The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 11, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, December 11, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XII. No. 51. Gettjsbtrg, PJU, Thursday, December llfh, 1913. Flic*: I f c w C Christinas N e c k t i e s MAY OBJECT T8 SENT 14 PENNIES ARE NOT SURE OF MEMORIAL ARCH FOR LINCOLN WAY! VETERAN'S NAME ! Many Believe Veterans from Other \ Child from Far Away Alaska Hears j Old Soldier who Died in Barn Hear States would Object to Massachsi-j of Road through Settysburg and setts Placing Large Arch ever Hancick Avenge Entrance. Sends Fenrteea Treasured Pennies toward tha Project East Berlin is said to have Come from Franc?.. Other Deaths in Adams County. CHRISTMAS RUSH AT POST OFFICE LETTERS FROM ;· COUNTY TOWNS Uncle Sam's Employees Confronted! Correspondents send in Uaay (tan by Heavy Mails and Numerous! of Interestim News fnw ACM Large Packages. See Big Time; Respective Towns. Perseofe Coming before Christmas. and Many Brief Items. Much doubt is exoressed here that \ "The Story of Fourteen Pennies'' is; The mystery of his identity i\il! pro- The Christmas rush at the Gettys- i the Massachusetts Commissioners. 1 being told by Ewir.g Galloway, a bably go to the grave with Joseph De- | burg post office has started- Every ECKERT'S STORE, "On the Square" NEW OXFORD New Oxford -- Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mr. and^ Emporia, at the r Ea WALTER'S THEATRE EDISOX VITAGHPH ES FORTUNE'S QCEEX--YTTAGRAPH DRAMA j necessary authorities to place an arch Association. | near iiast Berlin, \\ here he had sought room, usually used by the rural car- j Spencer Myers, of Roslyn, ML, 1 over Hancock avenue. Before leaving | The coins are from Aiasha and were ] shelVer Albert Altland, a son of the J riers in their idle intervals between j spent a few days with his mother, 'town the commissioners stated that hoarded treasure of a. small group of owner of the property, discovered the-the arrival of the various morning \ Mrs. W. B. Myers, and ether friends . 'they regarded this plan. I favor but that ic w ould with special · Eskimo school children :a the settle- have to be I ment named Anvik. Fired with the Running away from one danger he_i.*lls into another. It prove= v-ry fortu- ; jj e assure{ i. ·[ ratified from a number of different; idea of helping- the project to procore I sources before its final selection could f a nation wide memorial to Lincoln ^^^ . T* \ » · fc»t. *--^i-JU-i. 1_U- I S__iV,»^^. fc.fc«--*^*-- »*» » r f -- - - -- '- r - ~- -~ J .Ned tinley, Ko^ Fopley and GAonel S kekon and many others j to the general fuiiL The appeal of the nate for him and a chile in a burning building. He'.en Co=te!!o are leads. THE STROKE OF THE PHOEBUS EIGHT--EDISON DRAM V Taken at Henley, England. :5 SWEET KEVEXGE-'--E5SANAY , ·'THE DUCK RAISES'G IVDUSTiiY" [one point apywhere on the field mayibe better illustrated. A °ide-Eplitting comedy full of cle\er situatioos, and an cclccati:aal scbjecfc \ be so considered. To place an archway Trading is still a matter regard the entrance to enne at the Taneytown ,-·=-- by j of Tyrone, spent some days at the team. ] home of her brother, Dr. Ed. T. Adker J With the rush on and Christmas j and family. It is believed that Dewald, or Hupe,' still two weeks distant it is easy to j Willis Bower, of Philadelphia, spent Hancock av- i name of Lincoln io the dormant Am- came from France and thac he was a j see that Gettysburg's employees in j Sunday with his parents, Mr. and i these children sent their whole savings road as the | erican spirit in the furthest settle' real entrance to the battlefield, if any i merits of the United States could not of barter TO i w ill enjoy. Show Starts at 639 Admission 5 ceiits. THE GARDEN AUDITORIUM GRAND BALL (S to 11) COLLEGE ORCHS3TE1 Admission Ladies 10 cents. Gentlemen 25 cents Join the crowd for^a JKKMI time. Steain Heat Coming Friday December 19. '-THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS 1 ' is a memorial to the troops of any one f in Alaska and money is I particular state at such an important j value and is prized more of unusual dearly than I point would, it is thought by many, in- j the silver buttons of the Dutch women I cur unfavorable comment from the ! of New Amsterdam. These pennes aged vagrant there Tuesday, nunibeu mails, has been converted into a par- I in town. by the cold and in a semi-conscious' eel room and here the gifts and pack- j Mrs. J. C. Dietrick and two children, condition. While arrangements were ages are sorted out for delivery being made for his removal to the York County alashouse he died. war veteran and a pensioner. While i the service of Uncle Sam are going to) Mrs. T. E. Bower. Dewald was the name by which he was J have a burdensome time of it before [ Mrs. Margaret Spellman, of always known during the 25 or more "the end of the holiday rush is in sight, years in which he had been making' Xot only does the number of packages his home at intervals in the neighbor-' bother the force but, in most instances. town, who for some time has near been holding a clerical position in the store of Fnnkhouser Sachs, at tiettysbcrg', p H YITAGRAPH o T O ·KTAT.EM P L A EDISON Y M di ib cl j veterans of o.her scates. Published re- · were gathered-one by one and 7.r j ports that Massachusetts desired the j ured. The teacher, an American wom- i arch over the avenae eitiie.* In front oi j ai. told them about Lincoln the Meade statue or the High Water J highway to "bear his r-ame and the -- ; Mark are declared to be without f oun- j children were aflame with genuine, 3, the crse location named beirg i real patriotism. - Mrs. Evans, the that above mentioned; reacher, sent these pennies from the The recommendation of the Massa- | mission school to * Mr. Galloway, in j cbuse't'cs Commission will have to be | of a. religious publica'cion, mark- tattooea on one arm wnen was examined. the hood of East Berlin, "Louis Hupe" and | the parcels are large and cumber- [ has resigned that position and the dates I860 and 1870 -were fourd ' some to handle, with the result t^at i leave for Baltimore in a few days, body j they take up a great deal of space and where she will join her husband and j interfere with the handling of the nor- j go to housekeeping. had mal mail. ! Albert Sneeringer and wife, of .nd the recently been making his home was j In town a. larger wagon is to be used ' Irishtown, spent a few. days "with, purchased a couple of months ago by : than during the fail, and the rural j friends at Harrisburg. James Altland. i carriers will have their wagons filled iliss Esther Small, of Sdgegrove, i to the limit in covering their routes. spent a few days with her parents at The farm on which the tramp S AUCE FOR THE GOOSE ................................... Vhagraph Coon dy ' first to the National Park Com- ing the'envelope "14 pennies from An- Here ' | mission,, then to the War Department j rik Esqnlmanx children for Lincoln If men. want a ''fruc tegr * tlier =hould grant the same to their \\iv. is an instance where one man was convinced. | and. ifi it passes tiiese two bodies ! Highway."* "WANTED, A PLUMBER Kalein C' mrJy | favorable-, will Vhea come before the | The gift has been framed Fattv, the pinmber makes a couple oi wrong connections, srhic 1 ! cause I Governor of Massachusetts and the j now on view atine national jtroobleallaroiai. He trans x£3 the gas aal water inters \rith JOS S State Legislature. Whether the plan i Highway offices in Detroit. TOoSuTYCOre ! Kalem Comedy ^i-Pass is a matter for conjecture. Thr^e tra:u»=. arrayed hi oolicemsn's hats 2nd coats, bold up several pao- plu and. take «i:onvj~ frotii tUexu. TSte real Loliceuien relieve them oi the and is Lincoln Till-. t.SrEhS KYS: OFT K YI'LLOW GOD _ Ehson iLv xifjit in 5. -ij:S · i Hajs. ^In Car*r\v^ tb·;·l·f-l^ «f tiie^v«;tiM- :iE ·- " tK\ ef* u Ta · fi .1 i'. IT i and. piy- tli- p-"a ifty 6: tlaoth. w' starts 6 "0 ~ ' Admission 5c to all. , DETECTIVE TOOK HEV1 The state intends to spend from 530,000 to $50,300 here, an amount which would provide for a massive Colored Msirderer_Caught at Chariuiaa arch, wherever it maj: be placed. It has been snggested-thar, if permission is not granted to place it over Hancock avenue, it may be erected at tha Cloth side of the avenue somewhere. Should the archway suggestion be rejected | the commissioners whe were hare on · Wpdnesday did" not intimate what other design, or location they had in mind: 1 - ' '' "- -- Taken Baclf to Baltimore. SZLTG5EA2C. the leading tailor, will zifrerd \-on~ibz most satisfaction. ,, Our stcck of "'in-:er fabrics is ercccption- aiH fine ;ri cheviots ard worsteds of mc~'. liking patterns and "/caves 1 lie Quality BOOST LINCOLN WAY Lincoln Way Man Will Make Address in Chambersburg. WILL M The oiiop SEUGMAN Tailor j: !» II i! K O D A K S 1 F I L M S C A R D S - P A P E R S j Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer § onr entire stock is of the star'lam ^ E a s t m a n M a k e | Direct from the factor}'. ALWAYS FRESH. Care- | ful attention to the development of films. = Mail and Phoae Orders Given Careful Attention. = H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E J. H. 1ITJBER. Dn-.asist. Mr. Padrington. vice president of the Lincoln Way Association, will make an address at a public meeting in Chambersburg, which will be held | Friday evening. \ The meeting ·^ill be held under the 'auspices of the Chamber of Com- Imerce and the Chambersborg Motor Club. Gettysburg people have been invited j to attend the meeting at eight o'clock and ail those who are interested and machines and take their friends to the neighboring town for the meeting. , Detective T--J-IBnrns, of -tha Baltimore police force, -went to Waynesboro Tuesday for Charles Gibson, ,the colored man who is v/anted in that city on the charge of murders _ . Detscdve Bams-W2s delayecL in getting to WaynasboEO ip the necessity [ of going to Aimapons;- Md.^ first, and j ihan to Earrisbiirg to~ge£ "requisition papers signed, by'the governors of the two states. In the meantime Gibson, who was arrested Saturday evening, was kept in the Waynesboro lock-up. The self- MRS. JOHN RISER The incoming mail has started un- Mrs. Margaret Riser, widow of the usually early, people everywhere late John Riser, died at her home, in seeming to take warning from the no- McSherrys-.-own, Tuesday, at 11:40 p. E i ces posted several weeks ago m.. from a complication of diseases, ' shipping their packages as earl'v- and following- an years. Her days. Mrs. Riser was bom illness of about two j possible both to help the post office age was 79 years and 5 | employees ana '£o avoid delay in get- in Germany, coming to this country wrth her brother at the age of 17 years. She was married to Mr. Riser 55 years ago and most of her life was spent near Conewago. nioving to h'er "present home about 21 years ago, where Ihe husband died four years later. She leaves four" children, Mrs. J. F. Elunk, of McSherry^town; Peter Riser, of Hanover; Miss Maggie Riser and Vincent Riser, at home. There are also six grandchildren, surviving. »· ting their presents to their friends in ample nme. The outgoing mail sacks show conclusively that Gettysburg is doing both its shopping and its shipping early. Packages sent now may be la- j Ease Irishtown. The following spent" some days ac the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Weaver, in Oxford township: Mrs. Charles Winand and two sons, of Hanover; George F. Trimmer, wife and daugn-' "ter, Georgianna, of New Chester; arid Philip Eppleman, of Hagerstown; Cyrus Wolf and wife, of Abbottstown, spent Sunday at the same place. JACOB STOUFFER Jacob Stouffer died at his home near Bennudian on Tuesday jjighfc aged S3 years. One brother, Henry Stouffer at present at York Springs: and two sisters, Mrs. Shultz. of Latimore "township and confessed murderer did not sav much Mrs - Benneman, of Balnmore survive, further about the shooting of tne The *TMeral services will be held BIG WATER TANKS Desert Tanks on Western 3IaryIand"s Long Distance Freight Trains. Graceful Lines Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring ^nd New Weaves. Tiiese, the underlying features which radiate visibly through all onr cloths and, characterize them sinar:. ' J. D. L1PPY, Tailor. The Western Maryland Railway Company has ordered twenty-five desert tanks to hitch on behind locomotives and carry thousands of gailor.s of water. They are of the type used in the west w-here water is scarce for j many miles and are used to reinforce the water in the tender. On the Western Maryland they will be used to cut down the stops at water stations- One will be put to each long distance freighter. UPPER BERMUDIAN , Upper Bermudian--Charles Tate has returned home from Baltimore. Adam Bream has his handsome new home about finished- Elmer Hikes will move in soon. | Theodore Miller peeled 3.036 bush| els of apples at the canning house at ^Gardner's Station this fall. · j- Calvin Ceatrick will begin the erec- «voman. since Saturday evening, when he confessed that he had shot her. The colored woman, -whose name was Eisie Webb, died Wednesday morning at 10:25 o'clock, in a Baltimore hospital, from the wounds received from Gibson's pistol- Gib-son will be brought up for trial in three weeks. In conversation ^riith Chief Staley, Gibson told him the name of the man he charged frith supplanting him In the affections of the Webb girl. He is a colored physician of the Monumental City, Gibson said. FARMER INJURED Sustains Concussion of Brain From Wagon. in Fall from his late Home on Friday morning at 10 o'cloct beled ''Do not open_nntil Christmas". Special instructions are given so that all parcels may be well wrapped and secured in order that there_may Jbejic from typhoid JTever. cangerjcf Joss in transit. EAST BERLIN Berlin---Mathilda Marie, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Emmanel, this place, died last Thorsday evening, aged 5 years and 3 months FOR DRY CHAMBERSBURG Remonstrance Petitions will be Circulated in Chambersburg % ery Shortly. Daniel Trimmer, a farmer near East Berlin, sustained concussion of the brain through a fall from a spring wagon. He was returning from a visit to George Harlacher, who was taking him home in a team. For some reason he stood up in the wagon, when the horse started unexpectedly, and he was thrown out. He struck on his head and was rendered unconscious, in which sta'te he remained for rearU- an hour. Dr. H- Bruce Hetrick was san- moned and is attending him An effort wiil be made to secure the signatures of fifty-one per cent- of the voters of the Second and Fourth Wards of Chambersburg to a remonstrance to be presented to the February term of Court asking that no license be granted in 'these two wards, the only wards in the town having licensed places. It will be remembered that when the cases were up last February the Franklin County Court thought something more than mere generalities should be presented- Those who are opcosed to licenses have determined ~j^-i-:4BBt)TTSTOWN.- - | " "A'bbottstown^-Wil our"Haines closed down his cig^r^factprj^jintil after the holidays. *" -^' - '' The Reformed congregation, will erect a large, shed for horses on'their vacant lot next -week. Claston Spahr, of East Berlin, has rented E. H. Berkheimers propertj and will open a blacksmith and repaii shop in a few weeks. A surprise party was given at the home of J. J. Wolf in honor of their daughter, Blanche, Saturday evening. I About 30 young people spent an evening of enjoyment. Elisha Snyder and wife spent Saturday and Sunday with the letter's brother. Benjamin Reinecker, and family, of near town. Miss Sue Howe who resides with Mrs- Lewis Jordy is on the sick Hst- The barn at the Lutheran parsonage and other out-buildings were given a coat of paint the past week. Miss Beulah Wolf spent Saturday at York. H- F. Stambausrh and son transacted business at East Berlin this week. Curtis Butt, of Lemoyne, spent Sunday with his 'parents and-friends here. ' Bucher -visiteS' bis parents atfEphrata over Sunday. Peter Smith, Esq^. transacted bpsl- ness at Gettysburg Saturday. Bishop ' Shanahan, of Harrisburg, visited the Protectory on Saturday." Misses Nellie Fackler and Rita Bower, York, were the guests of the former's grandmother, Mrs. Cathrine Spangler, and other relatives in town. several days xhis week. Jonas .Feiser, of Baltimore, is circulating among East Berlin relatives and friends. W. G- Leas, York, attended the directors 7 meeting of the National Bank RELATIVES TO GET SHARE General John F. Reynolds Estate ic be Divided now. For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. Fresh Daily jtion of a ne^barn this week. Harvey Guise is running the wood saw this fall and is doing well. «*· CHOCOLATE COATED DATES 20c lb. CREAM FILLED DATES 20c lb. G E T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N PASTOR RESIGNS New Chester Pastor Resigns to Accept Another Charge. Rev. E. E. Dietterich, for seven and one-half years the pastor of the New Chester charge, having received and j accepted a call extended him from the St. Luke's Lutheran church, of Bainbridge, Lancaster county, has resigned the New Ches'ter charge to take effect April 1, 1014, Heirs of General John Falton Reynolds, Gettysburg hero, have been notified by the Orphans Court at Lancaster thac they will share in the distribution of §1,314.90 -which was due the estate from the United States Government. TRAFFIC DELAYED reck on Western Maryland on Wednesday Afternoon. to make the cases specific this year and if possible, present, remonstrances that will contain the names of a ma jonty of the voters in each ward. FUNERAL ON SATURDAY Fraternity and College Friends to be Pall Bearers at Sinceil Funeral. Western Maryland Railroad west{bound freight train Xo. 301. in charge of a Baltimore crew, was wrecked at Cavetown Wednesday afternoon and traffic was delayed for six hours. One car was thrown across the track and I several others were piled on top of it. I Passengers were transferred each waj around the wreck- The funeral of Edward H. Since!! Jr., who died at Oakland on Wednesday morning, will be held in thac place Saturday. The pall bearers] be Charles S- Butt, Samuel K- Spicher, Paul M. Cnder, John Bmt, arsd Ordean Rockey from his fraternity, ar.d Harold Spangler. a close personal fnenc. FOR SALE: fresh creamery butter. S3 cents per pound, cash, not delivered. Gettysburg Ice Storage Co.--advertisement . 1 FOR SALE: a double heater stove, good as new. Call at No. ~ 303 Baltimore street,--advcrtisemenc 1 BANKRUPT Proprietor of Local Store Adjudicated a Voluntary Bankrupt. Harry Baer, proprietor of the Baer Variety Store, on Chambersburg street, has been adjudicated a voluntary bankrupt. His assets are estimated at S2000 and his liabilities at $2400. COMING EVENTS Monday morning. Miss Mary McCue, of Baltimore, orought her grandfather, Israel Stam- bangh, to his home here Monday, affer a pleasant visit to the Monumental City. ~ John T. Hook and wife, of Midway, visited David Deardorff and wife over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. William Butt, of Philadelphia, were among the recent visitors in town. Calvin Gise. of this place, and son, Paul, of York, visited the former's bro"ther-in-law. the Rev. Mr. Eohler and family at Millersburg, where he ;s pastor of the Reformed congregation- Misses Elien. Bertha, Lillie and Dorothy Thoman and Edith Day visit- sd in Hanover Saturday. Mrs. Maggie Xirnmel, York, visited Her father. Harry Y. Chronister, the j past week. Miss Bess Grogg spent Monday at York. Mrs. Andrew Border, Mr. and Mrs- Joseph Deardorff, and Seright Nell autoed to Mechanicsbarg last Wednesday to see Mrs. John Berkheimer, who was ill with oneumonia. Happenings Scheduled in Gettysbarj for Coining Weeks. j YORK SPRINGS · York Springs -- W. E. Grove Dec. 12-13-- Bazaar. St. James Lix- P^hased a 1914 Buick touring ca| theran church. j Mrs - D - A - Gardner has retailed ttec/lS-- "The Shenherd of the Kills". lTM m * froin a Tidtto Carlisle frienSs. Walter's Theatre. ! Donald Hsskell and sister, Zoe, » a l t e r s iuesire- ! Dec. 19--College closes for Christmas teve resa f ned their stadies in_ Carlisle SHOOTING match: at the old Hill Church, Saturday, December ISlh. For turkeys. Luther Reever.--advertisement 1 recess- Jan. S--Basket Ball. Bloomsburg Normal. College Gymnasium. Jan. 10--Concert. Killarney Girls. Brua Chapel. REDUCTION sale: K off trimmed hats and fancies. Miss Hollebaugh, Baltimore street--advertisement 1 ALL millinery at half price. Mrs. D. J. Riele, Basement First National Bank.--advertisement 1 public schools after spending last week here with their mother, 3Irs. Mary Haskell. E. C. Keefer, wife and daughter spent the past week with Taneytown friends. BIG reductions in a fine line of ladies* and girls' coats. SOct. aluminum sauce pans 30 cts. Thomas Brothers, Biglerville.--advertisement 1 SEE ad of House Warming other page.--advertisement on an- 1

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