The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 5, 1931 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1931
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

^ 16 MUSIC FESTIVAL District Methodist Contest to Be Held at Algona oh March 10. FOREST 'CITY, March 5.--It is expected that 140 persons will participate in the music festival 'and contest, of choirs, orchestras, ·solo- ists and quartets of the Forest City group of Methodist churches to be held In the American Methodist Episcopal church at Forest City tonight. Thia is the last of six con^ tests held in .various cities in the Algona district of the northwest Iowa conference. All participants in FRIENDLY SERVICE that elusive , , . . s o m e t h i n g called ": - "friendly service" that, makes you feel "right at home." Every modern hotel luxury is'here at your beck and ealL \ Send for booklet iciib : Jaumtou/it map ' Rooms, S2.50 up-With Bath, $330 up BI/MARCK HOTEL CHICAGO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE the group are eligible to take part in the district wide music festival to be held, in Algona Tuesday evening, March 10. Prof. Paul MacCol- liny head of the Morningside school of music of Sioux City,, will direct the cbmbihe'd choirs at Algona. Proi. Lee Kucinskl also of the Morningside staff will lead the joint orchestras. .It is expected that more than 500 musicians will be in this festival if all who are eligible will attend. Dr. w. H. Lease, superintendent; of Methodist churches of the Algona district, said the festival will be held in the First Methodist church in Algona and that arrangements are being made for an overflow meeting at some place to be announced later where the same program will be repeated. The Rev. Belden Weikel of Thompson is chairman and registrar for the Forest City group. Profs. Joseph Westlj and Odvin Hagren of Waldorf college are 'acting, as judges. S3 Coe Frosh Win Marksmanship Medals CEDAR RAPIDS, March 5.--Announcement of the names of 83 Coe freshmen who qualified for. marksmanship rnedals in' freahinan rifle competition held during .the first semester hsis been made by Lieut. Staten E. Rail of the military department, of the college. Of this group - of men, 14: qualified as expert riflemen over the-regular army course, 31 as sharpshooters and 3S as marksmen. North -:Iowa first year men who qualified, as sharpshooters "were: Donriah Larson, bows; -Richard Krumm, Swea City, and Richard Connor, Oelwein. Terms of Two Expire. CLARION, March 5.--Two vacaa- ies will be filled on .the' Clarion school board at the election In the city hall Monday. D. L. Nagle, whose term expires, will not be a candidate. Dr. G. A. Evans and E. o. Turk have each declared themselves on the ticket for the next three years. A treasurer will also be elected to succeed Burt Harwood. MOTHER KNEWS.B. Ruft's Cough Gets Quick Relief ; "When my little girl caught a cough. I knew what to do. Many' a time--when I was little--my :mother gave me S. B. Drops. That's · ·'why I sent for their, cough syrup; 'I wasn't disappointed. Ruth's cough stopped quickly. She was spry again in a few hours." Mrs. L. Sledick, 1604 Baltimore Ave., Cincinnati, 0. T R I P L E ACTION 1--Soothes irritation 2--Is mildly laxative 3--Clears the air passages " · . · . i SMITH BROTHERS COUGH SYRUP Buddy and Donnie urge all of their friends to Write a Poem i about their "Big Sister" $10.00 PRIZE And an original drawing of the comic strip "Big Sister" autographed by Les Forgrave will be presented for the best poem. · ' ' · / IMPORTANCE NOTICE--Each, poem entered in this contest to be_considered for the cash prize, must be accompanied by a blank tally sheet such as is used in the Globe-Gazette bridge contest now in progress. These tally sheets may be obtained at any of the fifty-four stores ajid business houses co-operating with the Globe- Gazette in the bridge contest. I See Story on Page 14 Today! Mason City Globe-Gazette MARCH 5 1931 MOST MEMBERS HEAD FOR HOME Unusually Large Number of Congressmen Held in ·Capital. WASHINGTON; March 5. UP-Free from parliamentary worries for nine months, most members of congress were hoineward bound today, but an unusually large number were detained in Washington. The meeting, of the democratic national committee, the approaching progressive conference and investigations, delayed most of-theso. Vice President Curtis was one 'of the first to leave 'the capital. He departed for a 10 day vacation at Miami; Republican Leader Watson of the senate is remaining here for the present. . Democratic,Leader\Robinson alao is staying for a couple of weeks, playing golf, attending ttie democratic meeting .and sitting in on an invesigating; committee. ' Senator Borah, Idaho, will remain probably until the hot weather arrives. ' . :. Senator Norris, Nebraska, will stay here until after, the progressive conference next week and then return to*Nebr'aska. Senator Fess, Ohio, probably will alternate between his home and hi a job as chairman of the Republican National committee. Speaker Longworth plans to staj in the capital, until May. ' Democratic Leader Garner of has already left for his home in Uvalde, Texas. HOOVER PRESTIGE UNHURT BY VOTE (Continued From Page 1). 53 republicans, 42 democrats and one fatroer-labbrite. Of the republicans, however, at least 15 have been off the G. O. P. reservation more or less of the time. But the house of representatives has been truly republican. Allowing for three vacancies caused by deaths, its G. O. P. membership pn adjournment date was 266, against 165 democrats and one farmer-Iaborite. With a margin of 97 the administration ought, according- to all rules,' to have been unbeatable on any imaginable issue. Nevertheless the representatives voted 328 to 79 to pass the veterans' bill over the presidential veto. · * "» * TTAD it been any other bill, a result * * like this would have counted as an utter knockout of white house authority. But had it been any other bill, it wojuld not have happened. .The explanation is that'everyone recognizes the impossibility of defeating any measure that· a.consid- erable- line-up of ;bld soldiers appear to want to -have passedMihtil they have been thinned to the present- day number of Civil war veterans. There are too mnay, veterans, with too many friends, for any politician to dare to risk antaognizing. Consequently, in casting their ballots to disregard the ' presidential veto, all the lawmakers turne-1 appealing, apologetic eyes toward the white house, virtually saying: "You know,. Mr. President, that we have to do this." · ' : ' . - · · » * » , · THE president, somehow, is differ- L 'ently situated. Senators and representatives doubtless are right in believing that it would' be political death for them to disgruntle the old soldiers. Why is it, then, that the president can veto a veterans' bill and Bret awav with it? President Coolidge vetoed one, with no signs of the slightest bad effect upon his popularity. What the effect will. be upon President Hoover's rem'alns to be seen, but political 'opinion plainly inclines to the view that he acted wisely. * *' * PERHAPS the answer to the puzzle is this: , The veterans who really want money now (and would have made a fuss about It at the polls, had the bill gone into the discard) do not care how they get it, so long as'they get it. Assuming that it is forthcoming,, as it will be~, it is immaterial to : them whether or not tlia measure was vetoed at one stage in the proceedings. Thus the president gets credit for his veto from those who thot the bill deserved to be vetoed and tin the others-are unconcerned; know nothing- about the veto, maybe, or will speedily forget it. As for the congressmen who voted to over-ride the, president. "Well, they showed their devotion ' to the veterans, anyway." . * * * f~\N THE other hand, suppose, after *J congress had passed the bill a*hd the president had vetoed it, con-' grjess had NOT passed over his veto. Then there WOULD have been a rumpus.^ , The veterans (the ones, who -wanted their money) would have blamed the .president for 'his veto and congress for not over-riding "it, the country generally w.ould have sympathized with the veterans and a lot of political careers probably would be blighted next election day. As it is-- · The president, with his veto, 'wins praise for his economic soundness. Congress demonstrates its enthusiasm for the ex-service men. The veterans receive their 50 per cent in hand. , It la not a clash between the executive and the legislative branches of the government. It Is a beautiful demonstration 'of the co-operative principle.' SHE'S PROUD OF CHAPLIN No .one in London awaited. a . visit from Charlie Chaplin, noted screen- comedian, more anxiously than this old lady. She is Grannie Tricks, 79 years old, who was nurse to ChapUn, when he was a child. She is proudly displaylne a photo of Chaplin, shown inset, to a youngster. The comedian has received a tremendous welcome In England on his first visit to his homeland In six years. · At Mason City's THEATERS Some of the foremost names in modern music were closely bound with the filming of "New; Moon/' Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer's screen adaptation of the stage musical- drama success, which is now playing 1 , at the Cecil theater thru Friday. Lawrence Tibbett and Grace Moore, co-stars o£ the picture, need no introduction, Tibbet having achieved a sensational success in his first screen effort, "The Rogue Song-," and Miss Moore having scored equally in her talkie debut' as Jenny Lind of "A Lady's Morals." .The names connected with the composing, .arranging and orchestration, end of '.the musical:.production are, equally 'm'eritorious.L These?, include Sigmund Romberg-and Oscar Hammers tein who wrote the original score including the memorable "Lover Come Back to Me;" and Herbert Stothart and Clifford Grey, remembered for their songs in "The Rogue Song" and "Devil May Care," who have again contributed two outstanding songs, "What Is Your Price, Madame?" and "The Farmer's Daughter." "One. Heavenly. Night" is the title of Samuel Goldwyn's newest production, based on. an original,story by Louis Bromfield, the noted autor. in which Evelyn I/aye, John Boles, Leon Errol and Lilyan Tashman appear. This picture will, continue at the,Pa]ace thru Friday. Its background is modern Budapest, carnival city of cafes, of serenades under starlit skies,, of drinking and fsong Fritzi is the darling of the cabarets coveted by the soldiers, by the students, by the richest shop-keepers Htr career has been scarlet, her po- live dozier--brawls, "duels, divorces everything,-aJaaoat, .is endless. As the story .opens, Fritzi has just precipitated a particularly bloody one In the cafe is ,LUH, the drab littlr flower girl, whose life is without any touch,of color, glamor or romance except that supplied by her distant glimpses of Fritzi. Above everything in the world, Lilli adores Fritzi, her life, everything about her. If the modern family would live more In its home, it would come nearer to living within its income: --Charles' City Press. Lucille Powers, who enacts the lovfely .Southern girl in "Man to Man," the Warner Brothers and Vitaphone production now at the Strand theater, comes naturally by her charming drawl which features her characterization in the picture. Miss'Powers was 1 born in San Antonio, Texas, on Nov. 18, and is the daughter of. Jay Powers, a lawyer, and Helens Powers, head of the oral English department at Converse college. She was educated at the Girl's Latin school, Boston, and at the schools at Spartansburg, South Carolina, which was her residence be- Tnirel By Train It Costs Lea Here is a Remarkable VALUE IN BARGAIN FARES TO MANY PLACES Trar.I by-tr«!a . . .itcoitl leit - ··rid It'*much more comfortable. ' WiatrydayaBreJnafldiyajnroomy, uenn-bea ted red lain K Chair car or eoxcbu. Plenty ot room to stroll MXMrt . . . to read or to re*t . . . plenty of room foryoorwnpi ad ytmfa... «nd ·· yon rid*,yon no dine leisurely mad lampmotxl? it very mod crate ctxt. Bound Trip Week.Enl Fareg Travel In Comfortable Cotche* Austin, Minn $1.05 Minneapolis, Minn. . . . 3.50 St. Paul, Minn. . . . 3.50 Ft. Dodge 1.85 Omaha, Neb 5.00 One Way Coach F«re* Daily Low RMDd Trtp rare, D «Oy TlckeO good in Pullmua, bertha exm LM Angeles . . ) SuDlcgo . . . J. $127.84 San FraacUce . . ) Oa yoor next trip coafcr with yoor n**rut Greet W«»m ««nc. Heccn »av» yoa money DO matter where yon wtnrco go. Jv« .McWittn. Gtn't Ateat C. G. W. Station. Maaon City, Fa. These plates are made of "Comings" beautiful brown base and "Comings" natural pink gums. The teeth used on this plate are the famous "Nickle Pin' teeth--a very .fine looking and a very strong tooth. This makes a very good plate and one that we can and will stand back of. , ONE DAY SERVICE CRAVENS EXCLUSIVE PLATE SHOPPES 18 1st St. S. E. Mason City 306 8th St. 408 Locus DCS fore she came west. Her home town: sw her stage debut in stock.; She ater. appeared in stock in Dallas and Los Angeles. Her stage work on ·the coast won her first chance in jictures ip "Three Week Ends" which .she'appeared in two years ago. Since then she has been seen in "All Quiet on the Western Front," 'The King of Jazz," and "Billy, the Kid." "Lord Byron of Broadway," all :alking comedy with music and :echnicolor, adapted from the novel of Nell Martin, is to be seen for the aat time Thursday evening at tho iowa theater. The cast is headed by Charles . Kaley of "Earl Carrol's Vanities." Ethelind Terry of "Rio Rita," Cliff Edward s of "Ukulele Ike" fame and Marion Shilling, last seen in the screen farce, "Wise lirls." Supporting roles are played y Gwen Lee, Benny Rubin, Drew Demorest, Rita Flynn and Hazel Craven. The first chapter of "Across the World With Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson" ia also on this bill. The jicture features tie three Boy Scouts of America. This great adventure picture is to be presented at he Iowa in four chapters, one each week on\ Thursday. go // you get rid of a cold first--with Grove's Bromo Quinine--it can't develop into something more serious. Don't let it s p r e a d through your system . . . Drive if out. L A X A T I V E HOMO QUININE THE ONLY BROMO QUININE CUffEWARDS MARION SHILLING AiiJ»k«l W««r V* Ml TALKING- Ctiwejjy Dnm»at Tmfu\ Alto. S I N G I N G Across the world with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson. Featuring the Three, Boy Scouts of America. This great adventure picture will be shown In four chapters --One chapter' each Thursday. Come evory Thursday und get the thrill ot your life. ALSO f Laurel and Hardy "BLOTTO" NOW PLAYING DOUBLE PROGRAM AT REGULAR PRICES TWO MIGHTY INTERESTING FEATURES-The Saturday Evening Post Story by · : · Ben Ames Williams HAM TO HAH Dramatic and Interesting and MARILYN MILLER 'SALLY' i ivith JOE E. BROWN ALEXANDER GRAY Laughs-- you've been crying for Romance- you've b«en sighing for Song -- Dance -- Como Now. TIME OF SHOWS "Man to Man" at 1-4:03-7:01-10:04 "Sally" at 2:23-5:21-8:24 News nt 2:14-5:12-8:15 Operetta Is Presented by Sheffield Students SHEFFIELD, March 5--The oper- tta "The Smuggleman," was given y the lower grades of the Sheffield choo! at Memorial hall Tuesday vening. This was under the dlrec- ion of Miss Wylma Hudgel assisted y Miss Florence Burhow. Jurors Keport Again DECORAH, March 5. -- Jurors rawn for the February term of the district court were excused Monday and ordered to report today. , Several small 'cases have been disposed of by'the court. , . , . ' . /. / · STARTING Their Voices Thrill You! Glorious. voices, mighty action of Russian passion. Irresistible drama, marking ";is the ultimate in supreme entertainment. You'll enjoy this! LAWKENCE _ TIBBETT ^ GRACE · MOORE Star of "Lady's Morals" MOO* with ADOLPHE MEN.IOU Famous Stage Success ON HER WAY! COMING SATURDAY! Joan Crawford "Dance, Fools, Dance" I ALACE Now Playing THRU FRIDAY A Grea,t The Hoi of Two Continents. T h e Rage of New York and London. Daring! Sparkling! Entrancing! 'OHE HEAVENLY NIGHT' JOHN BOLES and LEON ERROL An obscure little beauty lured into a new world of glitter, fash- Jon and 1 temptation. Did she yield to the seductive luxury of life she longed for? Or was she the triumphant mistress of her fate? A brilliant and superlatively exciting battle, of love and wita in the gorgeous realms of luxury! FRIDAY Request Show The Trespasser Gloria's Greatest Hit! NOTICE On .Request Day. From now on request pictures will be shown only at the 9 O'CLOCK SHOW Attend the Last Show Friday and See Two" Shows For the Price of One

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