The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 18, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1818
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TTJLOUR TLvld Rent Creek r Ucbm . " Petersburg flour ' - 6r& wOV. BUdi, and for sale WALSH A: GALLAGHER,' , i : . ;. 66 Soulh - rt. ..AfTgn whi fH LEAD. 60 kegs Eng. E lhh White Uad. ground oa Indin8' - H 18 - ' ' ' ' ' 29 South itreet. - F,0TT0N, - - $4 bales prime upland cotton, SV uie br ... r. , WALSH & GALLACHER, feb 18 66 Soutli - itreet. Suverfint Aertcan GLGIJ.MS. , , . 8 cases fine ginghams, for sale low by '" i . The Commission Company, feb 18 Plto : 148 Pearl - st. TiRAKDi', FLOUR, FLAXSEED and RAI 13 SINS. , $0 pipe beit Bordeaux Brandy , ' 930 barrel Baltimore Howard - street flour Miin Koth fresh Bloom Raisins. - For sale oy .i.TT' GEO. M. WILSON, - M8. - 130 Water - street U LEAC HED tHIK I lA """i rVTKW LINENS, etc. CKEAi - . - juitopened, fI in.h Linen, assorted T". ' - I tfo Scotch Holland, or uper undressed j,',' t - Linen ; - . , 1 box Lnog Lawn and Linen Camonce 1 do 5 - 4 Irish Sheeting and Dowlas 1 do Steam I - oora Cotton i - hirtiog All of which are approved and warranted bleach , Diaper! Damask, and real Double Damask , w.i - Table Cloth, mall to very large i - .. - .. iJ let, wtlh Nupkws.oi ainereui sims, t. to match j . Bomboteefis, Canton Crape, sc. salest No.61 Maiden Lane, , . Afewcases Iriih Lirtr, Long Lawns, arid 1 Jo White 1'lalUlai. feb 181 prihie qualify, landii from bnjj Sailor Boy. atr.y - n.a.ket 0TTt ftb 18 1w 60 Whineton - itreet. ICE. 95 whole ana a0 half uercei pnra rioe. tandins from chr Kt tneve, lor al Feb 18 44 Snuth - treet. 1000 quintal Cud - lMi, uveiy tuiwrior pwel 400 d Se)c Fiih, for tale in lott to tuit pur - .i k ... ,JNO feb 18 St . & GEO. W. LYSCII, 37 South itreet . VOKIS 1). fflHB CHAIN and SEALS of a WATCH. X ' Toe owner, by proving propeny ana pay ;n for tn ntlviiruiouent, cau gel It. oy appiy - at ihia'itfiCK. ROOMS h Bl ARU A iatly wiei to b - tki umurnuhud Roiiln and Board, in a t!.uil ituwin, in a getib el private lamily, or ' t L . . I L. .K.J - M A nnlu jo one wnrru iiiriv uc ui it - irwiw aittreued to B. E. at this cffice will meet atteo lion. - . - frh Iff lw 1 . UOARI). ALAOT withfi to obtain board in a rctpec - talilrprivatefaioily. A line addrewdto f . 8, and left at this Hire, mentioning term and eituation, will! meet with atteution. fehlU4t . FWii U, or eaiJ to be found, a muilin IN - DliSPEMSABLE, containing a haodker - chULndeBMllamor mooey. The owner, by peovMig property and paying fw thia adrer - tiMi may receive them by applying at til JierKahlt - ttrt. ' Feb 18 If ', . NEW LO.NG ROOM. . GAMAQC U (XHJfER will ell tomorrow. Ui lair weather) at 10 o'clock, at the New Long Room, JN'o. 2i3 Broadway, a nandtome a - ortraeot of mahogany furniture, conaicting of boott'catetr lideboardi. high poit carved bed (leada, piano forte, ladiea writing and work ta - dining and card do. looking sialic, Sic. tic. Alto ao invoice of London cat glaa decanter, tumbler, wine, tic. engraved punch bowl, li - qnor itanda, raitorv, French china dining and tea aett, work boxes, patent lamp, &e. Sic. ti BvGoodi can be examined from C o'clock toll the hour of .. feb 18 It Q BUILD fA LOT AMD VARM. Per sale, the valuable lot on the north - mit comerof Hudiori and Laight - ttreett, tS by HtO feet being one 'of the most desirable litua - tioatta Hudson - etrcet, looking directly 90 the qaafe, end having a aonthern expoare. s ,tt .,(; ..7rv ALSO, ' A FARM of 74 acrei on the North or Hodion - Kirer, in the town of tireentburgh, Westchester county, about SO mile irooa this city, now in th ceupati f Mr. George Miller, and near the eat of Win. Edgar, Esq. On the premise are larga - dweHing bouse, containing 7 rooms, besides servants' bed rooms, large cellar and cellar kitch en, milk room. Sic. an old orchard, and one of ?roung arpie trees, of the best grafted fruit, a arge bam, carriage bouse, fowl do. imoke do. com cribs, sheds, kc Th bouse coamaad one of the, finest views on the river, and is very desirable situation. There are two landings at short th.taoce. from whkb boats ply regularly tothiA city.. . Knot sold by the 1st of AprU, will then be rented for the ensuing year The price ,and term for the above property will be made ' worth the desideratum of those inclined to pur - hn Apply to - - F. IRVING, " feh18 tn'4w ' la Peari - treet, ' ' ' . CO.NUllOLOUV. " A"T.! GOODRICH & CO. It4 Broadway, .! have for tale, a imnll Cabinet of Shell, in a tine stn'e o! nreeration HEC LA T puhlirauon lor (aitf ttj W. B.Gib - J.XT, Si. 91 Broadway, : ' uot - ioena, or a moUier' marriage, 3 vols, 13. v Maaucviiie, a tale. or the evnteeoth century in England, by Wn. Goodwill, t vols. 1 75. ... Knifc'ttof St. John, a rr.njance, by MinAnn - ,ninarprter,TvoI. 175. ' . ' 'tinerant. or mcmoiriofaaactoT, by S. W - Coxe onFroitTrees, with 00 engravings $3. i cmoawy 10 wmn,1 volbvo, X 60 Xrtier fro 10 the Cape of Good Hope, with ex tracts from Bonarm te's great work, 75 ct. ; ! Tie BalnBL'aarPnnirul unul 9 1 1z t tLfW?Jroal 0)6 M,,h by the author of John iliullaod Brother Jonathan. For review of this n"VJJecUcMagaiine,fotFeb. 1818. TOSABELLA. MX novel, in 3rols. by the anthor of Santo , - cojiraoo, i orest T Mootalbano, and Adelaide - ,ui vpunierrnarm, lor sale by 1 .AT GOODRICH fc rn iei n t ' To those acqnainted with the merits of Sano - uTOaano, Aiieiaiue, tic c onunendation is nerd - less, w, ... , - t ). ... ,T ... r r , . Pf b . PRIZE LI3T. Medical St knee Uttery. 30tn , day's drawing. . . 92'e,i3?3'.; Criw "f 139.000 :5,0C6. 500 ; . tWd (and has beo pnid) at ALLES3 L" - SI'tdar. ; f1?0' 'tra ,,5 .315, SO." - ri.. l ALLK.XS j where the hicheM ti,? v r.,rWB in "wca, was sold and pah! niJjMJD, a prire of $ loo.noo. '' mi iL .ti,,,imw" number tomorrow, eaomioe jjnenril drawn humbee on Tnesilay next to BrajJl. NS TrnSr Lsxky. Office, - ?lo. Ul JUST pubtUhsd n4 frsaaU by KIRK k MERCE1, 22 Walltreet, an. address, A.r.mmrmii i fir. Panl1 Chnvcb ca Th - inc!r the 29ih Januarr. belure the AaiUiary 5ew - Tork Bible and Common Prayer Book Society, - by John JHcrickw - t - CpD. Col. frof. ; ; - ; Aleo, Manners, ooveL' - ; Feb 18 ' . TO j?R1MT&S. - rpWO Pressmen, two Compositor and three - J. Bovi. lroin 13 lo Myenrs oi are, are wani - ": No. 10 Cliff and 4H'earl - treeU feb 18 3t - 1$ CHAACEHY . . ... ITATX Or SKW - VORK, II. I' N nurananee of a decretal order of this honora rnurt. bean off date the sixteenth dar of October last, will be old at public auction, at the Tontine Coflee House, in we city oi New - xoru, nnifrthe direction of the subscriber, as one of the ...iun iftliit r - nurL on Wtdiiesdau the seemA day of January uext, at twelve o'cloclt, at noon, all that certain lot. tract or parcel of land, situa ted in the countr of Delaware, in the state of New - York, and in Evans' Pateut, and known by a - reat lot thirty fonr. and bounded as follow : be - ginuingat a stake and heap of stones near a beech tree, marked So. 34 and - 37 ; being the northeast corner of lot thirty evn ; thence along the north bound thereof south eighty nine degrees, west one hundred and twenty cght chains and ninety six link to a beech tree marked No. 33 and 34 ; being the southeast corner of lot (No. 33,1 number Uiirty three ; thence along the east bonndi thereof, north three decrees, east eighty one chains and twentv links to a beech tree marked No. 31 and 34 I thence alooe the south bounds of lot (.No. 31) numter thirty one, north eighty nine degrees, east the distance of one hundred and four chains, to a stuke nnd beap of stone ; thence loulh thirty live chain and twenty four link to a beech tree marked No. 6 j thence north eighty nine degrees, east twenty chains to the west bound ot lot tbirtv five : thence alone the same south forty four chain end ninety six Kuks to the olaceofbeirinnine : containing nine hundred and fortv nine acres and three fourth of an acre of land, with tho appurtenances. And also, all that certain other lot. tract, or parcel of land, situa ted in the countjr of Delaware, in the state of Mew York, in Evans' ratent, aud known ry creat lot thirty seven, and is bounded as fol lows : Kezumins at a hemlock tree mark ed No. 37 and 40. bcinz the northeast cor ner of lot No. (40) number forty $ thence along the north bounds thereof, south, eigh ty nine degrees, west one hundred and thirty fi.ur chains and ten liuks to a beech aplibg marked No. 36 & 37 ; thence north three de - greis, eait seventy eight chains to a Beech tree with stones round it ; thence on the south bounds ol'lot thirty four north eighty nine degrees, eait one hundred and thirty chains to a uircn iree marked thirty seven and tliirty - eiVht : thenre on the weit bounds ollot thirty - eight, south seventy - ixm cnaws lowe mare oi DrKiiiniHs,tiiiuimiis me thousand and twenty - lour acres and one fourth of an acre of land with the appurtenance. Dated. December S, 1817. - ' JAM&3 A. riAiVULtlUI, Dec 3 lawl&rfts Master in Chancery, ffj - The sale of the above oroiierty is postpo ned to the eighteenth day of February next at the lame hour und place. Dated Jan. 7. 1818. - MNU A. riA.TIII.iHJH, Jan 7 Sawts Master in Chancery. The sale of the above property is potponed to the 12th day of May next, at the same hour and place. Dated Feb. 13, lGl't. JA.tiL.3 A. If Alrlliyi Ui, feh181avrd Master in Chancery. 'JAUUOOK TilEsHlP PEKI,J itOMCAL - CUTlsV AAU TRANiUr;i Art. TO be o!d at auition, on Friday, 20th imt. at Bo 'ton, the following articles, juit im ported in the ship Pckin 150V bags tiuuDie nou'd ruanaguore aua wmie benares sugar 1 . 774 bales cotton, of superior quality '. - - f 3tXX bags beit pa'na rwe : 50 cases indigo, first quality - - , 1 3000 pieces madrass blue cloth .. . , - - . ; . 9000 piece do check - ' ' . . 15000 Aladrax and 15000 Calcutta goat skins ' - - M bale shfflnwer 1 . ,'. 70 bags fr sh sago ' 18 piece large ivory ' ' 1 58 lags tumeric ' '"" 2500 gnnny bag - ' . . 400 pieces red wood. ' r" For farther particulars, apply to ' SAML.G. PEKtCINS b CO. Iiiflia Wharf, or to BRYANT tt 8TURGES, feb 13 5t Central Wharf. HE VIP, LEAD, PAINTS, tic. Russia hemp, in lots to suit purchaser ., 80 roll sheet lead, 3 1 - 3 to 6 8 caiks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twine 1 - - . , English sail and seine twin - 3 caiks Prussian blue, 5 casts veraoiUtoa 3 hhds verdigris - 50 caiks French yeltow ochre Dry white and red lead . t . . 80 boxes tin For sale by FliTER SCHERMERHORN & SONS, 843 WaUrtreet. Abo, 200 anchors, of Hunt' make, from 40 to 8500 w. Cables and cordare, of all sixes, best Quality. with the usual assortment of ship chandlery, v reoji u. t JAMES D'WOLK, Jr. 57 Front - street, offers for sale - - .in' - 50 tone clean 51. Petersburg hemp , Russia duck 1G000 lbs., green coffee ia hhds. entitled to fc . drawback , ' ri , Roll brimstone, German steel . .do - ;. , Writing and wrapping paper, do 15 cases half - pint tumblers . do v Castile soap and mould candles - do 1 case Leghorn hats ! do 8 cases cholets . do . ' 1 case plalillas Feb 10 tobacco, corrosf, louh axi WHEAT. ' jMFTY - EIQHT hhds prime Kentucky to - 88 bales prime new crop N. Orleans ptton 123 bbls fiour, and ., ' 75 bushels wheat " ' Received per brig Tliomav from NewOr - leans for sale at no. 87 Coffeediouie - slip. by LAI OLA W, GIKAULT Si CO. Who have in Atore,' x ' : , 1 case French linen cambriu . ' ', 1 bale superfine black clolh , . ' 8 cases Madras Pulicate HJkis ; and 1 do imitation, French cambrics FeblllOt , . . .. LONDON MUsTAKu. 40 boxes tirsi quality fresh London Muitard, ia boxes of 6 dozen each. For sale by i TUCKER & LA CRIES, feb 14 f 8outh - treet. COAL .iMAXil'. 1 (f chaldron of Liverpool new pit coal is M. J V now landing from en board the ship Nestor, lying at Murray's Wharf, east side Coffee House slip. These coal will be sold in lots to uit purchasers, and InformaUoa may be bad by applying on board of the ship, or at the ooal - yard. No. S74 front - street. For sal by Feb 14 6t A FRASF.R. 741 HERRINGS. boxes 1st tort. ) U... - nMlaal. 177 do 2d do ( ing and for sale hr ' , ' VA.VIOKrJ.EU r rLAKSVJ.i, Jaa 22 , 67 South - street. QTA IHMAKY.JcMe tOAlish Letter nnd Writinsr Paoer. ft salf low. by feb II H5 So'rttv street. TWO case chaux - eable !voctw for sale J. by . MARCH ft LOW, Jan 31 20 Bmedway. QUERCITRON - BARK. - - F - Mrrx and boxe or very Jne qmuity, for sale by - - - , O.O. t 3. H0AV1.AD, w m . ex r . l ? a I I Jaa 53 V Washington - street. . nr n ma nrtn a tvtvp A LARGE stock of fine old Madeira Wine, ine,c4j S hogs'! mm iiAr - ' xl the most approved broads, in dims. bead and quarter cask, erarraoted pare as iav ponea, ano wen wormy me atttsMion ol ine iraoe and of private families ; wii be sold at reasonable price, and io qaantities to suit purchasers. oy , , , .. , l UtKLH U L.AUK1C.&, - feb 17 , J9 South - street AN TON GOOUS. A few cases black and colored Crapes s Frhigcd andpkiu Hdkfs. just received, for sale by SAM UKL. WILLIAMS, feb 16 St No. 133 PearUtreet, STAVES 30 M. barrel staves, N. R. 10 M. pipe staves do SO M. dressed R. O. hhd ' , 300,000 feet of Kinderhook board 150,000 do Albany board ; 100,000 do scantling ' ! - 80,000 do 1 - 4 plauk. For sale by ' W. Bt PARSONS, Feb 16 3t 104 Cedar - sL Albany Bason. SILKS, Sic - sarsnets - t cases .pongees, 8 do twilled 1 do col'd sattins, entitled to debenture ; also 3 bale col'd casitmere thaw Is .' t. ' For ale by : ' : CAMBRELENG It PEARSON, Feb 6 .'. C7 Sonth - st. Ci T.CROIX .SUGAR 18 hhd. landing, and O for sale at 55 Pine - street, by Jan 15 . itUKtir; W. TALBOT. 1 RON 72 tons English iron, well assorted, now landing from brig Thomas, aud will be sold reasonably from the whart, by U, U. St S. HOYVLAND, Feb 13 ' - "7 Wahington - st. l.tOK a ALE, Uie LOT on the north side of 1? Cliff - street, adjoining those in Beekman st. Apply to R. & L. M UK. RAY. leh 13 tit 313 Peari - street. IOM8AZEt 16 & COTTON. 4 bales JLJ Bombazelt 34 bales A'ea Island Cotton, and 15 do. prime Upland do. landing and for sale by . SAUI ALLEY, . 98 Pine - atreet. Ia Stobe 40 bales Sea Island. Apply as above. jan 24 UPLAND COTTON. 15 bales prime Up land Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL - ALLKY, 9 Pine - street. IN STORE, 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above, j .n 23 i LASV. iKL, 6ic 4 boxes assorted gluse, JT consisting of Large sited Wjndow Glass , . Decanters, Tumblers, Inkstands . Watch OIrik - s, tic. - 8 boxes Fowling lieces, Just received r Winifred, - from Amiterdam. oar nasD, , . A quantify of muskets, entitled to debenture 5 ccrooiiS Grit quality Indigo, and 2 bbls White Lead . . ' , For sate Ly , ;' J C. ZIMMKRMAN, feb7 lm ' 72 Washington - street. O 5catks Spirits of Turpentine - 5 do lOd Wrought Nails 3 do lOd Cut do S do 6d do do 3 do 4d do do Jnst received m.d for sale by UAKUAKI.. al AMTON Si CO. igfeb 12 Iw 17 Plilton - slip 'VVI.:h First quality London Seine Alsn, 8 and 3 thread India Twine, in Quantities to suit purchasers, for sale by feb 14 76 Peart - street. - HA PS, TEAS, Aic 14 cas MeollU, lust received from on board the brie Fac tor, from Havre, entitled to drawback. . IM filOHb, 9 chests of Imperial Tea, Huntress cargo, of a suDenwavaniy. Alio. CO casks ol French Yellow Ochre. For sale by feb 14 Iw 191 Front, corner of Fultoo - st. ANTON CRAPES Fresh supply Canton Crape for sale by : . , MARCH ii LOW, feb 11 ,. "T" 210 Broadway. I I OPS. 2 bales Hops, just receivedfor sale XX by CAMBRELINU Si fKAKSO., feb 3 67 South - street. lLAXSEED 15 canki Flaxseed, landing this A? day from Khr. Ranger, from Norfolk, for sale by D. BETHU.E Si CO. feb 14 92 Coffee House Slip. ' HULL at BOWN K have juit received by the Lorenso, from London.. ..'.'' , ' . Dixcrt'sAntiNilious Pills ' ' - 1 Hickman's Pills for tlie gravel, Sic. I , , Ching's Worm Destroying Lotenge RoaJh' Embrocation . Thompson's Cheltenham Salt '.' , 1 ' Hay ward's Tolu Losenges Heu'rv's Calcin'd Maknesia. And a general assortment ofBrititb Patent Medicine of repute, not mentioned a Dove ; warranted genuine, and for sate at Jan 24 1m J 46 Pearl - street. 1. LOU rt. uud TOUACCO. 500 bbis. Rich - JT inond sapf. Flour " ; 29 hhd old and new Tobaceo, ' 180 kegs manufactured d 6 tt 8 hands to the lb. Forsale at IB Front - street. - ' feb 13 I ROKES. DAVIDSON tt CO. RI;H Ll.NEN. 5 boxes 4 4 Irish Linen, for sale by . W. A S. CRAIG, feb 13 F.ER SKINS 8 bales first quality lur sale : . .r SAUL ALLEY, ; 1 - 98 Pine - street. teb 7 - U - HUM Ac. , - . .3 J J puncheon Jamaica Rem, jnst arrived and lonaing from the brig.Dvid Richards, from Faimoulb, (Jam.) and for tale by - . "1 . t. i .:. f ad. DUFF. . . ,69 Wasliiagton' - street. t Who ha for, sale in store, . L. r.Teneriffe Wine, f fasley brand) inquar . ; ter casks, imported July, 181 Do do in hhds, and qr. caiks, do August do'' Do do in pipes, hhds. and qr, casks, do September do (. - , ,! 1. ' . . 1 30 pipes, 100 hbds and 880 qr. cask da entitled to debenture ' . 45 pipe Cap Madeira Wine, ship' d in 1813, . . from the Cape of Good Hope, and er.ti - fled to debenture Port and old Lisbon wines, in assorted cast, 59 boxes of cUret wine 13 Jt do grave wine and one cask cardwire. - febFtf , LLEi.A.v 1' MARSEILLES QUILTS A.ND He COUNTERPANES. Marseille - Quilti from 5 4 to 16 - 4 , . - Counterpane fom 9 - 4 to 15 - 4 White, Chibtx and bine nnd white bed lace , Green worsted Colds and Tassel , , Fine Linen Bed Ticks . Supetior furniture Chialte and Dimity ' , Merino Hdkfs. and Shawls, a large assortment Elegant long scarlet and white Merino and Cashmere Shawls - 9 - 4 green figured and black, raw silk Shawls Superfine black bowibaxine, superior black . Italian Crapes White Cotton Velvet for Paiating on Cane Umbrellas, Irish Linen and Diaper Damask Table Cloths irotn 5 - 4 to 80 - 4 , Irish and Russia Sheeting Uexant embroiderd and ribbed white Silk Hose, iuit received and for sale by GARDINER t VAN ANTWERP. No. 169 Broadway, next to the comer of Coeitlandt - strecL feb 14 4t ' ' f - AICA RU M at FLOUR. 15 puncheeas 4th and 5th priof Jamaica mm, of ope - rior qnaliiy, and 100 barrels superfine Baltimore 'HowarJ - slreet) flour, lanJiog and C sale by , R.CRUMP, .. Feb 9 ; WRaW, ?, 3. a.VT wfTvlitbc chooner TWO BROTHERS, I 1 Jacob Carson, ai aster, lying - east aide, of Pier no. 13 Fer freight, apply to ; ' ' - - GEO. M.W ILSOW, feb 17 130 Water - itreet The brigH 4NlH,0. Hicks, mas ter, has excellent accommodations for pasMMigers, and is two thirds loaded; can take 150 nous, or freight in proportion, by immediate application to the captaiu on board, or to , ; . , THOS. DENNIo'ON, .. i Feb 16 . 40 Soulht. . tor Salt, i - 'reigif or Charier, The fust sailing scbr GERTRUDE, Britton, master, just returned from Port am fruice, and is now in readiness to proceed a - galn immediately. This schooner is one year olJ, 143 tons burthen, and in the best condition. She has handsome accommodation for patsen gen. For term apply to ' ' ' - Feb 16 GR1SWOLDS COATES. HEM P. UICE. WTNE. He. OT. PETERSBURG clean Hemp (Belfast' O cargo) and Kentucky hempen yarn in lot to suit purchaser 100 tierces prime New Rice ; , 12 casks Bordeaux Claret, entitled to debenture 30 tierces e - pniiinit winter nress'd oil . 170 boxe new ipermaceti Candles. For tale by . 11AYDOCK Si JENKINS, f bl7 1w 14 South - street. IKISH I.INK.NS. f & C. NICHOLS. No. 13" Pearl - treet. base I just I received a eeoeral anonmeni oi inin ia nens, which they offer for sale very loir for cash, ten 17 iw c I' TON. 24 bales of prime new crop op - land Cotton, from Augusta, lor sale.. Samfk may be seen at 18 Pearl - street, up stairs. Feb 17 r II A II AFLOAT 204 barrels first quality tar I on board the schr Leander. Nesl. at Peck - . t . . . ...... mm.r. i I H loriaieby JAair. wmuur el) II M nz ijinenysireev - ll All'4lf;N WIVK. nfn rerv iiineriorau LT'"W ' . ... ' - J I - 1 I lity, in boxes of one doten each 1 r sale by , , llULAKJ U. I J ...... feb 16 Iw No. 20 Fulton - street I.' I 1 hi K. IT I k' 'KWh f RUM. fori 1 UM. 20 hhds. Molasses Rum, firt proof, tale by JACKSO.N & WOOLLfcl, jan 12 , 75 Wall - st. 0 II I .K TING6 tt bales Flemish thcetingi, for 3 sale by 5 JAMES G. KING & CO. feb 16 No. 61 Fine - strcet, M LOUR. 100 bbls Richmond (Mayo mills) L Flour, in store, for sale by - GRlSWOLDi 4; COATES, feb 16 86 Southtreet rLOUK and 1 OtiACCO. J.00 bbli. super - t? fine Virginia Flour . 60 kegs second quality, mnnuPd Tobacco, Landinx from the schr Bt - lvidere, nnd for sale J . ...r. IIALSHO. ViAMiAUIir.Hi fi h 16 t 66 South - street. f Ho AT Ac TAR. 130 bushels N. C. V V Wheat, in bags . 50 bbls. Tar, 6 (lost and for sale by R. fc C. W. DAVENPORT CO. fob 16 . TO BOOT ic SHOEMAKMiS. CALF SKINS, SealSkina, .. Cordovan, Crop sole and ranges, Vol the best quality Lonz Si short boot lees, I For sal by ELLIS C FLECKNER,' Feb 16 w i: 20 Fultoo - st. MOLASSES It UUM 82 casks first quality nen.arara molasses . 4 puncheon rum landing from, the brig Amethyst, tt side Steam - boat wiiai f, pier no. 9.1 for sale by , , GEORGE LACY, feb. 12 1 w No. 4 Fulton - slip. f ANDLES. 60 boxes eaitein mould candles J just received, for sale by feb 1 1 JOS. OSBORN, 63 Sonth - st. I 101'iON. - o4 Dales frune Upland, for sale j ai on Bouin - streei, ny Jaa27 WALSH k GALLAGHER. O.NE hundred bills. Bristol Spanish Brown, 20 do White Lead, With a reneral assortment of Paints, dry nnd ground, for sale cy J mi l. ci n n r.uL, ' f ' 592 Front and comer of Fnllon - street. Jan 23 f8NAliCUGS& PAPER. 1 bale Osna - VJ burn, and 1 da lulian Papef, for tale at 76 Pearl - sireeL feb II CEPRA & CUMING. BOMBAZETS. 3 bales assorted stouiba - setts, just received per ship Nestor, from Liverpool, lor sale at 87 Coffee House - slip, by LA1DLAW, GIKAULT fc CO. feb 11 tot 7J 'I Hit tUBLW. tTJ G - SAUNDERS, maker and vender of rator - strop, having lost his all by the late ore, and himself, wile and child having narrowly escaped with their lives, by the advice of several of his friends and customers, has opened a subscription at the following place, to give the hu mane and charitably disposed an opportunity of! assisting him in ms distress, viz : at nyae e? Nevens', cornet of Broadway and Maiden - lane ; Prior & Donning', No. Ill Water - street j and at Megary' book - store, No. 20 Wall - street ; where donations, however trifling, will be thank fully receired - " ' 'ebl4 - .. U. SAU. - vwe.ri3. . A MOST DARING ROBBERY. ON Monday, between the boor of 8 and 3 o'clock, the office of the subscribers, lu State - street, was entered by false keys, (while we were absent to dinner) nnd an iron chest o - penedVcontaining bank bills and other valuable papers, taken therefrom. We can recollect the following, vis : . ' " . - A Post Note on lis Mechanics Bank of Bal - timore; for $500, on demaud, dated J uly 4, 1 8 1 7, and No. 3, payable' to Fisher Ames, or order. Tb word order' was erased, and "bearer" substituted. Two CI 00 Bills on the bank of North - Caroli na. About $900 in Salem, Beverly, Marble - head, Newburyport, Lynn, anj Havrehill bank bills. From 3 to'ttOOO in current bank bills. A check lor $'ZJ0 62, signed by John uoage, 011 Salem. . . . . A quantity of New - York Bank Bills Some old Hallo well and Augusta bank bills, and some of the Peoobscot bank Also, n small leather bag, containing gold, among which wax a light doubloon - Abo, 420 ipanhh dollars. jy A person of middle stature, with n Scotch plaid cloak, was seen about half past 8 o'clock, opening use omce. 500 Dollars reward will be given for the re Co, try of the property, or a generous reward for any sart of la property or the detection of the Uiiefi and ail person are invited to use their endeawars to bring to light Ibis most dxnue and high banded vulruny. ITIiinnOIUb - ' No. 76 State - street. Boston. TT The publisher of .he New - York Even - "C ... . . ni . II.' u . ing rost ana ncraia; i iuia - uipma uucuii Baltiaure Federal Republican ; National Intelligencer, nod Rich mood Enquirer, are requested to'pubiiJi the above three times in their respec tive papers, sod forward a paper cootauuug it with their bdi, as above. Feb 14 DiC3t . , A COUNTING ROOM TO LE - " ' PLEASANT Cos ntinf R. - om - eathe finoe of tle store N 29 th - street. Apply ai Nov 9 So - .th - t ret, . BOARD WANTED by m youf Man who1 can produce satisfactory recemmendatioo a to character, tebriety, sVe. . - A private - family would be preferred. - A line addressed to B. M. and left ati this office, will, be immediately attended to. i - feb 17 t . A PARTNER WANTED. THE subscriber wishes to employ a' imall cash camtal in some respectable business either a a silent or active Partner. Address 8. B. at this r.ftVe. ' v ' feb 17 3t v 'JO LtT, The larre new four itory brick hocue. situated on the corner of Broadway and Dey - street, 50 feet on Broadway, well calculated and built expressly for a boarding house, finished in the modern stvle. cooUininr a lareediniiie room 50 fL by 27 i 8 large drawing rooms 30 double ana single bed rooms, numerous panine, two kitchens, 8 vaults, ice bouse aud stone cistern, with every convenience necessary for public houfc. Ilsctutrsl antf pleasant situation render this house worthy the attention of those who are deiirou nf establishing respectable boarding bouse. - For terms, apply to D. I.. HA1GHT, 4 Dey trect. feb 17 tf 471 . STtJHt.8 TO LJCT, 4ou The four story fire proof Store, No. 92 South street, next to the comer of Fulton - street, and near the Ferry , at pit sent occupied by Messrs. Townsend! While. - The four story fire proof Store No. 91 South - street, adjoining, the above, at present occupied by Mr. Thomas S. Townsend. ALSO, The store, No. 813 Front street, next to the corner of Crane - wharf, now occupied by Meiir. Mott ic Redmond. - . The fourstry tire proof store No. 241 Water - street, rw;.r Peck slip Apply to PETER SCHERMERHORN &SON3. Feb 14 8t No. 243 Water - itreet. iO LKT. ilSJIl The brick store No. 8 Gouvemrur'i Lane, next door to Water - itreet. It ha four Ainrs. besides n. large cellar and earret. Posses sion may (probably) be had nr vious to the 1st May, nvequirea. Appiv ni swaouin - iireci. feb H TUCKER Si LA URIES, FOR. HALE, . FFL . I - . 1 . I I K K. 161 Greenwich street, next to the corner 01 uey Street - Can be viewed at any lime, - r or particular apply at No. 62 Froo'. - treetj fen 16 lw ....... TO LEI'. The new brick Store no. 62 Stone - t. Apply to . T. oc J. SWORDS. Feb 14 m LKT, . ' From the lit r.f Mty next, the lower countin; : room of No 54 ssoutn meet. ALSO. The upper counting room, No. 71 South - st App'y to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. leh 13 . 57 Front itree' TO LET, The three story brick dwelling, 27 Nor folk - street Enquire of ' ; COX & AQNTAUDEVFRT, Feb 13 r . ' . 56 Hr.ll - if. The house No. 4R5 Broadway, to which is ait ached coach houic, gordnf puiiip. cistern and bath noose, all in excellent order nnd at pre ent nrcunied by Abin. Bell. Posstssion eiven on or hefoie the 1st of May next. Enquire on the prrniiie, or of . B. MII.MN, feh 13 IW ' renn - ei. T OS'l Yesterday I'orenoon, a small green JLi leather Pouch, containing about ninety dollars ia notes of the different bank in this city. The finder will be suitably rewarded and receive the thanks of the owner, by retur. nine; the same with it contents to 39 South - st feb 16 St NEEObta BV RETAIL. 1 a 'HE subscriber, in addition to his former ex tensive variety, has just opened an assort mint of Needle, of a luperior quality, which he has just received from an eminent needle Manufacturer in England, on term which enable him to warrant them to hi customers, coniistinc ol t - liperfine gold eyed needle 1 . Imnerial oueens' Sharp. ' ! - imuerial silver eyed between I - assorted from Imperial silver eyed blunts r No. 1 to 18. Imperial darners and ! Markiniin's saddler' blunt. J No pains will be spared by the ubfcrihcr to keen at all time a complete an assortment of ine above arucies as any in cut - , mm ni cus - Itnmers may he assured that none but best nee - dies will be kept by mm. Alio, an anonmeni of rich claips for ridicules. IV. Dillllll I IVbllHOC, Sucrcessor to Mr. N. Siuilli. At hii wholesale and retail perfume manufac tory, sign of the Golden Rose, No. 149 Broad way. 'enz u WlLMAM IIOOK.I.R, So. 0 (...1. - at. corner of Fulton - street, New - York, bay ing received a large supply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, or Day Martin, 87 Hrn Mo born, London, offers the same, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or home consumption, on terms the most liberal and tdvantageous to pur chasers. This inestimable compontioo, with half the vi sual labor, ' produces a most brilliant Jt black, fully equal to the highest Japan varnish J affords peculiar nourishment to the leather ; it will not soil the finest linen ; is perfectly free frees any unpleasant smell ; and will retain its virtues in an climate. ' ' J . . .... .1 . A an incontrovemuie proof 01 uie superior excellence of this blacking, it has stood the test and commanded the most extensive sale in all quarters of the glob, for op ward of half a cen tury, reoio UST nubiisl.ed by WM. DUBOI". at his J piano forte and music (tore, No. 126 Broad - w.Ts. . . . . . . braham7 ceieoraieu roiacca, arraorru ns Rondo, hv Btei bell . - v Favorite Venetian Air, arranged as a rondo, J .. 11 ..1 ... r - . .1 ; raoaj U - iarrou, wiui tuijuuui iur uie pianu lorte.Dj r. K. moran. , O softly sleep my Baby Bqy" The Last Token, orremember me. - 1 ' ' Also, all Mr. Phi hrws' Soots to be had a a - bove. . . feb 17 IN CHAM EHV. Slait of jmt'MOTt,$. IN pursnanceofadWretal orlffWirsnoroy - able court of chancery, beariug aaie uw - ic teenth day ol January, instant, wi.'l be sold at public auction, at Uie Tontine Coffee Hovse, in the city of New - Vork. onderthe direction of Uie nbsrrii er, ns one of the masters of this court, on the seventeenth Hay of Fe bruary next, at IX o'clock at noon - all that certain lot of ground, sitnate in the 8th ward of the citv of Nesr - York, and known and distinguished en a msp or chart of rronnd late of Anthony Bowrosan, made by Charles Loss, city serveyor, or by lot number 4.M, bnonded westerly in front by Sollivaa - street, eAiterly in the rear by ground now or late . in the r ii.Mm mnA othtra. northerly bv lot W m iei anld ta Dumarest and Johataen. and soaUierly by fot No. 40V, now or late beMs - uk to ibe suid Anthony Bowrosan, containing mi hivailih in front and rear, each twentv live let - l and in length on each side, one hundred feet, with the appurtenances, u - xea jamivi aoui, 1910 JAMES A. HAMILTON,. , ... Master inChancery. ' Jan 27 - ?awlrkdl - . Tbe above ule is unrtooned 1 1 the 24th int. at the same hour and p are. Dated Fell. 17th, 18)8. v JAMES A. HAMILTON fcbnrt ;'. . Ma - t'r iS 0.anc?ry t rv nraw - . PUBLIC SALES, - . i BY J. P DlETEraCH ft CO. a x nurajr.L, . - , . 5000 acres of, land, in Wood Coenry. (Va. within K) mile of Marietta, and 5 miles from the Ohio Rircr. 1280 do in the tows of Pittsburgh, Clinton County, New - York. 400 do. ia Pike County, Pennsylvania, and an excellent improved farm of 0U acres, oa the Coshectun turnpike road The two last will be exchanged for pro - , perty in the city of New - York, or lor merchan dize. Apply at" the auction room. . - . " CHARITY fcERMOfti. , On Sunday evening next, the Revd. Dr. Re. meyn will preach a Charity Sermon in the Presbyterian Church in Cedar - street, when a collec - ' tion will be made for tlie benefit cf the Orphan - Assy turn Society. Few institution have'rrenter Claims on the public than the above. - There are now one bun dred and twenty. orphan children under its care,' who have been almost forgotten this winter, in tlie distribution of the benerolent, and are now coming before them entirely destitute of support. feb 17 41 - " - ' MECHANIC U.iLU - .. - .. Last week Tuesday, Wednesday ii Thursday. . rtV Mr. STANISLAS' engagement with the hall expiring this week, he has selected for the nigh s (being hi last appeal ton liberal public) a variety of deceptions, experiments', mufhani - cal pieces, ic. part of which has drawn the re' iterated applau.'e and astonishment ol the most scientific men in Luro e, aud has been crowned in this city with overflowing hoflses for - 30 nights successively. To those who have never wit nesscd. tlie like, they hare now au opportunity ol , seeing that Myilic Scitnct experimentally'.' die pmyed, which lor centuries led ven Jbe most cnl'ghtcncd lo believe io Uie aid of a aupernat. ral agent . .... Xj' For particulars see bill of the day. - ' Feb 17 31 - r - . - - V .... fry The public is respectfully informed, that the gentlemen who volunteered their services, to aid Ui funds of the Sunday School, Union, tjo. cielies, by the concert of f acred Music given at - , St. George's Church on Wednesday evening, have contented to repeat the exerch - es on 1 burs day evening next, the 19th inst. at the same place. ... ..(. 1 ; , ' " Tickets, at 50 cents each, may be bad of James Eastburn ft Co. at' the, Literary Room; of Messrs. A T Goodrich & Co. Broadway j P W Galladet's, e0l Water st; of R it W Bartow, Pearl - street, corner of Frank fcrt - st' of Mr." Brewster, 112 William - at; of T A Ronald J 188 Tcarl - stj of J C Totton, Bowery of T L JSwords, 160 Pearl - stt of Dodge & Sayre Broadway, and of Jas. A Burtu, I'eck - ajip. Feb 17 3t - , - . I'oi'poiitmcni qf iht forum. SJ - The public are infotnicd that the next meeting of the Forum is postoned to Friday ovening, U)e 87th inst. when uve following que, tion will be discussed ; " Ought the mindtef women to be cultivated by tlie same studies as I bos of men?" Feb16 5t COIlLLtO.v PAll lli - S (1 The manasren rive notice that the next Coiiiu'on Party will be at the City Hotel, on Thursday Evening next, the IVIth instant II" O IO 11 f or t.ttgiund, ria rialiftu, Aura ncoUa - ry - I .it.H r.i.:. . J 1 n - lk.i a ,1., Vs ":"iJ ww - ;.i , .. - . Gracs (for Falmouth, via Halifax, Novo - Scotia) will be received at the Dost office till Wadoesdnvs afternoon, the 4Uof March. . J . w, Mwitt) Agent. Feb,a - . - . . NOTICE. - - . ' 1 (tjr The subscribers bavins entered into part - nersTiip, the STOCK. Si EXCHANGE BUSI - nc&s neretoiore condectea by it. il nr - vms, will be continued under tlie firm of NEVINS ti TOWNSEND. RUSSELL H. NEVINS, j , fehS EL1HU TOWNSKM). '1 aKC iNOI KE, . fj" Ail p.rtoo having demands against, and thou indebUd to the estate of William Rogers, deceased, are requested to call opo THOM A9 MASTERS, Esquire, No. 8i Wall - street Da ted Jan. 19, 1818. ANN ROGERS, Executrix. ' Jan 21 dim kvttrputn boculy ltd Concert. . - v (tfr The committee of the Euterpean Society having resolved (ogive a second concert on the 4lh inst. at the City Hotel, each member will he entitled to sit tickets, br applviiir to the ten retary at No. 8u6 Broadway, on or before the 21st instant. By order, t . . ft - bVM - JOSfcfH KIMUH 1 , ree'ry. (rj The assignees of theetate.of Mr. Sid ney Hewitt, (m order to give Ume for all her ci editors to come in and participate in.lbi fund provided tor them,) do hereby extend the time of rendering - - their accounts to Mr. Blake, at No 3 Uw Building, unt l the 1st of March ensuing :.. ftb 2 lav' UivlON BANK, lOihtcUruaiw lai8 , . (r 1 he stockholders srs requested to aUeed at the banking bouse. No 17 Wall - street, on Thursday, the I2lh day of March next, te elect eleven director for the ensuing year., Tbe. poll will rpen at ten o'clock aad shut at two. The transfer books will b shut from , 1st until 13tb March. ' ;i By order of the board of directors,'' - . Oh. 10 1m JOHN LOW, Cashier. .NOTICE. - ffr All ncrsons bavins claims against the es tate of Capt. William Taylor, deceased are de sired to prestot them to the subscribe for set tlement, and those indebted to said estate are re quested to make payment without delay. ' nroniui, . feb 12 las Administrator. , , - . .NO I ICE. - - - - '. - ' - J ll t - pilUOUi iKi.iiniii. w u 1 between tbe subscribers, under the firm of T. M. Ac A. I. Huutinctoo. m this day dissolved by mu'ual consent i'be concerns of said firm will be settled by Thomas M. HunUngton, at No. 80 swrnmi. - - - . THO VI A3 M. HUfTI,UTOiVr . ? ALFRED J. HUNTINGTON. New - York, 10th Feb. 1UI8. . - . , .." 'P H . U U.a will rnntU US business on bis own accnwnt, and ha on band a general assortment or naroware, tinier;, which he oners lor saieos sccomnvnauns Iebl6d1w c3w . - ' NOTICE. . '' Kr The coVartnersbin .eretofore existing be - tweeo Ihesubtcriliers, soder the firm of n. B. . j. .u:. jm A.tA he mutual cons. sent Tbe debts due end clsirns against said .... SJ K lhirw - 1 ' - - ' arm win ? pVviE,TT ; . ..... . A. W. TRAPPANj . m . a. ear ill as faattlsTs ha sMsnwilir is4 iSV - g basj yejwa4Bw;sw nasi sis, - j , H. Smiib Davios, ander tbe firxa of N.SsaiUiDer - vie it Co. ' cl4. KOB ROY,' - - - - - ' - w ft - r Bv the celebrated snthor of WaverlV, Gy Manuerine. Antsoaarv.Teles of My Landlord, ke. Vc. which has lone been aaxiuustv expec - rJ, will be pebMshed early next week, and the (sbscnberstotlwCtRCUl.AlING LIBRARY, No. 184 Broadway1 cornet of Cedar - street, will be liberalty sepplted. wfthTWAT, end every oth er interesting ew - work.1 ' Several have laSety amvediromliootn. - - ' "woieiwi B I.OOMFI ILLOSi FRAZ&fCS PA TEXT. fllHE public are - invited to cau at no. Je 1 1 MiLImJiiu:' And suniii na ooeot store just constrweted by tbe inrjsertoers, after a ssodel iniported hem AsasteMHaa, wim improvcwiiw ol thstr own, ana now lor iae aru umm vw lb Lusted stes. . TbipsXMsBhtnesaUths conveniences ana com 10ns 01 sui opw with all tba adrsjitagesof a cfoe stovs 5 & ng the ch ap heal ol the lattes; aad at the sae Ume the Uadiome and iJaatVPsee h a a t 1. - alvAM mo Mm sasasnnW Uie lot mer. r or oea cossbwt rsllelled by aay snventioo yl J seen. tu eoun try. BLWJsmJ - V exsswsv - , FeKU tf , a i - L - ' . . .. - ' . 1 - t - 1. i ; 1 i' : i , ftl! V': 1! 1 1 . . f ! - ..u I v. - v 1 I. 'I. r - Hi .' .1 - m 'if. .jilt . ' 1, 4 r, n .All W A I": id'. - 'it r I . . " ... " ? ': L.

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