The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1939 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1939
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THURSDAY, MARCH 2, 1939 17 FOODS EDITOR GETS RECIPES FROM OLD COOK BOOK Collection of Church Publications Interests Mrs. Reeves Tells of Unusual Recipes Disclosed by Cook Books Edited by Ladies' Aids and Missionary Societies More church cook books are reviewed by Mrs. L. A, Reeves, Globe- Gazette foods editor, in her column. Mrs 1 . Reeves is collecting old cook books, edited by ladies aids and missionary, societies, and is anxious to hear about any cook books of this type which you may own. These books are not only important for the excellent recipes which they contain, but for the many bits of advice and the like which may be found in them. SPCAKI P E E V E ? Here is another column from, the past. Next week I do hope to have something from the old cook books of my readers. The church cook book recipes of years ago make the foods used in them sound almost foreign. Doesn't "a wine glass of rosewater" sound as if it came from a French recipe? Herbs and spices used by our grandmothers lind. little place in today's cooking and to gather them Spring's Most Flattering ENSEMBLES! fi-efh from the garden unthought of by most modern housewives. Beautiful little rhymes are found at the head of the chapters of some of these volumes. One from "Cookies and Doughnuts"-- 'O, weary mothers mixing dough, Don't you wish that food would grow? Your lips would smile, I know, to see A cooky bush or doughnut tree." The following applies to most young women. . . "But tho' so much of learning had been crammed into her head, She couldn't for the life o£ her compound a loaf of bread." Which, in our grandmother's day was almost a disgrace. Today it may be an accomplishment but certainly not a necessity, y Our first recipes today are from a cook book edited by Ladies' Aid society of the First Congregational church of Eaton Rapids, Mich., 1915. A hungry man with memories of his youth asked me for a recipe for fried pies not long ago and with his assurance that the following pies are like his mother made and were the best thing a small boy ever ate. I am sending first a recipe for-Fried Pies Make pie crust, roll in smal rounds, fill one-half with fruit season and turn the other hal Prints.. High Shades and Navy DRESSES Gorgeous Aqua, Capri Blue, Mint and Joponica are the color favorites for Spring! Alluring dresses in new high shade blendings! Marvelous jacket and bolero styles! Charming navies! Gay floral or dot prints! Practical redingote models! All ney/, flattering and distinctive--yet surprisingly inexpensive' Clever Wool Jacket and Dress COSTUMES Smart fitted wool jackets that match, contrast or. blend! They're presented in stunning plaids, stripes and Spring colors--over superb woo! crepe or rayon dresses in captivating styles! Clever shirtwaist frocks and high-neck models are featured! Individual Sport or Dressy GOATS 3i Boxy coats in the new Spring versions! Graceful swing styles! Beautifully tailored fitted reefers! Deluxe dressy models in popular navy or black! Sporty bright tweeds! Exquisite plaids! Smart Reflectone fleeces in Mist Blue, Teal and Grapetone! FINAL CLEARANCE! COATS Drastically Reduced S 16 95 i dered sugar, one small egg, one I square chocolate, one-half teaspoon vanilla and one teaspoon cream. The cleverest thing in any of the books is the following quotation from Mary E. Homans. "How to Preserve a Husband-First be careful in selection. Do not choose one too young. Take only such as have been reared in good families and had good training. When once selected let the past remain forever settled and give the entire thought to the future. Some insist on keeping him n a pickle, others prefer hot water. It does not seem to be generally known that even poor HANLONTOWN -- Mr. and Mrs. John Furness of Hanlontown announce the engagement of their daughter, Esther, to James F. Haugen, son of'Mr. and Mrs. Ole Haugen of Fertile. The wedding will be in April. varieties will be made sweet, tender and good by garnishing them with patience, smiles and affection. They should be wrapped in a mantle of charity and kept warm with a steady fire of devotion. Thus treated they will keep for years as good as when first selected. Sometimes they improve with age." How many have checked up on their nice old books? Most interesting reading as well as valuable recipes will ,be your reward. Please share it with the rest of us. A cow producing four gallons of milk a day needs 16 to 20 gallons of water. School Board Jobs Sought by Six Iowa Falls Candidates IOWA FALLS--Six have entered the school election here. Latest to seek election are Henry W. Hanson, an east side service station manager; H. E. Macey, also from the same part of the city who is proprietor of a hatchery, and Mrs, H. C, Nelson, housewife. These three will seek three year terms. Prior nominees are Mrs. Ralph 'A, Fardtm and Mrs. Paul E. Jones, nousewives. So far, the only candidate for the one year term is Ray D. Arnold who is now a member of the board, having been appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Claude H. Koon. The annual election will be held Monday. One Student In 4 Agnostic TORONTO, (U.R)--Among students at the University of Toronto who anssvered a questionnaire concerning their religious beliefs, 24 per cent declared themselves either agnostics or atheists. over. Press edges down and fry in deep fat. Heavenly Food One cup dates, sliced, one cuo walnut meats, three-fourths cup sugar, one teaspoon baking pow der, pinch salt, two eggs beaten separately, adding whites last. Do not add liquid. It will be very stiff but will soften in the oven. Bake in two layers, put whipped cream or soft custard between. Canning Pieplant Without Cooking Cut pieplant as for pies, put in a crock and pound with a wooden potato masher until juicy. Use glass topped cans which have been thoroughly sterilized. Fill as full as possible and seal without sugar or cooking. An older one is a little green covered book compiled by ladies of the Atlantic Congregational church and congregation, St. Paul, Minn., 1897. Under the head "Poultry and Game," we find recipes for broiled prepared by this method and sh asked for a second helping. Escalloped Codfish Season a pint of milk with sal and pepper. Put over the fire anc when heated add a generous piece of butter with a tablespoon of flour rubbed into it Let it boil up once then pour it over the following which has been placed in a casserole: First a layer of potatoes, then a layer of hard boiled eggs, sliced, then a layer of shredded codfish and so on until the dish is full. Sprinkle with buttered crumbs and bake 20 minutes. Apple Snow Bake one dozen tart apples. When thoroughly done remove skins and cover. Beat until smooth and sweetened to taste. Add the beaten whites of two eggs; beat until stiff. Serve with cream. The next book was published August, 1903. A Collection of Choice Recipes Contributed by Ladies of Des Moines Benefit Des Moines Missionary Sewing · School. On the first page is a picture and advertisement for Highland Park college, "Fine College Build- venison steaks, roast quail. Canvas Back duck and prairie chicken. That makes one's mouth water! . To me the following method of fixing chicken is new. Cream Chicken One chicken of four and one- half pounds or two of three pounds each, four sweetbreads and one can mushrooms: Boil and w h e n cold cut up as for salad. Put one quart of cream in a pan and in another four rounding tablespoons butter and five tablespoons flour. Add the hot cream and stir until it thickens. Flavor with, a small grated onion and a little nutmeg. Season well with pepper. Put all in a baking dish, then cover with bread crumbs, add bits of butter and bake. The next recipe has long been a favorite in our family. A friend told me she would eat anything I cooked except codfish. Some was ings and Equipments. More than 1800 students enrolled this year.' Another is for "The 1900" Bal Bearing Family washing machine Can be operated while sitting on a chair. "The Old Way of Washing Wears out Clothes and Women. 1 A full page picture of a canopy topped, h_ard rubber tired surrey lacks only the buggy whip. Th kerosene side lights are there. No too bad as I remember. And last a "Revised Edition o the Charles City Cook Book" als by the Congregational church There-are cooky recipes by Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. May both of whom .have relatives in Mason City. The following recipe is by Mrs. William Dibble. I imagine the book was published when her husband was pastor of the Charles City church. Mrs. Dibble's Frosting for Cakes One and one-half cups pow- Now! A Revolutionary New Ingredient Makes OXYDOL S! 254 WHITER WASHING New Independent Laboratory Tests Show That This Improved "No- Scrub" Laundry Soap Actually Washes Up to 25% Whiter Than Weil- Known Soaps That Lack High-Test Oxydol's New Miracle Ingredient LOOK/THERE'S THE AXW HIGH-TESTOXYDOt! THEY SAY IT ACTUALLY WASHES WHITE CLOTHES UP TO 25? WHITER THAN OLD- STYLE SOAPS -WITHOUT SCRUBBING OR BOILING.. -~~ I'VE BEEN DYING TO TRY rrj LET'S GET; ft PACKAGE RIGHT KOW' HIStl-JKT OXYDOL AND \S IT REALLY TRUE THAT IT GIVES UP TO Twict -me SVDS-- GOES UPTO 25%J)G*« MS FAR, EVEN IN OUR HARD WATER ? THAT'S RIGHT! 'MY WIFE SAYS THERE ISN'T ANOTHER SOAP I IN THE WHOLE STORE /THAT SHE LIKES HAlf fS WELLAS NEW HIGH-TESTOWXH., TALK ABOUr MAGIC! SOAKED THIS SHIRT ONLY 10 MINUTES-AND LOOK HOW DAZZUNG WHITE ITISJ AND DO YOU * SEE HOW MUCH LONGER THOSE SUPS ARE STAMPING UP' JUST SEE HOW GRAND TIS FOR COLORED THINGS,TOO.' 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Read the Amazing Story of this Old Mohammedan Law Which Said the Absence Good Coffee was a Just Cause for Divorce \\ * YOV PL£A FOR DIVORCE /SGXANTED n imdvrn Tuitlihv- TJSD1CX OLUHMIS11D1K fN CONSTANTINOPLE, 4OO YEARS AGO, A WOMAN DEMANDED A DIVORCE BECAUSE. HER HUSBAND FAILED TO FURNISH ENOUGH GOOD COFFEE. BECAUSE COFFEE WAS CONSIDERED SO NECESSARY FOR DOMESTIC BUSS, THE LEARNED JUDGE AWARDED HER. A DIVORCE / H-M-M-M-IF JACK EVER HEARS THAT, flV\ SUMK.'MY COFFEE \S NOTHING TO BRAG ABOUT. BUT SAY-HE ALWAYS DRINKS Z CUPS AT YOUR HOUSE.' ' IT5 NK BRAND ' OFCOFFEEOOeS IT. NOTME.'rr HAS SOME SORT OF DIFFERENT "MOUNTAIN GROWtf'FLAVOR ALLTHE MEN i GO WILD ABOUT. 3 SOUTH FEDERAL BUT I'VE TRIED A DOZEN BRANDS. THEY ALL TASTE THE SAAAE TO ME. WHY DOES THIS MOUNTAIN-GROWING MAKE VOUK.FOLGEK'S COFFEE SO DIFFERENT?J (ELL,! HEY bAl I I b BECAUSE NATURE PUTS SO MUCH EXTRA FLAVOR IN MOUNTAIN GROWN COFFEE. J3 WHY DONT YOU GET SOME FOLGERfS NOW. SURPRISE \= JACK JN THE MORNING -ANO SEE FOR YOURSELF. NEXT MOKN/f/G NO COOKING LESSONS, W\RUNG.' THE KEAL SECRET IS FOLG£R$-IP YOU MUST KNOW EVERYTHING / ANO JUST IMAGINE.THAT /WDUNTAIN GROWN FLAVOR YOU LIKE SO WELL IS SO EXTRA RICH, I CAN ACTUALLY USE /4 i£SS- AND STILL GET THIS WONDERFUL COFFEE/ V" Mountain Growing Gives Folger's Such a Better Taste... HiiU The simple fact about coffee taste is this: No matter how you make it, coffee aroma and flavor are determined by oae essential thing. That is, the natural flavoring oils contained within the coffee itself. Only nature pots these flavoring oils in. No roasting, blending or mellowing process can do mote than bring them out. Yeses ago James Folger discovered tiny coffee plantations on certain high mountain, slopes in tropical America. There he found a different coffee, so much tetter fasting the region has now become known by experts as the world's coffee-growing paradise. Because on thesemountaio slopes nature puts into coffee a greater amount and finer quality of the natural flavoring HOW DID YOU DO IT, HONEY/ COOKING LESSONS ON THE SIDE OR, oils which give coffee its aroma and taste.- Scientists say this is be cause these mountain slopes have an unusual, mineral-enriched volcanic soil, drenched by tropical rains, and warmed by the sparkling mountain sunshine of those upper altitudes; That's u-by f coffee experts say Folgcr's-- mountain groum in these limited areas and costing Folger more than lowland coffees ·---has quality you can taste! Tlner Flavor -- A t No Hlghftr Cost Folgcr's contains so much more of these natural flavoring elements, that thousands of women have written, saying after changing to Polger's they can use V4 '«"--ana get far better tasting coffee than ever before. HOW fOlGIR GIVES YOU RIAL TRCSHHISS By the Folftcr Method thii extra-rich moancaia srowa coffee is first routed ind ftraaulitcd by th« 6nrit mcthodsscience has derclopid. Then it itocj into tht can 30 qaickly the coffee is stiH wlrm after the can it hermetically scaled. From then until the FolBcr vaCQcjn staled tin is opened in your own kitchen, it is scientifically impossible foe Polper's to lose one bit cf its freshness and rare moacuio grown Bator. FOLCER'S COFFEE

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