The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 20, 1944 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1944
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

4 Thursday, Jan. 20, 19« MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE TatooetJ Lady From Carni rnv With Stealing Baby Los Angeles,. -(U.PJ -- Diana Pauloski, 18, a 'red-haired tattooed lady from a carnival sideshow, was in jail .Thursday for stealing a baby. Mrs. Gilbert, Campos wife of an Oxnard, Cal., 'longshoreman, told police that the 1 tattooed woman i asked Monday if she could buy ler 15-month-old son, Frankie Campos, an ice-cream cone. Miss Pauloski and Frankie disappeared toward a store, hand-in-hand. Detectives found her walking along a harbor street Wednesday night with Frankie's hand, still tucked in hers. She told them that she fell in love with the child because ;he reminded her of her own son who died as an infant. "It was foolish," srie said. "I should have known that the police would identify me easily because my body is covered with tattoo marks." Many of the marks are pictures of babies. Claim Most Lightning Fighters Are Being Diverted From Pacific · Sydney, CU.R)--The Daily Telegraph Thursday printed a dispatch from its correspondent at allied headquarters in the southwest Pacific; which saidithat shipments of Lockheed lightning fighters to the area in recent months barely ha_d been sufficient to cover normal loss. The correspondent, Jim Vine, said the major output of the planes from United States factories had been diverted to the European war zone after the aircraft had been proved in Pacific action. "The success of lightnings in combat over New Guinea, New Britain thus had a boomerang effect," Vine wrote. "The transfer to Europe began the moment Lt. Gen. Kenney proved the lightning wasn't a 'gutless wonder' but one of the most efficient fighters used by any warring power." : BARGAIN IN BONDS Phoenix, Ariz., (ff)--The Phoenix police department is offering a bargain in bonds. Buy a $25 one and they'll tear up your parking ticket. , , Asks Where She Can Buy 1943 Model Auto Oklahoma City, (/P)--"Can t -ybu tell me where I can buy a new car?" a woman inquired of Luther Miller, autc ration official, by phone. , "What kind" of a car do you want?" Miller asked. "Well, a 1943 model," she answered. "Lady, don't we all!" exclaimed Miller. , ., Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-GweUe carrier boy. em BUY EXTRA WAR BONDS 4«) War Loan Drive -- War Bonds and Stamps available at all WALGREEN DRUG STORES "2 Money-Saving Coupon 700 Sheet Roll TOWELS! 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Montgomery should choose "Somethine in the Air" as a show to ace in London. The general;, pictured entering his box at the theater, is in Ion- don as commander, of British ground forces for the invasion and there definitely is "some- thine in the air." to Play With Both Sides By DEWTTt MACKENZIE · Associated Prem War Analyit Spanish. Generalissimo Franco's policy of playing both ends against th'e middle, in hi« relationsjwtth Hitler and the allies, has landed him in another jam with Britain, thus adding to the .divers problems which are complicating his increasingly difficult fight to maintain his dictatorship. T h i s t i m e British Secretary Eden has MACKENZIE indicted Spain on 2 counts. He told the house of commons that Sir Samuel Hoare, England's .ambassador to Spain, had been Instructed to make further strong representations over the fact that Spanish' volunteers still are lighting with the nazis against Russia. Britain also has re- nev.'ed her support of the Italian government's -request 1 or the release of all Italian ships in Spanish ports. . . Mr. Eden made no effort to conceal his government's annoyance with the Spanish support. of the Hitlerites. However^ this only adds one more to the long string of allied protests against 1 Franco's attitude. . . ... Less than a month ago Washington had an "incident" on its hands when 2 'members of the. franco Falance party flout: themselves Into our consulate at Valencia and damned as enemies of Spain some 35 Spaniards who were readinc American literature. Later both the Spanish government and the Falange party expressed regret-a fact of which our state department took note without making response.' ;. ·/ - \ · '· · ·' , . ; . One of Franco's serious difficulties seems to be that he caii't quite make up his mind whether his bread is spread with nazi or with allied butter. Bike King '-Alfonso in the last war, he' wants to bask in the favor of -both Germany and the L allies now and afte'r the' war, tain'winner. . . . . Howtver, this chanwdVand the end of 1942 th« na^toterv tionist, pro-monar«ufit'/*rmy o ficers became the.'dominant for in the regime in place of the pri nazi portion of the falmoie part: That really turaed=th'e : *r»nco gov ernment in the direction--of ne- trality. -. '±.~ \ · . There were 3 main, reasons fcj this change. One wa| that the C ~ on Hitler's chances of. winning · war took a hard: .knock America came i n . . . . - ' " / Then, too, the Cute* Siatec h»l succeeded In lining up MMt of th| western hemisphere «c*ntrt«* i th* allies, and Frape* ab could continue npport of ~th« i without gravely damaging, his lationc with the over-Mas Sg speaking naUong. The 3rd wa* that Spain tUU wa« ahx-ki IT weak from the efl«et» of civil war. " '··'':·.-.'":.;/ The falange party--:hac {round in - Spain," and /there been a corresponding swing to th right in thr, direction--of a monl archy. and 'the old ;'to'rm:-bf gov-l ernmenL · Naturally ,'this haj weakened. Franco's position on thi home front, and he Is under bea- pressure from both'the allies ai Hitler as the-Belligerent i powe line up for the^Iaiit big battle.. and yet he knows in his heart that he can't pursue such a course and get reward from the winners. The generalissimo's dilemma is complicated by Spain's explosive internal situation. The leftists arid the rightists are pulling against each other so heavily that they are rocking his dictatorial chair un- RECONVERSION TESTS PLANNED ; Nelson Maps Sounding Out in 3 Selected Areas Washington, (5 s ) -- Donald M. Nelson plans to make a limited "laboratory test" of reconversion in 3 selected areas of the country. The war production b p a r d chairman was reported reliably T h u r s d a y to have tentatively approved a plan under which SEflkSnSS S r^ a ^he has a deep without nstncbcm. «£·£ started out the Euopean The civilian goods so manuf ac- eanfjict as a "neutral" but commlt- tured could be sold without regard led to (iTe .^j mld to tae . sxis o the priority standing of the short of war." There weiie 2 rea- pnrehasers, government sources \ sans f or this · stand: He held he said, minimizing the chance that ow|id a debt to Hitter and Mnsso- the goods would. be, diverted for I Jln j fr ^ j^pjgrt they grave him military_or export use.". '^'...-·;··; "" """ ' ~ '''--'" - ~ - ~ - ""'· -The" .areas "under.: 'consideration are the 3 WPB regions' with head-1 quarters in Cleveland, Philadel-] ?hia, and Kansas City, Mo. The scope of the "test tube" program is so limited that it does norconflict v/ith Nelson's statement Monday that-there would be 1 no "general" resumption of civilian production until the war pic- lure is a great deal clearer. ! However, officials pointed out] that-the plan, if successful, could later be extended into other areas and bigger plants once the Euro- ] pean invasion is consolidated and the military picture clarified. Manwhile it would provide bothl government and industry with ex- j perience in handling reconversion | problems. \ The plan would lift the arbi-1 trary bans and limitations on the use of iron, steel, aluminum and copper. It does not contemplate I the making of any allocations, ot I these metals for civilian goods; the small plants would have to buy | idle and- surplus stocks. Food ProdiK^ion;:post J · Garner--William,-..-M.:·'/'.Wiche mann, vocational agricultural ii structor at Le Mars, .lonherly the Garner public--, ; schools, I been appointed assistant state : pervisor, icod production, \ training, as of Jan. .1." The apl pointment' was maae,V30intly bj Jessie M. Parker, state' superinf tendent.of: public instruction, an* H.-T: Hall, state supervisor of vol cational-education.- Mr. /Wichert mann' lett- Gariier'last/summer t| enter the;l*Mars schooli He heir ii" similar position In-.the .Game school system;'' '^-^ ·.;-;;;/ - : ';'·:··:·'· Ble Job far. Ad:/ Stutttart Army Airfield, UJJ--When. Christmas ."slipped and he had failed .to. produce il fitting gift, _Cpl:' Jbhn.-Johnso* irevailed upon his ^ sqiiadr/on cor i respondrat to'insert .the following item on the: · New ^Year's Dajl editiba of the" camp paper: ("Dear Wifey: I could'not flnd ybu a suitable present anywhere I tried, in town and at "the P but nowhere.: did " : thev; have ahy-i thing worthy of your-' charms^ That's why. you-didn;t"get any- 1 * thing for Christmas."' Rugs-Carpets-Congoleums Clearance Sale! These are specially low prices on all first quality materials for only 3 days of specials. One lot of 9x12 Wool Rugs in choice colors and designs. Priced up to. 45.00 to sell at this sale for One lot-Broad .Loom Rugs. Nice color assortment in choice patterns, 9x12 size for .._. In the most acute labor shortage areas--the cities listed by the | war manpower c o m m i s s i o n (WMC) as "group 1" areas--par- 1 ticipation would be open only to I plants employing 10 or fewer persons, it is now planned. In group | II areas (those listed by WMC as potentially acute communities) the limit would be 25 employes. In other communities 50 employes would be the limit. At least one of the regional WPB directors concerned has already been called to Washington for consultation. It was uncertain, however, how soon the plan could be put in operation. The "if" element was stressed in some quarters, for it was recalled that WPB's committee on Clearance of orders--in which the armed services are represented-recently spiked, at the last minute, the proposer! revocation of WPB's sweeping "Order SI-126,' which bans the use of iron and steel in 600-odd civilian items. However, the regional test tube 1 plan was reported to have the support of both Nelson and his executive vice-chairman, Charles E. W11 s o n; Maury Maverick, chairman of the smaller war plants corporation; and A. D. Whiteside, director of WPB's office of civilian requirements. · The WPB regions administered by the Philadelphia, ' Cleveland and Kansas City regional offices are roughly as follows: Philadelphia--Virginia, Delaware, eastern half of Pennsylvania, most of Maryland. Cleveland--Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, western half of Pennsylvania, western tip ol Maryland. Kansas City--Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, most o' Arkansas, extreme western fringe of Iowa. $3250 $3650 Room Sized Rugs See our large selection of room size Rugs. From I 9x12 to 12x15-0 at prices that .wjU please you. a and save. Hall and Stair Carpet j Tapestry velvet-plain taupe. Special Roman stripe velvet. To go at .__ Taupe velvet. Good heavy quality __ Candy stripe velvet. Special _._.-Wine Ax: carpet figured. Special -- 1.09yd. 1.98yd. 2.95yd. 2.69yd. Broadloom Carpet Plain twist frieze: Figured wine scroll -, Embossed blue Wilton per sq. yd. 6.50 per sq. yd. '5.95 per sq. yd. ,7.95 Each IOWAN IS VICTIM Pampa, Texas, (IP)--A flying Instructor and 2 student pilots Irom Pampa air field were killed in the crash of Oieir twin-engine combat training plane 10 miles north of the field. The instructor was Cadet Raymond Joseph Pierick, 21, DM Maine*, Iowa; . Congoleum Rugs Easy to dean. Smart and snappy £C 7R patterns. 9x12 size * li " · u Congoleum by 'the yard to cover your floor from wall to wall. Large choice of patterns. ^O* Square yard - ._*t?IU BAG RUGS, SHAG EUGS, CHENILLE RUGS. 'VISIT OUR NU-ENAMEL PAINT DEFT. ONE COAT COVERS. COSTS Ic sq. ft. Dflmorvs FLOQK COVKEXNO--OOWNSTAJOW STOKE

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