Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1939 · Page 15
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1939
Page 15
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16 THURSDAY, MARCH 2, 1939 NEW Sisterhood Heads Get 2nd Term Mrs. Artemas Brown, Mrs. F. B. Hathaway Chosen at Meetings Presidents were re-elected by the Mason City P. E. O. chapters at their meetings Wednesday with chapter GN naming Mrs. Artemas Brown for a second term and chapter DZ, Mrs. F. B. Hathaway. Chapter GN met for luncheon Wednesday afternoon at the Y. W. C. A with Mrs. H. C. Metcalf, Mrs. Clayton Sutherland and Mrs. Cecil Boyer on the committee. Other officers elected include Mrs. Ira Stinson, vice president; Mrs. Meredith Temple, recording secretary; Miss Alice MacDonald, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Milton Bergland, treasurer; Mrs. C. Burnett Whitehead, chaplain, and Mrs. Boyer, guard. At the meeting of chapter DZ at the home of Mrs. C. F. Starr, 807 Jefferson avenue northwest, officers elected besides Mrs. Hathaway include Mrs. H. C. Friesner, vice president; Mrs. Millard F. Miller, .recording secretary; Mrs". Francis Beck-, corresponding secretary; Mrs. T. J. Bracken, treasurer; Mrs. D. L. Kratz, chaplain, and Mrs. R. B. Irons, guard. The meeting was held in the evening and Mrs. Cora Kotchell spoke on P. E. O. history. On the committee with Mrs, Starr were MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE HEALTH CLINIC FOR BABIES TO BE HELD AT Y. Woman's club child conserva tion department will sponsor it monthly free health clinic fo babies Friday afternoon from 1 t 3 o'clock at the Y. W. C. A. The doctor will be there between thos two hours and mothers.have been asked to bring their babies at 12:3 so that their records may be mad out. Woman's club workers at tb clinic include Mrs. John McCon nell, Mrs. J. W. Kelly, Mrs. W. F Hannaman, Mrs. T. A. Burke ant Mrs. Henry Miller. Mrs. Hathaway, Mrs. J. Lee Lewi and Mrs. W. E. Long. --o-MARRIAGE LICENSE ISSUED AT GARNER GARNER--A marriage license was issued here for Thomas H Schwen, 21, of Blue Earth. Minn, and Dorothy Muth, 18, of Fairmont, Minn. MEDLANG-SORENSON LAKE MILLS--Miss Thelma Medians, daughter of P. P. Med- lang, and Truman Sorenson of Emmons were married Feb. 25 at the Salem Lutheran church by the pastor, the Rev. Joseph L Knutson. They were attended by Jewell Johnson of Albert Lea and Laurence Brua. The couple left on a brief trip. The bride is a graduate of the local high school and has been teaching rural school since graduation. DON'T STOP WE! I'M ON MY WAY TO TRY THE NE 1940 RINSO.'T CONTAINS A WONDERFUL NEW "SUDS- BOOSTER" THAT MAKES IT GIVE FAR RICHER SUDS IN HARDEST WATER 1 TMe NEW 1940 RINSO is GRAND FOR DISHWASHING. IT SOAKS GREASE LOOSE IN A JIFFY. SEE HOW IT MAKES DISHES AND PANS - " ' THE N6WRIMSO ON HANDS New "suds-booster" in 1940 Rinso added at no extra cost to you! · PotsptedydishwashinggctthcNcwlp^ORiniO k i *c -'? " 3 "" r abcad ° flimc - J 1 " 1 mitc * P"i- Jul oFnch Rmso suds. Soak dishes in them for 3. little -while...swish with a dish mop...rinse an J thry rcrcidy to dry spirkling clean. Rinso'saction- [Mckcdsuds make shorcwork ofstubborn pots and p»ns, too. They leave no trace ofgr«sy6Im--mike cooking utensils skint! TryRinst. hotti,. g_AR]^jELECTEP BY P. E. O. CHAPTERS Mr. and Mrs. Herman H. Schulte observed their golden SS.Vfi.JS? . ^ at sented gold pins by the church NEW ORCHESTRA OFFICERS WILL BE NAMED AT Y. Officers for the coming year vijl be elected by the Mason City Women's Symphony orchestra at ts annual meeting Saturday af- ernoon at 3 o'clock at the Y. W. -. A. A business - session will be be served. BITS ABOUT 'EM Dr. and Mrs. David O. Holman and daughter, Sue. have arrived rpm Milwaukee, Wis., for a visit vith Dr. Holman's parents Dr and Mrs. H D. Holman, 635 Second street northeast. * « » Bob Shepard, son of Mr. and "vlrs. Hugh Shepard, 115 Tenth street northwest, Don Kunz, son of Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Kunz, 80 Linden drive, and Dick Stevens, son of Mrs. Tracy Stevens, 17 street northwest, have been nitated into Phi Kappa Psi fraternity at the University of Iowa vhere they are students. * * * Miss Barbara Scott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Scott, 21 Linden drive, has made honorable mention at MaeMurray college acksonville. III., where she is a tudent. Only 22 per cent ot the 61 girls at MaeMurray were in- luded in the list. Transpacific passengers on the lipper transport planes divide as ollows: Traveling for pleasure, 53 er cent; on business, 42 per cent; other reasons, 5 TRY THIS NEW WAV TO SERVE IN CRISP BREAD r . BASKETS MAOEINAJ1PFV WITH INE FOR CREAMED VEGETABLES/TOO £ cup flour IJ-f teaspoons salt i teaspoon pepper $i teaspoon celery salt CREAMED CHICKEN IN CRISP BREAD BASKETS cop Spry 2 cups rmlt. or chicken brolh 1 pimiento. finely cut 2 cups cooked ch ickc n wtin pieces S slices bread Jj cup Spry, melted Mdt Spry in top of double boiler; add flour, salt, pepper and cdcry wit and blend well. Add liquid gradually, stirring cons tanUy. Cook until s:n ooth and thickened. Add pimicnto and chicken and heat thoroughly. (Notice what a delicate flavorcrcam sauces have, made with pure, bland Spry.} Trim crusts from bread. Dip bread slices in melted Spry and fit each slice intoinsidcof muffincupf, prcs;injj\vrll against sides and bottom of pan. Bake in very hot oven (430' F.) 10 -to 12 minutes, or until golden b Town . pm bread baskets with ho t creamed chicken. Serves 8. Try there crisp, golden bread baskets for creamed meats, seafood and vegetables, too. They're delicious--and so easy to make. (All mcosurcTncr.ts in tkis rtdpc ere Icrcl) - -- -- (Clip and save this Spry recipe) I It's fun to cook the Spry way and my f what good"eatsl" "/"VMJ'T c o o k ? Fiddlesticks!" says V-J Aunt Jenny. "You just use Spry an' sec how easy it is to get light, velvety cakes an' tender, flaky pastry. "Spry's purer an' creamier, mixes so cnsy, gives things an extra-fine flavor. .As for tl\c old notion of fried foods bcin* hard to digest, why, Spry's knocked t h a t idea higlicr'n .1 kite! You fry tlie Spry way an' foods will be so crispy an' light a child cancat'cm.Change toSpry today." IN 6-LB., 3-lB., MB. CANS THE NEW, PURER ALL-VEGETABLE SHORTENING CREAMED! BUV THE 3lB. CAN AND SAVE MONEY. Spry STAYS CREAMY AND FRESH ON THE KITCHEN SHELF Hobo Party Planned byMcKirileyP.T.A. at Board Luncheon Hollywood Love Gets Iowa Girl Joy Hodges Decides She's Just "Corn Fed Gal From Iowa" By FREDERICK C. OTHMAN United Press Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD--Joy Hodges the copper-haired beauty who was singed not once, but twice, by love in Hollywood, swore off dates with men Wednesday, for fear she'd gain the reputation of being scat- ter-brairied. That sounds like a press agent yarn; but it isn't. Miss Hodges is m a serious spot because of her widely publicized love affairs with Robert,Wilcox, Lee Bowman, and others almost too numerous to mention. Corn-Fed Gal "The papers had me engaged to people I hardly even knew." she reported at Universal Studios, "But Bob. and Lee were the only men I really-eared for. Too much of the wrong kind of publicity ruined both of those affairs and I guess it all adds up to the fact that I m just a corn-fed gal from Iowa --and not sophisticated enough to cope with love in Hollywood. "I've certainly made a mess of it. I don't exactlyi think it's all oeen my fault, but from now on I'm trying to forget affairs of the ieart. They have been too heartbreaking." Miss Hodges, now working in The Family Next Door" with Hugh Herbert and R u t h Donnelly regarded young Robert Wilcox a few months ago as her best friend Still Good Friends ''He's still my good friend," she said, but I went to New York to Play on the stage Jn Td Hather Be Right.' He phoned me one night from Hollywood to say t h a t the papers announced our engage- Plans for a hobo party on P T me "J:p° we let 'hat stand; because . fun night to be snonsnrorf'w We dl * llke each ° lher - But I was away for months and he was busy and we broke our engagement, if there ever had bepn an ment, as friends. O ·-"- *..!_ i , l l _ i \ . H l -.. board Wednesday at of Mrs. rlwin Repp, 115 i street northeast. :it.eemn street northeast """.yivoaa. vve ten m love. He Mrs. Repp entertained 17 mem- pr °P° secl t° mt and we announced bers of the board at luncheon °"o en S a S emer t to be married." ivhich was served in hobo fashion on the rcafter Miss Hodges ' ' went t° New York on a personal appearance tour, and there met a newspaper reporter, who had no pencil to take notes. He Turned Green I didn't know I was being in- m, , r -~' · *-" 4 i » uuuu lasmon. The business session which followed was conducted in the same manner. A small admission fee will be charged for the fun night hobo party and guests will come dressed as hoboes. Announcement was made of the north central district P T A meeting to be held here March '4' Mrs. Eoyd Walters, a former board member, was a guest at the meeting. --o-HAUGEN -MINCK S CALMAR--Mr. and Mrs. L E Mincks announce the marriage of their daughter, Gladys, to Clarence Haugen, Feb. 24, in the Decorah Lutheran parsonage. The Sr ev ' ,9' GIesne read the services. Mr. Haugen is the son of Mr and Mrs. Paul Haugen, Decorah' The couple was attended by Mrs Grace Anderson and Emmons Ask. Following the ceremony a wedding dinner was served to 24 relatives at the home of Mrs Haugens parents in Calmar. Following a trip to Milwaukee, Wis they will make their home at 501 Day street, Decorah. ·--o-- JOLLY 12 BIRTHDAY CLUB ENTERTAINED Jolly 12 birthday club met with Mrs. Myrtle Cook, 1019 Taylor evenue northwest, Wednesday. Bingo was played with prizes go- i n r r tn -AT-- T-» _ T _ t-. , _ " e» w '" Mrs. Bob Bartusek and . use an Mrs. p. W. Van Fleet. A number o£ gifts were presented, to Mrs. r T DUPLICATE CLUB HAS MEETING Winners at the Contract Duplicate club meeting at the Hotel Hanford. were Mrs. David Convey and Mrs Charles Groman, high east and west and Mr? J W Irons and Mrs. H. L. Knesel, runners-up east and west. Winners north and south were Miss Harriet Gearhart and Mrs. Al Tibeau and TM" er ? «P E. M. Sabin and J. u. £.. Johnson. How Women in Their 40's Can Attract Men ^W'asrATs^-s??^ Ihn V I* S'V 1 "?* 1 " mM ' »!» WOTriS »bout hot flashes, IM, ot p,,,,' di y TM1J? upset nervcj and moody tjwfe y P *"' Just get more !rosh sir. 8 hr« slprti and ;t K3£T? p! c ';?, ble :^TMM *NTMs" toSit'I , J ."' l *m « cKcUble Compound. ifj """"llj, fur tronot. It helps Niturc build up physical resistance, thus helps Tzira more jrcvacity to enjoy We ind «!« iffn! £££ (£? n £ rv * a " d thoic d '''""MiK syrap- lom ? that often accompany rhancc of ife Pmkiam', i WELt WORTH fcyinj FRAMES MADE-TO-ORDER Any Size--Any Style Latest Mouldings RUSSELL PHOTO STUDIO Next J. C. Penney Co. Phone 2272 engage. "Then I met Lee Bowman here in Hollywood. We fell in love He was terviewed," she said. "I thought we were just talking. So I- told him about how Lee had a bad cold the night he proposed and how his face turned greenish and he had to go home almost as soon as he asked me to be his wife. "So this reporter went back to his office and wrote a story about how Lee had turned green upon proposing to me. There was no mention of Lee being ill. Anyhow it was a very funny story to everybody but ma. "It was even printed on the west coast and people began making wise cracks to Lee. Somebody even sent him a bottle of medicine with a label which said it was guaranteed to keep him from turning green. We were the laughing stock of Hollywood. "This made Lee furious and I must say that I can't blame him Anyhow we had to break off that engagement, too. ( Lots of Olher Men 'When that happened I was so blue (hat I started hitting the night spots with other men, lots of other men I figured I'd show Hollywood that I wasn't being Jeft in the church. "Then came the items about me being seen with this man and that one and it wasn't long before I decided that what I really was doing wa^s making a tool of myself. altogether. One trouble, ^"fuess !u ttf · t be , en IK ' ing hcre alone Mother is back in Des Moines and I have nobody, really, to give me advice. Some people have told me I ought to act sophisticated. I want to stay natural and have fun just like I used to do in Iowa. "But. is that possible in Hollywood? _ . We said we didn't know. We wish we did. AH we know is that we 11 never attempt to write about love in HoUywood-because Miss Hodges has told the story far better than we ever could. !·. A. TO B. OF K. T. MEETS AT IHOOSE HALL , }(· A - lo B - "I R- T. met at Moose hall Wednesday with the president, Mrs. Dick Postma, in charged rs. Walter Hendrickson received e attendance prize and Mrs. Al Kiroy and Mrs. Postma were appointed to act as hostesses for the next meeting. WIFE PRESERVERS" Dust cloths which are treated with furniture polish can be kept in tin coffee tins with tight lids Thoy can then bo stored with other cleaning equipment without fear of combustion. Mrs Fred Heddens who collects glassware and china and Joan Andnck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. S. C. Andrjck 222 Kentucky at'ThT a^mS^hHH 0 - col !? ct VOcks and fossils compare hobbies at the assembly he d in the high school auditorium Wednesday afternoon in connection with the girls hobby show to be sponsored v rh°TM 5 m ^7' W " C ' A ' A p TM8 ram based on hoSS«ww ' Ml ' SS Andricic a .« d v «=lma Hockenberry Social Calendar THURSDAY B, P. ·»'. club -6:30 o'clock, Hotel Hanford, seminar on savings. rieasant Ridge club -Mr. and Mrs. S. A.- Malhre. Women of the Moose -7:30 o'clock. Moo.«=e hall. Icnlral Heights P. T. A.-8 o'clock school. L. O. T. O.-8 o'clock, I. O. O. F. hall. ittle Theater-8:15 o'clock, Cecil theater, "The Late Christopher Bean." Grace Evangelical church -7:30 o'clock, church, Lenten service, the Rev. H. M. Raecker of Manly, speaker. FRIDAY St. John's Guild-1 o'clock. Mrs. M. C. Lawson, 1030 West State street. Baptist General aid-2 o'clock, Y. W. C. A., Wiley group, hostess. Harvester's group -8 o'clock, Mrs. Claude Kennison, Jackson avenue northwest. Church of Christ W. M. S. -1:30 o'clock, church, dessert luncheon, Mmes. W. W. Wilkinson. Rose Valentine and Jennie Slagle. leaders, Mrs. Shad Morgan. devotions. Congregational Women's Guild -Group I, Mrs. W. H. Stewart, 319 Kentucky avenue southeast; group 2, Mrs. F. C. Lovell, 221 Second street southeast; grouo 3. Mrs. Carleton Stewart, 937 Fourth street southeast; group 4. Mrs. John MacMillan, 116 Kentucky avenue southeast- group 5, Mrs. W. A. Westfall, 31 Fifth street northwest: group 6 Mrs. M. F. Miller, 218 Tenth street northwest; group 7, Mrs. W. Earl Hall, 22 River heights. Evangelical group i -M r s . William Gump, 1431 Adams avenue northwest. Methodist W. M. S.-Anniversary observance. Our Saviour's Luther League -7:30 o'clock, church. Tmmanuel Martha Missionary society -R o'clock, Mrs. E. J. Kermey, 223 Fifth street northwest, Ebba Olson, assisting hostess. Queen Rebckah lodge _ , 8 o'clock, I. O. O. F. hall B. A. R. E. auxiliary-8 o'clock, Moose hall. COUPLE IS HONORED NORA SPRINGS-- Mr. and Mrs. Li Santord whose twentieth wedding anniversary occurred Sunday were surprised by relatives who gave them a set of dishes. CLEAR *· stuffiness of head COLDS IT'S AMAZING how quick the tormenting stuffiness ofaheadcold begins to case when you put a few drops of Va-tro-nol up each nostril. It reduces swelling, clears away stuffiness, brings comfort--lets you BREATHS again! BUT NEXT TIME, use. Va-tro-nol at the first sniffle or sneeze--to help PREVENT the development of many colds. JUST A FEW DROPS OF... v.cKsVATRONOL CRESCENT CLUB MEETS AT Y. W. Crescent club met at the Y. W. C. A, Wednesday evening and Mrs. Rene Hughes talked on "Styles for Spring." Later games were played and refreshments TMT d , by Rose Er2i TM'ck and Thclma Van Dorston. Plans were made for a pot luck supper with Bernice Reynolds and Edna Wilcos m charge. 4-H Girls' Program Is Scheduled Willing Workers Make Plans For Four Fold Pledge NORA SPRINGS-- The Willing Workers 4-H club will give a program at the town hall Friday evening starting at 8 o'clock under the direction of their leaders, Mrs. Harold Hofler and Miss Lola Hartwig. The program will include the "Four Fold Pledge" in pageant form by the Willing Workers with Patricia Hofler and Lois Frese as readers. Head, will be Nadine Frese, Lila Hotter, Lois Apel and ' Francis Hofler; heart, Virgeno- Hartwig, Wanda Dobson, Elaine Sloner and Vilda Record; hands Bernice Record, Aline Hofler,' Phyllis Behne, LaBonna Hartwig and Betty Behne; health, Harriett Thompson, Marcella Hofler, Nadine Jerrill and Shirley Fingel- son. A clarinet solo will be played jy Wanda Dobson and a playlet 'Tom's Arrival," will be staged by Virgene Hartwig, Lois Frese and Nadine Frese. "March of Fashion" will be given by the 4-H group. The "Business Center" which ,vas made in a demonstration at :he state fair at Des Moines by Aadme Frese and Francis Hofler will be explained and given away by the girls. The girls represented the club at the fair. Refreshments will be sold after the program. The 4-H girls annually put on a program for the public a s part of their work. -- o -EVELYN EJERSTEDT WILL BE MARRIED LEDYARD-- Evelyn Bierstedt of Burt and Leonard Warner of Ledyard plan to marry March 10. Evelyn was employed at the Smith department store and Leonard is working at Algona Smart As They Come! Compliments will follow you wherever you go in these y o u t h f u l . Frocks of lustrous erepe, prints and sheers. Fashioned in the trim tailored lines that spell Spring, 1939, with accents on figure flattery. Be sure to see our new spring selections now. Price range from Ady's Watch Shop for DIAMONDS SPECIAL Matched Set, hvo rings with 8 fine diamonds .... 19 WEST STATE STREET . . . o ^ 25 fiot t/ite. FIRST VITAL XEAR PIED PIPER SHOES : k^i guard lhe deiicale unformed foot bones of ghiW- nood - to train them lo grow correctly get Ihese carefully designed, carefully made shoes. Gel Pied Piper Shoes. For only Pied Piper Shoes offer Ihese striclly exclusive features made possible by a patented pro- ve* Cfcaaml to *«·!*« e And we have the sizes and widths to fit them perfectly. 105 North Federof

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