The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 19, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1818
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1818, J H' ,JI. NO. '42 PlNE - STiilT. ,.;.. ., - A gLOOP, ',now building of thf best 'rJfX materials about 100 too; timber? eflive V 2oak.' and cedar; bottoms plask jJSywhile oak,Jiuilt on purpose for the Alba - trail !! r' ! r .' 7 A SLOOP 50 loo, alcokUd fcr lany trade where dispatch, burthen, and T ? Mas - draft of water it required. 1 - '"JT AperiaaPCHOaKI' oftonN wfll draw but - little vuter, with a lee - isbord through' tlw centra of her, Tl; a SHIP of 360 tow, - "k"' j Mfor a IJvwpoolorJwwloolTB.lrr, (that tc befuirAed to wit the purchaser.) Spin, timber Mil plaok. Also, timber awed lo bin. for honw bJjlB mvr' !. sotf U . CHARLES BRQWNNE, .or bale, freight r Uwier, 1 ;im , built BCIIOONER. r.i 4 i in tnnm Imrf lien, built in the best !T?!l,Mii.,at.nrJ. in complete order to bmii - , wyv' ' . . receive A cargo in every respect a goou vescl. Atoirfy oa board at Darliiifj - slip, or, " 7 X. L. k G. GRISVVOLD, . . i 00 South - ft. fiiae, Vrttght Charter, a K. - m nilnt host bailt fchocner. ISO h.iWKi. bailt in the bett manner. ofeooiT materials, roppcr ftutencd a very fast ami Ml ba IfDt to tea With fOWll pium iw.r - . - . . .. .. ,. . K'wnse Apulr on bonrd at Uurling slip, or to ' W. U G RIS WOLD, JaK 19 I1G South - t. r'or Freight or Vtiarttr, Tl. fi.t ailin lubstantial schooner 'rrTsF.V. rant. Turner, onevearold. will stow about 80H bull, i in complete order fcr any vovasei - tfati be seen at Dover - st. wharf, fpidt to - . . GOODHUE S CO. " Jan 82 44 gouth - ft.1 The new and fast sailinebria FAME, ,buiU of the best seasoned timber, and laiUilully put together. Her rigging ana sail in a( callent ouMitv. This vessel U well calculated lor a southera packet, having hand - ome accommoduions. For terms and a view of her inventory, apply to Jan 23 63 South - st. Connecticut, one voyage to the West Indies, is one year old and can be sent to sea immediately For terms and a view of her inventory, apply to - GRISWOLD5 & COATES, Jsn 23 ' 68 South - st. for AUzand to, Otorerlutcn and H'oilimto,. v454' The schooner ADEL1XE. Edward ay Rnmmev. master, laynip east sidir Cot - fee House - slip, now loading, for freight or passage, apply to the master on board, or to DIVIE liETHUNE & CO. feb 12 92 Coil'ce Hnuse - lip. for W - 'ibmnglon, .V. C. vAAv The schr UNION, Ephraim Dennett, T"."itiir. will bo ready to take in to - mor - nw or Ireight or peswje, apply on noaru, it side Fly - market wharf, or to vest Feb 10 3 South - ftreet. t er Norfolk or Baltimore, The faw Muun' - Ji nw tioop KEGU - aLATOR, W'm. Sole, ma - aer. For freigtit apply to .GEO. M, WII. - ON, b7 130 WMer - st. 7 tor C,T PUWt (') M The bri EUlV,CE captain How, 35JjwUl sail in a few days and will take heavy freight at a low rate. 4 pply on board at i'ine - st. wharf, or to ' CAMBREL EA'G it PEARSON, Feb 6 67 South - st. tor CHAHLhSlVA, The fast sailing a hooner LOUISA, W .Napier, master, being nearly loaded, will sail the first wind for the remainder, or passage, apply on board, west side Burling - ihp, or to S. ALLEY, Feb 3 93 Pine st. tor M.1 l.ltfZsta, (Luba.) The hritr Caroline. R. Munro. maa ,ter, will take' what freight may offer Una weeK - tor terms apply to JAMES D'WOLF. Jun. 57 Front - street. Tor FREIGHT or CA.4HTHR. The briir SIDNEY CRISPIN, bur. .then 150 tons, a staunch, eood vessel. lately repaired. Apply as above. feb 2 for OfUKiU. The achr. BETSEY, cant Turner. (.burthen 97 tons, a substantial rood vessel, only one year old, having a part flier cargo engaged. For freight of the remain - der, which will be taken on very reasonable terms, apply to COOOHUK & CO. jan 31 U South - street. tor i.ofrowflie.HHt. ' wttliX The fine fast sailing shin FOSTER. ' .g. - lartlN. Moran, master, having 7 - Cihs of her ' cargo ready to go on board, will be despatched Without delay. For freight of 100 to 200 tierces feed, or passage, apply to the master on board at pier no. 13, or to Jan 20 W. Si S. CRAIG. The briR SIDNEY, Crispin, 156 tons S jj' staunch good vessel, lately put in good wuer nr a voyage or terms apply to Jw9ME5D'WOLF,junr. Eeb13 57Front - st vi The brisr ARKOXA. Gorra Orav. MAfianajter, a staunch good vessel, burthen .""miwuPBi to sail on or belore lha 25th w r or ireight or passage, apply to . JAME3 D'WOLF, junr. Feb 13 57 Front - st, ' CALCUTTA GOODd. ANE linmlrwt Kt.U. r u... VUIIBI - IUIC ll aPutka Pr8' thittaul'y Callipatty Cotsar, Cbaudpore, CotnocoHy, Johanna and "caipore. 8naahs - Jellalpore and Mow. k "h", RomaK fcc. - 'er ssle by CHS. tOGDEN and ABRM OGDEN, Jaa9 Vstifnvnn.alnt. MKAITS BRANDY. Pipes Cello Brandy, entitled to deben tare, fcr sal by CIIAS. L. OGDEN, and ; , ABRM. OGDEN, Jan 17 Vn,hmrlnn.iitPMt. "MiCAHAr.ii a - s 18 tojs Nicaragua Wood of very good ' ouality 10 do LigooroTif. - e For sale br . - TUCKER Si LAUR1ES, J"' '! 29 Soutb - street. Saf The very fast sailing sloop PARAGON, iMburthen 6G tons built at Middletown, of the best materials ; has made WHITE LEAD GROUND IN OIL. . 400 kegt, of 281b each. White Lead, Ej'ail,jtt received per ship William, fVu' TUCKER & LAURIF3, rh If) - . 29 oth - rtreet. I70R. SALE, the cargo of the tbip grille. cap - r i.mllimnlircVL Iron Calcutta. and now laodW at tbe tootoYLilierty - itree't, coosntingof : - Bhellack ' V" - !. i Gum Coort ' i ' T - V f it . - ! - n r, 4 ;Oeat Skins of a. large sice .,, . ;. tyvne Twine and Guooy. Unjt . ...... ' . AJw foe !;, ikU JMisliu of almott erj deecriptioa.' : ( , . .. . ..... , AIoa mallquanlily pfE - aUant, and . Odoroi Koe. fotetjr ' ' inn 1 ' KOBERt LE9GX.' GOTTO. - rAew crop, prime, suitable lor manufacturing, will ke sold in parcels toac - - Also; a few bale of old crop. Eotrairr 1431 Peari - Mreet, upstair. jaa 0 MULAssKS 9 htid. Molasses ol soperiof qoalitv, lying at Dover - street wharffor sal bv ft. & C. W. DAVENPORT A CO, Jan26 ' dTRAl 18 BRANDY. ' " TWENTY five pipes Cette Brandy, for sale l.y CHAd. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN, .. . , Jan 9 - Washington - street. WINE, OIL, PAPER, fee 130 or. casks and 200 hnlf rio dry Malaga Wine 5 or ctsks mid 20 ImlT do sweet do very old 158 doColmenardo ' 300 half chests Swctt Oil, 30 hertici each 100 hoses do do 12 bottles each 50 bales Italian foolscap and letter Paper 50 do Gazette do large size 9 cases Felt Hats 15 cases Liquorice Paste 1 box Ostrich Feathers, 1 do Chip Hats 3 Manna in flakes . Marlile Slabs, veiued and statuary, assort' ' ed sizes for pier tables, r.. A feiv boxes very superior Anchovies nod Olives 500 Mnrble Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch 10 hhls Fun, consisting of Wild Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and OttPT Skins Gunny Baif, tic For sale by CH AS. L. OGDEN, and A 11 11. OGDEN, Jan 12 - Washington - street. GLASSWARE 15 hhds. Eng. Glassware, consisting of Whips and Tumblers, for sale bV CiiAO. 1j. UUUW & AliK., Jan 22 Washin:ton - st. IT'OUR Uiousaud Uunny Bags, lrsale by r CEBRA it CUMING, Jan 23 76 Peail - streef. DOMESTIC MOTHER WARES. 'THE subfcriberskeep constantly on hand an L extensive assortment of the following goods vir : Dutch and English Gunny Rags, tic. Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Ik; I lows, fancy and common for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Whrpl - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing and ball Twine Fish Lints Shoe it sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballan - ces Brooms Duster, or Counter Crushes Hearth Ernhet, fan - ry and common I lend .do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Phne & Scrubbing do Paint Crushes and 9ah Tools Clamps 4, 7, (I row Furniture Brushes Horse do i Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Irare nope Wrought and Cut and Nails and Brads Which they will ifH wholesale or retail on li beral terras. CEBRA CUMING, . feb 7 76 Pearl - street. X CU P iHLL SAWS, &c. i SMALL invoice of X cut Mill and Pit Eaws. J. G. S. and C. S. for sale bv ANDERSON & SHEARER, 131 Water - street. Who have io Store, Hand, ripping and dove tail Saws, bran and iron backs Cast Steel Chissels and Gouges Mortice Chisseh) and Drawine Knivrs ' Patent Carolina & Virginia Hoes, No. 12 34 wrought nails, 4d, td, Ud, llkl, 12, ti SUU Brass and copjier wire, of all sixes Rolled and Sheet Brars, Brass Pans London Tins Nos. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 Hardware and Japauned Ware, assorted fo the country trsde Engravers' Copper, in plates' of all sizes, jsn 12 PLASTER OK PAK1S. A CONSTANT supply of ground planter of xjl pans, in Darren, sniinnie lor ine souihero market. Orders left with Walter Nexwn. No. 174 Front - street, corner of Btirling - s'in, will be promptly attended to JOIt.M Hir.KSj, r ool of liarrison - strect, acrth - ttiver. Jon 19 If IRON HOLLOW WAHK. A N assortment of the above article consisting XJL. of pots kettles bake pans griddles akil lets basons spiders, lea kettles tic. per ton or piece, for sale by CEBRA & CUMING, Jan 30 76 Pearl - t. O hhds oM Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do CC bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUE6', MEURON k CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Washiiigton - st QUICKSILVER VO.OOO lb. Quicksilver lor tale by N.L.&G GRISWOLD, jan 21 D6 Soulh - strert. GERMAN S'l'tXL, UK1MSTONE &c 155 boxes Steel 129 boxes roll brimstone 1 case Leghorn hats 15 do tumblers 10 packages paper - 3 bases chollets S3 boxes mould candles SO do soap, entitled to debenture For sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. jan 13 57 Front - street U EMP ti DUCK. - oO toos St. Petersburg J. A clean Hemp HO bolts first quality Rnssia Duck For sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Junr. ian8 57 Front strret. RICHMOND FLOUR. 200 barrel mpncl superfine Flour for sale bv N. LAWRENCE, . ' 172 Fulton - st. or 27 Old - slip. CA&tlMKHES, H.i TTKVETTS AXD - CASSIXKTTS. A FEW cases blues blackt and mixtures, of XX various kinds manutactured lor a southern market, will be sold low for cash or approved paper. Also, at reduced prices several cases of blue, blnrk and mixed broadcloths, among which are some oi tvoicoirs supercoes, at the COM. COMPANY'S Ware - House, )43 Pearl - street frthlt v rpOBACCOtr RICE. 100 quintals first qaa J. litySpnuish Tobacco " ' - 44 tierces prime Rio - , per schr. South Caroli na, lor sale ny . jOAi.3 s .'ltuiisi ti, feb tl 83 South - street BLUE N ANKINS 3000 ps. for .ale by HURD k SEW ALL, fr( II 6S Sotrth - strect ONE bund red hhls. Bristol famish Crown, 20 do White Lead,. ,T7. . f : With a general assortment of Paint I. - Art and ground, for sale r.y . , , . ' 10? Front and corner pFallon sUeet. " 'Jan 23. - ' BOMBAZETa. 3, btdee Morted Bosaba - sctts. luat received per ihio Nestor, from Ureruool, for sale at 87CoiTet liotise - slin, by ' LAIDLAW GIKAfJLT k CO. tet if mt THE proprietors of the southern marble ejoa - ries near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on band, and art receiving, at the Htngtsndgc Marble and Lvne - trd, foot of Beach - streat. on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following d - sortpuons .vu : Ashlar ' Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Pieces FaciDgs . Columns WaUrtabla Steps Platforms Sills Lintels Arches Also Lime of the best quality. fTT A constant cupply of the above materials may be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to fcZKA LUDLOW, Feb 111m At the Yard. AEW bOOKej .. , . REC1 Si ECENTLY published and for sale by KIRK M E RCElN. 22 W all - street, a narrative of the President's Tour, made during the summer of 11117, through tbe nMth - eastcrn and south western departments of Ibe union, kc.&c. :Lord Amherst's Embassy to China . the Memoirs of Claudius Kuchanan ; mandevilie, a novel, ty Wm. tiodwln ; Letters Irom the Cape or bond Hopo, being a reply to Dr. Warden's Letters ; Knight of St John, by Miss Porter t Bingley's Urelul Knowledze : Cnxe on Fruit Trees, with 200 engravings j. Purity of Heart, or woman as she should be, a novel, by an old wife of twenty years. feb 6 A YOUNG man, a native of France, wishes for a situation at assistant in an academy in the city, or private tutor in a respectable family in tbe vicinity, lie teaihes the French, Latin and Greek languages, the mathematics und music - , and speaks English. 'I he most satisfactory reference a to character and abilities can be g - ven. Application to be made to MR - CANCEL, fehCeotlZw - No. 52 Provost - street. APAKTMhiVJS WANTED. A SINGLE gentleman wishes to rent, in or near Brovlway, any where between Chain - ber - st. and the Battery, in a genteel private family, a Bed Room anil Parlonr, without board ; furnished rooms would he preferred. The quiet and neatness of the house, as well as the respec - lamiityot the occupants, are particularly required. A line directed to J. C - left at this office, mentioning terms and situation, will he duly at tended to. Jan 28 1m PURITY OPHKARl.or a Womadasshe should be; an interesting tale, by anxilil wife of twenty years, price 07 1 - 2 cents, just published aodforsnle by ' COLLINS & U ANNA Y, Feb 13 230 Pearl - st. NEEDLE BY RETAIL. ri'IIE subscriber, in addition to his former ex - X tensive variety, bas juct opened an assort rnent of Needles, of a superior Quality, which be has iust received from an eminent Needle Mann - taciurer in t.ngiann, on terras which enames rum to warrant them to his customers, consisting of rlipernne gold eyed needles ' 1 Imperial queens' Sharps, t Imperial silver syed betweeus ! aborted from Jrapenal stiver eyed bhiuts f No. 1 to 12, Imperial darners and Mackinsie's saddler's blunts. J v No pains will be spared by the subrcriber to keep at all times as complete an assortment of trie aoove articles as any in trie city, and hi customers may be Rssured that none but best needles will be kept by him. Alto, an assortment of rich clasps for ridicules. N. SMITH PRENTISS. Succcessor to Mr. N. Smith. At his wholesale and retail perfume manufactory, sign of the Golden Rose, No. 149 Broad way. fe b2 tl FOR SALE. That large two story house occupied by the subscriber, situate on Front - street between the upper and lower ferries at Brooklyn, with the ground attached thereto well calculated for a private family or a large genteel Hotel Also, several lots adjoining said house, beautifully situated and convenient to build on, for gentlemen who do busine - j in the city of New - York, being near to the ferries Also eleven lots in the rear fronting Water - street, about half way between tho two Icrries ; part of whi h is now occupied for a lumber - yard For further particulars apply to JOSHUA S.V.N D3. Feb 7 2w fOH a 1LK, Three vears unexpired lease, from 1st of May next, of that eligible situation no. ISk Greenwich, corm r or Courtiann - atreet - being well calculated for a respectable boarding houe, unu has been occupied as such lor several years : is a three story w ell finished build' mg r.nqiure at tue premises. feb 12 Iw T ut: i.Kt'. i Two convenient room i'i the basement ol iNo 44 Pine - fttcc'. suitable fr offices or count ing room, luquiieoi D. . Ji'M'., leh j If 44 Pint - street. bTuiii s Hi i.ET, The four storv fire proof f - tore. No. 92 South - street, neit to the corner of Fulton - street, and ne;.r the Ferry , at present occupied by Messrs. I owneno a viiiiie. The four story fire proof Store No. 91 South ttreet, arljinning the rve. at present occupied oy Mr. i nomas e. i owns nd. AlJsO. The store. No. 213 Front street pxt to the comer of Crane - wharf, now occupied hy Messrs. Mots. Keomonu. The foor storv lire proof store No. 24 1 Water street, near Peck slip Apply to 't'Krr.K sCnEK.Tlr KliOKN k ?0.3. Feb 14 8t No. 243 Water - .trert. fUK Ai.f, That pleasant situated house and lot No. 161 Greenwich street, next to tbe corn r of I) t Street Can be viewed at any time. For parti culars appiy awxo. o? t ron' - streei. leh it, 1 w - IO LEt . The new brick Stove no. 62 Stone st. Apply to T. tt J. SWuRDS. Feb 14 TO I.KT. .ami rem tne isi oi nisy next, ine lower i - uuntiDg rooti of no 54 boqtb street. ALSO. The upper counting room. No. 71 South - st Appy to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. . leh 13 57 Front - street i O LE I . The three story brick dwelling, 127 Nor. folk - street Enquire of COX & .VOTTAUDEVERT, Fsh 13 SO V. all - st. TTi r FT if. 'II The boose No. 4R5 Broadway, to which U auached coach bowse, garoVn, pump. ciUra and bath noese, all in excelleat order and at pre tent ocrnpied by Abm. BeU. rotarssioa given oa or before the 1st ef Alay next Eaqnireon the premises or or 8. tf. aJU.N.v, feb 13 lw r?6 Pearl street GIV wi valuable mrm, Ut Tob sold or exchanged for Dronertv in ..w.Yrk. . : r The subscriber beins in a very low stale of health, and having verv little hones of recorerv. I offers for sale his urm at Barbadoes neck, coun ty of Bergen, containing about one hundred and Burty nve acres of arable, meadow and wood - UMWnnsxarm lies on the main road hetween New - York and Newark, about hall a mile this side of Newark Bridge. It is in a very highttate exsjftmpon,iind is not surpassed hy any other ia the VK - iaity ofNw - York, as a valuable and agreeable residence, either for the fnrnicr or private gntletDast. The dwelling hotrse, though small, is Mat and well finid, and tbe fences, gates, biros stables, and other out - houses, are in excellent .order and well planned. In front of the hotjse, bordering on the public road, is a handsome and well stocked garden, and on the premises js young and thriving orchard, containing a choice selection of the bet gratted fruit trees. A more particular description of the pro perty is thought unnecessary, as those dispose d to purchase will view the premises. The title is in disputable. For particulars, apply to the subscriber, No. 188 Pearl - street, or to Mr. Andrew Smith, near roe premises. OOV14U KUbUli 31UAK1. "1 JV LK'J, II. - Jl And I immeriinte nossession riven, the house No. 9 Pearl - street, together with the sta hie and Coach House in the rear on unoge - st. Tbe premises are in complete repair and have every convenience necessary lor ine accommo dation of a family. For particulars apply to oci i j. DIVAUICII. QKEAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Two 2 - story brick houses and lots sitna. ted Nos. 37 39 Vesey - street. Also, a house and lot No. 11 Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 feet front by 125 deep. All on accommodating terms. For particulars ap ply at No. 332 Greenwich - st. ,an 15 tt Tj i.t.i. A large three storv house, well calcula ted Inr a hoarding noue, or lor two laromet. v tuated at the corner of Murray and Washington street. Apply to - . NATHANIEL & HARVEY WEED, Co'ntr of Broadway and Cortlandt street. febSSw 1 O LET, it From the first of May next, the spacious three storv bnclc house No. loo iircenwicn - ti corner of Dey - street. Enquire at 152 Wash - ington - treet jangy jw Ef. FO SALE, ;!S1 The House and Cot No 101 Liberty st Depth 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth ol the lot 107 fert. Those who inav wish to purchase proper ty of this discription, can at any time view the premi'f , and terms of tale may he agreed on, by application to ' POTT i M'KINNE, rtc 31 56 South - street. run a.iht.. A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY KESIDESCE. The sobscaiber oflert lor sale - hit house and a. bout 8 acres of Land in Flushing on Long Hand, 1 1 miles from Acw - York. The house is large and very convenient lor a genteel family and commands an extensive and beautiful pro'pect. The stable.carriage house, wood bouse, poultry house, fcc. recently builL The buildings and fences are in excellent repair, and lately painted. The raiden is laree and well stocked with a variety ol iruii, ana 4n orcnara wiui me new umi'i . . ,v. . i , 1. 1 i . r apples pears C. weartnenouveareiwo weui orexL - ellent water and a new cistern, all with good pnmpe his place is very conveniently situated, there being conveyance, hy good stages or packets tor and from New - York every day, except Btmdeys. ' For further particulars and terms ol sate apply to - TjL. .joilN - A6PINWALL, Jan 26 Ins No. 123 Pearl street, Home, Stable, Vardm, Ke. at Gretntneft, TO LET. 55iS The subscriber will let or lease, for a term of years, 'his house at Greenwich. It it pleasantly situated on the banks of the Hudson, nnd calculated to accommodate a large family. For termt, apply to D1VIE BETHUNE, janJU svan sireer. tUH iALK, The two bouses No. 43 and IO Broadway, to I completely finikhed and delivered oa the 15th April next. Apply to JOHN sLIUELC S CO. Jan 29 tf No. 50 Broadway. J o be Let. Ltauit, or Hold. The spacious S storv brick HOUSE, No 129 Chamber - titreet, having everv conve nience tor a large family, and a wdl of excel lent water in the yard. Its proximity to the Sownre latelu opened, gives a view of Hudson - street from the rear of the house, and renders the situation airv and pleasant. For terms sp ply to JOHN B MURRAY k SON, feb 6 113 l'earl - street. rf - x TO LET. sISlJ! Those two new and eleeantlv finished three story houses No. 10 and 12 broad - street These h'Mises are built io the modern style and finished in the very best manner, and iroro the very desirable situation, both as to pleasantness and lor rmamets, it is thought mat iney are nni surpassed, it equalled, by any offered lobe let in this city. The apartments for stores in those are so constructed as to be entirely distinct ft'im tbe dwelling apartments, which contains eltren rooms and pantries, kitchen, ke. excluded. Every convenience for families of respectability is afforded in them. Persons desirous of sHcii ituationt are invited to view them at any hour, from 7 to & o'clock, except Sundays. The dwelling and ttoret will be let separate or together. Apply at 55 Hroanway, or to CHAS. OAKLEY, 141 Front street' ALFO TO LET. That new two ttory brick house No. 8 New - atreet.oieh to Wall - street possession 1st May. Also, house 27 Coortlandt - strert, in good order and tit for a genteel family : it being now in possession of U. G. Hubbard. Esq Possession 1st Iav. Also, a good two story houre at Greenwich, now in occunancv of Geo. Lindav, Esq. Als boute No. 6 Cherry - street, suited for a honrdiug house, and the lower front room for a store. And House and two acret of ground, near Manliat tanv ille, having garden, lie Apply as above. feh 10 tl y;. OKf lv,E JO EEf. "12 A pleasanly situated and tpaciont OdVce, 3ii fearl - street, a few doors above Peck - slip - J Apply to R. & C. W. DAVENPORT k CO. F'i 12 3" Peck - Iip tl.l.iUl.e. friOfLHli' fOH &ALt. W ill be sold at public auction on the 2Jth Feb. if not previonsly deposed of at pntate ral - 1 that well known and valuable property, sitnatrd on tho turnpike road, about 3 - 4 of a mile Irom Brooklyn terry, rommanumg beautiful view of the navy - yard and Wallabo'it b"y It coritsias shout nine acre of land, in the highest staite of rultiv.fion, haviag asparagus beds winch produce f HK per annum ; win iw - tween 50 and CO English cherry trees in full bearing. There are oo the premises two house anJ a store.. The house, at prcseut occupied bv th subscriber, is larss and very roomvalious. aol in sufficient good order for the retii.on of atiy family. The barn is conveniently situated, oJ in excellent repair. There are Ukewiscre - crnl bejiubl'id boildine lots. Person desirous of vurcliasing are requested t rati on th sabsenber, wtwa they can exam I itve t rooiUoa oj lh neorny. . I Feb It TEUNI9 L JOHNSON. . - '! - ft a t.r t . ' ' if'' The two story frame House and Ixit of ground No. 73 Broome street, the corner of Elizabeth - street, with a stable in the rear. ALSO, a modern three storv brick House and Lot handsomely situated within the village of If ewburgh the house is large and commodious and well calculated from its retired, healthy and elevated situation (havinjr a fine view of the river and the adjacent country) for a family who witdi io desirable a situation on the North River. Price low and possession gim th. first of May next. also tor sale or to Cease, 5. avenue lots, situated on ihe First Avenue, between North and First - streets. ALSO to Lease for a nnmber of vears. 15 building lots fr.. ut ine - on the First Avenue and First - street. For further particulars, apply to CORNS. DU BOIS, jan 20 lm 36 Front - street. fOH HALk. .i d AUViiU.Y, At the T. C. 11. on the 1st dav of March next, the FARM belonging to Ihe estate ol the late Dr. Isaac Ltdvard. situated one mile south ol the village ol Newtown, Long lMnnd. The wuiiamsburgh turnpike runs through the r arm, on one tide ol which it a new excellent stone wall, half a mile in length The farm contains about 150 acres. 15 ol which is a fine Wood Lot. with two apple orchards, one old, the other just beginning to bear well, and a suitable proportion ol good salt meadow. I he Mansion llout is large and convenient, lour rooms on earn floor, wiin. go - d kitchen and cellars i attached is a Imge barn. crib, hen house, smoke house, well, and new cistern, 4c. The court yurdnnd garden contain a variety of iruit trees and shruhliery, a large asparagus iied, rasp lorries and currants Also A r ARM adjoining the above .contain ine about sixty acres ; attached to which is qual proportion of Salt Meadow, and a lot of young wood, situated within less than n mile of the taim, containing ten acres, wiin a tarnr bouse, barn. welt, earden. tic. Likewise A Lot of L.iiid, lying at Sprinficld, south ottlie villnge of Jamaica, containing between four and live acre., on which are about a dozen laree chesnut tree. siutaD.'e loritncuig The above lands wi I be a'l r.r Kiilarly suiveyed, and maps ol the same exhibited s .uie time pre vious to, and ut tbe pile, and disposed of by the acre, wnn ine nuiiomgi inercon, inclusively. Possession given oh.Ik first o April. For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - straet jan It Ids' Ht..lL t.&jslJi. tOn The elegant and convenient three - storj om.K house and lot No. 26 Bowery., together with a coach house ami rtable fronting on Ba; ard - strect, arid joining tho rear of the before mentioned lot. For further partic ulars enquire at 31 Wall, corner of VVillmtn street. Jan 29 tf a caujriiAU tivoM to lkt. A pleasant and convenient Counting Ko - min store No. 29?oiith - treet, from lt rviay next. Apply to 1 UCM.ll 61 L.AUH.ICS, feb 3 TO LET, A large convenient modern built house, coachhouse and improvements, (with or without an extersive kitchen garden and back lot) from the first of Hay next i situated on the corner oi the t'rst Avenue and First - street, near the comer of North and Allen - streets, and about one mile from the City Hall. The sttuatirn it elevated and healthy, and in every respect suitable for a genteel family. On the premises is a well of most excellent water. Appiy to - CORNELIUS DUBOIS, Feh 2 tf No. 36 Front - street. TO LLP, Two neat, new, 2 - story brick front build. iiis. situate in Allen - street next to the bail - al oy. They are unuhed in handsome style with cisterns in the yards and every other convent ence to render them pleasant and desirable tene ments. Adjoining the ground on which the buildings stand are several vacant Iota which will also be let for a garden to the person or per sons who shall hire the bouses. Apply to JAMES KNOX, at the ball - alley ; or at his house, 25 Orchard - street. Feb 9 tf IO Lt.T, From lit of May, two genteel 3 story brick houses. No. 491 and 492 Greenwich - street, with (or without) stables in the rear ; occupied at present hy .yir. ueorge sjoggm and ivir. joei west. Also, a small & story nnra house, no 118 Fly Market nesrthc corner of Pearl street. Also, a convenient dwelling house, (occupied by Hoot. Adrain, uq ) and stable, with a very good garden, fronting Love Lane, Blooniingdale road Enquire No. 4t6 Greenwich - street. feb 0 tf fFX to LET, 4Sui The brick store No. 2 Gnuvernrnr's Lane, next door to Wntrr - street. It bas four Doors, hesides a large cellar and garret. Possession may (probably) be had previous to the Ut May, it required, spptv at foutn - sireei feb 16 TUCKER LAURIES, lo LET. House 18 Reed, next to thecorner of Eim - street, very commodious for a boarding house or a large family, having two cellar kitchens, four roonu on the first floor, five on the second, and f mr on the third, all in good repair. For particulars, apply to EZRv LUDLOW, feb 7 tf 34 Heaver - street. fttit. fHuOKisTJHr.. To let and possession first of May next. r?! tlw lour story fire proot store, No. 34 South - st. between Coenties and Old slips. Enquire of the subscriber, No. 1 Murray, or 45 Chamber - street. Ieb9tf S. D.CRAIG. fP 7V LET, ai'iil Tbe store and cellar under the main bunding of the house No. 223 Pearl - street, and a three story fire - proof store in the rear, now occupied by the subscriber; possesion to be given on the 1st of May next. Alto, his stable and coach - house, situated on Gold - street, in ths rear of hi aforesaid premises possession of which can bo had immediately. Feb 2 tf JOHN I. GLOVER. COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE, Al Wallabout Point, long - lfland, late the residence of capt. Lambert Schenck, deceased. On tho premises is a large spacious dwelling - house and out - buildings in proportion 24 acres of land in the highest state of cultivation ; (10 or 0 acres of wood - land if required by the purchaser) For particulars apply to Leonard Bleccker,37 W all - st i Martin Schenk, jun'r. New - York 7t .South - street, J Martin Sthenic, Wallabout. Jan 27 lm HK iJs L&t'ATE ton SAIS 1! BXOOKLXS. Two 2 story new frame bouses on Brook i.... iielita. havin a iw of the city and has .f New - York t about IU minutes walk Irooi the eara tOHl Icrry. The houses are well built, havinr 2 cood rooms on each floor with Gre pla ce ; on the lower floor is a good kitchen, bed room and pantry. To each of the house are attached 3 1 - 2 lots of grosjad, each containing 25 feet front and rear aHd tuu teet deep, handaomely raid out in ear dnt and grass ptois, with a variety of shriihbe - rr.iruii ireea, c j ine who'e em lotcd with n new and sarMtantiat fetxe. Near the treiits is ia exceiicai welt ol water, r or Inrther nnrtira lar.atrp!vto ANDREW MERCE1N, Corner of Wasniagtcsa and Nastao - stieets, leowu - Wrookljn. .To i He.. IVliiJ'J. . TJ - G. SAUNDERS, maker and 'vender of nior - strniw, bavii.j; fott all by the late fire, and him.'tdwiie and hild Itavhig narrowly es - captd with their kvet, l.y the advice of teteral of hu frieadt and customers has oyentd a sub stripuoii at the following places, to give the humane and charitably disposed an opfiortunity of assisting him in his dittren. Vrix at Hyde tc - N evens', corner of Broitdway and Maklea ktne i Priori Dunuing's, No. Ill Water - street; and at Megary's book - store, No 20 Wall - street ; where donatious, however trifling, willb thanks fully receivad. , Feb 14 G. SAUNDF.RF. ' NOTICE. Yf The Subscriber, in behall of himself and if associate, gives notice, that an application will be made to the honorable tbe legislature of this slate, at itt next session, for an Act to incorporate a forthwith a capital stock of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, and with leave te re create it to One Million ; to be located north east of Beekmao - street, in tbe city of New - York, and lo be called " The Frabklm Bank el the city of New - York." - Dated New - York, 16th Dec. 1B17. ,: By order of tbe Arroctates - ' decJOtf NOAH BROWN, SecVy. MECHAMCb BANK. ft7" The Stockholder are informed that at Dividend of four and and a half per ceat will be paid on the first day of February next. cyorner oi the rresidrnt and Directors. J in 21 1m W. FISH, Cashier. ' The subscriber will lease or sell the lot and house in which he now lives in Lau ren, Hrct It U a pretty comfortable house for a small moderate family, having a stone kit' hea and cellar, two rooms on each floor and a bedchamber in the garret. Across the rear of the house there is a pleasant piara, built . scarcely three years ago It bas a neat little garden about 60 fret deep, nd a small (table, leading lo which there is a gangway from the street Apply to a u. uun, no. vvastihiston - strect. Feb2'f J A MES TILLARY. r OK SALE, RKAt FKOPEHTt IBJ Tfc CITY OF RKW - IOHST. A BRICK llOlSF. and Lot No. 11 fll Bowerv S I A RLE" in tl.e rear toireth - e r vtiih the LOT, 44 fert front, 42 feet rear, and lii leet on each site. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - street . and House and Lot No 39 Vesey - street. . A BOND and MORI GAGE lor 1200 dollars. do nnd . do for 750 . do do and do for 450 ' do On valuable property in the city of New - York. 'I he interest has always been punctually paid. For particulars inuuii at the office of B J ErHE.y r. JjAMOIAE, declOtf No. S7 Wajf - .net. (Jnali The house and grounds lielonxirg to the et ite of John Shaw, situated on theeishth sve - f.ue. On the premtset are an excellen' double house, stable, conch end ice house,, with every thing else requisite for such an establishment, ft is presumed any other description is unnecena rj , as those inclined to rent will view the place. Also, the large - nre proor store in the rearot houses 1 1 and 13 Pearl - st rtet ; where there is for sale some old Madera Wine; by the Deniijcha. - i or luriner panicuiart, appiy to Ail Wl. M1AW. Jan 29 11 Pearl - street. ffttVi tOti HALL OH IO a - , ltnjjj Lots in the 6, 6, 8, and 10 Wards; many oi which are on regulated and peved streets. No money will W leqaiicd undtr ten yean, if told, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story houses on which a great part of the. money remain on mortgage. . LANDING AT RED HOOK? An excellent stand for business, with ten acres oi lano, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency oi water for each. Appiy at no. z ureenwith street, jan 13 tf I OLE I, From the 1st May next the three - ttory brick house No. 18 CotirtUnd - strcet with or without the stable in the rear App'yto , J. R.REN WICK, Feb 2 18Courtland - tt. flKK tltOOf S1X)Hk. To let, that four story brick fire proof No. 8 Governor's Lane, Bear to South - Apply to store, stree , uAKKITI S I OHM, feb 3tf No. 8 Coenties - slip. S'lOKAGE. Storage may be had ou tbe first floor of the store No. 39 south - street, which will save the expense of hoisting. dec 26 tOti AAMjt. The fire - proof store, No. 5, ia Gonver - neur's - Iane, the third from South - tlreet. The lot on which it stands is under an advantageous lease, 1 1 years of which are unexpired, it is three stories, with fire - places ; being in front on Gou verneur's lane 40 feet and in depth 25. An improved machine for pressing of goods for exportation hat been erected on the premises, and heretofore profitably employed in pressing cotton, furs, skins, hay, &r. From the fitness of the building, and the convenience - which it affords, fur working the machine, and its nearness to Ihe river, it may be au object to purchase them together. 1 arrt Also, UJij) Th" lease (two years of which arc unexpired) of the three story liouee No. 93 Front - street, third from Couverneur's l:ue. Besides a large store and cellar iu front, it affords every convenience for a large laoiily. Alto, tVH bAht.or The house No. 26 HmII ttrtet, opposite the Merchants' and next loth I'hosmx Hanks It has been recently built f ihe best materia), and besides three rooms which .'iave occasionally been occupied as insurance, broker's and attorney's offices, affords every accommodation for a pn vale family. If not disposed of before the 10th February. the abore will be offered for tale at auction, of which notice will be given by Bleecker t Bibby. For particular apply to K. 1 UURyiAZV, Jan SI tf No. 26 Wall - st. TO LET, From tbe first of May next a front count ing room on t lie second floor, tigrthcr with th upper tout, rqturs no. 167 I'eatl - strett. jaaZ4 tr lou KAi.rriRKii risr mrlu On accommodating terms, a nnmber ef water and building lots near and adjoining tbe navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, en quire of , SAMUEL EVANS, ' jao22tf Brooklyn. TO LET, The brick store N K4. MaHen - larM!, and immediate pot sets ion given. Apply at Ao. 06 Wahington - sL Feb 7 if TO LET. . From the first May next, the i tore no. 7H : outIi - sU eet. For terms, appiy u - L. LEFFF.RT.S Jon. feb 89 AVUliam - atreet

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