Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 20, 1944 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1944
Page 6
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ft Thursday, Jan. JO, 1944 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Flooded River in Italy Is Crossed by British Force At the Garigliano River In Italy, Jan. 17, (IP)--The hands on your wrist watch crawl up to 9 p. m.--zero hour for the forcing ol the Garigliano river. On the tile rooJ of a country house overlooking the stream we have been waiting in stifling silence for an hour. But promptly at 9, the dim figures o£ British Tommies crawl into rubber boats and push into the fast-flowing stream. Then all hell breaks loose overhead as our barrage hammers the i bad news into the German lines on the farther shore. . The Garlellano winds a snaky course up from the Gulf of Gaeta on the west coast of Italy and it is necessary for the British to push across it to keep pace with the American and French elements of Lt. Gen. Mark Clark's 5th army who have thrust up to Cassino farther inland. The Germans haven't had a whisper of our intention to attack until those first boats shove off and the crews paddle madly to avoid being carried downstream by the flood-swollen waters. Artillery, mortars and machine guns tear the silence to ribbons, and illuminate the river banks like great Dashes o£ lightning. Where I am watching the river loops into a "U" and Tommies are crossing at the upper tips to nip off German prisoners. The first boats carry heavy cables and as fast as they touch the German shore they hitch these to trees. Other rubber boats and rafts which follow clamp a hook across this cable and paddle across like straphangers in a subway without danger of being carried away by the current. Farther down near the mouth of the river I can hear a terrific cannonading, indicating stiff German resistance. We're crossing alone a wide expanse of. river bank and some of the rafts carry mules which will haul supplies into the forested hills ahead of us. It's 60 to 80 feet across at this point, near Castel Forte but floor ·waters have made a raging torrent out of the stream. Some Tommies fall off their raits and 1 can see them swimming, burdened by then- packs and rifles, through the icy waters. The tracer bullets arch overhead like a ruby necklace against the sky. Now the Germans are returning our artillery fire and both banks are lighted by intermittent flashes as shells explode. It sounds so much like a thunderstorm that you almost expect it to rain any minute. As the first streaks of dawn appear I can make out more details. We've thrown up smoke screens along the river banks to shield our ferry service which still is shuttling at a rapid clip. Our troops have poshed forward to occupy strategic knolls and I can see allied planes swoop .low over the trees to bomb and strafe the enemy just ahead. The Germans hang chandelier flares--brilliant magnesium lights under parachutes--in clusters of 3 or 4 over the river until our machine-guns cut them down. Fires spring up on the German shore from our artillery barrage and by dawn at least 4 are visible from here. One battery has hit a German ammunition dump behind a mountain peak and the flames silhouette it as it searchlights were playing behind it. As daylight advances it is possible to calculate that we have advanced over a 10-mile front from the gulf inland. The troops are pushing the Germans back. and the ferry service is bringing a steady supply of ammunition and .reinforcements. By afternoon, the surprised Germans have recovered from our initial push enough to counterattack near the coast line. They've rushed up tanks from somewhere behind their line, but the British have a firm hold on heights north of the river and the counter-attack is repulsed. German prisoners begin to come back over the river on the return shuttle. The surprise appears to have been complete. Coining up to this observation spot in a jeep we proceeded with greatest caution. Signs alone the road warned: "Ton are being observed by the enemy. Keep 400 yards apart. Drive slow because dust means death." I had tea with the British officer commanding the operations earlier and he told me the last several days had been devoted to cleaning up German patrols that had penetrated south of the river. He believed they had been wiped out and said: "If the element ot surprise succeeds, there won't be any artillery fire before 9 p. m." I got to the rooftop at 8 o'clock. And the British plans worked out perfectly and not a gun fired before the zero hour. osco DRUG Savings! Ungnentine $1.00, Large Si» 89* Record Number of Babies Chicago, U.R -- The Chicago Lying-in Hospital announced that 3,813 babies were born at the hospital in 1943, the largest number of deliveries in its 48-year history. Births increased 11 per cent over last year. 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