Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1936 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1936
Page 16
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SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 20 1936 HOG PRICES ADVANCE 5 TO 15 CENTS CHICAGO RUN IS HELD TO 7,000 'Level Highest in More Than Month and Best in Six Years for March. CHICAGO, UP)--A limited run of T.ODO hogs imparted more strength to the market Friday and prices rose 5 to 15 cents to the highest level in more' than a month and to the highest for March in six years. The top rose a dime to $10.85 in active competition for the rather slim run, haJf of which was consigned direct to packers. The steer trade was generally steady but very uneven, bulk selling at 57 to ?8 and the best at $10. Some cows were 10 to 15 cents up and bulls were stronger. AH steers sold fully steady if not higher compared with a week ago, having regained the early losses. Receipts have come from widely separated feeding areas and while there has been a shortage of strictly choice weighty steers some of the new Mexican and Oklahoma offerings were considered good. Fat lambs sold mostly steady although heavier kinds were weak to a shade easier. Reports to the trade from Colorado indicate more than s. million lambs are in feedlots there and may be marketed in the next 60 days. About 300,000 lambs are being slaughtered weekly at the 20 principal packing centers. Hog Markets ,-\UDUKST HOGS. Hoc prices at midwest markets Friday: CK1MK JCAPIUS--Good hoys 150 ty ISO Iba. $9.25 gi 9.50; 160 to 170 Ibff. $t).50w».75; 170 1 0 ISO Itw. $9.755i;10; ISO to '2'M 11*. $10 GX0.2Ci; 230 (o 250 /t)«. ?fl.90i# tQ.20; 250 to 270 Ito. $9.75%10; 270 to 2HO Ibs. 59.559.80;_2gO lo 325 Ib3. J9.35Si-B.60: 320 to 350 Ibs. S9.2U(fi.'9.15; good packers 275 Lo 300 Ibs. ?S.70(tf8.95; 350 to 425 Ibs. $8.506? 8.75; 425 to 500 Ib*. SS.30Si'8.X; 600 to 550 Ibs. $S. 10®8.35. WATERLOO--Hogs 5-lOc hiKher. Good to choice 1-JO to 150 Ibs. SS.90@H.20; 150 to 160 Ibs. 59.I5iSi9.'15; 160 (g 180 Ibs. $9.65ft9.95; 180 to J50 Ibs. $9.90.'1Q.20; 200 to 270 Ibs. $9.70^10; 270 to 290 Ibs. $9.500.80; 290 to 325 IDs. S9.35£'9.65; 325 to 350 Ibs. S9.20fS 9.50; packing sow * -"·'"' l ° 3 ^0 Ibs. $8.6.V'U S.95; 350 to 120 Iba. ?S,-!5!y'S.75; -125 to- 550 Ibs. 5S.30tfi'S.6U. "XTfAUVA--lOc hiKher: 1-10 to ISO Ibs., $; 150 lo IfiO Ibs., 59.15^9.15; 160 to 180 !bs., S9.55f.j9.85; ISO lo 200 Ihn.. S9.Sr»(-f 10.15; 220 to 250 Ibs., S9.7riSi-10.05; 250 to 270 Ibs.. 5K.53S.SO; 270 lo 290 Ibs., $9.45 (Jr 9.75; 290 to 325 Ibs.. $9.23(3! 9.50; 325 to 350 Ibs.. S9.155'9.-J5; 350 to 100 Iba.. SS.95C'i'9.25; packets 275 to 350 Ibs., $8.85 f/S.93; 350 to -125 Iba., $8-45*1 8.75; -125 lo ·150 Ibs.. 55.25^-8.55. AUSTIN--Market 10-lr.c h i K h e r ; Rod to Choice ISO to 220 IDS. 59.80^10.20; 220 lo 250 IbS. 59.85ifflO.15; 250 to 290 Ibs. S9.5:i(!('9.S:i; 290 to 350 Ibs. i9.25di'9.55; packing sows, good, 275 to 050 Ibs. SS.309. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY-- For Friday HOGS 'Five in 10 cpois higher. Good lipht lights ..... HO-lfifl SS.90- S.20 nood Jipiits .............. 160-lSil 59.5.1- 9.8.1 Gtiod liRht butchers .., 130-2'jO 59-85-10.15 Good Usht butchers ... 200-220 59.55-10.35 ;ood raed, wt. butchers 200-250 S9.S5-10.15 Good mad. wt. butchers 250-270 $9.55- 9.80 Good med. wi. butchers 270-290 S!M5- y."3 5 Good heavy butchers .... 290-325 53.25- 9.55 j Good heavy butchers .... 325-350 59.15- Good heavy butchers , Good packing sows Good heavy sows Good bi£ hy. sows Good bij; hy. sow . 325-350 350-400 275-350 350-425 425-550 550 and up SS.65- 8.9 SS.45- S.75 $8.25- 855 SS.05- 8.35 . . . (Th above is a 10:30 truck hog market lor good and choice hogs. The difference in price la for short and long haul hogs.) CATTLE. Steers, good to choice ....,, S 7.50- 8.50 Steers, medium to good ___ ... S 6."0- 7,50 Steers, fair to medium _...... $ 4.50- 6.00 Heifers, good to choice ..... , S 5.50- 3.50 Heifers, medium to good ...... 5 4.75- 5.50 Heifers, common to medium .. $ 4.00- 4.75 Cows, good to choice .,......,,., S 4.25- 5.00 · Cows, fair to gooc! ~ ......... 5 3.75- St.25 | Cows, cutters ..... ...... ....... 5 3.25- 3.75 Cows, caaners ................ ,,.. S 3.00- 3.25 ; Bulls, heavy ...................... j 4.50- 5.25 | 'Bulls, liRht ................... S .j. 00- 4.50 .Calves, fid. and choice 130-190 5 6.00- 7.00 i Calves, med. to good 130-190 S 5.00- 6.00 iCalves, infer* to com. 130-190 $ 5.00 down LAMBS. iLambs, good to choice .. 70-90 ;Lambs, medium to good ..... . ilAmbs. lair to medium . ..... ^Common to -fair ....... ......... ^Yearlings, good to choice 70-90 iXearh'ngs, med. to good 70-90 iTearlloEs, lair to medium .... $ 8,50- S.OO $ S,,"u- 7.50 $ 5-00- 6.00 $ 5.00 down 5 7.00- y.OO 5 5.00- 7.00 $ 4.00" 5.00 S 4.00 dovro i ewes, good to cholca ... S 2.75- 4.00 CuJ] ewes S 1.50- 2.fiy [Bucks $ 1.00- 2.50 iWethere, 2 years old --....... S 6.00- 7.00 'Wethers, poor to best $ 4.00- 7-00 Buck lambs $1 less. No dock on lamas. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. HOG RECEIPTS ·DES SJOINES, f.Tj-- U. S. department of agriculture-Combined hop receipts at 20 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at S a. m. Friday were 35.900 compared with "21,000 a week «co and ll.SOO a year ago. Five to mostly lOe higher, spots up I5c. packing sows Kcnerally showing least advance, undertone strong; loading indicated shade heavier. Quotations follow: Upht lights (HO to 160 Ib?.) pood and choice $9,20 (1*19.75; li«ht. weights (160 to ISO Ibs.) good and choice S!.70?i; 10.25; USO to 200 IDS.) good and choice .$9.95y10.45; medium weights (200 to 220 Ibs.) good and choice $9.93(fi'lO,-15: 22Q to 200 Ibs.) good and choice $9.90^10.45; heavy weights {250 to 290 IBS.) good and choice S9.55(fi)10.20; (230 to 350 Ibs.) good and choice S9.20tU' 9.85; packing .sows (27- r lo 350 Ibs.) good SS.70r?9.20; (350 to 125 Jbs.) good $S.@ 9.05; (-J25 to 550 Ib.«.) good SS.30rtjJS.S5. OATS DRAG ALL GRAINS LOWER Oats Set Season Low Price Records for Third Day in Succession. CHICAGO, (^--Season low pric' records in oats broken for the third successive day did much to drag al. grains lower Friday. Oats were under persistent pressure from houses with connections northwest. Sales of large quantities of oats into store here indicate*, preparations for heavy deliveries on Chicago May oats contracts. Wheat closed unsettled U to cent under Thursday's finish, May 97%-Tfi, July 88M:-%, com \' 2 -% down, May 59%, oats U-te off, and provisions unchanged to a rise of 15 cents. live early on light weight butchers on o u t side account, steady to lUc higher than Thursday; later trade slow and steady; all interests not following majket, bidding unevenly lower on heavies; good to choice 170 lo 235 Ib. weights S10-25(fj10.-10. top shippers "S10.10; 235 to 270 Ib. weights 510-10 (n 10-25; medium lo good 170 to 235 Ibs. S9.75lfMO.25; better grades 150 to 370 Ibs. S9.903'10.35; H.10 to 150 Ibs. $9.35^10; good sows $9.255.1 9.35, steady, few extreme heav- Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Friday. No. 3 yellow corn .". .....47c No .4 yellow corn .... Ear corn White oats, No. 3 Feeding bar icy No. 2 yellow soybeans ...44c ...40C ...20c 25-35C ...60c CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. * (Friday Market) CHICAGO, I.-V--Cash wheat No. 3 red 99c; sample grade red Sic; No. 2 hard $1.08 U- Corn No, 5 mix^d 53 56 lie; No. -t yellow SS^flT'/ic; No. S yellow 53^56 Uc; is'o. 5 while 53Vji' 57!ic; sample grade 35c. Oats No. 2 white 29-^i 6r3It?i c; Mo. 3 white 24*i,fli'29c; No. 4 white 23',i t' 1 -4 U c; sample grade 20 U 2$ i-j c. No rye. Soybeans No. 3 yellow SOc; No 1 yellow £ 0 r 7 S i ~ c track Chicago. Barley actual sales Sic, reed 3U{;jKjc nominal, malting aijtSBc nominal. Tircolhy seed §2.90 cwt. Clover seed S12.505;i20.7.% cwl. Lard, tierces $10-87; loose ?10.30; bellies 511. SO. WHEAT-May ..... July Sept. FRIDAY GRAIN* CU$E. CHICAGO, (.-iv- ies down to $9.15; stags strong to 25c hi^h- CORN-- er at $9.25 down. 510.05. weight 205. July CATTLE 1.200, calves 200; slaughter steers Sept. and she stock fully steady, quality plain; OATS-bulls weak to I5c lower; vealcrs steady; May stockcrs and feeders scarce and steady; July fed steers and yearling 57ffjS, few head Sept. 58.40; heifers 56ff.r6.75; bulk heel cows Si.50 (ft 1 5.50; cutter grades S3-25(Tr'1; hulls 5-1.75 C?'5.35. few thin light kinds 5-1.25 @) 4.50. Practical top vealcrs 57. SHEEP 2,500; entire supply fed wooled Jambs, nil killers; lambs fully steady; fed ·ooled ' ' 510.15. .HO'-; .HO"; Close .1)7 ·"·! -2S-H -26 ',i Stock List NK\V 1'OKK STOCKS (t-'rlduy Final Quotations) Air Reduct ISO Loews Al Chem Dye 1331 !* Maytag Am Can - 124 jiAcKess Amn Sm Her 89% 51 fc Am Sugar A T T Am Toh B Am Wat.WkB Anaconda Alchlscm iburn iat Corp B O Bendix Aviat Btath Stl Burden Borg Warn i Dry i Pac C N W O w rt M 8 P *. P 1 1 fc P Chrysler Col G ft B Com! Solv Comwlth Sou ^ons Gas Jons Oil Cont can Uont Oil -Del Corn Prod Curt Wright 3eerc ptd Du Pont ien Klec . Ccn Mot Gillette ".oodyear II Cent nt Harv nt Nick Can T T ohns Many vennccott ,ib O F 3',i 34 'i 148 39 ', JRob Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Worrell Murray Corp , Nash Nat Bisc Nat Cash Rec Nat Dairy Nat Dist Nal Pow Lt N Y Cent Nor Pac Oliver Farm .1 C Penney Penn R R Phillips Pet R C A Rep SI I Rcy Toll B Shell Union Soc Vac Sou Pan Stand Brands S 0 Calif. 8 0 In ( ! S 0 N -f Stew AVarn Stone Web Studebaker Swiri i Co Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tirnlt Roll B Un Garb Un PBC 3 Unit Air Unit Corp Unit Drue U S Gypsum U S Rubber U S Steel Warner Pict. West El A M Wool worth W rig ley TOO 2.1 .;· CHICAGO STOCKS Vrlcliiy final Quotations. CHICAGO, Svc rr-jt Nat Standard De;;ter 11"; ·Jeilmann Brew 12'.. 33 ·-.; atz Kellogp Switch ..ibby McNeil ' Midwest litll Leather N W Bancorp Quaker Oats Rath Pack Swift Co Swift Intl U t i l i t y Ind Zenith Supplemenfory List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7 DO\V .lOiVES AVERAGES indrt. Kam . riik. 157.42 -17.32 31.32 Sales 1,890,000 CHICAGO STOCKS B'utler Bros 9 1 ;! Marshal! Fields lambs $9.G5510; best held above CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. Friday Market) CHICAGO, opj--U. S. department of agri- Culture-HOGS 7,000, including 3,50o direct; ac- ive, 5-15c higher than Thursday's average; mostly 10c up; top 510.85; bulk 140 to 250 .ribs. 510.50@10.S5; 250 to 350 Ibs. $10@ £i).60; sows mostly S9.40('9.60; smooth light weights to 59.75. CATTLE 1,500; calves 500; steer trade ·generally steady, very uneven; light steers ;^and yearliogs unevenly higher late in week .and this tending to slow down week-end trade 'an. moderate supply $7®8 kinds, but all ^teers here fully steady, if not higher than week, ago having regained early downturn ~ bulte S7CS Friday; best SlO; sows more ac- iive, instances 10-lSc higher; bulls et. ro n(;er .'and vealers fully steady at $9 down; best sausage bulls 56. _, SHEEr 9.000; fat lambs slow, mostly =tcady; weighty kinds weak to shade easier; bther killing classes fully steady; sheep and reeding iambs absent; early bulk choice fed western, lambs 510©10.25; best held higher; lo.Oft wooled yearlings $9.25; shorn SO Ib. of- feriDCS $8.25; best around 115 Ib. ewes £5.75. SOUTH ST. FAUL LIVESTOCK. (Friday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, (aV-U. S. department r ?f agriculture-CATTLE 2,200; slaughter steers and fed .heifers opening fully steady; most fed steers tnd yearlings $7@S; top load lot Thursday ?S.50; short led heifers 56.25SJ7; cows slow, iround steady; common and medium butcher : -.oivs $4.35(5;5.25; v ery good kinds upward to =6; low cutter to cutter cows $3.25@425; sausage bulls steady; bulk $4.75@5.35: stock- *rs-steady; medium grade steers around 56.25 ^6 75 calves 1,600; fully steady; good to Choice vealers $6.5Q@7.50; early bulk around 7 best selections held above 57.50. I HOGS 5,500; rather slow; unevenly steady a IQc higher than Thursday; better 160 to :ifl Ibs, $10.35@10.50; top 510.50; 210 to 250 fa" 99S5@10.35; 250 to 320 Ibs. $9.90@10; Peking sows mostly $8.90®9.10; average sost Thursday S9.77; weight 248 Ibs. SHEEP 1,800; supply includes three loads ·?eld from Thursday, fresh supply about 1,000 ;ed lambs, balance natives; no early action; undertone around steady on all classes; ask- nc higher; bulk fat lambs Thursday $9.6! 75; slaughter ewes S4.505.25. KANSAS C1TV LIVESTOCK (Friday Market) KANSAS CITY, 'jfl--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 1.200; no directs; fairly active to all interests; strong to moj=Uy lOc lusher than Thursday's average; spots up mere on heavies; lop $10.45; ^ood to choice JfiO to 260 Ibs. 510.355? 10.45; few 270 to 325 Ibs. 5105' 10.35; better srade 130 to 150 Ibs. $10^10.30; sows SS.S^^S.S.v; lew S9AO. CATTL.E 500, calves 200; killing classes of cattle generally steady; vealers stronger; lighter sorts considered; stocker and feeder classes slow at week's decline; a fairly liberal carryover in dealer's pens; good 1107 lh; Nebraska steers 59; two loads 1037 Ib. and 1214 Ib, New Mexico steers 58.50@8.65, respectively; few plain quality steers down to $7 and below; good 730 ibs. heifers S7.G5; -few butcher cows Sl.5Ofa5.50: low cutters and cutters $3@4.25; better grades vealers $7faS- SHEEP 1,200; limited supply slaughter lambs steady with Thursday's average- odd lots sheep steady: 99 Ib, fed lambs 59.85; small package native spring lambs 510.50. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, .P)--Official estimated receipts Saturday: Ca'ttle 400; hogs 4,000- sheep 2,000. Representative Sales (Frldny Market) CHICAGO, (.T)--U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy-- lights-3-17 10.00 22 164 168 60 261 MediumE-- -11 - 2-12 34 239 ·IS 10.00 10.15 IS 10.30 23 174 ld.45 3fi .ip 3 10.60 Light Lights-I f i 1-17 10 23 205 1209 1180 1105 920 860 1020 S73 1013 10.60 10.65 10.70 10-So CATTLE. Heifers-- irt.oo 11 gig 9.50 20 1060 8.40 32 S' 8.10 12 7.75 14 7.60 Cow 7.25 3 6.50 2 3 2 10.65 10.70 10.75 10.S5 lft.,10 10.65 10.75 911 S92 1280 1191 10S2 978 8-IS 7.65 7.25 6.75 . 6.25 6.23 6.00 5.50 4.85 3.50 SIOUX CIT1- LIVESTOCK. (Friday .·Market) SIOUX CITY. i.Ti--U. S. department of cricnlture-- CATTLE 3.200: killinc classes ccncrally i°ad\, package Rood around 1.200 Ib. steers 935 bulk 5 7 / S ; load around 775 Ib. mixed carlfnzs 5S.10; most short fed heifers 57 own; few 57.50: bulk beef cows Si.2,'i!ft5.25: utter grades chiefly S3.2yft4; slockers ;.nd seders scarce, moderately active, fully Icady; small lots common and medium *6S' HOGS 5.500: strong to lOc higher: weights -Glow 220 Ibs. up most; top S10.35- better 5(1 to 230 Ib, butchers S10.23fj]0.3S; 230 ,1 290 ID. averages S10S10.25: heavier butch- .rs slow; 140 to 170 Ib. weights S9.75» 0.25: SOW! S9.2589.30; staffs S9 down; feed:- piss mostly S99.50; light lights to fced- --s up to S10, OMAHA LIVESTOCK. (Friday Market! OMAHA. Neb., (.pi--U. S. department of : Sriculture-- HOGS 5.000: 10o direct; moderately ac- ISO 193 200 195 121 SHEEP. stern Lambs -- Wooled Yearlings-- S5 10.40 75 78 9.25 94 ' 10.25 30 81 9.00 95 10.15 24 70 8.75 97 10.10 Fat Wooled Ewes-59 10.00 101 115 5.75 102 9.75 6 12S 5.50 108 9.50 9 110 5.00 2 165 4.50 Hides Quotations Furnished by Well Bros., Inc. 308 Fifth Street Southwest HORSEIUDES Horschldes ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Up to 25 Jb3 _. 25 to 45 Ibs ,, More that] 60 Ibs. ..5C Bull aides ........... ------ ................. 3c ·Cured bides half cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to wholesale dealers In' wholesale lots.) Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. Tay Phone WOOL MARKET. (Friday Market) BOSTON, V.PI-- U. S. department of agr?- :uiture~- Moderate quantities oC soft fine Merino Australian woois were moved recently in the Boston market. The ransc of prices on these sales was unchanged from the range that prevailed for a month. There were no significant transactions reported in preasy combing domestic wools. Nominally quotations were unchanged, but they have recently had Httlc test by actual trading. MINNKAI'OLIS FLOCK (Friday .Murkrt) M I N X K A P O L I S . i - T t -- K l u u r 10 r*- rr: carload lots f a m i l y patent.*; .ffi. a barrel in v)S ib. rotton sacks. S h m m n n t s jrt.ssri; p u r r \,r*n Jir. f l a n d a r d middlings Jlo.Ti'y li Sept s.',i,i .M ..-is BARLJSY-- LARD-- Muy 11. nn Kl.fiT 4.0.90 .luly ll-i-"' Jc.KT in. 30 t EEI-LIKS -Mar. n.S7 MIA'.VKAI'OI.IS GRA1X. (Friday .Market) JIINNKAPOLIS. W.' -- Wheat 1B5 tars. l\i to 3 l i C lower-. No. 1 heavy dark norther spring 60 Ibs. Sl.20fiil.31; No. 1 dark north cm 59 Ibs. Si. IS ft ,1.30; 58 Ibs. Sl.16@-l.29 fancy No. 1 hard Montana 11 per cent pro teln Sl.195iJl.2l; to arrive $1.1S£ 1.2Q; grad or No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter S1.Q2('M.OS; to arrive $1,01 (Ji 1.07 No. 1 hard amber durum $1(3.1.17; No. red 79c; Hay 51.05; July S1.005I; Septem her 90c. Com No. 3, 59y.560^c. Oats No. 3 white 23«i'25»ie. KANSAS CITY GRiy. (Triday Market) KANSAS CITY, Up)-- Wheat 53 cars, un changed to Ic lower; No. 2 dark hard nomin ally S1.00 J /ifft'l.I3; No. 3, S1.07=i@1.0S*i ; No. 2 hard $1.02'/i(S)l.O-lVj: No. 3. $9 1 !-cti l 51.05=1; No. 2 red nominally Sl.Olii @1.05; No. 3, $1.01, Corn 49 carp, unchanged to 2c lower; No. 2 white nominally 67569 ! /2C; No. 3 nominally 65JA(S67c; No, 2 yellow noipiQaUy 65%@ 67*«c; No. 3 nominally 62^6^c; No. 2 mixed nominally 62 (563 Vic; No, 3 nominally 61® 61 He. Oats 3 car.s, unchanced to i',c lower; No. 2 w h i t e nominally SS-'i'ftSS-'iic: No. 3 nominally 24 "i ^ 28 Vic. (Friday Markcf NEW YORK, t.p) -- U. S, government bonda closed : Tnfl'ury 4 Us 47-52 117.15, Treasury 4s 44-55" 112.13. Treasury 3%s 40-43 10S.1P. Treasurj- 3^s 13--17 108.4. Treasury 3'/sS -16-49 105.14. Treasury 3s 51-55 104. 6. NEW YORK PRODUCE f Friday Market) NEW YORK, t-Pf-- EBBS, 8,205, about steady. Mixed colors: Prices unchanged. Butter 2,571, weaker. Creamery, higher than extra 31 ?i @32£c: extra (92 score) tralized (90) 30 r uS:31c. Cheese 22.S22, firm. Prices unchanged. Live poultry firm. By freight: AH prices unchanged. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. ftt Schanke ana Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. - Bid and asked Friday; Cent St El fi pet pfrt ($25 par) 11 1.1 Cent St Kt 7 pet p(d (525 par) 1-1 1." Cent S» p L 7 pet p[d 1s 15 U Champli.T Ref la 7 prt, pfd .... 7.^ Creamery Package com 26 27 Hearst Cons A 2;!'- '^l Geo A Hormcl A pfd OS UK) Geo A Hormcl B pfd Sfi !iS Geo A Hormel com is 20 Interstate Power fi pet pfd . . 2". ^7 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .... 3d .11 Iowa Electric Co 6 pet pfd f.r :,7 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd" .. S5',i S7'i la KJec Lt * Pow 6 pet pfd - - "C "J la E!ec Lt Pow 61-1- pet pfd 73 7" la Elec Lt Pow 7 p " ct p rd . , 74. 76 la Power Light 6 pet pfd . . 100 102 la Power Light 7 pet pfd ., 102^ 104 '-i la Public Sen- 6 pet pfd .... SS 90 " I Public Sen- 6 J ,i pet pfd .... S9 31 · la Public Scrv 7 pet pfd 93 ST " la South Uttl 6 pet pfd 63 f,. r ) la South Util 6 1 ,? pet pfd .... 61 Bfi la South Util 7 pet pfd BS 70 Minnesota P L 6 pet pfd . . S2 s-t Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd 92 94 Northern St Power 6 pet pfd 81 '£ f3 Northern St Power 7 pet pfd 85 S3 N W Bell Tel 6% pet pfd llfi 120 N W St Portland Cement 24 20 Rath Packinp 6 pet pfd 9K lo-i Rath Packins 7 pet .jfd 100 102 K«th Packinpr com Sioux City Gas Kl 7 pet pfd SO jn 1/nitcrt Lt Rye fi pet pfd . . 7:i 7.1 l.Tnitcfl Lt A Hys fl.Sfi pet [ifd 71 T L'nitnd Lt ft Ryt 7 pet ,iM .. «1 '.', s:;tl \ V r s t p r n r.ror-r i-f'l 82 ti; \','rK:*Tn 'ir-crr rom 7 U S'.j ·- fcx, I)iv. Cord Corp 7 U Walgreen Co 32 ',.; Ka.'amazoo Slov 69-"; Mi\V XORK Ci;jRB Am GflF Elec 3S-"ii Hud B M S 26 Vi Am Cyanamid B 3G1k Humble Oil Co 73 r i Am Su Pow Co 2Ts Lockheed -3% Ark Nati Gas A 7li Niag Hud Pow H"i Asoc G Kl A 17 S Nilcs-Beni-Pond 42',i Can Ind Aiuh 9vi Pennroad Corp 4% Kialer Elec a 1 ,-- S O Ky Co 19 % Kl Bd Share 23',i Un Gas Co 8% Ford Mo of Can 2S',i Un. Li 'Pow Co T-li Ford Mo of EDR S=i U t t l P U Co 2«i MJE\V 1 OKK STOCKS Alaska Juncau iri'.i Gt Nor pfd ;;7vi Allegheny :i? Houston Oil lUi Am Bank Note 49 l /;j Hudson Motor 17;-» Am For Pow gi.i Hupp Motors ^^ij Am Cry Sug Co 23% I n t l Carriers S% Am C Fy Co 35? Jewel Tea Co 70',i Am Pow J.-i ll = i Kclvinator Co 21 ^i Am Roll'g Mills 2Sx Lambert Co 23% Am Metal Co 31-7i Lorillard 22^ A.m Ra S Co 23'/s Mack Truck 3^ '.i Amer Tob Co 91 Mathicaon Alk S3'/t Annour Co 6 McK Rob pfd '44 As Dry Goods 17 McLeliau stores 13% All Kef 31 Alex Seab'd Oil 41^3 Bel Hemingway 15 Minn, Sloline Im 11 Baldwin Loco 5% M K T 8 B'riggs Mig Co 61 U Motor Products 35% Bendix 2H-. No Amer 26% Budd JJfg Co 13 "A No Amer Avi lO'/i Burr Add 29^s ot£ s Steel Co 19 Byers A M Co 22 Owen III Glass I35=i Calif Pricking 33% Packard Motor 11?! Caterpillar Trac 70 K Park Utah COP 4 % Cerro tfe Pasco SSft Plymouth 14 Ches Ohio 5~'£ Proc Gam 45% Chi Gt W pfd 6 Pub Ser 01 N J 40% C M S P P pfd 4 VI Pullman 43 Coca Cola Co 91 Pure Oil Co 2-H Com Credit 50% Purity Bakery 14 2om Solvents 21^ E K 0 8 Cont Motor 3-%, Rem Rand 21% Cr of Wheat S.iji Reo Motors 7\' a Cudahy Packing -10 '.^ Simmons Co 27 ·« Curt-Wri Co A 18% s ° Calif Kdison 26 ] ,i ^ist Corp Seag 2BT4 Sperry Corp 20^ Douglas Airc 72 St · K S Eastman Ifi3 Telautograph S',, p;aton Mfg Co 35 V* Tide Wa AS Oil 18 li KIcc Poxv Lt 15% U S Ind Alch 5Q"i Erie R R Co 14% U S Smelter SOU Fire'ne Ti fe Ru 31 U Util P' Lt A ,1?S Coster-Wheeler 32 ',s Vanadium 22 -;i Freeport Tex 30;'« Un Gas . Imp 16% Gen Am Trans 58 J ,i Warren Bros 8% Glldden Co 49 Vi Western My Id fl^; Gobel fi-Ti Western Union S6 Gold Ditft 20% Worth'n Pump 32',; Gt North'n Ore 39% Yellow Truck 1S!i Graham Paige 3=1 Youngs S T 50V1- · Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET (Friday Market) CHICAGO, LP-- U. S. department of agriculture-- Potatoes 65. on track 190, total U. S. shipments 1,052 ; barely steady, supplies rather liberal, demand slow; sacked per cwt-: Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1, S1.75@1.90, U. S. No. -2, S1.45©1.50; Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. 1, Si. 20© 1.22 J ,A. commercial SI. I S ; North Dakota Cobblers certified seed SI. 50. U. S. No. 1, si. 40; Early Ohios U. S. No. 1, 51.45; Colorado McClures U. S. No. l. Jl-85. f a i r quality 51.65: Nebraska Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. l, and partly graded $1.50@il.W. IN' VESTMENT TIUTSTS By The Associated PTW. Bid and asked Friday; Corp Tr fih 2.7* Corp Tr Sh AA Mod 3.3d Ci.-ip Tr Sh Accum Ker .. 2.R2 Corp Tr Accum Scr Mod .. 3.30 Dividend Sh l.fifl iarylanrl Fund 10.12 21. no "Vationwides Sec 4.37 4,-tT Nationwide Sec Vtc 1.91 N'or Amer Tr Sh 2.rS . N'or Amer Tr gh 1955 .... 3;33 . Quarterly Inc Sh 1.57 1.73 Selected Am Sh Inc .1.59 1.74 uper Corp Am Tr A ...... 3.7S U ^ El _L P A 1S.625 19.125 U S El L ' P B 2.91 3.1!1 U S El L, P Vtc 1.12 1.20 OMAHA GRAIN' (Friday .Market) OMAHA, l/l*)-- Wheat. No. 1 hard $1; No. hard 99#c3$1.05*i; No. 3 hard 95c; So. hard smutty 35*4, c; No. 4 hard 9214 @ 'l!-ic; No. 5 hard 90c; sample hard S3c; No. -1 northern spring $1.15; sample north- rn sprinc 30c. Corn. No. 3 yellow 6Jc; No. 4 yellow 55 1.5SC; No. 5 yellow 46^54'.Ac; sample vel- ow 39S17^c: No. 1 mixed 540-57C; No. 5 mixed 48%5? 1 51c: sample mixed 40c. OaL^. No. 3 white 23!JS.'26c; No. 4 while 1-22«!C. An old Missouri saying that's ithcr nn apr. onr: Stand in front f a mule anrf behind a shotgun.-- tfhisnit GInhc. TRENDS ERRATIC IN STOCK MARKET Some Mines, Alcohol^, Oils , and Specialties Fraction to 2 Points Up. NEW YORK, ti--Erratic trends characterized relative quiet in Friday's stock market. Some of the mines, alcohols, oils and specialties pressed forward for gains of fractions to around 2 points. At the same time losses of as much or more were scattered throughout other groups. Issues holding advances near the beginning of the final hour included U. S. Smelting. Cerro De Pasco, Standard Oils of California and Indiana, Texas Corp., Distillers Corp., Schenley. General Motors, Westinghouse and Eastman Kodak. The rails and steels pointed lower and American Telephone was off about 3 points. The late tone was mixed. Transfers approximated 2,000,000 shares. Wheat at Chicago ended with declines of ',J to' Ic a bushel and corn was off '1 to %. U. S. government securities were actively steady. higher and other bonds The downward tendency of the major telephone stock continued to reflect this corporation's hearing be:ore the communications commission at Washington. While there was some nervousness still evident over the extent of ligh water damages and their ultimate effect on the earnings of var- ous corporations, most analysts jointed out that the rebuilding of louses, bridges and the demand for new equipment should stimulate many lines. Curb Market NEW YORK. (.TV-Firm spots In motalj and utilities were the chief points or inter- st in a quiet curb market Friday, A l u m i n u m ct. extended its gain 2?; oints to 149, Newmont Mining was t\ hisft- f fit SI and fractional improvement was noivn by Electric Bond Share, Pioneer Gold and Wright Hargrcavcs. Issues holding unchanged or s l i d i n g back t r i f l e included American Gap. Pittsburgh 3 Iate Glass and International Petroleum. Bond Market NK\V YOP.K. (.r.--A steadier tone in the Kovernmciu list contrasted w i t h mixed t e n - dencies in other sections or the bond market Friday. All of the active direct a n d indirect obli- Kattons of tile government wtf re in the plus column with gains ranging from l-32nd lor Federal Farm Mortgage 3s ol 199 and .1-32nds for Treasury 3YsS or the same maturity. Trading was more active. All sruijps In the domestic corporate department had a tinge or irregularity and the turnover was small. Numerous issues were unchanged. Foreign bonds were generally higher, especially obligations or countries involved in tae Locarno discussions at London. In the corporate division, St. Louis Southwestern 5s gained a point. Chesapeake corporation 5s moved up ?j, Illinois Central -is were % higher at 54 si and Kansas City Southern 5s gained ii at S5=i. Higher prices also were paid ror International Telephone Convertible -IVis and Pure oil 4Us. Losers oE minor amounts included Amerian and Foreign Power 5s. Baltimore and hio^lias, North western -l-'is, Chile Copper as. North American 5s and Southern Railway 4s. Foreign bonds on the mend included German Chemical 6s, up i point at. 2S and Italian Ts. up ?i at 72. Japanese 6V,s and Belgium 6s were unchanged. Produce MASON CITY--For Friday. Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse 3ggs, current receipts I4c Seavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ....16c LJnder 4 Ibs I3c Cocks I3c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade lo-16c ~lggs, cash 14-16c Sutler, Iowa State Brand 38c Butter, Corn Country 3Tc 3utter, Kenyon's 37c Butter, Very Best Sutler, Brookfield Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by Calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Friday Market) CHICAGO, i.w-- Butter 10.489. creamery specials (93 score) 30=.l extras (92) 30',4c: extra firsts (90-91) SOc: weak; , Hirsts (88-39) 29"l«29?ic; standards centralized carlots) 30Uc. ggs 15,365. steady, prices unchanged. (90 Poultry, live. 1 prices unchanged. car. 14 trucks, steady: . Dressed turkeys steady, prices unchanged. -NEW YORK PRODUCE. (Friday .Market) NF.W YOKK. \.V}--Raw sugar unchanged. Fulure? steady, 3 points net higher lo 1 point lower. Refined unchanged. lamson Brothers Market Letter MARKET REVIEW Wheat -- Wheat prices were lower Friday mcrnitiK and late in the session moderate liquidation again developed carrying prices to about 1 J ,-1- cents under Thursday night's close. The weakness in coarse grains influenced local sentiment and buying support was of only moderate proportions. There was no rain reported in Uie southwest asain and indications are for fair Friday niqht and Saturday. The Liverpool market was tharply lo-.ver Friday and only a small export business was reported. Broomhall says that the increased demand from Europe this season nd who recent improved demand from the Orijnt is influencing Australian farmers to withhold their offerings and receipts are consequently diminishing. Local sentiment continues bearish in wheat in spite of the continued dryness in the southwest and help ia apparently needed from the action of Winnipeg and Liverpool to prevent sagging tendencies in the market. Corn-- Liquidati Friday with netv . under 60 cents and as low as it hs sold since Jan. 50. There was a little stop loss selling under tlic 60 cent level. There was weikcr undrrlonf; in t h e -tFh market. w i t h corn prices i T c a k l n p t n t n tiru- lf,u- iirvl. f"r a rrcont p-HM. rn-rr ccncral a c t i v i t y is a n t i c i p a t e d in i h i j grain. . again appeared Jn oats low levels. May corn sold CHAPTER 45 Sclwyn Marsh attempted to frown when he became aware of Thora's speechless gaze at his changed appearance in dinner clothes. Instead, he smiled a trifle sheepishly. "Well? Do I look as silly as I feel ?" "You . . . you look . . . nice." It was a stupid word to use, but Thora could find nothing better at the moment. "I hardly knew you," ^she added hastily. "I don't wonder," he agreed amiably. "I hardly know myself. Wilma insisted on my getting into harness tonight. Said the other fools were going to dress like head waiters and, as long as I was to be on the program . . . . Does everything look all right?" Since it would have been unthink able to tell Selwyn Marsh that h had transformed himself in to a vei distinguished-looking, and ham some gentleman, Thora Dahl con tented herself by tipping her hea critically to one side and remark ing: 'All except your tie. It's crooked. "I thought so. Can't do one those bows to save my soul. Wil you fix it?" He stood with his chin raise while Thora patted and pulled th black bow into a perfect knot. I brought a sudden memory. How sh had stood by this very window looking to Selwyn Marsh's face a he removed that cinder from he eye. That was the first time she ha seen him, and how long ago i seemed. And his hands had been s steady. Her fingers were tremblini . . . a little. "There." She stepped back an appraised her task. "That look much better. I must go now. I wil be late." "You're not punching a tim clock," be snapped. "Besides, Pat is going to run you over in the car." "Oh, no ... please. I'd rathe walk. It isn't far." "And I prefer not to have yoi cutting across lots and in anybody': back door. You'll drive around ti the front. Go out on the porch and wait for Pat. I'll call him." It was more than an hour late: that WJlma entered the library t find her father relaxed in his chaii puffing thoughtfully on his pipe. "Dad!" she exclaimed reproach fully. "You'll get your shirt crushed, sitting that way. And you have ashes on yourself. Stand up and le me dust you off." He complied with a muttered protest. "You're the handsomest thing I've seen in a long time," Wilma tolc him in a little burst of admiration as she flicked his shirt bosom with her handkerchief. "You almost take my breath. Do you know that you don't look a day older than Sherm?" "What do you want for that?" "My bracelet, if you'll be good enough to dig it out. And the largest ring." "Look here, Wilma. You're not going; to wear that thing tonight, are you?" "Of course I am. That's why I brought it out. I want to give your relatives an eyeful. Go on and get it, like a good boy." "It's yours," Marsh admitted, "but I don't like the idea of your wearing it tonight, it's not that sort of an occasion and we don't have cops on every corner out here, either." "How silly! If you and Alec and Pat can't guard me over there and back, you're not much good. Let me have it." "All right. Just head anybody off from coming in here for a minute. There's no use advertising where we keep it." He crossed to the fireplace and began fingering the molding of one of the wooden wall panels. In a moment, there was a dull clang and Marsh came back to the table with a small box in 'his hand. "There you are," he remarked. "Isn't it gorgeous?" Wilma asker, when she had slipped the blazing circlet over her slim hand and held it up for her father's' admiration. ·"You don't know how I value it," she began impulsively, then paused svhen she saw the grim expression on Selwyn's face. "You should," he answered shortly. "After all, it's . . . Hello." Alec Babbas strolled into the room. He was dressed for dinner and smoking a cigaret thrust in an amber holder. Marsh looked at him critically. The bruise on the younger man's face was scarcely noticeable in the fading light. And he was not wearing the monocle, to his host's secret satisfaction. "You look very fit.'' he observed. "I'm all right," Babbas admitted. "Look, Alec," Wilma interrupted, "how do you like it, when I'm dressed to match?" "It's quite becoming." "Dad was trying to make believe it wasn't safe for me to be going about with so much richness. I told him that you would protect ms." "I'll do my best But I'm not sure that Mr. Marsh isn't right." "You're both of you silly!" Wilrna exclaimed with a pout. Meanwhile, Thora was acquainting herself with her duties for the evening and following the fluttering Mrs. Steele about, from the kitchen to the diningroom. Back again. "I do hope everything is all right!" the hostess sighed, making one more inspection of the faultless table. "It is a small party," she confided to Thora, "but it's one of those affairs where everything has to be just so." "Yes?" her assistant murmured politely. "I'll say so. The Gordons you . know, are rich. They're accustomed to the best. And they're very critical. Between you and me, my dear. Frances Gordo'n is sweet . . . and a cat." Thora raised her brows p t r i f l e :it this iinim,itc rcvrlnUon. TI. didn't sountl much iikc Mr. Gordon's de- scription of his mother. But Mrs. Steele was hurrying on. "Mr. and Mrs. pryor are about as bad. Miss Pryor . . . she's his sister . . . is worse. They're cousins of Selwyn. George Pryor isn't nearly as well off as Selwyn and it hurts them. They're very quick to find fault. That is one reason I had Sherm come along. He's a peacemaker when that bunch geta together. I do hope I haven't made any mistake in seating." As nearly as Thora could tell, the arrangements' were perfect. Thanks to Mrs. Steele's painstaking preparations there would be very little for her to do save keeping a check upon Jim's movements. That young man had been subjected to countless rehearsals and Was standing- by, clad in a stiffly starched linen jacket and .owl-eyed with importance. Thora gave him a reassuring smile. Ducky Jim was all that stood between her and appearing before the dinner guests. If he should fail her! The situation somehow appealed to her sense of humor. Her experience with formal dinners was very slight, and she was now acting in a professional capacity. She was conscious of a sudden desire to see these people together, hear what they talked about. It was very evident that Selwyn Marsh was to have his seat at the head of the board. She would like to see him when he stood in his place and solemnly told these people that Wilma was engaged to marry All Bauja. As if everyone in the vicinity of Brookville didn't know it. A queer custom. (TO BE CONTINUED) LEGAL NOTICE .NOTICE OK SHKIUfrT'S SAI.K STATE OK IOWA. ny Gordo county, s^. To Lnkefleld Farm Credit Omiuin.v, n rur- imnttion, or Liikcfirltl. .Minn., nnd to uliiini It mav concern; You arc hereby notified that hy virtue of a general execution, to me directed and issued out of the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the State of Iowa, within and for Cerro Gordo County, upon a judK- mcnt rendered in said Cfcurt for costs against Lrtkefteid Farm Credit Company, a eunwrallon, of LakefleM. Minnesota. »nrl later, at the January 1330, viz: on th« 19th day of February. 1936. rendered judgment for coats a«ainst the surety on Iht Cost Bond. The Fidelity 4 Deposit Comnany of Maryland for the sum ol Forty-three anil 15-100 ($13.15) Dollars, I have levied unon the following described real Mtalc. to-vflt: The Interest of the Lakrfldd Fii-m Tmllt Coniimny. a curtjorntlmt nt l,«Ki-- Ileld, .Mlm.ei.ilii, li, an j u , Tnp Enat , ive nnU «ne-hulr (5V-:) rods In width if I.,.t« ··".v (li) and Seven (7) Block Thirteen U3) In Paul Keifs l-lat of Mason Cllv, Orro Gordo County, Iowa. and that im the 28th day or March l«3fi st 2 o'clock P. AT., at the front door or the. Court House In Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. I will proceed to sell tho eamc in satisfaction of said execution, together with all legal costs accruing. Dated at the Sheriff's office in Mason City, Iowa, this 27th day of February 1S36. J. M. ROBERTSON, sheriff of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa By ELSI3 RAMSEY, Deputy Sqenff. Fitzpatrick Barlow. Attorneys. Visit at Blooming Pairie. LITTLE CEDAR--Mr. and Mrs. Jake Winters drove to Blooming Prairie, Minn.. Wednesday to visit the latter's brother, Mathais Matsen. WANTED HIDES - WOOL Highest Prices Paid CARL STEIN Phone 470 111 Sixth S. W. Tri State Telephone Telegraph Co. First Mortgage and Refunding Bonds Entire Issues Called May 1, 1936 Series "A" 5'/z% Due May 1, 1942 at 103'/ 3 Series "B" 5% Due May 1, 1942 at 101 A.M.SCHANKE COMPANY 208 Foresters Building MASON CITY, IOWA CLOSING OUT PUBLIC SALE As I am quitting farming, I will sell th e following at public sale 2 miles north and S-4 ivest of Dougherty, on MONDAY, MARCH 23 Commencing at 12:30 P. M. ~ HEAD OF HORSES AND MULES--Gray maTM in foal. wt. 1(K)0: black mare in fOifl, \vl. 1400; bay mare in foal, \vt. 1100; roaJi horse; coming 2 year old filly; 1 colt; mule 7 years old, sound. 18 HEAD OF CATTLE--10 milch cows, 7 calves, good Hereford bull coming 3 years old. 9 HEAD OF HOGS--Consisting of 8 brood sows and one stook hog. FULL LINE OF FARM MACHINERY, ETC. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE Terms Cash--No property removed until settled for. FRANK HICKEY, Owner OKA BAYLESS, Auct. Closing Out Public Sale To be held on the former Fred Cole farm, 5 miles east and l'/ 2 miles north of Northwood, Iowa, on Wednesday, March 25th Commencing at 12:30 o'clock--Free Lunch at Noon. 100--HEAD OP LIVESTOCK--100 31 HORSES--1 gray mare 14 yrs., wt. 1400; 1 gray mare 15 yrs., wt. 1500; 1 gray mare 12 yrs., in foal, wt. 1400; 1 gray mar e coming 6, wt. 1800; 1 black mare 16 yrs., in foal, wt. 1350; 1 brown gelding coming 3, wt. 1000; 1 hay mare 3 yrs., wt. 1050; 1 team young blacks; 1 yearling colt; 1 colt 6 months. 43 HEAD CATTLE--« Purebred Holstein Cows; 3 Grade Holsteins, feeders, wt. 550 each; 12 400-Ib. feeders, Herefords and Roans. 40 HEAD HOGS--Including- 18 brood sows. 22 fall feeder pigs. 5 Bred Ewes, 1 registered Buck. FULL LINE OF GOOD FARM MACHINERY including a practically new 10-20 McCormick-Deering tractor with power take-off anil 14-inch tractor plow. Seed Corn, 500 bushels Corn, Oats, Hay, Ensilage, Buckwheat, some Soybeans. Chickens, ~5 Leghorn hens, 5 Leghorn roosters. Geese, 3 hens, 1 gander. AMY G. GERLACH. Prop. J. M. Robertson, Auct. Northwood State Bank, Clerk CLOSING OUT SALE As I am going to quit farming, T will hold a Closing Out Sale on the Indianhead Farm No. 6. located T mile south of Mason City and 2 miles east; or 2 miles east of the Schermerhorn farm, on TUESDAY, MARCH 24 AT I P. M. fi HORSES--I team mares. 7 and S years. «·(.. :!(l()0; 1 hay gelding-, smooth mouth, wt. 1500: 1 gcldinjr coming 3, wl. 1200: 1 sfeldin.s coming 2, wt. 1000: 1 Shetland pony. 10 HEAD CATTLE--(i Guernsey cows.'fresh and spring- ers; 4 calves. FARM MACHINERY. ETC.--S-foot binder; 1 hay loader; 1 mower; 1 gang plow; 2 2-row corn plows; 3 . 1-row corn plows; 1 end-gate seeder; 3 discs; Hays corn planter; 1 International spreader; wagon with triple box; hay rack and wagon; 1 ensilage rack; 1 bob sled; 2 drags and 1 drag cart; 2'/ 2 H. P. gas engine and pump jack; 2 sets harness. Some Alfalfa Hay; Soybean Hay; some Oats- and Corn; Seed Corn. 150 CHICKENS A FEW DUCKS Other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS: Cash, or arrange with thp clerk. T. F. McMENIMEN, Owner fack Dnrscy, .\Jn-fMin'-'- "I'. AI:j(W fi)v. (Jl i

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