The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 11, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, December 11, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Snnday Times and News Publishing Company LA VERB HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP R. BIKLE, President- PHILIP R. BIKLE, Editor N Served bv earrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. A G e l t s b u r . for 2y cents per nionin. ten days after your Entered* A 1904. at Gettv^bure, Pa.,, as second-class matter, under ' Congress March 3..1ST9. ' BELL PHONE OSee-'in Northwest cornei UNITED PHONE of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. EBELS IIMO EUKU ROOT, Work In ?e,u-« Prize For Jja sad FhiUopsnes. Ben. Viilafsal Wttit 40BO Men ssiege^tliSjiBify. ,, ** -^ ~ »*. »***» fi ,» i . « · ;· ;-'-SX*f|" ^daalUI h V;: :| £W ··»*** %*P *^..,j: -.: "- 1 *SHIPS TO BEM3VE ALIEftS i PAPER F.£?S£S=?JT£! FOR ADVERTISING 3Y THE. NEW YORK AND CK1CA3? word if guaranteed one cent ae cent oer word each insertion. Two cents a first nase position- " Resolutions of respect, poen^- and ? ^~TM A TO OOT EEADEHS S o c r m p e r s and which is strictly non-parti^=- Oar *dv«tising columns are ope* to all candidates of all paroe*. I Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store- While thev last! Very special lot " of Ladies* collars. , PISS PRODUCE COMPANY | j Elgltit *t«h Price* Paid for all CHAS. S, MUMPEE -- Fire Proof Storage -Warehouse for Fornlior* and Household Good* stortd length of I W. H. TEPTOK ii pEducE-- fiuerta Off.ciais Advise Him to Arbi- ', trate With Rebels and Ask Carranza to Be Candidate For President. i Vera Cruz, Mes., Dec. II.--The at-j jiL-k on Tampieo began yesterday. The | cbels vrere a-Ivanting on the city : rosi various points. The United States i jattleship Louisiana has been, ordered j jo Tampieo. ! A messenger from General Yiliareal, Jie rebel coraniander, reached the American consulate in TaEicicc. -with Jie iuforESEtic" that 4(.»,'v rebe!s, cora- uian-Jed by Generals Yiliareal and Cas- i :ro, were apprcacsing the city. The rebel advance guard, it was said, was i at Lacuna Piierite, nine miles from j Tampieo. j General YiUareal declared his iaten- , lion of assaulting the c-ity with the least possible delay. He said he had [ 5ivea his followers strict ortiers to f refrain as far as possible iroro. the destruction o£ porperty and to protect the lives of foreigners, but he feared j they wo-^ld be gravely imperilled in the" attack on the ciiy and the consequent fighting: in the streets. £"or this reason he earnestly requested the Are^ric£n authorities to take rsroie- uiate steps to remove all foreign residents from the ^nlace. Up to the time of the dispatch o* Consul Miller's advices no definite action had been taken on this request, but Rear Admiral Frank F- i^ietcher, | commander 01 the United States neet, cad made preparations to take ail the Toreigners oa board his vessels at a moment's notice and to land marines if it appeared advisable. It is tmderstood that the captain o' the German cruiser Bremen conferred ·Kith Hear Admiral Fletcher on the Question oHanding marines and courteously assnred tie Ai2.eriC2r..adisIral sliat ha.would act in harmoSr liis desires. _ t _ , Lie For Peace. . Dec. II.--For the ;His Work ia Gate and Fftilip- j piass..fi3flopiz3d, ALSO 8ETS MHB ! Scth Recipients of Prize, Which is Worth SSO,CCQ, Are Arbitration certs. : * «wiw - .* ^»-s. · x^r ^^ - ^ -·«·- ? -x^-^- 1 ; C'srisiiaaia, Xorwsy. Dee. 11. ; Xobel pe^ce prize for 1S12, v.-orth $i'V i frjv, \.-as coriterred ca Senator Elihu j Root, o£ Xev.- York, and that for 1913 I on Se:iaisr Kenri i-a Fontaine, of . lirstssels, Uc-Isisiiii, xvho %vss formerly j prsrsideut cf the Permaaeat Intema- j tionat I J eaco iiunnm of Berne, Swit" zerland. | The Xcbs! peace prize \vas : awarded IE 1^12 HIRED "MAN SHOOTS" FARMER i I Victim In .ASIentown Hospital With j i Wound !n Abdomen. ' i ! AUentown. Pa., Dec. 11.--Lewis Scy- i - ier, a prosperous Hovsrenov.ii farjaer, is is a precarious condition at the Allentown hospital from the effeeis of gunshot .wounds iaicie-J when he was attacked, it is alleged, by Clinton Steiaraetz, a farm hand m his em- p!oy- 4* Slight hopes are entertained for tflt *» recovery of Scyder. Policemen and i| others are hunting for Steicraete. It appears ihat Ssyder and Steia- ·.secz engaged Ia a conversation after returning trod Siegfried, vsraere they kad gone lor two horses which the tardier ha-1 purchased! Steiumetz, it is reported, started a ouarrel when they reached the Sayder - lana. Sayder told Mai to wait at the ·barn until he went feiorthe house to -Tuc g e - a lantern.- V, hen Snyjier .caKie from the bouse he found SteioJaietz -standing about tea feet away* with a double barrel shotgun ia his hands. The fanner asked his hired man what he wasted to do with the sun- I Steiametz answered in. a. loud tone, !**Vou ov.e ine a ctiiirter." Snj-der rebut the words PERSONAL NOTES AND mm ITEMS Paragraphs of £ews TeSitDg of t\\z Happeotogs yi and about To#i» People Visilisg Here and Thest not piled, "i Laow 1 do." It was lie -jret time ( were suirceiy uttered before Steia! since the establishment of trie Xobel ' raetz, it is alier-ed, fired, the charge of ; Fotncadoa, i" - lirat award of which ' s i !O t blowins oSC Sayder's left thumb i v,-as made m \.'j.l, teat the coamtitiee ;aad part cf his iiund. ! of the Xor^esiaa parliament had | SnyJer stagsersd toward his assail-. - r iftj npn'BQ ni o^p tjti iiuuiio uLudc 11 fe'llPPNi P i ^ferine t aUDSHLLUuBd. Ta deserving of the prize." j i It -.vas recommended that the prize, j i approximating' §4«,OV ! 0, sEall be retain- | ' benefit o: the Fousaation · ie a.ward now indicates a change of miad on the part of the FoFsnsf Lsafer tf Atiaetie Gify 3afS S82!8flG3. Ti-e report of the committee, which IN CONSiBEBINB 9BUG ^ t uw _ ^^ ^_ 7 of York Springs, vlsifed afcth$|lionies of John ,-P/Ereani ind, Wi£sc»fiIJrfiaiii today. _ -~'~ · ~ * "*"^-«. Francis Schriver sustained a-Stroke of paralysis at -toe I. M- Reynolds store this morning. Mr. Schriver »-as taken to -his home-, on Yorlc street where his young daughter^ is ill with diphtheria. " * * -*--r Mrs. William McG. Ta-.vney, of Chambersbarg street, is spending the day ia Harrisburg-. Mrs. 31. K. Eckert, of Springs aver.- uei is spending the day in Hanover, j Earl Csiip, of Washington street, has returned from a %-isit to York. Mrs. John W. Erehm is spending- ths day in fianover. Henry Wolf Bikle Esq., who has been one of the assistant professor* in the Lav.* Department of the University of Pennsylvania, was elected to a full professorship at a meeting of 'the board of trustees on Monday. Clerk of the Courts Olisger has issued a marriage license to Gay E. Wolf, of East Berlin R. D. 1. and Miss Dora E. Hinkle, of Washington township, York County- Holds a GosfnsBn Pti the !3|!OS :-." is now a pris- [ constant eiic f, c^-s-.^ ~-i c d~'' r *tz!.Iarv ^o o. f~~ f. TP-- ~-. hard la^OI ! ciac-ation 01" the Phiiippines asd Cuba i and m the hsmdiing of the Anierican- 1 Japanese dfspure. It praises his high | Eolitical S.S.-1 international ideals, his j } prominence "' ~ -»-.^^-TM-. --"^5 'n?« i 3 os!{nasler GensraL as a statesman ana ais T - ash!n res to promote *Z. J/iA-; | ~ o serve j °f international peace. ^o^ for 1 The Ncbsl peace pri ., ; tne idea ! . , to , p Dee . ji_--Government ih and telephone ered by Presi- ·ize vras Colonel Roosevelt fo ^-*\=-^ -n-csS-ac £le=£l*-- in rhe award ! ed in 1-, ^_V- -T--^ c^racE v.Uile he was j his successful efforts in bnngms ^'^ £ r i ^"^ ? ~^--_=j:;- = - - about peace between Russia ao-i Ja* ~~ I can after the Msncburiaa casQpaign. | Other peace prizes have been ! awarded as follows: 1901. Henri Dai nant. Swiss, and Fr. -Passy r French; ..-. '-r-^.-tT--" no Kiore, so -33 n. : seeking to arbitrate -srith. the. rebels- Authentic reports to this eSect. -taicen ra--coaneeiiosr;wi£h.ihe iniiaiaatit 'chance of a blooey attack on" Tampico. -and .the overwheiiring-lstrength ofr the rebels throaghout -the^ north, indicate clearly a panic on the part of die government. Huena and his aides. TIB to this time, have steadiastly'^iatitarDed that they -svoula treat -KiaJ-g thafi th'ejtjuld- T You will find on our Bargain Tables shoos of Si wefl known lines which we have dis-conlinued. W. H. Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.48. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. j j Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00- Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. KitzmiHer r j-r-- .=..-?_ - -J5"e is -"^2_:i Lo^is Kuehalc , , -, -r-^- ----«--- -C- ~~^ EUI nb8r hp · 1^02, E. DaccHnnuji" and A. Gobat, oq^a -s-^r^£:T-^ : ^k Ir-'leaves prison, j Swiss; 1903, TT. R. Cremer, ^agllsh; V^-o'rfre J £-. ie DrfsGi in his 1304, the institution of Inteniatio^l - " - He^^rromAt^ticl^-^^a^^o.^^- President Theodore Americaa.; 1S07, Ernesto crlSTc^lanTa warm per-1 Teodoro Moneta. Italian, and Louis - . ,, - . , - - i Renanlt, French; I80S. ix- P- Araoia- ^^fcVbirton «" sVvuig open.od! son, Swede, a^d 3L'F : Bajer X)a|e: XdetrfS-s^rriTd: fa respones to a tug I 1909. Baron a Esto^eiles ue Cj^. l^T^o ··'or ·--*·"· -=.HS-?ff' - -· - ' - - ' stanr, French, anu-Ivi. Eesraaert, SEI- r'f J^J^l^T ^^'te-e Commodore ' *: ^-^ Internationa^ Permanent iit^r^^r. -i^a^osd. ·-.==?··! °*? ^am**^T£*£^ "ienna. Austnan. striousl;. deat Wilson. Conierene'es between the president and Postmaster General B-Jrleson have led 10 ti'.e collection OE information I about the practical working of gorern- mest o'-vuership ia other "couatries. The subject will he chscassed in the pcsunasier several's annual report, soon to be made public; though he may make no'" positive recominenda-- tion- " '--' Bnri«son saiil that be-had found the presideafs nln.d receptive. - Though bills have aesa draitca looking to "o?Brams3tr«vrnersltip. nine, has heea agreed -npon - as- -aa - administration measure; pea'Sins tire rsstnf of - Burle- so-i's inyesEicatlQns,. ,. j^___ .."There; Is no tioxibt,'* said _]3r^_«,=^-- .ViCTIBfOF Tentative efforts were made by the conservative element in the 3Jesiean -ovemment to induce Provisional President Huerta to ascertain If General Tenustiano Carranza would ba { ·Killmg to cease fighuns for the purpose of holdins an election, at which the Constitutional leader would be a candidate for the presidency of uhe republic, or would name his choice for that office- ;te ta^shcH. 'rith?a2ie ^sheriff, aad . was^ioia tc?-"sii 5a -she" recepacrt-rooni j ostil 2- keeper trrivcu. He did not uazed Youth BSANf Kuehjile v.cs registered and a Bum- Regains Memory " ' Ph:Iaceiph:a and Notifies Police. Philadelphia, ec. II.--A well dressed rccistereu a-iu o. .umii- ~^^-.--·--i · gives to'him. He submirte?. ( roaasr man. somewhat dazea, wal.-cea a-:e=u;a while his Bertillon i into the detective bureau here and «i.! Sp^S^SS£^S^£-.^-?S I A : B R A N D : N E W - m- TM-^!?r- ; z^^~^i- rs?53^K i r^*^^ i -'C' : ' · T O C K : O F Awaits your inspection here. So novelnes ihat the dictates of fashion ha\ e msde oieok-te. PROH'.BITIONJN JUAREZ Rebels rvlake U Death Penalty to Buy or Sell a Drink. Juarez, Me*., Dec. 11.--It is a penalty of death to try to guy a drink in. the city of Juarez. Incensed at the violation of his prohibition order General Bonavides, in command of the oorder totra under the rebel regime, issued an order that all persons selling or trying to buy ilav.0- -froKld be shot if caught. Before the rebel regime Joarez saloons never closed night or day. General Bonavides considers open traffic in mescal, pulque and other liquors as rninous to the rehel army. ° taken, tnpres- ! . he believed he ha-1 been the victim 01 sloes were ta'.i: of his thumbs £ngers for i':t-re idestiScatloa aud and HOLDS UP AUTGIST3 a "needle man."' He said he was Dennis Sheiton. nineteen years old, of Richmond lail!, 1 L. I. His miad, he said, was unable ! to brldse t",e 5iter\al since he left his j home os TKCS iay for his place of em- Crsvers to CeSay While He j ployment in Xe= York until he woke u'eno; Broken S'nsfc. ! up in Broad street station. Cumberlar." :i'\, Dec. 11.--Angered j He said he wandered about the -jpoa automobiles j streets until a r-~Iicemaa directed him . McKiniey Co-lias.! to the detective bureau- He said he son of C- H. Col- f -ras employed z: T. shipping clerk^by Chaaersv2:e. 3ea-: ^3 EJ-JB of ~^~- K- 'jrace fe Co., of ;\ew is alleged to hare York, ana "askeJ t_at they Te aotiSea. V.'lien the young man's -mother was notified over the long distance tele- ,-'tha*.-'the parcel" post and the Costal sc-Tijiss 'system. has r given a tremendous I-aper-ia to'the desire o£ the people ail,over ire 'country to have the government become the means of coat- Siuii 1 "'-""" evorv-.-rhere. It Is a subject involri^g "S2 y^JJi--^ or 'SCOO,05Q,OOO r ari''l3VG must"go slowly in Inaalrihg IB- to- it_"" JCve"TM" "great patioa except us has adoptcd"It." SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS, Flay from Harold Sell Wright's Book Coming to Gettysburg. Xo modem writer of fiction can clanri as many readers as Karoid Bell Wright, his books having: sold into the millions. The most popular of the Wright novels, u Thc Shepherd of the Hills"' has beer made into a play by . _.,,-. Wrigfnr, \vith the assistance of Elsbery Y,~. Reynolds. The first presentation of ''The Shepherd of the Hills" in ihis city will be given at- Waiter's Theatre, - Friday evening- -December 29. The story has been so widely real thac^a resume of it is practically .sin-" accessary. IT- is a story^of the Osark: n;osntains and of peopTe that^ live whoiesoine. clean lives, -who- QO'--iHg' things. In "a rnatter r df-fact manner. It is a play That makes its auditor a better man or woman Tfor having- seen it.--advertisemer.t "- - Sunday School' hold their Christmas entertainment on , Sunday evening. December li'ch, at 7-Vf Pa. loo' c ;s -arlviiig too Ls. -lamesa year-- c' ias, a farmer. ' ::eld tip t'Tee r -v'oiver on the T^t the point of a re- ifcrJ road near the · 200 acre farm for renfc^ 100 _ acres clear. Call or · phone to Herman ^ JI Bream.--advertisement "^' -~ "' --" rhing carried over from former trades best manufacturers. bnt tise laicst designs from the pastern- os a m a z i n g neanty. Table Silver Lockets . Chains Manicure Sets Umbrellas Mesa Bags B. Scarf Pins WATCHES '? f - Bracelets DIAMONDS ·^J g : Imported Chime Clocks in Mahogany Cases if! Many otner" articles that l5f will delight and please §:- you. May v.-e show them ^~ to you? Compare our 'A. prices with others. tL * MINIMUM WAGE IN OREGON Women Not to Receive Not Less Than $3.25 Per Week. Portland, Ore., Dec. II.--That no ·jroEJaa employed In 33. industrial oc- c-r-ation shall receive less than $8.25 i per wee'r of City-four working hours was the ruling of the state welfare commission, effective withia sixty ^d, The commission decided that no se::-rcs?ectins woman, in Oregon could live ."or less. Te apprenticeship period for wotaen workers was sei at one year, during which time the minimum wag^ Is not to be less than §5 per week. The first ~"~ -nl~ told to s Klmiiiler WE; jrivsr- of nr, c. It. ar.perrs t . ·oen frig"..' r r .« ; ':uil orche.. a ·vas nien'I:^:; i . zutorr-oKlcG v t : TliC msltcr · ·nj Const ..-.^ ^ eervc ".. '" : O 'NtC~ : t ^"="·3. "· r" j phone she had just notified the police iui C. "VTolfcr J, in i O f his absence and bad asked that a who was stopped ! se arch be made for hir.;. She reported \V:t;-» Cr:rns Xeaf Lititz. Lancaster. Fa.. Dec. 11. -Sch-^a'-.el vas arrested, cbarscd with being one of the msn --vao held up and cut o3 the-hair 01 Mrs. Atwood Krei- Jer. of Rome, near Lititz. twenty-oue years o'..-. a brlie o? a few months- ilrs. Krei«'.er was reraraicg to her home from tAviz, when two men grabbed rer an«l demanded money.. Ouc boun-; her am-.s. while the other rst oS her Lrald. nearly three feet Icng-. close to Lar iiead. Th3 mes disarpeared as ?.IES- Srei- cler ran s^recniuig "to" the nearest house. A ros ; - ^as formed quickly and- the er.tlre country searched, but no trace o: the assailants could he found. Schwafcel adniitted. he had beers, aear Liiitz. ilrs. Krelder Is suffering EEN DAYS TO 'ap. "ext Frank ; ^^ j ie had failed to return from his ; vo and then the i -K-OFE, and on inquiry at his place of -rack: i emr^or^s 3 *- Jt ^ 3S learned he had not Collins' horse had · re ported. for -wcrk. · aa automobile and- j -- .t- It -was Tv r-'ja't that the three He! H I "Eloped to Escape Church Wedding. 0 i 'Elktoa. Md.. Dec. 11.--To avoid the :^£_ 1 church we'ldins piauueS by the par- K7 1 ea«s of the bride. Miss Marie -Joyce, rP j a*"T?alUmore society girl, daughter of C : ) Tfeoraas .Toce, aud Edward Mc- H 1 Dowel!, a New York artist aud former r : '· BaKiiaorean. eloped to Eikton and C : S svere inarriea. Z I E G L E R ' S Admits Stabbing Chester Girls. ! Media, Pa., Dec. 11- -- TTilliam i French, colored, o! Chester- pleaded guilty in tie criminal court to the charge of assault and battery anil stabbing four young -women in Chester. He was sentenced to the county 3atl by Judge Broomall for one year. CHAMBERSBURG ST. y. ?££t£ f ':2?£*Z*Z?--^^*Z^ OUR furnishing department is 30 st full of things that would make anj man or boy an ideal Christmas gift Lewis E. Kirssin.--advertisement rei orteti to the po- J · -.vas issue J lor the j on'-eai^il ^-"-=-"-= ' CIe-« clnr.d SLURRED L-X.S. WILSON's V/ife Victim of Sarcasm of Washington Society Worrssri. Washington. Dec. 11.--Even the wife weapons, i o£ p rei: i lent "VTIIsor. is not siu'e from KIramler; t }_ c j;t^s sarcasm ef the plutocratic iay went · s; .rj.,^-- leaders of S truck bv Auto: D:es In Hospital. Sr-smokia, ?a.. Dec. 11.-- After being run do-s.n here fcy aa-automocuc. the driver of which has not been identi 5ed, Harry vCei^enhafer ^as so badly injured that he died in the state hos- At a concert i«:--;ay nic.^t b pc.- _ bo T^it'. Pior.esr Harvester Maker Dead. Miami. ~ia-. Dec. 11.--Williaci Deer- Ins, founder of the Deering Harvester - Q~nanr, who for some ttee had bsen ill here/Ciea hore. r.!er;bers of bis j imiaeclate fa^i-y were with hl^i at tinie cf his deat- 1 .. ;r."-er. i i ,,_ ?- ori sat in -Srr'shters a-pd s- veral !at!Ies the caj:aet_ She wore a most b~' in? brown ccstusac. During an iatemv?=; : _a a She A^ the ailjolalns box, recognized social and spoke to Mrs. o?3rneard to say: A .t,r " · '! looked as charming as you do in ' brown ssiit and 1"at, I h^ Is one of the leaned over \\Ilson, and was If 3 thai ^j "-«" n.'i'i 5 " T"'e ·-, Mr^. fn.-i- "^7*3 f is fl ; n TM* !° ! but said nothinr- Part o' her cioth- i 1 etn frn o!T. ·. GEIJEBAL MARKETS ,.,,'-..,, HTA -- FLOUK (fuiet; ·- c:iir. S3.j3*4; city nnils, isa- "."OUR firm, at §3.50©3.GO Gnn; Xo. 2 red, new, 93% quiet; No. 2 yellow, new, Xo. Z white, 4?c- :n t"rn o!T. j ^ ' var-^.lnlxransjt @24c- -Sirca S Srl" MaiST^c, ^-J^^-^^ 1 JHcS 1 a letter" wriit|r and mailed by his sis-1 ^'cx-o^avpcro. t \ w i ~L-seven icars o:d pstche*! : t? 'o".r 001*"TM a breast 10f« feet at t'..o Vr.".. -ui coll'er;- and re i cr.v* a Irccti.rcil sli'ill an:l other in- uries. He va=; i ".rr-pd to the MinerW hospital, br.i di^'l while be'ins taken into the InnH'Hion. ter at Kay Springs, Neb- T-ec. ~: 1304. lie docs not kuow what ciclaye. the letter. POTATOES-steady; per bushel, 70 ®J?OIILTRY: Live steady; hens, 15@ 17c-; old roosters, I1^12c.: turkeys, 3S©2Gc. Dressca firm; choice 10 ife old roosters, dSc.; -turkeys, . firm- fancv creamery,-3Sc. steady; selected, 39c.; near- western, $5c.^ Live Stock Prices. XO thinking man will miss the money saving opportunity our Ohri=.«. mas sale olTers. Lewis P.. Kirsiin.--na- \citisement Thieves Steal $10,000 "n Furs., Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 11.--Robbers took stock valued at $10,000 from a:, East Side fut store, placed it in a wagon and drove away. FOR "SALE: "family mare with colt by her side. F. M. Bream. Biglerville, Pa. United phone.--advertisement rJ-SJLf · · · / ' * ·*^'»W T ,,- _ _ » _ ^gr- ~ -_- .ue^.' S7.55^T-65; pigs, .$5.50@/.4o. CATTLE steady; beeves. $6.60 @ 950": Texas steers. SS-JffzrT.SO: stocl^ ers and feeders. $4.90@-0; cows and heifers. S3.50(§8.10; calves, ··»«" SHEEP strong: native, i --- ^ -- - - , yearlings, §5.50@7; iambs, naUve $6.50@S. WANTED: experienced stenograph er. Give experience and wages expect ed. Board ?20 per month." P. -O. Box 97 Highfield, Md.--advertisement Only Two Vfeefcs Are i-eft Ia Vfbicb. to Do Year Chiistaas Siioppicg". For Sale . House and Lot ID rtamia. r John C. Hamiltop Buford avenue, Gettysburg. Effective November 16, 1913. ,,_ m mmm BAILWAT S:56 A. 31. Daily Except Sucday-foJ Baltimore,- Hanover, York and Inteiniisdiafe iPijtatsr 10^8 A. M. Daily for Hagerstown, Vvavnesboro. Chambersburg, Hancock, ' Cumberland, Pittsburgh and Chicago also Elk.r.s, . . 12:25 P. M- for Highneld diate stations. 2:55 P. "XL for York, Baltimore Intermediate Points. 5:36 P. M. Daily except Sunday foz :B. and H, Division Points to Highneld, also Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Chambersburg and Shippensburg. C:13 New Oxford, Hanover, York, and intermediate stations. .NFM'SPAPFRf NFVSPAPFR(

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