The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1936 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1936
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

EIGHT MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 20 1936 NOTICE OF HEARING ON PROPOSED BUDGET AND APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE ' Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Mason Oty, Iowa, will hold a Public Hearing at the Council Room in the City Hall in said City at 9:00 A. M. on the 6th day of April, 1936, on the following proposed Budget and Appropriation Ordinance for the period of April 1, 1936, to March 31, 1937. Ordinance No: An Ordinance Proposing the Budget and Making Appropriations for the expenditures for the City of Mason City for the Fiscal Year beginning April 1, 1936 arid ending March 31, 1937. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MASON CTTY, IOWA: Section 1. That the Budget is proposed and estimated revenues in the various funds are hereby appropriated for the payment of such expenditures as are properly chargeable to such funds, during the fiscal year April 1, 1936, to March 31, 1937, as follows: Section 2. CONSOLIDATED FUND Estimated Receipts Corporation, Grading, Improvement, and Sewer Levies--5.75 Mills A--General Fund Police Court Fines and Fees ? 7,000.00 Licenses 3.500.00 Departmental Fees 3,500.00 Cigarette Licenses 5,000.00 Beer Permits 9.000.00 Taxes · 53,900.00 Estimated Balance, March 31, 1936 15,000.00 $ 96,900.00 Available for Expenses properly chargeable to this Fund 5,100.00 $ 42,500.00 Section 6. FIRE EQUIPMENT FUND Receipts From .317 Mill Levy $ 5,700.00 Appropriations New Equipment ·? 5,700.00 Section 7. PARK FUND Receipts From .395 Mill Levy $ 7,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31. 1936 5,000.00 B--Grading Fund Primary Road Maintenance 3,200.00 Poll Taxes 5,000.00 Taxes 27,600.00 C--Improvement Taxes 13,500.00 D--Sewer Maintenance Taxes 14,000.00 Total Estimated Receipts APPROPRIATIONS A--General Fund 1--General Government Salaries of Manager, Clerk, Auditor, Stenographer, Attorney, Treasurer, Board of Review $ 10.700.0U Office Supplies, etc 2,300.00 $ 13,000.00 2--Police Department Salaries, including Police Judge .. ? 38,000.00 Traffic Control 800.00 Motor Patrol 1,800.00 Police Station and Jail 1,300.00 Telephone, Telegraph and Signal System 1,000.00 New Equipment 1,400.00 Miscellaneous Supplies 1,500.00 Balance Available 4,200.00 .$ 50,000.00 -Health Department' Salaries of Director, Technician, Laboratory Asst. and Inspector 4,300.00 Supplies 1,000.00 Isolation Hospital Operation .......... 900.00 Maintenance and Repairs 1,000.00 Miscellaneous 800.00 4--City Hall Salaries, Wages, Janitor Supplies Lighting Heat 5--City Offices and Scale House Inspection, Gas and Plumbing Office Supplies Salary, Weightmaster -- $ 8,000.00 .? 900.00 200.00 400.00 500.00 5 2,000.00 .$ 600.00 500.00 900.00 ·;, T " ' ' " . " - ' " ? 2,000.00 6--Engineering Department Salaries and Wages $ 4,020.00 Supplies 450.00 Motor Equipment 750.00 General Equipment 300.00 Balance Available 3,180.00 Chargeable to Storm Sewer Fund .... $ 6,300.00 7--Elections, Publications, Insurance and Other Expenses properly Chargeable to this Fund $ 15,600.00 Total General Fund « B--Grading Fund Salaries and Wages - ? 14,000.00 Maintenance and Operating Equipment., 5,000.00 New Motor Equipment 3,500.00 Maintenance of Team 600.00 Supplies 5,000.00 Any other Expense properly chargeable to this Fund - - - - - 7,700.00 C--Improvement Bonds and Interest 5 Any other Expenses chargeable to this Fund - 35,800.00 6,450.00 7,050.00 $ 13,500.00 D--Sewer Maintenance Fund 1--Disposal Plant Salaries and Wages ? 2,400.00 Power and Light 2,200.00 Supplies 1,000.00 WpA Repair Material 1,400.00 ' $ 7,000.00 2--Maintenance', of Sewers S 2.000.00 3--Construction of Sewers 5,000.00 ' - - $ 14,000.00 TOTAL CONSOLIDATED Section 3. LIGHT FUND Receipts From 1.25 Mill Levy ·. 5 23,700.00 From .5 Mill Levy 1,800.00 From General Fund 3.500.00 Less Estimated Overdraft March 31, 1936 4,500.00 ? 24,500.00 Appropriations Lighting Streets and Alleys 524,500.00 Section 4. GARBAGE FUND Receipts : From .5 Mill Levy $ 0,200.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 ..,,,. 3,500.00 $ 12,700.00 Appropriations Incinerator Plant Lighting and Supplies S 500.00 Collections Contract 6.000.00 City Dumps 2,000.00 Available for Paved Street Cleaning 4,200.00 12,700.00 Section 5. FIRS MAINTENANCE FUND Receipts From 2.214 Mill Levy ............ .....;? 40,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 ...... 2.500.00 S 42.500.00 Appropriations Salaries and \\«'^.f ................... $ Maintenance of Equipment .............. ' Maintenance of Station ................. Insurance ............................. Supplies, Medical Services and Laundry .. New -Equipment ..... ...... ...... ....... 34.00n.00 ' ] .000.00 1.500.00 2 0°-°° 400.00 300.00 35,800.00 13,500.00 14,000.00 $160,200.00 $ 12,000.00 Appropriations Salaries and Wages 5 4,000.00 Material and Supplies 1,400.00 New Construction 1,600.00 Available for Permanent Improvements.. 5,000.00 $ 12.000.00 Section 8. BRIDGE FUND Receipts Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 $ 1,670.00 Appropriations For Maintenance of Present Bridges or New Construction $ 1,670.00 Section 9. MUNICIPAL BAND FUND Receipts From .274 Mill Levy 5 5,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 ..:... -1,900.00 ? 6,900.00 Appropriations Summer Concerts ? 5,000.00 Director's Salary - 500.00 Miscellaneous Supplies 500.00 Balance 900.00 $ 6,900.00 Section 10. COMFORT STATION FUND Receipts From .125 Mill Levy $ 2,200.00 Appropriations To Comfort Station Commission ? 2,200.00 Section 11. LIBRARY FUND Receipts From 1.25 Mm Levy ·$ 23,700.00 Interest on Securities 300.00 Fines and Fees 1,000.00 .f 25,000.00 Appropriations To Library Board $ 25,000.00 Section 12. WATER DEPARTMENT Receipts From .528 Mill Levy $ 9,000.00 From Sale of Water 4 95,000.00 From Meters, Services, etc 5,000.00 From Labor and Material 4,000.00 From Miscellaneous 1,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 45,000.00 ?159,000.00 Appropriations Salaries and Wages 5 36,000.00 Coal and Power 15,000.00 Payment of Bonds and Interest 14,000.00 New Equipment 1,000.00 Motor Equipment Repairs and Supplies.. 1,500.00 Additions to Distribution System 12,000.00 Meters Services and Other Supplies 18,500.00 Available for Improvements or Debt Retirement 61,000.00 $159,000.00 Section 13. WATER BOND FUND Receipts From .528 Mill Levy $ 9,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 8,000.00 I Appropriations 5 17,000.00 Payment of Bonds and Interest ? 17,000.00 Section 14. I , BRIDGE BOND FUND I Receipts i From .254 Mill Levy $ 4,500.00 ! Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 1,700.00 $ 96,900.00 $ 6,200.00 Appropriations Bonds ? 4,000.00 Interest 300.00 Balance - 1,900.00 ? 6,200.00 Section 15. GENERAL BOND FUND Receipts From 2.75 Mill Levy $ 50,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 10,000.00 $ 60,000.00 Appropriations Bonds Payable ? 31,000.00 Interest Payable 14,512.50 Balance 14,487.50 $160,200.00. ? 60,000.00 Section 16. CITY HALL BOND FUND Receipts From .125 Mill Levy S . 2,200.00 Appropriations Interest Payable $ 500.00 Balance 1,700.00 $ 2,200.00 Section 17. POLICEMENS' PENSION FUND Receipts From .125 Mill Levy $ 2,300.00 Deposits Policemen 300.00 Interest on Securities 692.50 Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 1,000.00 $ 4,292.50 Appropriations Pensions 5 1,080.00 Available for Investment -. 2,500.00 Balance 712.50 5 4,292.50 Section 18. FIREMENS' PENSION FUND Receipts From .125 Mill Levy ~....$ 2,300.00 Deposits Firemen 300.00 Interest on Securities 847.50 Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 600.00 J 4,047.50 Appropriations Pensions 5 2,040.00 Available for Investment 1,500.00 Balance 507.50 the Mason City Globe-Gazette at .least two weeks prior to said date of hearing. Proposed this 18th day of March, 1936. W. S. WILCOX, J. T. LAIRD, DAVID OLSON, L. A. DAVEY, Councilmen. Attest: Rena B. Mack, City Clerk. ETY American Club to Stage Dance at School Saturday Under a sky of blue, the high school spring social season will get under way Saturday evening when the American club stages its semiformal hop in the gymnasium. Carl West and his well known recording band will furnish the rollicking rhythm for the gala affair. The American club, under the supervision of Miss Mary Bullock, have constantly been working in preparation for the event. The dance is open to all high school and junior college students. To the tune of gay colors the gym has become a brilliant setting for the initial social event of the spring season.: Lighting effects, with Dean Huxtable in charge, have been worked out in an unique style, adding- to the background of the hoofing. Dancing will start at 8:30 and continue till midnight, according to i plans made by the organization. Capacity crowds are expected to attend the hop, the second sponsored by the club this year. 'Tickets are on sale at the Shoe Box as well as at the high school. They are also being sold by members of the American Club. --*-Miss Esther Baker Honored at Surprise Party at Jefferson Tusalata club members had a surprise birthday party at the Jefferson amber room Thursday evening, at 7 o'clock, honoring Miss Esther Baker, general secretary of the Y. W. C. A. There were 22 present. Miss Mynnie Bruner had charge of the table decorations ana arrangements. Bridge was played during the evening with first prize going to Lenore Gulbranson, second to Dorothy Jensen and traveling prize to Helen Meyer. Miss Baker received a number of gifts. Announcement was made of the nationwide business girls banquet to' be held Tuesday evening and the March hop, Wednesday evening. There will be no Tusalata meeting next week. BITS ABOUT 'EM i Mr. and Mrs. Joe Benowitz and I children, Isador, Beatrice, Mildred | and Alvin, 303 Taylor avenue south! west, plan to leave Sunday for New York where they will make their home. Mr. Benowitz is former owner of the Benowitz fur shop. I * * * Mrs. Joe Holub, 702 Delaware avenue northeast, has returned from California where she spent the past five months. * * Buck Hynds, a student at Iowa State college, is home from Ames to'spend his quarterly vacation with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. Hynds, 14% First street northeast. · * * * Mrs. H. A. Layman and daughter, j Delourise, 324 Sixth street northwest, left Friday morning for Emmetsburg where they will week-end with friends. spend the $ 4,047.50 STORM SEWER FUND Receipts From Sale of Bonds 5 90,892.35 Appropriations Construction Storm Sewer S 90,892.35 Section 20. EFFECT That the provisions of this ordinance are declared I to Oe necessary for the operaUOD ol the various City functions and I shall be in etlect ten days from and after its passage and publication, i Section 2J. HEARING That the said Budget will be considered by the City Council for adoption at the City Hall at 9:00 A. 11., April 6, 1936. I Section 22, PUBLICATION That tis ordinance shall be. published. in Raymond Zebker, a student at the University of Iowa, is spending the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zebker, 121 South Federal avenue. . 4 Si * Sarane Robinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Robinson, 304 West State street, will broadcast from DCS Moines during the Younkers children's hour Saturday morning at 9 o'clock. She is a piano pupil of Miss ! Ruth Swingen. I * * · * i Miss Nancy Flynn arrived Thurs| day from Berkeley, Cal., and will make her home with her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Clarence E. Flynn, 116 Washington avenue northwest. Shore signed her position ivith the Bank of America in Berkeley. _ BIRTHDAY CLUB »LEETS FOB DINNER Deckers' girls' birthday club met for a 6 o'clock dinner at the Bovaird tearooms Thursday evening honoring Helen Bogard, Elizabeth and Nora Faktor, The time was spent in playing Monopoly and high score prizes went to Maxine Howard. St. Patrick's decorations were carried out. Arloene Janssen and Minnie Jandersitz were hostesses. HEWITT-SCHEKK, NEW HAMPON -- Miss Marie Scherr of Dubuque and Lucian B. Hewitt of New Hampton were married in Galena, HI., by the Rev. Percy Reid McMahon, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, there. They will live here. The bridegroom is employed as auditor in the gasoline tax division of the state treasurer's office. M A K K I A U K MOKNSK ISSUKU TO COUPF.E Elmer Vinnedgc. 13. Ogcina. Wis.. and Elsie Markovsky, 34. Minneapolis, have been issued a marriage Spring Ceremony to Be Conducted at 'T' by Girls Girl Reserves of Mason City will have a spring recognition service Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the Y. W. C. A. gymnasium. Girls will meet in the upstairs dining room. They will go into the gym to form their friendship circle singing "Follow the Gleam." The candles of body, mind and spirit will be lighted by three girls from each of the Wilson, Roosevelt S, and Lincoln 7 groups. Two girls one from Garfield group and one from the Monroe 6 group will light the candles for spring. There will be special music and poetry throughout the whole service. Mrs. W. H. Hathorn will be the speaker. The groups will present tableauxs of the Girl Reserve code: "Gracious in. Manner," Monroe 6; "Impartial in Judgment," Madison; "Ready for Service," Monroe 7; "Loyal to Friends," Lincoln "Reaching Toward the Best," I.O.O.F.; "Earnest in Purpose," McKinley; "Seeing the Beautiful," Garfield; "Eager for Knowledge," Lincoln 8; "Reverent to God," Wilson; "Victorious Over Self," Roosevelt 7; "Ever Dependable," Central, and "Sincere at All Times," Roosevelt 8. There will be close to 50 girls participating and more than 150 girls are expected to attend. Hand- painted favors are being prepared for each girl attending. Miss Alma Bergmann Weds Raymond Freie HAMPTON--The marriage of Miss Alma Bergmann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Bergmann of Hampton, and Raymond H. Freie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Freie, east of Hampton, took place Thursday at Trinity Lutheran church with the Rev. George A. Koch, pastor, officiating. Cousins of the couple were attendants. Miss Esther Bunnister served as maid of honor, Miss Dene Grier of Latimer as bridesmaid. Kenneth Freie and Norman. Burmister attended the bridegroom. The bride's brother, Marvin, was ring bearer and her niece, lone Burmister, was flower girl. A wedding dinner for 40 guests at the home of the bride's parents followed the cerbmony. Both Mr. and Mrs. Freie are graduates of Hampton high school. She has been employed in the office of Dr. L. E. Haecker. He is t-ngaged in farming and they will live on his father's farm five miles north of Latimer. SPRUNG--WOODIWISS O S AGE -- Melba Woodiwiss, daughter of Mrs. Orpha Woodiwiss, and Kenneth Sprung, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Sprung of Nora Springs, were married at the Methodist parsonage Wednesday by the Rev. Frank A. Court. Attendants were the bride's sister, Myrtle Woodiwiss and Alvin Schultze. A wedding dinner was served at the home of an uncle and aunt of the bride, I and Mrs. Henry Donaghy, after which they left on a short wedding trip. After April i they will be at home in Ottumwa where Mr. Sprunge is a painter and decorator. Hamilton Students Hear Ralph Geer in Recital at School At the weekly assembly at the Hamilton School of Commerce, Ralph Geer gave an half-hour piano recital--consisting of popular music. With one of the students, Emmett Lynch, he played a duet of popular music. It has been the custom for years, to offer awards in the penmanship classes at the close of the second quarter. These awards are given for the student writing the Best signature and the one showing the greatest improvement in his signature. Mildred Seaman won the first and Jack Poshusta the one for the greatest improvement. Following the awards, which were made by Mr. Hamilton, he delivered a short talk on the importance of choosing a well-rounded educational program to the end that one might be highly proficient in at least some one useful and practical line and have a reasonable knowledge of as many others as possible. The meeting was in charge of the student council with Donald Koffron. president of the council, presiding. Mrs. Niester, Ledyard, Observes 83rd Birthday LEDYARD--A Ledyard pioneer, Mrs. Laura Niester, celebrated her eighty-third birthday Tuesday at the home of her daughters, Mrs. Blanche Jenks, where she makes ber home. Mrs. Niester was born in the small town of Berline, Pa., coming to Ledyard when she was 16, when Ledyard was but a prairie wilderness. She has witnessed many experiences, one of which was in 1901 when the town was destroyed tiy fire. Mrs. Niester is active at her age. There are four generations of the Niester family living here in Ledyard. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED TO COUPLES NORTHWOOD -- Marriage licenses were issued this week to Carl Hoffarth, St. Paul, and Audrey Pettersen, Minneapolis; Nils H. Kilen, Forest City, and Hilda T. Suby, Hanlontown; William F. Peck and Virginia H. Andrues, both of Minneapolis. WILH1TE-DUNLAP CORWITH--The marriage of Miss Geraldine Dunlap and Evan Wilhite on May 4, 1935 at Garner has just been announced. The bride is a granddaughter of Mrs. Fannie L. Barracks of Corwith and has been attending high school here. Mr. Wilhite, son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wilhite, farmers southeast of Corwith, is a graduate of the Corwith high school and has been farming with his father. The couple is at home on the Earl Wilhite farm southeast of Corwith. CAMPBELL-SCHEMA NEW HAMPTON--License to wed was issued to Marvil Campbell of Fairbanks and Dorothy Schima of Hazelton. Avoid Dry Hair! An Egyptian Oil Permanent Will give your hair lots of beauty, luster and sheen for this Spring. LE MODERNE BEAUTY STUDIO Phone 3011 EXPERT WAVING Ask Protection for U. S. Missionaries NANKING, (IP) -- The United States embassy asked the Chinese nationalist government foreign office Friday to obtain protection for the American missionaries, the Rev. and Mrs.. Claude Thomas and their two children, attached to the China inland mission at Hwoksien, 75 miles south of Taiyuangu, Shansi province, believed occupied by bandits. The Thomas family comes from Wheaton, 111. Man and Team Stationed to Pull Out Motorists RICEVILLE--Unpaved portions of highway No. 9 east of Riceville are in bad condition. A man and team are stationed at one place to help motorists. SPRING COATS DRESS UP! Wear clean clothes, have your spring coat cleaned and refreshed b y o u r modern cleaning methods. Phone 788 S P E C I A L FOR SUNDAY DINNER Beef Tongue Sweet Breads Barbecued Ribs Chickens Extra Special Beef Roost ..... . Beef Steak . . . ...... 12c Boiling Beef ........ 8c Sliced Bacon, 5 Ibs. . . 85c Beef Sausage ....... 8c Bock Sausage Links. . 25c HOME-MADE BOLOGNA Crisco, 3 IDS ......... 55c NASH COFFEE 1 Ib. 27c 2 Ibs. 53c Special Coffee, 1 Ib... 17c Buffer, Ib... ........ 32c Good Food Good Service 401 S. Federal Phone 23 Bulk Peanut Butter pound IH/2C Dill Pickles 5 for lOc YOUR DOLLAR ALWAYS BUYS MORE AT BUEHLER'S ARMOUR'S STAR LARD, 100% Pure. Ib. 12c MILK FED YOUNG TENDER LEG 0' MUTTON, Ib. lie CHOPS, Ib 10e ROAST, Ib 8c STEW, Ib 5c %K T-BONE STEAKS BOO.... Ib. 7c VEAL ROAST. Ib. l?,c HOMEMADE Fancy Fresh DRESSED PORK CHOPS, End Cuts, Ib. SUGAR CURED BACON, 1-lb. package PORK CUTLETS, pound PORK ROAST, pound BEEF POT ROAST, pound 13s PORK HOCKS, pound

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