAT GAVE MH AWAV KTFUM WHILE If LASTED.' THE TENT OF KHUF1J ,THE KINS " IKTO THE. ENEMY CAMP, AND STRAIGHT 5=OR HIS GOAL - * THEM i SKJNkUNG MIS STAFF TO ·BREKK IOOKED UPON THE WST DESTRUCTION WRDUGKT BY HIS AND HIS TRUSTWORTHY MEN HE DASHED STRAIGHT '^. ^^.i J f AH AIMS TA FllJD Tff BAB/ WAT PONB THAT, AH' AH AIMS TAKISS W. TH 1 FIRM'S STOfPSOl WHAT . MACHINE GUN! CAKM! S£ BULLETS AKf f(fffUU)

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