The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 17, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1818
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MUSIC. Graham's celebrated Polacca, arranged :EffirvSAir,Sd a. rondo, addy O'Carroll. w Jth var iationl for the piano forte, "J gONGS. AUo,allMr. Pbilipps' Songs to be bad as 17 "the NKX'I' LOTTERY MILTORD A5D OWMO BOAD tOT" t. UTHORISED by the states of New - Y AUTHORISE! oy ine nun . t nniivtv tn rnmmence X - to be drawn to 20 drawings - price of tick - etsSOdollars. ,r)ollars SKKX &' Dollar. 'Vbeflr.tdrawn.Bumber.tobeenUUedio idol ollars - he first drawn on ou. . i dol lars - the Mst arawa on - 7. UrL - th first drawn OB the Utb day,, , dol rars - and the first drawn 00 the istn uay, 40. ,000 a0""! - ... c., - - ...,. eishths and six iicxets, ""'"i n" " teentni for sale at lottery and Exchange Office, No. 54 Maiden Where the cash may be obtained for all tbec nri nnn ai drawn. fen 17 , QR1ZE LIST, Medical Science Lottery, 30th M - ft "MkT'b nn'M of 130.000 1 25.066. 500 T25.785. 200 1 17,329, 100 tl3,190,50 ; t7,083 m n.uA.ji.i.ituiM iuin r.f.F.3 t All old at ALLENS ; where the highest prize ever drawn in America, wu soiu ami ymu VII : no. 3JZU) a pme ui feb 17 2t EDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, No. now drawing 5 times a week. 1463roattway: Correct list prize. 30th drawing 10323 $30,00 - ; 25066 500 ; 25785 200 17329 100 13190 and 7083 each 50. First drawn no. Draws train to - morrow First drawn number on Thursday next, wiil be entitled to 1000, and on Tuesday next, the 1st drawn no. will be entitled to 3000 dollars i feb 17 IRON 74 toas English iron, well snorted, now landing from brig Thomas, and will be sold reasonably (rom the wharf, by O. G. & S. HOWLAND, Feb 13 77 Washinton - st. TY K V GOODS 2 cases .bepard's super blue AS ana black cloths 4 cases 9 - 8 cambricks 5 do cotton hosiery 1 do checked hdkfs. just landed from the Hercules, ana lor sale by HURD b SEW ALL, 65 South - street, Also received by late arrivals, 8 cases flu blue and black London cloths 10 do japanned and plated bats 5 do men's super London do. Jan 23 IT'Ofl SALE, the LOT on the north side of A' OUT street, adjoining those in Betkman - st Apply to ft. DiunnAi, fenrjbt 313 reari - street, TJOMUAZETTS k COTTON. 4 bales JU Bombazetts 34 bales Sea Island Cotton, and 15 do. prime Upland do, landinr and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - street, la - Sroaa 40 bales Sea Island. Apply sj soove. lan 24 - . TOBACCO, FLOUR, Ac .0 hhdi. old Richmond Tobacco, principally of prune quality, auapiea 10 u I run marcet 40 do new do., part very prime 20 do old Rappahannock do 250 kegs Richmond manufactured do., sweet scented and common 250 bbls Richmond snperfine flour 54 bales prime upland cotton 126 pieces Holland duck 200 kegs Dutch herrings 20 casks allum 50 do dry white lead 25 do claret 40 c rates earthenware, assorted 24 casks mustard 3 butts best London porter 5 puncheons rabbit skins 500 reams medium printing - paper 00 do cap, no. 1 and 1 30 gross press papers, tic for sale by WALSH Si GALLAGHER, Feb 6 66 South - street. TTPLANDCO fTON. 15 bale, prime Up iviu vol ton. uumintr and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Fine - street IX STORF.. 42 bales Sea bland Cotton, for sale as above, Jan ikj Lli - iii, &tc. 4 bales Oernian Shirting and Sheeting Linens, lor into m r.nnhi terms, ny U.U.JkS. HOWLAND. Jan 27 77 Washington - street. 1" IGNU - 4VITE. - 30 tons on board the ship o - m corsair, lor sal t.v Jan 26 TROKF.S. DAVinsos i, r. KICHMOSD FLOUR. 101 ban - els super - fine landing fmm tK Innn'. "I 1 KUK9. UAVIDSON & CO, Feb 7 1 fl UtLAJft) corjvjv. - A - f bales verv nn'm. n.Jor. . : tore, and Tor sale in lots to suit purchasers, by ) Atfi. b,bl' - "tol Suaaish Brown, With a general assortment of Paints, dry and ,ar, . Ripley u weld. Jaa 23 of Fnllon - ,,rtet I niALS ISO chaldrons coarae Liverpool r. - . . on ooarusnip rtestor, at Murray aarf - for sale by ' G. G. & S. ROWLAND, fb5 n whint PISH MARKET TOBACCO - 58 hhJs. of nnpnnl:,.. e i . olnr Aca, from Richmond, f - .r t;de by 1, , D - UETilUNE & CO. 92 C. II. slip. 20 .vnr.itcrc alia, el masses, good quality, at Feck Li. .1. . ... .,:,.alenT R7r OU t i arraned American Tallow VieJa,5. , . CJ"IIeN of different sizes, froui by ""P s factory, Charleston. MassFor sale . RIPLEY 4c WELD, Jaa ;g ' 1 rnt, corner of Fulton - street HtTLL It BOWNE have just received by the Lorenso, from London, Dixon's Anlihilious Fill Hickman's Fills for tbe gravel, tic Chine's Worm Destroying Lozenges Roach's Embrocation Thompson's Cheltenham Salts Ifayward'sTola Losenges llen'ry's Calcin'd Magnesia, And a general assortment of British Fatrnt Medicines of repute, not mentioned above ; warranted genuine, and for sale at Jan 24 La 148 Pearl - street. BRANDY, FLOUR, FLAXSEED At RAI SINS 20 pipes brandy, best Bordeaux 950 bbls. Baltimore Heward - street flour .54 caiks rough flaxseed, and ' 400 boxes fresh bloem raisins, for sale by ply to GEO. M. WILSON, . ' Feb 7 130 Water - street. FLOUR and TOBACCO. 600 bbls. Richmond sup. Flour 29 bbds old and new Tobacco, 120 kegs manufactured d 6 & 8 bands to the lb. For sale at 108 Front - street, feb 13 TROKES, DAVIDSON & CO. FLOUR. 125 barrels Richmond superfine Flour, just received and for sale by BOORMAN St JOHNSTON, feb 12 57 South - street. DEER SKINS 6 bales first quality lor sale by SAUL ALLEY, feb 7 98 Pine - street. Ersfl RUM, Ac. JJ puncheons Jamaica Rum, just arrived and landing from the brig David Richards, from r almouln, (Jam.) and lor sate by A. D. DUFF. 69 Washington - street. Wh has for sale in store, L. P.Tenerifle Wine, (I'asley brand) inqunr - tercasks, imported July, 1816 Do do in hhds. and qr. casks, do August Jo Do do In pis, hhds. and qr. casks, viP tember do 30 pipes, 100 hhds and 280 qr. casks do enti tied to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, ship'd in 1813, from tne cape oi uooa nope, ana eou tied to debenture Port and old Lisbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of claret wine 132 do grave wine and one cask cardwire. feb 7 tf ELEGANT MAKgEIJLLES QUILTS AD COUNTERPANES. Marseilles Quilts from 5 4 to 16 - 4 Counterpanes from 9 - 4 to 15 - 4 White, Chintz and blue and white bed lace Green worsted Cords and Tassels Fine Linen Bed Ticks Superior furniture Chintzes and Dimity Merino Hdkfs. and Shawls, a large atsortment Elegant long scarlet and white Merino aud Cashmere Shawls 9 - 4 green figured and bl.ick, raw silk Shawls Superfine black Bombazines, superior black Italian Crapes White Cotton Velvet for Painting on Cane Umbrellas, Irish Linen and Diaper Damask Table Cloths from 5 - 4 to 20 - 4 Irish and Russia Sheetings Elegant emhroidcid and ribbed white Silk Hose, just received and for sale ly GARDINER & VAN ANTWERP, No. 169 Broadway, next to tbe corner of Courtlandt - street. feb 14 4t LONDON MUaTARO. 40 boxes first quality fresh London Mustard, in boxes of 6 do zen each. For sale by TUCKER & LAUR1ES, feb 14 29 South - treet. rYWiAE. First ouahty Loudon Seine Also, A 2 and 3 thread India Twine, in Quantities to suit purchasers, for sale by fvXUDtwt, ettUtMl.U, feb 14 76 Pearl - street. HAT6, TEAS, tc 14 casis Men's Hats, just received from on board the brig Factor, from Havre, entitled to drawback. IN siunt - . 9 chests of Imperial Tea. Huntress' cargo, of a superior quamy. Also, 60 casks oi French Yellow Ochre. For sale by Jifc.MIT WUWMU, feb 14 1st 191 Front, corner ol Fulton - st. COAL AFLOAT. 1 !i chaldron of Liverpool new pit coal is I Vluow landing from on board the ship Nestor, lying at Murray's wharf, east side Coffee House slip. These coal will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, and information may be had by applying oo bord ol the ship, or at the coal yard, No. 274 1 rout - street. X or sale by f eb 14 6t A rKASKll. IAMA1CA RUM. 15 hhds fine old Jamaic I Rum, just received an J lor sale by feb 14 U. CRUMP, 90 Tine - street IHEETINGS. lUOps. Russia SlieeUugs, of j sup. quality, lor saie dv UUKJJS Sfc.W ALL, feb 14 65 bonth street. .FLAXSEED 15 casks Flaxseed, binding this ' aay irom senr. Kaneer, trom rvor.oik. loi sale by D. HE 1 11 UN Efi CO. feb 14 92 Coffee House Slip. MOLA.SSES & RUM 82 Casks fintqual ity Demarara molasse 4 puncheons rum landinrr from the brig Ameuiyst, east side Steam - boat wharf, pier no. SI tor sale by GEORGE LACY, feb 12 lw No. 4 Fulton - slip C ANDLES. 60 boxes eastern would candles just received, (or sale by lebll JOS. OSRORN. 63 South t. "10TTON. - - 64 bales Prime Uplaud, for sale vy ai od souu - sireei, oy Jan 27 WALSH (t GALLAGHER OD FLOUR. OOO bblssuperf. J V6 half bbls do S Flour, landing this day ZZ bbls Hue 1 From schr Adeline from Alexandria, and Mar garet - Ann frem Petersburg. For sale by DIVIE BETHUNE Si CO; Feb 7 92 Coffee House slip r OOOtiUE & CO. No. 44 South - street, offer A for sale, 150 bales ol Calcutta Piece Uoodt, consisting ol Dallas, chowdaearies. cossas. emerties Gurrabs, blue gurrabs, entitled to drawback uviig viuioi, wnmooay, niUH muus Saanas, sawns and seersuckers Bandannoes and lungee audy silk hdkfs Lo tehee and madras patt. - rn hdkfs - 10 pipes Catalonia wine, entitled to draw - Madeira wine back . 1 W. I , . iu casas i uraey rea wine 124 boxes sweet oil, 12 bottles each 1 1 cases Italian letter papv r 250 bags corks, 7 cases fur bats 45 ceroons i - eruvian bank, 6 casks senna 5 cases cum tragagnatb 1 case Turkey opium - 60 boxes Russia window gtass IS bales Russia feathers, 15 do do down 2S0 bolts Russia duck, 1st and 2d quality 40 pigs block tin ; copper bolts assorted Spelter, gunny bags 140 hhds. first quality Muscovado Sugar, enti tled to drawback. feb 4 PAPER. J. SWORDS bavins recently become J - agents for the Third "River Paper iver Paper Mill, owned and conducted by Messrs. Morris and Kiniraland. renectfullv inform the uubli': federal ly and the trade in oarricnlar. that thev have now on band a quantity of the various kinds of paper maonfaciured at thH mill, consisting of i ;ne royai ana mecium coloured, Fine medium printing and blotting, Superfine writing demy and foolscap Superfiue extra folio and noarto dosL olain and hot - prufsed. The above papers are all of the first quality, and are offered at a reduced nrice. eiUier for cish or approved notes, at a reasonable credit. - i . . . . r . aucpiiei win d recriveo, io nirniHi small or extensive orders. Gentlemen who have been in tbe habit of receiving nauer from this mill are invited to continue their patronage at the to sew ogrucj. ko i BOMBAZF.TTS. A FEW bales black bombazetts, just received per ship Nestor, and for sale by - ' DANIEL OaKEY, Feb 10 Iw No. 51 William - . A DRAFT on bavanoah, payable in 20 days, for1278 For solelv JACKSON k WOOLLEY, feb 10 75 Wall - street. Shawls, handsomely assorted, received per Ann mana. CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, Jan 29 67 South - street. H OPS. 2 bales for sale at 67 Snulh - st. by CAMbRELENG & PEARSON feb 12 IRISH LINEN. 5 boxes 4 4 Irish Linen, ror M. sale oy w. It S. fJKAKi, feb 13 T7IG.s 200 qr. boxes freshlTurkey pul'd Figs, X' U!i received, and tor sale by Jan 22 PETER REMSEN It CO. I7 LOUR - 60 bbls. Richmond Flour For sale r by UOOUHUE & CO. 44 Siuth - street. feb II f LASS WARE, fcc - 4 boxes assorted glass, VJi consisting oi Large sized Window Glass Decanters, Tumblers, Inkstands Watch Glasses, &c. 2 boxes Fowling Pieces, Just received per Winifred, from Amsterdam O.f MABD. A quantity of muskets, entitled to debenture 6 ceroons first quality Indigo, and 2 bbls White Lead For sale by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb7 1m 72 Washington - street. QP1RITS OF TURPENTINE and NAILS kJ 5 casks Spirits of Turpentine 5 do lOd Wrought Nails 3 do Ifld Cut do 2 do 6d do do 2 do 4d do do Just received and for sale by BARUARIN, STANTON Si CO. feh12 Iw 17 Fulton - slip. CARGO OK Til K SHIP PEKIN, FROM CAL CUTTA AINU J KArNyU r.liAK. TO be sold at auction, on Friday, Sl'th ioit at Bo. ton, the following articles, just imported in the shin Pekin 1509 bags double boil'd rudnaghore and white benares sugar 774 bales cotton, of superior quality 3000 bags best patna nre 50 cases iudigo, tint quality 2000 pieces madrass blue cloths 2000 nieces do chicks 15000 Madrass and 15000 Calcutta goat skins 20 bales samower 70 bags fn f b sago 18 pieces large ivory 158 bags tumeric 2500 gunny bags 400 pieces red wood. For further particulars, npply to SAML. G. PEKKINS & CO. India Wharf, ir to BRYANT ti STURGES, feb!3 5t CVntral Wharf. HEMP, LEAD, PAINTS, Sic. Russia hemp, in lots to suit purchasers 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 catks bar lead. 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twiue Enluh sail aid seine twine 3 casks Prussian blue, 5 casks vermillion 3 hhds verdigris 50 caiks French yellow ochre .. Dry white and red lead 20 boxes tin For sale by PETER 6CI1ERMERHORN & SONS, j 243 Water - street. Also, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, from 40 to 2500 w. Cables and cordage, of all size?, best quality, with the usual assortment of ship chandlery FeblJ tf DOMBAZETS 3 bales assorted Bomba - 13 zetts.just received per (hip Nestor, from Liverpool, for sale at B7 CoSee House - slip, by LA1DLAW, GIKAULT at CO. fi - blUOt SNABCKGS Si PAPER. 1 bale Osna V bui sr., aud 1 do Italian Paper, for sale at 76 Pearl - street. feb 11 CF.BRA & CUMING. I AMES D'WOLF, jr. 57 F rout - street, oners IF tor sale 50 tone elean St. Petersburg hemp Russia duck 16000 lbs. green coffee in bills, entitled to drawback Roll brimstone, German steel " do Writing and wrapping paper do 15 cases half - pint tumblers do CtW - 'le soap and mould candles do 1 case Leghora hats do 2 cases choleta do 1 tnse plat'.lUs Feb 10 A.MA1CA RUM Si FLOUR. 15 puncheons Ur 4th and j'h proof Jamaica rum, of supe ricr quaiily, and 100 barrels uperfine Baltimore vHoward - streetj Hour, landing and for sale by R. CRUMP, Feb 9 , OOPine - st. TOBACCO, COTTOY, FLOUR A.D WHEAT. TJ1IFTY - EIGHT hhds prime Kentucky to ut, bacco 26 bales prime new crop N. Orleans cotton 123 bbls flour, and 75 bushels wheat Received per brig Tltomas, from New - Or leans for sale at no. 87 Coffee - house - slip, by LAIULAVV, UIKAULT 61 (JO. Who have in Store, 1 case French linen cambrics 1 bale superfine black cloth 2 cases Madrass Pulicate Hdkfs ; and 1 do imitation French cambrics Feb 11 lOt c ANTON CRAPES. Fresh supply Canton Crapes tor sale by MARCH Si LOW, feb 11 210 Broadway CASal.VERES, S.iTTIJYETTS A AD CASSLYiTTti. A FEW cases blurs, blacks and mixtures, of various kinds, manufactured lor a southern market, will be sold low for cash or approved paper. - Also, at reduced prices, several rases of blue, black aod mixed broadrloths. amonr which are some or vvoicoti's superDtcs, at lite Ware - House, 148 Pearl - street, feb 11 a TOBACCO It KICE. - I00 quintals best qua lity Spanish Tobacco 44 tierces prune nice, per srnr. bontn caroll na, for sale by JONES k MEGRATH, feb II 83 bouth - street. BLUE NANKINS 3000 ps. for sale by HURD Jr SEW ALL, feb 11 65 South - street. MARBLE FOR BU1LUIAQ, le. m HE proprietors of the southern marble qua - JL ries. near Kios's - Bridge, give ontice, thai they have on band, and are receiving, at Uie King't - Bridge Marble end Lime - lard, toot of Beach - street, on the HiKLon nver, an extensive stock of marble tor building, of the foUowinj descriptions, viz : Ashlar loping Watertable ' Foomlation Stone Steps Chimney - Pieces Platforms Facinp Sills, Lintels Columns Arches AIo Urns of tbe best quality. rry A contaat supply of the above materials may be calculated upon; and those desirous cf purchasing, or makiog enngements, will apply EZKA LUULOW, is - Feblllm At the lard. For Atetmdrid, Qeorgelovn tali Wukingtm CsJf. The schooner ADELINE, Edward Rummey, master, laying east side Cot - fee House - slip, now loading;. For freight or passage, apply to the master on board, or to D1VIE BETHUNE & CO. feb 12 92 Coflee House - slip. For Wilmington, A'. C. Thesthr UNION, Ephraim Dennett, master, will be ready to take in to - mor row, ror Ireight or passage, apply on board, west side Fly - market wharf, or to JONES & MEGRATH, Feb 10 . 83 South - street. For jVorfhlk or iiallunore. The fine staunch new sloo REGU LATOR, Win. Sowle, master. For Ireight apply to GEO. M. WILSON, Feb 7 130Water - st For CITt POIAT, (Fa.) The brig EUNICE, captain How, will sail in a few days, and will take neavy ir eight at a low rate. Ji pply on board at rine - si. wharl, or to CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, Feb 6 C7 Soulh - st For CHH HLtii TOA. The fast sailing schooner LOUISA, W Napier, master, being nearly loaded, will sail the first wiud for the remainder, or passage, apply on board, west side Burhng - shp, or to 8. ALLEY, Feb 3 98Pine - st, For MATAJtZAS, (Cuba.) The brio - Caroline, G. Munro, mas ter, will take what freight may offer this week - For terms apply to JAMES D'WOLF. Jun. 57 Front - street. For FREIGHT or CAAHTF.H. The britf SIDNEY CRISPIN, bur, then 156 tons, a staunch good vessel lately repaired. Apply as above. feb IS For OFVH JV, The schr. BETSEY, capt. Turner, burthen 97 tons, a substantial good vessel, only one year old, having a part of her cargo engaged. For freight of the remain der, which will be taken on very reasonable terms, apply to GOODHUE & CO. jun 31 44 South - street. The fine fait sailing - hip FOSTER, N. Moran, master, having 7 - 8tbs of her cargo ready to go on board, will be despatched without delay, f or freight or 100 to 20U tierce - seed, or passage, apply to the master on board at pier no. 13, or to Jan 20 W. it S. (J II Alii. ror Hale, Freight or Charier, The brig elDNEY, Crirnin, 156 tons, a staunch good vessel, lately put in good order wr a voyage For terms apply to JME5 D'WOLF, junr. Feb 13 57Front - st. For HAFAJVA, The brig ABEONA, George Gray, master, a staunch good vessel, burthen about 1000 bbls ; to sail on or before tbe 25th inst For freichtor passage, apply to , JAMES D'WOLF, junr. Feb 13 57 Front - s. FORQALWAY, The brig HA H, O. Hicks, mas - L,ter, has excellent accommodations for parsensrs, and is two thirds loaded ; can take 150 hhds. or freight in proportion, by immediate application to the captain on board, or to THOS. DENNISON, ' . Feb 16 ' 40 8outh - st. I iii iui muiue Mir utift i iu uc riiA . T... a .1 t r a uniu, masier, ju.i reium.u iroui i on au i Tincc, ana u now in rcaainess io proceea a - gam immediately, ibis schooner is one year old, 143 Ions burthen, and in the best condition. She has handsome accommodations for passen gers. tor terms apply to, Feb 16 URISWOL1JS St COATES. Hr.E TING6 - .,,., . . . 8 bales I lemish sheeUugs, lor tO sali sale by JAMES G. KING Si CO. No. 61 Pine - street, feb 16 JLOUK. - 100 bbU Richmond (Mayo mills) pi IminM - luur " ' 'Ir i J GRISWOLDS Si COATES, feb 16 86 South - street. FLOUR and TOBACCO. 0U bbls. superfine Vireinia Flour 60 kegs second quality, manufM Tobacco, Landing from the schr Belvidere, and for sale by WALSH & GALLAGHER. feb 16 66 South - street. HEAT TAR, 130 bushels N. C. - beat, in obits 50 bbls. Tar, afljat and for sale by R. Si C. W. DAVENPORT CO. feb 16 IUSCOVAbO SUGAR. IU hhds. Musco - lv I vado Sugar, for sale by ..I.. L... feb 14 G. W. TALBOT. 55 Pine - street. TO BOOT k SHOEMAKERS. CALF SKINS, T Seal Skins, Cordovan, of the best quality Vrop soies and ranges, Long & short boot legs, j For sale by ELLIS St FLECKNER, FeM6 lw 20 Fulton - st. u.vfPiir.Mw,vL' ' lity, in boxes of one doren each for sale by LLL13 il I feblSlw No. 20 Fulton - street. eO ANTON GOODS. - 4 f - ... ku - i. ivw ave aytiaavaa. anu i colored Crapes Fringed and plain Hdkfs. iust received, for sale by SAMUEL WILLIAMS, feb 15 St No. 123 l'earl - street. STAVES 30 M. barrel staves, N. R. 10 M. pipe staves do SO M. dressed R. O. hhd 300,000 feet of Kinderhook boards 150.000 do Albany boards 100,000 do tcantliug 80,000 do 1 - 4 plank. For sale by W. B. PARSONS, Feb 16 3t 104 Cedar - sL Albany Basen. SILKS, fcc - nrsoets i cases pongees, 2 do twilled 1 do col'd sattins, entitled lo debenture ; also 3 bales col'd cassimere shawls For sale by CAMBRELENG k PEARSON, Feb 6 C7 South - st, VV HITE LEAD GROUND IN OIL. - 4ia) kei - s, of 2UII. each. W hite lead. ground in oil, just received per ship miliam, tor sale by re e Bervnesnn lUthLK N L.AUIUF.3, fob 10 29 South - street, 11 U RITY OF HEART, or a Woman as she JL should be ; an interesting tale, by an old wife of twenty years, price 87 1.9 - .nf. ftit I published and for saie by COLLINS 11 ANN As, Fob 13 230Peexl - st TO LET, Ktr'.J The three story brick dwelling, 27Nor - folk - street Enquire of COX & JtfONTAUPEVERT, Feb 13 66 Wall - st. TO LET. j Tne house no. nroaaway, io wmm attached coach bBse, garden, pump, cittern and bath Douse, all in excellent oroer son ai pre seat occupier! by Aba. Bed. Possession grvea m or befote tbe 1st of May next, r.oquire oa the premises, or of S. B - MUNN, I I I soil any and fee 13 lw reari - succ. TO LET, The ltew brie. Store no. 63 Stone - it Apply to T. k J. SWORDS. Feb 14 TO LET. From the 1st oi Mav next, the lower counting room ol No. 54 South - street. ALSO. umMJ - - - - - - rf The upper counting room, No. 71 Srmtb - st . . . rr - o Itfilrm V I. Apply lO .J AJllca u nui.l, r. leb 13 57 Froiit - street - STORFS TO i.F.T, IJaijl The four story fire proof Store, No. 92 South street, next to the corner of Fulton - street, and near t lie Ferry, at prtsent occupied c - y Messrs Towntend Si White. The four stnrvnra nroof Store No. 91 South street, adjoining the above, at present occupied oj mr. i nomas s. l ownsenu. ALSO. The store, No. 213 Front street, next to the corner or Urane - wharf. now occupied oy Messrs. Mott Ir Redmond. The four story tire proof store No. 241 Water - stTcet, near reck slip Aniilr to PETER SCHERMERHORN & SONS. Feb 14 8t No. 243 Water - street. iO LKT, The brick store No. 2 Gouverneur's Lane, next door to Water - street. It has four floors, besides a large cellar and garret. Possession may (probably) be bad mvvious to the 1st May, ir required. Apply at 99Souih - trect. feb 16 TUCKER&LAUKIES, FOR SALE, Thatoleasant situated house and lot No. 161 Greenwich street, next to the corner of Diy street Can be viewed at any time, r or paru culars apply at No. 52 Froa'. - street. feb 16 iw BLOOMFJKLJJ & MAZER'S PA TEXT. fit HE public are invited to call at No. 30 Maiden - lane, aud examine an open tiof iust constructed by the subscribers, after a model imported from Amsterdam, with improvements of their own, and now lor uie nrsi time maue in the United .Stales. This patent combines all the conveniences and comforts of an open nre place, with all the advantages of a close stove ; afford - ina ili rheanheat of the latter and at the same lime the handsome and pleasant appearance ol Uie former. For bed chambers they are unpa - rallellcd by ffliy invention yet seen in this country. BLOOMFILLD Si FRAZER. 'Feb 12 tf A COUNTING ROOM TO LET. A PLEASANT Countine Room on the lower floor of the store No. 29 South - street. Ap ply at No. 29 South - street - n" 14 T OS 1 Yesterday lb. cnoon, a small green Li leather Pouch, containing about ninety dollars iu notes of the dificrent banks in this rity. The finder will be suitably rewarded and receive the thanks of the owner, by returning the same with its contents to 39 South - st feb 16 St IN CHANCERY. State of New - York, ss. IN pursuance of a decretal order of this honora ble court, will he sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffte House in the city of New - York, under the diiectien of the subscriber, as one of the masters of this court, on Saturday, the four teenth day of February next, at twelve o'clock at noon, all that certain home and lot of ground, situate on the westerly side of Nassau - street, in the third ward of the city of Nrw - Vork, and known as number51, bounded as follows : easterly in front by Nassau - street, westerly in the rear by property belonging to Mr. Laac Me:id, northerly by Mr. Hodekinson's Tavern, and southerly by property of Mrs. Elizabeth Giron - court, containing in breadth iu front and rear . . f i . . i . , iwemy nve Iti'i, in lengui on nm oonnrriy kiur one hundred and twelve feet four inches, and on the southerly side one hundred and ten leet ten inches, be the same more or less ; t - ether will all and singular the hereditaments and i.ppuru nances thereunto belonging. Dated tlie 23d day - - mruinnt nrrr r o IVIVIIAULI I, VI lLiU9 , . m - - t,. i... fii,. ,.i ;ii r, - .. ri. 0w. uinr rent nn the day of sale. ISberrent 0 the first day of May m xt, at which time a deed will be executed and possession given : the residue to oe paid in seven years, with mteresi nan yeany, secureu uy a oona ana mortgage on the premises tne house io oe insured ny itn - purchaser Irom the said first day of May until the purcnaie mviiey ana imereii inereon paia, nnu the policy to be transferred to the mortgagi e or lurther particulars apply at the master's ol - Ji - T ,bove nronertv i. n - tnoned '..V?.. 01 lhf ! B. ?e ."Pny " P!,p0Bert untilJ hursday, the 19thday ol lebrunry, instant, Dee, no. oo nne - sirees janz.iuaiv until Thursday, the 19th day ol February, instant, at half past 12 o'clock, at the same place. Dated February, 14, 1818. JVlVsil A KLI I. Wr.LLS. feb 16dts Master in Chancery, A MOST DARING ROBBERY. - TN Monday, between the hours of 2 and 3 J o'clock, the office of the subscribers, iu w curB u.. wav - . ...Mil t n ,i,nri.rl Anil An iivw. rhAM A. peneu, containing trans, oius anu oincr vaiuauie . . l. - .l 1 , . , papers, laaen inereirom. v m can revolted toe following, viz : A Pout Note on Use Mechanics' Bank of Bal timore, for $500, on demand, dated July 4, 1817, and No. J, payable to t isher Ames, or order n. , 1 i , ... I 1 us woru - - oruer - - wai orusru, anu www I substituted. Two 100 Billion the bank of North - Caroli - na. About 900 in Salem, Beverly, Marblo - head, Newburyport, Lynn, and Havrchill bank bdls. I rom 3 to $4UUU in current bans: bills. A eherlr lor C230 6Z. s hmud bv John Dodre. of I Salem. A ouanUty of New - York Bank Bills Some old Hallowell aud Augusta bank bills, and tome ol the Penobscot bank - Also, a small leather containing gold, among which was a light uouoiooii niso, iworauuuumun. i flT' A person of middle stature, with a Scotch Plaid cloalt, was seen about nail past 2 o'clock, . rr - I opemng tne oiuc. 500 Oollars reward will be given lor the re - .nu. - n i r uutvi y. vi ui. yiuii v. m ccuc, mi ib woru lur i any part of the property or the detection of the thief: and all persons are invited to use their nigh handed villainy. wimAn s, No. 76 State - street, Boston. TT7 The publishers of the New - York Even. in; rost and Meraiu; rnuaacipma uazette;! Baltimore ) ederal Iepublican ; National Intel - ligencer, and Richmond Enquirer, are requested to publish the above three tiuics in their respec - tive papers, and forward a paper containing it, nth their bills, as above. Feb 14 DlC3t w 1LLIA.M HOOKER, No - Waa. - - st. Mrn - r of Fultoo - strrcl, iw - x - .it. n?v - Ai.,i a lar?e suDtdy of lb rctl J A PA N nf .r - iflvfi. nf I)T 61 .Yjartiu. . il H I loi - bom London, oflers ihe same, in wnon - e or vi retail, for exportation, or hoxe cr.sumption, on terms tbe most bberal aod advantageous ts p'Jf - chaers. ThiiJnestimable composition, with half tho u - sual labor, prviwrt a ms - t bri'Pantjst Hack, fully equal to the h;shel japan - ari jn ; a.fords peculiar nourishment to toe leather ; it w.!l hoi the finest lineu is perfectly free from aay unpleasant smell ; and will retain its lirtJvd in tne climate. As an ipcoat'cvcrtiblo proof of tin superior excellence r.f ltu blacki.u;, it hfs atco - i tbe tr - t commvid jd tbe mrct extensive sole in all quarters of the globe, i 'ir npwar Js of hs!f a cen I N I I I .. N N h. 1. & lie P JL k to keep tne Utes tory, Wav. nrl tury. FT Jo public sales: BY P. L. MILLS U CO. Thursday, At half past 9 o'clock at their Auction Room a general assortment of Jtrilish dry goods. BY J. P WL?fc;:ICIl & CO. A I I IUV Ai E c - Al E, ' SOOO acres ol land, in Wo(.d CouMy. (VaJ within ID miles ol Maiiella, ai d 5 uiili - s ,rf ,i U - tf Ohio River. I2H0 do in th. lown r 1 lattslmrirli, Clinton CluoIj. Nea York 400 do in like County, Pennsylvania, awl uri excelh nl improved farm of S!IK rtf re, on the t ,l.i tontiirnpiko road. The two last wid In - haiigeit for pro - ptrty in the city i.l New Ynk,or Ivr mcKLan dize. Afpl t the uurtmn ro.,m. Fofpjuimciil if ihe Fi.nim. 7"The public are ii. formed th?t the nit meeting of the Forum i pp - ipoutd to Friday evening, the 27th inst. wlion the following question will be di?ruscd : " Ought the minds of women to be cultivated by the same staJU - as those of oi'. - D ?" Feb IrJ 6t C.ILLlO. PAR I Its QT The oj.ipbs" n irive notice thid fl next Cotillion Party wid be at the City Hotel, on Thursday Evening next, the 19tb ibstart. K b io 4t Fur England, rtu riaitfax, jS'ora aeoua. fTr Letters lor hii Britaunic majesty's uret Grace (fcr Falmouth, via Halifax, Noi'o - Scolia) will be received at the postoutce till Wednesday afternoon, the 4th of March. T. W. MOORE, Agent. Feb 16 NOTICE. 07" The subscribers havine; entered Into pnrt - h.rship, the. SlOtK i EXCHANGE BUSINESS heretofore conducted b It. II. NEVIN8, ue continued under the firm of NEV1NS St lUVViXSLAU. RUHSK.LL II. NEVINS, l'i mil 'lViwvci'vi. feb 3 TAKE NO l it E, fjT All p'rsons having demands ngaint, and those indebted lo the estate of Wi'.liam !t rrs, decensed, are requested to cll up.e 'I liOVl A3 MAS'l EKS, Esquire, No. Oi Wall trctt. Dated Jan. 19, 181(;. ANN ROGERS, Executrix. Jnn 21 dim F.utcrptan Society ildt 07" The fomuiittce ot the Elites M - an SMiety having resolved In give a second toncert vu the i4lli iii1. at Ihe City Hotel, each nnm' er will he entitled to six tk kets. In uppjjii.g to tl.e secretary ;t No. 2u6 Broadv - uy, on or before the) 21st instant, llvi rdri W . . '. - .V..,,, J J . (TJ - '1'he assii;nees if the eiiate of Mrs Sid - . ney Hewitt, (in order to pvi urn for ull I er ci editor to come in bint panii'ipaie in the funds provided for them,) do hereby extend the time of rendering their accounts to Mr. , A. . ...!,. .1.1 . i .Ml uiaKC, ai o law iiuiiuiii, uni:i ti'c jai vi March ensuing Feb 2 lm UNION BANK, li(!hti:iirurv, lb 18. ftr - ''be stockl.oldta aie rf quelled to at lend) nt tht banUing house. No 17 Wall - street, on Thursday, ihe 12th day of March next, to elect eleven directors for the ensuing year. Tbe poll will rpen at t n o'clock and shut ut two. The irnns.Vr books will be shut from 1st until 13lh March. By order of the board of directors, feb 101m JOHN LOW, Cashier. VTf It is particularly requested, that the gentleman who borrowed a Field Buok, of the kubd'Vtsinn of Great Lot No. 4, in the Harden burgh patent, would return it to the subscri ber at No. a Greenwic'i.str. et. feb 11 lw JOHN R LIVINGSTON. . NOTICE. rr7 - To avoid mistakes whkh occur, hv fea son of a similarity in firms, L. k WM. W. irt UK Lo 1 will berealti r do t iisineMtn.der tbe firm of D' FOREST k SON. J feb 11 1wt . NOTICE. fjT" All persons hi. ring claims against the estate of Capt. William Taylor, deceased are desired to present them to the subscriber for settlement, and those indebted to said tit ate are re quested to make payment without delay. . J AJ.Jr.3 .vi'MKiur., feb 12 lm Administrator. TO THE PUBLIC, rrp G. SAUNDERS, maker and vender of . T - 7 , A witl 7 T and himself, wife and (hdJ having narrowly es, .i :,k ,i,.i, iu fh o.i vin rif lAviira1 razor - strops, having lost his all by the late fire, caped with their lives, by the advice of several ; of his Inends and customers, has opened a sub scription at the following places, to give tbe hu mane and charitably disposed an opportunity of assisting him iu bis distress, viz : at Hyde evens', corner of Broadway and Maideu - lano : Priori: Dunmng's, No. Ill Water - street; ana. If. .ml. kMk.iln.. Vrt Ofl where douatious, however trifling, will be thank - ' " IUI1T Vi.W.TVW. Feb 14 G. SAUNUFRS NOTICE. ftt" The copartnership heretofore existing be tween the subscribers, under Ihe firm of N. 5. Davies & Co. is this day dissolved by mutual con - - nt TLi riohU Mi unit rlliml acMinf mffl firm Wiii be settled 0V IV. a. uavits. ... . ..... ..... N. 8. DAVIES. A. W. TRAPPAN. The business will in future be conducted by - Smith Davies, under the Crm ofN. South IJa - KUU KO I . fjX7"Bythecelebratelauthororwaveriy,ijuy Mauuenng, Antiquary, i ales oi iviy uanuioro. ? wn,cn.1na 'onK Dcen "D""' y "fVL. e"' w" "!" '..".I ".X,: 124 BroadM ay. corner ol Cedar - street, will ihem luon hert. with THAT. Slid every Oth - r interestine new wotk. Several have lately arrived from London. leb 14 1 w NO 1 ICE. , ,vs - The co - db rtnershiD heretofore exi'tirsr y . . . j . i r t m net ween inesuiscnijerv. uuocr uicuouui A. I. Huntington, is this day dissolved by mutual onsent The concerns cf said firm will settled bv Thomas M. Huntinston, at o. w - r wf . THOMAS M. HUNHUJ v.s, ALFRED J. HUNTINGTON. Ncw - York, 10th Feb. 1818. . ; Thomas M. HesrTiwcToa' will continue the on hit own account, and bason hand a . r I I . . , m ri (Ur,. JL" f which he offers for sale oa accommodating terms. feb!6dlwc3w nkkim.KS BV RETAIL. mwr .ninrriber. in nddititin to his former ex - tensive variety, has juct opened an assortment of Needles, of a suiirior quality, which he in. m - eived from an eminent reraie or anu r.rfnn - r in Enel ind. on terms which enables bins warrant Uitm io nit customers, consisunc oi Piinei fine cold eved need let 1 In - iDerial uueeus' Sharps, Imperial silver eyed between! I assorted from lrnieiial silver eyed Llutils . f No. 1 to 12. Imi - erial darners and Mackinsie's saddler's blunts. J No pains will lie spared by the subscriber to at ail times as complete an assortment of aoove arucies as an, in uie uir, ana mtiui tomert may be assured that none but best nee win oe Kepi oy nun. iso, an assoruonii. mu unja mi , N. SMITH PRENTISS. Succcesor to Mr. A. Smith. At hit wholesale and retail perfume manufac sign of tbe Goldeu Hose, No. 149 Broad - - leoxu LYlL'KLS liNO NOVEL. ROSABELLA, or mother's marriage; a novel, by the author uf The Kamanre cf o Se.asliano" rwriw MonlMlbann" a,l " Adelhlde. cr tt - e lOeiiter Charxr.." 3 vols, price 3 dollars. Ju A received OILLCY, for !le UV feb 16 9C Broidwav. 7 South - street.

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