The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 11, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1913
Page 5
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Anna Hirt Says Aurmller Girl Said Priest '.Vcs Going to Ksrry Her hen She --eft Sectary. r Yor£, Cee. 11. -- AJ inticL ss ever likely u» be luiov.ii or me rci ! tions of As^a Aun: ^Uer .viui Kaii er-priest and her lover aa-i slayer, vss to'.H at Sc-^raiJt's irlai by , Aai.a riir;, who worked vriih the dead l at St_ Bo^ifeca^ rectory. nstru- usca acmes and Records. THvSGHMIDT CASE." l! Confesrcd ,Mc:rderar and Friend"] of Girl Ke Stew. AEJUJ. Hirt's story linke J the murder j v.-iti: i'iiciiit. Sue iJeiitiuc-ii pieiurcs ; of Aasa A'J^-:UIer and piciurcs ol tJe carls «f ^cr body "-leu iro^z tne Ki:d- c^gniied the yiilow care s.ouuu -..·ra iJ^rt ci tie Lo-ly as one -svIiiGii she saw Anna Aurralier j ! Medical Advertising j HiistancPs Hair If It Is Thinning Oat or Full of Dandruff. Use Parisian Sage. licet men are careless regarding the car c£ the hair--not until it comes me by the cosibi"! do they really Xake tic£. Then it aiay be too iate. if your husband's hair Medical advertising , -~ Nostrils And Head Stopped Up ' "^ From Cold? Try My Catarrh Balm head. G'et from People's Drag Stere-a Z* art bottle x;f Parisian Sage. * RE» t Ths I'assatrc-s; You dissolves by the hea^ of the nostrils; Headache' penetrates and heals the inflamed,. Discharge s swollen' membrane -which lines tbe I nose, head and throat; clears the air ' cassa^es; stops nasty discharges aoi Try "£*y*s~ Cream Balm." !^ feei "?S of £****£. soothing relief 'Get a'lsaali bottle anyway, just to' come3 wnmsdiately. the nostrils} Doa'c-lay awaKe to-night straggUieg sgged nose and -for breath, with head stuffed; nostnia biops. i scalp to keen them cerfee'tlv ar . ^ .. . --,, .. healthy j .nd remove dandruff, stop scalo itc i; nd falling hair. Surely try Parisian ' ·age. " " t g^yv- ^j /"^ft-%^ / S^e told of the dead girl's occasional or. her io\tr, "Father ! 'came from Germany," | ana "vhosi she wouidn t marry until j .she coiiltl H\e with him a!i the time." 1 1 Anna Aam'-Uer was to have become a · mother when she disappeared on A«ig. ! St«, said Azma Hire. It was aoout a. r.eek later that her body was found m e river. licit heard this story of his In- witli the girl he killed without emotion. Xnrv Bann, of Shadyside, N. J., and her twelve-year-old brother were the first witnesses, and told of finding the uscer halt of Ann^ Aatauller's body in the Hudson. .,. . . .. .^ _ Henry Rabiet, of Union Eili. N_ J., | ^^.rV^' '^^^^~~-^-~^~ l^ "re » ^ - .*- .«.*-- --' ^_ »jj ~ ~ % _ ^" .*" -I _,- g--i -*, «- 7 * - j^a.«. - ^^ r"5J-jHer"^r-J a tola of finding she lower aa!£ of the body of Anna Aianuller the next day, Sept. C. Dr. George "VT. King, of Jersey City, .oaaty physician rbere, testi5ed thai Anna Auaiuller died of bleeding. Sae v--oulfi have becorae a mother in ne Le els-1- v-.t^-_-j-. -r- ats^rjiey- c.r ".i^i '·ZED f- T c,--; i. r. CO Tt tbree months, said Dr. King, had sot ; appeared ss a S rj e --irea birth to a child a few days Sc!±in;^t- tcer Cea-.erin^ t uhotosraris "..'era t^-er. 12 -oora s ; a^e h's t-ial oegan. i-:e *vo- rnaa is Miss JebOf Inter, *'· -.-c-, a oJ trie run«-iere-i girl a-.*. \.no A Piano or Victor 1 alking Ma- I c Ma "is -a joy to say home. % i before or at the time of her death. Tie body had been cut to pieces Tdth considerable skill. JKirt said she first satr Anna i I We sell them at prices and terms " that you Can afford one,, Call " · 'and' "get prices before - o purchasing elsewhere ' A33iall8r on Thanksgiving day, 1912. j Soon, after-ward rhe girl came to frork i at tne rectory, ana she -worked there l until Aug. SO this year, iiiss Hirt I iceatf fiea tae pictures of her body by | a o:ark on the shoulders -- three little mcles. Tae dead £irf described her lorer tc her fellow - servant as "Father ScLmidt" and afterward as s. -*baron." Among the taings the slain girl had otraecl Tvas a doll- Anna Eirt didn't S: I ICDO-.V -s-ay she had it, for surely, she K i agreed, she was too old to be playing 9 e j Tvith colls. j Miss Hirt said that when. Anna Ati- mniier left the rectory on Aug. 27 she took "^ith her rwo bundles and salt- case fall of her things. "When she returned she said that her lover was go- ssg to marry her and had taken, four reorcs on the ''upper ~Sv"esc Side." So far there was notning bat a bed in Gettysburg, Fa. -:«^sv«:e:s®KSi:@i:®r2i:s v ex3KSKSHSvc^©:-:s^ass^a?:e2«i jsr^^ s» f\ »H* aiy U f S l l ^ i l a *:5 ?*?=-? |» ' * OB Woffian Stops Fans FT f* ^here's GO pead of it- Sj.S a ; Cai^rrLal j'c.iv. UD il:e no^lr: s. . ·* , - - . Xe!, deafness, elcr. b:cj causes s^o 25c and ^Cc s r direct. S life. Csx. For sale by People's DrugStore Gettysburg, Pcu ! S PUBLIC SALE SATURDAY. DECEIvIBER 13,1913. Owing to my intention ro disconun- i se the business I -will sell at aiy | THIS STOVE HAS BECOME FAMOUS for iii heating quality with a small consumption of coal. In addition, to this, which is the essential reqiarement of any heater, it is especially noted for irs attractive appearance. We will take pleasure in ; showing it and explaning its full merit at our v'hareroom. ·" J* f *V H. T. MarKtg Rear of old Keadin? freight station in building formerly occupied by Suaviscafker Co. top 7 to II vears, Da-yton wagon. ·£ ocggies.*! rubber tire top buggy, home ] rnac-e: 1 rubber tire rnnabouz, BIcchcr | , and Socs make, nearly navr; 1 gooJ j i ssrrev. o Portland sleighs, only slight- j \ iy L,seC; 2 buggy poles. 5 sets of single : | harness, nev/ set of double harness, i c All these harness have only bzen used j J i short time. New riding saddle and; J good -iorse blankets The Best Christmas Are Useful Gifts The Hardare Store 6 of them all wool: -f' robes, tie rones, baiters, collar pads.'' FEESH Daily at The Saintary Fish and Oyster Market. | v iIe Street, near the Square. I "* o F. W. Kappes and Co. | e*««^xXHe^»«««K^««»0IK0^ Domestic Gas Eogines ? Spraying Outfits May Tag Electric or Power Wasiiin §*.j*^l"*'3r5*7^* Q Machines Reading Standard Motorcycles are some of the mechanical devices for -a ;.:ci! I hold the acreccy. T sljali be qis to dcraoEStralc any one 01 thun to prospecthe pnrchasers. COSVICTS TO_BUILD ROADS DeJecates to Convention Advocate Use of Prisoners In Construction. Philadelphia, Dec. II.--The employ- jnaat of ccnviet labor in the baiidiEg of roads ~as advocated at the session of tbe American Koad Builders" association, in session at the First Kegi- aisst armory. Tne reconnnendatioa vras made on tbe grotnfi that if "convicts are per- inittea to rebuild tfce roads, the roads will rebaild the convicts/ 7 T^ose Tvr.o ma-e the principal pleas Tor the convicts were Dr. Joseph Hyde Pratt, state geologist of North Carolina: P. TV". J. TTUson. state hish-vfay ccmraissiGaer of Virginia, and Colo] ncl vTIIlIani H. Tv'asbington. ccr.smt- j Ir.g engineer of the state highway de- j partnient cf New York- j Dr. Pratt took the position that a ' man wio is serving a prison term was · msre'y parlns a debt to the state. "A certain amount of work,"* he said, "Is necessary to the health of prisoners. TI:e stats s'couid not be vindictive and rufa his b?s".t % caa starve his family ' -- ii:e ^ir, iiira ray the penalty of a cr^^'.e. if ased on the roads tte 2..-1 s'lorM KS paid fair wages, t*» r.t ln~~- ros^ of tlieir keep suJ, "-- i.--eT3~e or extra work. Tae state \ -.! foe a hundred times repaid, not i onlv in 32e~ roads, bst in new citizens, wl'o wilt be a credit to the commti- n:ty." o Repair Work at rr.y I am prepared to do any manne Cabinet and Machine Shcp, or all kinds of New Work made to order. Unlte-cf Telephone Cor. Middle and Stratton Streets O U S Gt. Sociable to heM at the New Locust Grove School-house. Dec. 12, 1913 from 7 to 10 P. M. Come empty your pockets fill up your stomachs and help lay the foundation of a schocl library. Everyone welcome. ScraEEoa, Pa.. Dae. II.--Just before the ro:ir set for tea rjaeral of a man she saprcsed was her htisaaad^ Sirs. Fred I.. T»"UIIanis. of V.'est I^cta^ranna avenue, received word tnat it was not her husDar;.! vrho had met: death, by arov-niag la the Sasouetaana river at Towanua. bui tbat ^"liliaiss was well and zz ^vxrr: in t.:e Srie railroad shops at HomellrX. T. !5Irs. ^"iiliaris rcai an account ot the finding o" a nan's body: Not hearing from her husband, she Trent tc where l_e was toare^s in Homeli and found that he nad. oeen away several dajs. · Hurrying to Ulster, N. T-, where t-e boay haa been talin, she arrived just as it vras reing lowered Into an unmarked grave. The co^Sn was orened ana she -'IdendSed" .:~ oy a scar over t'^e right eye, a tattoo inark, a crooned lituo Sager and his clothing. The body was roraoved to Scranton and the funeral WEIC to have taken place "R"ednesda.-"- w'sen Csief of Police Hlcker. of Home!!. ts!egra^ that husband nai rczumetl to his -sfcrlr. Tse body has not been iden- tiaed. -ic-rse clitsning machine. Hav by the i ? ten ~ fesd" box and many articles not 1 Sale to commence at 12 :SO _sharp. 6 ' j -nonVhs credit on sums over_/ dollars | ov ^rvinsr a note with approved, se- i t ^Lrity. Farther terms and conditions | ?.'ilL ce insce imcwn on day of sale by j | the unders:gr.eei. ' i ? E. 31. WOLFE. j | iror^uson. Auctioneer. j t C. C Bream. Clerk. j ? Boys Wagons Xickel j'ca Eettlos Nickel Coffee Pots Oil Heating Stoves Pocket Ixnives Gloves lor Men and Boys Driving Lamps Boys Coasters and Skates Food. Choppers Enamel Roasters Keen Kntter Saftv Razor Carving- Sets --Enamel-Wa-rf- -- - - ------Eemiagton Eifles Knives and Forks_ Hatchets and Saws Call to see us" and exmalae our ilnc. Our prices are lo\v 5 Quulity tlie best. ! FOP. SALE: duelling containing: J store room, first block o£ Carlisle i streeV. Apply Times office.--advertise- ' ment. . J. Reinddllar French Aviator SCJsIad-- Earbesieiii, France. Dec.* 11^---I-ecs Letort. a well kno^m 1'renca aviator, was killed here. Ke was abotst to land after a she" flight, -shen Uis biplane turned over ana crushed him to deatli. Letort had been an aviator since If' On July 14 last he made a record ^02- story Hicfst of ^-j ir.Hes from Paris Berlin in eight S-nith Hescs Ncxv York Car.t-a ! Yor. Pec. I.--A. H. S.r CDS: Zen^ am clrectcr :cew Vcr": Ce'-.-rs.' n-J C,o » -· was electe to si.tcsea V\". C. Bro.vr.. rctaat'y r vice presiilerit o~ tie uncs- Gsr! Stcie to Ses Movies. York, Pa. Dec. II.--A desire to see moving picture shows every Bignt in the v.eek Indiiced Marion Slough, fifteen years oK, to steal, the girl told Gz-z police here when arrested oa the charge of larceny, preferred by Katie Brandt, wlso was employed in the sane factor? as 7»Iiss Slough, and -wbr. alleges that Miss Stoagfe stole her pa:« inveiope, coataiaing "ler week's wages. V.'onsan Fined S2CCO as Srr.uggJsr. Trenton, X. J., Dec. li.^T.Irs. E11 FI^miES, of Los Angeles, CaL, was ned S2000 in the United States c:strict court for smuggling $3500 worth of apparel. Xrs. Pieming arri-. ed at HDboken on Xo%-. 24 on the steamship George Washington. The fine paid. FARM for rent: 150 acre farm near Barlowy good land. Almost all clear. Want good farmer with stock, on shares. Inquire Runk Peckman.-advertisement 1V3ATHHR EVERYV/HEHE. at:ous cf Un-tcS States -creather burescs. taken at S p. 21 ; yesterday fellow- Aiaany Atlant.c City-Boston Bnffalc Chicago New Orleans-- Xew York Philadelphia St. Lor^s io«cy. Clear. Clear. Snow. Cloudy. Clear. Cloiiuy. The Westhsr. r?ir tolay and tomorro\v; northvrest -winds. Press and Stage. Probably there is no appeal, except possibly that of the daily press, j so powerful as that of tbe stato.-- F^tlier Benson. ^g you will fine! an especially fine rstmas Gifts for Men. las SIB ·'ff We have a full line Neckwear Sweaters Handkerchie f s Suspenders e nave a Underwear Handbags Caps of Gloves Jev/el-y Hosiery Umbrellas Cushion Tops Pennsnts A Suit, Overcoat or Fancy Vest would make an appreciated Gift, First National Bank Building. Haberdasher,

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