The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 19, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1818
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, ftr irASHIXQTOittJt. C. Th. - tfluitmer LEAN DEW. Captain if Ncal j lying at Stevens' wharf. Wdl .TVTtf mtar next. For freight or pungt, ditoii board, or at 3 - J Peck - sJip, t , P J? n. & C. W - DAVENPORT k CO. tea , r; AvcTtuj . cTiTnnv. 11 O'CLOCK. - N MurrayVwharf, the cargo of the schooner J Silrrn, just arrweoirom o. jaguuB tun, oowiitmjsoi - 1! barrel. t t prime GREEN COFFEE 685 base - ' 1 34 hhdt. tupcrior Moratsea - . 27 Hide 32 tiT" J of Moicovado SUGARS. ", 17 boxet Spanish Segnrt .f 17 hull and 18 qr. boxes do. Terms at sale. feblOSt HOFFMAN h GLASS. " sUk khlELn CUTLUllY. ke. A FEW small cast. neatly ats'd table knives do do do amull cutlery An An dm saws do do do chissells, plane iron,, drawing kniv. J - g feb 19 3t 82 1 - z rean - ei. " SNAUUHG.S. - bales best Streleia Osna - J burgs, landing trom amp t nomas rii - ?;GreeVBEiuiiuNE&co. U AVENSDUCK. 1U1 pieces ueay uavciu XI. Duck, for title by 1IURD& SEWALL,' 65 South - street. feb 19 VLoOR HWbl'ls. Hi hmnd superfine Flour, 1 now landing ftoiu tthr. Cyanne, and lor sale by SV1IIH, HbVlnlvu u vu. Feb 19 4t No. 35 Burling slip . F.RINO WOOL 9 bales of sujierior qiml 1.V I ity Merino Wool, for sale at No. 31 South o. 31 sou feb 19 3t street JAMAICA KU1. A FEW puncheomol choice quality, tui'able lor retailing, the last of the par el just landtd and for tale in lots to suit purchaser! by PATRICK, AYMAR k CO. Feb 19 2t Nx 3 Sr - utii street. - IllIlLADELPHlA Will KEY UiiU l 1 11 hhds. tirst proof Whiskey jtX Butter. Now on the dock, folate by DuRo!Sf feb 19 6t 36 Front - street, THRKAU LACKS. A 19 eWant assortment of thread laces, Hi X widths, ju3t received and for tale at 150 Broadway, b, pjjLgrtoOK & PETERS, feb 19 Iw J RON HOLLOW WARE, aworled via. Pet. Kettle. Griddles, Pake pans Spades. Skillets. Basins, Fire - dogs, kc For tale by the ton or piece. CEBRA& CUMING, Feb 19 16 Pearl - it OIL k - t ANDLES. RIPLEY k WELD, 192 Front - itrcet, have constantly on hand, at wholesale and r tail, winter and summrr strained Spermaceti Oil. Alto, Tallow Mould Candles of superior quality, from Winihip't Factory, Charleston, Matt, feb 19 GOLD LEAF. AMBROSE CRANE has just received fily parks English Gold Leaf, of the larger! site, and warranted firtt quality, for sale at 135 Broadway. feb 19 Iw QTO LE I'. From the 1st May next, the House no '21 Broadway, now occupied by Mr. John I. Clover, witu the stable in Beaver - lane. Ap - plvlo WM. CnUIKaHANK, 'feb 19 lw ' 40 Greenwich - it. . 20 J ami containing tw room !M feet by 50) one is at f resent occupied by a society, tlie other as a tch'ol mom. PoMession to be given 1st of May ' next. Inquire Mi 19 No. 59 James - street. rim 70 LKT' VtoUJ From the W cf May next, the house fto H St. - ite street. Enquire at lite premises. feb 19 Iw TO LET. Two Rooms, suitable for offices, to let from the first of May next, in the house no. 69 Bcekmun - sti eet, near William - street Enquire at 258 r.ref nwii h - st. feb 19 Iw Jf'OK Mi, The liouin and lot ofero jnd No. 18 Ro - strvet : tlie ht is 25 f - et front and rear, and 100 . feet deep : the house a hnrk front, sides and rear filled in with brick, and built in the most tub - stantial manner. For further particulars enquire .of A. STEENBACK, fib 19 3 v No. 334 Broad vt. DRY NURsh. A RESPECTABLE middle - ajed WOMAN wants a situation as dry nurse in a mall fa - . m lv ; she can eive the best recommendation - ' - Apply at this office. P h 19 2' A Law in relation Co the iinpnsonuieni oi slave., parsed the 16th February, 1818.. BE it ordained by the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of Mew - York, in common council convened, That in all caset . where slaves, at the instance of their masters (v others, nre committed to Bridewell by the police magistrates for running away,or for other ruist e - havioar, the said magistrate! thai! 6nt demand and receive fifteen dollart from the person making application for inch cnmmitment. and that ' the tai'l sum he placed to the credit ofthecorpo - ration br the cleric of the police office, its order that they may be indemnified for the expenres of ik ii iibvb wniie in onaoven, si uie rate oi iwcu - ty - five cent per day, And be it further ordained. That in case nny uch.'tlave, to committed, shall be discharged before the expiratiunof sixty days, then the person so paying the said fifteen dollars shall receive from the said clerk such balance at may exist in hit rr her favor, alter deducting the hoard of such , sl.tve ai the aforesaid rate of twenty five cents ' pof day. i a And oe it further ordolned, that the said ma - gi'trnlrs, when coininitlins a slate for the reasons and in the manner auiretnid, shall alto take from the person nnkir; application for tuch com - ,. tnitmcnt a bond, with - ecurity, it in their opinion requisite, whereby such person shall be bound to pay the sum of twenty - five centt per " Jay for every day such slave shall remain in onuewen, alter the expiration of the first sixty days : provided, however, that the penalty of t ie suid bond shall not exceed one hundred dol - . iars. By the common council. ., J. MORTON. Clk. Feb 19 Iw MANNERS, a novel, a vols, price , tbi - day publuhed bv W. B. GILLEY, 91 Brraulwny Also for sale, a few English conies of the abt above sntercstio novel, 3 vols, price $ - 1. Feb 19 MAN.TKRS A Novel Just punliohed and forsaleby I'ETER A. YIESIER, feb 19 lw No. 23 WaH - strctt. A CCL'MS CheroictX Amuements price one dollar in boards Jut publishetl and for sale by PETER A MES1ER, "b 19 2s Wnt' - itreet. PRIZE LIST. Medical Science Lottery, 3iod dav's drawing. No. 7U7 $ 1000 j 903C, 100; JoV 10f. All sold at ALLENS. Where No. 10,323, which drew the $30,000 prtae on Tuesday lart, wat sot.l and immediately rid t an! where also No. 3 3 JO, wh'li drrw be highest prise e - rrr drawn In Amerce, wai . - aaj T:,. ioO4O0O. Feb t3 T flANTON CRAPES. Freali supply Canton V Crape for sale ty J 1 ' - . . - . MARCH LOW, feb ll i" v. V 210 Broadway 1 T OPS. - r bales Hnp iust received - fr tale XI bf CAMBREUNG& PEARSON, 67 South - strf. LOUU and i'OHACCO. - - 6oy bula. Ruli iDond sapf. Flour Wlihdtoldar and nw Tobacco, ' - ' ' - 120 kecunanufactured d 6 U bbandstothe lb, ror saie a iw r i" - 'iv. . . t feb 13 1 ROKES. DAVIDSON & CO 1RI 1 sale by feb 13 W. A S.CRAIG. 50 RUM, ic, J runthfont Jamaica Rum, iuit arrived and landing from the brig David Richards, from Falmoulii. (Jain.) nnu lor sale by A. I). DUFF. C9 Wasbingtun - streeL Who has for sale in store. L. P.Tenerifle Wine, (I'asley brand) inquar tercarKi, iinporieu July, lain Do do inhhds. and qr. catks, do August do Do do in pies, hhdt. and qr. casks, do Sep (ember do 30 pipes, 100 hhds and 220 qr. casks do enti lied to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, thip'd in 1813, irom we uape oi uooa nope, ana euu tied to debenture Port and old Lisbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of cUret 13 do grave wine and one cask cardwire. lebf tr I Au.ilcA Rb.ii it KLOUK. 16 iuuihcoii ' 4th and 5th proof Jamaica, rum, of supe rior quality, and 11)0 barrels superfine Baltimore (Howard - street) Hour, landiug and for sale by Il.CKU.Vll', Feb 9 90Pine - st. rpOilACCO, FLOUR, - c. 00 hhds. old JL Richmond Tobacco, principally of prime quality, adapted to ibe Irish market 40 do new do., part very prime 20 do old Rappahannock do 250 kegs Richmond manufactured do., sweet scented and common 260 bbls Richmond superfine flour 54 bales prime upland cottou 126 pieces Holland duck 200 kc8 Dutch herrings 20 casks allum 50 do dry white lead 25 do claret 40 crates earthenware, assorted 24 casks muttard 3 butii brst London porter 5 puuehoout rxbbit tins 500 reams medium pi'iutins - pnpcr - 600 do cap, no. 1 and 2 ' 30 grost prew papers, &'c. for sale by WALSH k GALLAfJIIER, Ft l C 60 roiilh - Mreet. 1 INK.. - , Ajc 4 hali - s Ge.rman .Shirting and LJ Pin.ttii.g Liucn", for sale on rai"n dile terms, by U.G. .VS. HOW LAND, 77 Washington - street Jan 27 T IONU VI VI 30 tous on board the ship M - M Corsair, for tale by Jan 20 TROKFS, DAVIDSON k Co. II lt;ilMONU H.uuic. 1U1 levels supcr - J , fine landing from the sloop Atlantic, for sale by TROKBs, DAVIDcON &CO, Feb 7 150 bales very prime upland cotton, in store, and for ale in lots to suit purchaer, by UKI3WOLD3 & COAI'KS, Jan 23 68 South - it BL:)UK. 125 barrels Kithmond superfine Flour, just n ceived and fir sale by DOORMAN & JOHN. - TON, 57 Smth strect feb 12 Initio 200 qr. boxes ireslil l uikej pui'd l igf, X ut received, ann lor tau; ny Jan 22 PETER REM SEN 4 CO. LOUR 60 bbls. Richmond Flour - T".. .uie GOODHUE i CO. 44 Snuth street. 7. feb Cl UODIIUE 4: CO. So. 41 South stieet, olf. - r F for sale, 150 bales of Calcutta Piece Goods, cunsisting of B.tTias, chowdagaries, cotsnt, emerties Gurraht, blue gurrahn, entitled ti drawback Long Cloths, mamoody . mull mulls Saunas, sawns and seersuckers Bnndannoes and lungee audy tilk hdkfi Lotcbee and madras pattt rn hdkft 10 pipes Catalonia wine, entitled to draw - Madeira wine back 10 cask Turkey ted wine 1X4 boxes sweet oil, 12 bottles each 11 cases Italian letter paper 250 bags corks, 7 caset fur hats 45 ctroont eruvian bank, 6 catks lenna 5 cases gum tragaanth 1 case Turkey opium 60 boxes Russia window glass 15 bales Russia leathers, 15 do do down - 280 bolts Ruiftia duck, 1st and Sd quality 40 pigs block tin ; copper bolts assorted Spelter, gunny hags 140 hhds. first quality Muscovado Sagar, entitled to drawback. feb 4 I AVtAICA RUM. 15 hhds line od Jamaica J Rum. just received and lor sale by feh 14 R. CRU M P. 90 Pine - street. USCOVADO SI GAK. - IU hhds. Muscovado Stiirar, for tale by feb 16 G W. TALBOT, 55 Pine - street. QUEL flNtiS. loop. Russia fcheeUogs, of tup. quality, lor tale hr IIUIlD & SEWALL, feh 14 65 Honth - ttrcct. 688 bbls superf. - 86 half bbls 22 bbls fine FLOUR. Flour, landing this day From schr Adeline from Alexandria, and Margaret - Ana frsm Petersburg. For sale by D1VIE BE I'HUNE & CO. Feb 7 92 Coffee Houe tlip. DIU GOODs - 2 case ihepard's super blue and black cloths 4 caset 9 - 3 cambricki 5 do cotton hosiery ' 1 do checked hdkts. just landed from the Hercules, and for tale by HL RD & SEWALL, 65 South - street. Also received by late arrivals, 8 caset fine blue and black London clotht 10 do japanned and plated hats 5 do men's taper Loudou do. " Jan 23 A IADLIRA WINE. A uuamity of choice l L. P. Madeira W'iue, lor sale by R. k C. W. DAEVNPORT & CO. Jan 19 .1 i cm - tan ttanliii. WANTFD immediately, a corn - fan; a te - cood band one will answer. A pply to - TUCKER k LAl'RIES, tan 20 29 snn!h - vet. iJJ qr caks old Sherry wiue 29 catks white lead, dry Fortaloby . JAMES G. KING L CO. Jan 20 61 Piue - st. A DRAFT on Savannah, payable in 20 days, for il278. - For sale ly JACKSON & WOOLLEY, feh 10 75 Wall street. HAWLS. 4 trusses col'd and fringed Cloth Shawl, handsomely amortid received per Ann Maria. CAMBRELENG S PEARSON. Jn?9 t7 South - ttrect. RICHMOND TOBACCO & Fi.oL'R. 628 bblt. Richmond tupf. Flur 37 hh1s prime new crop Richmond, pnnci pal'y large and leafy, now landing from edir I'h' - mas, and in store. Ir sale by Jn . . BOOKMAN it JOHNSTON. D LEACHED StlfRTTNGS - rS case Aster U iean Bleached Shirtings, jutt received tad lor saie cy xne uomuustion company, Feb 18 - 148 Peart - street. HEMP. KiCL. WIAE. fttc. . QT. PETERSBURG clean Hemp (Belfast's carroi anu luniucky hcitipenyams in iot to suit purchasers ' 100 tierces prime New Rice ' T' 12 casks Bordeaux Claret, entitled to de - ' Denture it: : 30 tierces cenuiiw; winter Dress'd oil 1 (j 170 boxes new spermaceti Candles. . For sale by HAYDOCK. At JENKINS . itb 7 Iw - . 15! SouOi - stteet, ' ItUoll LINENS. 1b C. NICHOLS, No. 13 j Pearl - street, have just received a general assortment of Irish Li nens, whic b they oner for sale very low for cash. ien 1 1 i w fl OTTON. 24 bales of prime new crop up - V land Cotton, from. Augusta, for sale. Samples may be seen at 148 Pearl - street, up stairs. Feb 17 ri UR AFLOAT 2tU bariels first quality tur x. on Doaro me senr I zander. iMeai, at recti slip, for sale by JAMES M'BRIDE. eb 17 3t 82 Liliertystreet. nilAMPAIGN WINE, of a very tuperiorqua J lity, in boxesof one dozen each P r sale by ELLIS & r'LRCKNF.R, feb 16 Iw No. 20 Fulton - street. I) UM. 20 hhoU. Molasses Rum, first proof, it, lor tale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, 75 Wall - tt. jan 12 O Hi.E TINGi U bttlcs 1 lemish sheeting, for KJ tale by JAMES G. KING k CO. No. 61 Pine - street. feb 16 . LOU It 100 bbls Richmond (Mayo mills) Flour, in store, for sale by GUIS VY OLUji Sl COATE5, feb 16 86 South - street. 17 LOUR and JOBACCO. - - iOO bblt. tuper V fine Virginia Flour 60 keet second quality, manuPd Tobacco, Landing from the sxhr llelvidcre, and for sale by WALSH iC GALLAGHER, 66 South - st - ect. feb 16 it HOOT k HHOt.MAKe.lVS. CALF . - KINS, "j Seal Skint, I Cordovan, oi the best quality Crop soles and range, I Long & short boot legs, J For sale by ELLIA ii FLF.CKNER, Feh 16 Iw 20 Fulton - st. MOLA.ShtS & HUM 82 Caks firttqual. ity Devarara mousses 4 puncheons rum landing from the brig Amelhvttt, east side Steuni - boat wiiai f, pier no. 21 for saie by GEORGE LACY, feb 12 lw No. 4 Fulton - slip. 1ANDLES. - Goixjxca enstem luould caudles just rccrivi d, fr aie by feb 1 1 JOS (INBORN. 63 South at. lOI I ON. 4 . fruu. - UplHiid, lur sale W at bb SuUlli street, by Jan 27 WALSH ex GALLAGHER. SNAHLlU.Sfc I'AI'KH 1 bale Obiia - bm k's, and 1 do Italian Paper, for sale at 76 Pearl - a.reet. feb 11 CEBRA & CUMING. (j i a i it .a u i. - jc.i'ti t.iif;ii - ii Letter ana O Writing Paper, fr sale Ion, 1 y HURD 61 SEWALL. feh 11 65 South - street. rpwo JL by cases changeable . - vuch. hj, lor ale MARCH k LOW, 210 Broadway. Jan 21 QUERCITRON BARK. FIFTY l.hils. and boxes of very line quality, for sale by G. G. fcS. IIOWLAND, Jan 28 71 Washington - street tL.I MiJiaii.A v l i. A LARGE stock oi hue oh d Maneins wm., l the moil auoroved brands, in pipes, hoet Is. in nines, hoet headt and auait r rasks, warranted pure at im ported, and well worthy the attention of the trade mid oi private firoili' t; wi I be told at reasonable prices, and in quantities to suit purchasers, by TUCKER k LAURIES, leh 7 75 I'Uin - nreei. Jlilw, 1 casus pongee;, 2 ui twilled t3 saitnets 1 do colMsattins, entitled to debenture ; alto 3 bales rol'd cassimere shawls For sale by CAMBRELENG k PEAR50N, Feb 6 67 .Vouth - st. Q V. CROIX SI GAR lb hhds. landing and O for sale at 55 Pin - - sre t, by Jan 15 GLURUE W. TALHOI. IRON 72 tom English iron, well assorted, . now landing from brig Thomas, and will be sold reasonably from the wharf, by ' G. G. k S. HOWL AND, Feb 13 '7 Wa - hinzlon - tt. 70R - LE. the I.O I' un the nortli tide i f Cliff htreet adining those in lieckman st Apply to R. & L. MURRAY, iehl3Ct 313 Pearl - street. IJOMBAKTTS & COTTON. - i bales AJ Unmbazetts 34 bales Sea Island Cotton, and 15 do. prime Upland do. landing - and fur sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - street I Stobe 40 bales Sea Island. Apply as above. fan 24 UPLA.MliJOrTON. - 15 bales prime Up land Cotton, landing and for sate by . SAUL ALLEY, 96 Pine - street IN STORE, 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above. jn23 I. tr - w iRK, eic. 4 boxes assorted glat:, VJ consisting of Large sized Window Glsst Decanters Tumblers, Inkttandt Watch Glasses, tic. t boxes Fowling Pieces. Just received per Winifred, from Amsterdam. on HAND. . A quantity of u, entitled to debenture ' 6 t - eroons tint quality Indigo, ana 2 bblt White Lead For sale by J. SJ ZIMMFRMAN, feh7 Ira 72 Washington - street 'I HVTNh First quality London Seine Also, I 2 and 3 thread India Twine, in quantities to iuit purchasers, for snle ty feh 14 76 Pearl - street HA I S, TEAS, tic 14 a.s Men's Hatt, tust received from on board the bns Fac tor, from Havre, entitle to drawback. IN STOKI, 9 chettt of Imperial Ten, Hnntrett' cargo, of a superior quali'v. Also, 63 caskt ol French Yellow Ochre. Fr sale by HENRY COWING, feb 14 lw 191 Frunt.comer ot Fultuo - tt LLLk BOWNEbavejust received by Uie Lorenzo, from London. Dixon's Antit.ilious Pills Hickman's Pills forth gravel, kc. t:hing't Wi.rm Destroying Lozenges Roa..h't Emtirncation Thompson's Cheltenham Salts Havward'sTolo lz. - tes Ilen'ry's Calcin'd Magnesia, And a general ass - rtmeot f Bntith Talent ledicines of repute, not ni'iitiooed above; warranted genuine, and lor tale at Jau 24 lin W Pearl - street FLAXSEED 15c askt Flaxseed, lundirg thi I? day from cbr. Rnnyer, ti Non'otk, fur I D tale by UETHUNK AlCO. feb 14 91 Cotfte Dowse Slip. For BAFAJfA, rii.l,.MlPV t t Rntalai . : : .Lm. reerular trader. far freight or oaa - tagt, appl oa board, at Piaottreet wki or to IN. It D. TALlAJT I , Feb 18 ' 64 Sooth - street. . . Ft rtiliibe LttilA, tH The schooner TWO BROTHERS, JJamh Carson, master, lying east side of fier uo. 12. For freight, appiv to ., . . GEO M. ILON, , feb 17 . .' 130 Water - street tORGALWAY, The brig HA S MA H, O. Hicks, mas ter, has excellent accommodations for (Mwengcrs, and is two thirds loaded ; can take 150 hhds. or freight In proportion, by immediate application to the captalu oa hoard, or to , THOS. DENNIAON, Feb 16 40 Southt. . tor bait, treild or Charter, The fist tailing tchr GKR'I lUDE, Britton, matter, just returned fi - om I oit au Prince, and it now in readiness to proceed a - jam immediately. Tim schooner is one year old, 143 tons burthen, and in tbe beat condition She hat handsome accommodations for passea gere. For terms apply to Feb 16 GRISWOLD9 tr COATES. f Of If NANKING. M.ijj Pieces blue nankins, of very tupe rior quality, entitled to debenture, for sale at 1 7 W aihingtoo - st. Feb 18 G. G. k S. HOWLANi. IX QULHtili'liM BAKK. 1 J tons firtt quality bark, for sale by G. G. k S. HOWL.4ND, Feb 18 77 Vashington - st A COMPLETE assortment of warranted Bol - 1. ting Cloth of a Btiperior quality just received from the manufactories, for sale at tlie most reduced prices, by JNO. M'CRACKAN, Feb 18 3t . 82 1 - 2 Pearl - it TftAPER MILL RAGS k SPONGES. 34 X bales linen. Rags 10 bales superfine ponpes for sale very low by JNO. M - UiwtMifl, feb 18 3t 82 1 - 2 Pcrl - st TRIPES 20 cases superior fmcncaa blue O stripes, for sale by tbe COMMISSION COMPANY, Feb 18 DtC 143Pearl - st. TTJOPS. 14 bales of first quality. the JLM. growth of 1817. lor sale by ANDERSON K SilKARERv - 131 Water - BUect feb 18 2w ljlLOURei IWHACCO 200 bbls superfine J. Richmond flour, branded Beut Creek 200 bbls Petersburg flour 50 kegs manufactured tobacco, landing from brig tiichniond and tchr. Belvidere, and for tale bv WALSH A G.4LLAGHER, Feb 18 CO Sonth - st. E ENGLISH WHITE LEAD. ,)60 kegs Eng lish White Lead, ground in Oil, landing from ship W illiam, and tor sale by I CCKER K LAL'UIKS, feh 18 29 South street. CIOT I ON 54 bale prime upland cotton, for sale by WALSH k GALLAGHER, feb 18 66 South - street buprrjine .imtnean CM6' H.iMS. 8 cases fine gi - hnm?, for sale low by '1 he Commission Company, Feb 18 D&C 148 Pearl - st I s RAND V, FLOUR. FLAXSEED and RAI - 13 SINS. 20 pipes best Bordeaux Brandy 950 barrel Baltimore Howard street Floor fid casks clean Flaxseed s and 400 boxes freth Bloom Raisins. For sale by GEO. M. WILBOM, feb 18 130 Water - street. 1 V - .4 t I boxes Sd'do'i UerriDga, ion land 177 do ing and for sale by Jna 22 67 Soulh - streel. NKW UlNNb. Kc. cttiCAF. Just opened, 3 cases Irish Linens, assorted . 1 do Scotch II ollands, or tupcr undressed I. mens 1 box Long Lawns and Linen Cambrics 1 do 5 - 4 luh Sheetings and Uowlas 1 do Steam Loom Cotton Shirtings All of which are approved and warranted bleach. et. On hand, a variety of Diaper, Damask, and real Double Damask Table Cloths, small to very large sites, with Napkiiit, of different tisei, to Bombaseens, Canton Crapes, Sc. For ealeat No. 61 Maiden Lane. L. 4c C. SUYDAM. T TUB PACKAGE. ' A few cases Irish Lines, Long Lawnt, and 1 uo wuite Mannas, feh 18 Iw TTEUP, LEAD, PAINTS, &c Russia A J. hemp, in lots to suit purchasers 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 cask bar lead, 7 toot pig lead 50 balet India twine Engli - h tail aid seine twine 3 casks Prussian blue, 5 casks Vermillion 3 hhds verdigris 50 cask French yellow ochre Dry white and red lead 20 boxes tin For tale by PETER SCHERMERHORN & SON'S, 243 Water - street Also, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, from 40 to 2500 w. Cables and cordage, of all sizes, best quality, with the usual assortment or thip chandlery. Feb II tf 1 AMES D' WOLF, jr. 57 Froul - street, offers tf for tale 50 tons clean St Petersburg hemp RuseU duck 16000 lbs. rreen coffee in hhdt. entitled to . drawback Roll brimstone, German steel do Writing and wrapping paper do 15 cases half - pint tumblers do Castile soap and mould candles do 1 case Leghorn hats do 2 caset chnlets do 1 case platillas Feb 10 TOBACCO, CoriXJX, tLUUU JJSD WHEAT. FIFTY - EIGHT hhds prime Kentucky tobacco Si bales prime new crop N. Orleans cotton 123 bbls flour, and 75 bu - hels wheat Received per brig Thomas, from New - Or - lAns for sale at no. 87 Coffee - hntise - slip. by LAIOLAW, G1KALLT li CO. Who havo in 5 lure, 1 case French linen cambrics 1 bale superfine black cloth 2 cases Madra.s Pulicate Hdkfi ; and 1 do imitation French cambrics Feb 11 lOt t O.MJON I0 I AMI. lii rii'Xis lirti i,ua - 1 i lit frh IhiH.i Xlii.farH. in has. t cf fido - zen eacu. or saie ny - iLGHt.K ec la. ivir.c, feh 14 2ao:ith - freet. C0.1L .itLO.ii. ckaUroo of Liverpool new pit coal is 60, now landiur from Doara me snip XU.r, lying at Murrat'i hsrf, east side Cofl e Hoom slin. Thse coal will be - old in lots to uit purchasers od infnrm ition may b had by ai.nlying on M ol tbe tlup, or a the coal - rd. No. 274lroHlreet f to J4 1i A - 11JVT..I'. IRISH MARKET TOBACCO 68 hhds. of 1 fine quality, landing from schooners Hero tad Sally Aoa, from Richmond, for sale by - t ! D. BETHUNE t CO. . ; aI8 ' KC.H. tlip. i J bbds melMses, rood quality, at Peck - slip, for tale by Jan 31 R. C. W. DAVENPORT C CO. 50 tit'XEo warranted. American Tallow Mould Candies, of different titet, from p's factory, Charleston, Mass. For sale r RIPLEY WELD. 192 Front, corner of Fulton - stseet "8 .. , ' C10..L coal l.iO chaldrons costrte Livkrpoot on board ship Nestor, at Murray's ivharf - for sale by " ' ' ' O. G. & S. HOWLAND, Feb S 77 AVashingtoo - "t. f lul; H - U. 10WJ quinlais Cod - h.h, a very superior parrel 400 ilo Scale Kith, for sale in lots to suit pur chasers, liy . JNO. & GEO , W. LYNCH, 37 South - ttrcet. feb 18 3t VIEW - ORLEANS COTTON - 96 balet iN piinie quality, Innding from brie Sailor Boy, at Fly - niaiket wharf, for sale by JAMES SCOTT, fib!8 1w 66 Washington - street. R ICE. 95 whole and 50 half tierces prime rice, , lauuiug num v. in ivriricve, lur saiv by GOODHUE & Co, Feb 18 44 South - street. EER SK1NS - 6 b. let lirsl quality lor sale SAUL ALLEY, 9U Piae - streft. li b 7 WfHZkr TAR. 130 buthelt N. C. V V Wh i heat in bam 50 bblt. Tar, afloat and for sale by R. k V. W. DAVENPORT CO. feb 16 Dissolution of Co partnership. rrp The co partnership hcretotore exutint under the firm of Molcnaor k M'Donald, is this day dissolved bv mutual consent. The business of the concern will be closed by William Mole, naor, who it solely authorised to settle the tame, WILLIAM MOLENAOR. ALEXANDER M'DONALD. Feb t8 St NOTICE. fTr" ALEXANDER M'DONALD. is about oneninar a store at the comer of Dutch and Fill ton - streets where he will have for sale a general assortment of G UOCER1LS, on moderate terms. FebH2t t N Monday next, the 24th instant at the Mer V J chant's Hotel, in Wall ttreet will be sold by order of Uie Sheriff, a large quautily of Wioet and Groceries Also, the numeroiit articles of elegant house hold furniture contained in tne said iioiei.contm. ing of looking glaste?, tabltr, chuirt, iitds, bed dinir. JL!P. Alo, after the tale of furniture, the unexpired term in the leate of the said hotel, heme; nine vears from the firtt of MavneXt. will be told. Conditions may be known by applyin at the bar ol the Merchant lUti l. ien in FOUN ii. rpHE CHAIN and SEALS of a WATCH. X 1 be owner, by proving property ano paying for this advertisement, can get it by applying at this cflice. feb 18 2t j OOMS bt BOARD A lady wishes to ob - I i tain unfurnished Rooms and Board, in a pleasant situation, io a senteel private family, or in one where there are nut lew ooaraen. n nine addressed to B. E. at this office will meet uttea tion. feb 18 lw BOARD. 4 LADY withes to obtain board in a rcspec l. table private family. A line addressed to P. S. and left at this office, mentioning terms and situation, Willi meet with attention, feb 18 4t TO PRINTERS. rps - WO Pretsmen.two Compositors and three I Boys, irom 13 to I4yenrt oi age, are wanv eu oy u. r ii.oii t, ' Vfof. lOCniTantf 241 Penrl - ttrectt, feb 18 3t MJll.Dhsli IaOT AMU t'AHM. nffll i.r vme, inr Ttuutimt; in, on iiib iii'iiu - B?na - - I - . I.. l.ln ,.. . I. w.:bi corner ni llmlson and Linight - streets, 23 by IUU icet, lieinc one ol the most desirable silun lions in Hudson - street, looking directly on the square, ana Having a touinern exposure. ALSO, A FARM of 74 arret on the North or Hudson River, in the town of Greciithurzh, Westchester county, about 20 milet imm this city, now in the occupation oi Mr. George nuier, and near the seat of Wm. Edgar, Esq. On the premitet are a large dwelling house, containing 7 rooms, besides ten ants' bed reoras, large cellarand cellar kitchen, milk room, lie. an old orchard, and one of young appie trees, ol tlie best eralted fruit, a large barn, carriage house, fowl do. smoke do, corn cribs, sheds, he. The house commands one of the finest viewt on the river, and i a very desirable situation. I hee are two landings at short distances, from which boats ply regularly to this city. If not told by the 1st of April, will then be rented lor the enimns year i he pru e and termt for tie above property will be made worth tbe consideration pi those inclined to pur chase Apply to E. IRVING, feb 18 ?aw4w 123 hi:Rrt - treet, IO L&T, The larre new lour ttory brick home, tituated on the corner of Broadway nd Dey - ttreet, 50 feet on Broadway, well calculated and built expretsly for a boarding house, finished in the modern ttylc, containing a large dining room 50 ft. by 27 ; 2 large drawing ronmt, 30 double and tingle bed rooms, numerous pantries, two kitchens, 2 vaults, ice house and (tone cistern, with every convenience n i iary for a public house, lit central and pleasant situation renders this house worthy the attention of those who are desirous of establishing a retpcctable boarding bouse, t or terms, apply to D, L. HAIGHT, 4 Dry - ttreet. feh 17 tf NEW MUSIC. UST pul.lithed by WM. DUBOIS, at hit pianoforte aud music store, No. 126 Broad way, fjraham celebrated Polacca, arranged as a Rondo, by Stcihclt Favorite Venetian Air, arranged at a rondo, by Latour Paddy O'Carroll, with variation! for the piano forte, by r. a. moran. O toftly tlcep my B a by Boy The Last Tokn, or remember me. Also, ail Air. I'hihppt' songs to be had as n - bove. ieb 17 IV ILLIAM hgKMI, ' ' IT corner of Fullon - slreet, New - York, hav - in received a large supply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day k Martin, 97 Hurh Hol - torn, London, offers the same, io wholesale or retail, for exportation, or home consumption, on term the most liberal and advautagoout to purchaser. , , This inestimable composition, with half the u - sual labor, produces a most brilliant jot black. fully equal to the rrghsst japan varnish ; affords periiliar nourihmnt to the leather ; it will not soil tbe finest linen j is perfectly free from anv onr - lesKnt smell; and will retain its virtues in any climate. As an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this blacking, it has stood the tert and romnwweJ th itinut extensive sale in all quarters of the s't V, for of half a cen tury. , I et JO PUBLIC SALES. r f BT J. P. D1ETERICH & CO. v 1 AT PRIVATE SALE,. 6000 acres land, io Wood Coanty. (Vt.) within 10 miles of Marietta, and 5 mites frosnthe Ohio River. 12B0 do in tbe town of Piatttburrb, Clinton County, New - York. 400 do. ia Pike County, Pennsylvania, and aa excellent tapro ved farm of 200 arret, oa the Cothccto turnpike road. The two last will lie exchanged for property in tlie city of New - York, or lor saercbao dire. Apply at" the auction room. j . CHArllTY feLRMON. i On Sunday eveuics next the Rcvd. Dr. R - meyo will (treacj) Charily Sermon ia the l"rcs - nyiemn guuich m vedar - ttrcet, when a collection will be mnde for Uw benefit, of tbe Orpfaaa Atsyluui Society, i Few inttilutions have ereater claims on the public than the above. There are now one hundred and twenty orphan children under its care, who bav been almost lorgotien lint winter, ia the distributions of the benevolent and are now comin before them eutirely dettiluU of lupport. leoif 4i .VtCHAMC HALL. Last week Tuesday, Wednetday k Thursday. I? Mr. STANISLAS' engagement with to hall expiring this week, he has selected for those nigh s (being his last appeal to a liberal pjiblic) a variety of deceptions, experiments mechani cal pieces, &c. part of which has drawn the re iterated applause and astonishment ol tbe most scientific meu in Europe, and has been crowned in this city with overflowing houses for 30 uighta successively. To those who hava never wit - netted the like, they have now an opportunity ol seeing that Mystic Science experimentally dis played, which for centuries led even tbe most enhgbtcned to believe in the aid of a sapernata ral agent. X For particulars see bills of the day. Fbl7 3t - The public is respectfully informed, that the gentlemen who volunteered their services) to aid the funds of the Sunday School Union Societies, by the concert of Sarred Mutic given at St. George's Church on Wednesday evening, have consented to repeat the exercbet onl hurt - lay evening next, tbe 19th intt. at the tame place. Tickets, nt 50 centt each, may be bad of James Eattburn k Co. at tbe Literary Roou.i; of Messrs. A T Goodrich k Co. Broadway ; P W Gnlladrt't, 201 W ater tt; of R & W Bartow, Pearl - street, comer of Fraukfort - st ; of Mrs. Brewster, 1 1 2 William - st ; of T A Ronalds, 188 Pearl - st; of J C Totton, Bowery of T ft J (Swords, 160 Pearl its of Dodge k Sayre, 1 5 road way, and of Jas. ABurtis, Peck - slip. Feb 17 3t foitpimetnent of the t urvm. 31 - The public are informed that the next meeting of Ihe Forum is postponed to Friday evening, tbe 27th inst. when the following question will be discussed : ". Ought tbe mindt of women to be cultivated by the tame studies aa those of men ? Fe"n6 5t COtlLLION PARI 1E&. rTT The manaeers eive notice that the next Cotillion Party will be at the City Hetel, on Thursday hvemng next, tbe lytn iniiani feh 16 4t ' for i.ngland, vta tiahjax, wora Scsltn. fCT Letters for bis Britannic ma jest v' packet Grace (for Falmouth, via Halifax, Novo - Scot'ia) ill be received at the post office lul WeunesUaT afteruoon, the 4th of March. T. W. MUUtlfc, Agent Feb 16 WOTICE. ftT - The lubscribert havinx entered into part - nertiup, tbe bivmk. & uvnsnviii oudi - NESS heretofore conducted by R. 11. NKVIINS, will he continued under the firm of NEVINS k TOWNSEND. RUSSELL H. NEVINS, feh 3 ELIHU TOWijaEM). ' TAKE NO I K E, Q3r All pf.rtont having demands against, and those indebted to tlie estate of William Kogers. deceased, are requetted to call np - ia THOM A3 M.ABTERS, Esquire, No. 92 Wall - street Dated Jan. 19, 1818. ANN ROGERS, Executrix. 21 dim t.ulerptan Society H4 Concert. 0 - The committee of the Euterpean Society having resolved to give a second concert on the? 24th inst. at the City Hotel, each member will he entitled to tix tickets, by aptilriiir to the sec retary nt No. 206 Broadway, on or before tbe 21st instant By order, feb 9 124 JOSEPH KNIGHT, Sec'ry. (T7 The assignees of the estate of Mrs Sid ney Hewitt, (in order to give time for all her cditoN to come in and participate in the funds provided for them,) do hereby extend the time or rendering their accounts to Mr. Blake, at No 3 Law Buildings, unt l the 1st of Mkrch ensuing Feb 2 lm UNION UANK,.iVtbFcbruait, lbi8 ff7" The stockholders are requested to attend at the banking bouse, No 17 Wall - street on Thursday, the 12th day of March next, to elect eleven directors tor the ensuing year. The poll will cpen at ten o'clock and shut at two. .... . . . .... ... . ... i he transier docks win oe ihui irom lit until 13th March. By orderof tlie board of directors, feb 10 Im JOHN LOW, Cashier. NOTICE. ft7 - All Pertons having rlaimt aeainst tbeet - lute ofCapt W illiam Taylor, deceased are de sired to present Utem to the tubecriber for settlement and those indebted to said estate are re quested to make payment without delay. feb 12 Ira Administrator. NO i ICE. ftJ The co - partnerthip heretofore exiftinc between thetubtcribert, under tbe firm of T. M. k A. I. Huntington, it thit day dittolred by mutual content The concerns of said firm will be settled by Thomas M. Huntington, at No. 80 reail - tireet 1 1 HOM AS M. HUNTINGTON, ALFRED J. HUNTING! ON. New - York, lOihF.b. 11:18. Thohai M. Hvbtirotoii will continue the on his own account, and baton hand a general alto rt men t of hardware, cutlery, tc which he oners loriaieonaicooimouuuiig iciuu. Iebl6dlwc3w NOTICE. Vt - The cnnnrtDershin heretolbre existing be - twurn the iubcribert, under the firm oi N. B. Davici & Co. it this day dissolved by mutual coo - sent The debts due and claims ugaioit laid firm will be settled by N. S. ' We S 1 A V I Li Da A. W. TRAPPAN, Thebusinett will in future be conducted by N. Smith Daviet, under tbe firm of N. Smith Da - vies Ai Co. eh 14 ROB ROY. CO" Bt 'he celebrated author of Waverly, Gut Vlaiiueniig, Antiquary, Tale of My Landlord. kc. kc. which hat lonr been anxioutlv expect ed, will he published early next week', and lht tubscribert to the CIRCULATING LIBRARY. No. 124 Broadway corner of Cedar - si reet, will ne liberally supplied, with Ta at, and every oth er interesting new woik. Several have lately arrived from London. feb 14 lw B LOOMFiELU k FUAZEtVS PA TRXT. THE public are invited to call at No. 38 Maiden - lane, and examine an open itove just constructed by the subscribers, after a model imported from Amsterdam, with improvemrnta of their own, and now for the first time made ia the United states. Thit patent combines all the conveniences and comforts of an opea fire place, with all the advantages of a close stove ; adord - ing the cheap beat ol 4he latter and at the tama time the hanoNome and pleasant appearance of the former. For bed chambers they are unparalleled by anv invention yet s eo in tbie coa trr. BLOOMFJfcLD fcFJsJkZWk, "Fro J2 tf

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