The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 10, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1913
Page 5
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ASSOLSJTSEY the =©st delicious By the use of Royal Baking Powder a great many more articles of "food may be variety and attractiveness to the menu. The" Royal Baker and Pastry Coe!:," containing £ve bgr:fircJ prs'-tita; receipts for all kiads of baL.'n^ and cooker^-, free. .Adare~s Svy-i! Baking Po\7icr Co., IScv Yor!:. I I 1 i i I I i t 3"^ § Si a* a 8 I e ^ ® ·· · ?J i» ss 8 5? i S ^c * K 1 1 and Small Musical Instruments during the Holidays. Victor Talking Machines. »_7 and Records. A Piano or Victor Talking Machine is a joy to any Koine. We sell them at prices and terms that 3^011 Can afford one. Call and get prices before purchasing elsewhere ers t ,usic Ssttysburg T Pa. m »·:§. if ri P HOT Bt WRROR'JZES'TOWN ' -tnd Qiclofor MOVE en and children are so f right- si almost juake ia fear, ani signs of hav- | I isg lost their nerve- OIK! daring. | ] This mysterious woman has been j ' traveling the streets of the town at j JaM hours of the night, sad she"docs j ' nothing more than store into, theeves ! ot tiose she cl-tinces to meet. » B»_t i i t?i£c is enough for these v/io say tli»y j " have seea her. They say her vyes \ i would scare any cae. j The "woman in black" makes her fgske Deal appearance just at a time and pZa-e · when she can cause the most fright, Mexico City, Dec. -10.--"i lasy bs) alter looking; into her e es are alleged the house looby in\ estisatios b a: driven out of heref^nt^efore I go i : to have broken sDriiitlng reecris. ee bcaued bv itfcoresentauve 5 wiU do sometiun? tfeat will make me Women and children refuse to vea- of Teaaessee, v/ere laafe pub-; go down m history icr !;· years," ture out of Uoors aad insist on having lie in tvro reports--a ma'omy re-pert! General Victortaao Eueita was quct- j every door of their houses locked an! signed by Democrats and ilepubhcans! e;l as saying: to a prominent ileiicanj every win alike and a supplemental report fi.ea i wbo conferred with him. j tke ·"worn A-atsontcwn G-.akes at Mysterious li « ned with do ^' » ua or *»? for the purpose of taking; game |n *nr«ni*ip Person Witn "Sccry" Eyes. jl or for fishing,or ia aoy way injuring or destroying property. ^Ul p*r»on« Tiqk Y.llkes-Barre. J'JL. Dec. 13.--A mys- 'retin^? the laws of the commonwealtJi^with regard to trespa«Binjt.^il*iid»"jjf lerious "woman in black" has terror- the ufidersigner will Le dealt with under "the provisions of the A^t'of^pril 142 Ized \Vatsontown, Columbia couaty. Rsport Say? IHJncis Congressman j Revolutionary -Forces "Are Near IV5ex- Was Guilty of Grav; Acts of im-j propriety. \Vsstinston, Dec. 10. -- Results of \ ico City and Huerta *« _ t Zapa-a. f window nai!ed dovrn. Xow that In black" has begun to SicDonald, 01 Tae rcajcrizy made so recommenda- tiori K«sr tissA'* »£x*i Ic-'-f.rt:fiTM7or5\ ' fl*^T "to despcra- look into the windows of homes and Hcerta is v2.c:3aSns :n -is ac-|sbow those "scary" eyes to mothers a^i orders. He revolted Lis or-faad ibesr children, mothers refuse to "esentativ e; der g McDcrmott, Democrat, oi II: gniitv oi acts ol gra\e -- . , Lns ihe cisnitv of ais \Vlien tie cS-ac-bsr otj^y -^ ^ t St J from a day's labor iTc^ sciiert-ilci! 10 Cisc-jss tL-- -..-iVty| So much terror has been caused by s, tio-Jga canaot say tirat ^e has Leea corruptevl is nis votes." Tee nidjority report also held that having intimate relations i times, ana £«e £aa s /vote. - o:" tl:e recent cioctioes. i e" has oeen. un for xxjasicei-- ur: -«!t f*-.t I H Hc^chael. f o r e r c F srrs-J each or the Xarfoaal Association or Maauiaecar-i. accou=t c - ^ ---"' npicr- o r :.: ers," employed XcJiicnaeL Tiie m-| oroaclung La:tle sc-?r slio en- ·-'. ior:^y held that both the Xational Association, of Manufacturers and the \ the woman's presence that the police e all lifcva been asked to solve the m;.ste-y i ^5. j and c2Ese 3.n arrest, and the police i ha'.e prcEii?ad to do so,"but most ot ci is I tlie policemen aJmit they co not like · r*" ! the job and that they are in no great hurry to solve the mystery. ^ ! aporLru «ie\-e:oprae-t3 Eire o rct-rpftSSp} f following the «Ioj;- - %= -" Sa ' J rUUfSrLi American Federation of Labor eagag-f Francisco of the v.oniea'-e-r, of j ed in political activities and eipended General Kir?rta's fsssay. It ^"-'/^"j 1 |1 I ^ money to e^ect nominations and elections cf the members of the Qotise. l O V till )Ui l that much more t;aa tb? azjioiuii esl pleasure trip is fceaiad C-s dove.! ileDonald, who agreed with the ma- As a matter of fcct, it is belie-. cJ fiat j S£ STS JS^SIS ^Sisiaysr's Reiaiivas Genilng FfQra 13. Eiie- estimation of tie AmericaE. j stand. People, and made recommendations The report from Lc-neon tr=r OKI- BgfmBGY fO ^d DSfBRS 0 , ,, , ^ ^ ! d---T 17,.^*^-^ ;« 4--*vr*r?T--^j» ri --:-rr^-^ r n p v * u i £ a « w u ; .w n.u i^wiwctv lor legislative reforms. j e -' i - -^ r The rag-in conclusions in. tbe major- capital ity report define a loony as "a person _ or bo-Jy of persons seeking to in£u- j enca legislation by congress ia asiy | manner '.vhatsoever." The Xationai i Association of Manufacturers, the Xa- j tional Coun.cU for Industrial Defense, j * r _e ' the Xarional Tan2 Commission asso-; I eral Huerta is oreparins to ".c\-e tbe of 2£e-?ico to igrA'2, -tate of Gierrero. sojthv.-est of t:;e t^ts cr | :e _. v or K, Dec. 1-j.--The j«ry that ireiico. fails entirely of \n-er:a^J-1 v --i. -_,- Kans Schmidt, the coaresseJ ing fn jTcxico ClE/. | slayer of Arma Aumuller, a domestic. It is known that Kucrta !cs r*a:~".i ^..^^ coal p| c teci before Judge Warren for the ccnfese^cy oC ue ear. j vr p ostsr ^ ^e court of general ses- ia.d to abandon Tileiico C;" bo ! ^i fore the advance cf Fancbo VIl!a. hu j a is. ton loan siarVs are found to have malntainea lobbies. -lartin. il. "iTuIhall is held to Jiave Kitted errors ia some vital Gnerrerc-- Sre snbir'J: "" is acconrmoaatH; xrjo is e o5the City b'fHiexi enous" 1 --; Koelble,' the counsel that of Gold" cn^yj isncrhig aa;l i ith his leading counsel, former Ju'J^e \V. M. K. OI- cott anil Tcrresce J. jIcManus, ssiiJ that the prisoner's father and sistsr of jiKifea Ci :~* itc». | T - cre J-Q-^ c .r, tjigtr, -vrav to tills country ity. fcs;^ or: . Germany. The-e relatives will aati Vv erscaied. cis potency ence: he entertained animus againsE Federal troops sear Tospan by bcsra- v^s-*.-~z- itc- 'Zrm.vz, wc;.»j**j-v»- * - " « J - - M . ~ J "^^^^ ..--m-- i rn_ __- ~i ~ f^ n-rvofthcseacalnstwhoHine^adel^ r -= e ^ ICSC£t -^P 8 ^ ^ 22e ^ ne - -- * t. ««=;--*^l t-:--^,.-»-ic i--a--A -»-\r lrir»K-^-^«^ o?Q. ailesations and used names of pubiie men.^rith a-i unjastiSed freedom. Higa superior officers of the manufacturers' orsanizatica and the defense j eouacii used him "very largely and 1 primarily icr personal lobbying',"' says { the rsport- I The iobcy of the iCational Associa- j lion of Manufacturers and of the Xa| tlonal Council for Industrial Defense ! is held guilty of improperly prevent- =,, j i ederal troops -=Tere not look-a?. dis- y. c o I d seeking to prevent legislation- Gravest doubt expressed as to the oroariery of acts of iluiaail and ttOiic^ os~ I-^H,O£*--A^ri 3 t-_* CL ^-^tj.i^..? getting away .with a Qnantity mite. - -- Tre susboat was stationed above the town to menace the rebels. The latter sot a gasoline laanch, manned. it wita trrcnty men and boarded the hiie she -*"as in caarge of a is erpectcC to ralis 3-5 only a littls tiiae. Tne real batie will be fought opt In tie erpert testimony of alien- Ijsts. ause of nis refusal to submit to e'iC^. Schmiit has not: been shav- ec or "ad 15s Iiair cut since als con- "C'tcnicri!: in tbe Tombs, hence b.e presents ^3yi.l:i-i3: but a pleasing appearance rs io rits in. co;.rt. gunboat crew, -s-Lich il^ey oTerpowersd. .. 0 _»..,, U. S. GOlfri I To Decide JLc^s'ity cf New York Statutes 2~d Criminal Insane- James A. Emery, counsel for the man-, Concori X. H., Dec. Iv.-- Judge Ed- ·ifacturers. The report adced: j ;rar j^idrick ruled that tae mental con"It is outrageous and offensive that ; 5 it j oa of Harry K. Tiav.- mast be r:-s rde :ace "sras rramed in a sv l,ro*^n bearJ. over -which hung ,, , jy-r-y ^-iSTs or his Ions brown hair. He wore w "-** » * I ji Dii"^- Stli" HH?1 H»w CiiG H3.SG.tvSrTCfl.iC! k-'otetti about his neck. A derby hat an^I a fur coat bore evidence of some I:r.:v jietion t^a* fee might be discsars- taese associations ssculd nave their lederal courts. The paid hirelings about the capitol but- j court s annonacement was made at tonholing members of congress, to in- j .j-g jjgarjug OIl Thaw's pentiQn to be fiuce them to remain away when a a njuitted to baiL vote was being taken." Xothing illegitimate was four.5 In · tbe activity of the American Federation of iAbor- Lobbies of liquor dealers and of money lenders in "SVash- iagion were found neither to have effected nor prevented legislation, ira- i properly. j Methods used by tbe manufacturers' organization in sending Malhall through the country with funds to or- j ganize temporary associations was denounced as "improper, disreputable ?m«! dishonest." "The constitutional Questions involved in this case," ss:ti Jitoge Aldricb., ·'are" of suea importance that I shaU not pass i:pcn them layselT, but shall fcnrard theai as promptly as possible to the supreme court; o£ the United S i KILLS MAN ON DARE Stabbed Htm to Heart V/hen He Gave Her 'Knife and Dared Her. Baltimore, Dec. 10. -- While seatea with a ~oman at a ttable in a restaurant here, Joseph Meyers, fesown in sporting circles as "Buffalo" iiey- ers. tcok a knifs from his pocket- I I bared flis chest, and. handing tlie knile to tse woman, dared her to stab Tae woman drove tae Knife into the srar.'s ceart. helped him to the street and then fled. TSeyers died shortly af- tervrard ;2 a aospital. It was said tlie couple had caarreled previoasly. Dr. Cra5g Acquitted In Knafae Case. Siielbyvllle, Ind_ Bee. 10. -- Judge A-.onzo B^air inslructecl the jury to dismiss tae case against Dr. wiliians concerned his status ia ? constitutional questions are Thaw's extradition, Tork ana his status ia "ew Hampshire. The attorneys for Thaw, ^who -seafc to prevent his extradiuozi*_ through, habeas corpus proceedings in the United States district court, and counsel for Xew York state had agreed that the charge of conspiracy to escape from the insane asylum at . X. T_ a bailable offense. Tben the question of the prisoner, if admitted to wail, -t be a .menace to the community T: ;»en trp tirce caoif for aim to ris2 as the ca;"a was aJmiaistered to a juror ne attendant ^-io sat just b^- hind tl-e nrisoner bad to push lion by tne c.rra Pc!imi:lt gpzea vacantly at ec."n y"T os he took tbe oath. The s.*c~. i^-- car behind nirn instead of L-esuZe bi-", In order to be in a better position to frustrate any possible vio- lcsc« en the part of the prisoner. Three Clerks to a Senator. Yrs-^ngion, I?ec. l*_ -- Democratic eecccmy ~ss not mentioned by either sice ~hes a resolution providing that aa~ senator not already having three clerss sball at once be allowed that number, -srent through the upper fconse so fast that those in the gaile^-j ies coald scarcely foliovr the proceed- 1.75C-.oeO Acres Open For Entry. -S"ar,r.mgton. Dec. 10. -- Secretary Laae designated 1,730.000 acres of dry lands ia western states as suitable for entry under the enlarged homestead act- Tise .antls are ia ^Montana, Xorfh raised by sel for Xev T. Jerome, of conn- j Dakota. Arizona, Mexico and York. The court stated that the po3E.i «~o'ald nave to be determined Sefore iail --as pemutted. Thieves KiH Policeman. Detroit, Dec. 10.-- Thomas F. llafi- 5en, a patrolman street station, of the fic-thune shot and. killed as he attempted io arrest two icen in a stolea automobile. Tne policeman vas shot in front of the station,- -where he had ridden with, the bandits. His as sailants eseaped- Pension i-or Wrs. GaHIard. Idaio. QEMERAL felARKSTS PHILADELPHIA -- FLOWS, quiet; vrinter clear. §3-75@4; city mills, fan, . "RYE FLOUR firm, at per barrel. ^VHSAT Srm; Xo. 2 red. ne^r, S3% @ Q -!C- COFX muet; No. 2 yellow, new, V'C- iTrra; Xo. 2 -white, 47c.: lower rrafies. . POTATOES steady; per bushel, S5c. * POULTRY: Live steady; hens, j Oct. 23, 3511. Tie motion to dismiss j t!i? *·»«=*» \ras made when the state ! concluded its evidence. i 1 and OYSTERS I Daily at The Salutary Fish and Oyster Market 22 Carlisle Street, ne ar the Square. F. W. Kappes and Co. "Wi'd Cat" a Tame Kitten. Marion, Ind_ Dec. 10.--After paying an espresi, bill of S4.60 and carefully choppiag tarocgh a heavy wire mesli to release a supposed wild cat, consigned to them from the south, the Hi'l Brewers, Fairmount merchants, !n the end ^ave liberty to a mesi: IIt- Ue kitten. ·Kept It 3Dark. Gerald--^"A gentleman knows how to keep a secret." Geraldine--"It you are a gentleman you have kept it a secret, all right." S1G.OOA and a pension of $30 a month | £g££._ om * w "='~ "~" " · -1 for the widow of Colonel Gaillard, the? ^BUTTER nrm: fancy creamery, 38c. Panama canal engineer, was favor-1 EGGS steady, s?jected, 39c.; --' ably reported to the house interstate} b7 ' 3oC-; westeriu commerce ccmraittee. Live Stock prices. Mrs. Roosevelt at Panama. Panama, Dec. 10. -- Mrs. Theodor Roosevelt and Hiss Margaret Roose velt spent today as the s«ests of Sec-j ^rs and feeder^. f.4.90@7.70; cows and retary "B-«;hoD and -were shown over heifers, SI.SO'SS.AO. calves, the!. They sail for Xew York tomorrow. SHBSP strop?; natiye; §4 vearliags, ^P.-JU^Y: -aaaos, §4 25®a. . Modesty. Various Edible Insects. Some folks who can't play a hand The Creoles of Bourbon are said to i organ in this world expect to give broil and eat the cockroach. Ants, narp-playing Instructions in the next ! cooked in various ways are eaten by --Atlanta Constitution. j many different tiibea. The Africans ^-^ , cook them in butter while Ji Brazil a £w;yj!i»«w-** i?..!**^ ,,_ ,.«e?ri««,«» amice is William Allison. SamX "Walters farm, Hamiltonban John D. RUey, JR. .12. Gettysburg, .Pa. Cumberland Tosniship. Mrs. J. S. Hughes, Cumberland Township. P. B. Wiaemsn, Cumberland Township. " Frank ilninper, IL 1, Gettysburg", Pa. C- J- DeanJorS", Orrteana, Pa. Charles V.'^gaman Dr. W. JH. O'XeaS F. L. Klrae. Bader Township, Biglenine, Pa. Cv,B. S^isjik, Straban Toir.-nship, R. 7, Gettysburg, Pa. J. K. Kuba (J. F. Kuhn.Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg,, f'"' Jacoi* Fromsieyer. Straban. Township. " ~ ,*· George JE. flaroiaa, R. 6, Gettysburg, Pa. JButler Township. George C. Shealer, Straban Township. Mrs. Silary J. Welkert, R- 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. · J. H. Hex, Box i0, JL 2, BiglerviUe. ~ r , Mrs. Matilda L Codori, Cumberland Townthip. . ¥j Saiiitel P.obEsscn, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. ^~ J. L. Toot, Straban Township. " - , .w D. L. Jacocs, S. 1, Biglervffle, Pa. Butler Township. - . . . : Joseph B. Twining.'R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. . Ekiward A. Seoit, S. 4, Gettysburg, Freedom TbwnsMp^ , --J. D. Brown, liigMand Township. ~_ R. F. Biddle, Mt. Pleasant Township, R. 8, Gettysburg. ' - ' - ' · D. J Reile, K. 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland To'wnsbip. , Leo Fromn'eyer, Mt. Pleasant Township. -. Martin Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. VT. T. ilehring, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. , Robert K. Major. Stra'oan Township. John W. iicllhenny Farm R- 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. - '_ G. W. Eldon, Ber.dersvilie, Pa. " %\^XN . Georga O. Thomas, Chambersfaurg P2ie, - - ~Robert Harner, Greenmount, Pa. - - '. . _;·*·" · ^ i Harry E. Shriver, Butler To-.vnship, R. 6, Gettysburg. ^"-,f--f; Joseph A. Albert, Butler Townshtp, R. 6, Gettysburg.*--', :,«??--) Wiil^m Coshan, Strsiban Township. _ -.- " , ~?~£~$,. Jeremiah Weaver, R- S. Gettysburg. Pa. _.,, r ~ ^ - ^ ^- f ,, S. J.Ha.versliek,"ii. illSpcnseiier farm, Straban" Twp., R 8,^Gbg. 51. E. Freed, Sirs. G. VC. Biesecker farm, Franklin Twp., Cashtp-wn. JI l£err LoEt, Cumberland To\vnship. ",," * ^_ "*·-""'.- John H. Saonseller, (McPhersor. Farm). Cumberland Township. Robert S. Shuil (J. A. Shull Farm) Franklin Township. H. C. Kaxtzell (J. A. Shull Fann) Franklin Township. Jacob F_ Hoke, Straban Townshin, Gettysburg, R. 1- ·'.. Ji. _iL Sneermger, ,R. 9, Gettysburg, near Bonneauville, Pa. J. D. Moose. Biglerville, Pa. "~-, ". · : . G. F. B^sehoar, Gertj-sburg. Cumberland and Germany Townships. Loais jliztfii. Straban Tevrashlp. Gett; sburg, IL: 7. _·' - · N. J. Shank, Bi^ierv-ile Route 1. PL C. Warren. _.lens:!en Townshin. _ C. E. Runtmeil on C. L. Osborne farm, Menallen Township. Vi'iii. M. B : ghsm*s Sens. Freedom Townsbip. \\"nV. K- Blgnara's Sons, 32EerrF Tovrnship., J. C- vCoulso-n. . A. S."Virn!sier, 3Iu~Pteasar.f Township, R-'IO. Mrs. Ciesra A. Eiack^R. I, BiglervDle, Pa--,,, ,evi Cmni. Meriallen Township. Sirs. Andrew Brough. R- 1. Aspers, Menallen Township. ' L. H. ileals. Cumberland Townsffig, R-.5,.Getts-sb.urg v --j^r -1, 'C. Vf: BlseR. (3* Carna Sm}tr^Farm3'R.'2,X^«g%urfi5Mt4roy .Twp. ^ Win. H. Johns, Cumberland Township 'ariTS Qettysbaxj^ ^-^3 ' George W. l?Tclf. R. 3. Gettvsburg, Cumberlanff-TowjashiEi * ,* _ Edmund Little. ( Joi-n Blocher Farm), -Cumberland Township. Harris Coek7MeaaileJi4rovmsnip.,-r -'* _T "- "- ^"-^^^.J^-P-^ ' War C, Vincent vSer: R. Farm ^ ^ . - . . , R--9, Gettvssrarg, StrabaiL 05?EQ5hip, A. ^.S II. E. Bod, Gcldens. Pa-. Strabaa and ME--Pieasa3it lownships." Harrv S. Trs;Ie. Straban Township. \ - . f - . ' Edward A. Trosue, Straban Township. -- · - - . ' ' :_ * _ ' John Leese. or. Nathan Brown farm, Straban JCownship/Gog. Eonte 8.- Mervin I- Weikert, Highland Township, It l^Fairfield. .- , D. F. Battenr.s.n, Batler Township^ Shuhz Bros. ilcDannel S. B. Bream , Calvin R. Snyder, Bonneauville. Pa. . . -_ - - _ - . . - - . . Otis Walter. (Conrad Walter Farm) R. 1, Tillie, Franklin Township. F. B. Twisden, Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Township. Z. F. Srrausbaugh. Orrtanna, R. 1. , -. Albert Bellinger, Cairiberla'nd Township, Gettysburg, KT 6. - . Deardorn Brothers, Tillie, Pa. Franklin Township. · r E. P. Garrettson. Butler Township. - - _-_ ^ John and Frank Garrettson, alenallen Township- - --^ " R. H. Black, R- 2. Gettysburg. Cumberland Township. ,, - ^.. i 3Irs. Daniel Miller, Cumberland Township/Getty sburg, -Route 6- D. S. Reynolds, Straban ^Township.. Gettysburg Route' 9. W. A. Bighaai, Cumberland Township. Gettysburg, E. 3. John Groscost, S. 7, Gettysburg, Straban. Township. ,' ' Garfield Jacobs, R. 13. Gettysburg near Barlow. - . , Dorsey DeardoriF. Highland Township, (Mrs-'-H. S. Moyer Farm). Emanuel Plank, Highland Township, Gettysburg Route 4=-' ' . E. D. Heiges, Biglerville Borough. - . John H- Eckert. Strabaa Township, Getcysbnrg, U-S- ^ , W. W. Miller farm (Oscar Bream tenant) Straban Townsnip,_ljDg. it, Mervin Black, BiglervSle, Menallen Township. Mrs. Martha Reed, near Arendtsville. Wavbright Rice, Biglemlle, Pa. · II. S. Croraer, ilt. JOT Township, R- 2, Gettysburg,. Pa. Jchi S. Wolf, Siraban Township, it 7, Gettysburg, PaT , Clarence Hofnan, R. R. 2. Biglerville, Pa. - :.v J. C. Walter. Butler Township. S. 2, Biglervflle, Pa. ^ Robert Witherovr. Ctnaberiand Township, R n. W. Stoops, Hichland Township, R- 4, Gettysburg, Pa. - / "_' _ -- --. - -w-v ft- rr* . T^i T * TP»««j^*.ii -i.P^S tJr* ~~ -- -"* * i.»iAjHJ.*_.l fc_3^-** *«Ad. »r+ry A^V- ^-«----^ ·-- *- _£.- - ^ *, . ^ *^-- ^- _ · J, A. Wetzel, j'Mary A. Snyaerfarm) Franklin i O W H s h i p . J. M. Bushman, (i !al T A - Snyder Farm) Franklnr Township. 1. W. Tate. Tvrone Township, r- 4, New Oxford. '" - .'. ' J. W. Cook, aier,a"en Township. Flora Dale, Pa. \ . . A. L Osboroe, R- 2, Biglervffie. John B. Eiker, Cumberland Township, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa, W J Beamer. Straban and Mi, Pleasant Townships, Gettysburg, K. ¥ J. Bla!r«e Bushey. Franklin Township, R. 1, Biglerville, Pa.^ Jacob Groscost, Tvrcr.e Township, R. 7, Cettysborgi Fa. ^ xv. T- Howard. Straban Township. ~ C. E. Tawrsev, 5It Pleasant Township, Gettysburg, R- £ C W Toner,* (E. A. Crcuse Farm) Menallen lownship, Kj'K- Idaville, Cu-t!n McGlaughlin (John P. Butt Farm) Franklin Town^Hp. Jam2s Sar.ders, (X. H. Musselman Farm) Hamfltonban^ownship. Hnward-Bream, Strabsn Township, R. 9, Gettysburgv-Pa,^--, Allen Redding (Robt. S. Bream Farm) Cumberland iO^cnship. William J- Ecker.rode, Cumberland Township. G G. Gr:ffir., Straban Township, Route 9, Gettysburg. Dentcn Koft (Rufus Lawver Farm) Butler Township. Earver Scott, Cumberland Township. ,-_-,,- /, · * Jacob Boyd. Mt. Joy Township, R. 13, Gbg. (Wilfiam Cromer Fsnn). S F Bushman, Franklin Township, R. 5, Gettysburg. D. M. Hoffman. Biglerv-Ile, Route 2, 9 E. N. Hoffman. Bisjlerville, Route 2. J I Hereter, Highland Township- R- ·'. Gettyslrarg, Pa. E'rnest Manahan,(Mrs. P L. Uouck Farm) R. 9,.Gettysburg, f^ David G. Lott, Straban Township, Gettysburg, Route i. W. C. Storrick, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg. M. Shindledecker, Cumberland Township, .Gettysburg, E. 5. H. M. Trostle, Highland Township, Tilhe Post Office. , D A Hankey (Mrs. Jeremiah Bender's farm) Cumberland rwp., K. *. D. C." March, Butler Township, R. 6, Cetrj sburg Pr.htit TiT Eldon. Aspers Mary Baldwin, Bendersville, Pa. .,, - ,,.^.. NF^VSPAPFR!

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