The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 3, 1934 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1934
Page 6
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SIX MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 3 1934 WOMEN FILL AUDITORIUM FIRST DAY OF COOKING SCHOOL Electorate's Indifference Gets Scoring Phyllis Propp, Attorney, Addresses Young Demo Club. "From Political Indifference to an Enlightened Electorate" was the topic of an address given by Phyllis Propp, ^attorney, at a meeting of the Young Democratic club Monday eve- rting at the dub headquarters on the second floor of the Sterling Grocery building. "We ; can point with pride to 150 years of progress in the development of our government and loudly acclaim the solution 'of momentous problems," Miss Propp said, "but we have never been properly prepared to meet crises such as war, unemployment or economic depression. We have experimented and gambled with government. This lack of' preparedness is. deep rooted in political indifference. No Lock of Intelligence. "The indifference is not due to lack of intelligence to understand factors vital in public affairs, but to overzealous enterprise for personal wealth and to a lack of knowledge of the real issues. Less than one- half of the enfranchised go to the polls and of those who vote, many have no knowledge of the candidates for office .or the issues they represent' Many who know of the COUGH . . . Real Throat relief! Medicated with ingredients of Vicks VapoRub O V E R C O M E S BAD BREATHj issues do not think long enough to know which is good or bad. "There is sectional and class conflict not only between the major political parties, but within the ranks of the parties themselves. The people of the middle west have al- loweU industry to dictate policies and have swept parties into power because of indifference to what happens. Although they are opposed to class domination, they have allowed capital, representing-a small group, to dominate. In regarding the "solid south" as democratic and the north as republican and voting with that in mind, we are fighting the Civil war 60 years after Lee's surrender. Emotional Issues. "The government should represent the interests of all sections of the country and not the east or the south. We are too much concerned with emotional issues which are apt to be on the surface and not the real-issues. Groups discuss the Ku 'Klux Klan and prohibition and do not mention tariff, taxes, credit structure or foreign policy. Calling for a change in outlook and the assumption of a new political consciousness, Miss Propp pointed out that a more enlightened elec* torate will result from encouraging education in public affairs. This may be made effective by placing education under federal control so. that the benefits of schooling will be equal for all children no matter in what part of the country they live. 'In the political organization of young people we have made a good start," Miss Propp said. "Young people should early be alligned to a political party organized to face issues with leaders who will formulate party platforms which are the wish and interest of every section of the country. "We cannot hope to cling tenaciously to the doctrines promulgated by the early fathers, but must face modern situations in a progressive manner." Morgan McEnaney, president of the club, had charge of the meeting. Musical selections were played by the Little German band. Did you hear the news? Mrs. Rohrs Is Using Jack Sprat Foods Again, at the 1O6KING f SCHOOL .' Yes, it's true. Mrs. Eohrs has elected to use Jack Sprat Foods for the third consecutive year in the Globe-Gazette Cooking School. Jack Sprat Foods measure up to the rigid standard Mrs. Rohrs requires of all products demonstrated on the platform. In the .middle of a lecture, with a thousand pairs of eyes focused upon her, the contents of EVERY can and package she opens must be GOOD. She has found that she can depend on the uniform fine quality of Jack Sprat Foods. Mrs. Rohrs says: "I hope the housewives of this community will use Jack Sprat canned goods and extracts, just as I am doing here at the Cooking School. You, too, will like the Jack Sprat brand because you can always depend upon the quality, and that means so much in preparing a tempting lunch or meal. If you have never tried the wonderful line of Jack Sprat foods, do it right today." Your Favorite Coffee, too! Chocolate Cream Coffee, too, is again Mrs. Rohrs' choice for her Mason City school. She confirms the opinion of hundreds of women who have shown their preference fof this brand during the last 31 years. VIeat Topic of Opening Discussion Jshers Model Housefrocks for Benefit of Audience at Class. Mason City women, armed with ncil and notebook and eager for novvledge, filled the nigh school uditorium Tuesday afternoon for lie first lecture of the annual Globe-Gazette cooking- school con- ucted by Mrs. Pauline Rohrs. Mrs. Rohrs whose popularity with ocal housewives has returned her o Mason City for the third year bean her four day series of lectures ·ith a discussion of "Meat as a Menu Basis." Assisting in handling the crowd ·ere a group of ushers including iVanda Black, Colleen Mulhern, Vinifred Storer, Sylvia Cohen, Dorthy Williamson and Madelain chneider. In addition to ushering uties, the girls modeled house- rocks from the D. K. Lundberg ompany and hair dressing doriwat the Myers Beauty Salon. Preceding the regular lecture, to. Rohrs gave suggestions for andwich' making. Recipes demon- jrated during the afternoon were or mixed grill, using Deckers vac- um cooked frankfurturs, prune- am rolls, broiled; raisin-almond ayer cake, carrot ring, tomato aspic mold and Vanderbilt salad. IIXED GKILL WITH DECKEK'S 'ACUUM COOKED FRANKFCK- TEBS, IMPORT STLYE. Place the frankfurters on the Toiler rack. When you have turned lem the first time, arrange on a izzling steak platter, using steam- d cauliflower, sliced tomatoes and ananas. Replace under unit and roil the entire grill dinner until egetables and fruit are slightly rowned and hot. Time about nine minutes for frankfurters to cook and three to four minutes for the in- redients and fruit after arranged. Attractive and delicious. 'RUNE-HAM KOLLS--BROILED. Wash one cup and one-half of runes, boil ten minutes in suffi- lent water to cover, drain, pit and ice each prune into about five trips. Remove the seeds from one alf a cup of pickled green chili pep- ers and cut into strips; combine vith prunes and add four teaspoons- ul of Worcestershire sauce and mix 'ell. Cut pineapple rings in half and lace one piece on each o£ six slices if lowana ham cut medium thicK. Divide the prune mixture into six iarts and spread on the pineapple iieces. Bring the ends of pieces of iam up over the prune mixture, and asten with toothpicks or small aluminum fowl pins. Place rolls on an ·lied broiler, and brush the tops with oil. Broil under high flame for about 'our minutes, turn and broil under side for about four minutes or until iam is slightly brown. Serve immediately. Metal tongs can be used in ifting the rolls out of the pan. RAISIN ALMOND LAYER CAKE '··i cup blanched almonds 1 cup seeded raisins 2 crackers 2% cups Pillsbury flour 3 eggs 1 teaspoon ginger 4 teaspoons K. C. baking powder 1 teaspoon Jack Sprat vanilla ft cup Iowa State Brand butter 1^ cups Crystal Beet sugar }i teaspoon Morton's salt. 1 cup Hermanson's milk Method: Mix almonds with raisins and put through a food chopper using the medium knife. Follow with two crackers to clear the grinder. Cream the butter, add sugar and cream well together, then three eggs beaten well, and beat the entire mixture until fluffy. Add the ginger, salt and baking powder to the flour which has been sifted, .once, .and measured. Sift again. Add part of this flour' mixture to the cake mixture alternately with the milk. Mix some of the flour with the fruit and nut mixtures and add this to the main mixture. Beat well, together, pour into round or square layer cake pans, using two large or three smaller pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and then raise temperature to .375 .and bake 20 to 25 minutes longer according to thickness of layers. Ice'with the boiled icing. CARROT KING 1 bunch carrots 2 eggs Vs teaspoon Crystal Bwt sugar 2-3 cup blanched almonds or pecans 1 cup top milk *i teaspoon Morton's salt U teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons Iowa State Brand butter. Method: Wash, scrape and grate the carrots; there should be 2'.3 cups. Beat the eggs, add the milk seasonings, then the coarsely chopped almonds and carrots. Melt but- RING IN THE BOWL AND SPOON Mrs. Pauline Rohrs, instructor of the Globe-Gazette cooking school in session Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at the high school, is shown posed with mixing bowl and spoon. Her lectures on cooking and the household arts in general are made interesting and intelligible by demonstrations of the various recipes which she suggests. ter in ring mold, allow it to run well over the surface. Pouring any extra butter into the main mixture. Pill the mould. Set in a pan of water and bake 325 degrees until set. Serves eight persons. TOMATO ASPIC MOLD 3 cups tomato juice--Jack Sprat 1 onion sliced 1 bay leaf 1% teaspoons Worcestershire sauce 2 tablespoons gelatine % cup cold water Vt. cup lemon juice Morton salt.- . .-'. , Jack Sprat Cjayenne'papp'er. .-i Method: Lettuce, asparagus tips, mayonnaise. Cook tomato juice, bay leaf and cloves five minutes. Strain, add lemon juice and seasonings, Worcestershire sauce and gelatine softened in cold water. Pour into a fluted mold. When firm unmold on lettuce and garnish : with asparagus tips. VANDERBILT SALAD On a bed of lettuce leaves place a slice of cooked pineapple, cover with equal quantities of orange and grapefruit sections (sweetened with '. small portion of powdered sugar), add one stalk of tender celery, ·hredded; above heap two tablespoons of whipped cream salad [ressing. Sprinkle with chopped walnut meats. Auxiliary to B.'of K. T.-2 o'clo'ck, Y. W. C.-A. Presbyterian All-church night-6:30 o'clock, church, covered dish supper D. A. K.-7:30 o'clock, Mrs. Seba Vail, 223 Tenth street northwest, reports of state conference, national defense, Mrs. C. E. Ctienoweth, Mrs. H. F. Pool, Mrs. Louise Barton, hostesses. Wartburg Luther league-Postponed to April 11. P. E. O. DZ-- 8 o'clock, Mrs. B. F. Weston, 710 Adams avenue northwest, committee, Mrs. E. H. Wagner, Mrs. H. J. Steinberg, Mrs. G. M. Woodruff. A. M. C. and B. W.-7:30 o'clock, Eagles hall. Spanish War Veterans auxiliary-7:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Yeomen-7:30 o'clock, Eagles hall. Panhellenic Women Plan Bridge Party Annual Post-Lenten Benefit Affair Saturday at Denison Club. Panhellenic association members are busy completing arrangements for their annual post-Lenten Bridge party which will be held Saturday afternoon in the Denison club. Play will begin at 2 o'clock and both contract and auction will be played. Both pivoting and progressing ·ill be done at the tables, according to the wishes of the players. TTor groups who wish to remain together during the afternoon, there will be pivoting and for others, the regular tournament style of progression will be observed. Prizes will he awarded under the direction of Mrs. A. J. Feeney.- An advance ticket sale is being conducted by a committee including Mrs. Hanford MacNider, Dr. Madelene Donnelly, Mrs. E. D. Dunlop, Mrs. C. I. Snyder, Mrs. H. F. Pool, Mrs. C. E. Dakin, Mrs. C. M. Franchere, Mrs. G. E. Andrews, Mrs. E. C. Babcock, Mrs. F. J. Olson and Mrs. Mabel Hcpner. Tea will be served at the close of the afternoon. The tea committee comprises Mrs. B. A. Webster, Mrs. H. L. Knesel and Mrs. L- S. Sanders. Mrs. Lester Dibble is chairman of general arrangements. The proceeds will be used for the scholarship loan fund of the Pan- hellenic association. Eleven fatal arid 18 non-fatal accidents resulted from rabbit huntin; in California within a year, a report of the state game commission shows. V /--' DISAPPEAR IN 24-48 HOURS · New scientific discovery, of a physician. Pimtux, clears up TJimjIc» in 24-18 hours or your money back. Restores natural beauty to your akia Ask your druggist. ADA JtAAKE SPEAKS TO FALLS WOMEN Miss Ada Raake, home demonstration agent, addressed 13 women of Falls township at a meeting at the home of Mrs. John McNitt, southwest of Plymouth Monday on "Your Most Becoming Print." Plans were discussed for achievement day to be held in June. Reports were made on previous work and a pot luck luncheon was served. ^_.;. Another thing that gets weak and stale in middle life for want of exercise is the head.--Davenport Times. Ruth Werle Married to Blanchard Finch Miss Ruth Werle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emil G. Werle and Blanchard R. Pinch, son of Ira Finch, all of Manly, were married at the Olivet parsonage, the Rev. William Galbreth officiating. They were attended by Miss Marcella Rossiter of Manly and Grant Burdette Hunt of Plymouth. They will make their home in Manly where the bridegroom is engaged in operating a garage. Smarter Styles, Better Quality For Less -- Since 1920 ·OURTESY AND SATISFACTION WITH EVERY PURCHASE/ These New Spring Frocks Put on front effects *6 95 to '16 95 Plux Tax RUGS DRAPES CURTAINS Skillfully Cleaned Phone 588 or 789 Ruffles, jabots, bibs, pleatings--all these are found on the newest frocks, and very flattering you're going to find them! Sometimes they are high and crisp; sometimes they are the softest and sheerest of ruch- ings. The frocks themselves are in prints, sheers and crepes, in fashion's favored colorings. All Sizes from 12 to 48 A"DeKAYE"DRESS OPPORTUNITY Now Selling at $3.50 $4.95 $5.95 " S E E Y O U T O M O R R O W Student Special 25--3x5 Prints and 1--6x10 Hand Painted in Oil Photograph for only $5.85 RUSSELL PHOTO STUDIO Ph. 2372 Baglcy-Beck Bldg. Social Calendar TUESDAY at T. T. club -8 o'clock, Miss Rose Schultz, 504 Fourth street southeast. T. N. T. club-6:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. East Side social circle -7:30 o'clock, church parlors, Mrs. Louis Wall, hostess. Unity Chapter No. 58, O. E. S.-7:30 o'clock, Masonic temple, social hour, refreshments. Women of the Moose -7:30 o'clock, Eagles hall. j Clio club-- I Mrs. Hardy Pool, 126 First street ( southeast, Mrs. John Shipley, les- j son. WEDNESDAY Coterie club -Mrs. J. E. Donnelly, 110 Seventh street northeast, Mrs. W. C. Johnson, assisting. Lincoln Radio Child Study circle-2:15 o'clock, Mrs. R. J. Longley, 107 Carolina avenue southeast, lesson, "Intellectual Development." i Olivet Missionary society -- j 1 o'clock, church, covered dish ; luncheon. ' '; Our Saviour's Ladies aid -- ; 2 o'clock, church parlors, Mrs. Joe j Factor, hostess. i Grace Evangelical Ladies aid -- . Group 1, Mrs. Carl Werthenbach, i 116 Third street southwest; group ! 2, Mrs. F. J. Baker, 38 Lehigh i North Federal avenue 3, Mrs. C. B. Squires, 214 Fourteenth street northwest. j St. James Ladies aid -- ; 2:30 o'clock, church parlors. Mrs.; August Burcb, Mrs. B. Doolan. Central Lutheran northeast group -2:30 o'clock, Mrs. M. E. Zarling. 1009 Pennsylvania avenue northeast, Mrs. J. McCormick, assisting. Loyal 10 -Mrs. Ared White, 820 Eighth street northeast P. E. O. GX-- Mrs. Lester Milligan. 930 Monroe Place northwest, Mrs." Beulah Armstrong, lesson. ( Approved By Cupid ) Why not treat yourself w an ABC skin? The same care 9 out of 10 screen stars give their com- pleiions wilt make yours lovely, too --fragrant, white Lux Toilet Soap. Cupid's right--no man can resist a really beautiful complexion. CUPID: "Those girls sure have lovely skin--and look where it's got them--" "HELLO, DOROTHY WILSON. -. Remember, when I first saw you--you were running a typewriter--and 'now I told you ABC skin was pretty good success insurance for a girl? You took my advice and now you're playing leads. "HI! JOAN MARSH... You were a mighty pretty nine-months-old baby the first time I saw you in the pictures, but nothing like the beauty you are now that you've been using Lux Toilet Soap to get that ABC skin. "GLORIA-OH, GLORIA STUART... You're looking mighty lovely. Aren_t you glad I stopped you on that university campus and told you an ABC skin would get you far!" L. r

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