The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 18, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1818
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. JjmU ..... , , , , ,7. NO. 42 .PIN ESTREET. ' rnE subuc&ibkr ... . . .. A 6LOQP, now building of the best r ft? MUrialh about' 100 too; timbers ofliv T lSTocut and cedar; bottom plank jSeTvW4 ba3X 00 P,lrP0M for Alb?" 'JiW'gUOOp'ofSO tost, caloalatad&r r ipt trade where dispatch, burthen, and V W draft of water is required, ', .,. 1 "' A periaiuaBCHOONtR. of 40 tons, fwW draw bot little water, wita lee - V ibojutl through the centre :of hat; kL litiviicttd, to ail verjr fast. , - ' ' r T T4: aw . RHlR - iafiOtone. eafcoJated aiVUTerpooi of Lomloft rd, ' can bofiaishd to wit the pwcha - r.y - Koet timber and plant ? Ataoj mbu awd to. bITU fbf boo budding . il - , . W ?' tf ' CHARLES BROWNNE. " . nlr. i'mfU - er t'Aarkr, - I - nilM beat buUt SCHOONER, T Ltbavt 50 ten bartbeojbBiUiotbe beit i,?Wper - Mened, la complete - order to receive a cargo .t - . - t - . Arnlv on, ooaru w nuiiuK - o4.,, ,; Tai&' ' ' - ' 86 South - it ; . i - - , te. Freiskt or Chtlr. I new piiM boat built tcbooner, ISO V ? 1 tont bprlbeti, budt la the bet manner, ot eood materielv copper fattened a very fart wilinj toiwlj and maf b aeotte eea wun tnaii . , i N.; L fcA3. G RIS WOLD, Jan J9 " ' ' " ' ' ' ' 86 So"11 - - ' 'or t'rticht or Charter, 'f fyv' The fait filing lubjt. - pitjal echooner V ' "feETSEY. capt. Tumor, one year old, will ttow about (100 bbls. is in complete order for an j Toyasecan be lecnat Jiover - rt. wtrr. Jao82 .' - 44Soolh - it. lu Th. new and Cut taiUo: briar V3buai of the beat eeasoned timber, and ik.iFr nut lo?Dther. II or rizzioe and tails .n.ui niialliT. TltU vewcl U well r&lcnlatcd lor ft wathera packet, having hnd - Rome accommodation. For terms, and a view of her inrentorr, apnl to . , Vt3" " V 'Jan 23 63 Sou'.h - t. ffvThTlry fisit sailing loo? PARAXON, ' nbarta ee toq. Duut at mwuieiowu, Conaeuticat. of the beet nateriali; has made ooe voyage to the. Wert Indies, it one year old and can be teat to tea immediately For tents. aad a view of her inrentosy, apply to OATES, Jan3 68 Sootb - tt. ' r'er 'Alexandria, UcorgtUnsn and WathiAgton v eVffv Th achooner ADEUVE, .Edward ViRurnniey, master, la.ving east side Cot - fo7touse - alip, now loading, . For freighor p3ssare. apply the master on board, or to D1VIE BF.TBUNEfeCO. ilebU ' 93 Coffee llouse - slipw For Wilmington, A'. C. - , - Theecbr UNlON, Epbraim Pfnpelt, LmiitacwiU be redr to take in to - mor - For freieb; or pajaase, apply on" board, west side FlT - maret W'"t 10 . JONES ti 11EGRATH, tf. JeblO ' 83 Sonth - rtreet. 'r Morfutk er Baltimore 'If' V Th - Aae ituMch new sloop REGIT. XjLATOR, Was. Sowle, trailer. For traght apply to GEO. M. WILsON, ' Felili .'. 'w'i' . .' 130 Wa(r - st ,er C77Y POAy, (Fa.) The brig EUNICE, captain How iJiwin sal la a, tow days, mod will take heavy freight at a low rate. - A pply on board at rifia st i whari, or to J i - . . . . - : . CAM8RELCSG Ic PEARSON, Feb 6 67Soulh - t. ttrCHAKLtyfOA. JF fv Tb fast saUidg tchoonar LOUISA, W i. , latter, .wuis ufnnj wavivu, will tail the first windfor the remainder, or passage, Pl(y on board, west stue Hurling - ilip, Feb - - - . , 98Kioe - et tor MA T.iffZjIS, (C'tiOo.) . The brig Caroline, G. Munro, tnaa I; ' 'Iter, will take what freight may offer uue wees; - or terras apply to . a.w.l ; JAMES D - WOLF. Jua. t.j - Fr FREIGHT er CAARTER, K The brig anUTEY CRISPIN, W - J ? 1 - t"w 156 tonsv m ataunca good vessel. miciy. rcpairea. apply as aoove. , . Jeo X . For OPORTO' - , T burthen 97 tdna. a auhatantial pnmt vessel, only one yesr pld, hiring a part of her cargo CTgafeo. f or freight of the remainder, mhich will be taken on very reasonable lerms, appryto v tiVOintUE Bt CO., jn 31 44 Sutith'street.1 v V Tb ftne fast sailing thip FOSTER. " Moran, master, having 7 - Blhs of her cargo ready to go oq board, via be despntcbed itbont delays For freight of IPO toSOQ Uercet ated,r passage,' apply to e. jnasler oo, board atfuer no. U,orto . . :.' I. - ;,'.; Wr S.CRAICk - mm - . Forfait, Freight or Charter. ' vf Tho brig dlDNEK, Crispiu, 156 toas. im stauocb good Teasel, lately put in good order fori royage For term apply to - - V , . - ; , J - MESU'WOLF,junr.i. , yrebur - strwmut:.' rrr For HAVANA, Y ) Th ABEONA, George Gray, A ' nfPfcater, k itaunch good vessel, burthen about 1000 bbU j to rail on or before, tbe 15th umi rorreignior parage, apply to IME3 D'YVOLF; juorr " Feb 13 S7Froott. sWVa pAkSUTTA GOODS. J'VK riuntlred bales coonitting of Putka? 0Ck'?0re' Cnilta,bl'yi C11'!1! Cotsaha, Chaedpore, Comecolly, Johanna and Lutkipora. - . : i .. i , " Shanahs Jellalpora aad Mow". ' - fk - Gillhs, Romels, ftc Lr sale by CHS. L. OGDN and ABRM OGDEN - milV J lVaatM.aA..uA L JC ' ' i IRA ITS URAllV cMiimiifnailcr, eoJ Rpea Cette Brandy, anaUed to deben, tre, fet tale by - ' . .. - - - CITASJ L. OGDEN, and ..'' - - - AORM. OGDEN. :. ? 'a!7 - WuMMlklMrfY ICARAU UAVVOOU k LIOUMVlTiE. 13 toas a" Wood of very good finKhr 10 do LinomTita; For saleby " i lft . TUCKER, ft LAUR1E3, . : I11"1 - ' . 89 Sofirjslreet. Wli!I!LLEAD GROUND IN OIL. 2lb. eacbVbite Lead, sak b, evad per. thip WiUiam, " fcb H) TUCKER t LAURIFS, 1 ' S3 Soath - itreet Iff : . . r . ., . . , OR SALE, th'e cargo of the ship Crirle, ine, cap - and oowj taiq Humpiireyt, irom wcuiia, landing at the foot of Liberty - street, commas of BMimoi I E inoia Dojar S Cotton ' " " - .': : !' ': . Ginger i Eloek Ti ) . . - . - ;: .' , Gen Bbellack ' . ) ' . , : Guns Copal. - . - . ; . ... 4 V Goat Skint of ft targe sua . B Setae Twina and Gunoy Bags Also for tale, India Muslins of almost every description. ' ', ", " . i Also, a email qoaniiiy or iicnaatt ana Odor of Roses. rorwMHr'' ' . ! t jaw 7 77 ROBERT LEWOX. GOTTON New crop, prisae, MiUble tor maooracturing, wiH WeoM ia parcels to ac - coaHftodatopnrcltaser ,!, - : Alto, lew baiee oi om oopw - Mojfttra M Pearl - street, op stairs. jaa 8 MOLAfeStis 29 hhds. - Molavtea, of Mtperior qaalirr, lying at Dover - ttraei wharf - fbr tale by it. A C. VV. DAVES PORT A CO. Jaa TO ' ., : - .. - . TRaIT3 BRAiNIJY. . . ; TWENTY Bte pipes Cette Brandy, for. tale by . CHA3. L. OGUEN.aad r. ADR. OGDEN, - , ., J an 9 WashtiigtoD - ttreet. 1 riNE,OIU PAPER, &C - .130 qr. oasks TV. and 800 half do drv Malaca Wiaa 5 ar cssks and tO half do sweet do very old , 158 do Colmenar do ' ....... ; 300 half chests Sweet Oil, 30 bcttiet each ' 100 boxet do do 12 bottles eoch 50 bales Italian foolscap and letter Paper " 60 do Gasette do large tiie .v . 1 9 cases Fet Hats t ' ' . 15 cases Liquorice Paste 1 box Ostrich Feathers, 1 do Cbip Hat . . 3 do Manna in flakes . Marlle Slabs, veined and statuary, assort' ed sizes, lor pier tablet, &c. . A few boxes very superior Anchovies and Olives , - . 600 Mnrble Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch , 10 bbls Fors, consisting of v , Wild Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, aod Otler Skint . , Gunny Be, tc For sale by . lihs. Lf. uvjije.., ana ABR. OGDEN, Jan 12 Washington - street. GLASSWARE 15 hods. Ens. Glassware, cnnMttiug of Wines and Tumblers, for sale by CHAS. L. QGIJEfl ii - ABK - OUDEN, J Ml '. wa,riuigton - st. tUUlk thouaud Gunny liags, lor (ale by CEBRA CUMLNG, , !, Jan 13 ' 76 Pearl - street. ' DOMESTIC S OTHER WARES. 'HUE subscribers keep constantly on band an L exlentive assortment of the toJlowtng goods, vtt DlIcIi aod English Brooms ' . Duster,' or. Coontef Brusliet - Hearth BntOteo, fan - Gunny Bags, &c. Popet Heads ; Crumb Brush ' - Bellows, fancy and common" ' , Do for fi!cktnirtht, Hall and Entry MaU cyand coutmoa ' , ; (1480 no ao oo ! Cioth do, do, dp ' Weavert'do ' White Wash do , . Shoe ti Scrubbing da ' Paint Brushes and 3aih Toolt i Clampt, 4.T, 8 row ' Furniture Brurbet - Horse do - ' : - ' bed Cordv Ootbcs LdOOt.v. j I Sasii Cords, Trace 'yVrougbt and Cut rails and I u . Whetil - Burro wt Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair, do ' Whipt of every description - Seine, sewing, wrapping,, baking and baU Twine ,. vi .i Fish Line - Shoe A dadter Thread Dearbora't Ballan - ces - - Nails and Brads ' . Which they will benHernse. ' frb 7 r wholerale er rrtail on U CEBRA COMING, - - 76 Peari - street. : X CUT MILL SAW - r Ajr. - A SMALL invoice of X cut Mill nod Pit Saws, ii. 8. and C. 161 fir sale bv A JiDER40Ni SHEARER, I . a 131 Water - street. ' ,.i Who have in Store,. - Hand, ripping and dove tail Saws,' brass and iron backs . . - Cast 8tel Chit sej and Gouget J - - Mertice Cfaissels and Drawing Kntref ' PatentCamlina Ac Virginia Hoes, Wo. 1 1 3 4 Wrought nails, 4d, 6d, 8d, lOd, It, it 20d Brass aad copter wire, f ail site i . . '. Rolled and fcbtet Brats, Brass Patvs : ; , London Pins, Not. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 AV . ' ! Hardware aad Japanntsd Ware, assorted fo tbe country trade - :1 '. ,A - . Engravert Copper. plates of.all aixe. jsn 13 .) t - r i - .: . :f . PLANTER' OF PARIS. ' j A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of - cjl (sins, omirm, hmumhq tor ina aoumnrn markeL Order jeR wilh Walter Neisen. No. 174 Front - street, corner of Burling - elip, will be promptly attended to , , JOtiN BYERS, - . Foot of Harritoa - street. North - River. Jaa 19 if V,r " " ' , IKON HOLLOW W ARE. ,, AN assortment of the above article consisting of pots, kettles bk jni, griddles, skillets, basons, spiders, tea kettles, Ac. per ton or piece, for sale by - - ' ' " ' i 'I - ' - CEBRA & CUMING, . i Jan30 76Peari - M. O ri yiRU IXIA 'i OR A CCO i FLOUU. oj 0 hhdiold Virginia tobacco . , '55 dp pew crop 4 , do .; , ;,: - , !' - ; j .,. 66 bbltfineflour JU ., . , . - , ,:: . , 15 do mrldliog do; For sale by VASqUEii, MEURQN k CLEF.MAN, eb 1 tf. . 4. 72 Wabington - st. QUICKSILVER. iO.OOO lb. QaichsiWer for sale bT.' v '. . N.L.fcG GRrSWOLD, . - ; i : 4 Soula - slreet. . jaa 11 dpi EUMAN STEEL, UKIMSTONEtc. - 155 VJ boxeasteet ' - ' .9Vi . " 129 boxetroll brimstone A 1 (Mt Leghorn hats ' ? ' ' 'J '" - 15 do tumblers ' ' ' ' - - 10 package paper : - ' ' - ' ' 3 base chollets ' f " i - ' 1 SO boxea mould candle " : ," " - ' 60 do soap, : entitled to ' debenture For sale by - '. JAMES D' WOLF, Jr. jnl3; - .,' ' 37 Frnt - street. II BMP U DUCK to tuns'fct. Petertbargb M.M. ciean rump . ; . , t(0 bolts fifstquality Rnsanck ' : ' : For saJe by JAMES D'WOLF, Jenr. jn 8 . ' ' ' 'it Front street. RICHMOND FUJUlt auO WrrU mood tuperfine Flour for sate by Itich IS. L V WHENCE. " 1f2 Fulton - st or 27 Old - slip.1 ' CAXjJM&KKS, H.i TTI.YSTTS AND - - CAS9LYKTTS.J , A FEW; qae blue, blacks and miabires, oi vanous kinds, manufactured for a southern market, will be told low for cash or approved paper. . , , Alto, at reduced prices, several caae nf ldae, black aod mixed broadclotbt, aaioag which are uaoc w roicotra superfine, at toe - . : ; o. . COM. COMPANY'S Wart - House, 143 Pesrl - tret. rPOBACCq RIClV - 100 quintal first qua - j)iuiiia looacco . . 44 Uercet prime Rice, per schr. South Csroll sjiovtaie oy . JON3 ; M KG RATH, . feb 11 S3 South - street. Kb 11 ' ' 1 5 btwthtreet. F ty OF HEART, or ft Woman as she M7 fhould be : a intertitine tale.' bt aa old wife of twenty veers. Price 87 1 - S Cenis. Just :r. .jr . published, and for sale by. COUJSA HARNAT, " ' ' stWft Uli - l j ! Feb 1 X30 Pearl - tt,. i 1 " 1 111 ' MARBLE FOR BUlLDUfO. . THE proprietors of the soothramoiUftt - 1 He, Bear Kbtgf Bridte. eit tjofee. tbM tboy bare est bend, od are rreelring, at tbe jrwgrrrdgv Mottle and. lAmoJtrt, tool oi Beach ttrwet, Oath ffadtoft river. aa etttneiW sto - yofaaarbla for bdHding, of tbe fellowlot; 4a - scrrpuone, vn : ' Ashlar Wate liable Step " Platforma Sills, Linteh Arches - ' ' Foaftdatioa Stoaa : CbanBeyPiece Facings i Colaata " c . . . . .,i 1 Also 'Lime offbe best quality. frT A constant supply of the above Materials atay be calculated upoe ;' and these - dniroos f purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to ' . - Ezra LUDLOW, ' Feb 11 1m ' ' ' AttheYard: , . 1 1 BUSBY'S : . . . , FATXHT WAVICABLX RAVT BOATS, AD ' ' ' rWJATTHO TIPS - MILL. THE ff avierable Raft - Boat it shaped like the commoa horse - boat t ia formed of a casinc of squared pine timber, pitched and filled in solid wita round logs, nhtnprd or nark ; the wbote fixed together with live - oak pins, and iron bolts at the angle. It it propelled by a water wheel, With upright buekelt, Oferalmg within a gutter or rmctteay, at in mint. I ne coti it one murtn ofthatofurdinary hone - boati, includes all the machinery. . There is a great terfare oi deck, whicD mav ne covered wnn irame woric, to re - keive Daswneert and freieht t and onlv half tbe Bomber or horses used en ooara Doatt oi equal dunecsion, are necessary to carry tnis rapidly through the water. ' ; Tbe Navigable Raft - Boat it instantaneously transformed into a powerful! tide mill, by casting anchor, and affiiiog a moveable bnpper - inouth or flare, to each end of the raceway, and may be profitably employed in that capacity, Person desirous of adootine this invrntlon. which it peculiarly fitted to all the American wa ters, are invited to view a model, at the office of C. A BU6BI, Architect and bngineer, 2 Law Buildine. nsae - streeU fiew - xorx. .; F.8A Navieable Raft - Boat mar be built complete in a mouth, including all the machinery ' ftV Tr.K editor of the Boston Palladium, AT bany Argus, Philadelphia Freeman's Journal and Democratic Press, Baltimore Gasette, Charlen - uri Courier, and Rk - himmd .Enquirer, are re quested to insert the above twice a week for one moo in, and forward tneiraccoanu to ineauverrt er. - : 'i fcb 13tf. ACADEMY AT BKLLEVILLE, N. J. ffilllS institutioa will be opened oo the first J. day of April next, under the direction of JAMES STRYKER, A.M. at principal there of. The course of instruction will embrace all the branches preparatory to a collegiate education, as well as those which are necessary for the mer chant, the farmer, and (lie mechanic, vis : A trammatical knowledge or the LueUsb. Latin aad Greek languages, arithmetic, ruatheraatict, saiieoi aoo modern ueorrapoy. tu iodine tne use of globe and mais, ancient and modern historj , riatural and aeoral philosophy, composition, book aeepmc. reauinc. wniincr - c. : T nelersnr ot tuition ior day scholars itf. the lowest branches, will he two dotiart per quar ter, ana wm nor exceed ove aonart per quarter, in any of the bicher. To those at a distance, who ar desirous of tendinu their children to this health v and beau tifuJ village for instruction, tbe principal oner to receive iolo hit owa family, ft' select tntamer, who will be educated tad boaided, (including washing and aseoding) at the rate of 4160 per aunum. it ii reouested that those who intend, to tend their children to the day school attached U the insotution, will rive early notice. ' la offering this temiaary to public aotice, the trasieeteaierxam a nope, mat trie oenenciai purpose cootetMlated injtiettablitbmtat, will aot bdefrated from the want of public patronage. r or toe ability o tnetr pnucipaJ tu luini Uie important task he has undertake a. tlie v refer to the subtoined recommendation and he will employ oo asbert or astiitants, but such as shall be most satisihctoniy recommended and duly qualified. To the inhabitants of tbe viHage and its vicini ty, they oner a wall tegaiated school, for the instruction oi their youth, a thing murk wanted and long desired ; and to ttrarers, tbe adranla - te ot education m a place admirably adapted or the purrose,' by its nearness to,' and daily communication with 'New - York, and its" 'ac knowledged superiority ia point of health aad beauty. : ..,!:'. t '. ) i ' ;. Kev. Staats Van Sutvoord, . Abraham Cadmus, . John Van Reosseler, . , , - f, Jame Hora blower, '. Vfrusteet. sebel Wade, Jonathan Tompkins, . v ' i Bellevile, December, 18t7. Of Mr. Stryker, the Principal, by f. Wilson, L. am aa rroiessor ot ivpnguages in vuraotoia ..... Collene. . .. . . , ' ! . , .. " This ceatleman it an AUomnut of Columbia College, aad received a considerable part of hi lasmsLiioti irom sue., i am me re we sveii ac quainted with bu talent and hesitation in declaring bias fully cap a Me of .fulfilling Uie tarip be bas vadertaken, with credit to bimsel and bene til to tpe commuuity." . . , .... , feigned) ; . . 5. WitgQN.. - jaa 9 lawtfd&o. ,i, LAND WFMCE IN UI ICA. . 'pHE sabecribcr hut oiened aootucein Gene J. see street, Otica, for recording aad exhibiting tor sale unsettled ktadt and improved farms in the United States generally, and particularly the weatera district ct the state of New - York, and solicits tuch person as are desirous of selling their land to furnish him with maps, descriptions and term of sale ' ;' - .' ' This town having bent for a long time a great thoroughfare for emigrant from Europe and the eastern states, ts consequently aa eligilrle pouitioa for aa establithaMnt, affording facilities to owa - era and settler cf land. - ! . . i - s"n ' All communications (pottage ptfid) Will' be promptly attended to. A an agent generally for the transaction of ba - siness, on commission, and colleciioa and trane - misstoo of snonry, be oflert hi service to the public.' L'tk - a, January, 1C18, 1 ' ' ' ' ' fob2d1nw4wclitt - P". BOURS. FQU S iLt, .. . "Tliree years unexpired lease, from Int. ofMay next, of that eligible eilmuion no. 154 Greenwich, comer of CourtUnd - ttreet, being well calculated, foe a respectable boarding houe, aod bas been occupied at tuch for several year ; is a three story well finished building Enquire at the premise. 4 feb 12 Iw . .. : - RE tli ESI'ATE ' ' '' - fon SAtB t aneextYU."1 ' Two 2 sterv aew frame nouses oa Brook lyn Height, bavmg a view of the city aad bay uf New - York I about 10 in mates walk ftoea the steam boat terry. Tbe bas are west ouilt, Lhavip4 2 good rooms est each, floor with f re pla cet : oa iw lower floor is a good kitchen, peo room and pantryj - To each of the bouses are attached 3 1 - 2 lots of ground, each containing 25 leet front aad rear and TOO sect deep, handsomely laid out ia pr - dent and grass plots, with a .variety of abntbbe - rr, (hnt tree, a - e the wbote M - losed with a new and vehstiirrtiai fence: Near the pre ratwt m an eaceneot well ot waters, t or lertiierpereKa - tnrs,Brrryto - - ANDREW MLRCEift, ; Comer ot WArtdngton - aad Kaasau - streevt, ' M9lt - - - Stookhjo. A VALUABLE. FARM. To be told or exchanged for nronertv in Tie subscriber berne In a rerr low atafor benth, and baying very btllt hope of recovery, ur laic nis larmai car Daaoe necK, coun - Bergen, cootaioinr; about one hundred and nve acre or arable, meadow and wood - This farm lies on the main road betwemi York and Newark, about balfa mile this (Xscwark Bridze. It is in a very high state ttvation, and is not surpassed by any other vicinity of New - York, as a valuable and able residence, either for the farmer or nri - gentlemaju The dwelling house, though , is neat and well finished, and the fences, i, barns, stables, and other out - bootes. are client order and well planned. In front ol ouse, borderiDt' on the nublic road, it a i some and well stocked rarden, and on the realises is a jroung and thriving orchard, containing a choice selection of the best grafted fruit tree. - A more particular description of the pro perty it thought unnecessary, as those disposed to purchase will view the premises. The titl is in - disputable. For particulars, apply to the sub scriber, No. 188Pearl - tlret,ortoMr. Andrew Savth, near tbe premises. O0V 14 U ' . KOuEft i St LI ART. y viri i. f.T. IftjaJ And immediate possession given, the bouse No. 8 Pearl - street,1 together with the sta hi Atit aTiah l4fsAAA as ikft Mtaa Ml RrwfsrA.tivT yV aaiiw vmiiH svhv aaa sub bvb va jj - ThAntVmiua aia an rr9taim aftir ann! hftvo every vwutcuience neccst arj iur ujo autwuiuiw 4n1li.a sf ta fun.ilM ' Ias nkF4:ailsaM annlv f a ! oct 88 . L. B RADISH. ' Q1 tedNoi HEAL ESi'A I E FOR SALE. Two 2 - storr brick houses and lots, situv Ud Not. 37 A 39 Vesey - street. .. " J ' Also, ft bouse and lot No. 11 Bowery, near Cha'hajn - square, 44 feet front by 125 deep. All oaj accommodating terms. For particulars ap ply at Pio. 332 Green wich - st. jan 15 tl , A laree three itorv house, well ralcula' lor a boardiDr house, or for two families, si tuated at tbe corner of Murray and Washington - street. Apply to NATHANIFiL HARVEY WEED, Corner of Broadway and Cortlandt - itreeL : febStw . . nrx TO LET. iiuiCFrom the first of May next, the spacious three story brick house No. I bo Ureenwicn - st Corner of Dey - street Enquire at 162 Wash - aigton - street i Jao2 3W "X fOR SALE. Ln.Il The House and Lot No. 101 Liberty st. Depth 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth of the lot 107 feet. Those who may wish to purchase property of this disenption, can at any time view the premises, and terms of tale may be agreed on, by application to dec 31 58 South - street, tuR SALt. A VERT DESIRABLE COUNTRY Rrsini'sntL The subscriber offer for sale his house and a - bout 8 acre of Land in Flushing on Long Hand, It miles from New - York. The house it large and very convenient for a genteel family and command an extensive and beautiful prospect. The stable, carriage house, wood house, poultry house, CC. recently hunt - the buildings and leneet are in excellent repair, and lately painted. Tbe sraiden ia lane and well stocked with a "variety ol trait, and uie orcnara wiui ine nest auras m . . . . .V. . . . i . i ' i t r aDules Dear. AC. wear uie nonse are iwo wens of excellent water and a new cistern, all with rood DumDS - lhis nldce is very conveniently sit listed, there being conveyance, by good stages ot packet to and from Mew - lorK every day eacept Sundays. For further particular anJ terms of sale apply to .JLiWOJLNASPlNWALU - Jan 26 In , No. 123 Pearl street, foute, btobU, OartUn, tie. at Gretntcicli, Q ! TO LET i i The subscriber will let or lease, for a term of years, hit house at Greenwich.. It it pleasantly situated on the baukt of tbe Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family. For terms, apply to ' , , D1VIE BETH UNE, , . O.: - . fOR SALE,' ' The two houses, No. 48 and 50 Broadway, to be completely finished and delivered on the 15Ut Aprtt next. Apply to ' - m - - . JOHN bLIUELL CO. JaB 29 if - ' - No. 50 Broadway. Q To be Let, Looted, or Sold. " The spacious A ttory brick HOUSE, No 129 Chamber - street, having every conver nience for a Urge family and a will of excellent water in tbe yard., Its proximity to the Stpiare lately opened, gives a view of Hudson - street from the rear of the house, and rend erf the situation airy ard pleasant. For terms ap ply to JOHN B. MURRAY Si SON, ( feb 6 113 reart - street 62 TO LET, Tbnte two new and elegantly finished three story houses No. 10 aad 12 Broad - street 1 hese bouse are ouilt ia toe modern siyie ano finished in the very best manner, and Irom tbe very desirable situation, both at to pleasantness and for business, it it ihougul tnat incy are noi iuroassctl.if equalled, by any offered tobe4et in tint city; The apartments for stores ia those buildings are so constructed as to be entirely distinct frota the dwelling apartment, which contains eievets room and pantries, kitCneri, tic. ex cluded - fc - very convenience lor.jamiiie ai re tnectabilitv it afforded ia them, i Person desi rous of such tituHlion are invited to view them at anv hour, from 7 to 5 o'clock. except Sundays. Tlie 1 welting and sloret will be let separate or together. APi'tyai oa umanwiy, m w . i .... CHAS. OAKLET, - ' . . ; - : t . 141 Front etreet ! . ALSO TO LET. : " ' That new two ttory brick house No. 8 New - treet.nirh to WakUtreci. Dostesaioa 1st May. Also, bouse 27 Courtlaodt - elrect, ia good order aod fit for a genteel family ; it being bow ia postilion of D. Q.Hubbaro, Esq r,T as session 1st Also, a good two ttory house at Greenwich, m nrr.nm flT lo I .ilfdtftT. EsO. iti, ... j . . ; j 1 Also, hoaseNw. Cherry - street, tutted for a boarding boon, aad tbe lower front room for a atnrL And : ' ' . C ' ' ' ' - Hoase aad two acres of groaod, near Manbat - taavillet bavtgg garden, Uq. j Apply at aoove. SeU 10 tf - - ' . , OF 1UE TO LET. . - i.I A pleasaady sitaated aad spacious Office, 31i f earl - street, afsw doors abova Peck - slip Apply to - ' ' ' " . R. ii C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. Feb 12 - - - j 35 Packlip. FA LUA BLtk PROPERTY ' FVK SALE. Will be told at 'public auction on the IJj 25th Feb. if sot previously disposed of at private sale, that well known and vaJuanie pro - oertr. situated on tbe turnpike road, abovt 3 - 4 Ufa all from Brooklyn ferry, commanding a beautiful viewoftrtf navy - yard aiwi wauaDoqt bay It contains about Bine acre ol land, ta ine highest vtnte of cultir - tioo, bariag1 apragm beds wtiirh pro - foe 500 par annom I sutlt r - tweest SO and 60 toYid cherry trees ia fM bearing. There are on the premises two booses smI a rtor. The bouse, at present occupied h. K ntnrnber. m here and vrrV comaiodioaS, aad ia sufficient good order for the reception of nr fassily. The burn is eonvewoniiy uu, Od to excellent repair. There are Wiswise se - Teral bMolifBl bmkHnj los. PersoSH dctiroorof parchatiag are reqaeeted fto call oa the mbKriber, whea livsycan exaat - mthwTi!10ftrrrpeiTy. ' t Feb It ' : ' TEUM9 I. JOTTSO. ' ' - FOii HALF, ImiAi) "Thelwo ttory frame and Lot of ground No. 73 Brooma street, the corner of Uiikbetfc - sireet, wiUi a lUDli in trie rear. ' ALSO, a modern three story brick House and Lot handsomely situated withio tlie vil lage or Newtnirgh tne iioute i large anu commodious and jrell calculated from its retired, healthy and elevated situation (having a fine view of the river and the adjacent country) for a family who wish so desirable a situation on the North River. . Price low and possession given the first of May next . - alsu tor sale or to Lease, S avenue lots, situated on the First Avenue, between North and First - streett. - ' - - ALSO to Lease for a number of rear. 15 building lot fronting on the First Avenue and First - street, For further particulars, apolv to ' CORNS. DU BOIS, jan 20 lm . - ." 36 Front - street O: FVH SALE AT AUCTION, At the T. C. H. on tbe lit dav of March next, the FARM belonging to the estate of the late Dr. Isaac Ledyard, situated one mile south of the village of Newtown. Loor Island. The Williamsburgh turnpike runt through the Farm, on one tide of which it a new excellent ttone wall, bair a mile ia length. 1 be faros contaiaa about 150 acres, 15 ol which is a fine Wood Lot, with two ancle orchards, one old. the other just becin - ning to hear well, and a suitable protortion of good salt meadow. 1 be Mansion tiouse is large and convenient, four rooms on each floor, wilh a g d kitchen and cellars i attached ts a large Earn, crib, hen bouse, smoke bouse, well, and a new cittern. Ac. . The court yard and sarden con tain a variety of fruit trees and shrubbery, a large asparagus bed, raspberries and currants. Also A t ARM adioinins the above, contain' ing about sixty acres ; attached to wbkb is ane quel proportion of Salt Meadow, and - a lot of young wood, situated within lets than a mile of tlie farm, containing ten acres, with a farm house, barn, well, - garden tic. . Likewise A Lot of Land, lvioe at Sprinfield, south of the villnre of Jamaica, containing' be tween four and five acres, on which are about a dosen large chetnut trees, suitable for fencing. The above lands wi'l be all regularly surveyed, and maps of the tame exhibited tome time pre vious to, and at the tale, and dirpoted oi rjy ine acre, with the buildings thereon, inclusively. Possession given on the first oi April. , For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - street , janStds . . , REAL ESTATE tVh HALE. The elegant and convenient three - story brick house aod lot No. 26 Bowery, together with a coach house and stable fronting on eaj ard - street, and joining the rear of the before mentioned lot. For further particular enquire at 31 Wall, corner of William - street. Jan 29 tf " 1 v': v - ' ' ' A COVTILNQ ROOM TO LET. r A ' pleasant and convenient Counting Room in ttoie no. m soutn - street, imin l si may Bext. A pply to TUCKER LAUR1ES. fob 3 ' ...... . . TO LET, - A large conveuieiit sLodern built bouse. cojich house and improvements, (with or without an extorsive kitchen garden and back lot) irom the Cm or May next t situated on the corner oi tbe f'rst A venae and First - street, near the corner of North aad Allen - streets, and about one mile from the City Hall. The aHuatina is elevated and beaitny, aaa in every respect saitanie ior a genteel faauly. On the premise is a well of most excellent water. Apply to - , . CORNELIUS DUBOIS, Feb 2 tf . No. 36 Front - street, ,.'; - ...TO LET4 . 5 - ..i Two neat, new, 2 - ttory brick front build - mgt, atuato a Alleo - strect, next to the nail - alley. .They are fini;bd in handsome style with cisterns (a the yards, and ' every other convenience to render tbem pleasant and desirable tenements. Adjoining the ground on which tbe buildings ttaod are several vacant lots which will alto be let for a garden to tbe person or ptr - soos who shall hire ths houses. Apply to - , , , - JAMES KNOX, at tba ball - alley ; or at his bouse, 25 Orchard - ttreat' - ..' Feb tf v Q - f TO LET, ! 1 The house No. 60 Wall - street, at pre sent occupied by R. H. Nevmt. - Also. The House, No. 66 Wall - street, occupied by lb Firemen Insurance Company. Apply to - E. H. PENDLETON, . SOVVall - tt.orto : . ' JONtSftCUNCH, - t feblOtf ' . . Coffee House slip. fsArn lae f Hfmw f S ftMafit! 9 mifiTW txjttty k IUUI s sta vi Aaaajf " " aa ar ww brick booses, No. 491 and492Grenwich - tlreet, with (or without) ttahict in the rear ; occupied at present by Mr. George Coggill and Mr. Joel West. Also, a until 3 story brick house, No. 118 Fly Market, near the corner or Pearl street Also, a convenient dwelling house, (occupied by Rcbt Adrain,Esq ) and stable, with a very good v. r.t.n eVonffine liwr Iane. Rloninin?drile road Enquire No. 498 Greenwich - ttreet lebBii - TO BE LET, Two conrenient rooms in the basement of So. 44 Pine - street, suitable for olfice or count ing rooms.; Inquire of - - D.. 8. JON La, ieb6tf . 44 Ptne - treet. ' , ' , rO .LET. : , ' llr.J lloute 18 Reed, next to the corner of Elm street, very commodious for r boarding house or a large family; having two cellar kitchens, (bur room oa the first floor, five on the second, and four on. the third, all in good repair. For particulars, appiyto - LUDLOW, feb 7 tf . ' - C 84 Beavfer - street. Q the lou FIRE PRuOF STORE. '. To let and notsession first of May next. theiour story fireproof store. No. 34 South - st hienJoenties and Old slips. Enquire of tlie subscriber, No. 1 Murray,or 45 Chamber - stree t Tlis dnre and cellar under the main building of the house No. 223 Pearl - street, and a three ttory are - prow mot m ids rear, now occupied by the moscntwr possettioo to oe gir - n an the 11 ofMT next Also, his stable aod t - naeh - nntiBe. situated on Gold - street, io the rear of hi aforesaid premises, potsmsioti of which can be bad immediately. ' r Feb 2 j tf . . JOHN I. GLOVER. Q. COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALF, 1 At WaUabout Pomt, Locj - Waad, late the rsMdeoce of capL Lambert Sdtenck, deceased. On the premise b a Urge spacious dwelling - house aad out - building in proportioa 24 a civs of land in the highest slat of cultivation 10 or 20 acre of wood - land if required, by the par - chaser) For particular apply to ,v v Mnl Uleecker.37 Wall - st J Martin Schools, JunV. , . yw - York 76 South - street, l Martla Scbenk, WallabouL - h " Jaa 27 1m r ? . "". AfARTMKNTS VVANTtli. A SINGLE gevtlemaa wishes to reat,ia or near Broadway, any where between Cham - ber - et and the Battery Am a eefifeel private fami ly, a Bed Room aad Parlour, i without board t furnished rooms would be preferred. Theqotet and neataese of theh0e. a wen a the retpee - tability of tbe ccepaat, are particaiarty requv red. A una directed to ten ei mis omce, snealspaiac tettss ad ottmtion. will bo duty at - tvnceito. jan i iu i i ' : NOTICE. ' ' ' ! Tho Subscriber, w behali of himself and bis associates, give notice, that an application! will be mad to the honorable tba tegwlataT of . this i tale, at its next session, for aa Act to iccor - . ' porata a Bank with a capital stock of Five Hun . dred Tbousaod Dollars, and with Wave to sa: - create it to One Million j to be located nerth east of Beekman - ttreet, in the eUy of bew - ; J York, and to be called Tbe Franklia Bank f the city of New - York." . f ' . Dated New - York, 16th Dec 181T; By order of the Anotiatesj . '. ' i decSOtf NOAH BROWN, gecVy. MECHANICS' BANK. fr7 Tbe Stockholder are informed that a ' Dividend of four aad and a half per cent will be paid on the first day of February next. . ty order oi Uie rretident and uuector Janil lm - .: . W. FISH, Cashier. The subscriber wilj lease or sell the lot and beuse in which be now lives id Lau rent - street It it a pretty comfortable bous for ' a smaii moderate lauiiy, bavmg a stone titcben and cellar, two room on each floor aod a bed - ' chamber in the garret. Across the rear of the nous were is a pleasant t an. built scarcely three year ago it has a neat little garden about 60 feet deep, nd a small stable, leading to which u a gangway irom the street AnolV ta Aw D. Duff, No. 69 Washington - ttreet; Fob 2 tf " JAMES TILLARY. " rOK SALE, rkal raorxRTT isi Tax citt or Hxw - tomx. Q A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. 11 Bowery ST ABLE in tlie rear toeeth - , er with tbe LOT, 44 feet froot, 42 feet rear, aod 125 leet on each side. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - street ; and House and Lot No. 39 Vesey - street. ' A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars; . do and , do , . rffor ,750 , do ') do . ' and do .for 450 do On valuable property in the city of New - York.' Tbe interest bat always been punctually paid, For particular inquire ut the office of STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, , declOtf No. 27 Wall - streeL QlVt,ETAi B LOOM LU HALE, . '. The house and grouri belonging to the estate of John Sbaw, situated on the eighth avenue. On the pretnifes are an excellen t double house, (table, coach and ice noose, with every" thing else requisite for such an establishment.' ft is presumed any other description is uaiteresta ry, at Ihose inclined to rent will view the place.. Alto, the large fire proof store ia the rear of bouses U and 13 Peari - strtet i where there it for tale some old Madera Wine, by the Demijoha For furtlier particular, appl to AW ''' Jan 29''" " " ! Ii Pearf - ttreef.4" .1 jtOK HALE ORlVLKdbb',,'L LoUln the 5. 6, 8, and 10 Wards; many ot wbich are on regulated and paved streets. Noi money will be required under tea yean, If sold, interest excepted. - . ..:.j.. - ?, w HOUSES." ' " Several two aad three ttory honses, on which ft great part of the money reoiiiin on iortgace. & LANDING AT RED HOOK. r - Aa excellent stand for busiaest, vth ten acted of laud, pleaaantly situated, with ft wharf, star house and barn. . ' r COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY Rear ftew - riaven, with 40 acres ol latin, and a , never failing ttreain, epoa which SO milts may bd . Apply at V No. 2 Greenwich - ttreet. ' jaa 13 tf ' ' ; ,. ;. i Q'lOLET, - From 'he lit May next, the thKe - ttorf brick hoosa No. 18 Courtland - street, with of Without tba stable in the rear A pfy to J. A R. REN WICK", ' 1 Feb t " ' - - '18 Cotrrtland - et. : FIRE PROOF ST ORK : To let, - that four ttory brick fire proof ttore, No. 8 Goveroeurt Lane, near to South - ; ttree . Apply to . ,., , UAKKH T ai OKJH, . , fcbStf '.' No. 9 Coenties slip. y O.... iORAU.. . . ..,.! , i Storage may be - had oo lb first floor of the) store No. 29 South - street, which will save tba, expense of hoisting. ' , dec 26 .,' - FOR SALEj - ,:,4.:.H . The fire - proof store, No. 6, b. GoavarJ . nurs - lan, tbe third firom fouto - tlrset. Tbst lot oo which it stands is under an advaatageoml lease, 11 years of which at unexpired. Uia three stones, with Bre - plaott i being m iroat am Goayemaar lane 40 feet and in depth 25.: Aa improved machine for pressing of goods fores portation has been erected on toe premises, ana heretofore profitably employed in pressing cot toa furs, skins, bay, Ac. : From tba fitBess of tba bmliling, aad tba convenience, which it tJords for working the machine, aad its nearness to tba river, it may be an object to purchase them to " gther. .' . .. - ' 'f - J O 'j . ALSOt ' ; y - . - - - . Tba lease rt wo years of which are nn - expired) of tba three ttory boose No. 93 Front treetj third from Gouvernear's lane. I Beside! a large ttore and cellar In (root, - it aflordt every conveaieaee for a large family." tl Alto, tO R SAL tor TO LET, . keliS - Tba bouse No. 26 WalLitrttt, opposite lb March ants' and next to the I'bceoix Bardr It has been recently built of tba - beet materialr, aod beside three room which bmve eccasiooally been occupied at insurance, broker's end attor oey'i cfices, affbrUt every accoaiDMxIalioo for ft pnvato family . - .'.!. i )., ' i. If cot disposed of before the 10th Fenruary, tba abova will be offered for sale at aactiofl, f which notice will be given by BUecxef at Btbby For particulars apply to , - ' . : , . :;;f M Ri THURMAN, Jaa 31 tf v , No. 26 Wall - sL . . TO LET, . . From the first of 'May ntU Jr ae - ti) mg room oo the secono nwr, u,. . : r upper lofts. Enquire No. I67Peail ttrett , ; jan24 tf " '! " '' ' ' Q FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, On accommodating terms, ft Itasnber f ...r and building lots, ear and adjoining the aaw - yard, at Braoklya. ' For particutan, a ...iZ.r '' ' - '"t fan - quire oi . jaa 22 tf """ r fJ" Brooklyft.' TO LET. , 5i!J . The brick store No. 84 Maiden - lane, and immediate possession give. Apply at No. 86 Wasbtngtoa - et. ; . - k u - f Feb 7 tt - OTP LET, , . Frotn tbe first May next, the store W. 7 couth - street. . For Jexms. apply to . w w tf wT - tr tirr3 ' - . . . - - i . . A w - r(Mi9,uii. febf; " : 'j' f fi8,)?Uliamtret Q' - . I,. FOR SALE.. . That largo two - story boota. occupied by the subscriber, situate on Front - street betweeat th upper aad lower feme at creoxiyvw"" tbegreand aitacbeu inereio wu for prtvata laaiily or a targe geaieel Hotel. Also, teveras tou sujuobi - - i ly sUuated and convenient to boild oa, for jgea - demen who id bhsmsnt iatbe city of New - Yortr, being near toth fcrritaAUo thsv. v rear froortog Watnereet, tjK, - lalf way ba. .. twee tba two ttrrier partof which b Bow om . larVapply t JPUH.A - rbTw " ' - V t - - i 1 : I in I, Ml m . - ' t ' ,i Si it r - ! i . - 1 . ' - i. V 0 - at!' Ui. f I fA X..) hit " . . '. ti ' V f f ' i i

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