The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 10, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1913
Page 2
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Adams County Dry Goods Department Store G. W. Weaver Son The Leaders · « ' v - · * ·* -*; I f«' GiT^r : ; s u G G E s frfi o N s;, We have greatly added to our open stock of - ^ KID AND FABRIC GLOVES With gift giving in view and can show more styles and colors and prices than usual. Every pair of kid gloves sold i» attractively boxed. P. Centemeri Co LADIES and MISSES . . . . . . . .;. - -§1,00 Sa^lJpYouir j? Xmas! Everybody buys gifts at Christmas. You won't have to !^ j Merely save .'.every 'trademark froni every one TSBBITT'i SpAES?aad CLEANSERS 1 When 'Christinas comes your, v Babbitt^, trademarks, ^ssill^entitleriyoutojnaiiy, valuable premiums, sho\vn in .our catalogue.-; · ' ":-It is the finest selection in the country. · Every gift is worth having--just the kind that you \vould buy at any reliable store. You know our reputation-- h o n e s t g o o d s and honest pjresiiunss--so begin saving today. B. T. BABBITT, Inc. P. O. Box, 1776 New York City I HOLIDAY SUGGESTIONS Once people gave to their friends and loved ones at Christmas tune gifts that were pretty b'ut of no value whatever, things that were nice to look upon bat only in the way , ; .after the merriment of the Christmas 'season had passed. This is all changed how and no - one cares to receive a gift that cannot be put toisome real use. Right here in our 'store :fK*iyou can find the things which can-jbeused, the things, Iwhich; will please the eye, and the Ipsthings which will delight your friends when you-preserit"theni on Christmas morning. I |j_-j:^1£" . . ' - ' · ' . "· ,, ' * . . . · - ' " · ' · ' . "·-". ' . ' " - ' - . · . . ' · · ,," . :*32g^^ , '. · NECKWEAR ' ' " . " *.. ' · · - . . - . - ' · What is more delight and satisfaction to the y, youth and man than a supply 'ofrcpllarsraiid-a , collection of pretty neckties? The -latest stiapes in collars and the prettiest ties, in town will ;; be . ifeund right here. Full line of cuffs. """V" . , SttiCKJNGS "· · " . ' ~ · · Nothing,,ls^inore provoking than to find your ysbcfe"xr^teJ:krcgs inthlps'^nst when you are iri-a_ hurry to iress. ? Men's* %omen's and children's stockings here frbia which to choose. The kind where holes don't come soon. ! 3 ££~i V27^:33 ;; ^32SS£;£S32^^ i SUITS arid OVERCOATS : Year father, your husband, your brother would delight in a new suit at Christinas tirre. You can have them pick what they want and then present it to them Christmas morning. The early buyer has an immense stock jfrom which to choose. If your relatives have already bought their fall and winter suits, how about a warm, good looking, handsome overcoat or raincoat. Prices to suit all. And there are the young boys in.the family--the little codgars. Suits and overcoats that will make them glad not only on Christmas day but throughout the entire winter. : Corne in and let us show them to you. ^3SKS^^-:^S2^S^^S33^^S3=^eO?SS^^SIfI« ^S^52S^53-2SS.i3S3S5S5-^C:« i 111 Capitol Kid and Cape All Colors GenobleKid AH Colors Florine Black Gauntlets, Black and Tan Allen's Cape -- French Points^ Boy's and Girl's Cape White Chamois 16 Butt Kid-^-BIack arid White and colors §3.50 Niagara Maid Silk, Gloves None Better E v e r y P a i r G u a r a n t e e d 16 Butt Length--Black White and Tan $1.00 t 283 Clasp--all colors \ 50c., 75 c. and $1.00 1 White Moleskin-- the new fabric . 50c. and §1.00 50c. nit IVIittens gj^ fron 25c. up. Men's and Boy's Leather and Fabric Gloves S1.S5 §1.50 cp the nose; you wiu feelEtea. It leooeas tbe has a soo!=e. . . szdisc? People's Drug Store! EOD--SES;-films;-everything dale . HATS _ ; Hats and caps, for men, ."--.boys and children. Dress hats j^J and hats for''"everyday. :/~y Wouldn't your boy enjoy a 'r-^-l good warm hat for the winter '-S school days. SHIRTS S Dress shirts, and "working 5 shirts. The men and boys in · the family can't have too- S many of them. Cheap shirts jj and higher priced ones for · dress. ' - " S SWEATERS Just the thing for the man who must be out these winter days and fine for the boys' school wear and winter sport. Pretty shades. : ^ £X3332e££S^^2S^^333S;^ S H O E S - - - I S H O E S Here is the very thing. And,;.ve : have in,our,-stqick,shoes,for men, for boys, for women, for girls and for children of alTages. We have the'Ralstoii and Fellowcraft shoes for men---the best shoes sold in Gettysburg. We have fine shoes for women---none better sold in Adams County. We have shoes at lower prices for those who want to pay less and still get good goods. Boys and girls will find here, just what they have been thinking about for dress and everyday wear and if it's the little children your thinking about, why, we have shoes for them too. . " " And what would be wrong with a pair of arctics for the irian who has heavy outdoor work; or with rubbers for every member of the family. We have what you want. Come in. GLOVES No mailer what you. buy for the Various mem- ' bers cf the family you will fail to hit the^_ mark -- s.c?T"^fc^'- -^\ff ^tf · · ~7HT".- "^*^ i+f^ -- nur. , VN'. ~.r»nr. '****, -^i* . v*-»*-* i^v*- !·**'-,_- ' ~»*rs.~ f**f ·-. t^^.* »^«*^v · *, i *'--r~- £f ^f'j-t 'jgilsx nstmas tha£ MeanDSDmething . ~. « T -- . -- _- . - . / . - . . " . * ^ TVceth^r you spend little or much for Xmas it is important that your '-^| It v gifts bare lasting -rslue. Christmas prices here are mostly lower than · :'-:- at other seasons because of our large purchases. S* . . - . . .£ · -' The quality of everything in this store makes it a worthy gift wheth- (j tv er the price you pay is large or small. | HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS: For Mother or Wife ^Hoo»ier Kitchen Cabinet "-' China. Closet ^ Buffet i?' Sewinjj Tatle the World i ^Writing Desk =·1 Music C«Knet-:4; ·;- , For Father Morris Cliair Revolving Chair Leather Rocker " -" " · ' · " · r " - ' Smoker's Stand Por My Best. Fellow Chiffonier; :''-'-- : ' , ' . - : · - . . - - · ; · · · Arm Chair . . . Foot Stool Book Case So'iaany now bny Christmas Giles for theic wives here that he hare made a special study of helping men Tiith careful snpgestiocs. Come in and examine the hnnsireds of beaaiiuil end useiul_ gifts we have for the en tire-family. . - - " A Standard Sewing Machine Would Make an Ideal Gift for the Wife H O 12 IT XT IM7 1? THE HOME » JD. OE-1N JJr-lV, FURNISHER 55 I I i I I The Best Christmas Gifts Are Useful Gifts The Hardare Store ;' K Wagons Mckel Tea Kettles ^slckel Coffee Pots Oil Heating Stoves Pocket^Knives Gloves for Men and Boys Enamel Ware Knives and Forks Driving t»amps Foys Coasters and Skates Food Choppers '·· Enamel Rosst«rs Keen Kuttc r Saft-y Razor Carving Sets Remington Eifles sondition It is has ^ ^, ^-= *»_ ^ or a: --_»·.. - . _ . _ . , * the ills ;^icK s "occasiorially T ffe'pre^^even 5lie : BrTglitesf %nd* strongest The one remedy you. may take alad feel safe -with is BEECHAM'S PILLS - -- . . . - ._(THe-LargestSale oE-Jbij-MadicJne 5n.the WorfiJ) _ . The first dose gives speedy relief in sick-headaclie, bilipus- .ness, constipation, lack of appetite, heartburn, dyspepsia, and lasting improvement folioT7S the timely use of this favorite and reliable home remedy.. You ^riS become nealthier and stronger, and more cheerful if you Igtj Beecfram's Pills -. pier" Directions with ev* - ' box 'health ssJ! sre cjrjccia»2y" valuable to - " ' Medfcal. AdverVising^ At Once! Cloeed^ostrils - »^. ·**? 'cTj-'-" - We Give S. and H. Green Trading _,, £?QW^ Q W T W ' T^ f^ y I ** Jf .·t«i5 Ar^A ·_;£ r i JL^****^*^.^ ^» "·"!-- Now is the Time to Fill Your en Head Colds And Catarrh Vanish 1 Breathe Freely! Clears StufTcd-up; In- fiamed Nose and Head and Stops Catarrhal Discharge. Cures Deli Headache. . Get a small bottle anyway. j;=st _t«» try it--Apply a little in the nostrils and instantly yocr clogged nose and jlppped-np air passages of the head will open f you " will breathe f;-e2!y: dalbaess and headache disappear fir iorniBg! the catarrh, cpld-in-head} ! o? catarrhal sore throat -sHll'be g~ -«:--'. ^ End such misery now! Get the "SKU»'« bottle of "Ely's Cream Balm"" at' a^v dreg store. This sweet, fragrant : baini dissolves by the heat of the nostrils: j penetrates" and heals the inSamec, j svj-ollen membrane -which lines th« j . nose, haad and throat; clears the ai." 1 ' lassages; stops nasty discharges and :· \ feeling of cleansing, soothing reJie' | comes immediately. ' Derrt Jay a\vake to-night strnggiinj:: for breaXii, tvith head staffed; nostrils ! closed, hawking and blowing. Catarrh j or a co!d. -with its running nose, fo«! j inucous dropping into the throat, asid i raw dryness- is distressing but truly.« nesdless. - ·"' ';: Put your, faith--jnst once--in '"Ely'"^! VCream Balm" and your cold or catarrt 7f ··svili surely disappear- ; 4 , Hatchets and Saws Call to see us and exmaine our line. Our prices are lcw,Quulitv the best. Both Phones. J. J. Reindollar Fai £ £!d I i i i A B A Z A A R ^ro BE;TIEI2) IN TrLE-^'.- : . % *-~_ ». : ' * · "*- . · ' . ; - « - - · r ' " "^K '*' Social Rooms of St. JFame4 Church, Friday nightj all 1 | day Saturday,-and jSaturday;night I f DECEMBER 12 and 13 | | Dresse«l Doll.r from.SOcts. up. All kin'lsof FANCY ARTICLES suit- j| j abfc for Xmas Presents at Low IVicos. £? | Groceries, Soaps, Toilet Articles, Books, Etc. · Ice Cream, Cake, Sandwiches and Coffee will be p Served p Open Friday 5 P . M . Saturday at 9 A. M. | ix«s«s«x«j»«»3»:v:»3:»s»if»5 s^esss-;^ 1 « Here you will find an especially fine line of Ghristmas Gifts for Men. W full li Neckwear Underwear ne Shirts ti Umbrellas Sweaters f Handbags : GlovesJ Cushion Tops ^Handkerchiefs Hats Jewelry Pennants Suspenders Caps ' " Hosiery Suit, Overcoat or Fancy Vest would make an.appreciated.Gdfj^;- _ ; - I man ' · ' - ' . · · · ; - ,-,·;»y. T - -' 5: '^, · ~ * : ?* ^ * * **" : : - Hsberd^sHer,. . _ . First Nauonai Banlc Building. : J ' ? / * OTHER USEFUL ARTICLES Bedroom slippers come in fine during the winter V I ' ' " ' - "" · · months, pretty handkerchiefs msdte fine gifts. are alwsvs, a;ccet»tafbH- Ifeopd and com" " ? - * a - 5 § J i mufflers-fManir 'othertthnigs. ,-JS*^.J«** *»" ' ^i-**" Ayerfs Pills Headadies BQicasness Constipation Indigestion Sold for 60 yean. Ask Your Doctor. FARM for rent: 150 acre fami near Barlow, good land. Almost all clear. Want good farmer with stock, on shares." Inquire Runk Peckmari.-- advertisement - ' '" Ask your grocer for It's the Best

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