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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, February 17, 1818
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lmpliciCy Ur wpta;olwi(UtMdulb per - r" . 1 hk - Ji it ha bviouslv kd in that country. mj aiowty to bowd bf ttsrtaUigatioo to proud for U indigent tL.. t r aurJl U trotB Ul, inlMCT, SICK .i,U.t k nthar irremediable C Kites. Me aabfe to provide for themselves the bfum of teMTSteace Dal lucre u u etfau wiimiw ihe who gowra not to encourage idleness and vie by Using tbe wdustrious to supply want which proceed from iodeleoce, intemperance, extravagance, or other culpable causes. The great difficulty io legislation on tbii mbject is, to sUbJisu a system which will afford a certain awaxu of dlttinrhingfth unfortunate from tbe virion. Wt ball endeavor to girt tbit iutereat - ing tabject due attention. All such institution aa rnur Excellence haa enumerated, which are Mobviou.; calculated to alleviate tbe evils of pauperism oy intptriox industry, dispensing en . DtovmenL. and inculcatinir economy by impr Tins the aim., cultivating and elevating the "Character, we shall consider big uiy oeaemnn , tbe public patronage. Tba few that remain within our territory 01 tht unfortunate race who were once matters ol tba ' aoil we inhabit, tboald bo treated with tbe ut - ' most humanity and teaderneai. We consider it incumbent ea the government to take care that they than not be driven from their reservation ; tad it they voluntarily remove, that they receive aa amp! compensation for their lands. We hall endeavor to protect their poesions, at well at the domains of the state, from the intra. 1 ion to which your excellency ha represented to ut they are subj'tct. V It must be perceived, that great crib have resulted to tbe community from too extensive in . orporatioos of banking establishments. We believe that a much greater augmentation of - tacit teutuuoat may be attended witn las most pernicious consequence, w are coonuent that these privilege shoulil ' never be granted. aaerely to subserve the interest of individuals, and tbe general good can aeUom require them, except in titaaUoM where they may assist the exigencies of those who are engaged in com anerc. . We think, therefore that additional tank ought not to be established, without great circumspection, and only under Very pecultar circumstances. - Wo learn, with indignation, that swne practi - Booert of the law, renrdlasa of the nigh res boo ibility of their profession, have added to Die latr distresses of The country, by buyior op dotes to ' Obtain eiorbitant premiums and tbe costs of pro I edition. These practices cannot be too severe ly reprobated. We shall feel it our duty to max sucn provision, U tne exnung taws 0 not Competent, a that those who are guilty of them yvty be Drought to condign punishment. Tbe document tout excellence has laid be ore os, and the subjects to which they refer, nau receive the attention yon have recommend 4. The bounties braves ha been pleased to bo - stow anon our coeairv. the diffusion of the Iirhu f religion and knowledge, tbe progress of the noeacet and the useful arts, demand our trail. tod to tbe Almighty; should it be bi will to ontinoe to os our present republican forms ef gorerameni, ana to btem os witn magistrates devoted to the public good, we may confidently fejie, tba' tbe happiness and freedom of the American people will be perpetuated. ffRW - rORK irEJflXQ POST. .. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17. Tkt Federalist k late City of tVathington Ganttl contain a letter from the publisher of a new edition of tbe Federalist, Mr. Gideon, to th editor of that paper, which I feel myself called Opon to notice The tallowing is an extract : ".Ur. Etltef. ' 1 h - Editor of th New - York Evening Post.ln bis paper of the 27th ult. has thought proper to caution me against the adoption or tbe list or au thin of the federalist, a published in the pa per of this city, in the edition of that work wbich I am about to put to press, 41 under the prnulty of hiving it denounced." This premonition it the more surprising, inasmuch as I had atatail that the names of the authors would be procured " from a source wbich cannot be questioned." In pursuance of my original intention, I wrote to Mr. Madison, the late president of the United Statu, and who is well known to have been one of Uin writers of th Federalist ; and he ha beau ro kind as to lend me hi copy of it, with the name of the author of each number pr fil ed m b own nand writing; t and with various Corrections of th text made by himself in those number which cam from his pen. I hope. therefore, that I may escape the penalty of Mr. Coleman denunciation, and that he wi'.l be candid enough to allow that Mr. Madison if quite mod authority in rel ition to thi author.l ip in question as gen Hamilton, and that in appealing to lb living Bjemorroi in former 1 inBict no in Jury on th memory of the dead." " I am, sir, retpectiulli, ynurobt. servt. "JACOB GIDEON, Junr." To this the following remark t are subjoined fey the editor of the Oaxette : " Mr. Gideon hit bee" so polite at to allow us to eX'Tnine Mr. Madison' ropy of the Federalist. It is of the edition of 179 print' ed in New - York, by John T.thout. On com paring th I si of authors inserted in thi Oa - xrtt on the 8th of December last, with the designation of autltorship in Mr. Madison's feand - writior hi his own enpy. w. find that the forme was, in s - ime tespects, erroneous. Tht fbllowing, however, taken from the volumen now beiure us, hut be confidently reitedon : No. 1, 6, 7, 8, 9. II. 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 21, 93, 23. 24, 35, 26, 27,28. 39. 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, SS, 06, 39, 60, 1, 65, to 85 inclusive, by Mr. Hamilton. Nos. 3. 4, 5. 64, by Mr. Jay No. U. 14, 18, 19,20,87 10 58 Inclusive, and 63 and oa, by Mr. Madison. This designation duter very widely from that of th Editor of the New - Yo Evening IV t. who denies Mr. Madison the authorship of twelve numbers to which he is entitled, to wit : Nos. 49, SO, SI, 55, S3, 54, 65, 56. 57, 58, 62, and 63; sni claims tor Mr. Hamilton participation iu Ho!. 18, 19, and SO. With reprt to the l;it three numbers, we find th following note at No 18, ia Mr. Madison's copy, and in bit own hand writinr : M The subject of this ami tbe two following numlier hapeaeil to be taken up by both - 'r H. and Mr. M. Wbat had been prepared ty nr. n. wno bad entered more briefly into tbe subject, was left with Mr. M. on its appearing inai we latter was engaged in it with larger materials, and witli a iew to a more precise delineation ; and from the pen of the latter the several papers went to th press 11 - The question may be now cnewMered as settled, and we are willing to let it rest here. But if Mr. Coleman continues to persist in asserting the correctness of his erroneous list, we will proceed to show, from the toiiics aud tttte of the contested aumbert, that Mr. Madison has a fair Claim to them." This is the third attempt on the part of Mr. Madison's friends, to lessen the claims of Hamil iw " muuMinuip ot we principal papers in this Justly celebrated rrk, by acnbing them, in Unas orconfidence, to Mr. Madison. A list of the numbers it contains, with the names of the separate authors, bas thrice been published bV tbcm, accempaoied each time wi h rn ajfur ance (hat it was " iodi.putaUy correct" ; " de rived from a source which could not be question' 1 ., ... ... - d". and so a j all pom'jrg to Mr Wadi - on as Inrir authority; bui tafcrtunatelr a tr ot I titmliitoagTwa. ,It to aol my uiUUn Ug th miml rJ this nentrovenT asain, and I will assent to the opinion expressed by Mr. a - disoo's friends, that neither his fam as a states man or aa English scholar nor that of th decea sed Hamilton rests on th prncis numbers ortae Federalist that .each wrote, nor that tta wry essential to th literary reputation Of either, how thudiiDDttis settled : I will acknowledge more over, that candor might readily presum that th recollections of both may have been to imperfect as to hav very innocently erred as t a particular paper or two or three papers ; but with regard to so great a number a twelve, ta ted by Hamilton to have been written by him, but now claimed by 51r. Madison, I feel myself compelled to tnj I am utterly unable to devise any satisfactory solution, that will be consistent with the honor of both gentlemen. To speak plainly, I will not disguise my opinion, that there is 00 alternative but to believe one in preference to tbe other for both we cannot believe. Which of the two, then, Hamilton or Madison, is end tied to ear ceafidonce f th man, who, during th coarse of bis life, was never once suspected of n trespass on veracity, and whose proud and elevated soul was known to be incapable of claiming th credit of another's labors j or tlie man, who, to serve a purpose, daringly and publicly declared, in tbe face of the world, that the Berlin and Milan decrees were repealed, when it was well known, both in Europe and Ameri ca, that such was not th fact The declaration is placed upon the public records; and no lapse of time can ever alter or erat it. Let it be remembered that the advocates of Mr. Madirwn have, heretofore, appealed, in the tastrewH - t, toth paper of Hamilton which be left behind him ; and thereby agreed to abide the result. Tbose papers have accordingly been resorted to, and on bas been found wbich was written under the solemn expectation ofap - prwotbing death, for tbe express purpose of doing justice to tbe several writers in this work 1 and this paper negatives the claims now advanced by Mr. Madison and hit friends. This paper, in Hamilton's orn hand - writing, is now deposited by bis friend judge Benson, with whom he left it, in the archives of tbe city. This is the authority upon which I f peak ; an authority which will never be questioned by any one who knew the lamented Hamilton. But what I complain of; what every on to whom the memory of Hamilton to dear, must complain of, is, that the friends of Mr. Madison, not only fly from the test to which they themselves bad appealed, but that they have not had the candor to inform the public by republishing the facts, wbat evidence that test afforded : Is it fair, is it reconcilable with integrity to persist 'till in their assertions without taking any notice of this evidence, or even letting it be known that their statement is questioned ? The least the edi tor of the new edition can do, a he bas any regard for truth and fairness, and I will add, for hit own character, is to prefix to the numbers claimed by both Hamilton and Madison, some mark indicative of that fact j leaving the public to judge to which of the two they belong. With regard to the three numbers, 18, 19 and 20, 1 might safely rely on Mr. Madison' own ac count of them, to justify Gen. Hamilton' claim to a joint authorship, and few remarks woold be accessary j but willing to rest the dispute here, I purposely avoid saying any thing that may giv any fresh occasion to prolong a controversy, which, it is feared, can never now be settled to he entire satisfaction of all p trtict. 1 cannot close, however, without expressing my surprise, (hat the editors of our public prints should have taken the part they have ia this controversy j - ome, from whom the Iriends of Hamilton's me mory would have looked for a very different con luct, particularly the editor of the Boston Ceo ioel, who pronounces the note of Mr. Madison '1 above mentioned in Mr. Gideon's publication, ' the most authentic document that has trans pired," and this after seeing the memorandum left by Hamilton in his own baud - writing. " Let others court the rising sun, " I bow to him whose race is run." Susannah B.amin,hu been convicted of hone stealing, at Plaltsburg, and sentenced to 3 years hard labor in the New - York state - prison. Th southern mail was brought from the Jer sey shore this morning all the way to this city 011 tbe ice, by Mr. Moore, the mail contractor. Ticket No 10,323, the highest prise in the Medical Science Lottery No. 4, $30,000, w Jrawo this d;y at 10 o'clock, and was owned by Itaac Ward, Esq. a young lawyer. Being sold by Messrs. 8. b M. Allen, the cash was prompt ly paid by them in the course of half an hour. Eatler - Day it determined by the full moon, wbich happens oner next after the twenty - first day of March, tbe next Sunday after such fut tnoou being Eater - Sunday ; but this year (1818) tbe full moon happens on the S2d March, which. in the calendar, is noted as Easter - Sunday How is this to be reconciled with the episcopal rule! Tbe day, in astronomical calculations, is con klereJ to begin at noon. On the ill the moon it full at 4 minutes after 9 in the eveoing, astro nomically the SI si and on Saturday th neat day beginning at noon, and being Sunday, 11 of course Easier Sunday. CONJECTURE. Extract of a letter, dated MALAGA, Dec. 16. "The rescinding tbe quaraouue regulations respecting tho Greek vessels from the Levant ea, bas caused ercat numncr ot Uieir ships to arrive in the ports of Spain, ia consequence ot wbich wheat bad fallen from a high to a very low price. A letter from Lisbon, of late date savt " Tbe duty of J3 per bbl. on flour, took place on the in 01 .oremuer, by an edict from the govern - meui." F rom the Xtv - llar.pthirt Ctnlinc!, Feb. 14. Comfort m oil met The wiJow Lvdia Gow - int;, now livuig in JkcYey, sged 83 years, is th mitberuf It children, (H sons and 4 daughters.) 1 uu iwuir, uij nri wiuoweu IDOUl - r, logeiuer xiln h,.r K cjreo, 3 dabter. - in law and 2 Iscus - ia - Jaw, me, at tbe bouse of her too, tapt Li - .11 1 - i . 1 Joset Gowfcg. In Dub, oa .th. SJ J1 having Desor seen an oer ennui m so group fur the space of 34 years. The joyful meeting was celebrated by a sleigh ride, m re gular procession, urougn in centre m t k tk klrlunn af thnna sentiment which bespeak filial, fraternal and parental affection, at the nous of Joseiib, wno iixe inai jomuu, I Bk! th too of mod old jacoo, naa cauea areuuu uuu . M I .1 ... m tut sgea parent, ami ot uupcrsru urtunou nirifm antH Kirai after sa Inn a senaration. in Widowed nean 01 in ageu momrr hav moved within her" "heo ,h considered th goodness of God, in permitting her to behold, ..... a 1 a after four score years baa wtuieaea ner sencn - - . t 1 I bl locks, the whole numoer 01 ner mu ,lr - .wn ,n n ri - i. amniul her. in uie dowww of health, and all, save one, living hi the enjoy UVU V. Mini! lll.'UHH M - Min. 11 xum nt itauhtr - ui.Iaw. 7 - 1 errand mm. if mntnmnnml MiM hM Ml UU I UWU children, and 1 great grand child, making the f II . T - . - i.lllJ,l,n IH round nomner 01 iuu m u sw ui" law and !9 grandchildren have paid the debt of nature, leaving 79 of th above number still living. Noaroix. Feb. 13. We learn from a gentleman who has lately arrived in town, that the Buenos Ayrean brig El Patriots, (formerly the Fourth ot Jury? - orn. Taylor, has captured off the Canaries, 24 SaiL one of which was a Spanish Galleon, having on board a Million and a halt Of Isullars ! witn which she had an action of 2 hours and 22 min utes, on the 2d of December. The Patriots had 5 killed and 9 wounded among whom, the Commodore himself, sligtitly. Lou of the tchr. .Vargartl, of Georgetown. From captain Jarvis. of the sch. Thomas and William, of Cherrystone. E. S. arrived hei e yesterday, we have received the following statement, respecting the loss of the above schr. O11 Wednesday morning the 4th inst. a vessel was seen on the western tide of the mid die ground, about 5'miles from Cape Charles It is presumed that she went ashore in the gale from S. W. on Tuesday night prec ding. Mr. Wilkins. of the Eastern Shore, has in pos session some bills of lading and other papers, picked up near Cane - Charles, from which it is ascertained that the Mar:iret was from H . - vans, with a cargo of cottee, molasses and fruit, for Norfolk, Georgetown, and Petersburg or Richmond. The information respecting the cargo was given to capt. Jarvis by Mr Wukiiis, who is expected here, probably in the course of this day. Capt. J. was alongside the Margaret on Friday last : she lays bottom up, in about 6 feet water is a black itlir. of about 80 tons, with flush deck, having the name Margaret of Georgetown" on her stern : her masts have flouted ashore near Cape - Charles, and part of her broadside, on 6 nut ha Island. Bvervaoul on board u auppo - sed to have perisheaTas no information has been received of any of her crew. MOBILE, Jan. 15. . ; . - 1 .T I 1 ... nrrivru, sioop sanaee, summers, navies; uu hoard the property sated from the brig Ann, P. iiviiuinui IBIUIUi limit " liujllli,! ! shipwrecked 00 Mobile bar on the d instant. Cspt. Holmaa returns bis gratetul thanks to cap tain Josepn muage,oi the bng Ciociniuitus, wno by his humane exertions assisted in laving tbe passengers and crew of the aaidhris. as also, to the commanding officer of Fort Bowyer, Lieut, Beal, for hit polite and benevolent attention to the passenger and himself during their stay at Mobile Point Tbe passengers, Messrs. Winship and Robertson with their families, and Mr. Thomas Howard, all trim Wilmington, also return their warmest acknowledgements to the same of - nfficert, and thus anxiously lay belore the public ucu meritorious acts. Alsakt, Feb. J3. Lneommon told weather. Wednesday morn ing will be lonsr remembered as the coldest which ha been experienced in a long aeries of years. The quicksilver in diflerent titer mometers in this city indicated dirterently. according to their exposure and local situa tion, from 24 to 34 below zero. 1 he editor examined one at 6 o'clock, and found the roer cury at 26, and before 7 it fell to 27 1 - 2 minus I be instrument was fixed stationary in an open tard, surrounded by high buldings or fences the wind very light ti om the south. In e veral situations in Oturt and State - streets, the mercury stod at from 24 to 30 1 at Bryan's chateau (torment ben. s - chuyier it stood at 33, and at Mr. Ames , in S. r arl - street, ( a ve ry exposed situation) it tell to 34. We are satisfied from these numerous indication!, that he cold was kt least ten degrees more severe than at am time during las. winter, and probably greater than has been experienced since the year 17SU. BOSTO.V, Feb. 13. The fire on Thursday evening took place on the estate of Mr. Samuel S. Barnett, Uorches ter, by the accidental explosion of a quantity of Kwder deposited in the barn. His coachman, 1 lthough blown op and severely lacerated, the llcv'b. torn I rom hi arms, breast and legs, and clothes on fire, had the presence of mind and courage to save bis horses though so desperate' ly wounded, hit life is uot de'iuiireJ of. The ban and contents, estimated at $3000, were to tally consumed. NOTICE. The secretary of state has received from the Uuited States' consul at tbe Isle nf France, a Ut vr. dated Sent. 2d. 1817. enclo'in? tha follow i - .g new tariff of pilotage and port duties,. pub - hstted August ZVlh, 1817. " His excellency tbe governor h&ibeen plea ed to direct, that the following tariff of pilotage and port duties shall be published for reueral inionnaiion : TARIFF. Port Louu, Mauritius, ZStUAuz. 1817. Pilotage of all English vessels to the flag buoy, per loot, 1 dollar 50 cents. Bents and wharps, ile, 15 dollars. Port clearance, 6 dollars. Anchorage, one - fifth of a dollar per ton on vessels receiving a cargo or brerltins bulk. Ditto, one - tenth of a dollar per do. on all Conner. Pilotage into the harbor. Pilotage per foot, 1 dollar 50 cents. 8oatsand wuarps, 15 dollar. Port clearance, 6 dollars. Anchorage, seven fifths of a dollar per ton ; alter eight days, and not breaking bulk or receiving cargo, one - tenth of a dollar. Mooring with a chain, per day, 1 dollar. Ditto Point t aux forget, and 7Vou Fanfaron. Vessels under 100 toss, per day, 25 cents. Do. do. 200 ton - , do. 50 cents. Do. above 200 toot and upwards, per day, 1 dillar. Mooring a vessel by pilot to tbe bulk, fcc. 20 foliar. Winding alongside he bulk, 10 dollar!. A tank of water, i dollars. foretgnert. Pilotage, per foot, 3 dollars. Boats, wharps, etc. 30 dollars. Port clearance, 12 dollars. Anchorage, half a dollar per ton on vesseh re ceiving cargo or breaking bulk. Mooring with a chain, per day, X dollars. De. Pointe aux Forget and Trou Fanfaron, vessels under 100 tons, per day, 50 cents' . Do. do. 200 tons, do. 1 uoliar. Do. above 200 toot and upwards, per day, t dollars. Mooring a vessel by pilot to the bulk, 40 dol lars. Winding do. alongside do. 20 dollars. A tank of water, 24 dollars. PORT CHARGES. To an anchor from 4,500 to 3,500 Ibt. wt 4 dollars per day. Do. &. 5,500 to lfiM d. da. 3 dollars. Do. do. 2,600 to 2,000 do. do. t do. v Do. do. 2,000 to 1500 do. do. I do. Do. do. 1900 and ooder to do. 1 do. ' BOATS." To a lighter, per day, 6 dollar. Small do. do. 3 do. ' To a launch do. 4 do. To a small do. do. 3 do. A capstan do. 5 do. CABLES. To a cable from 14 to 16 inches, per day, $8 Do. from 1 1 to 13 do. do. 6 do. Do. from 8 to 10 do. do. 5 do. Do. from 6 to 7 do. do. 3 do. Do. from 4 to 5 do. do. 2 do. WORKMEN. Marine blacks, boatmen, Sic. per day, 60 cts Do. do. do. sc. per night, 60 do. Between hours, 20 dn. Divert, per day, I dollar 50 cent. C4REEMNG. Careening a vessel hove down of 100 tons and under, per day, (3. Boats, piregoes. Sic. per month, 6 do. FOREIG.VLRS. All foreigners pay double of tbe above duties. By order, G. A. BJRRY, Chief Secretary to Gov. The City Inspector reports the death of 51 per - sons, iroro tbe 7U to the nui r eo. 01 me 101 lowing diseases. Absres 1 , asthma 2 .child bed 2 : colic 1 ; con' sumption 12 : convulsion 7 : cramp in the stn mach 1 ; dropsy 2 ; dropsy in the lie id ? ; hivo or croup 1 ; inflammation of the bowels 3 j inflammation of the hver 1 1 intemperance 1.; marasmus I ; old age 4 , pleurisy 2 ; pneumonia ty. lhode, 1 1 mail pox 1 . sprue 1 . still boro I ; sudden death 1 ; teething I ; whooping cough 1 ; worms 1. GEORGE CUMING, City Inspector. MARRIED, At Hempstead, (L. I.) on the 14th inst. in St. George's church, by the Rev'd. 8. Hart, Mr ttenry 8. Hicks, to Mrs. Uizabetb Meet, 01 North - Hempstead. DIED. TKt morninr. Mrs. Elisabeth Akennan, in the outh year or tier age. Her relations and im nds, and those of ber sons, are invited to attend tht itinera 1 tomorrow aiternooc, at 4 o'clock, iroiu her lata residence, No. 184 Chamber - street, without further invitation. At Wilmington, (N. C.) on the 2fith January last, Mrs. Phoebe Perry, 1 10 years of aje. EVkfflNQ POST MAMXB LIST. CLEARED, Ship Goelet, Correia, Mogadore k a market Cbemot, Wilkes & t' - o. Schr Telegraph, Whitmarsh, Lurraroa J fie C Segume Sisters, Allen, iuiilax Rowland & Brain ARRIVT.D THIS rOitX)OA. ScbrLeaoder, Neal, 19 days from Washing ton, N. C. and 10 from the bar, with uaval stores. toj M'Bride. 12th iust 30 miles this side of tape Hatterass, spoke sloop Spark, Smith, from .v York lor Washington, having sprung bis bow sprit, carried wy hit fore and iib stay in the late N. E. gale; be, however, tboeght himsel! not so much crippled but thai he could get iutu port with common weather. Last Sunday afier - uoon, iu miles tois tide uaruegat, saw a sloop bottom upwards. As the boats from two schr. that were near her, were in the act of taking ih - crew off, it it topnosed 'he had just capsixed. AT yUMlA.VI Ifc, Schr Retrieve, White, 7 dayt from Charles ton, to Goodhue & Co. BELOW, Brig Venus, from Havana, to Burrill Si Ca hoone. Brig Richmond, 14 dayslrom Richmond, hav in? been twice blown off tbe coast. Brig Mechanic, 22 days frum Trinidad, Cuba, to r. vialibran. British schr Douglas, 35 days from Demarara, to Ward ti Bishop. SIGNALS, 2 ships, 3 brigs, and 3 schooner. Tbe ship Washington, from London, was in the omng last bunuay. A Lrig that was at anchor on Sunday night below the Highlands, was blown off from her moorings. The ship Thomas - Wilton, from Greenock, re mains ashore at the West Bank. Ship Albion, from Liverpool, was at anchor testerday afternoon below Fort - Diamond. ARRIVED LAST FVEyiAXi. Sch. Packet, Jordan, 15 day from Balti more, and 7 from the Roads, with flniir, fcc. to M M rritt, U Meruit k Sons. S and W Greece. L Collins, Walsh k G lUgher, and Philbronk & Peters Sailed from Baltimore in co. with sch Commerce, Amesbury.for Bos ton, and 1 rom the Koails w.tii a Yarmouth sell for Boston, and a brig an - 1 sch. unknown. Ashore at the Point of .Sandy Honk, sch N - iisau, Hitchcock, 16davsfrom Mobile, with cotton, to A G Whitney, fWolf, Packard and D'WoIf, J 9 Mitchell, De Croot & Strong, an.l Butler, Burroughs s: urges, of Bridgeport Left at Mobile, Jan 28, brig Savannah Parket, Fowler, for N York, waiting cargo 1 brig Su matra, Finester, Live pool, unc : ch. Sandus ky, Weeks, Yo k, 20 days ; James M Kin - let, of do waiting cargo Export, for do loading j brig Adse. Rich, for Boston j sloop Vlai - y. of V l - ondon, just arrived : sloop Washington, of Troy, arrived, having been plundered ott the Hole in the Wall, by a Patriot privateer, ho even took the passengers cmthing, about 1 50 dolla t in money, tbe com pass, kc. On Saturday, off Bamegat, spoke ship Washington, 54 days fnm Lon.lon for N York, full of passengers 1 same day, spoke a b - ig from Charleston tor N Y01 k. Passcng r, Messrs. U Mayo, Adams, P Watson, m Dan iels, and capt Holman, of brig Ann, of Wil mington, wrecked on Mobile bar. The Nas sau was driven ashore at the point of the Hook on Sunday night by the ice lies nea. ly dry, has received no injury, and will pitibably be oi off. The passenger and let ter bag were brought up last evening, by the pilot - boat science Considerable alarm ex is. ted among the inhabitant of the town of Blake. ly on account of the reported movements of the hostile Indians 1 birty warrior had eras. sed the Perdido, and were said to be on their way to the town of 'Makcly, they had reached the Cowpens, killing many rattle and com mating other depredations. The inhabitant!. of Bl kely were umler arms. Srh. Hunt r, Avery, days from Little York, with ovsters, to the master. Sch. Maria, L&tham, from Charleston, and another small sch. with cotton on deck, re. mained at anchor near Coney Island. Sloop Syren. Dunstan, 7 davs from Charles ton, with rice, to A G Phelp - , J B Udbnta tun and Cider, M'Lea k Co. Sa led in co. with sloop Eagl e, Wright, for S York. 1 m Tuesday, to the southward of Cape llatteras, spoke a brig from the eastward, bound to Wilmington, N. C. The sch Resolution, Tvrrt. from Curi - tuck, with naval stores and staves, to Baker k Kobinson, N York, parted her cable on Sunday night abreast the Cedars, at Old Point, had her sails much torn when last se n she wa - standing N. and E. u ider a four refed foresail and balanced reef mainsail had lost one of her lee boards. Sioon Ptienix, Howard, from Murfreesboro. driven ashore at the Highlands on Wednesday night, has bilged principal p .rtof her cargo is saved, and was brought up yedterdy Left at the Lower RouiuLsloop F ieiidsliip,F'isdick. 20 day from Boston, bound to .Murfreesboro ; loop Ruse in - Bloom, llamihon. for Sava n.di , loop Rebecca Clark, Prdeaux, fordo, , - ai ed 5th inst. in co. with 2 schr. and t sloops fur northern port. Left in Bacon Hoads, swop Gen Jackson. Conktin,wr 1 jra. ui 1 c:nc Hnl. .nil I zander. I or the W Indies, and sch Leander, Neal, for w - vwn. oioop union 01 Baltimon , sailed for Charleston, xoin Jan. WILMlGI O, l e - 7 - rnvea, rrimuin Hry, Crawford, from Tliomastown. tsng viessengrr, DiiiHiiej, i' ;i S. hr Packet Otcur, Aileu, from N York. . Schr Commerce, Burnes, from ntitk. R. - I,r MM - hnnir. Wright. M daVSfrom St. Lu - cia. Hailed in comp.wy wu ' is 7 " ley, of Kenu - bunk, mr Uu pert, ai.u nng joiui Adeline, r'olger, of Nori. Ik, lor Domiuica. Lit schl Exchange, foi Rhode .tland, captain on shore siik ;t.rig fiiioo, Arnold, of Providence, to sail in 2!du l br.g t'e Mco, Tarlton, bi sail for Portsmouth, N H in 4 j datt ; schr .Nonsuch, Hill, ofEdentonto - ail ii. 14 hours foi Martinique and Turkt Island, brig Do'phin, Gladden, to tail in one day for thi port ; brig , reruns, lor Ibis P"r' crew sick - S - h Combine. Hirf His. from St Pierres, Mart. Le't at StPiern:, oiia Chauncey, Snow, from N York for Br.nils, in 2 dayt ; Kichard, Llliott, f.nm Bristol R I lor St Eustatia in 10 days; Dia mond, Hubbard, from Middle town, (Cou.) for Nkw London j Pilgrim, Delano, uncertain Adeline, Souther, from Georgtown (D C) for St 1 nomas; senr ivenown, r.iouoc, uum mouth, f lassi for St Thomaiin 7 : Comiu jdore Barney, Bamet, from Pliilad'phia, fir Alew - Or - If ant in 2 ; Fanny, Andrew, fn ui and for salem ; Traveller, Bradford, from Portland for Wilmina - ton, waiting order 5 tlop Haiard, Starbuck, from Nantucket for Charleston ill " days. Cleared, ship Sir James Craig, for Jamaica: stop Ar.n, tor urisiQi, r.lpmnn 1 nug nw - n' a. Otis for Martinique : srhr Mil". Tidinon, for Ve ra Crui i schr M'inroe, Dowiie, for t Croix i schr Kehance, first liuitvs, Mart; tchr two Brothers, lor Boston. SAVANNAH, Feb. 5. - Arrived, chooner - Trler, Otfioipe, New - York, 15 day. TheF.T. rxptrienced severe weuther all the passage on at. Oth. - nne's, in a heavy gale, ell in with the wreck of a vetiel drifting in pie - ret, her quari r rleck m d several barrels, supposed to l e 'iitriiit uere dilnictlv seen, but from the severity rf the weather no further particular could he gotten. til t - " . wt. n . , A, J IF . cionp 1 h nie, 1 row, d'wiod, 2 1 uujs. 1 es - terday, al 2 o'clock, saw a 'hip at anchor tc the tou'h tard rf the bar, in seven fathoms water, witn tbe lost o'hrr ari miteo topmasts. The wind blowing heavy, wis not able to ascer tain ber naun, r whrre slip Wat Irom. aloop Hnntrets hpenrer, ew - York, 9 dayt. rtv - Huntress wa for. - e bv ttren of weather to put into St. t - imon't that morning, alter having thrown a considerable part of her cargj over - .loard. She rode at arv hiT about three mile a - bove the fcpencer. loop Sally, Chase, Newbem, (N. C.) 19 day. The Sully made Tyb. e Light twelve dhys ago, but was blown off as far tout!', at St, Simon' and experienced very srvert weather. ui . 1 1 . : t T ; uriviii uiie uuicniui lAupihiii, iruui s ruTl den. e, (R. I) CDiared, Schooner Louisa, Thorp, New - York. NORFOLK, Feb. 9. Arrived, heiin brig Water - Witch, Bunce, 20 dayt Irom Porto Rico, round to Philadelphia, put in in distress Jan. 31ft, off the Del a r are, (Ut. 3 - t.) experienced a tremendous gnle of wind from N.N. W. acom - pt'uif - d with snow, ram and hail, during which he shipped several heavy sea., winch stove in her larboard and part of hentarbonrd bulwarks, sUuiichions, kc. tor up her planksbeer, started h'r long - boat and ramhouKe, wabed overboard waier caks, the cambnuae house, toil chest, and swept the deck of much ringing and a num ber or mall artirles, but tortuualely no lives were lost wat compelled to keep two hauJt constantly at the ump to keep her free, and to jiake ue 01 their t.laukcu, coat', sails, ic. to lop the leak. 1 he W . V . was within 20 miles of fienlnpen Light on the lU'h day after her leaving Portn - Rico, and wat afterwards driven 40 miles to the southward Left at Porto - Rico, the srhr. Fox, Dirkey, to sad in a few days for Baltimore, and brig Mary, Dennis, uncertain when to sail. British herm. brig Virginia, Rtburn, Trini dad, via St. Thomas, 18 d:tys from the latter poke en 2d init iu lat 36, lung 73, ship Triton, troni New - Orleans, bouud to Philadelphia out 14 days. Schr. Indian Hunter, Seamin, New - York. 8 dayt. The I. H. experienredall tbe severity of the late gale, but fortunately sustained no other damage taan splitting ber foresail Saw several vessels which had appnreutlv sustained much damage, but did not speak them. ecbr Eliza Jane, Gaines, 19 days from New - hern, N C. The E J has been twice blown off the Capet, and experienred two very severe gales of wind, in the first of whir h she was com pelled to throw overroaid part of ber deck load Spoke, off Cape Henry, brig Benefactor, To by, 7 dart from Aloj - idrii, bound to Havana. fcch Ceres, Mills, from ew - York, bound to Charle ton put in in distress, with tbe loss of squaresail, fore - ail, and flying jib, and a little leaky. Jan. 4 1, experienced a Iwavy gale, with o ' , ram and nail during which she sus tained the above damage, hud her dead lights stove in, and lost p trt of her d. c load over board Bore awav for Norfolk, Feb 1st, and ow ng to the thickness of the weather. beW unaote to get an observation, got to the southward of Cape Henry. Experienced another gale from s W off urrituck, on Tuesday last. Sea. La.y Washington, Orcutt. Boilon 9 d .vs. Feb. 1st, lat. 3 long. 74. spoke sloop Virginia lr..der. trotu NioikbounduiCha les ton, out J day. her cew mucii frost - bitten. sloop ancy, Clark, .Newburyport 9 davs from C pe - Cod bound to Charleston. Had her q carter boards,, staunchions and com pan ion washed awy, and lost her foressil, in a gale from N E. on the 1st inst Ut 37. long 74, which lasted 24 hours. iloop Ladv Hamitton, Prynr. Aux Caves. 13 days. Lett sch (xirdelia, t om n vork,just ar. r ved brig volant. Conn, of ir ro k, loiding for France, uncertain Mr. M'Intosli, the A - merican gent at Aux - Cayes, was ill with the fever, and would noi prob ibly survive In the event of his death, capt. P. th.nks the A me: i - cans having property in his hands, would sustain much ' injury, as the government would se.ze on every tiling he left. btoop Barstow, Barstow, aew - rork 10 davs bound to worth Carolina, pot in in d stress, with the lost o' jib - boom, cable and anchor Jan 28th, lost the mate, Ephraim Snow, over board, while reebing .he main sail. In a gale on she 1st Feb the H. was knocked on her beam ends, and remain, d in that situation nearly 4 hours before she righted. sioop, Bauer, iniu fungoteagoe, with corn, hound to Mt w - Be.ilurd MotiLs, Dec. 20 Arrived, sloops James. Pige .n,N York 1 Eastern Trader. Fisher. 30 days from l.oston. sw.OLtK., Jjn 16. Arrived, sch. Un - d uuted Dm. N York. Chsnlkstos, Feb. 9 Wen to sea yester day, ship Caroline. Aeiritl.Turk Island; ch. Ketneve, White, N York. A hp and brig, unknown, were to the northward of the bar last e ening UIOSSITOW5, t cb 7. Cleared, sch. Eliza. Wood, N York. THEATRE. On Wednesday evemu, Kebrutry 18, will be presenieu uie irstrdr of RICHARD ill. Richard, Mr. Woodhull ! I 111 nrst annearance Urn inml Queen Eiixnth, Mrs. Bamet io which will be added, the farce of RAISING THE WIMJ. Jeremy Didd er, Mr. Simpson Fur H HI. - 4 II - I I' HI t A The schooner TWO HRdTMERS, Vf,L J iC'ib Carson, master. I n, - ri side ei ricr no. f or ireigM upy to OEO M v iu ON, feb 17 Ito Watcr - atrtet 1 CHARITY 8ERMOM. , - On ftdllitfiv Mrtainv nlL tha RmmI. 11 11 - m'.yn will preach a Charity Sermon in the Pre - . byteria Church in Cedar - street, wbea a codec Uon u - ill be made for the benefit of the Orphan a....' ui.i. Few inititutioot hare greater claims oath public than the above. There are now on bun - dred aud twenty orphan children under it care who hate been almost forgotten thi winter, in th distribution of the benevolent, and are now coming before them entirely destitute of (upport. feb!7 4t fjr The 'i'retturer of the City Dupcssar acknowledge the receipt of a donation of Fifty Dollars, from " A member of tbe Society of Friends," presented by Geo. Clarksoo. ftb 17 It DISSOLUTION OF CO PARTNERSHIP? (Ky - The Co - partnership heretofore exittio'g under the firm of Molenaor & McDonald, it in day dissolved. 1 he butinets of th concera will be closed by the subscriber, who is solely author, iscd to settle the same. feb 17 3t WILLIAM MOLENAOR. MECHAMC HALL. Last week Tuesday, Wednesday k Thursday fXT Mr. STANISLAS' engagement with th hall expiring this week, he ha (elected for those uighia (being his last appeal to a liberal public) a variety of deceptions, experiments, mechanl. ' cal pieces, &c. part of wbich has drawn the reiterated applause and utonitluncnt of th most scientific men io Europe, acd hat been crowned in this city with overflowing house for 30 night successively. To those who hav never wit - nertcd the like, they hav now an opportunity of seeing that Mytlie Scitnet experimentally displayed, which for centuries led even the most enlightened to believe in th aid of a suptmata - nil agent. rjj3 For particulars se bill of th day. Feb 17 3t fXy - " The public is respectfully informed, that' the gentlemen who volunteered their errica to aid the funds of the Sunday School Union So cieties, by the concert of 8arred Music given at St. George's Church oa Wednesday evening, have consented to repeat the exercise on 1 hurt - day evening next, the 19th inst. at th taut place. Tickets, at 50 cents each, may bt had of James Eastburn k Co. at th Literary Rooms; of .Messrs. A 1 Uoooricn s CO. U roadway j r yf Galladet't, 201 Water - st; of R k W Bartow, Pearl - street, corner of Frankfort - tt; of Mrs. Brewnter, 112 William - tt; of T A Ronalds, 188 Pearl - tt; of J C ToUon, Bowery; of Tt JSwordt, 160 Pearl - ttt of Dodge k Styr, Broadway, and of Jat. A Burtis, Feck - slip. . Feb 17 3t THE GREAT PRIZE. T7 Ticket No. 10323, which drew this morning the grand capital prise in the Medical Science Lottery, No. 4, of 30,000, was sold at Allen' truly lucky office - , No. 122 Broadway. The fortunate bolder of thi grand prize, (Isaac Ward, esq. of this city,) very politely gar Met. leu's permission to mention that he U th holder. Messrs. Aliens have the pleasure of announcing to the public that they gave the fortunate holder the pleasing intelligence in 10 minutes after the oumbcr was drawn from the wheels by the manager!, and that before the drawing wat completed they gave tbe owner tit taA tot th same an instance of prompt payment which has nevr - r before been equalled in the Uuited States. No. 2J.0I6, which drew last week a price of 1 10,000, was i - resroted and paid this morning. No. 3320, which drew the grand capital prize of100,000, was told and paid by Mess. AlleaH the day after it was drawn, being tbe highest nrlfa ur fir - awn in AmarirB. Vmh 17 HEMP. ItlCE, WINE, lie ST. PETERSBURG clean Hemp (B.lfart't cargo) ami Kentucky hempen yarns in tot to tuit purchasers 100 tierce prime New Rice 12 casks Bordeaux Claret, enutfetf to debenture : 30 tierre genuine winter presi'd ml 170 boxe new spermaceti Candle. Tor tale by IIAYDOCK ft JENKINS, ten 17 iw lax oouio - eiieei. BKAMJt.r ljOt K, t LiAHSLLU ad ltAl SIN8. - 20 pipe best Bordeaux Brandy 950 barrels Baltimore Howard - street Fkmr 5i) casks rough Flaxseed ; and 400 boxes fresh Bloom Raisins. For sale by GEO. M. WILSON, . feb 17 130 Water - street IRISH LINENS. Ik C. NICHOLS, No. 13? Pearl - ttreet, have just received a general assortment of Irish Li neos, which tbey offer for tale very low for cash, feb 17 Iw CO 1TON. 24 bales of prime new crop op - land Cotton, from Augusta, for sale. Suinple may be seen at 148 Pearl - ttreet, up stair. Feb 17 'I'AR AFLOAT 204 barrel first quality tar JL on board the schr Leander. Neal, at Peck - tlip, for tale by JAMES M'BRIDE. feb 17 3t B2 Liberty - street. OLD MAOE1RA V I. A LARGE stock of fine old Madeira Wine, of the mutt approved brands, in pipes, bogs - head aud quarter casks, warranted pure a imported, and well worthy the attention of the trad and of private familiet ; wid be told at reasonable prices, and in quantities to suit purchasers, by TUCKER k LA CRIES, feh 17 9 South - street Q70 LET, The large new four ttory brick boose, situated on tbe corner of Broadway and Dey stiert, 50 feet on Broadway, well calculated and built expressly for a boarding hnue, finished in) the modern style, containing a large dining root 50 ft. by 27 f 2 large drawing rooms, 30 doubk arid tingle bed rooms, nunierout pantries, two kitchens, 2 vaults, ice house and ttone cislsrn, with every convenience necessary for a pabbc ' house. Its central and pleasant situation reader this bouse worthy the attention of those wno are desirout of establishing a respectable boarding house, for terms, apply to D. L. HA1GH D. L. HAIGHT, 4 Dey - street feb 17 tf BOARD WANTED by a young Man who can produce satisfactory recommendation at to character, tohriety, tic. A private family would be preferred. A line addressed to B. M. and left at this office, will be immediately attended to. feb 17 2t A PARTNER WANTED. rpilE subscriber withes to employ a tmall L cash capital in rime respectable business either as a tilent or active Partner. Address 5. B. at this office. feb 17 3t" IN CHANCERY. State of .Yext - YorkfU. iv r . nri.; hAiior able court of chancery, bearing date tbe nine - . . L i c 1 . . i I IJ ml icruin cay oi January, insiani, nil w " - - public auction, at tlie Tontine Coffee House, ia the city of New - York, under the direction of the subscriter, as one of tbe master of thi court. on the seventeenth day of February next Bt o'clock at nocn - all that certain lot of ground, ituate in the 8(h ward of the city of New - York, and known and distinguished on a map or chart of ground late of Anthony Bowroran. made by t.'h irt Loss, city turvejor, or by lot nujiber aiii luirnifUJ wAsturiv i rriuii hv Snliiv.tii street east. rly in tlie rear by rouud now or late in th postesfion oi iioiarn ano ouitrs, nonoenj i - j S t. 400, lately old to Dumarest and Johnson, Mg to trie . - 'id AnuY'uj Bowrotuo, cootaioingin bretdth in front and rer, each twenty five 'eetj and in lentb on eacb tide, one hundred eet 'J1 tbe appurteuancet. Dxted January 26J. I81 - JAMES A. HAMILTON, Matter ia Chancery. . Jan ?7 - 2aw9Fatdt u , The s'iosc ai i ptupooed to the 24th inst. ...l l r . pk. 17th. A ni.lhr Iw ha In I an. Aft nnnr or late IVIOOK - 18 6 jAilk,! A. HAMILTON ftb 17 St ' Matter ia CUt - ry.

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