The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 10, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1913
Page 6
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iiuMiwBMwerf'W'ft** 1 j /fr f ~ v. ff'~ "i^-v Our Holiday Gifts Now on Display Oar store lias'ia aUdition to ite usual stock, a big assortment of pretty and useful things for the fiolldax- trade, that is unsurpassed in this section. Our store rooms are ,uh to the brim TMrh interesting and appropriate gifts- The prices are right and will meet the wants of a . Among other tilings,aiv the folio*,?; Medical Advertising E -. . Fine new line of up-to-date HATS just received. An Up to Date Line of Shoes The \T. \\*. \T. -- Selz and Freed's, throe popular brands, many others. Shoes for ever member, of the family- KLEPPER'S STORE, Arendtsville, Penna. From ttie DM! , Judge Barhorst was Believed of Rheu- -^ matism After Doctors Failed. If you have tried many other remedies and doctors* featments for Rheumatism aati found thev failed, do Hot j be skeptical about trj :«g KHE UMA. i Read the testimony of Judge John 1 Barhorst of Fore Loramie, O.: ^After treatment Jby three, doctors without result, I have been .eared o4;a verv bad case of Eheuiaatisni by using EV.-O bottles of JRHEUMA. It is now -wo years" since I used the remedy, and L ani still as well as ever- Previously, . was a cripple, waking iritis crutches"'. Such testimony should be convincing. 50 cents of People's Drug Store guaranteed. Waverly Gasolines-- TJluminants--Lubricants-^Wa$---Specja Waverly Oil ^VVorks ."£-'_ ;".. I^^sburg-'H 11 - ' .' "* -1- · ' · * Ifc »''_ * . V. . M~- ^..V- eep Your Eyes Youag ,- Don't strain your eyes with harsh electric or gas light The " 'ialaliight for reading: or sewing is the soft, white glow -of .the ] ! J. Hiram Rruce's Good. Fortune Avoided Consumption by the Timely Use of Bears Emulsion. About twelve months ago I contracted a very severe cold which, left me with a drv hacking cough I could not geY. rid ofl Cod liver emulsion w-as recommended and I took two bottles without anv relief whatever, then I took a bottle cf guaranteed remedy and after taking IE I relumed the empty bottle and got rr.y money back as it "did KOE benefit rne as all. I feit right much dis.-0'.iraged.^b'- . decided to'try Bear's Emulsion which had been recommended to me by a friend, and after taking two bottles I am entirely cured and there is no in. dicatioa, of the cough returning. I heartily recommend it to any one suffering from a cough or cold they have never beer, able to rid themselves of. - . · ' · ,' Very "cruly yours.· ''-'.J. Hiram Bruce. '--'-Harrisonburg. ^"Vi... Kov. " IG. 1911, Bear's Emulsicn_ is" the, most - de- tpendnble reaaedy for coughs, ,cp!ds- ' 1 bronchitis' znB oilier ring troubles. Medical A Why Are You So Tired Medicinal Weed*. "Analysis of our edible weed! «hoi that they possess powerful medicln qualities. The *andeHon, for examp Is replete with tonic salts and is »pe em. besides being a natural liver xne ! cine; the milkweed is a perfect ton i ^"" 1 *', »^i-c. 1 1 1 n T» « »^^ i AS a- £mj.^vf- its" for the kidneys and a. general cleans "" ^T" o" *^ "JTn - r""7TM; "~ I ° f ae " s ^em; the common yarrow That "Dragged Out" Feeling. r i o h d one foot after the other,** said a razt- } a good spring toMc for cMldren; r ciover to OD - * ae **-* , , tirei-out woman, the other cay We want to say to every such person in this vicinity. Don't b'a-ne Xhe \veather. it's your condition. You need nitrogenous plants, and nitrogen IB 01, of the most strengthening element! --Farm and Fireside. Words orthe~Great~Poet. a strengthening tonic and the " very1 _~ "WJien. Dr. J. 2L Buckley ·was a. youi .-iuch is a ccni-1 minister he took a, trip abroad. "HTfci VI DODGE ZUILL'S "EASY" Vjes!!iai Wjsli-r H.ia-1 or io»er AH Steel, and Coppsr ' WcSien. lars; free. \Vrtw our a£--nt- Davld Kncuss, iile. Pa . And--aiid--oh. es. ihe wish to mind. And baggy-smiles for every day A»d, scodaess Uiat -vron't wear Xtear Santa "Glaus, please won't you bring These all on Christinas--everything My saotfcer -a-Ssiies tliat you wouid? A nO--a ad a sled that's stress aiid good. And j: viould like to have a sxin-- The kind tha: shoots--an 5roa one. best we know is Vinci *A-hieK »s a. v^***- - t i hinaticE cf the two most -«orld-fanisd j f , tonics, namely/Sie medicical, ·curative- elements of cci"liver "oil and" tonic iron, for. the blood." A case has jusf conie to our tFon irons Milford, Mich. "Mrs .fella took a. trip abroad. "VVhi museum ne became awa. Tennyson was about E -hat Tt Barber" savs:" "I 'was rundown"acd ayson said: "You hold the, cL-,, ' hardiv able to drag about; my ap- [ while I get a glass of beer."--Gal¥ 5 "* ~ ~ - * * " _ _ _ · - f^t'n. »Tl_.t« I ?e"~eve£inc;:2£!ii-t:tc- Money back " Ce: a 25c or 3k: t=Le ot Csc :t c=!e£- ^o: cr:rc=Ic =sal cs- s±-r*sldry catarii-EPse nose.coagos. E=eez;=2. cose b'cc-J. etc. V.'r-ie for free sample. The :· rsr drop ussfi -a i^ ' Ask Jr32£ists. ^ niinucapolis. Minis. For sale by People's Drag Store Gettysburg, Pa- For Sale House ancl Lot Orrtanaa, n alter taking t£e .second Dc*ue i was able to work and felt well and strong. VJnoI is the best inedk-yse 1 have ever i- fcihc-r io:d sec li I'd v.-rite And ask jou for ·: thai you might Bnn*: tnsr the wj^h 10 study ·well Ami Jearn to read aud write and spell. And thankfulness lur !hi;bs tcat'a straight Aad :-outh and health that's simply great. Krsend Santa, brl-^ them all and I'll Be good and cheerful ail the -while; But if I CJin't ha-.e every Using- ZJy parents s% they wish you'd bring; "AOI if I c-in't !atve only one. Why, cldse. I'c ro.Hit.-r hax-e the sun. GEORGIE. A Preference. "'Bobbie, v.-culd you rather find year ChristE-ss present In your stocking or on a tree?" "I'd rather have it da a tree, 'cause tliere's more room there."' · xecemmended and for sale "by-'Kuhsr's ! and People's Dreg Store. " , lamp is construeted to give the best and .crz r ~ -steadiest-light. It is made of solid-.brass -- nickel'plated. ·- , "1^ite§'~with;oatVenKving cni^-ney-or shade. Easy to clean: -"^sk your "dealer. Reflmiig Company . ' ' - . . - Eittsbiirgh I PUBLIC SALE . ON PSTDAY, DECEMBER 12,1913... ~-S3^3-3SIZX, -,, - --£ Ever try Aunt . The undersigned. w'.iL salt at public sale at, his ."re^idencf on Hanovei. street, in the Boroughr.^of ^ Xew.s Oxford, the following personal propeit" Two horses r 1 nay horse '12 years old, works wherever hitched, gooc 7 driver and safe . ana- sound, 1 bay mare rising 6 years eld. works where ever- hlcched. safe .a'na sound* would make a fine brood mare. Three gooc wagons, 1 good Platform top_ wagon, capacity "3000 IDS.. 1 or 2 "horse wagon in."good condition, 1 good 1-horse-top wagon, 1 top buggy rrTgood condition; No. 12 ift. -Tor plow, 1-horse land roller. 1-horse sled, sleigh, shovel plow. 2 corn forks, 1 one-horss soring harrow, corn coverer, tripple, double and single trees, cutting box, spring wagon tole. wagon top, 2 pairs of but: traces, breas't. chains, 2 log chains, tie chain, corn sheller. forks, rakes, shovels. 2 picks. 3 drills, 2 stone hammers 2 sets Yankee harness. 2 "collars. 2 j bridles. 2 sets of buggy harness, one set nearly new; 2 flynets, 1 buggy net check and plow lines, riding bridle anc 'saddle, tie rcpes. 2 heavy derrick 'ropes and pulleys, block and tackle wheelbarrow, lot of corn by the bushel corn fodder, 2 scythes and snaths 1-500 % inch tobacco laUi, low corn wagon, and a big variety cf articles not mentioned- Saie to commence at 1 o'clock p. m sharp, when terms will bs made known A. -J. GULDEN. G- R. Thomuson. Auct. E. M. Straley, Clerk- , , jphn : C. Hamilton Biiford avenae, Gettysbtirg. Wise King Soiorr.oa. . "King Solomoa had a great head, -all nglijL" ', ;i "Certainly. lie -sras' the wisest man r.-«o ever lived."v ; ."1 guess he was. "He~ha.d 'ail those 1 Effective- November 16.~ 1913- m WESTERS FARTiiSD BMC TO "Sr-56 A. M. Daily Exeeptr Sunday foi · " Baltimore, Hanover. · York, .ar.d 1 ' Tntermediate Pomts. " - , - * - 10:2S A-'il? Daffy -"-for^^Hagerstown, " -Waynes"boro," ' Chambersbarg; xTancockj ^Quipberiand, Pittsburgh and Chicago also Elkins, " -W. Va- From the striking relatioa o£ plat etary inocions, a British scientist In la-zea." ; made the deductions that the plane: Try a bot'de-cf Yinol with the UK- j grew oat of scattered material eat .«--_-__jr-- *· «.- TM:s ;.^ . ^__=--·__ f5le Ke;:c ^^ be jj, g by p £ ;r as the suutii planet with --^ -fern the law evolution worked out, it is conclude that the nearest planet beyond N tune should be 47.5 as far from tl EUU as tee earth, and comparator with. Xentune ia size. 'Jerstanding thst your Lamps and Safety. · 3e sare that no bit of charrc-,2 ^ick or named fly or ipoth is left m tae lower part of the burner. There it danger of these sgniuns asfi ssuias Sre- to the oil ia the reservoir. If a. lamp has been left standing v.-IUi c. little oil in it, it should net be !:ghu d until filled and the burner carefully ·wiped. It is possible that gas mar- have formed, making the l^nip unsafe to ligat before reSHing. Explacaiion. Murphy -aras assistant cook oa board a "trooper" bound for India. The first morning he forgot to wash the boiler out after breakfast, consequently taere were tea. leaves on the surface of the soup ?,'hen dinner was served. To clear himself of blame he v»-e«t to the respective messes and said: "If yez foind any tay-la"ves in the soup you'll knovr it's mine." Medical Advertising LookYoungl Bring Back Ij Natural Color, Gloss and 'Thickness. Common garden sage brewed into; heavy tea with sulphur and alcoh added, will turn gray, streaked ai ·» » » t - -t I - * - * »"* ·» . » . i i _ · "I suppose,"' said the sympsthe neighbor, "that you will erect a fcanc-. cr , , faded hair beautifully dark and lui uriantj remove every bit of dandru stop scalp itching and falling ha! urove i some monument =··»' to your husband's 3nsz a few applications will prc . I revelation if your hair is fading, ,_ an ^~ | cr dry, s^rs^sjly anl thin. Mixing- ti _-«_-_ ~--~ .-- .,, . cd's j gage Tea and Sulphur recipe at hont- memory?" "To his memory?" echoed j though, is trouble=ome. An easier wi the tearful widow.. "VTay, poor John \ is to get the ready-to-use tonic, cos- hadn't any.^ I was sorting over seme :ng about oO cents a large bottle of his clothes today, and found " -*-"~ -*~~= *--·«" « = ~WT of his clothes today, and found '·· pocketful: of ieJrcefscrhaa given him t vrives, of his before there such thing as Christnias." , 'any Independence. said the good man,, patting little "xTUIie on tne head, "nave -you. Santa -Clans?" ·· ~ replies the child." *l heard oapa asd mamma, tauari' about what they were goin' to give me, one night trade · ffif)*^ Cijr -vnaM- rtiotc^ ji\jtiiA^ iii-*-- ;*·"-.. melancholy *incod, whereupon tfee head of the "fen wired: "If you caanct get enoagn orders to- make your espenses- you had better return at once." "Orders-are very scarce," ·wired the traveler in repl% "buE am makingjLjoi^oi espe"niesT' - - - - - -~«· *~ -~-- L2:2o and intenne- I - ace P. M. for ·diate stations. 2:55 P. il. for Tort:.' Baltimore '"* Intermediate' Fofnts- 5:36 P. 3L Dal!- except Sunday for '_' *B. "and H. Division Points ' to Highfield, also Hagerstown, "Waynesboro, Chanibarsbnrg and Shipp ensburg-. e.13 Xew Oxford. Hanover, York, and intermediate stations- if-old Santa doesn't WE -sere without geton" iirv drive oa." ' - "*" " lie stop can L. Jemima's for WafHes? ther n't ADMINJSTRATOH'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE On Wednesday the 17th day of December. 1913, the undersigned,, by virtue of an order of sale to him^ di| rected bv the Orphans Court of Adams county, will offer at public sale or vendee, on the premises, the following valuable real estate; Ail that certain Tract of Land situ- the ii a good time coming. For Aunt Jemima's is simply great *"*i ^ Makes them rich, tender and light thistlc-doxvn -- golden brown and so delicious-looking that of them makes von hungry. Easiest things imaginable to stir up, top. You can have a bowl -of batter ready and in the waffle-irons in no time. And my stars! how the folks do love 'em. Have them for to-morrow's breakfast. in s . also a le 0] grocer has Aunt Jemima's--in die gf*^^« oodT _a. 1 1 ,-- O^^-^ -«-]^^ +-^--i f^-n A i This orooertv is J Sight farm'"- lying along the road which leads from the Xew Oxford road tr. Bowlder, two miles Xor».----_- Heidiersbnrg and about three and_ one- half miles from York Snrir.scs, adjoin- PUBLIC S'ALE Of personal pc-n«r:y of Harry Miller. Deceased On Thursday. D«.cemlx;r 11. 1013- At his late rendnstv Jleade"? Head Barters }-i mile from G« ity--!mrg on the Ta.wneyto-nn road, lhe lolfowing to wit Antione hisrh pot !»· i stead, bead -lead and spring*, 2 !.iireai:=. 20 yard~ c-irjiec. cxtduaoh ta!il». - kitchen cuo- (X'ards, cook siovc a;.'i fi^rnic? good as new, cookinr ntenst-ls. i"!«Lng bed and spring sootl'as new. t.:I!e and lonnge. Riches* Street. The'Chandiii Cli'oivk, or SUrer street, Is the niain bazar of Delhi and one of the richest streets in the -world, ilany of its snops are occupied by jewelers, whose hoards of precious stones are said to represent fabulous stuns. Xa- tive princes enrich their collections of state jewels tlircugh the dealers in the Chandni NOTICE grinder anl ^tr.ifcr. wiiedbarrow _'rain*cradle. lawn mower, carpenter toot '·i-ks.hoes, rakes. c-r: of sa^eil wood. ''5 canes. 2 ia!iip=, lurn:!-kractra:.-. desk, j · 'm sJsrfler. 7-5 h;;~3 ·'= ear corn- I J - T J Ircfcens many of tht-sn !'-.'.i-'-5s of «rood -tf«fc. one horse wai?«i :i:.'5 isiauy i Mil^ to lit gin at 1 o% : c»-k P. 31 John M. Blorlicr Amiaistrator. letter? of AdniinistratJoii on rhe Esr.itt- 3rerv:a Kebret late o! Getcy=bnrs fJoro uch Adams connty. 1'a.. deceasefl- have- ins in "vewport, Pa all rer=ons in.ledt to^said Estate are requested to snake im- mct!iaf v paymenr. and thoaj liavinir claiass wll present them fo- settkruent. C. H. REBERT AdmJTiiitr:.tor- ag ali , . _^_ -- v. -gray; faded hair is n sinfal;rsrafi. desirel'to retain o yoathftil appearance-- 'and amactiy; "' - u^iiv^iiihg^'your hair ..^ ,, j, w,»^ Sage^nd' Snfphur, no one a] teUjIbecause it-does it so naturally, 1 evenly: -You just dampen a sponge i soft brush with It and draw th through your hair, taking- one. smi t strand at a time; by morning all gn- hairs have disappeared, and, after a other application or " **" and luxuriant. twro, ark, glos|y, " PUBLIC SALE SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13 7 191S. ELECTION NOTICE X-.tJci-5= hereby g:\tn an e'e 03 seven -iirectors of Big:- rville Bank will In.- held at lhe banking houso at Bii;lttrville on Tuesday, January 13lh, 1914, between'the honr- f" "ne ami TOO o'o-'ock rv. m. Owing 1 to my intention to discontinue the business I will ssil at my sraljle in Biglerviile, ray entire livery stock and fixtures, as follows: itsius uvui tu= »f \^---i«ivi iv--. -- g head of livery horses in age irosi Bowlder, two miles Northeast of 17 to 11 vears, Dayton wagon, 4 "top ju£rgies,"l rubber tire top buggy, home ·nade: i rubber tire runabout, Blocher Sons make, nearly new; 1 good no- lands of W. S. Houck. Jacob Zepp. William Shull. William Arthur, -7. F. Houck farm, and others, containing 103 acres and 43 werches of land more two-story outkitchen, of j u»3*vuy *- *'*^O«*- J Jk . -. ·. harness, new set of douoie harness- All these harness have only been used a short time. Xew riding saddle and j bridle, check lines, single driving lines,' two sets of lism* 1 ? and traces nearly 5 good collars, buggy whips. 8 thefunPV j tV*r fon and - K-" ,.-, -^ Dolls for the Kiddies, ^ s property ss in a fair state 01 ^repair ard cultivation and is con- jrenientto Church^ School and Mar- -ke'cs. 2o per cent, of the parcnase money to be paid or secured on day of sale and the balance April 1st, 1914. Sale to begin at 1:80 P. M. sharp. WILLIAM HERSII. Administrator of estate of B. Frank Gise. deceased. Xov. 19, 1913. our NEWSPAPER! iuckwheat comes in white packageSo Ask for iL Something to Break. "Th!s anicie says we should keep our serves ts interested and amused. I believe I'll get our cook a - set of books." "I think a set of new china isould amuse her more." GBnTYSBUKG MJVSKST3 Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse coi- rected daily by C- Million "Wolf, Jr-, Snc- to T - Geo. Wolfs S^ns Co. PerB-2 e\vEar Corn... Rve RETAIL PRICES Per Badger Dairy Feed Coarse -* ~ ~- *-Bran ---- . - - - ----- .-loc , . norse blankets. 6 of them all wool: 4 robes, tie ropes, halters, collar pads, currv combs and brashes, Stewart lorse clipping machine. Flay by the ton. feed box and many articles not Tsentioned. Sale to commence at I2:SO sharp. 6 months credit on surr»s over 5 dollars by givinsr a note with approved security- Farther terms and conditions j7] O tir v-ill be made known on day of sale by j -Western Ftot the undersigned. R Thompson, Auctioneer. C. C. Bream, Clerk. Corn and Oata Chop Shoemaker Stock Foo-!-"White Middiincs Red Middlings PLAID TRIMMINGS MAKE SMALL FROCKS GAY si^ co*.***TM* -^TM£ : ^^f; da r\h.TSoS s p S* is the longer ones, many of »fce «ex\ unmniea !.Wi Plaster -. Cement -.,,.: Cotton Seed 3Teal Ton'. Shelled Corn New Ear Com, ^ imported models them very ] effectively- These cosium^S are highly; attractive worn wit:i draped or tu- suck«d skirts a.nd trimmed with far os """"l.Tfl! vested with a. rather brn'.iantly fig~area · ! silk, as shown in S03T-T956. : T*te Je negre brown duvetva :s used as shown here -with a colored vest and Hone buttons as the ou'v triir-minsi aside from the draperj- on the s'^irt. To maKe this costume ;n size 05 .t re- , ;.SG ! - qaires 2 yard? of SS inch material forj :.CO ! the blouse (S037) and -'·'·. y- 3 ^" 3 of 42 \ bu 1 inch material for the skirt (7S56). ] ·Sl.OC | Whereas dull colored woo's ftre i'.sed . t-7.50 par top. f -1.40 pe r oWl .." £V2)iO: Per obi. ! br:?ht plaids a^d figured This effective little dress is t-iirjn^r.sljarjds are of the gayest ffb:e r'ald. wlacb ^should delight ^ heart of a^y little mjss. The Wo-ose is in peasant e.^ect; 1 k'rt is a straight litUe model atta »d to a sleeveless ynderwaist. " * -= ; ze y 3"^" varcs of 36 inch ma . e j to maKe this dress, \v of plaid for trimming. No. SO 57--sizes 32 to 42. Xo. 7936--sizes ^ to 30. .'o. SO^---s'zes G to 14. Bach patUJn. 13 csi.ts. General View of It. Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits.--PuddTiaead Wtt- son. REDUCTION sale, % off trimmed hats and fancies. Miss Hollebaugh, 'Baltimore street.--advertisement - 1 , To obtain either pattern Hl-JStrated ..:! out th;s coupon and enclose 15 cents in =tainps or coin. Ee sure to state numocr o£ pattern and size, measuring over· ««= i fullest part of the bust- AdJress ratvera Department, cire of this paper. Xo Aficress

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