The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 10, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1913
Page 4
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*I '*, r HE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daflv-Sxcept Sunday Times and News Publishing Company r MISS HELEN TODD. W. LAVEEE HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP R. BIKLE, President. PHIOP R. BIKLS, Editor. SUBSCRIPTION Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. SATES " Single copies to non-subscribers. 2 cents- __ IP vou receive THE TIMES bv mall you can Sad the date »p to which you are --M omthe pink address label" on your paper. The date wul be changed within ten "davs after vour money is received at Tne Times Ufliee. a...«s. second-eJaes-*natter, .--;.,Congress March S. 1£79.. ... _ PHOXE UNITED PHONE OSce in Xorthwesc corner cf Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Suffragist Who Asked Mr. Bryan a Few Questions. BISHOP HARDING. Leading Speaker at Anti-Vivisec- tion Congress In Washington. PAPER RH ADVERTiSiriG BY SSffHf^ FOR ^ C . NEW y^ OFFICES YORK AND CHICAGO ads. S ner word- cent ner v.-ord each insertion. Tv.-o cents a \vord if guaranteed oB. "Resolutions of respect, poetry and memonams one cent TO OUR READERS r** ftettv«bnre Times takes absolutely no part in polMcn, bein^ neutral om all ^SSteKKriEtasttet appears in our general news coluirmsconcernmg Socialist papers and which -is strictly non-partisan. vrrftsmff columns are open to all candidates of ail para**. From H32?ijf Every ; 3! iDORESS . r - Gar PiiOto fcy Anieriesa Press Association. Suffragists in all seciipns of the countrv are discussing the incident which occurred ia Washington when iliss Helen Toad, a sufeagist, directed several remarks at Secretary of State Bryan daring the coarse o: on* 1 o f his speeches. "The Questions and answers caused great excitement * at the time. This was intensified when Mr 3Tan left the Dlatforni. The dig- Initv of Uie American suiEragist and the manner in which she ·» as ansvrer r i ed bv 3ir. Bryan was ia striking coa- Trimiaers 5 and 10 cent Store. "WTiile tfiey last: Very special lot j t of Ladies' collars. i CHAS. S. MUMPER -- Fira Proof Storage for Fanutur* Household Goods i tint*- *nd M8S.-PANKHORST, ILL, : FOR PA81S ioi ESGE PRODUCE COMPANY Sgbest Osb Price* P*id for *11 PSODtJCE-- EL UPTON PQI1G8 Wafoli Oepartors, Maka No Oipeiion I! f Is it 11 BARGAIN EM You%ittfmd 'well'kno~wjilines whiclpw* Witt .Douglas $3^50 an'd S4.00 Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.43. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. London, Dec. 10. -- Declaring that she would return for the cause w-fcen her health is rcgeiaed, T-Irs. Ennnc- line PanVnurst, the militant sufea- ;tte leader, left for Paris. iirs. Pankhurst plans to join daughter. Caristabel, tuere. The jp lice did not irueriera sriclL.Ler departure. Hsch Cost of Living Can Be Reduced Sy Desiir-j direct With th 3 .| Farmers. - Keating, Pa., Pee. 10.--The fcrtr-j rst aanual convention of the Penu-, VjUaaia State Grange ^as opened la "tie AudsiorKHB here'on Tuesday. " V.'iUiao T. Cieas. worthy master. ^ spo^e at tbe'openins session and saidj ilse v.-ay to Deduce uie nigh cost oil !ivi»S *as through tie parcel post| ana b ciret-E dealings v.ith the farmers, excluaing t!ie irnMIesic.:! as un"lie siid the Penss;. ivania Grange !m^ made a big gain in numbers during the jeer and no\. leads all other granges in tlie country. Tne conveauon v._s opened behind ciosed tloors. Ti:e official opening lasted an hour, and then u-e public was sdmitteJ and the a-sual address o'" Mr. Creosv was delivered. Fuily 16-0 sacked the call, ta-^g up every avail-, abie; : seat xn; tiw?. Srst Boor and -surrounding baieonies. ilenibers. oj' tUej Chamber of Coninierce have found I rooms and "boarding places for all o f j Ui2 .visitors. ilr. Creasy spoke on the \rork accomplished by the order and upon topics o£ general "iTvt-orest to the members of the grange. Among ctfcer tilings, he tald. --Since ocr last ncotins one year ago fifty-seven subordinate granges have been added to" t_e list, retaking tke lead Pennsylvania has always sio\v~ ia ihe grange niovsEient. To retain t'ais honor joa must fight for the grange in your Loaes. A grange home is needed la e-.sry ccarniamt/. not oa'y for granse meetings, buc to attend to all farm cxavit'es. lor without asocial lire we can-ot keep our \ ouiis people 02 t:"-e forms. Tie deputy vrork is of tae greatest i^iportaaee. A lue engr^eiic £e^!z;., s ,n«ecssary tc II ot * "~" \ OS THE ATIONAL LEAGUE PERSONAL NOTES BRiEF ITEMS lected Sy Bass Ball to Soecsad Kevr York, Dec. 10. -- GoTemor John K. Tener, of Pennsylrania, was elected ^resident cf the Xadoaal League 61 Base Bali Clubs. The election came after the retiring he didn't stay--lon II3S ·'colonel sat; comfortably in Ms ckair ^and gazed dreamily through a fcasy cloud of Havana" at the Christmas crowd. · "Ka-hal colonel. At ..last -I've found you looking sad!" "And a friend." %ho had come lip from behind-and slapped nun affectionately -on the shoulder paOed a big chair alongside and sat down. The colonel leaned farther back in the enveloping ^leather and a volley or expanding rings poured from beneath the carefully trimmed ·white mustache. "That," he said, with a T.ave of his hand toward the throngs, "set me to thinking of how in my country schooldays we bis, bad boys sometimes loclied the teacher out to make tim Si-re us a Christmas treat. At the precise moment you soaked me on the shoulder I was thinking of the time we locked out our teacher. We notified him a week beforehand that we expected him to gi^e us a nice, substantial treat when school "let out." as we said, on Christmas eve. He had baen a good-natured felkrar and had succeeded in keeping on good terms ·with us scamps in spite of us, so as -,ve wanted, for the reason, to let him off as easily as possible we specified only a .bos of oranges and bo^ of candy. ·* Til think about it,* he said.-lacgh- i"S, and we supposed it was as good as agreed to. "So v.hen on the morning of Christmas Ere day Mr. Teacher arrived without anything that possibly could contain a treat, we were hurt--doubly hurt to think that" a supposed .friend T/ould treat us so. We silently waited Paragraphs cf Kews Telling of tin Happenings in and about Torn? Pscple Vishiog Mere and Thost Sojourning Ekiwbtre. - Rev.. a"nd Mrs. W. K. Pleck, of Fairfield, are, visiting; at "the home of Murray Sheads,;*on West Middle street- Mrs. Bert "Widder, of Chambersburg street, is spending the day in Hanover. Raymond K. Stalismith, of New Oxford, is spending the day in town on Jbuuness. Rev. Joseph B. Baker and C. S. Reaser are attending the meeting of 1000 anti-saloon workers in Washington this week. Mr. Reaser is one of the delegates selected from this state. David 3. Forney and Norman S. Heindel were business visitors in Harrisburg to-day. E. P. Miller went to "Williamsport to-day to attend the convention of the Eastern Furniture Manufacturers Association. _ At a meeting of the church council of Union Lutheran church,'York, Monday evening, action was taken on "the resignation of their pastor, Rev. A. R. Steck, D. D., which Dr. Steck present- ed'to the-body at a" previous nseeung. In accepting the resignation the members unanimously seated that they did so with much reluctance. The High School Alumni Association will meet in the Eigh .School building Thursday evening at 7 o'clock. Rev. Pr. O'Kelly, of the Paradise Protectory, and J. Ralph Redding, of York street, spent Saturday at Mount till the noon hour, and when lunch- St. Mary's College. Emnutsburg. eons had been hurriedly gulped, two o* sis were detailed to get him away from the school house on some pretext or other. They succeeded, but as it was a cold president, Tuonias J. Lvnei:. scor- j g-y and there, was snow. When he ed the magnates for their methods and | found the door locked he rattled the suggested relcrniation en. their part. · Mr. L.ync cncocmg your next president you hare gone on reecrd-as wanting a whof vriii "lend dignity" and cres- through tie keyhole, - but you'll have knob and called: " "Open the door, please! It is 1,3tr. Q t' "'Sorry,' one of the boys replied get better"." Mrs. Paa'-vburst arrived at the sta- TUTS. Pankhursts eaughter, Christabel, has remained in Paris sines her last eondeinnaSioii to iniprisonmentjor^ xS "^Jr was an? that she suffering risy. ' -"~* * -~~* The ticket of ieave under which she was released temporarily was put up at auction and fetched ?750. H. D. HarCen Trarcliased the souvenir. ^c S-'T S^ ·y. A : B H A N D : N E W : S T O C K : C F ew Awaits your inspection here. z ^so novelties that the dictates \i fa^niors bai e ninde obsolete. Nothing earned over from former years -- but the latest designs from the trades best manufacturers. Cut Glass dd'rrht e v s; r y I I *Z a pATiErrrs GIVEN POISON Nurse's Mistake N'eariy Cost Four Lives in Pn:Iade!phia Hospital. Pniladelnhla. Dec. 10. -- A jonng nurse in the Philadelphia General hospital gave four men who are pa- i uenzs in the tul/sreular ward o£ the I institution a^ Elockler doses of poison by mistake for mediciEe. It was or.i--. throusa prompt treatment that t'ae lives of tha invalids were saved They have now recovered from fr.e effects of "the dose. Tae facts became Known through Director Xeff. of tne department oi public health and charities, at whose ord°.r a complete investigation is being nacle. The patients ·were given the dose on Friday afternoon in m,s!a!;e for salts and in a moment were writhing in agony. Pfcsicians were caiied in a' once by tiue curse anj they applied first aid treatment. For several days however, the condition of the saner srs was critical. b~it they have now recovered. Dr. Xef: said. The mrrse who made the mistak 0 suffered a nervous collapse when sne rouii'l wlat sse had done and sas since been confi-ed to her bed. Xo disposilaon lias yet Leen made by the zcsc'tal a"tboriti83 of her case. i b-n-Irame to ec; -"Ia lea-i^s-this, oSee, .ended to o^ir t our colleges 3'iir -- j a schools system to kcc 1 ?.- tl-at tJere is no tZK jre-Sf-rasj ^Se^ssc'possi- ^,,tgj;' EheJjasijiess- rzaxt- Hene dispenes ~iili i".c"r2i{Idlanian, not that to him. but tl^t we po^tant part a- freights. ^fi-ca^t^p-arr i ; relates to the loca. my part aaa. I.reeosnj.:s.ic a§ .a busi-- success--in--tic jssr Governor Tener ~as nominated by W. H. JBaKer. president of tae Philadelphia cls nomiaation was fciifc. j'eats Iterra :cl ^ee%tair has-.^o j "ran. ^ras" % ~re-eIec!ed = "fbr r tR( more. oz ot candy and have t here f ear -Tis- 'this i^,' and -we^ll open Maurice Zeigler, of East Middle street, has gone to Wayne- John F. Walter has returned from a business trip to New York. Mrs. Free Pittentarf has returned home- after visiting in .Lancaster for the past two weeks. BASKET BALL President of Intercollegiate League Announces Schedule of -Gatnesi - 'For answer he c pounded on door and thundered r---,": open, this door be- .~ " 'Boys, I Border"you_ to^ )orl?5will jrol'ehsy^ia^?'""- ; 'Oor Iecia"-e program, natut nas been CST'C-, dsmaccls. T..C .-.r f, tate fc- Grange ill" ont in most of oui parcel post, in f f ch the Pe^issyl-anie ·tli tie otier s^ai' res, vs : a- active part, has r r£}T 2s a sauces- '. "~or.d our dreams, anr tie -possiLi-l-e 5 are -Sar the vei?:il .units vnll s '-Kreaped to fifty pouadr m the £r-t rjp" ^occarj zone limits Mid ve b^Iisvo ti-at ti:e parcel ros. 3-iii be oo^ o: i ··. great factors in rs inciag the I.ig.i ^cost of living:." ti sneaklnc '_. tT:s mnrdens of r "arraer, ir~. Cr" =y said thaz an un sonal tasci'DS c t'-e larniers as csrn uared 'ffiEJ ctrie- properriefe ·vras na fust. IIIBICT F.EADiSQ OFFiGIALS Find Tr^c 3,!s Arainsr Cisrk and j Co-^nc-I-rs-i :-. B-sbery Cases. Rea'jI-s. Fa. Dec. 10-- True «rere fc'-jnr b f.-j sra-.-i jury in tiir ~rlmiccl ccur" : - tbe bribery and con ;piracy -arc= - _' ist City Clerk 5£7 and ^orr^r Coanc^men A S350-OQ9 X^AS PRESENT Grando's-jghxer of W. !_ Eikins to Get That Surr In Accumulated Interest- j Pailalelr-ii". Dsc. lf.--Sirs. Marie" I.ouie JElkins Je Guisne is to receive a Caristnas ;-reseat of more tban S350/-C-0- It is ro ccrae from the estate of fie. granafat-ier, U.e iate \Viiliara ~L. i..kin=, the raurr.-r.-'iilionaire- Upon tbe death of llr 3"dns, ia accordance -ivith the pro' islets of his ^ill, Sl,- Oi»'%CCO T7as set aslae for the bene5t of Ms granddaughter, Marie, who was the daughter of \Tiilian L. EIMas^-Jr. See "was then ten years old. Oi the income of the §l/.-j,003 she ~as to xeceive for her education, support and maintenance so snncu cs the executors and trustees saw St to giie her. Upon her attaining her maiorit she ^as to receive the accumulated Income, less what had been expended ^ ier behalf. jsei el acceptiag Umbrellas Mesh Bags Table Silver Scarf Pins WATCHES Lockets Chains Bracelets DIAMONDS Manicure Sets Imported Chime Clocks in Mahogany Cases Many other articles that wilt delight and please you. May we shove them to -you ? Compare our prices with others. Jc 1 Heirs of Fair Asphyxiated. sj ] Colamsus. OTM Dec. 10. -- Mrs. L- B. K ! Hart, se~ enir-OBe years old, was found sj 1 o.ead in ner hosie In "*\~orthingto2, a ^ " suburb, and her two nieces. losses =£ I Barbara and Kaccel Hart, are in a !-? « dyins condition as a result of being K I overcome by gas. Mrs. Hart and the :5 1 two nieces were left S5u»,000 by the V ' late TTnited States Senator J. G. Fair. ' of California, ! two young an tuicle of the Z I E G L | Col. Gailiard Died of Tumor In.-Brajn. j Washington, Dec. 10.--The ihysters ' which surrounded the cause of tne ' fatal illness of t'.e late 1-ieutenant i Colonel Gailiard has been dissipated · by the official autopsy. The exainina- | tion showed that Colonel Gailiard had been afflicted with an infiltrating tumor m the brain, which from its nature could not be successfully treated by a surgical operation. CHAMBERSBURG ST. * " ' * i ' OUR furnishing department !s just full of things that would make any man or boy an ideal Christmas gift. Lewis E. Kirssin.--advertisement -rlles in f-zr' -.on v itr. the a- if contrccv «~- -e apparatus. Tac crsc a " r-" T. H. Sloan and E ~\., Ccnklc ' Txi'Tis tletectr-'es charged L-- '- cr Coi r.cilnian t^eni rains v.iz.:, «· -- r -t Foli"itstio:i to at tempt to -- , a ^-.f. ofncer, --ere not BoHschweiler Nev/ Jersey Marshal. Washington, Dec. 10. -- President Wilson nominated Albert Bollscnweii- Perth Amboy. X. JTM to be Unit er of ed Ststcs marshal Tor the cisirict oi vr Jersey. and Co-Vr:; c-- said to have trappe:: tae oCcials i.'i- treir Fines \vife Zszs In Sathrocm. :\orr:sio-, - ' , . lice. 10.--35 rs. Ed ca FrceT, lv--- -six : ears o:d. '.Tas- foils4 dca-" ii '^e rathroam o£ Sei -es!Je"^e -c i .-as po'scniag. She ^s^ " ccr \ r - f*\. otnn? to illness far.;, on i~z ''rst iioor fa the crib. wrile t.ic (. r o" gas was com'ng Jrcm IV- !»-on- fmr. Jie Trent to the batl-rocs: «'.T . iVre found his "siffi's bo'r- Autos "set V/iid Turkeys. enr. -. ( a. T)er-. lo.--!-. D. Lock hart ran !.._ aatomomltj accsde"taily into a !.i'?" :locV: of wild turkeys ci-os'-Ins m« rod'l ia MucKaTes Sv-aanp, killing a b's -'o Mer, which he sscar ad as a trophj Pitlsburgh Msr.=:on Pittsburgh, Pa_ H3-. 1C.--^ne nia» s ian of the late Capla:-. Sama=! Ero^-n was burned- Loss, ":2-.«00. Fire ser -rar.ts narrowly esca-cl- V/EATHER EVERYWHERE. ! ! Observations o£ united States weafher bureaus taken at 8 p. m. yesterday Albany Atlantic City. - Boston f silence and su|ner[3e,yKieii he caliea to us: "·^ " 'WS11, Itozs,^}^ suppose The the^ besieged - Too. may open, the coor. I vriii treat.' "The door -was opened slofrlr, cautiously, for vre \iere doubtful, almost distrastf al, but te -s-as milmg. ""It is all right, boys,' he assures: cs. "I have promised. We might as ·srell close SOTS' till after the Xe^ Tear's holiday. While I as going for the treat I Tvant you all to get your boos ready so I can locfe the school house. I tope to be back ·with your -trea^ -within an hour.' "Then, lie started la a brisk k to~ard a. Jittie country -town about three miles 'It was z. few minutes after two o'clock when a bobsled, drawn by a Dr. J, Leroy Roth, of ~S\var«-hmore, president of the Pennsylvania State Intercollegiate basketba'l leagpi; with the permission of the faculties of the respecsive- colleges, -announces'the'fol- schedule of games for the 191C- 14Jeague.season:- . --**- * r -'~t Kn and"-Maij;nalI. t January 17-- Swarthmore. -January 2-3--Subquefaanna^at jBnck- ,; ^Slbright at Gettysburg^-- r^ 30--Gettysburg at-"Susque- """^giell at Albrighig f tysburg; AibrTghfea'E BucknelLS February 6--Washingtcoi'^id Jeff- eE£On"«t University cf PlttsbSrgh. Febmarv- 14--Gettysburg -at Albright: Uueknell at Susqnehaaiia- JFebruary 20--Suscjueharnia at Albright. February 21--Backnell at Gettysburg. February .23--Eennsyivania -State at University of Pittsburgh. February 24^-rPennsyIvania State at Washington and Jefferson. February 27--Albright at Susque- iianna; Gettysburg ac Bucknell; Franklin and Marshall at Swarthmore. February 28--University of Pitts- ourgh at Pennsylvania State., * ilarch 6--^Washington and Jefferson at Pennsylvania State: Swarthmore at Lehlgh. March 13--University of Pittsburgh at Washington and Jeiferson. ~ iron-gray NO thinking man 'wil! miss the money saving opportunity our Cbr:'f mas sale offers.. Lewi"? C. T\ir;^in.--ad- vciti«emcnt j Chicago ir: Orleans.-York Philadelphia St. Loris Washington iS ss .",7 36 P. Clear- 1 Ciear. Cloudy. P. Cloudy. P. Cloudy. Clear. Clear. Clear. The Weathsr. Fair today and tomorrow; ·west winds. horse, gay with sleigh-bells, glided up before the schoolhouse door. Sir. Teacher, looking as pleasant as any of ·cs, jumped out and said: " 'Here you are! I am going to leave you to yourselves to enjoy your treat,' he explained, as he hastily fastened the window shutters and shut up the stove- He then locked the dcor and put the key in his "pocket. By that time the boys had unloaded tre boxes, and Mr. G at once resamed his seat on the sled. " 'Jlerry Christmas to all!' he shonted- ·"The same to you!* we chorused. "We immediately assailed the boxes. The lid came oS the box marked oranges first, and oae was grabbed and the tissue wrapping removed. Then there was a wild yell-'Potatoes: Xothing hut old potatoes! "We glanced sheepishly at the big girls' who were holding their breath. In a tremor of dread we took the top oS the box labeled candy. Oh, utterly shattered hopes! The box was full of nice white candies!" The ample shoulders and girth of the colonel's friend shook freely. "Urn," he said. "He was some teacher." "You bet," agreed the colonel. "If we boys had had money enough I think we'd have come pretty near to buying him a sold watch."--Detroit Free Press. F(Hl SALE: family mare with colt by her side, F. M. Bream, Eiglerville, Pa. United phone.--advertisement LOST or stolen: black and tan aeegle Jiound. Answers name of " t Pup"Any person knowing whereabouts of dog please communicate -with Frank Lott. Gettysburg or Soy Legore, K. R. Gettysburg.--advertisement Fifteen Days to Christmas FOR SALE: dwelling containing store room, first block of Carlisle street. Apply Times office.--advertisement. Day by Day Jthe Stores Grow More Crowded, Do Your Christmas Shopping Early...... · How Things Have Changed! "You never used 'to come to me with the smell of liquor on your breath before we were married!" "No, and you never used to sing to me before we were married/' SPAPLRl

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