The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 18, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1818
Page 4
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'ii'i US 1JM CliANC'laltY. ' ' ' CHANCERY. ' ' . : r' " .' - - sentfJrav - Tfk, at. IN riertaajx of a decretal order eTtliU booo - - ' rante court, will be toU at public auction, at the Tontine conee uoete, in ue city of fleir - fork, under tbe direction w the Mibtcriber, a one of tlw matter of thit court, oa Wednesday, the . ISih day of February nest, at It o'clock, noon. M All that certain lot of ground, tituale in the teventh ward ol the city of New - York ; bounded Brotherly in fiont by Diviika - ttreit, southerly in tbe war by a Jo tot ground belonging t Daniel ' ConaifT, wtaterly by a lot of round belonging to Ana Cider, am easterly by a lot of ground neiouging to Cora lias roluemaii containing in hreaittB in front - aiid rear, each twenty tix Met, and in length oa each aide, ity three feet ail incliea . and the two of a can way of eight feet - wide, leading from tlw anid lot into Harmaa - ttreet, la cromi to tt proprietor oi in ku of ground adjoining tlx laid gangway I with toe appurtenance. . Dated Jan. Zir "ol. . - JAMES A. HAMILTON Ja if? tawtNOdti Mauler in Chancery ' , ' NOTICE. . .XtrilEREAS Richard - Wallace, Fate of the W firm of Whiting Wallace, ot retert - burg, Virginia, hath by hit deed of ssignment. anted oa the but day 01 iecemoer, ion, nam - fevred and fet or er to me all the ettate, real, per - aaaak and ani'sad i ail the kookf and account. the matt and eardiu, which did heretofore be - long W the taid firm of W biting Jk WaUbce, and to the (aid Richard Wallace. individually, at crattee for tlw creditor of tbe taid firm of Whi ting ft Wallace, or of the raid Richard Wallace individually Tbia it to give pahlic notice, that I amaJnne aathoriaed to acttw and adjust all the ' outttaudinr eltitnt agniatt "them, as well at to receive all (he debt due to them. Tbe creditor the said fira, therefore, or of the aaid Richard Wallace, who are dupoted to receive tbe benefit the taid trotfund, - are invited to call ODOii me and execute a release la due form, oa or before the lit day of March next, and the debtor to the aaid Ina art featured that the moat speedy tbe thn will be retorted to, to close all outstand ing debt. v . ; ... tost.rn raa nruui. .Norfolk, Virginia, Uth Jan. 1818. . Jaa 19 Sawla , V IN CHANCtRY. ' !: ' ' - w . State of New - York. as. vIN ponoanee of a decretal order of tbia booorn - , 01 court, win oa toia at frantic auc una, ni in Tontiae .Coffee Hon, in the city of New - York, oder the direction of the tniitcnber, at one ol tha mtulm of thia court, on Friday, tb 27 thin - taut, at IS o'clock, noon - - !) those tour certain lots of land, situate in the ninth ward or the city of New - fork, being part of the estate of John So - ' neiinc'ck, tte - i the taid city, deceased, and designated in a certain map or the taid estate, tmtrtetnr'WtWimBrlihre: lit November, "1903, by lot no. B and 9, and letter 1 and H. The aid lot, takm together, arc.bcondsd westerly it front by Hadson Hirer, and contain twenty a - . ere cf ground, reon or less, with the' appurte - oaace. unttaretxotn. lain. - . t: iHi.:k JAMES A. HAMILTON, , iv ' Mrt?tPrin Chancery. Sowm foe particoliir, ftq6ire at the Matter's Ot&ce, No. 3 Law Buildup - , where a nap ofthe premirc may be teen. fb lewrfIrs IN CliASt KKY. .. ... .. State oi New - York. ti. 1.1 porsnance of a decrtnl order of this honor - blecnort. will he told at pqtriio aectioa, at the Tontine Coffee House, ie the city of New - York, awder the direction ef the sohscriber, a one of the masters or this court, on Friday, the 27 th in - ttant. at IS o'clock at none all twose three certain lots of land, aituatc in tl.e tenth ward of the city of SL. York, and dutinnlibed on a certain nap of the estate, late of James Deianry, r'.sq made by Evert Banrkrr, hy lots No. six liundreil aad fifteeo,sii hundred and sixteen, aad tix hundred and eventere, bounded westerly by Send treat. and roatainMiK taenia fret in breadth. and one hundred feet in depth, mire or leas, with to appnrteoances. iJatedfei. o. ism. I JAMES A. II tMILTOIfY 1 - - , t , Master in Chancery r fh6 laafwtJtt . wlniam r. Matbewsl ; . John'' Cornell and Sa - ,a rrtiUoB. ; . - rah hit wi. ) ' ' U iunance.of an order ofthe coort of com non' plc n, called the Mayor's Coart, of tlie city . erasw - T ore, mane inineaoorecaave, we Mi' tetkl to tell at oabfic vendue, to the hirhett bid der or bidders, at the Tontine CVffte Hoase, in thecMyof New - York, oatbe Ittbday of March aexuat ii O'clock! at noon, an mat certain dwelling home, messuage, tenement and lot of land, tiUMfe, ly imji and being in the fourth ward of the city of Ne w York, known and dirtinruiihed in a map thereof by lot number eighteen ; which said prrniTs aoa ioi oi una is Dounuea ma rouows ' toulirly by baaker - stn - et. ratterlv by Rose' ett - sireet, nortberty by M nnmber seventeen, and westerly ia the rear by land belonain to Sa - fah - .Tevomptoa, containing in length oa each aide fifty feat, and in breadth in front and rear twenty - Ave feet each t - with - all and singular tbe rights ways, water roor - e, hereditament! 'end - tkf pnrtenancet thereto Wonrine; or in any wise appenrnmng. 1 uareaoui f eo. lola. i ' JAMISOJI COX ..'. J . ) JOSHUA PE'X, Jan.' ComminioMrt. JOHN P.DlETEIllf4H1 "05p: The above pfetnit are . fi.tni andRievelt - streeUiin 0 JohaB. EhbetK - - . j he comer of the possession of i - , - . vVM.. Wl M'CLELANKAtty. let 7 gawiw 4 ., . ' ; : IN CHANCERY. ? Jolia B. Murray, ' f ' ' - . vs. - Stat of !f ew - York, ss lames T. Watson. IN narsQiaee of a decretal order of this bo - noorsUe anrt, made la the above cause, ,ill be old at publi auction, at Jhe Tontine Cqffee House, in the eity of New - Yurk, under the di - reeiioa of the soKscribr. a one ef the masters eihi eoart, Tuesday tbe eeaond day of 8eiJ xejaoer next. - at iweive o sioea ax noer., an .that tract of bad ioiaing the tnva of Lowville, aad tying ia tbe eaauty of tVewia, m the etate afora - aaid, being part of great lot No. 4 of Macomb's perehaaa, and eotapriaet all the lots kaowa oa a certain ptaa or map made by David Bronaoa and B. White, ia the year lat a, frost No. Ill to Sit toeluaive, eeataiamg together IS 000 a ores 1 atad,'wiUJ aiitwrteaanee tberet belong. - fng m may wise ppartafniog. Dated Jane SU, itrf.'.i' 'J ... J ' - .! .. - r (Copy) JAVES A IfAMILTON, i VxT lawTsr'dldtJ .rv&sterla'Chaneery. Pbe ale ef the above propeity it pustponed fin t dav of Ma next, at tiiaaame hour aj jt xi iawv nios Tbe ale of the above propeitv it postponed to tbe first day of Ma next, at thsame hourasd Uct. .Dated aafct, 1818. - .. . L.i , . JAMES i.tJA - MJLTd.V, ; Jan 24 Taw tMy I - &latlcr ia Chancery. Bferdrrof Aletaedei bbeidoa. Esquire, hrtt mdgeof the court of common plea ia and n Ik . i X V. . . . . ' j' L vmi.j wi Diw.Euiurrj.vfucv aw wmi'J - civea to Nicholas Berdine. now or late ofCheri - Others whom it may concern, that on'anplication mil due proof asade to ti the taid Aiexaader ,bheWo. pursuant to the dmctiaw of the act of the legiUatum of thestate of Xw York, eatitlcd "f1? abtcoadiAg and absent .eVhtof,'' passed March 31st, 180 he hath di - Iterted all Ow estate real aud jrsonal, wi,hin the eoeaty eMontgomery, f ui uj NbX Ber - diaejto be wiaed i and fcatuuVmthe mid Xicbo. na T JL'H,8 T' RMSOLD3, Altorwr. - decS laaOas . . t Forattachiu. rrliir. 'fp BROWS, stone aeai rraew ,od j.w M. J W Xa. Ifitt ltl. V t. of arms, ertsU, cypher, tc engraved " A feamjusne orUueut ef in goM ai. fka ed oOiar Jewellery. - - vUdwv - aels engraved with coat of arms otfoX, - and (anr ;kn l ' 1 Piamds - amerhrrta, rryrfjus, tc bought iatsvexr as W 4a any fera.; rmmcs er Urary krtt witW apvtrJi 60,000 aaam, Jaa 7 3ju I :, . ;.v.. - ."' CUARCtST. - 'vi ;i - r JaSn tVeoie and Robert JWardtll,! '4' - ' ' lx'rtof Jam Woods, deceased1 1 1 '' " I I .. i ... - ..!." - eaj - i' - t i - ,; f? " ' ' John Bay.' ) " ' I N perse ai of aa orir of this bonorahl coart, mad ia tbe above cause, will be sold at pub lic aactioa, at tbe Toatin t notwe, ia we - it. J N.a.Vrk. en the 3d day of March next, at Ue'clock at aeoa, sder the direeUoa of tbe subscriber, all that certain messuage w dwelling house and W of ground, ntnate in tbe town ofClaverack, ia the eeenty of Colombia aad state of New - York t bounded southerly, by land bow or late of Jeremiah r"onda, wetterly by the road leading to the city of Hudson, , northerly by land now or late of William H. Lndlow and uteri bv land now ot late of Aathony Ten Broerk I containing ia the whole fifteen acre ; together with the aerMiiameau ana appurtenan ces to trie seme neionging or appertaining, xjw ted Feb. II. 1818. rt K . .. THOMAS BOLTON, febll lawtds - ' Master in Chancery. Vi CHANCERY. - Slate of New - York, m. IN Dortuaace of a decretal order of thia bonora hie court, will be sold at public aoction, at the 1'ontineCoffte Hoes in the city of New - York. under the duectiea ofthe subscriber, a one of tlie matter of tint court, on Saturdav. the four - leenin flay ot reorauy next, at twelve o'clock at noon, all that certain bout and lot of ground, situate on tbe westerly tide of Nassau - street, in the third ward of the - city of New - York, and known at number 61, bounded a Krtiowt easterly ia front by. Naataa - ttreet, westerly ia the rear by property belonging to Mr. Isaac Mead, northerly by Mr. HodgkiAton' Tavern, and southerly by property of Mr. Elisabeth Giroq - coun, contaimnsi in oreauio ia iron ai rear twenty live feet, ia length on tbe northerly tide one hundred ana twelve feet four inches, and on tbe southerly tide one hundred and ten wet ten inches, be the tame more or lest ; together with all and lingular the hereditament! and appurtt - nance thereunto beloneioc. Dated tbe S3d day or January, iuiu. , Matter in Cbancnry. Notk Tbe termtoftbe sale will be as fol low i 10 per cent on the day of sale, 15 per cent oa we nrtt oay or may aexe, at wriicn time a deed will ke executed and possession given I the residue to be paid ia seven years, with interest hail yearly, secure a oy noea ana mortgage on the premisesthe boose to be insured by tbe purchaser from tbe laid Ant day of May until the purchase money and interest thereon it paid, and the policy to be trantferred to tbe mortgagee. t or further particular! apply attne matters office. No. 60 fine - street JanS3d3w The sale of the above property is postponed until Thursday, the 19th day of February, instant, at half past It o'clock, at tie tame place. Dated teoruarr, 14, ioio. luistiArtu i. wraa. feb Ifidta, Master in Chancery, POLICE OFFICE Notice. All person interested in, or claiming property, which remains unclaimed in the roiioe umce, on the Dithday ol January ibis, aie reouetted to make nroof before tbe 20th dav of February next, at the tame will afterwards be sold and the proceeds paid into tlie city I rent ury according to law. - JAMF.3 HOPBON, J Special Justice!. . JOSIAIIHEDDEJI.S. Tbe other Printers for the Corporation will in sert the above in their respective paper once a week for tix weeks, on account of the Corporation. - Jan 6 lawfiw PIANO FOAt fOA SALE." ANEW and fashionable instrument, made by one of the best London manufacturers.' and in complete order, wilt be told cheap, at the owner withes to leave the city. Enquire at 3i Cedar - ttreet, comer of Broadway. - ... Jan 31 COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE. . The Farm known by the name of Cat tle Howard Farm, handsomely situated 1 1 - 2 mile from Princeton, bounded in front bv the main tnrnpike road from Philadelphia to New York, and in the rear by Millstone Creek, it contain 145 acres, 30 acre of which it wood land, 20 acres tying 2 mile from the farm, and a beautiful lot of 10 acre within about 300 yard ofthe right wing of the house. ' Betide ornamental tree, it contain a variety of fruit trytt, consisting of rrafted pears, of the best quality, 17 different kinds ; cher ries, 10 dinerent kinds, tlie most of them graf ted and an orchard ef toe best apples, beside a younr and thriving orchard of crab apples, for makinir the cider so celebrated, also, one of tweet applet for Ettting hog. The house i pleasant and commodious with an excellent garden, the out - house and fences all in rood condition. The above is a delitrht - ful summer or winter residence. For further particular enquire at No, XV Peari - at, New - York, or Uvtse aubscxiber, on the premises, who will rive an indisputable ttle for the tame.' , e. .aiuiuvkv. rtt, v :ro lease, . I 3 - i' " Fr n armere yenrs, j7 Tna Fra and Maruioo House belonging to the tubtcriber. situated oa the banks of tbe Hudson, one mile south of the village of Poughkeeptie - 1 he tans is suitably divided into meadow, orchard, and arable land. Tbe fruit are abun dant, and of the best kindi The mansion bouse iscommodioot and large, eighty feet long, with a pisioi a front The situation hat long been ad' mired, and the lofty locust - tree by which it it decorated, render it the moat desirable residence between New - York and Albany The rent will be moderate, as th car and attention of the tenant will be taken into consideration I or par ticular apply to the propietor, either personally or byjetter. - . , - HENRY A. LIVINGSTON. Poo;hkepti, January 20, 1813. JaaZl taw4w Trnn9rtalion I Piltiburffi, through the itatc of yew - York., ' THE ubtcriber,wli0hi been engntred for several year in forwarding merchandize to different parts of the United State, offers hit tcrvices t the' merchanta and trader of the western ttate and territorie, as agent to transport property of every decription from the ci y of New - York to Pittsourjfh, in the state of rennsy Irani. uoous snipped at new - vork. on board TUa wicsTsaw um" of sloop for Albanv, can be delivered at Pittsburgh, it is helieved, in as short a time, a by any other route yet uiscovered j the price or transportation fir the wliole distance never exceedinr six dollar per cwt Proper care has been taken to select gentlemen of respectability as agent on the several routes communicating with the Allegany river ; and where extraordinary ex - ertion are required, a confidential person tboroughly acquainted with the country, a jll accompany the rood. All communications on tbis subi ect, post paid, will receive the earliest attention of the tubtcriber, who for approved security will give a credit of tix months on a large proportion or tbe account. . . . .. l.aMlU.3 O.HI IIL Albany, ttate of New - York, 2d February, 1818. - ,; Keference to Messrs Satterleet Co. and Mestr. L Hyer.and R Rankin, New - York. V7 2aw - ."r.v puuiu RECENTLY pulUrfied and for tale by KIRK at MERt'FjN. 22Wall - tiTeL, a narrative ," 'be President'sToer.icadeduringllie summer nf 1M1V . l .. I . j . irmo inr D rui - mjiery aua soum - weitern departments of the anion, tic. Lord Amherst's Lmhsssy to China , tbe Memoirs ol Claadios Bucfaaaan s Mandeville, a novel. I.y ; Vodw"1 betters from the Cape of Good Hnna rx.tnia aa I 4 t srwt .a - a t T?. I. T '1,UT' varoeo teeners ; Knight of St John, by Mint Porter : BingleyH Uiul Knowledge ; Co it on Fruit Trees, with - - n - - - - m. ... v, urn, - r woman as sheahouJd be, a ocvtl, by an old wife of. twenty - ieo BY order of th last will oC Peter Stuyvcr, aant. En. deceased, trill be sold at aucWo on Towdav th 17tk iotUai th T. C H. at 14 o'clock,. - 'V t - ti . si BLEtX - KKK at - BlavllI, - Five valuabl lot of rronnd fronting the east side of Bowery - lane, adjoining the south tide of ueiancy - ttreet rive lot oa the west tKia a Chrittia - ttreet and adjolninr th south tide f Uelancey - ttreet t iv sou on the tonth tide Ueiancey - street. between the Howery - iaae ana Ctaristie - itreet. Tbe terms of tale are fifty dol lars on aacn un, lu om paiu on in uiit ui mum , one third of the retidue on tbe 1st of May i tn remamder, a required, in two euoal annual pay - menta, with iotereet annually A map oi the premise may be teen at the anctioneert owe, Tontine Con Hons. ,.r (jy Tbe buildings are U be removed by tk present tenant by tbe 10th ef May next, when the purchaser will nave potttwioo. - . ; Feb 7 :: - ' ll The Houe. Stable and Lot No. 19 Stale - etreet, oa accommodating tenni. . If not told by tniadle of i ebrnary next, the premise win be rented, r or terms, appiy at . 1 1 - - a r 39 Qurling - aiip. ALSO FOR SALE. An elegant Lot, fronting Bowling Greeaa, and Hoase and Lot 45 Frank fin - ttreeU Title to tbe foregoing indisputable. Enquire at above. ! janlS xawtFehU NOTICE. ALL pmon indebted to the ettateof Rngglea Hubbard, esquire, late sheriff of the city and county of New - York, therij, are re quested to make payment to James L. Bell, squire, present sheriff of th city and county of Nsw - Xorfc, on or before th Brtt day of May next or after that period the bill remaining an - paid will be put in suit. CATHERINE HUBBARD, Febll SawtlMay Administratrix. 7b the Ctiutntof Siu - York. ZERAH HAWLEY Phyiiciaa and Dentist, would inform the inhabitants of New York, that he hat taken an office at No. 31 Pearl ttreet, where be win extract, than, Jile,JU ens' Ml Teeth ia the most approved manner. lie i ill also prevent any irregularity of tbaj secondary teeth, if application is made to him ia season. He flatters himself, Irom the experience be has had in hit proretiion, that he than be able to give general lauiiacuon. For character the public are referred to Mr Geo. P. bbipniau. merchant. No. 6J touth - itreet. and uoctor A. Ives, no. zuz I'earl - atrcet. Whom it anav ronrera. ftV This certifies, that Dr. Zerah Hawlev is a regular bred physician, aad in good standing with bis brethren in this placet that he has pmd particular attention to the art o( Dentist rv. has studied tbe best European works on the tiibject, and ha given very good satisfaction ia this brnncb to nit customers, wno are persons of the first re spectability in this city.' We therefore, with entire confidence, recommend Dr. Ilawley to tbe r . - i - .7 . i , .. . - ciuzens oi new - 1 ore, as a neniuu iEneas Muntoa f Eli Ives - Nathan Smith Jonathan Knlrht. Profeiiort of the Medical lnttitutioo of Yale Col - - . .. - College. New - Havea, Jin S2, 1818; , . feb3 Jw THE EAGLE FIRE COMPANY OF NEW YORK,. 10NT1NUE to insure aeaintt Lost or Drm - KJ art by Fire, dwelling boose, stores, maa - uidviunea uiu wuia..wiui wctr macuinerr ana Stock, ahipt in port and their cargoes, and every ucKripuua oi personal prupenj. . In addition to the capital Stock, which it i cured by mortgage on real estate, tin comoanv poteen a larg contingent Amd, part of which it invetted in the tame manner and the remainder m public btockt : 1 he potseuioa of ruch a tur - plut and the facility with which public fund can be converted into money, furnith thit company with the meant to meet claims to a larger amount than those which may be reasonably anticipated, or for which their immediate income would - be intuflkieot. Answers will be riven to application from anv part of tlie United State, which mar be made for iniurance, either, on buildings or goods, if aucn appneauon arc accompamea wiw a Description of th buildings, titling their local di - memioBi, material of which they are conttrncf - d, in what manner occupied, and their cootrge - iit loomcr miiiaing. . Meant are thus offered, ' of security, againtt that kind of toil, which frequently, ' in an unexpected moment, involve! in destruction the earn ings of a life of industry and Ihigality, and reduces the independent and afflueat to poverty nod distress. 1 With regard to the different rate of premium and conditions of insurance, the public are referred to the printed proootals which have been dis tributed, and may be bad at the office, No. 59 w aii - treei. .: . EDWARD W. LAIGHT, President. JOHN D. MEYER, Secretary. . An 7 'VtVw(s'5 .... , MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF tub city or BBw - yoiur. ( The oldest Inititntiam for Jmwmnct againitjir tn fAi eitt,) NSURE against Lot or Damage by Fire, Dwelling Houses, Ware Houses, Buildings in general, Merchandize, Ships in port and their Cargoes, Household Furniuire, and every description ol personal pro perry, on terms as favo rable at similar mttitutionf in this city. - This Company it incorporated tokly for tbe purpose of insuring against losses b v fire, and hat circumscribed H operation chiefly within thit cut ana immearase nDiimirr. fa addition to tbe Capital Stock, $500,000, which is secured by bond and mortgage cn real estate and punuc storks, Um Company poeet a handsome turplut fund, invetted in like man ner ; partietattured may therefore repose the ful - lett confidence in the solidity of it capital, and Hint any losses or damage will be settled with promptitude and liberality. The different rates of premium and condition! of Iniurance are vniform with those ofthe other f ire Insurance Offices in thiscity. The PubKc are referred for particulars to the Kinted proposals in circulation, and which may bad oa application at No. 53 Well street - GABRIEL FUR MAN, President, j JOHN PINTARD, Secretary. raavSn srunt: TO LIT. The fire proof store No. t Goorernenr's Lane, (near Water street) it to let from 1ft Mav next It ha four ttoriet, betide a - targe cellar and a very commodious garret. Being detached from other buildings, there it no ritk from fire. Posrevoa any probably he had. if rearmed, be fore th lit May. App j at 19 Soetb street, .to j' .... V rnnr:f SANfit lirf - Lklalv fmavLoadoB, I Y... ,mM 1 - the cull lie. tttank tbfm for part favors, and once mora vaniures uj - it!. mtvmnM tmM tit tha saeat rnmfort - pnaz contrivaneee that vef bleat lb chin cJ man,' tie wm mttrnci any seu - aaaTius; - man in the at of it, and when once possessed of UWItClttlMIDtlOl COmpOBlKas, mj mmj with th poet of nature, " Te shave to sleep .. ..a a ata perchance to areaaa wnnemjne oparauuw ml a, lui wflnld hear tha tweak and acts of bar ber batej wbo would grunt and sweat under a loatnome peara, or a aua razor use, vow u L - i.t kl. niilii. ;ih a aimnla Saunder strop Come then to his manufactory at the corner or Hed - ttreet ana tjroaaway, anu uicm yon will find the subscriber always ready to re - ceive tne commands oi nu cnsiwncrs. decS tf . WH EATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. THE toeg aad tuccestful use of thia ointment ia a sufficient recommendation, a it has beea found to be a pleasant, sale and certain remedy for that disagreeable disease in all it stage, ft it for tale in the city of New - Vork, bv J. A. It W. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; I. ft T. t:inrk. No. K5 Maiden - Lane H. H. SchiefftKn Co; No. 193 Pearl - afreet; Lawrence AC Keese, No. 195 Pearl - ttreet ; Hill 1 Kowne, 146 Pearl - ttreet ; R. It L. Murray, 313 Pearl - atreet J. M. Hraciharti, 314 rean - sireei ; John Peoford, No. 4 Fletcher - street j Duryee & Poe. ia Pearl - street: John C. Morrison, 108 oreeawicn - sireei joiin r. eiiucr, iw viwu - a t Wi tar at beaiaan. corner 01 cnamoer - st. and Broadway, and als in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured at most of the Drag Store in thit city Alto in Philadelphia, of 8. Withoroll X - Snna ; Rearm Hanell . North & Ro gen, and almost n'l the druggitU in the principal town to the United btatet. 1.1IIW1IE. WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above placet. jan 22 bm mn Im anlil. at niitilir auction on FridtV the 1 20th February. 1818, at the City Hall, 12 O'CIOCK, Tha fairhl vllnahla I A KM HOW OCCUnied HV Mr. Wiiliian A. Uardenbrook, about b miles from the city, containing together nearly fifty a - ere of land. It will be sold in lots from S to 10 acre each, tituated on tbe 6th, 7 th, 8th. 9th, ti 10th avenuet on the latter atand tlie dwelling house and out buildings, bat a short dittaoce from the Hudton River. Tbis property it worthy the attention of those who with to possess handsome country seats ; as its contiguity to the city, commending views of ine tiuason, reurea inuaiioo, anu cnoice quality of some of the ground, together with an ample apply of wood, render it one ofthe most desirable objects of purchase. A map of the premise may be teen, and fur ther parlictriari known, at tbe comptrollers ui - nce. citv nail. Jn o ms TANNERY FOR SALE. HfO be sold at public auction, on Wednesday, JL the 18th dav of February next, io tbe area ofthe Exchange Coffee House, in tbe town of uottoo, at 12 o'clock at noon, All the real estate belonging to the HamDthice Leather Manufactory, situate in the town of ivorinampton, in trie ttate oi AiastacnuietUt - ' The estate will be told in four lots, via I Lot No. 1, containing about 31 acaet of land, near the centre trf the town of Northampton, on ahii b is erected all those extensive and valuable buildings, lately occupied by tbe corporation for tanning of leather, with ahout 300 vats, some of which are very large end part of them under cover, in which leather may be handled during the winter t it is pretumed there is not in the ttate so extensive aad valuable an establishment for carrying on tlie tanning baunetrat this. A particular description of die building and nri - ' viltdget would take up too much . room for an advertisement.' Lot No2 containi about 3 acret. situate oa the north side of the county road, directly oppo - nic iu m nu. i, on wmcn are iwu uneuiii noa - set, with convenient out buildings, i on high ground, and considered a very deiightlul titua - tion. ' ' Lot No. 3, containing about four acret of land. situate on the eatterly tide of Mill River, about two mile from the meeting house in Northampton, with a valuable miO privilege and buildings uicreon. - 1 At No. 4 contain aboat one acre of land, oa which is erected a bark mill and bark rheds, situate near Edwerd'i tavtm, about 6 milet Irom 'orthamp(on, on the Albany load. Any person having an inclination to purchase all or any part of the foregoing property, are invited' to examine it The corporation pledge tlitmtettet to tell to the highett bidder, being determined tn dote their concern. Any information respecting the estate! maybe obtained on application to JOS1AH DW1GHT, Esquire, at Northampton, or . .. LttULZLft llUiltia, fan 14 ..." India - street, Boston. CORPORATION PROPERTY a'O he sold at public auction on Friday the . 20tb inst. at the) City - Hall, at ISo'clock - .9 lots of Ground on the westerly tide of Col - lect - st. between Anthony and Leonard - it. 12 Lots on tlie easterly tide of Collect - st. between Anthony aad Leonard - itt. 7 Lots on toe eatterly tide of Collect - tt. between Leonard and Fmnklin - tt. 1 Lot on the westerly tide of Leonard - it. between Collect and Orange - tti. ALSO, 6 Cellart.under Catharine market, for 3 jrears from lit May next. - Tbe upper part of tbe Watchhouse io El - dridge, late Third - it. for 3 year from lit May. Tbe upper part tf the Watchhouse io Spring - it. for 1 year from the 1st May. . The trrry at Mahhattanville for I year. A map of the Collect lots mar be seen and par ticular known at the Comptroller1! Office, City naii. leo did ALP1NE SOAP. ft7 - The tubtcribers offer the gentlemen of this . ory ineir Alpine mp, which only needs a trial to prove it excellent Snalitiet, ' in rendering ie operation - of i lie vine easy , it is postered with many . good and useful ' Qualities : it toftent the S& - w beafd, prevent ehop - K'l fkf . v. ..... VV.W fort and nmnr rnlia. .action in ihtvmg as not to rail to recommend it to general ue and to merit the approbation of a generous jiubtlc. The tubtcribers de not with to enter into a long detail of thit valuable snap, but they submit it to judget of genuine soap.. ' Jutt received, an nsortnient ofthe celebrated patent Penetrating Hair Bruibes, fancy article, N. SMITH DA VIES 4 CO. ' ' 136 Broadway, nearly opposite City Hotel. Who always keep as general and as good aa as snrtinent - of articles in their line a tny store in thiscitv. ; ' n : '.I . N B. Plere to observe that all the articles made by N. Smilb Davies : Co. will have their name on in copperplate or type. feb 7 MOLASSES COFFEE 90 hhdt. Hava na Molattet new crop " 24 hhdt. do Coffee Landing at Oid - ilip from Brig Caroline, , and loriaieby J A. ribs U'WOLr, Jr. feht 57 Front street PRIVATE LODGINGS. A GENTLEMAN and LADY of the bighett respectability wih to obtain board and lodging in a pleasant situation, and respectable family, wUere there are no other boarder. Their express object in this advertisement it to meet with lodgings "trAere no other boorden mHJl be taken." Ii is pn - snmed this oppnrtamty might le beneficially embraced by some family who me ncTer uecu iu ine naDit ot taxing boarder, but w bo from a wish to enhance their income and a desire for cotnort able society miht not hare aaonjecuon to taae x steady retpef.bie per on for a permanency. Iftliev could ha arenm. modated with a separate sittine room, it knuli be an additional recommendation, and in n trouble, if tuch lodging! can be obtained, t rain oonars per annum win ne giVHi. Alinenddre - ted to &. Z. and left at tha office, will he attend. n . . let HDt y dri ws FOR P H f L A D E L P II I A . m.: nncTrlliloC. with mvmrw convenience for Pntaengen and their baggafj 'ltP. 'n f day) wiU leave toe PotWChaite Of&e, 118 Broad, way, oppotite the tjy nwei evrj uj v. - - dayt excepted) at 7 o'clock in the mornm. by way of Newark, and arrive the tame day at Philadelphia. ' ..,','., Tk. Mill Pf I OT. in nnnnaifinn to the Mall Coach, with tapertor accoomodationt for rai - senger and theft baggage, will leave tlie tame place every day (Sunday excepted) at half past I o'clock r. M. will proceed before theMail.and not subject to the inconvenience of stopping at tminiCMi m llw mul. hut aver IDC HIIW1.I".. W VHIV. . . - - - - J accommodation provided for the traveller, ami BITlTC iniHV OUVIl UVIUIV Ul w.m.. . - JZr All gooui ana tmggagv ui rwm in owner. JOHN N.CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK ft SONS, Princeton. RvnTrrnil r nnwi.'l,L iniilarfeliitila Jf. B. Expretm $rl to emypart , United stale, era L. daalk at j ... n a arm m - td'V 1.. era r POST COACH LINE roh PHILADELPHIA Bl WAI Of roWLBS - HOOX , IMVOIITABT TO rASIKHGKM. No conaection with the pott chaite line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OITO SITION REVIVED. A KEW Line of PottCoache with every con - r aenieoce for oatiengert and baggage, on Springs THROUGH IN ONE DAY. Th Post Cosch will start from the Coacb of fice, old No. 1 Courtland - street, N. York, every morning, Sundays excepted, at 1 - J patt 6 o'clock, by way of Newark, New - Brunswick,' Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive a'. Philadelphia the tamo evening. ' - The Slew Boat Line INDUSTRY, will itart from New.York everv morning (Sun dayt excepted) at 10 o'clock, io the Steam Boat Atalanta. from Ihe north tide of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to dine . United States Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience lor passengers ana naggage, oa spring. Tbe U. S. mail coacb will itart Irom the coach office, old No. 1 Courtlandt - ilreet, New York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at rauaaeipoia next morning at oo - cioc. vmj 6 nnstecf ert admitted. For seats in the above named Line, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old ettablithed Coacb, Stage and Steam Loat ofiice, at the old No. I fjourtlandt - itieet, the tecond office from Broadway, New - York ; to ISAAC BROWN, no. I tYasiuiiiun - eircri , ur tu a. m . w vv - . RICH & CO. No - 124 Broadway, corner ofCe - dar - ttreet. New - York. ffj - Ali goodt and baggage at (lie risk uf the owner. JOSEPH LV ON, SONS & CO. - N. B - Expreiie sent to any part of tbe Continent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. 'JanSi WIYrtirn n u t U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A KUARD. fj7 The public are assured that thit line it equul to any in the U. S. for the convenience and comfort ol the traveller. With tlie addition of the guard, the nawenger may rest secure as to hit baggage and personkj saisty the coach fever being Wft whilst changing at the post offices, without a peitna oa the boa. Tbe way mail It put in separate bag and changed io the Euro pean style. I he v a. man ijoarh will ttart from the coach ofiire, old No. 1 Courtlaad - stteet, New - York everyday at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia nextmorning at 6 o'clock ; only 6 passenger admitted in this coach. f or reals apply lo IHUs. Will i r ir.LXl, at the old Coach and Stage Oilice, old No I, tecond office from Broadway in Courtlandt - etreet, or to A. T. GOODRICH At Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - York. ft. B. All goodt and baggege at tlie Ink of the owners. J. LYON fc SONS, Powtrs Hook. WILUAM GULICK ft CO. Kingsttti. CHESTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Expresses tent to any part of the Continent by jan SO THOS. WHITFIELD. WANTED. A white girl about 16 year ' of age, to attend on a lady and one child. One who can brine; recommendation satisfactory as to her disposition, neatnrss, fee. may hear of a good and permanent place, 'by applying immediately at No. 64 Green wtch - tt. jan 2d 1 a U . I fc tm m. . 1 U m, iv i. o.l, Krr m iciiu vi jeoia, nniuij X active and very capable negro wench will be disposed of cheap, a it it her own de - lire Enquire at No. 23 North Moore - street. Feb Itf , M US I C. A LL the Songs. Duetts, as tung by Mr. Phi X. ' fiont at the New - York Theatre, for tale at Wax. DUBOIS' Piano Forte and Musk Store, io. I TO Bsoadway. Deltoid in hit sort expressive face , - Tho' love ii warm awhile 'Tit but fancy't iketch . It there a heart that never lov'd In vain mav that bosom lost quite deplore . My early day what joy was thine 1 Leve's young dream .' I Thi blooming rose at early dawn Rotin Adair . - Betrfitiful Maid - Let 'ame sound the trumpet Had I a heart . Evelcen's Bower Dear maid I love thee ' Ah sure a pin was never sect Said a tmile to a tear Sigh not for love . ' Mvheart with love i heatinr The celebrated serenade of " Lilla coiue do wa liira uuetc . : tome Flora' wreath. " - With a large assortment of new music. - nVc 4 600 WP1F.SOF WRIGHT ft IIAWEIS. A TRP - AT1SE oa, That being Corn Again, r - without which no man can be saved: b Samuel Wright D. D. : to which is added, tb Communicant'! Spiritual Companion, or an evangelical preparation for the Lord'i Supper, by the neva. i nomas naweu. ouucopictoiiniiwork in sheets, or by tbe tingle one, hound, for tale by vr. VIUMbttS, Circulating Library, 138 Fulton itreeL Jan 151m : T(l SAI.K A - .. r...... u:. i tol, hir trigger, made by Beckwitu, London. A Riffle Gun with Sword bayonet. Also, two doten maliogany Chair frame, iisb - mtikjvu jwicmy io oe seen at LAW k BUTLER, feb 12 127 Brodwv flOI IXJA HAM. Ihe COMMISSION V - f rAi y . 143 Peari - ttreet, have now for aie, avon tos. of Cotton Yam, from No. 4 1 . v pm 8 ROB ROY. 17 IRK fc MERCETN have jttt received nnd tv rsiit press, rceo Koy, n novel, by tb author cf Waverrr, Gey Manoenng, Taltt ofaiy Landlord, aU. lc. " r6 A tflKirsiflip'tbhc tooliftntodiiafliTtX '. rhtMMiiMllal Jar.. - ..,. ,'T" DOCTOR HORNE, formrrh) of tbe city ofl.ondot: .2 awmhef of the faculty of phyi, and turgary thera. deena it hi. a. , ty to repeat omeonervtioaa eV the abuse of MERCURYT a rath, iediscriDiinatc, end namialk (fed ate ttereof, ha heen tive of infinite atusohieri nvTT i sands, nre annually nercarJalised out of exuT enc. The disease we have ia view owe its hi tal remit chiefly to thii source. "What a rttT that a yowng man, the hope of ht country, il the darling of hit parent, thould be mtebuf? way from all thk protpKU and enioytnent. JuT. by the confeanencet of one unguarded, momett and by a disease not in it own nature fetajTS wLich only prove to from neglect or imnroraT IreatmenL" A gentle mar, '(lata DrHH w lient). now perfectly bearhr and well, had iZ under ph)kiant of generj practicti, sis aud repeatedly saliraWd whep recommend,,!?! - Dr. U. (by a gentleman tof this city) his horn were carious, and hit fleih dropping rots bit friends declared he could not possibly surviri t iro montht longer. Thoataodt eruneiiuii! know with what ease and tafetyDc. U.trZ' cute the severest cases, and confirm the'cenTri! lutioti. The Doctor's plan (advertising) Ir ceuary to guard the public against tlie Tabs!, mercury, and other fatal delutiona, held forthJ. Persons, therefore,' having contracted a nri - vate disorder, or tutpecting latent potion. v admonished not to tamper with their caolriiS. lion, or conceal the duorder, till past recora! ry ; others having the remains of an old cast or other impuritie ofthe blood, atweUuotr er complaint of a delicate nature, in se?. should remember poiterity, and do hrbS to their contcience. by making apnur.ti to Dr. If. at hit ofd and wpectaiL Uihment, No. 64 Water - ttrect, four bxwset ai of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt aatiitonce w lone calculated tb prevent diifJoture. And berZ let m claim your aeriout attention RememlKt a superficial cure is no cure at all ; unjeu thehu. inent it radically done, you will ccrtainlv hava the ditorder break out again with redoubled m lignity. at some future period I ; perhapt then will be too late for remedy. Don't you often mret ia tlie ttreet miserable, mutilated being, without even a bit of note on their ace .' Taka wxrnine. I beseech yon. r Dr. H's. character for skill ad stubborn note, grity being univertally known in thin city, siaca 1804, guarantee to patient that delicacy andtt. crecy hitherto unknown, and Iving confined i,,, prai tice for years past, exclusively tn the cure i riitciucs of the blood tytti - m.tliey may aufelycil. culnte on the most tlecidtd advantage iacoa. suiting Dr. H. i ?T Gleet eradicated in two or - three wttlii Stricture removed without bnugwt or any other instrument ; and ail debililiti; iikewut til old ulceration, fittula't Ate .. .. ... A plurality of ofbeet are prodded, and to tflA ated that patient are not exposed toeach otbtrl obtervation. Open till half past 0 in the eveaav All person! concerned am invited to be fresi's calling, and speaking with Dr.H. which is m - e of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the expression of gratitude for innumerable recoa - mendafions, nnd for tbe decided preference (ft u presumed with jutt cause) io&c irivm bm V . judiciout public. f. n. i. ah letter must oe pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. , - . JtUrH&tt WALK tMX AOKLttUXb DR. EVAN5 ttmeri! method of caring ce Uin"Diseate, teaewtamr. ally Kknmvleted.u UJa city ; hit mode of treauntat it nerfecthr mnt. ta&. . ipeditions. and Lit charge .icuaonaDie. u erery ttv ttance be warrantt a curs, and will return the pay ifae doe not perform tgrah - to contract. TT. VJ The (tricteat tecrecy alwayt oheerved.'? lm ,M IftMlfMrUUII I. Ilii. Mfc. I x. t cinity, laboring under variont cJuowie irnami mm fmnmrm. nll i'n.(m im hIma. . r . T or kine evil, fistula, diseases of ih mrmtk. hiladder and kidniea, old complicafed complaia Of a. certain aaiare. aalnaa aai aaan tai tions, rbeumatitm, c. which they corraider mcav ulwl niaw awmtn Mrrnttilv J - - - hy MflC at Dr. EVAiSiS3 Medic J Store, Hoi fi. Peck - tlip. feftVmff rrachted nft rttiT kaatal atft kMinnp I4 VatM ajKytattn aaoeL.V JsL. irtfjn mi nan v m - m j svMx.t WUUJV IM KUW first Snrgeons aid Physician in the world, and nunc urate imini uwww mcoiiuim sionw for 30 year. . ' Oct It fCT WHt AToif ft fA - VIS, Fancy Chair Manufacturers, No. 1S3 Falton - streef, opposite. SU Pl Chtitra, oner for tale, whole aie aad retail, a large and elegant assortment uf Cnrld Miiylt, plain painted and awaaiatsaV ed in gold fcivoarey Baaxlttt, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, aad Conversation Chainw Safa. bettets. Loungee, Mesic Stools, be - - unlert irom any part ot tha cemiatajeceeaf with neatnessand ditpatch. . : ' ,. u. : Old Chain repaired, painted and cnamentad. oct IS 'iri 'ui.; - t fr7 The tubtcriber having recently retowriea from England with an important improvcmenl Ibe artificial spring LEG, h takes thit ratlhad of informing hit friends and the public, that all . u i. - . . . . . r uiina sou ara aa BiuunuDBia as so Dm us iwaot m a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - Yark., JanM WM. TURV, JJ?E'S ITCH OIfTMEJO', V WARRANTED an infallible remedy at oat application, may be uted with Deflect safety on infants n week old, not contakvag particle ot marcurj.or any dangeroo ingredieat whatever, and not accompanied with that eOaV tive tmell which attend th application ef nth remedies. j .. :.:,. The above medicine are prepared and sold LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Late, and told hy S'CARLE, cornet ofTaltoa tad Valer - lree(. . DrnggitU and country ttort - kecpen toppli on liberal terms. . , . , - Janf? LYNCH, Juar. having made amnreineat , with a rctpecUDie nouie m waoeira, lInd kss ADeaed Km wiiii.n.ri.i niv.m ka will mceive or der for thit wine, from gentlemen wishing tolmy up a "tock for their own use end (try V,.Rr" meet with tbe boutein Madeira) iflhe arrival, be not approved by D. L. r. aw to 0 sent to the partie ordering it. D. L. Jr. ha taken great pain to Iiroc from various placet in the United State t aad to West Indie, tha best Madeira, that was to P purchased, in tbe wood, aad old BotUed we,;i very luperior quality, from private stock, w.mcr he aow offcrt for sale. He will constantly keP on hand an aatortmeot of tlie choicest wtoe Urfuors, selected with care by himself, and ' tell none which he caanoc at IMPORTED Jt 19 1 NEW - YORK t PRIXTXD AND FIVLTSHZD BV MICE ALL BURJOIAM ft CO. No. 43 PlBB - tTHBST. . 1? '0 U litl n II H i 11. oppUed with a proportion of the wine w w ritlietofSt. Antonio and Cama de lbca, (Hal - cert ally acknowledged to prod ace the bestMs - dpira in tha lalandl kss ADeaed a wis ttcrt,

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